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    Archived pages: 813 . Archive date: 2013-12.

  • Title: Tahrir Documents
    Descriptive info: .. About.. Revolution.. Logistics.. Revolutionary Newspapers.. Demands.. Calls to Protest.. Politics.. Wafd Party.. The Popular Committees for the Defense of the Revolution.. The Party of the Popular Socialist Alliance.. The Muslim Brotherhood.. The National Progressive Unionist Party (Hizb al-Tagammu ).. The Justice Party.. Other Parties.. The Egyptian Communist Party.. Candidates.. Solidarity.. Workers.. Unions.. Palestine.. Movements.. Libya.. Culture.. Poetry.. Media.. Signs from Tahrir.. Health.. Fiction.. Constitution.. March Referendum.. Theory.. Dostour Newsletters.. Constitution First Movement.. Regime.. Mubarak and Family.. Police.. Prisoners.. Security Forces.. Religion.. Al-Azhar.. Coptic Christians.. Family.. Moral Conduct.. Salafism.. Sectarian Strife.. Featured Articles.. Let us Return to the Squares to Complete our Revolution.. continue reading.. Young Egypt Party: An Urgent Plan to Solve Egypt’s Current Crisis.. Ahmad Harara, Dentist.. These Are Our Demands.. The Solution to the Bread Problem.. The Project for an Islamic Constitution, the Distinguished al-Azhar Academy for Islamic Research.. Military.. April 6th Movement: What Does “Secret General Election” Mean?.. More in Politics.. On Labor Day The Popular Committees Demand a More Just Country.. Why We are Voting for the Islamists.. No to Ganzuri’s Nominations….. We Will Not Give Up on the Revolution and We Will Not Make Do with a Quarter Revolution.. The Liberation Party [Hizb al-Tahrir]: To Clarify.. More in Politics.. A Letter From Egypt by Hani Hafiz.. More in Religion.. The President of Egypt by Hani Hafiz.. What is Salafism? A Statement and Explanation.. Advice to all Voters.. More in Religion.. Was it Civilian?.. More in Revolution.. A Statement and a Road Map for Managing the Crisis.. The Statement of Shaykh Hazim Salih Abu Isma‘il on Field Marshall Tantawi’s Speech.. Time for Distinction and Deliverance.. Towards a New Republic.. A Mass Nationalist Islamic Call for the Return of Shaykh Umar Abd al-Rahman from the American Prisons.. More in Revolution.. Justice is the Foundation of Governance.. More in Constitution.. A Transitional Civilian Council.. Come, Let s Write Our Constitution.. The Encyclopedia of the Egyptian Constitution.. The Basic Precepts of the Constitution.. If the Islamists Proceed Rationally.. More in Constitution.. It is Not a Second Revolution, but Rather an Ongoing Revolution until the Regime is Toppled.. More in Regime.. Trials, Trials…the Gang is Still Ruling.. Revolt, Revolt, Dear Country No Tantawi, No Ganzuri!.. The Families of those Martyred and Injured In the January 25 Revolution Demand.. The Stance of the Democratic Workers Party on the Parliamentary Elections.. The Crisis of Human Rights in Egypt.. More in Regime.. More in Military.. Campaign Against the Law Criminalizing Protests and Military Trials for Civilians.. Together to End Military Trials and the Power of Murderers and Thieves.. The Egyptian People Are Awake.. They Will Not Be Laughed At, Nor Be Afraid Again!.. Who are the April 8th Free Officers, the Pride of Egypt and the Egyptian Military?.. More in Military.. More in Solidarity.. Egyptian Alliance for Independent Unions.. Association of the Union of Egyptian Industries.. Yes to National Unity, and a Thousand No’s to Burying Heads in the Sand.. More in Solidarity.. A Citizen s Dreams.. More in Culture.. Egypt s Children Are Not Street Children by Hani Hafiz.. The Second Marriage by Hani Hafiz.. More in Culture.. May 28, 2012.. By.. admin.. ,.. no comments.. After that revolution ousted the monarchical system and put an end to those trailing behind it and other remnants, Egypt began a new era in a republican system differing quite a bit from the system that preceded  ...   