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  • Title: Talon Fair Trade
    Descriptive info: Talon Fair Trade.... An NGO Striving for Better Working Conditions for Football Stitchers.. HOME.. JOINT BODY.. PROJECT HISTORY.. AIMS ACTIVITIES.. Quick links.. FUNDS.. HOW WE HELP.. STASTICAL DATA.. SUCCESSFUL STORIES.. EARTHQUAKE VICTIMS 2005.. FLOOD 2010.. PICTURE GALLERY.. OUR PARTNERS.. Talon Sports.. Fair Trade Sports.. Fair Deal Trading.. ETIKO.. Commercio Alternativo Italy.. Magochikyu Japan.. Autonomie Project USA.. Eine Welt Handel Austria.. Lotika Netherlands.. Bionat France.. FairTradeCenter Breisgau Germany.. Can-Toy.. fairunlimited.. Helvetas Switzerland.. Background.. Pakistan.. supplies around 70% of the world s footballs, with an estimated 44,000 men and women stitchers in the.. Sialkot.. region of Pakistan involved in the production of 35 million footballs every year.. International campaigns in the 1990s have succeeded in virtually eliminating child Labour by gradually moving production away from home based stitchers to independently monitored stitching centers and providing constructive alternatives for children such as basic education  ...   is working as Football Stitcher for Talon Sports Private limited in Propy Nagra center sub center to Gillan Chak (Main Center of Talon Sports) from last three years.. Nasreen Bibi was continuously feeling severe pain in her neck.. She was well aware of Talon Fair Trade program and after getting the permission from her supervisor for medical.. Read More.. |.. View All.. Micro Credit Program.. On Friday, I had an opportunity of meeting a lady named Zahida Parveen, a practical picture of above saying of George Bernard Shaw.. At the age of fifty with her wrinkled hands and weakening physical strength she was busy in handling customers when I entered in her shop.. In the time we spent together her conversation shows her remarkable level of motivation.. Developed by:.. FRAMES Tech.. Copyrights Talon Fair Trade 1998 - 2013.. All rights reserved..

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  • Title: Talon Fair Trade - Joint Body
    Descriptive info: Talon Fair Trade - Joint Body.. Joint Body Desigination.. Tanveer Ahmed.. Mr Tanveer Ahmed is president of Talon Fair Trade Workers Welfare Society since 2009.. He is worker in Talon Sports Factory (Bladder Department)Since 1998.. He is worker Representative in joint body as per FLO guidelines.. Shahid Cheema.. He is Vice president of Talon Fair Trade Workers Welfare Society since 2009.. He is a Supervisor in Talon Sports (Garments Department) since 1999.. Assad Bajwa.. Assad Bajwa is General Manager of Talon Sports since 1997.. He is management representative as per FLO guidelines.. He is Seceratery General of Joint Body of Talon Fair Trade Workers Welfare Society since 2006.. Ch.. Nasir Iqbal Baryar.. Nasir Iqbal Baryar is Director of Talon Sports  ...   Talon Fair Trade Worker Welfare society.. Bushra Parveen.. Bushra Parveen is a football stitcher in Chak Gillan stitching center since 1999.. Mohammad Yousaf.. Mohammad Yousaf is male football stitcher of Talon Sports stitching center inside the factory.. He is a member of Talon Fair Trade Worker Welfare society.. Rizwan Majeed.. Rizwan Majeed is a male worker in Talon Sports factory in Shoes Department.. he is Member of Talon Fair Trade Worker Welfare society.. Miss.. Samra.. Miss Samra is a worker of Talon Sports factory in Shoes Department.. She is Member of Talon Fair Trade Worker Welfare society.. Mohammad Javed.. Mohammad Javed is a Football Stitcher in Dheera Sandha Stitching center.. He is Member of Talon Fair Trade Worker Welfare society..

