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  • Title: | Reclaiming Citizenship, History, and Faith
    Descriptive info: .. About TTA.. Guidelines.. FAQ.. Contact.. Talk To Action Media Room.. Special Focus:.. Resource Directory for New Apostolic Reformation.. John Hagee & Christian Zionism.. Sarah Palin & The New Apostolic Reformation.. Username.. Password.. Create an account:.. it's free.. Forgotten name.. or password ?.. A Theocratic Star Flames Out.. Frederick Clarkson.. print page.. Wed Nov 13, 2013 at 05:46:06 PM EST.. We may never know the full story of the.. marital infidelity.. of Doug Phillips, a San Antonio, Texas-based, theocratic homeschooling entrepreneur of national.. significance.. But one thing is clear: The ripple effects of his disgrace and the.. dissolution.. of his Vision Forum ministry will be felt for years to come.. This is because his worldview hinges on the absolute integrity of the marriage bond and in this way he sought to model a vision of contemporary Biblical patriarchy.. But the model he has now offered to the world is what the late Calvinist theologian R.. J.. Rushdoony would have called "treason" against the God-ordained institution of the traditional family.. It is not clear how closely Doug Phillips adheres to Rushdoony's notions of Biblical Law.. Suffice to say that Rushdoony and his followers assert that the laws of Old Testament Israel are applicable today -- and that adultery was a capital offense.. While not everyone in the.. Christian Reconstructionist.. orbit embraces the list of biblical capital offenses, and adultery is not a crime let alone a capital crime in the U.. S.. , the gravity of this offense against Phillips's own view of the family is nevertheless profound.. (5 comments, 690 words in story).. Here's the full story + discussion.. No Weigel Room For NBC's Non-Disclosure.. Frank Cocozzelli.. Tue Nov 12, 2013 at 07:50:29 AM EST.. I originally posted this in March of this year.. Since NBC has taken no action, no effort to disclose Weigel's neo-conservative background.. Beyond that, he is clearly out of step with the with the new tone being set by Pope Francis.. Hence, the piece bears repeating.. George Weigel, who has frequently appeared on the NBC Nightly News as a "Vatican analyst" in the run up to the Conclave of Cardinals that will select the next pope, has served as a consultant on Catholic issues to.. NBC.. since 1999.. But what NBC does not tell us -- is that Weigel is no ordinary expert.. He is one of the leaders of today's Catholic Right.. (1 comment, 569 words in story).. 60 Minutes: The Propaganda in the Mix.. Sat Nov 09, 2013 at 10:51:00 PM EST.. I was glad to see that.. 60 Minutes.. admitted.. that their source for what happened during the attack on the U.. Embassy in Benghazi, Libya is not credible and retracted their story.. Perhaps uncoincidentally their source was the author of a memoir on the subject,.. The Embassy House: The Explosive Eyewitness Account of the Libyan Embassy Siege by the Soldier Who Was There,.. published by.. Threshold Editions.. , an imprint of Simon and Schuster which in turn is owned by CBS.. (.. failed to disclose this conflict of interest during the broadcast.. ) The editor-in-chief of Threshold, which specializes in conservative and Republican books, is the former GOP strategist, Mary Matalin.. Threshold authors include Glenn Beck, Herman Cain, Dick Cheney, Jerome Corsi, Sean Hannity, Stephen Moore and Karl Rove.. Simon and Schuster has.. recalled.. the book from stores and suspended publication in the wake of the scandal.. This episode reminds me of another time when.. got a story radically wrong, apparently relying on a conservative activist group as their primary source.. The segment was part of the roll out of a new agency of the Religious Right in the Reagan era, the Institute on Religion and Democracy (IRD).. (2 comments, 816 words in story).. Science & Cargo Cults, Global Warming, The Devil, and Democracy.. Bruce Wilson.. Sat Nov 09, 2013 at 10:16:27 AM EST.. [.. update: I've been revisting the subject of the religious right and the birth of anti-environmentalism, and came across this essay I wrote back in 2007.. I think it has held up well, and would add little except to mention this recent story of mine :.. A Majority of Americans 18-29 Years Old Now Believe in Demon Possession, Shows Survey.. - BruceW.. ].. Last October [2006], I listened to United States Senator James Inhofe as he described, before an audience of perhaps one thousand people, his belief that Global Warming was a hoax foisted on Americans by a conspiracy to create a satanic one-world order.. In the end, faith in science is just that - faith.. Have you ever seen a nuclear blast ? I haven't, so how do we know nuclear weapons exist ? We take that on faith in the same way we assume that there's a scientific reason our microwave ovens heat up our cups of coffee ; how do we know microwave ovens aren't driven by magic, from elaborate incantations laid on microwave ovens at the factory in which they are made ? How do we know there's a factory at all ?.. (3 comments, 1831 words in story).. Graham's 95th Birthday, with Palin and Ricky Skaggs, Symbolic of Trajectory of Evangelicalism.. Rachel Tabachnick.. Fri Nov 08, 2013 at 01:09:28 PM EST.. Most of the coverage of Billy Graham's 95th birthday was.. headlined.. with the participation of Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, Rupert Murdoch, and Ricky Skaggs, and a reminder of the trajectory that Graham's ministry has taken since Franklin Graham took control.. It was also a reminder of the diminishing ability of mainstream evangelicalism to ward off the wave of the charismatic and theatrical New Apostolic Reformation (NAR).. Sarah Palin's role with the NAR has been covered in detail here at Talk2action.. org since 2008, including the numerous prophecies about her vice presidential campaign.. But it was an NAR event featuring Ricky Skaggs in 2007 (photo at right) that should have removed all doubt that something very different was taking place in evangelicalism.. It featured Skaggs leading 300 men blowing rams' horns, in a video you must see to believe.. (Video follows.. ).. (3 comments, 457 words in story).. David Barton Bows Out.. Wed Nov 06, 2013 at 02:20:28 AM EST.. I am republishing this post from 2006 because it provides some context for what might have been one of the most interesting and significant GOP primary contests of 2014.. Christian Right activist David Barton was.. urged.. by broadcaster Glenn Beck and Texas Tea Party groups to challenge incumbent Sen.. John Cornyn (R-TX) for the GOP nomination in 2014.. Barton said he was awaiting a word from the Lord.. But apparently it never came.. Barton's letter announcing his decision is posted on the.. Draft David Barton for Senate.. Facebook page.. Even though he is not a candidate himself, he continues to play an active role in Christian Right voter mobilization.. -- FC.. (4 comments, 1194 words in story).. Generally Nutty: FRC Executive Says Some In The Military Are Itching To `Take Out' President Obama..  ...   towns across America under the guidance of internationally active evangelist.. Ed Silvoso.. , whose closest movement colleague has called upon her followers to.. pray for the destruction.. of California's biggest labor unions.. (4 comments, 1694 words in story).. Criswell's Legacy.. wilkyjr.. Tue Oct 29, 2013 at 11:58:27 AM EST.. When George Truett, the famous pastor of First Baptist Dallas passed away, the entire city of Dallas shut down to mourn the deceased legend.. Truett's famous sermon, delivered on the steps of the nation's Capitol, was a landmark for the First Amendment interpretations in the nation.. He championed the Baptist doctrine of separation of church and state.. Dr.. W.. A.. Criswell would chart a distinctly different channel in his influence upon Southern Baptists.. Both men held seats of influence by the facts they were leaders in the nation's largest protestant church.. The church was the flagship of the Southern Baptist Convention, by its size, fiancés and historic legacy.. Anyone who headed this congregation would be graced with invitations to seats of power and influence both in the religious and political community.. It would leave a stamp of influence on the lone star state.. (2258 words in story).. Jesus' Hell House.. moiv.. Sat Oct 26, 2013 at 06:52:41 PM EST.. This post was first published on October 10, 2006.. The truths that it reveals about "Hell Houses" seem to be at least as true now as they were then.. Halloween approaches, a holiday traditionally celebrated with haunted house attractions that draw children and teenagers like moths to a jack o'lantern's flame.. But over the last several years, an.. increasing number of churches.. have begun offering more than the customary chills and thrills.. Instead of haunted house ghosts and goblins, these houses of worship invite children and teenagers to enter.. Hell House.. -- where they are treated to graphic depictions of the eternal damnation and torment that await them, should they stray from the straight and narrow path of "Christian" purity.. (24 comments, 2236 words in story).. Next 15 Stories >>.. TTA site search engine.. Find Stories By Topic.. Sarah Palin.. Analysis of Christian Right.. Demonizing 'secularism'.. Attack On The Judiciary.. Blog Roundup.. Broadcasting & Media.. Commercialized Religion.. Democratic Party.. Public Education.. Environmental Issues.. Events.. 