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  • Title: IP Policy Committee blog
    Descriptive info: .. IP Policy Committee blog.. TransAtlantic Consumer Dialogue (TACD).. Home.. About.. Director General of WIPO speaks about new copyright model.. Documents.. Events.. 16.. Dec.. Update on EU ratification of Marrakesh Treaty.. Posted by david in.. Uncategorized.. |.. No Comments.. Marrakech Treaty signing, ratification and implementation by EU.. Short notes on meeting in Athens with Greek Presidency of EU and Head of Intellectual Property Office on December 12th.. One of the priorities of the six month Greek Presidency of the EU Council that will start on January.. 1st 2004 is the signing and ratification of Marrakech Treaty.. According to the head of the Greek IPR office, Greece will sign the Treaty very soon.. Greece and the EC envision the EU signing to take place in early 2014 with EU ratification taking place before the end of 2014.. Unfortunately, according to Greek government officials and the Commission the transposition of the Treaty into EU member state laws and implementation would take much longer because it probably implies new EU legislation.. Transposition and implementation of Marrakesh Treaty into EU member state laws is seen by the European Commission as problematic without changes in EU copyright law, the Information Society Directive, which would take around 3 or 4 years of very difficult political processes.. According to Greece and the Commission legal changes might be needed because of the cross-border nature of the Treaty.. Nevertheless, a legal consultation be posed to the European Court of Justice by the European Parliament on whether the Treaty is compatible with current legislation, in which case transposition and implementation would be much easier and quicker.. The future Greek Presidency also suggested a centralized, common EU data base of accessible works for visually impaired along the lines of what is being done for orphan works.. These are some of the questions that will be discussed at the European Parliament´s December 17th event organized by the European Blind Union, TACD and three MEPs (Berlinguer, Lichtenberger and Sosa-Wagner) with the presence of the European Commission.. 4.. Society demands fair solutions for access to medicines Athens, December 13th.. TransAtlantic Consumer Dialogue (TACD) organises a new one-day conference entitled.. Access to medicines crisis in Greece: Society demands fair solutions.. scheduled to take place on 13 December 2013 at the European Parliament office in Athens (Amalias Avenue 8, metro station Syntagma ).. with the support of.. Médecins.. du Monde Greece, Médecins Sans Frontières, PRAKSIS, DEDIDIKA -Intergroup Committee for Cancer Patient Rights Advocacy in Greece,.. Greek consumer association EKPIZO, MEP Nikos Chrysogelos (Greens/EFA, EL) a.. nd the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA).. The.. aims of the conference.. are:.. a) Reviewing the state of play of access to medicine in Greece, b) Examining proposed Greek policies and EU measures under the prism of the.. Athens Declaration on Access to Medicines.. , c) Zooming in on the key policy contradictions and bringing together authorities and stakeholders, d) Considering diverse policy responses to the access to medicine problem and e) Laying the groundwork for future sustainable and systematic dialogue on these issues.. -.. Civil society empowerment.. workshop.. The second half of the conference will include an.. advocacy capacity-building workshop.. for Greek civil society representatives.. They will have the opportunity to listen to Greek and foreign experts, brainstorm and work with them on setting out a platform for common action.. Civil society health-related initiatives in Greece are increasing in light of the crisis but coordinated, effective and long-term strategic planning are needed so as to.. i) ensure citizens’ involvement in the decision-making process, ii) bridge the present gap between civil society and meaningful dialogue over access to health with the Greek government, the industry, the Troika and the EU and iii) provide civil society stakeholders with the know-how on the necessary tools for mediation and door-opening.. Practical information.. Please register until December 10 2013.. Interact on twitter using.. #a2mGreece.. The meeting will be webstreamed live at (.. http://www.. ustream.. tv/channel/transatlantic-consumer-dialogue-tacd.. ).. The working language will be Greek and there will be simultaneous translation into English.. Please note that this event comes following the first conference that TACD organised on the Greek crisis and its impact on access to medicines.. which took place in Athens on 31 May 2013.. For the presentations given at the May TACD conference, please visit.. slideboom.. com/people/A2M_AthensConference.. About TACD.. TACD is an international non-profit NGO bringing together consumer associations from the US the EU.. TACD receives funding from the European Commission and non-profit Foundations.. It does not receive any funding from industry.. TACD s members in Greece are INKA, EK.. PIZO and KEPKA among others.. 