to heaven.. And our conquests ended successfully in Egypt and many other countries, thanks be to God.. May 10, 2012.. A president who loves our Lord and loves Muhammad, peace and prayers be upon him.. A president who loves our people, who does not rule them with the Emergency Law or order them around.. The president of Egypt is not idle; he takes his people’s money and thinks Egypt and her people are his own personal property.. May 9, 2012.. They are not street children ♫ They are Egypt’s children.. A president living in palaces, and with him his followers.. ♫ Egypt’s children are living in slums, under bridges, and on sidewalks.. May 8, 2012.. While I was in Tahrir, I got married for the second time.. They told me, “One is enough.. ”.. I said, “It is acceptable for me to have the second, as long as she comes first and not second.. They said, “Of course she is a young and beautiful girl.. May 4, 2012.. We have oppressors and others wrongfully accused of oppression, we have the argument that it’s all “terrorism and extremism,” and we have people who are either envious of this blessed call or despise it.. I’ve implored God, the One, the Alone, for help in explaining the meaning of Salafism, and have quoted the words of the imams and stars of this community from among the Salaf, our righteous predecessors in Islam.. I’ve abridged their statements significantly, since this is intended to be a statement and explanation, not a detailed description, focusing on how to define Salafism and what it means to belong to this group.. May 1, 2012.. Today, the Popular Committees to Defend the Revolution came together with Egypt’s workers to celebrate the first Labor Day following the January Revolution.. Today, workers stood in complete confidence, having embarked on a great revolutionary experience in which they realized their strength and ability learned that their rights can only be wrested back through continued struggle, not by begging for “a favor, Mr.. President,” as the regime’s collaborators made us believe for thirty years.. April 20, 2012.. Egypt is passing through a dangerous stage.. It has come to a fork in the road many months after the beginning of the great Egyptian revolution, which ended on 11 February.. Following that date, groups of the elite took on the task of completing the journey towards realizing the people’s demands, thereby completing the revolution.. However, the revolution’s path immediately changed to one of partisan strife, which overtook its greater portion at the expense of the people.. Pages:.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 44.. 45.. 46.. Follow Us on Facebook Twitter.. Tahrir Documents is an ongoing effort to archive and translate activist papers from the 2011 Egyptian uprising and its aftermath.. Materials are collected from demonstrations in Cairo’s Tahrir Square and published in complete English translation alongside scans of the original documents.. The project is not affiliated with any political organization, Egyptian or otherwise.. For more information please contact.. tahrirdocuments@gmail.. com.. Categories.. Military Tribunals.. The National Progressive Unionist Party (Hizb al-Tagammu').. Archives.. May 2012.. April 2012.. March 2012.. February 2012.. January 2012.. December 2011.. November 2011.. October 2011.. September 2011.. August 2011.. July 2011.. June 2011.. May 2011.. April 2011.. March 2011.. Tahrir Documents.. Contact.. Search.. Search for:.. Designed by.. Copyright 2013 Tahrir Documents.. All rights reserved..