'Faith Based Initiative'.. Conferences, Field Work.. Front Page.. Gay Rights.. Church/State Separation.. Hate Speech ?.. History.. Jews & Christian Right.. Language and Framing.. Religious Militarism.. Moral Relativism.. Neoconservatives.. Mainstream Faith.. Religious Culture.. Patriot Pastors & IRS.. Religious Persecution.. Political Organizing.. Political Strategy.. Radio Shows, Podcasts.. Reclaiming Faith.. Recontruction & Dominion.. Reed & Abramoff.. Religious Supremacy.. Reproductive Rights.. scandals.. Attack on Science.. War On Mainstream Faith.. Triangulate To Theocracy.. Taking Action.. Theology.. Theocratic Leadership.. Unification_Church.. Women's Rights.. WWW.. Talk To Action.. Doug Phillips Resigns From Vision Forum over Inappropriate Relationship.. Doug Phillips resigned as president of Vision Forum earlier this week, citing an "inappropriate relationship.. " Phillips posted an announcement on the Vision Forum website, stating, There has been serious sin in my life.. (1 comment).. A Wiccan Witch In Salem.. Since it's only two weeks from Halloween, I made my usual foray into Christian Right Country to find out what their plans are for this Halloween.. I don't know where to be sad or.. irishwitch.. (0 comments).. Jerry Falwell's Fundamentalist Liberty University Still Getting Hundreds of Millions in Federal Aid.. In 2010, Liberty University got more federal funding than the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.. In a 2011 Talk To Action story, contributor Bill Berkowitz covered the new trend in which right-wing evangelical colleges and.. Rick Joyner doubles down on call for military coup, declares we're headed for martial law.. Earlier this week, Rick Joyner, one of the main leaders of the New Apostolic Reformation--an out-and-out fascist offshoot of the religious right that believes it can bring about Jesus' return by taking over.. Christian Dem in NC.. (2 comments).. Pope Francis' Views on a Favorite Target of Culture Warriors: Secularism.. Pope Francis' recent statements urging restraint by the Catholic Church on hot-button issues is a hopeful sign that he may be looking to modify the Church's behavior in the political sphere.. His words are.. JSanford.. Fundie radio host: We shouldn't speak out against Fred Phelps and Terry Jones.. A couple of weeks ago, I wondered if the vile behavior of the likes of Westboro Baptist Church may be on the verge of becoming mainstream for the religious right.. After all, you had.. Kansas fundie group: Science is a religion, so evolution shouldn't be taught.. In what has to stand as one of the dumbest lawsuits in recent memory, a Kansas-based fundie group has filed a federal civil rights suit which seeks to ban the teaching of evolution.. Pastor's Attempts To Burn Thousands of Korans Thwarted By Floods, Police.. Wrote one Talk To Action site member, back in July "Terry Jones, the jackass preacher who has moved to this county, is now planning another Koran-burning.. His plans are to burn 3000 Korans on.. Westboro's practices may be becoming SOP for the religious right.. As we all know, Westboro Baptist Church is supposedly persona non grata even among the religious right.. But recent statements by two supposedly mainstream religious right leaders have me wondering if Fred Phelps' behavior.. (3 comments).. Pat Robertson reportedly diverted Operation Blessing donations to mining project.. A new documentary may be one of the highest-caliber shells fired across Pat Robertson's bow in a long time.. Back in 1994, Robertson's humanitarian organization, Operation Blessing, claimed to have raised scads of.. Terry Jones' Koran burning hits snag - flood!.. Poor Terry Jones.. He has to find a new location, as the original site for his Koran burning is flooded and isn't expected to be usable in time for his plans to deliberately offend.. ArchaeoBob.. Cindy Jacobs tells followers how to lay siege to their cities.. Earlier today, I found a real lulu of an article in Charisma magazine penned by Cindy Jacobs.. In her latest piece, Jacobs muses on what to do about how to combat ungodly influences in.. Federal judge tosses out Oklahoma anti-sharia amendment.. Back in 2010, Oklahomans voted overwhelmingly (70 percent!) to amend their state constitution to ban the consideration of Sharia law.. Well, late Thursday, a federal judge in Oklahoma City threw it out on.. Richard Land fails upward after being caught plagiarizing, now heads a seminary.. Last year was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad one for Richard Land, one of the most prominent leaders of the religious right over the last quarter-century.. His tenure as president of.. Board defies citizens, ousts Starkville, MS CAO.. Being home to Mississippi State University, Starkville is struggling to position itself as a 'progressive' city in order to attract industry and young professionals.. However, the 'old guard' still clings to the past and.. COinMS.. More Diaries.. All trademarks and copyrights on this page are owned by their respective companies.. Comments, posts, stories, and all other content are owned by the authors.. Everything else © 2005 Talk to Action, LLC..

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  • Title: | About Talk to Action
    Descriptive info: About Talk to Action.. Website Purpose.. What if there was a place you could go to talk about the religious right, whenever you had a question and needed an answer?.. What if there was a place you could increase your knowledge, hone your skills and network with concerned and knowledgeable people all over the United States?.. What if that place was not controlled by an organization with a narrow agenda?.. What if people of any religious or nonreligious orientation who share a concern about the rise of the dominionist movement in the Unites States were equally welcome, and their perspectives were respected and taken into account as strategy discussions took place?.. What if that place had an eclectic mix of people with considerable expertise as featured writers who you could read, and question and discuss with every day? And what if those same experts and all of the site participants shared a spirit of learning -- and learning in the open -- about things that could affect the outcome of the most important struggles of our time?.. What if the goal of the site were not just education and the expression of opinions, but to think about  ...   it.. There is an editorial framework for this site than that is different than you will find on other major blog sites, so please read this carefully:.. We are pro-religious equality and pro-separation of church and state.. We are prochoice, and we support gay and lesbian civil rights -- including marriage equality.. Therefore, debates about the validity of abortion and gay rights are off topic.. We understand that some people who share our general concern about the politics of the Christian Right may not agree on all of these matters.. That's fine.. Anyone who agrees with the general mission of this site is welcome to participate -- but bearing this in mind.. It is our intention to take the conversation forward, and not let it be held back by debating what, in our view are or should be, settled matters of human, civil and constitutional rights.. Similarly, religious debates are off topic, especially debates between theism and atheism.. Finally, we are nonpartisan.. While political discussions are welcome, -- even central to the purpose of this site -- we do not wish the site itself to be a platform that is necessarily for or opposed to any particular party..

