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  • Title: TGO Home
    Descriptive info: .. About TGO.. Directors.. History.. Strategic Direction.. Recovery Plan.. Support TGO.. Seed Packets.. Pollinator Packets.. Land Easements.. Land Donations.. Major Gifts.. Funders.. Donate Now.. Memberships.. Science and Resources.. ID a Grassland.. Indicator Species.. Summer Flowers.. Summer Grasses.. Grassland Animals.. Grassland Seed ID.. Species at Risk.. Invasive Species.. Plant Inventory.. Physiographic Region Maps.. Your Grassland.. Fire in a Prairie.. Mowing.. Establishing a Grassland.. Site Selection.. Site Preparation.. Seed Mix.. Planting.. Prescribed Burn FAQs.. Grassland Benefits.. Wildlife Habitat.. Erosion Control.. Garden Plants.. Bio Fuels.. Pollinator Habitat.. Pasture.. Carbon Sequestration.. Publications.. Bluestem Banner.. General Literature.. Videos.. Fact Sheets.. Prescribed Burn Literature.. Places, People and Projects.. News and Events.. Volunteering.. Seed Collection.. Seedling Production.. Prescibed Burn Worker.. Grassland Places.. Grassland Remnants.. Public Access Grasslands.. Restoration Projects.. Grasslands in Provincial Parks.. Grassland Projects.. Ontario Grassland Initiative.. Habitat Management.. Partners.. What's  ...   how you can support our projects and initiatives.. is where you will find information about how to ID a grassland and how to establish and maintain your own grassland.. There is also a publications sections with lists of recommended reading and links to reference materials, factsheets and our Bluestem Banner newsletter.. is where you will find information about what's new and upcoming events.. There is also a volunteer opportunities section and information about our projects and grassland places.. Download the latest edition of the Bluestem Banner (pdf) by clicking on the image to the left.. Go to the.. page for archived editions.. Seed Packets and Pollinator Packets.. Help Support Tallgrass Ontario by ordering Seed Packets or Pollinator Packets.. Click on the following links for more information about.. and.. Home.. Contact Us.. Content Tallgrass Ontario 2013..

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  • Title: TGO - About TGO
    Descriptive info: About Tallgrass Ontario.. The Ontario Tallgrass Prairie and Savanna Association - Tallgrass Ontario (TGO)- was established in 1999 to coordinate work by groups that wished to undertake conservation programs that would implement the Recovery Plan for Grassland Communities of Southern Ontario.. The Recovery plan lists literally hundreds of tallgrass and savanna species, many of which are identified as threatened, endangered or extirpated.. The landscape of Southern Ontario presents some unique conservation challenges:.. less than 2% of the landscape is in public ownership;.. 25% of Canada's population lives and works  ...   any other region of the country.. Mission Statement:.. To achieve the identification, conservation, management and restoration of tallgrass prairie, savanna and related ecological communities in Ontario.. Who's Involved:.. Conservation Clubs.. Conservation Authorities.. Municipalities.. Naturalist Clubs.. Ontario Government Agencies.. Academic Institutions.. Schools.. Ontario Stewardship Councils.. Landowners and Citizens.. YOU??????.. What We Do:.. Connect groups and individuals engaged in recovery efforts.. Promote scientific research.. Implement landowner contact and stewardship projects.. Raise public awareness.. Develop and transfer information about conservation and restoration.. Generate funds for recovery efforts.. Undertake on-the-ground grassland reconstruction projects..

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  • Title: TGO - Science and Resources
    Descriptive info: The.. section is where you will find information about how to ID a grassland and how to establish and maintain your own grassland..

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  • Title: TGO - Places, People and Projects
    Descriptive info: The..

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  • Title: TGO - Contact Us
    Descriptive info: Administrative Mailing Address.. Tallgrass Ontario.. 1095 Wonderland Rd.. S.. Box 21034 RPO Wonderland S.. London, ON.. N6K 0C7.. Contact us by Phone.. 519-674-9980.. Contact us by Email.. info@tallgrassontario.. org..