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  • Title: Revolution — Tahrir Documents
    Descriptive info: March 31, 2012.. The Egyptian people have realized that the Military Council is not a faithful representative of the revolution.. Instead, it is a traitor, leading the counter-revolution to abort the victory of 25 January through methods and trickery that no longer fool anyone.. February 16, 2012.. The inspired words of our learned fighter Shaykh ‘Umar ‘Abd al-Rahman are still inscribed in our memory since we heard and saw him more than twenty years ago.. I bear witness to the fact that his steadfast righteousness has only increased throughout these many years, in the way of God.. This is evident in his statement that “my creed and my conscience require me to repel injustice and tyranny and to fight injustice — to uncover deception and expose tyrants to the eyes of the people, even at the cost of my life and all that I own.. February 2, 2012.. Go forward, Revolutionary Egypt, and Complete your Revolution!.. We will prosecute the deposed, and before him we will prosecute Tantawi’s gang and hang them by their necks from gallows in the public squares.. We will confiscate their resources and their bloated billion-dollar bank accounts, as well as all of the resources of national leaders and the families of the corrupt businessmen who stole land and factories through the suspect program of privatization, as well as those  ...   to Defend the Revolution.. Revolutionary Egypt.. Issue 8, July 2011.. January 23, 2012.. The Friday of I Don t Know.. Will the Arab nation unite? ….. I don’t know.. Will Palestine be liberated? ….. Are our people in revolt? ….. January 21, 2012.. The People Say Their Piece.. I speak for the Egyptian people, who have suffered from illness, ignorance, theft, and willful exploitation, followed by deliberate killing and deliberate foot-dragging in giving them justice.. I want my revolution, and my country, Egypt, and I have paid the price with my own blood, suffering in defense of my country.. I want Egypt for myself and not for the beneficiaries or the supporters or the opportunists of the past regime or anyone else who had wanted Egypt for themselves.. Give me Egypt or I will take her myself.. I am capable of doing so.. January 19, 2012.. From the Tahrir Revolutionaries to the Great Egyptian People.. In view of the events that the country has witnessed and those opposing forces who conspire against the January 25th Revolution—at the top of the list the Military Council and its allies who follow the old regime in addition to certain political currents who seek their own self-interest at the expense of the goals of the revolution for which many Egyptians sacrificed their blood and lives.. 13.. 14.. 15..

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  • Title: Logistics — Tahrir Documents
    Descriptive info: December 20, 2011.. Uncategorized.. One Nation Foundation For Development and Freedoms.. We found that even the first signs of change realized by the revolution were slipping from our hands….. We were surprised by the not-guilty verdicts against those who wasted public money… one after the other….. December 13, 2011.. The Revolution is in the Service of the People.. You feel that the people are fed up with the revolution and everything related to Tahrir and you don’t know how to convince them that you have skills and you want your country to benefit from them…You earnestly want to participate in the advancement of Egypt.. December 12, 2011.. Million-Man March for the Transfer of Power to Civilians April 2012.. What happened to the Military Council’s promises in its official statements during and after the revolution that 2011 would not pass without an elected council and President and that the transitional period would not exceed six months??!!.. November 28, 2011.. The Pact of Your Square.. In the event of any medical emergency, proceed to any of the square’s hospitals: in the main garden of the square, next to the `Umar Makram mosque, and next to the Hardee’s.. October 24, 2011.. Six Injured Individuals Return to the Square, and the Strikers  ...   with a knife in her possession.. She had put the knife in her bag.. During this incident, the young woman’s words faltered, and she said some incomprehensible things, among them that she was working with a gang to kidnap children.. July 29, 2011.. Recommendations of the Tahrir Doctors Regarding Emergency Care in the Square.. Since we believe that citizens are entitled to medical attention and to receive treatment as fast as possible, which is what preserves their safety, dignity, and health, we recommend:.. Compliance with the scientific bases by transferring the sick to ambulances using medical stretchers.. The safety of the sick person should be insured while he is being moved.. That those responsible for medical units verify their employees.. Diagnosis and providing emergency medical services should be done by doctors, pharmacists, and nurses under the supervision of the doctor responsible for the unit.. June 8, 2011.. From Tahrir Square to the Alleys and Streets: The Experience of the Committee to Defend the Revolution in al-Ma’adi, al-Basatin, and Dar al-Salam.. May 20, 2011.. The Popular Revolution: Statement Number 1.. April 3, 2011.. This Announcement Is For All Egyptians : Courses in Social Media.. March 27, 2011.. How to Revolt.. March 25, 2011.. Details of the Revolution from Tahrir Square..