9:15-9:30.. Nikos Chrysogelos.. , MEP, Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament.. David Hammerstein.. , Senior advocate, TransAtlantic Consumer Dialogue, Brussels.. Policy-making session I: The situation on the ground in Greece concerning access to life-saving medicines.. Dr.. Kostas Athanassakis.. , Research Fellow, National School of Public Health (ESDY).. The agreements between the government and the Troika regarding health in Greece: timeline next steps.. Prof.. Christos Lionis.. , Director, Clinical Social and Family Medicine, faculty of Medicine the University Hospital of Heraklion (Crete).. Problems of access to primary health care: Experiences activities of the Crete Medical School.. Giorgos Zarkotos.. , association of addicted persons treated by the OKANA program.. Social groups with important access to medicines problems.. Liana Mailli.. , President, Médecins du Monde Greece.. Work of Medecins du Monde Greece on the ground.. Moderator:.. , Senior Advocate, TransAtlantic Consumer Dialogue (TACD), Brussels.. Q A.. Coffee Break.. Policy-making session II: Benchmarks ahead.. Rohit Malpani.. , Director, Policy and advocacy, Doctors Without Borders Access Campaign.. Access to Medicines challenges in Europe: What is wrong and which is the way forward?.. Christos Ntellos.. , Director, Cardiac surgical dept.. Tzanio public hospital (Pireaus).. Patients real needs in medicines in times of crisis.. Nikos Maniadakis.. , Associate Dean, National School of Public Health (ESDY).. The new law for medicines in Greece-detailed presentation.. Giulia Del Brenna.. , Adviser, Task Force for Greece, European Commission.. Health in Greece: what are the next steps lessons learned?.. Haralambos Karathanos.. , Pharmacist, Advisor to the Minister of Health on medicines issues.. The priorities of the Greek government on the issue of medicines.. Tasos Telloglou.. , Reporter, Kathimerini newspaper Star Channel.. Civil society empowerment workshop/advocacy capacity-building.. Gaelle Krikorian.. , Adviser on Intellectual Property Access to Knowledge-Greens/EFA, European Parliament.. What is at stake at the European level?.. Maria Moudatsou,.. Director, Fundraising department, PRAKSIS.. Fundraising: How, who, where?.. Alex Wyke,.. Patient View, founder and Managing Director.. An effective patients movement in Greece.. Kathi Apostolidis.. , Vice-president, European Cancer Patients Coalition (ECPC).. Dimitris.. Kremalis.. , Partner, Kremalis Law Firm.. The legal context and opportunities for patients in times of crisis.. Breakout training sessions position papers.. Sehbehinderte durch zügige Ratifizierung des Vertrages von Marrakesch!.. Mehr Bücher für Blinde und Sehbehinderte durch zügige Ratifizierung des Vertrages von Marrakesch!.. Bitte machen Sie Millionen von Blinden und Sehbehinderten Menschen weltweit das schönste Weihnachtsgeschenk: Fordern Sie mit uns die EU auf, den Vertrag von Marrakesch so schnell wie möglich zu ratifizieren! Die im Vertrag festgelegten Ausnahmen aus dem Urheberrecht, auf die sich die internationale Gemeinschaft im Juni diesen Jahres geeinigt hat, werden die Herstellung und den internationalen Vertrieb von Büchern und anderem Lesematerial in für diesen Personenkreis lesbaren Formaten wesentlich erleichtern.. Deshalb fordern wir die Europäische Kommission und die EU-Mitgliedsstaaten auf, den Vertrag zügig zu ratifizieren und umzusetzen!.. Die Mitglieder des Europäischen Parlaments.. Eva Lichtenberger, Luigi Berlinguer und Francisco Sosa Wagner.. der Weltblindenverband (WBU).. EU ratification of Marrakesh Treaty!.. Give the best Christmas present to millions of blind persons:.. European Parliament, 17 December 2013.. 13:00-14:30.. Room: ?5?2.. Hosted by Luigi Berlinguer (S D, IT), Eva Lichtenberger (Greens/EFA, AT), Francisco Sosa Wagner (NI, ES) and the TransAtlantic Consumer Dialogue (TACD).. On December 17th, we shall celebrate the new global books without borders Treaty for visually-impaired persons and we shall demand that the EU signs and ratifies this historic disability rights Treaty as soon as possible.. Last June 28th, the Marrakesh Treaty to Facilitate Access to Published Works by Visually Impaired Persons and Persons with Print Disabilities was concluded in Morocco.. This international binding UN/WIPO treaty aims at ending the “book famine” that deprives 250 million people of access to culture and education.. Visually impaired persons only have access to between 1 and 5% of the books published.. The agreement focuses on copyright exceptions to facilitate the creation of accessible and affordable versions of books and other copyrighted works.. It sets a norm for countries ratifying the Treaty to have a domestic copyright exception covering these activities, and allowing for the import and export of such material.. Six months after agreeing to the Treaty text the EU has still not signed the Treaty and has not even decided on the legal procedure to be used in the ratification process by Member States and the European Parliament.. On December 17th at the European Parliament visually-impaired leaders from around Europe will meet with MEPs, the European Commission and other stakeholders to discuss the meaning of this landmark treaty for human rights and to urge swift ratification by the  ...   