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  • Title: Talon Fair Trade - Project History
    Descriptive info: Talon Fair Trade - Project History.. is a large-scale producer employing around 1200 factory workers and contract stitchers.. Production is split 50/50 between sports clothing and sports balls - mainly footballs but also rugby balls, Basket balls and indoor and beach volley balls that are assembled at more than 50 stitching centers.. It is currently the only supplier of sports balls to the UK Fair trade market.. In early 1997, Talon had an order of promotional balls for Dunkin Donut.. This order was to be manufactured under special conditions, which were to be verified by a customer designated monitoring agency.. On successful shipment of order the facts and excellent compliance of Talon with socio-commercial standards was no more secret in the US market.. Visit of.. Dr.. Dan Mccurry.. of.. child Labour.. right fund was also a result of promotion campaign of Dunkin Donut.. During this period people from.. Fair Trade e.. V.. Germany that were already in trade of food items, planned to trade balls manufactured under Fair Trade conditions.. This followed up by visit of.. Martin Kunz.. , a.. Director of Fair Trade.. to Sialkot for survey of companies having capacity and commitment to comply with the social and international quality standards.. After having assessed a number of companies/firms he visited Talon, saw production facility, talked to the management and finally decided to go for partnership.. Agreement, criteria and procedures were drafted following the guidelines of UN resolutions and signed up in late December 1997..  ...   of full amount of wages to the workers, the manufacturer partner should establish a system with no intermediaries.. No Discrimination against women (25%) and minorities:.. Manufacturing partner will provide equal opportunities to female and minority workers.. Child Labour free production (14 Years):.. No worker will be employed below the age of 14 years.. Improvement in stitchers community through NGOs:.. There will be perpetual activities for gradual improvements in the workers community.. Schemes for education, health and income generation will be designed and implemented.. This has the basic idea to rehabilitate the effected families and eventually to prevent the intervention of children in work.. Environment issues (lamination, printing, bags, cutting).. Environment in general and environment on work places in specific will be addressed according to acceptable human standards.. In lamination and panel printing area the concentration of Ammonia and other chemicals will be reduces by introducing heavy ventilation system.. In cutting area noise protecting equipment are required.. To avoid the pollution proper handling of waste poly bags will be made possible.. Allocation of FT premium:.. Amount of Fair Trade premium its breakup in social security/social protection program and community development program was agreed for all present types of balls.. Monitoring (Documentation):.. Manufacturer will maintain record of its stitching centers, number of stitchers present at each center, age, start date of fair trade order and number of balls stitched by each center with date stamp.. This information will be used by the independent monitoring agency for third party monitoring..

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  • Title: Talon Fair Trade - Aims & Activities
    Descriptive info: Talon Fair Trade - Aims Activities.. Aims and Activities.. Identification of target cluster, data collection followed by analysis, needs assessment and designing of schemes has been carried out by NGO working on the project since 1998.. Now this is also taken over by the TFTWWS.. Its staff after having basic knowledge of the project ahs successfully extended the scope of activity and moving ahead with high spirits.. Medical Facilities to Workers:.. Patients are managed at OPD filter clinic, their entitlement is verified, treated by a senior Doctor having two 02 specializations (Eye Specialist physician and surgeon).. The patients having need of hospitalization are referred to contracted  ...   the updated information about their recovery and if there is any need to change the medicine or therapy frequently contacts patients needing prolong treatment/follow ups.. This way the discontinuation ratio is minimized for patients needing prolong treatment.. Credit Program.. It is strictly managed to ensure that fund provided in form of loan be spent on the declared project to prevent the money from misuse/misappropriation or wastage.. The data is collected and evaluated for the.. Successfulness of the credit program.. Loanees are also provided with consultancy for setting up their income generation unit, its installation, raw material if needed, marketing, service of machinery during these follow up visits..