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  • Title: Revolutionary Newspapers — Tahrir Documents
    Descriptive info: October 22, 2011.. The Square Today, #8, 22 July.. A revolutionary daily from the squares of liberation [tahrir]—distributed by the Union of Egyptian Socialist Youth and the Watan News Network—21 July 2011.. September 22, 2011.. The Square Today, #7, 15 July.. A daily distributed in Tahrir Square by the Union of Egyptian Socialist Youth and the Watan News Network—Monday—15 July—Number 7.. August 11, 2011.. The Square Today, #6, 17 July.. Security forces said that the leadership of the degenerate National [Democratic] Party allocated 6 million Egyptian pounds to implement the storming of Tahrir Square and eviction of the revolutionaries in the famous event now known as “the Battle of the Camels.. ” The sources also indicated that arrangements for the operation were made inside a villa in Garden City, and that an operations room was formed in the ‘Uruba Palace for follow-up.. July 22, 2011.. Gurnal, Volume #1.. We are a group of young people contemporary with the change that has happened for ourselves and others in and outside of Tahrir Square during the events of this revolution.. We’ve undertaken different tasks: cleaning, directing traffic, guarding shops, securing the streets, etc.. One of the principle reasons for working on this newspaper is to spread awareness among the people and ensure that this revolution is not commandeered by different currents or parties; we see that this is a popular revolution and must stay that way.. July 11, 2011.. Until Victory, No.. 3: The Popular Socialist Alliance Party.. It was natural for Egyptians to be angry, because instead of Mubarak’s trial, reports echoed with the intention to pardon him and release his wife because she had relinquished a few morsels.. Then, finally, he and his sons were brought before the criminal court, without confidence from the people in the outcome of the trial.. And instead of  ...   National Party.. These institutions send hired hands to Tahrir Square, intending to spread rumors and pick fights with these courageous, brave youths.. Next March 19th has been set as the date for the referendum on the prospective constitutional amendments.. Their proposed form is under a dark shadow of doubt regarding their faithful response to the demand of the revolution and conviction that Egypt shall not return to the past.. The form suggested for these amendments indicates nothing but the continuation of a lack of respect for the mentality of the Egyptian citizen and a lack of interest for his participation in the public affairs of his country.. When the entire regime falls, from the president to his MP’s and ministers, on through his corrupt businessmen… When they are given fair, public trials that the people can follow … When the torture files, old and new, are opened… When those individuals who tortured and killed tens of Egyptians, along with those who ordered them to do so, those with whom they collaborated, and those who oversaw their actions, are investigated… When those individuals who have been detained in prisons for years without charge or trial are set free… When apologies are made to those who suffered torture and imprisonment, and when these individuals are compensated for the oppression they faced at the hands of the security apparatus.. June 3, 2011.. The Revolution Continues.. From the first moment, there were six principles—three things to tear down and three things to build: putting an end to colonization and its supporters, demolishing the feudal system, and fighting corruption and capitalism’s control over political rule.. The other three principles were: establishing a strong national army, social justice, and a true democratic system.. May 13, 2011.. 6 (2 Pages).. May 8, 2011.. 1: Party of the Popular Socialist Alliance, Foundation Issue..

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  • Title: Demands — Tahrir Documents
    Descriptive info: January 17, 2012.. The Shadow Government Representing the Youth of the Revolution: Reclaiming the Revolution.. More than eight months after the 25 January Revolution, power has not yet been transferred to the youth and the change for the sake of which all the citizens acted has not happened.. Instead, events are becoming increasingly worse day after day to deliberately and purposefully make this revolution fail.. The presence of the Military Council is nothing but a line of defense for Mubarak, the figureheads of his regime, and the centers of power within and outside of Egypt.. January 15, 2012.. Letter #9: To the Great People of Egypt.. We, the Tahrir revolutionaries, are Egypt’s children.. We love our country and we believe it is wrong for people to live with injustice, oppression, tyranny and corruption for a period of many hopeless years.. We realize that there is still corruption, and that the revolution for freedom, where many martyrs lost their lives and thousands were injured, continues  ...   the killing and injuring of revolutionaries during the glorious January 25 revolution.. December 30, 2011.. The Revolution of the Downtrodden: Statement No.. The Egyptian people have monitored the course of events since the victory of the Revolution on 11 February, and they have been bothered by the current situation, the competition between various ranks of political powers, and those demands that stray from the true demands of the Revolution (life, liberty, social justice).. December 28, 2011.. Support the Protesters and Save the Nation.. Silence is no longer possible, for those who do not speak out are the devil.. Who from among us did not see soldiers throwing bodies of the martyrs into the trash and dragging a girl by her hair as well as a police officer aiming at the eyes and chests of the revolutionary youth? These youths who defend you and me in the square and risk their lives gather hope for our freedom from humiliation and subordination: Change, Freedom, Social Justice..