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  • Title: | Talk To Action Site Guidelines
    Descriptive info: Talk To Action Site Guidelines.. Statement of Purpose.. It is not a forum for discussion, dialog or debate with those who sympathize with or belong to this movement.. There is an editorial framework for this site that is different than you will find on other major blog sites, so please read this carefully: We are pro-religious equality and pro-separation of church and state.. Anyone who agrees with the purpose of this site is welcome to participate -- but bearing this in mind.. Site Guidelines.. Do help us create a site culture that is conducive to creative thinking; thoughtful analysis; vigorous-but-civil debate; considered evaluation of tactics; and learning from both mistakes and victories.. Do help us create a site culture of solidarity, of hope, and empowerment.. And to help to get us there, please help us keep a steady, thoughtful pace.. We do not want to emulate the frenzied, news cycle-driven culture of some other sites.. Do stick around as time and circumstances permit after posting a diary in order to engage in conversation.. Or return periodically, as you are able.. No hit and run diaries, please.. Do tell stories.. Stories about events Personal stories.. Organizational stories.. Stories of victories and how they were won.. Stories of hope and possibility.. Stories of defeat and lessons learned.. Stories of pain.. Stories of empowerment.. Stories of consequences -- what happened to the kids when the school board took away sex education, when the abortion clinic shut down; when the library was under attack.. Stories of how a book, an article or a speaker changed your thinking or that of your community.. Do review books, articles and events.. You can also review posts and discussions from other blogs that you think are important and relevant to the purpose of Talk to Action.. Do tell us about the skills we need to better defend and advance democratic principles and institutions.. And do tell us where  ...   in more useful conversations.. The use of idiosyncratic terms and abbreviations is often a significant distraction from the content of posts.. Don't hype diary headlines.. (Avoid tabloid blog words like "breaking," "smack down," and "lock down.. ").. Avoid alarmist headlines and content.. We can be concerned, even deeply concerned, without panicking or inducing panic in others.. Please just explain thoughtfully and well.. We will all, likely as not, share your concern, and want to thoughtfully consider what might be done.. -- Do not post diaries with little or no content, or only one paragraph (or less) in length.. Do not post the same or a similar diary more than once, or post an identical or too similar piece on the same subject as another recent diary.. Be particularly alert to this pitfall when writing about a hot item in the news.. Check to see if it has been written about recently.. It's fine to write about the same subject, even the same news article, as long as you have a something substantial to add to the discussion.. Remember that when you register(ed) for the site, checking off the box means that you have read, understand, and agree with the purpose of the site and agree to abide by the guidelines.. Remember that the statement of purpose and guidelines, and the decisions of the site owners, administrators or moderators are not up for discussion and debate on the site; and that the statement of purpose and guidelines may be updated from time-to-time.. Don't be a troll.. People who are offensive or abusive, are trolls.. People who willfully hijack comment threads outside any reasonable discussion of the good work of the diarist, are trolls.. People who write diaries or make comments obviously beyond the purposes of the site, are trolls.. People who do not share the purposes of this site but join anyway, are trolls.. Trolls and trollish behavior will not be tolerated..

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    Descriptive info: Frequently Asked Questions.. FAQ -- What is a Trusted User?.. Talk to Action, like other major blogs uses a system called "Mojo.. " This system allows site members to indicate what comments are "excellent" "troll" and points in between.. All users can rate all comments, except their own, between 1 and 5.. Comment ratings are combined into a weighted average, with new comments counting more than older ones.. This standing is known as "Mojo".. Users who have achieved a certain mojo, and who have posted enough comments, are considered "trusted" users.. This means you have the added capability to rate comments a zero and to see comments that have been hidden, because they fell below the minimum rating.. This is a great responsibility for you.. It means you've earned the right to peer-review content from untrusted users.. We rely on you to rate as much as you can, and to help keep the comments as high quality, civil and on topic as possible.. Please use your "zero" rating with care! If you think the poster is clueless, or an idiot, or you just don't agree with them, that is *not* grounds for a zero rating.. Zero is for comments  ...   the thread.. Please also read the hidden comments, and rate them up if they truly deserve to be viewable.. We want to see justice done, and you can make it happen.. But also please do not abuse your own trusted user status by rating trollish comment back up because you disagree with the system of disappearing abusive comments.. Efforts to undermine the self-policing mojo system is grounds for banning.. Trusted User status and the responsibility that goes with it, does not really change your status on this site.. Your ratings and recommendations do not carry any extra weight or power, beyond perhaps thier influence on others.. You do get to see for yourself the comments of those whose comments have been troll rated off of the site.. You get to see the dreck because of the excellence of your own comments in the view of your fellow comments.. It is an honor with an admittedly with an unusual reward.. But the power to banish trollish comments is vital to the health and vitality of the site and we are all grateful when you exercise this responsibility in the spirit of helping to keep the conversation civil and on topic..

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  • Title: | Contact Talk to Action
    Descriptive info: Contact Talk to Action.. Media Contact.. 1.. ,.. 2.. Webmaster..

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  • Title: | Media Room
    Descriptive info: Media Room.. This is a special page to help reporters and researchers to find resources on our website.. This page is currently Under Construction.. General Information.. Welcome To Talk To Action.. Research Resources.. Topical Collections.. Case Study: Sarah Palin and the New Apostolic Movement.. Case Study: Left Behind Book Series and Game.. Series by Jonathan Hutson:.. The Purpose Driven Life Takers (Part 1).. Violent Video Marketed Through Mega-Churches (Part 2).. Revelation and Resignation (Part 3).. Christian Cadre's Layman: 'A Whopper of Being Wrong' (Part 4).. Apocalypse, Now a Lawsuit (Part 5).. Who's Watching the Boys? (Part 6).. Conservative Christian Culture Warriors Cut and Run (Part 7).. Bible Publisher Tyndale House Faces Boycott Over Anti-Christian Game (Part 8).. Case Study: The World According to Tim LaHaye.. Part One:.. Hunting Down the Enemies.. Part Two:.. Pre-Trib Perspectives.. Part Three:.. Satanic Secular Humanism.. Part Four:.. Secular Humanism as False Religion.. Part Five:.. The Secular Humanist Web.. Part Six:.. The Council for National Policy.. Part Seven:.. Humanists Attack the Family.. Part Eight:.. The Age Old Conspiracy.. "Left Behind Video Reflects Bigoted Apocalyptic Violence of Original Fiction Series,".. (6/12/2006)..  ...   Apocalypticism.. Islam: Christian Fundamentalism's Antichrist Du Jour.. Hagee Still Sells Controversial 2005 'God Sent Hitler' Sermon, Apologizes To ADL For Wrong Sermon.. Conspiracism.. Top Ten Conspiracy Theories of the Christian Right.. Christian Zionism.. Militant Settler Group to Guide Huckabee and Hikind to Western Wall.. WND Puffs Bizarre Jerusalem Temple Theory.. Understanding Christian Zionism.. Special Sections.. The War on Reproductive Rights.. Attacking Public Education.. Shadow War: the battle for mainstream faith.. the covert campaign against liberal chuches and the social justice tradition.. War on Judicial Independence.. Special Features.. Attack on The United Churches of Christ.. Attack on The United Methodist Church.. "The Christian Right, Dominionism, and Theocracy", by Chip Berlet, Parts.. One.. - Two.. - Three.. - Four.. - Five.. "Taking Over The Republican Party", a four part series by Joan Bokaer:.. The Woman in A Mink Coat.. While We Were sleeping.. Angels On a Pinhead.. Under Cover of Night.. Directories of Religious Right Organizations.. Talk to Action.. Americans United for Separation of Church and State.. People for the American Way.. Bibliographies.. Political Research Associates - PublicEye.. org.. Christian Right & Dominionism.. Glossaries.. Religious Right Watch..