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  • Title: TGO - Board
    Descriptive info: Board of Directors.. Board of Directors.. Jack Chapman.. President.. Delhi ON.. Vacant.. Vice President.. Barrie ON.. Graham Buck.. Past President.. Guelph ON.. Steve Rankin.. Secretary.. Chatham ON.. Tom Purdy.. Treasurer.. London ON.. Barb MacDonell.. Director.. Dan Lebedyk.. Essex ON.. Elizabeth Reimer.. St Thomas ON.. Pat Deacon.. Waterloo ON.. Danielle Aulenback.. Maple ON.. To contact any of our directors, please send an email to.. and your message will be forwarded to the appropriate person..

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  • Title: TGO - History
    Descriptive info: Under construction..

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  • Title: TGO - Strategic Direction
    Descriptive info: Strategic Plan.. 2013 – 2015.. Our Mission: Tallgrass Ontario will identify and facilitate the conservation of tallgrass communities by coordinating programs and services to provide assistance to individuals, groups and agencies.. Strategic Piority 1:.. Ensure Organizational Capacity.. Strategies.. Maintain effective board practices.. Generate funds.. Increase membership.. Reduce Organizational risk.. Strategic Priority 2.. :.. Facilitate the creation and restoration of tall grass communities.. Complete project commitments.. Establish partnerships with other businesses and agencies doing restoration.. Investigate becoming seed provider for other agencies and the public.. Establish landowner contact list.. Coordinate restoration projects.. Write grant applications.. Strategic Priority 3.. Increase public awareness and stewardship of  ...   TgO and prairie restorationIncrease the distribution of Bluestem Banner.. Undertake public training projects such as booklets, seminars, classes.. Strategic Priority 4.. Identify and secure existing and potential tallgrass communities across the province.. Identify possible sites for the introduction/restoration of tallgrass prairie.. Identify potential restoration sites.. Contribute to cooperative mapping of tallgrass sites across the province.. Complete mapping of Tallgrass sites across the province.. Strategic Priority 5.. Promote research and knowledge transfer of tall grass communities.. Remain current on research re grassland habitat.. Facilitate research of tallgrass communities and species.. Work with other organizations and researchers to compile an inclusive map of prairie in Ontario..

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  • Title: TGO - Recovery Plan
    Descriptive info: Executive Summary.. Tallgrass prairies and savannas are some of the most endangered ecological communities in Canada, with approximately 1 percent of their original extent remaining.. Tallgrass communities once covered a significant part of southern Ontario's landscape.. Owing to degradation and destruction through urban development, agriculture, pollution and mismanagement, less than 3 percent of the original extent remains in the region, with most remnants existing in small, isolated patches.. As these highly diverse communities themselves are rare and threatened, so too are many of the wildlife species which depend on these communities for their survival.. Interest in conserving and restoring Ontario's tallgrass communities and their resident wildlife is on the rise in Ontario.. However, many initiatives to date have generally been uncoordinated and piecemeal.. There is a need for greater coordinated leadership, communication and consolidated information to help direct current and to incite new involvement.. To make significant strides toward recovering tallgrass communities region-wide, a larger, more coordinated and strategic approach is required.. A species-by-species approach to recovering tallgrass communities is unrealistic for the task at hand.. Because of this, this Recovery Plan deals with recovering tallgrass communities as a whole across their range in Ontario.. The overall goal of this Recovery Plan is to recover, reconstruct and conserve a representative network of tallgrass communities, and to recover and protect the full complement of plant and animal life that makes up these diverse ecological communities.. To do this on a region-wide scale in a strategic and comprehensive manner, the following eight  ...   in a five-year implementation schedule.. This implementation schedule should be used to gauge progress toward the overall goal of securing tallgrass communities across southern Ontario, and reducing significantly the number of tallgrass species at risk.. Annual progress reports should be prepared, and the findings used to shape the next year's work plans for participating organizations.. The Recovery Plan should be revised and updated after five years.. Key to the successful implementation of the Recovery Plan is the development of a Tallgrass Prairie and Savanna Association, which will provide leadership and support for the recovery of tallgrass communities across the region.. This association will be instrumental in coordinating the completion of the Recovery Plan actions, and will develop a region-wide communications network.. The writing of this Recovery Plan is an important first step toward recovering southern Ontario's tallgrass communities it provides a basis for action and will help to lay out specific tasks.. However, success will not be realized unless the Plan is implemented.. This will require the efforts of many people, all cooperating to complete necessary actions.. All sectors all levels of government, non-governmental organizations large and small, private landowners, businesses and industries have a part to play.. It is vital both to coordinate the organizations and individuals already engaging in recovery activities and to expand the circle by getting others involved.. Leadership, monetary and other resources, as well as cooperation, creativity and commitment are all needed to achieve the goals.. Download Tallgrass Communities of Southern Ontario Recovery Plan.. (pdf)..