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  • Title: Calls to Protest — Tahrir Documents
    Descriptive info: January 9, 2012.. Where are you, you Strong Children of our Country?.. You who are famous for your cleverness, for the street-smarts you master before school-learning,.. you actually believe you’ve gotten your freedom?.. You who normally catch on quickly,.. if you think that the one whose hand is covered in the blood of your country’s martyrs is innocent,.. Stay at home and don’t come.. January 3, 2012.. Poor People of the World Unite!.. An Invitation to “Cry of the Poor” Friday.. - To all those who have lost their possessions in this country.. - To the residents of graveyards and slums.. - To those whose most basic rights to a dignified life has been denied.. - To those who make sleep their dinner and live their days broken and humiliated.. - To every father who cannot look his son in the eye because he cannot provide for him sufficiently.. - To all the unemployed who waste years of their life without To the sick.. December 31, 2011.. Yes to continuing the sit-in… No to leaving the masses alone in the elections.. Call to all revolutionaries of Giza and the people of the second and third phases to gather together in Tahrir Sqaure on Monday and Tuesday to guard and protect the square as their brothers engage in the struggle to overthrow the Military Council by directing their energy toward the ballot boxes, preventing the manipulation of your votes—preventing them from being used for the benefit of opportunists or remnants of the former regime.. December 23, 2011.. Have you Noticed?.. There are people who paid for freedom with their blood and people paying millions for seats in the People’s Assembly.. There are people who went down into the streets to raise Egypt’s flag and people who went down to raise the flag of their party.. There  ...   under the “what will we do for Egypt” banner.. December 19, 2011.. Last Chance Friday to Save the Nation.. The Interior Ministry’s violent repression of the Tahrir sit-in on Saturday, 19 November has exploded a revolution of the Egyptian people’s anger.. Millions went out to the Squares of Tahrir in cities across the Republic and swore not to leave until they were successful.. December 18, 2011.. Oh Our Revolutionary Country! Not Tantawi! Not Ganzouri!.. Let s unite in our sit-in for two goals.. December 16, 2011.. The Revolution First and Legitimacy for Tahrir.. We do not recognize any government that is chosen outside of Tahrir Square and has a relationship with the former regime and the Military Council.. This is the sole guarantee for national stability and future advancement.. Legitimacy comes from Tahrir and not from any other fabricated group.. We affirm that the true revolutionaries have not authorized anyone to negotiate with any bloc, and he who negotiates does not represent anyone but himself.. Any negotiation must be with the revolutionaries in Tahrir.. December 11, 2011.. “Revolutionaries” Call for Friday of Political Isolation.. We, the revolutionaries, hereby announce that we will be marching from all the mosques in Cairo and the other governorates of the Republic on Friday, October 28th to proclaim that we refuse to allow any figures from the National Democratic Party, or any others who pilfered from Egypt and its people, to participate in the coming parliamentary elections.. November 26, 2011.. The revolution has returned to all of Egypt’s squares and streets yet again to complete its course.. The masses are once again pouring into the squares to announce that the only legitimacy is that of the revolution and the people in the heart of the squares.. They affirm the masses’ distrust and refusal of the Military Council and its government..