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  • Title: | Resource Directory for the New Apostolic Reformation
    Descriptive info: Resource Directory for the New Apostolic Reformation.. Wed Jan 20, 2010 at 01:15:43 PM EST.. [Updated] The modern-day apostles and prophets of the New Apostolic Reformation view their postdenominational movement as the future face of the Protestant church and the end of denominations as we know them.. Their ideology and "relational networks" have taken root in the block of 400 million independent charismatics, sometimes referred to as Neocharismatics.. This is an often overlooked mega-block of Christianity that is larger than all Protestant denominations combined, according to world missions statisticians.. Their networks are also drawing in denominational churches and change both the internal government of a church and the way that churches relate.. The movement's leadership teaches "Dominionism" or the belief that Christians of similar beliefs should take "dominion" over society and government prior to Jesus' return.. Following is a resource directory for the NAR movement including: the International Coalition of Apostles (ICA); "prayer warrior" networks; educational, training and accreditation entities; and major campaigns such as the "Transformation" movies and organizations, and "Reclaiming the Seven Mountains of Culture.. " At the end of the directory is a partial list of the over 150 articles about the NAR posted at Talk2action.. org over the the last four years.. The following directory provides a framework for understanding the movement and its impact on nations around the globe.. This resource directory is always available in the Special Focus box titled "New Apostolic Reformation.. " For easy reference, each entity is listed in bold and additional information for that entity is in the indented, shaded boxes.. Resource Directory for the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR).. "The New Apostolic Reformation is an extraordinary work of God that began at the close of the twentieth century and continues on.. It is, to a significant extent, changing the shape of the Protestant world.. -- C.. Peter Wagner in the foreword to the 2001 edition of Ted Haggard's 1998 book,.. The Life Giving Church.. Convening Apostle C.. Peter Wagner.. C.. Peter Wagner streamlined the ideology and developed a model network of what he dubbed the New Apostolic Reformation.. He was the convening or presiding Apostle over the International Coalition of Apostles until turning over his duties when he turned 80.. Wagner has impacted similar apostolic networks around the globe with his unique concept of "Strategic Level Spiritual Warfare.. " Wagner was an original executive of the Lausanne Committee on World Evangelization (LCWE) as shown in his papers at the Billy Graham archives; head of the United Prayer Track of AD2000 and Beyond; a signer of the Coalition on Revival's 1986.. Manifesto for the Christian Church.. ; and taught Church Growth at Fuller Theological Seminary for thirty years.. He announced the "second apostolic era" or "New Apostolic Reformation" as having begun in 2001.. Wagner has turned the International Coalition of Apostles over to John Kelly; his Global Harvest Ministries to Chuck Pierce; Wagner Leadership Institute to Che Ahn; and the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders to Cindy Jacobs.. For an overview of the NAR see.. this summary.. by one of Wagner's former students and.. an article.. that includes Wagner's own summary of the New Apostolic Reformation.. Global Harvest Ministries.. This is C.. Peter and Doris Wagner's personal para-church ministry and the legal parent entity of many of the other NAR organizations listed below including the ACEA, ACKW, EVAT, ICA, ISDM, and WLI.. ICA.. The International Coalition of Apostles.. The ICA is the network of several hundred apostles in the U.. and approximately 40 other nations formed by the convening apostle, C.. Each of these apostles has ministries under him/her, some hundreds or even thousands.. The ICA has now gone behind a wall and this information can no longer be accessed by a non-member.. Another entity called "Global Spheres," which list a directory of apostles, has been created and is under the apostolic authority of Chuck Pierce.. In 2008, when this Resource Directory was created, the following information was accurate.. This membership was under the leadership of Wagner with a council including the following apostles: Naomi Dowdy, Ed Silvoso, Dennis Peacocke, Bill Hamon, Joseph Mattera, Ron Cottle, James Chosa, Dan Juster, Pat Francis, George Bakalov, John Eckhardt, and H.. Daniel Wilson.. Currently (2013), the ICA is led by John Kelly and the membership list is no longer available to the public.. Ed Silvoso, from the above list, can be seen in.. Bruce Wilson's Transforming Uganda.. , documenting the New Apostolics role in Uganda's anti-gay bill.. Note that many significant ideological leaders or "fathers" of the movement have their own networks and are not currently listed as apostles in the ICA, such as Rick Joyner of MorningStar Ministries, and Mike Bickle, head of IHOP (International House of Prayer), and model for 24/7 youth-oriented prayer houses and movements around the globe.. Bickle has served in the ACPE listed below.. Another significant network that has overlap with the ICA is Revival Alliance, headed by Che Ahn, Randy Clark, Heidi Baker, John Arnott, Bill Johnson, and Georgian Banov and their spouses.. ACPE.. The Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders.. The ACPE is an inner circle of about two to three dozen apostles which is sometimes posted in its entirety on.. on Elijah List,.. the website of ACPE member Steve Schultz.. The Elijah List also post prophecy proclamations as seen.. at this Elijah List posting.. The ACPE includes Mary Glazier who claims Sarah Palin as part of her spiritual warfare network, and Lou Engle, founder of The Call events including the November 1, 2008 San Diego stadium event in support of California's Prop Eight at which Engle demonized homosexuality and called for Christian martyrs for the cause.. Engle hosted Newt Gingrich and Mike Huckabee in "Rediscovering God in America" broadcast on GodTV in June and was a featured leader at the December 16 Prayer Cast event in D.. C.. against healthcare reform which included Jim DeMint, Sam Brownback, and Michelle Bachmann.. Spiritual Warfare Networks.. The NAR structure includes networks in each state that were originally called "spiritual warfare networks", then changed to "strategic prayer networks," and then the Global Apostolic Prayer Network or USGAPN.. Now there are three entities under the supervision of leading apostles.. National Governmental Prayer Alliance.. This network was under the authority of Dutch Sheets and Robert Henderson (2008).. Dutch Sheets was Wagner's personal pastor and one of a small group of top leaders inheriting Wagner's roles.. Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets wrote.. Releasing the Prophetic Destiny of the Nation.. about their joint fifty-state tour of the nation.. Activity and prophecies for different states are often included on the website of Chuck Pierce's Texas-based.. Glory of Zion ministry.. On January 7, 2009, Dutch Sheets spoke at Wasilla Assembly of God.. The video can be accessed.. here.. Scroll through the list of New Apostolic leaders that have spoken at Wasilla AOG this year to find Dutch Sheets.. Unites States Prayer Reformation Network.. Led by.. Cindy Jacobs.. head of.. Generals International.. with her husband Mike.. Jacobs is the top ranking woman apostle in the movement beside Wagner's wife, Doris.. also has prayer networks in Central Asia and Turkey.. Link.. here to an example.. of a "prayer warrior" update from the New England Apostolic Prayer Network, which is part of the U.. Prayer Reformation Network of Cindy Jacobs.. This update was sent January 7, 2010 and concerned the special U.. Senate election in Massachusetts.. Cindy Jacobs can be seen in.. Bruce Wilson's video.. documenting the New Apostolics role in Uganda's anti-gay bill.. Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network (HAPN).. HAPN is under the apostolic authority of Apostle John Benefiel.. The HAPN, based in Oklahoma, has list on the website of prayer networks by state.. More Information on Spiritual Warfare Networks.. Following is a sample of Apostolic Prayer Networks which fall under the supervision of the above apostolic leaders.. GAPN -.. Georgia Global Apostolic Network.. ORPN -.. Ohio Reformation Prayer Network.. TXAPN -.. Texas Apostolic Prayer Network.. MIPGAPN -.. Michigan Global Apostolic Network.. IN APN -.. Indiana Global Apostolic Network.. Louisiana Global Apostolic Prayer Network.. Illinois Apostolic Prayer Network.. Heartland Apostolic Network.. FLRPN -.. Florida Refomation Prayer Network.. Arkansas Apostolic Prayer Network.. Pray Colorado.. Power Grid Apostolic Network - Kansas.. New England Apostolic Prayer Network.. Missouri Prayer Global Mission.. Pray New York.. OAPN.. Oklahoma Apostolic Prayer Network.. The "spiritual warfare" networks were used extensively in the 2008 presidential campaign to broadcast prophecy concerning Sarah Palin.. This is arguably the meaning of the Palin's references to thanking her "prayer warriors" in interviews with James Dobson and again with Christian Broadcast Network.. In 2006 Florida's Katherine Harris was taped in a controversial conference call praying that God would "bring the hearts and minds of our Jewish brothers and sisters into alignment" in a taped telephone conference with Ken Malone.. Reporters.. identified him as head of Lighthouse World Outreach but failed to recognize that Malone was then the Florida coordinator for Wagner's U.. Strategic Prayer Network, which illustrates how the movement has escaped notice.. Market Apostles.. Also called workplace apostles, these leaders are considered one of the most important sectors of the movement.. While they emphasize evangelism in the workplace, the primary task of this division is taking "Christian dominion" over "the mountain" of business and finance.. (The 7-Mountain mandate is covered below.. Os Hillman, based in Atlanta, is the head of the.. International Coalition of Workplace Ministries.. and.. Market Leaders.. Os Hillman and marketplace leader Apostle Julius Oyet can be seen in.. Apostles are encouraged to merge ministry with business.. Apostle Pat Francis of Ontario heads Kingdom Covenant Ministries which includes a communications corporation,.. Elomax Oil and Gas.. Elomax Enterprises.. She also serves as a United Nations (NGO) Transformational Activist" according to her bio.. Two other apostles from the UK and Australia run.. Markets Unlocked,.. a kingdom company" and market matchmaking system.. The Market Apostles work closely with the International Christian Chamber of Commerce (ICCC) founded in 1985 and still led by founder Gunnar Olson of Sweden, member of the ICA Apostolic Council from 2004 - 2007.. Wagner teaches that once the work of market apostles has progressed, there will be a "great wealth transfer" from the ungodly to the godly which will facilitate the rapid expansion of the "kingdom.. " In this.. decree posted on the ministry site of Apostle James Goll,.. Wagner relates the formation of a 48 apostle council to be in charge of overseeing the great wealth transfer.. The composition of this and other "kingdom wealth" groups* have not been made public but many related to these initiatives can be seen at Market Leaders,.. Church in the Workplace Conferences.. , and the.. Kingdom Economic Summit.. (View Kingdom Economic Summit videos.. Leading teachers in this area include Ed Silvoso from Argentina/California, Bruce Cook, Johnny Enlow and Pat Francis of Toronto.. Paid prayer intercessors for businesses is another growing field.. Other "kingdom wealth" groups mentioned in NAR media are the Apostolic Council for Kindom Wealth (ACKW), Zion Apostolic Council, and Hamilton Group.. ISDM.. International Society of Deliverance Ministries.. This international network of deliverance ministries is headed by Bill and Janet Sudduth and developed from the ADRM roundtable.. These ministries are for the purpose of expelling and repelling demons which are claimed to cause both physical and emotional problems.. Apostle Chris Hayworth heads an international network of deliverance ministries called Cleansing Streams Ministries which originated at Jack Hayford's Church on the Way.. Hayford maintains apostolic authority over that network.. EVAT.. The Eagle Vision Apostolic Team.. This is a more secretive inner circle group whose membership is not advertised, although sometimes apostles will list their participation in this group in their ministry resumes.. For  ...   Perry Partnering With New Apostolic Groups for Call to Prayer.. org/story/2011/5/3/91235/90609.. Newark's Prayer Based Crime-Fighting Effort Isn't Working.. org/story/2011/4/22/154444/590.. Kim Daniels is Not You Average "gay demon" Exorcist for City Council.. org/story/2011/4/5/141110/1743.. The NAR Apostles and Manifest Sons of God: Training the Army of the Lord.. org/story/2011/4/3/94532/19039.. Quotes from the Apostles on Social Transformation in Context of the 7M Campaign.. org/story/2011/3/30/134253/237.. Who are the Apostles? What is the Reformation? Seven Mountains Campaign?.. org/story/2011/3/24/153323/148.. Harvard Social Transformation Conference to Feature Avowed Witch Hunters.. org/story/2011/3/24/142629/678.. NAR's Brand of Transformation to be Promoted at Conference at Harvard.. org/story/2011/1/3/122613/0240.. The Rise of Charismatic Dominionism.. org/story/2010/10/30/125847/61.. The Apostles and Transformation - Why They Are a Threat to Pluralism in Hawaii.. org/story/2010/10/29/1521/6485.. Quotes From Ed Silvoso and Other NAR Apostles About Transformation.. org/story/2010/10/22/182349/92.. Link to Two Years of Articles on the NAR, Including Aiona, ITN and Transformation Hawaii.. org/story/2010/10/21/9445/8568.. Witchcraft Again - Aiona, Hawaii Candidate for Governor, Tied to Witch-Fighting Evangelicals.. org/story/2010/10/19/131422/38.. Hawaii Candidate for Governor Claimed Membership in Group That Burns Native Art.. org/story/2010/10/19/8306/2124.. New Apostolic Reformation Leaders Burn Native Art.. org/story/2010/10/17/11135/471 Lou.. Engle Only One of Many of Sen.. Sam Brownback's NAR Apostle Problems.. org/story/2010/10/14/213822/52.. Bios of Americans and Ugandans in Transforming Uganda.. org/story/2010/10/14/154827/99.. Six Reasons Why Americans Should Care About What is Happening in Uganda.. org/story/2010/10/12/192218/65.. Sam Brownback Under Fire for Ties to Controversial Evangelist Lou Engle.. org/story/2010/9/13/11834/9878.. The Head and Not the Tail, Battlecry for the Seven Mountains Campaign.. org/story/2010/9/12/172231/428.. Will Hawaii Be the Next Transformation Conquest For the Apostles and Their Prayer Warriors?.. org/story/2010/8/27/204514/016.. When Politics Means the End of the World (As We Know It).. org/story/2010/8/14/184346/958.. Demons Cause Influenza, Suggested Peer Reviewed Medical Journal Paper.. But It Get's Worse.. org/story/2010/7/31/81431/8680.. Evangelical Right Politically Organizes in Newark, NJ.. org/story/2010/7/17/13358/4325.. They Cast Out Demons , Burn Witchcraft Items, and Field Gubernatorial Candidates.. org/story/2010/8/6/135752/1937.. Strategic Level Spiritual Warfare Glossary (SLSW).. org/story/2010/7/5/162721/8544.. Anti-Gay Movement Pastor Leads Graduation for 54 Newark Cops.. org/story/2010/5/17/151130/395.. Lou Engle s Exploitation of Rifqa Bary.. org/story/2010/5/5/135840/9115.. Video Exposes Anti-Gay Preacher s Relationship With Sam Brownback.. org/story/2010/5/5/85049/41272.. Lou Engle s The Call Uganda Reported but NAR Remains Under the Radar.. org/story/2010/4/28/03149/7356.. Hijacking the National Day of Prayer.. org/story/2010/4/24/133020/140.. GOP s Prayer Guru Helped Incite Near Genocidal Hatred in Uganda.. org/story/2010/4/22/11739/6689.. Christian