field, i.. e.. patients groups, family and consumer bodies, social security systems, and health professionals.. Such a grouping is unique in the history of the European Union and is testament of the importance of European medicines policy.. pierrechirac@aol.. com.. HAI Europe.. Health Action International (HAI) Europe is a non-profit, European network of consumers, public interest NGOs, health care providers, academics, media and individuals working to increase access to essential medicines and improve their rational use through research excellence and evidence-based advocacy.. More info: www.. haieurope.. ancel.. la@haieurope.. The Association Internationale de la Mutualité (AIM) is a grouping of autonomous health insurance and social protection bodies operating according to the principles of solidarity and non-profit-making orientation.. Currently, AIM’s membership consists of 41 national federations representing 29 countries.. In Europe, they provide social coverage against sickness and other risks to more than 150 million people.. AIM strives via its network to make an active contribution to the preservation and improvement of access to health care for everyone.. aim-mutual.. corinna.. hartrampf@aim-mutual.. Health Action International (HAI) Europe.. Protecting citizens’ health: Transparency of clinical trial data on medicines in the EU.. Policy paper (October, 2013).. Available at: http://haieurope.. org/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/HAI_Protecting-citizenshealth-transparency-of-clinical-trial-data-on-medicines-in-the-EU.. pdf.. Joint letter by 11 International and European organisations “Clinical trials regulation: protect public health, choose transparency!” Brussels, (April 2013).. Available at:.. http://english.. prescrire.. org/en/79/207/46302/2612/2506/SubReportDetails.. aspx.. Wieseler B.. , Wolfram N.. , McGauran N.. et al.. Completeness of reporting of patient-relevant clinical trial outcomes: comparison of unpublished clinical study reports with publicly available data (2013).. Plos Med.. 10(10): e1001526.. Eichler H.. G.. , Pétavy F.. , Pignatti and Guido R.. Access to patient-level trial data- A boon to drug developers (2013).. NEJM.. 369:1577-1579.. DOI:.. 10.. 1056/NEJMp1310771.. Doshi P.. , JeffersonT.. Clinical study reports of randomised controlled trials: An explanatory review of previously confidential industry reports.. (2013).. BMJ Open 3:e002496.. European Ombudsman.. Decision of the European Ombudsman closing his inquiry into complaint 2560/2007/BEH against the European Medicines Agency.. (November 24, 2010).. 14.. MEP Gallo defends tobacco industry against plain-packaging.. 2 Comments.. This pro tobacco industry amendment has been tabled by French conservative and IPR fundamentalist MEP Marielle Gallo for the EU´s Trademark Directive.. The positive right to use trademarks could be used to legally ban attempts at increasing health warnings on cigarrette packages.. This is the amendment she has tabled:.. Amendment 72.. Marielle Gallo.. Article 10 – paragraph 1.. The registration of a trade mark shall confer on the proprietor exclusive rights in particular,.. the positive right to use it.. and to prevent any third party not having his consent from using it.. In a few weeks the Trademark Directive will be voted by the European Parliament.. 13.. Today Barnier concludes failed EU copyright process: Licences for Europe.. Rarely has an official participatory initiative been such a waste of time, money and political opportunity.. Today the European Commission under the leadership of Internal Market Commissioner Michel Barnier will conclude the year-long Licences for Europe stakeholders process on the future of copyright in the European Union.. This exercise consisted of four working groups on user-generated content, cross border portability, cultural heritage and text and data mining.. In the end the conclusions presented by Barnier only reflect the rigid, wish lists of the publishing industry.. Instead of facing the challenges of much needed copyright reform and flexibility, the Licences for Europe stakeholders process has been clamorous failure.. The European Commission´s main objective was to avoid the tough legislative alternatives concerning the future of copyright in the European Union.. Pushed off the agenda of Licences for Europe were the crucial questions of how to favor innovation, wide