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  • Title: TGO - Support TGO
    Descriptive info: Support Tallgrass Ontario.. Tallgrass Ontario is dependent upon financial contributions from corporations, individuals and grants from a variety of government funds and private foundations.. TGO has historically undertaken projects across the province on behalf of funding agencies on a project by project basis.. Most of these projects have short terms with specific objectives and deliverables.. These grants have been augmented by the generous contributions from individuals that have purchased memberships or though donations solicited in TGO's annual direct mail campaign.. Tallgrass Ontario is a registered Ontario charity with the main goal of protecting and conserving Ontario's tallgrass communities.. TGO has the ability to provide tax deductible receipts for gifts of cash, stocks or other financial instruments, items of value that can be used by TGO in its operations or sold for cash as well as accept gifts of land or title easements.. All gifts of cash or other instruments will be used by  ...   made in cash, cheque or by credit card.. Gifts of merchandise or stocks will be receipted upon valuation by an appraiser or for the amount of the sale price of stocks.. Only gifts of merchandise that can be used by TGO can be accepted unless those gifts of merchandise can be immediately liquidated for cash.. Liquidated items will have a tax receipt issued for the sale price of those items.. The one acceptance to this rule is the donation of acceptable Ontario genotype seed.. A tax receipt can be issued for the value of seed donated provided it can be used by TGO in its projects or sold to other organizations undertaking grassland projects.. For more information on donating acceptable Ontario genotype seed, please see the page in this website for.. Services provided by an individual or company are not deemed to be gifts by Revenue Canada and are therefore ineligible for tax receipts..

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  • Title: TGO - Seed Packets
    Descriptive info: Just $5 per packet, shipping included.. 100% of the purchase price will go toward Tallgrass Ontario's efforts to conserve and restore Ontario's grassland habitats.. Orders are processed through PayPal but you do not need to have a PayPal account tp place an order.. Major credit cards are accepted.. The grassland plants that Tallgrass Ontario uses in its restoration and reconstruction projects can make tremendous additions to your garden.. These plants are also an excellent choice for pollinator patches.. Each packet contains at least 30 seeds of the species indicated.. These seeds are all guaranteed to be of Ontario genotype and have been hand collected from Tallgrass Ontario's previous grassland projects.. We encourage you to only use these seeds in a garden or pollinator patch setting as introducing any plants at random in the  ...   outdoors is possible by sprinkling the seeds on top of bare soil and lightly dusting with soil (about 2mm maximum) and keeping the area well watered.. For more information about the different species go to our.. page in the Science and Resources section of the website.. Grey Headed.. Coneflower.. Ratibida.. pinnata.. False.. Sunflower.. Helliopsis.. helianthoides.. Virginia.. Wild Rye.. L.. Compass.. Plant.. Lanceleaf.. Coreopsis.. Coreopsis.. lanceolata.. Big.. Bluestem.. Black Eyed.. Susan.. Rudbeckia.. hirta.. Butterfly.. Milkweed.. Asclepias.. tuberosa.. Indian.. Grass.. Sorgastrum.. nutans.. Tall.. tripteris.. Prairie.. Dock.. Silphium.. Canada.. Cup.. Helianthus.. giganteus.. Ohio.. Spiderwort.. Blue.. Vervain.. Pale Purple.. Ecinacea.. pallida.. Rough.. Blazingstar.. Wild.. Bergamot.. Monarda.. fistulosa.. Ironweed.. Showy Tick.. Trefoil.. Desmodium.. canadensis.. Beardtongue.. Penstemon.. digitalis.. Virginia.. Mountain Mint.. Culvers.. Root.. Nodding.. Wild Onion.. Swamp.. Asclepia.. incamata.. Common.. syrica.. Evening.. Primrose.. Oenothera.. biennis.. Round.. Headed.. Bushclover.. Lespedeza.. capitata..

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