Right Claims Both 2010 Gubernatorial Candidates.. org/story/2010/4/17/112159/323.. Transforming Hawaii.. org/story/2010/3/18/15237/9318.. The New Apostolic Movement Uncovered.. And Uncovered.. org/story/2010/3/2/95618/77621.. Prayer Warriors of the New Apostolic Reformation Getting Some Exposure.. org/story/2010/1/21/15336/6128.. Movement Behind the Kill the Gays Bill Organizing in Newark.. org/story/2010/1/15/134445/911.. Video Exposes Antigay Western Theocratic Effort Transforming" Uganda.. org/story/2010/1/14/224614/769.. Pat Robertson Not Alone in Demonizing Haiti.. org/story/2009/12/17/17722/757.. GOP Senators Appear on TV with Anti-gay, Anti-abortion Martyrdom Advocate.. org/story/2009/12/9/113914/328.. Group Behind Uganda Anti Homosexuality Bill Expanding North American Effort.. org/story/2009/12/4/134435/084.. Rick Warren s Dissertation Advisor Leads Network Promoting Uganda Anti-Gay Bill.. org/story/2009/11/23/2349/5841.. Generational Curses, Deliverance Centers, and the Kingdom Health Care System.. org/story/2009/6/22/115820/165.. Jim Ammerman, Apostle and New World Order Conspiracy Theorist.. org/story/2009/6/18/204932/377.. Jack Hayford Introduces Peter Wagner Talk on Spiritual Mapping.. org/story/2009/6/7/144847/9340.. Christian Martyr Movement Leader Blesses Gingrich, Lays Hands on Huckabee.. org/story/2009/6/2/83943/72096.. Anti-Gay Marriage, Pro-Prop 8 Leader Calls for Martyrs.. org/story/2009/5/28/19033/8502.. Peter Wagner Explains the New Apostolic Reformation.. org/story/2009/4/4/192333/9543.. Proposition 8: A Proving Ground for a New Rainbow Right.. org/story/2009/4/2/123441/1124.. Religious Dispatches Spotlights Palin s Bold New Form of Christianity.. org/story/2009/3/25/94025/1154.. 77: Pray.. Ted Haggard and the New Apostolic Reformation.. org/story/2008/12/28/13255/764.. Peter Wagner Fights the Religious Spirit".. Salvation Army Moves Toward New Apostolic Reformation.. Sarah Pallin, Katherine Harris Linked to Same Prayer Warrior Network.. Palin s Movement Urges Godly to Plunder Wealth of Godless.. Sarah Palin and the New Apostolic Reformation.. "http://www.. org/story/2008/10/25/141724/14.. Discussion of Palin s Beliefs Goes Mainstream.. org/story/2008/10/20/195730/89.. Killing Mother Teresa With Their Prayers.. org/story/2008/10/10/19356/295.. Seven Questions U.. Media Has Neglected To Ask About Sarah Palin.. org/story/2008/10/10/152645/73.. Cross Left Published Press Release on Palin s Ongoing Association with Anti-Catholic NAR Clergy.. org/story/2008/10/8/121647/107.. Palin in My Prayer Group, Says Witch-Fighting Spiritual Warfare Leader.. Palin and the Apostles.. org/story/2008/10/6/192836/025.. The Questions Catholics Must Ask Sarah Palin.. org/story/2008/10/2/115153/281.. Fishers and Hunters - The Continuing Saga.. org/story/2008/9/25/93553/3296.. A Hearbeat Away or Why Palin s Churches Matter.. In Video, Pastor Anoints Palin, Urges Infiltration of Schools, Government, Business.. org/story/2008/9/24/82239/9750.. The Lions in the Pews.. org/story/2008/9/20/171755/145.. Palin, Muthee and the Witch - Journalists Miss the Major Story.. org/story/2008/9/13/1538/09770.. Youtube Censors Viral Video Documentary on Palin s Churches.. org/story/2008/9/11/113733/968.. Palin s Churches and the Holy Laugher Anointing.. org/story/2008/9/8/114332/7479.. Sarah Palin s Demon-Haunted Churches.. org/story/2008/9/5/0244/84583.. Palin s Churches and the Third Wave.. To discuss this story, sign up for a free account.. Display.. :.. Threaded.. Minimal.. Nested.. Flat.. Flat Unthreaded.. |.. 6.. comments (6 topical, 0 hidden).. Rosemarycxy878.. none / 0.. ).. I'm a proud anglican, the.. Christian.. church has no place for gay.. clergymen.. It's against the foundations of Christ.. he came to save us from that lifestyle, not ordain it.. I love the gays, I have friends who are gay and they are dear to me.. But this is against Christ.. I must pick Christ before any man.. by.. on.. Fri May 13, 2011 at 07:58:49 AM EST.. NAR.. It is unbelievable, and sad, that after nearly two months only one lousy post was made in response to this very important information! Apparently, far too many are uninterested that the New Apostolics are determined to pollute the world with their dangerous and hateful message.. And to this point are quite successful!.. If we do not speak out and fight this planned takeover at every opportunity, we will wake up to find our Nation, and the world, a place so changed we may well wish to escape.. But there will be nowhere to go!.. Think about that.. kilikamae.. Sun Jun 05, 2011 at 04:41:53 PM EST.. A possible NAR presence in the U.. K.. Hi talk2action.. I noticed that there doesn't appear to be a U.. listing for the ITN so I went looking for one which lead to the following sequence of discoveries: http://www.. transformourworld.. org/en http://www.. org/forum/ http://www.. org/forum/index.. php?p=/discussion/49 /greetings-from-reading-uk/#Item_1 "Greetings from Reading, UK! steveprince March 30 Permalink http://www.. org/en/blogs/6172-greetings-from-rea ding-uk steveprince March 30 Permalink It was fantastic to have you and Brian in Reading and especially exciting to listen to stories and be encouraged to move forward together in taking the city for Jesus.. We believe that God not only wants to transform Reading but to do it though US! Thanks, Ed for the original encouragement to birth the prayer movement that continues to grow and gain momentum.. The ground is SO much more fertile than when we began and we have become the answer to our own prayers - asking God to bless has meant He has brought us into a greater level of unity.. We actually like and love each other!" Harvest International, Reading, U.. - Google Search: http://bit.. ly/mGBpbW via @addthis https://encrypted.. google.. com/#hl=en source=hp q=Harvest+I nternational%2C+Reading%2C+U.. btnG=Google+Search aq=f&a mp;aqi= aql= oq=Harvest+International%2C+Reading%2C+U.. & amp;bav=on.. 2,or.. r_gc.. r_pw.. fp=13a2a1b748651b8a biw=1024&a mp;bih=515 Harvest International Church Reading: http://bit.. ly/knPSVe via @addthis http://www.. fusion.. uk.. com/for-churches/find-a-church/south/church/ 10330 loveyouruni.. org: http://bit.. ly/mNr6jj via @addthis http://www.. com/missiontools/loveyouruni "The loveyouruni project: serving thousands of churches to love millions of students Over the next decade the loveyouruni project aims to resource and encourage over 1000 churches to love the colleges and universities of these islands.. To see a generation of Christian students live with purpose, compassion and conviction, in order that thousands more students would encounter and respond to Jesus.. The project has many expressions; sharing stories of how God is moving amongst students and commissioning them to reveal his kingdom on campus; linking new students to churches; strengthening students and student workers with training and equipping; fresh and innovative mission ideas and action; working together to disciple a generation as they are challenged to be followers of Jesus in their universities and beyond.. The loveyouruni story: write your chapter The loveyouruni story is still being written - this is really the foreword.. We invite you to join with us, to journey with us, to contribute your chapter and explore what loving your uni means for you and your church today.. Please visit the loveyouruni facebook for more info and latest news" This ^ does seem to be wording the NAR would use.. MIJ6VI.. Sun Jun 05, 2011 at 06:54:30 PM EST.. affiliation and partnership.. hello apostolic greeting i want wish to have an partnership and networc with apostolicc fathers Prince and Gisela BADJENE Apostle and prophetess founder of international alliance of apostolic and prophetic ministries founder of international apostolic and mission school of ministry founder if ICESS MINISTRIES secretary of TOGOLESE DEFENSE AND RELIGIOUS LIBERTY ASSOCIATION www.. icess-togo.. site.. voila.. fr http://save.. fr tel 002289147441 mobile2280101155 freshanointing9@hotmail.. com