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  • Title: Politics — Tahrir Documents
    Descriptive info: February 27, 2012.. We will give our votes and direct others than ourselves to give theirs to whomever implements God’s sharia’ and rules us in accordance with the Qur’an because in this lies the goodness of this world and the next.. February 8, 2012.. January 27, 2012.. For all these reasons we are not assured of the competency of the Military Council, its ability to run the country in this transitional phase, or its effective management of future challenges our country will face over the next decades.. January 20, 2012.. Hizb-ut-Tahrir [The Liberation Party] – Egypt Branch: We have no relation to the Egyptian Sufi Liberation Party or the New Shi’i Liberation Party.. We are a political party working to establish an orthodox Islamic caliphate.. January 18, 2012.. When we hear others say “We want the Islamists to tell us what their electoral program is,” it should be obvious that the Islamists’ program is known and understood and no one would deviate from it except a sinner.. And it is: “God said this and the Messenger said this.. January 13, 2012.. Muhammad Shahin, The Egyptian Liberal Party.. - Defending the oppressed and the  ...   2012.. After a long search through the old folders and files of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) and the remnants of the ousted president’s regime, the ruling Council made its decision arbitrarily and forcefully, finding no one better than Kamal al-Ganzuri for the task of forming a new government.. December 29, 2011.. Oh Revolutionaries of the Squares.. They will not Rob us Twice!.. This time, we will not let them steal our revolution.. This time, we will not let them speak in our name.. They’re searching for the revolution’s voice? Then let us form committees in the squares of every revolutionary governorate.. December 27, 2011.. A Vision For Economic And Political Reform.. We are for guaranteeing the participation of the Revolution’s youth in the People’s Assembly.. They are the ones who sacrificed life and soul, and occupied the streets and squares for months, but they do not have any presence in the current political parties.. We are for ensuring that there will be no struggle between the Islamic movement, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Salafis, and others: the secular parties and the remnants of the dissolved National Party.. 9.. 10.. 11..

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  • Title: Wafd Party — Tahrir Documents
    Descriptive info: November 23, 2011.. The Wafd Party: The Right over Force, The Nation over Government.. Sons of our great, free, struggling nation, together we have been shaken by a fierce battle in confronting a stubborn, prepared regime.. We decided jointly on January 25 to bring down the state of poverty, oppression, subjugation and tyranny.. August 8, 2011.. Doctor Imad Muhammad Gum a, Wafd Party Candidate.. Candidate of the Wafd [Party] of the Eastern Region for the Supreme Commission.. Diploma in Political Systems.. Diploma in Asian Studies.. Diploma in Economics.. Masters and Doctorate in Political Economy.. July 24, 2011.. The Wafd: Truth above Power and the Nation above Government.. In these critical moments of the history of  ...   and tyranny.. We commit ourselves by their pure souls to continuing to demand the realization of the revolution’s slogan—Freedom, Bread, Justice—which still stumbles at the feet of those hoping to achieve political and authoritarian benefits and take the nation backwards at the expense of the revolution’s progress and success.. June 29, 2011.. Dr.. Ibrahim ‘Abd al-Magid Salih: Candidate for member of the High Commission of the Wafd Party.. —Member of the Wafd party since 1978.. —Obtained a Bachelors, Masters and PhD in Engineering from the School of Engineering at the Cairo University.. Oversaw numerous Master’s thesis and Doctoral dissertations and presented his research in numerous academic conferences.. March 18, 2011.. The Crescent with the Cross..

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  • Title: The Popular Committees for the Defense of the Revolution — Tahrir Documents
    Descriptive info: The Popular Committees for the Defense of the Revolution: Together for the Power of the People.. The Popular Committees for the Defense of the Revolution are participating in the demonstrations Friday, 18 November, to request the handover of power to civilian rule, thus achieving the goals of the revolution which the Egyptian people demanded.. November 22, 2011.. To Those Who Want Revolution… The Revolution is in the Square.. For these and other reasons, the martyrs’ families and the revolutionaries returned to Tahrir Square yesterday—to announce that the revolution continues and confront the security forces with a boldness no less than that with which the Egyptian people courageously tackled the confrontations on the 25th and 28th of January, in order to seize their rights in justice, freedom, and dignity.. November 10, 2011.. No to Military Rule Yes to Freedom and Social Justice.. It has become clear to all that the military council and its paralyzed government are working in an organized manner to divert the revolution from its correct path, empty it of all meaning, and distance it from the principle goals for which millions of Egyptians revolted and the blood of thousands of martyrs and injured individuals flowed.. August 12, 2011.. The Sit-in Succeeded and the Authority Failed.. The emergence  ...   past six months, these were not realized except through demonstrations and sit-ins.. The Popular Committees with the Revolution against Thuggery.. The Popular Committees Guaranteeing the Defense of the Revolution.. June 14, 2011.. Foundational Announcement of the Popular Committees for the Defense of the Revolution.. With its brave revolution on January 25th, the Egyptian people achieved glorious victories that had long been a dream for millions.. These began with the overthrow of the deposed dictator and the figureheads of the regime of looting, impoverishment, and political corruption and bringing them to court.. They continued with the dissolution of the People’s Assembly and the Shura Council along with the corrupt ruling party.. The end has not yet been reached; it waits for greater determination to meet the goals of the revolution: change and social justice.. June 5, 2011.. The Initiatives of the Popular Committees for the Defense of the Revolution in Alexandria.. Every day—nay, every hour—the Egyptian Revolution is exposed to attempts by the oppressive powers of corruption to destroy and disfigure it.. They are exerting various kinds of pressure on Egypt’s honorable revolutionaries in order to obstruct the quick pace of reform and cleansing in all sectors of society.. May 3, 2011.. Invitation: The Popular Committees for Defense of the Revolution..