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  • Title: Talon Fair Trade - Funds
    Descriptive info: Talon Fair Trade - Funds.. AS PER FAIRTRADE LABELLING ORGANIZATIONS INTERNATIONAL.. F.. AIRTRADE.. S.. TANDARDS.. F O R.. P.. remium on.. ports.. B.. alls.. PART C Trade Standards for Sports Balls.. 1.. Product Description.. 1 The trade standard for sports balls applies to all hand-made sports balls, which includes both.. Stitched and molded balls.. 2.. Prices, Premiums.. 1 Fairtrade prices for sports balls are  ...   Costs Compensation.. 2 The Contract Price shall be an FOB (free on board) price negotiated between buyer and seller.. The Contract Price at a minimum matches the average price for the relevant quality, and covers the cost of production at least.. 3 The Fairtrade Premium is set at 10% of the Contract Price.. As per Fairtrade balls invoices premium transferring to the joint body account..

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  • Title: Talon Fair Trade - How We Help
    Descriptive info: Talon Fair Trade - How We Help.. How does Fairtrade Help?.. Talon Sports was certified by Fair trade Labeling Organizations International (FLO) in 2002 and now supplies Fair trade markets in the UK, Italy and Germany.. The objective of Fair trade in the sports ball industry is to ensure good working conditions for factory and stitching centre workers and to provide decent wages so that employees can send their children to school rather than out to work.. The additional Fair trade premium is invested in projects that support the empowerment and social development of workers and stitchers.. Although there is a government-set minimum wage for the sports ball industry in Pakistan, workers are often paid less and struggle to provide for their families.. All Fair trade certified producers pay factory workers at least the minimum wage, and piece-work rates for stitchers are calculated so that the minimum wage can be earned within normal working hours.. Talon Sports pays its workers 50% more when they produce Fair trade balls.. Fair trade buyers negotiate a contract price with football producers in the same way as conventional buyers, with the stipulation that the  ...   premium , about 20% which is to be used for improvement of the socio-economic situation of the workers, their families and communities.. Workers and management decide jointly on the use of the premium such as providing an after-school program or a community.. The employer must have the commitment and capacity to administer the fair trade premium in a way that is transparent and democratic for workers and the FLO.. A Fair Living Wage.. Under the Fair Trade scheme the calculation is that a family should have 6,000 Pakistani rupees per month to cover all basic needs and have some 'money on the side'.. Fair stitching wages are calculated to provide - if Fair Trade orders are there all the time - individual incomes of more than Rs.. 4.. 000/month (i.. e.. two earners are needed per family to reach the Fair Trade minimum).. It is not enough to simply bar children from working; the fair living wage ensures that the children have enough family support to succeed at school.. Nevertheless, children fewer than 15 are not employed, and the Labour of children between 15 and 18 must not interfere with education..

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  • Title: Talon Fair Trade - Statistical Data
    Descriptive info: Talon Fair Trade - Statistical Data.. Financial Report..

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  • Title: Talon Fair Trade - Successful Stories
    Descriptive info: Talon Fair Trade - Successful Stories.. Lost in thoughts of bright future of her five children Naseem Akther was busy in stitching shoes in courtyard of Stitching Centers.. Naseem Akhter, a mother of five children and a wife of mentally disabled person, lives in a village called MOTTRA, District Sialkot.. While listening to her conversation one can observe  ...   children, four sons and a daughter lived in Labor Colony, Pasroor.. He had a hard time managing his household expenses on the small salary earning by working as a security guard at Talon Sports Pvt Ltd.. His salary is Rs 6500 and this money was not sufficient because he didn t have any source of earning except the..