P o Box 13801 Lomé-Togo West-Africa Motto:RAISING NEW GENERATION LEADERS.. christlove.. Sat Jul 02, 2011 at 04:31:59 AM EST.. This makes sense.. For instance, International Transformation Network's conferences have included.. purchase twitter followers.. the participation of Ugandan First Lady Janet Museveni.. President Yoweri Museveni an others disagree of course, but that is expected.. Kermit.. Thu Sep 19, 2013 at 11:23:52 AM EST.. Yes is a kind of way.. This generation of teens and younger adults is a connected group that depends heavily on expertise for their data.. We identified a real need for any such useful resource and we needed to utilize new media to provide training and psychosocial assist to different cancer patients," stated Rebecca Johnson, MD, medical director of the Adolescent and Young.. adult video.. Adult (AYA) Oncology Program at Seattle Kids's Hospital, who can also be a most cancers survivor.. "It is so vital for these teens and young adults with cancer to know that there is a peer on the market that understands what they're going by and that assist is obtainable.. Jenna.. Sat Oct 26, 2013 at 04:15:06 PM EST.. We may never know the full story of the marital infidelity of Doug Phillips, a San Antonio, Texas-based, theocratic homeschooling entrepreneur of national significance.. By.. (5 comments).. Beyond that,.. I was glad to see that 60 Minutes admitted that their source for what happened during the attack on the U.. Embassy in Benghazi,.. [update: I've been revisting the subject of the religious right and the birth of anti-environmentalism, and came across this essay I wrote back in.. Most of the coverage of Billy Graham's 95th birthday was headlined with the participation of Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, Rupert Murdoch, and Ricky Skaggs,.. I am republishing this post from 2006 because it provides some context for what might have been one of the most interesting and significant.. (4 comments).. I will find businesses to come to Vallejo! We are a "Destination".. (6 comments).. Earlier this year, I published a report in The Public Eye about the historic convergence in the politics of the protestant evangelical Christian Right.. It's Halloween and time to recall apostle and demon-buster Kimberly Daniels' 2009 warning that "candy sold during this season has been dedicated and prayed.. [note: for my previous (and related) stories concerning Vallejo and the candidacy of Pastor Anthony Summers, see story links at the end of this.. [update: see end of article for related stories] 'Transformation' leader leads prayers for the destruction of California's labor unions It is an astonishing story,.. The truths that it reveals about "Hell Houses" seem to be at least as true.. (24 comments).. Are Americans becoming less religious? While church affiliation is probably declining, don't expect the atheist revolution anytime soon: Over one half (63 percent, to.. (13 comments).. Southern Baptists and the Tea Party Crowd.. Louis Gohmert is a member of the large Baptist Church in Tyler known as Green Acres.. Steve Stockman claims identity with Sagemont Church in..

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  • Title: | Resource Page on John Hagee and Christian Zionism
    Descriptive info: Resource Page on John Hagee and Christian Zionism.. Mon Feb 15, 2010 at 03:08:27 PM EST.. Special Focus: Christian Zionism.. Updated August 2, 2010.. Following are a list of articles on Christian Zionism that have been posted on Talk2action.. org over a period of several years along with other supplementary material.. Christian Zionism is sometimes defined as support for the state of Israel by Christians based on biblical beliefs.. However, in the context of these articles, the term Christian Zionists is limited to those activists who view Israel and Jews through the paradigm of their biblical prophecy narratives and are working to advance the hands of the prophetic clock.. The following articles document the paradoxical end times narratives of this millennial worldview and the activism of leaders and organizations including John Hagee and his Christians United for Israel.. The following links are in chronological article starting with the most recent articles.. Note that the Talk2action.. org search engine currently only allows for articles to be listed under one topic.. Christian Zionism articles may be listed under the topics:.. Jews and the Christian Right.. John Hagee.. Anti-Semitism.. Selection of Articles Related to Christian Zionism.. From Hagee's Can America Survive: Ten Prophetic Signs That We Are The Terminal Generation.. Selected quotes from John Hagee's new book, released June 29, 2010.. Hagee in His Own Words, Part Two.. Additional quotes from John Hagee on Israel, prophecy, feminism, environmentalism, Islam, the Roman Catholic Church and more.. Hagee vs.. Hagee, In His Own Words.. A compilation of Hagee quotes which counter his claims in an op-ed in the.. Jewish Daily Forward.. Camouflaging a Christian Nationalist Worldview Behind a pro-Israel Facade.. Part One in two-part article on the use of Christian Zionism to mask a Christian nationalist agenda.. Israeli Politicians to Speak at Freedom Federation s The Awakening 2010.. Part Two of two-part article on the use of Christian Zionism to mask a Christian nationalist agenda.. Hagee s EU Antichrist Predates Hutaree s.. John Hagee was marketing media showing the head of the EU as the Antichrist long before anyone heard of the Hutaree.. Netanyahu and Hagee: Serial Obstructionists.. Netanyahu speaks at CUFI rally but press fails to cover event, link to related Zeek article.. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and John Hagee Share Stage as Biden Arrives in Israel.. Netanyahu speaks at CUFI rally led by John Hagee in Jerusalem on the evening of Biden s arrival.. Zeek Publishes Articles by Talk2action Writers.. Links to articles by Bruce Wilson and Rachel Tabachnick in Zeek.. Public Eye Publishes the New Christian Zionism and the Jews.. The Public Eye of Political Research publishes Rachel Tabachnick's article documenting the changes taking place in Christian Zionism.. Palin's Church Does Not Teach A Pre-Trib Rapture.. Palin's primary church, Wasilla Assembly of God, and it's leadership have abandoned dispensationalism for a victorious eschatology in which believer's take "dominion" over the earth.. What Sarah Palin's "Jewish People Will Be Flocking to Israel" Really Means.. Palin's interview with Barbara Walters may reveal her end times beliefs about Jews and Israel.. Renewed Controversy over Hagee's Sermon.. Hagee's anti-Catholic conspiracy theories and confirming the 2005 date on his Hitler as hunter sermon.. Link to video of Hagee's Hitler as hunter quote.. An Open Letter to Elie Wiesel.. Letter to Elie Wiesel about his appearance at John Hagee's Cornerstone Church.. Worldwide Biblical Zionists.. World Likud forms organization to support Christian Zionists who believe they have rights to live in Israel, West Bank.. Top Ten Reasons Christian Zionism Impairs Israel's Interests.. Overview of ten reasons why Christian Zionism is a threat to Israel and Jews.. Israeli Ambassador Rejects American Jews, Embraces Hagee, Christian Zionists.. Focus on Maoz Israel, Messianic ministry endorsed by Hagee, Hayford and other leading Christian Zionists.. Fishers and Hunters - the Continuing Saga of Christian Zionism.. Anti-Semitism in Christian Zionism with section on Tom Hess' Let My People Go, Thomas Muthee's speech at anointing of Sarah Palin, and list of quotes from Christian Zionists.. Hagee Still Sells Controversial 2005 God Sent Hitler Sermon, Apologizes to ADL for Wrong Sermon.. Defense of Hagee ignores extensive anti-Jewish conspiracy theories preached from pulpit.. Articles includes video.. Hagee, Hitler Pushed Almost Identical Jewish Banking Conspiracies.. Article with two videos documenting Hagee's conspiracy theories.. No Debate on Hagee?.. Anti-Semitic conspiracy theories in John Hagee's Sermon including video American Dolchstoss and segments from Hagee's Iraq, the Final War Sermon.. The Tragedy of John Hagee's Christian Zionism.. Why Christian Zionism is a perverse paradox that is tragic for both Jews and Christians.. Source/Information Page for New John Hagee Video.. Transcript and Materials on John Hagee's Sermon Iraq, the Final War, in which he claimed that the anti-Christ is gay and partially Jewish.. Sourced Hagee Quotes at Your Fingertips.. Quotes from Hagee's books, sermons, and videos.. Audio Recording of McCain's Political Endorser John Hagee Preaching that Jews are Cursed and Subhuman.. Article on John Hagee's Hitler as Hunter Sermon including three videos.. For quote from sermon.. link here.. 57.. comments (57 topical, 0 hidden).. Bookmarked, my man! If all this doesn't.. persuade someone to question Rev.. Hagee's sincerity when he claims to be a friend of Israel and Catholics, (unless they're Bill Donohue), then they're too far gone for  ...   