access to science, culture dissemination and the efficient use of public funds.. As the name denotes the European Commission designed this year-long process with a narrow, pre-ordained scope to be about more licences not about copyright reform promoted through exceptions and limitations.. The official framework of L4E excluded any serious consideration of the necessary legal reforms needed to inject a degree of social and economic rationality and flexibility into the present copyright laws.. Far from an open-ended inclusive exercise, Licences for Europe has been exclusively oriented toward self-satisfying publisher-approved proposals of best practices , self-regulation and streamlining within the present copyright regime.. The hidden agenda of Licences for Europe is that legal changes are not needed because a series of memorandums of understanding among stakeholders will suffice.. Given the rigid scope imposed by the European Commission it should not come as any surprise that many important stakeholders decided to abandon or reject the process.. During the process Licences for Europe was abandoned or deeply criticized by the practical totality of organizations representing librarians, research librarians, consumer organizations, digital rights associations, scientific research centers and a number of innovative business initiatives.. Here are a just a few of many examples that explain the disappointment in the process by civil society: http://www.. edri.. org/edrigram/number11.. 13/edri-letter-licences-for-europe and http://www.. ubiquitypress.. com/files/licence4europe/Letter_of_withdrawal_L4E_TDM_May_24.. pdf and http://www.. clarin.. eu/node/3826.. This has been a major missed opportunity to bring EU copyright laws closer to the social reality of the digital age.. The European Commission keeps burying its head in the sand.. SOS: Unclear, torturous path for EU ratification of Marrakesh Treaty.. To date over 57 countries in the world, including the US but not the EU, have signed the WIPO Marrakesh Treaty for a copyright exception for millions of blind and other print-disabled persons.. Nevertheless, no country has yet to legally ratify the treaty.. This last point was stressed today by the European Commission´s representative Martín Prat in the European Parliament today.. In the EU the ratification process is especially slow and complicated.. There is no roadmap nor timetable.. What needs to be done by whom and when is far from clear.. Before the ratification process begins the 28 EU member states must give the green light for the signature of the Treaty by the EU Council.. Then, the European Commission and the Council must decide if ratification of the Treaty is of exclusive EU competence or of “mixed competence” with member states.. If the competence is shared, all 28 member states must individually ratify the Treaty.. In today´s European Parliament Legal Affairs committee no clear answers were given by the EC´s Martín Prat to the questions posed by MEPs.. Only a timetable was suggested for EU signature for early 2014 but the path to posterior ratification was presented as very long, confusing and torturous.. Maria Martín Prat suggested that new EU copyright legislation proposed sometime in 2014 could incorporate the Marrakesh Treaty and that this might be needed before ratification to harmonize EU member state laws on exceptions to copyright.. This proposal that would mean a number years of delay in the ratification of the treaty was criticized by a number of MEPs present.. Martin Prat gave as an example of why a new law would be needed the presence of “dyslexic persons” in the Treaty which is not covered by EU copyright exceptions legislation.. While MEPs stated that changes in EU law could take place after ratification, Martín Prat did not say why legal changes should take place beforehand.. The EC told MEPs to put pressure on EU member states and one MEP responded by insisting by asking what the Commission itself was doing to push through the ratification of the Treaty.. The Legal Affairs Committee will consider writing a letter on the issue to EU member states and the presentation of an oral question to the EU Council on the ratification process.. There was a general feeling of frustration in the room which contrasted with the unanimous satisfaction expressed over the Marrakech Treaty agreement reached last June.. On December 17.. th.. the European Blind Union and a cross-party group of MEPs led by Luigi Berlinguer, Eva Lichtenberger and Francisco Sosa Wagner will organize an event in the European Parliament that will demand the swift ratification and application of the Marrakesh Treaty by the EU.. Older Entries.. Meta.. 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Select Category.. a2k (5).. reading disabilities (5).. a2m (8).. IPR Enforcement (16).. ACTA (15).. Open Standards (4).. Uncategorized (185).. 2013 IP Policy Committee blog | Theme wpBurn Blue by.. wpburn..