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  • Title: Talon Fair Trade - Earch Quake Victims
    Descriptive info: Talon Fair Trade - Earch Quake Victims.. Earthquake Victims.. A devastating earthquake, measuring 7.. 6 on the Richter scale, hit the northern part of Pakistan on the morning of 8th October, 2005.. Estimates of the quake's magnitude varied.. The US Geological Survey put the number at 7.. 6.. With the death toll in the tens of thousands and the casualties in the hundreds of thousands, it is a catastrophe on a scale never before seen in this region.. We realize that our task does not end when the last victim has been laid to rest, when the last casualties have been treated or when the last rescue team has left.. It will take months, even years, to rebuild the areas that have suffered so much damage.. The psychological scars will take even longer to heal.. The task is an ongoing one and all kinds of assistance will be required for a long time to come.. Join us and do your part to make a difference.. 2005 Kashmir earthquake casualties (confirmed).. Location.. Deaths.. Injured.. 79,000+.. 75,038.. India.. 1,329.. 4,500.. Afghanistan.. -.. Total (Minimum).. 80,333+.. 79,538.. Casualties.. Most of the casualties resulting from the earthquake were in Pakistan where the official death toll has topped 79,000 and is expected to continue to rise, putting  ...   rescuers are still picking the rubble with pickaxes and their bare hands, looking for survivors.. Support for School Going Children.. ISLAMABAD, Nov.. 1 (Xinhuanet) -- At least 17,000 Pakistani children died when their schools collapsed in the giant Oct.. 8 earthquake and the trauma for survivors is worse than after the Asian tsunami, according to local press reports on Tuesday.. We are estimating that at least 17,000 pupils were killed in schools, that's the one number that we have some estimate on, UN Children's Fund executive director Ann Veneman told reporters in Islamabad on Monday.. According to UNICEF estimates, some 1.. 6 million to 2.. 2 million children have been affected by the earthquake, which has killed more than 55,000 people and made 3.. 3 million homeless.. Veneman said that even those children who have survived were traumatized.. The trauma that these children have experienced I think has been particularly even worse than other tragedies like the tsunami, because so many of these kids were in schools, she said.. Enditem.. Talon Fair Trade Workers Welfare Society help that affected children in kohorri.. Kohhari is 35 KM Distence from Muzzafra Abad, Azad Jamu Kashmir.. TFT supported for education project in Kohorri.. TFT provide their Books, School Bags and other Stationery.. Earthquake Victims Picture Gallery..

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  • Title: Talon Fair Trade - Earch Quake Victims
    Descriptive info: Flood 2010 Victims.. Latest Flood Updates Part I.. Latest Flood Updates Part II.. Latest Flood Updates Part III.. The 2010 Pakistan floods began in July 2010 following heavy monsoon rains in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh, Punjab and Balochistan regions of Pakistan.. Present estimates indicate that over two thousand people have died and over a million homes have been destroyed since the flooding began.. The United Nations estimates that more than 21 million people are injured or homeless as a result of the flooding,exceeding the combined total of individuals affected by the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, the 2005 Kashmir earthquake and the 2010 Haiti earthquake.. However, the death count in each of those three disasters was significantly higher than the number of people killed so far in the floods.. At one point, approximately one-fifth of Pakistan's total land area was underwater due to the flooding.. UN Secretary-general Ban Ki-Moon has asked for an initial $460 million for emergency relief, noting  ...   has been harmed by extensive damage to infrastructure and crops.. Structural damages are estimated to exceed 4 billion USD, and wheat crop damages are estimated to be over 500 million USD.. Officials estimate the total economic impact to be as much as 43 billion USD.. Rescue and relief operations.. Rescue and Relief operations in many remote villages are in an inferior position, as roads are covered with Mud and many affected areas remain unapproachable.. Heavy equipment is needed to clear the roads and to rescue survivors buried under the Flood wreckage, as many rescuers are still picking the rubble with pickaxes and their bare hands, looking for survivors.. Support for school going children.. Talon Fair TradeWelfare Society has Planned to Rebuild the Girls School(s) in the Flood Effected Area and planned to focus on the District Layyah(Punjab) where Talon Fair Trade Welfare Society will utilize the funds to make sure the education for Girls.. Flood 2010 Victims Picture Gallery..

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  • Title: Talon Fair Trade - Picture Gallery
    Descriptive info: Talon Fair Trade - Picture Gallery.. Picture Gallery..

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