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  • Title: The Party of the Popular Socialist Alliance — Tahrir Documents
    Descriptive info: October 9, 2011.. We Were Born From the Womb of the Revolution.. On 25 January 2011, the Egyptian youth began a noble revolution that formed a turning point in our history and, indeed, in the history of the world.. Over the course of several days, the youth s spark expanded and transformed into an overwhelming popular revolution in which millions of the Egyptian people s sons and daughters participated alongside its proletarian masses, granting it a massive momentum and the energy of a struggle that grew even stronger thanks to the youths at its forefront.. October 2, 2011.. Freedom and a Bite to Eat.. Like Mubarak’s government, most resources for the budget come from the people’s pocket, the Suez Canal, petrol, the taxes which the public sector or employees pay, and the sales tax that the citizen pays while there’s a little bit of participation from the private sector.. July 19, 2011.. The Party of the Popular Socialist Alliance, Press Release Concerning the Current Events, 29 June 2011.. The Party of the Popular Socialist Alliance condemns the assault carried out by  ...   shells to strike the protesters marks a return to the repressive styles of the police prior to January 28th and led to the injury of a large number of the protestors – including some members of our party.. Furthermore, it forced the protestors to respond in kind to that brutal display of force.. June 13, 2011.. The Party of Popular Socialist Alliance: We Refuse a Pardon for Mubarak.. The Party of the Popular Socialist Alliance is closely following the various negative and dangerous signs that call to mind some of the practices of the Mubarak regime: opening live fire on those demonstrating in memory of the forcible occupation of Palestine in front of the embassy of the Zionist enemy… unknown parties opening fire and throwing Molotov Cocktails in Maspiro, attacking those protesting against the criminal acts carried out against the churches of Egypt….. June 9, 2011.. Party of the Popular Socialist Alliance: Together to Complete the Tasks of the Revolution.. May 9, 2011.. Informal Meeting of the Popular Alliance Party.. Until Victory.. April 2, 2011.. The Popular Alliance Party: Foundational Declaration..

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  • Title: The Muslim Brotherhood — Tahrir Documents
    Descriptive info: October 23, 2011.. The Retreating Brotherhood.. The movements and organizations taking part in the sit-in in the square announced that they will continue their sit-in until the revolution’s goals are realized.. They rejected totally suspending the sit-in or ending it, thereby giving in to the claims of the religious groups—the [Muslim] Brotherhood and Salafis—and those who previously decided to organize a “Friday of Stability” along the lines of what the regime’s remnants, thugs, and followers of the deposed president did in Mustafa Mahmud square.. September 30, 2011.. A Leading Muslim Brother Attacks Participants in the Sit-In  ...   Muslim Brotherhood—criticized the continuation of the sit-ins up to now, after saying that “the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces and the government are responding to many of the demands of those staging the sit-ins in Tahrir Square,” denying reports on the participation of the Brotherhood in the million man march the coming Friday.. Anger Caused by the Brotherhood’s Celebration of the “Remnants ” Demonstration in Roxy.. May 10, 2011.. Final Communiqué of the Shura Council of the Society of Muslim Brothers.. April 20, 2011.. The Muslim Brotherhood: One Hand Builds One Hand Protects the Revolution..

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