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  • Title: IP Policy Committee blog » About
    Descriptive info: 9.. Sep.. Posted by admin.. The TACD IP Policy Committee is part of the.. The Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue (TACD).. , a forum of US and EU consumer organisations which develops and agrees on joint consumer policy recommendations to the US government and European Union to promote the consumer interest in EU and US policy making.. The TACD was launched in September 1998, at the end of the inaugural meeting which took place in Washington.. So far, a total of.. 49 EU and 27 US consumer organisations.. have joined the TACD  ...   Policy Committee in Brussels.. David is a former MEP from Spain.. The current co-chairs of the TACD IP Policy Committee are Jill Johnstone from UK Consumer Focus and James Love from Knowledge Ecology International.. The TACD Secretariat is situated within the Office of Consumers International, coordinated by Julian Knott.. Address: TACD Secretariat, 24 Highbury Crescent, London N5 1RX, United Kingdom.. Tel: +44 207 226 66 63.. Fax: +44 207 354 06 07.. Email: tacd@consint.. Website: www.. tacd.. Respond to this post.. Name (required).. Mail (will not be published) (required).. Website..

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  • Title: IP Policy Committee blog » Director General of WIPO speaks about new copyright model
    Descriptive info: Mar.. Posted by david.. QUOTES FROM SPEECH GIVEN ON 25-2-2011 by Francis Gurry, DG of World Intellectual Property Organization.. Let us dare to say that the infrastructure of.. the world of collective management is out-dated.. It represents a world of separate territories and a world where right-holders expressed themselves in different media, not the multi-jurisdictional world of the Internet or the convergence of expression in digital technology.. This is not to say that collective management or collecting societies are no longer needed.. But.. they need to re-shape and to evolve.. We need a global infrastructure that permits simple, global licensing, one that makes the task of licensing cultural works legally on the Internet as easy as it is to obtain such works there illegally.. The sentiment of.. distaste or disrespect for intellectual property on the Internet that it voices is widespread.. Look at the incidence of illegal down-loading of music.. We may argue about the right methodology to use to measure that phenomenon, but we are all certain that the practice has reached alarming dimensions.. In order to effect a change in attitude, I believe that.. we need to re-formulate the question that most people see or hear about copyright and the Internet.. People do not respond to being called pirates.. Indeed, some, as we have seen, even make a pride of it.. They would respond, I believe, to a challenge to sharing responsibility for cultural policy.. We need to speak less in terms of piracy and more in terms of the threat to the financial viability of culture.. in the 21st Century, because it is this which is at risk if we do not have an effective, properly balanced copyright policy.. The history of the confrontation of our classical copyright world with the digital environment has been more a sorry tale of Luddite resistance than an example of intelligent engagement.. Let me move to my final suggested guiding principle for a successful response to the digital challenge.. I believe that we need more simplicity in copyright.. Copyright is complicated and complex, reflecting the successive waves of technological development in the media of creative expression from printing through to digital technology, and the business responses to those different media.. We risk losing our audience and public support if we cannot  ...   Gurry, the IFLA, WBU, et al sent the following open letter to the WIPO DG at.. https://www.. eff.. org/files/filenode/reading_disabled/IFLA%2C%20EIFL%2C%20WBU%20and%20CCIA%20Letter%20to%20WIPO%20Director%20General%20Francis%20Gurry.. (Apologies for the long URL) The letter 3 times mentions the word balance as if every reader should instinctively know exactly what the word balance represents.. Does balance mean the authors have the right to sell to whomever can afford to purchase or access the copyrighted material through conventional channels and and as in e.. g.. WIPO SCCR 22_12 African Group Preamble P9 they do propose all ALL those who might need to access the book in an alternative format or who can not afford to purchase the book or read it in the norm should obtain theirs for free?.. Is it balance when the TRIPS 13 certain-special-cases means that there are more free copies in circulation than those that provide royalties and/or remuneration to the authors and publishers?.. In JULY 2010 I offered (link below) a possible treaty-alternative solution wherein Braille is in fact recognized as a certain-special-case and there is such precedence in the Copyright Law of several WIPO Member countries.. While not the ideal, digital BRF Braille ASCII files can be accessed by DAISY players and JAWS-type screen readers.. The binding-Treaty advocates seem to think that just the mention of the UN Convention on Disabilities means that whatever binding instrument they propose should be the final outcome and seem befuddled as to what to do next when it is not.. https://www3.. wipo.. int/forum/?p=36 cpage=1#comment-91.. marketing your small business.. Thank you for every other informative site.. The place else may I am getting that kind.. of information written in such an ideal way? I ve a challenge that I m simply now operating on, and I ve been at the look out for such info.. apnea.. Hello there, I found your blog by way of Google at the same.. time as looking for a comparable matter, your web site got here up, it appears great.. I ve bookmarked it in my google bookmarks.. Hi there, simply turned into alert to your weblog through Google, and located that it s really informative.. I m going to be careful for brussels.. I ll appreciate if you happen to proceed this in future.. Numerous people will be benefited out of your writing.. Cheers!..

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    Descriptive info: Policy statements.. Letters.. Briefing papers.. Government responses..

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  • Title: IP Policy Committee blog » Blog Archive » Update on EU ratification of Marrakesh Treaty
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  • Title: IP Policy Committee blog » Blog Archive » “Society demands fair solutions for access to medicines” Athens, December 13th
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  • Title: IP Policy Committee blog » Blog Archive » Athens Declaration on Access to Medicines
    Descriptive info: Jul.. The enduring economic crisis is affecting the ability of the Greek State to adequately provide necessary medicines as it is forced to take measures to cut public pharmaceutical spending.. I.. EVALUATE AND ACT UPON THE IMPACT OF AUSTERITY MEASURES ON HEALTH AND ACCESS TO MEDICINES, PREVENTION AND DIAGNOSTICS.. The European Commission as part of the Troika has advised on budget cuts for health, without assessing the health impact of economic measures.. Therefore, we:.. Call upon the European Commission to carry out a health impact assessment of fiscal consolidation measures taken over the last two years as well as possible future austerity measures in Greece to assess in particular their repercussions on the accessibility and the affordability of health services and medicines.. Call upon the European Commission and the Greek State to propose clear and effective compensatory measures with regards to access to medicines, with a priority for life-saving and chronic treatments.. II.. THE GREEK GOVERNMENT AND THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION MUST GUARANTEE THE OPEN COMPETITION OF GENERIC MEDICAL PRODUCTS.. There is a low penetration of generic medicines (compared to other EU member states) both in the Greek market and in state procurements.. Moreover, the prices of generic products are often higher that generic drugs  ...   Commission and the Greek State to take steps to assure the transparency of pharmaceutical pricing, data sharing and public accessibility of EU Member State medicine evaluation committees with the highest degree of independent review and public participation.. IV.. COMPULSORY LICENSES FOR VERY HIGH-PRICED IMPORTANT AND LIFE-SAVING MEDICAL PRODUCTS.. Call upon the Greek state to consider issuing compulsory licenses in the case of some very high priced patented medicines in accordance with international law.. V.. MEDICINE PROCUREMENT COOPERATION OF GREECE WITH OTHER EU MEMBER STATES.. Conscious of the limited negotiating power with large pharmaceutical countries of a small country like Greece and the need to purchase many important medicines with a radically reduced budget, we.. Call upon Greece and European Commission to consider coordination among EU Member States on joint procurement of medicines where such cooperation could be beneficial for all Member States to help assure affordability of these products.. VII.. CORRUPTION LIMITS ACCESS TO MEDICINES IN GREECE.. Call upon the Greek State to take energetic measures to reduce corruption in pharmaceutical purchases, prescription and procurements through the application of the rule of law, transparency, independent expert overview and greater public participation in the decision-making processes.. Please send support of organizations and/or individuals: yannis.. natsis@gmail..

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  • Title: IP Policy Committee blog » Blog Archive » Athens TACD conference on Crisis and Access to Medicine
    Descriptive info: May.. Athens TACD conference on Crisis and Access to Medicine.. Expert and policy-making conference.. How can we provide access to affordable medicines in Greece?.. The situation on the ground and possible solutions.. European Parliament office (.. Amalias Avenue 8).. in Athens, 31 May 2013.. CONCEPT.. Crisis and access to medicine in Greece: situation and responses.. The current financial crisis and the conditions imposed on the Greek state has had a profound impact on the ability of the Greek public health systems to adequately provide many necessary biomedical products for its citizens.. This half-day conference in Athens.. organized by TACD with the support of MEP Nikos Chrysogelos (Greens/EFA, EL), Médecins Sans Frontières and Médecins du Monde (MdM Greece).. aims at presenting information on the situation of.. Access to Medicines (henceforth A2M).. in Greece today and to consider some possible responses to this problem.. Issues to be dealt with would be the situation on the ground with regards to accessibility and affordability of life saving medicines.. Also to be reported would be the degree of state payments or out of the pocket citizen expenditure under the strain of the public debt crisis.. Experts will present possible alternatives to the high price of medicines and will also consider new models of biomedical innovation that is at once affordable and health needs-driven.. These proposals will also include new forms of pooled medical procurement, new licensing systems of medicines in order to promote generic access to key medicines and changes in EU policy to facilitate access to medicine in Greece.. Objectives.. To focus European and  ...   00-09.. 15: Registration and coffee.. 15-09.. 30: Welcome and introductory remarks.. , MEP, Greens/.. EFA.. G.. roup in.. the E.. uropean Parliament.. ,.. Senior advo.. cate.. TransAtlantic Consumer Dialogue.. Brussels.. 30-10.. 45: F.. irst panel discussion.. The situation on the ground in Greece.. concerning.. access to life.. -.. saving medicines.. Nicky Voudouri.. , Medical Department Coordinator, PRAKSIS NGO.. Giorgos Kassaras.. , Special Advisor, Médecins du Monde (MdM Greece).. Despina Makridaki.. , President, Association of Pharmacists within state hospitals.. (PEFNI).. Ioannis Dagres.. , Treasurer, Athens Pharmacists’ Association.. Oliver Moldenhauer,.. Coordinator Access Campaign, Médecins sans Frontières (MSF Germany).. Sotiris Vandoros.. , Lecturer in Economics, Brunel University London.. Moderator:.. , Senior Advocate, TransAtlantic Consumer Dialogue, Brussels.. 45-11.. 15: Q A.. 11.. 15-11.. 30: Coffee break.. 11:30-13.. 00:.. Second panel discussion.. Looking forward: action-oriented solutions to access to medicine crisis in Greece in the short, middle and long term.. Lycurgus Liaropoulos.. , Professor, Health Economics and Health Care Management, University of Athens.. Nikos Kefalas.. , Vice-President, Hellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Companies (SFEE), Managing-Director, Janssen-Cilag Pharmaceuticals.. Fei Kosmopoulou,.. Managing-Director, Panhellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Industries (PEF).. James Love.. , Director, Knowledge Ecology International.. Aurelie Vandeputte.. , Task Force for Greece.. Representative of the Greek Ministry of Health.. Els Torreele.. , Director Access to Medicines initiative, Open Society Foundation.. , Reporter, Kathimerini newspaper Neoi Fakeloi (SKAI TV).. 00-13.. 45: Q A.. 45-14.. 00: Closing remarks.. 00-14.. 30: Lunch.. Interact in Twitter using #a2mGreece.. RSVP: Please confirm your attendance before May 30 by writing to a2m.. athensconference@gmail.. The conference will be webstreamed (http://www.. tv/channel/transatlantic-consumer-dialogue-tacd) and translation will be provided..

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  • Title: IP Policy Committee blog » Blog Archive » Sehbehinderte durch zügige Ratifizierung des Vertrages von Marrakesch!
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