at 04:22:26 AM EST.. Unique Hole Punches bought at this site.. I was wondering if you would like to be a guest poster on my blog? and in exchange you could include one link the post.. Tue Dec 18, 2012 at 07:04:03 AM EST.. Training Schedule for Half Marathon.. I also feel that I have less friends because I am less social now then I was before I became more severely depressed.. Tue Dec 18, 2012 at 10:00:10 AM EST.. Wrist Injury.. I would be pleased if all WebPages provided such articles.. Tue Dec 18, 2012 at 03:09:36 PM EST.. CAn-C.. Your contents are more then sufficient for me.. Sat Dec 22, 2012 at 05:47:02 AM EST.. adt security.. Thanks guys, for sharing this conductive accumulation.. Sat Dec 22, 2012 at 07:03:05 AM EST.. life rates.. Very efficiently written information, i love her, and lad to see green living is important for her family.. Sat Dec 22, 2012 at 01:20:13 PM EST.. reverse lookup any phone number.. These articles have got thorough discernment without unclear the readers.. Mon Dec 24, 2012 at 05:44:40 AM EST.. buy cymbalta online.. 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Wed Jan 02, 2013 at 08:28:54 AM EST.. photography wordpress themes.. I really do not truly have much to say in response, I only wanted to comment to reply great work.. Wed Jan 02, 2013 at 09:05:09 AM EST.. success daniel.. I was actually captured with the piece of resources you have got here.. Big thumbs up for making such wonderful blog page!.. Wed Jan 02, 2013 at 09:37:19 AM EST.. credit card lawsuit settlement.. This is a great inspiring article.. I am pretty much pleased with your good work.. You put really very helpful information.. Wed Jan 02, 2013 at 10:32:49 AM EST.. nishan.. nice topic :) nishan http://classico-new.. blogspot.. com/.. moi619.. Sat Jan 26, 2013 at 04:02:14 AM EST.. Additional quotes.. buy youtube views.. maldes.. Sat May 11, 2013 at 05:40:09 AM EST.. the term Christian.. the term Christian Zionists is limited to those activists who view Israel and Jews through the paradigm of their biblical prophecy narratives and are working to advance the hands of the prophetic clock.. However, in the context of these articles,.. Driver Education.. Wed May 15, 2013 at 03:36:03 AM EST.. Note that the.. things to do in Las Vegas.. Sat May 18, 2013 at 07:17:44 AM EST.. Hagee's anti-Catholic.. spiegel kopen.. Tue Jun 04, 2013 at 08:35:13 AM EST.. Great Post.. Thank you for posting this.. I have been following this study for a while now and it is great to have so much compiled in one place.. Also see Gabriel of Urantia's "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf--A Handbook on How To Defeat the 1%" http://gabrielofurantia.. org/ which has a lot of insight into how to work within a system regulated by the 1% those at the top of the hill.. Avalona22.. Sat Aug 10, 2013 at 01:59:05 PM EST.. Hagee's Smart.. Christian Zionism is probably driven by the desire to protect the original holy land.. Not necessarily all that Zionism stands for.. buy youtube views cheap.. Sun Aug 25, 2013 at 05:31:31 PM EST.. The art of conspiracy.. This remains a very controversial topic.. There is an art to this, but it tends to be local in nature.. Find local.. Palo Alto Artists.. and support local art.. Sat Oct 12, 2013 at 12:38:02 AM EST.. last de vita.. These video games can be found for the N64 recreation system, though newer versions have been released for the Wii and Nintendo's handheld devices.. Some teens could also be postpone by the N64's relatively poor graphics, but I did not play Ocarina of Time to completion last 12 months for no reason.. The magnetic gameplay and problem of Zelda is irresistible.. Rated E for Everybody.. teen porn video.. Guitar Hero The instructor begins the timer for 1-2 minutes and each pupil tries to search out out as much concerning the other individual by speaking.. You may instruct them the day earlier than to gather 3 to 5 of those objects in a plastic cup to deliver to class.. Sat Oct 26, 2013 at 04:11:34 PM EST..

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  • Title: | Palin's Churches and the New Apostolic Reformation
    Descriptive info: Palin's Churches and the New Apostolic Reformation.. Fri Sep 05, 2008 at 11:46:52 AM EST.. Palin s Churches and the Third Wave Series.. Series of Documentary Videos and Supporting Articles in Palin's Churches and the Third Wave Series.. The following are links to articles and videos that have been posted on Talk2action.. org in an ongoing series, documenting the rapid growth of the ideology and relational networks of the New Apostolic Reformation and the Third Wave.. Some of the articles below focus on the relationship of Sarah Palin to leaders in these movements.. Others features a broader treatment of the New Apostolic Reformation and the Third Wave.. For an overview see:.. New Report Documents Activities of Spiritual Warfare Network Tied to Palin.. org/story/2008/10/29/23723/734/.. Links to PDF of 36 page report:.. Spiritual Mapping and Spiritual Warfare Muthee and the Transformations Franchise.. nyud.. net/pages/docs/Transformation.. pdf.. org/pages/docs/Transformation.. pdf.. Stories are listed in chronological order with the latest articles first.. Palin's Church Does Not Teach a pre-Trib Rapture.. org/story/2009/11/25/171232/34.. Mainstream Media Revisits Issue of Palin's Religious Views.. org/story/2009/11/25/153354/21.. What Sarah Palin's "Jewish People Will Be Flocking to Israel' Really Means.. org/story/2009/11/19/174310/41/.. Palin's Prayer Leader Hinted Terrorist Attack Could Make Sarah President.. org/story/2009/11/16/172837/58.. Palin Pastor's Re-education Scheme "May Seem Like Totalitarianism".. org/story/2009/9/9/15652/45618.. Religion Dispatches Spotlights Palin's Bold New Form of Christianity.. The Palin Scandal in the Living Room.. org/story/2008/11/5/13585/8320.. Katherine Harris, Sarah Palin Linked to Same Prayer Warfare Network.. org/story/2008/11/2/115526/519.. org/story/2008/11/1/14522/8804/.. Palin s Spiritual Warfare Network Partners With Homeland Security.. org/story/2008/10/31/115724/94/.. Palin Linked to Second Witch Hunter.. org/story/2008/10/24/125017/31.. Killing Mother Teresa with their Prayers.. org/story/2008/10/20/195730/89/.. Palin Anointer Muthee Fights Catholics, Witches and Python Spirits.. org/story/2008/10/20/13042/410/.. Palin Put Religious War Advocate on Alaska Suicide Prevention Council.. org/story/2008/10/13/171018/17/.. Seven Questions That US Media Have Neglected to Ask About Sarah Palin.. org/story/2008/10/10/19356/295/.. org/story/2008/10/7/54010/1830/.. Fishers and Hunters - The Continuing Saga of Christian Zionism.. org/story/2008/10/2/115153/281/.. A Heartbeat Away or Why Palin s Churches Matter.. org/story/2008/9/25/93553/3296/.. Buzzflash Interview with the Palin Churches Research Team.. org/story/2008/9/24/173435/219/.. In Video, Pastor Annoints Palin, Urges Infiltration of Schools, Government, Business.. org/story/2008/9/24/13112/0816/.. The Lions in the Pews.. org/story/2008/9/24/82239/9750/.. Palin, Muthee, and the Witch- Journalists Miss the Major Story.. org/story/2008/9/20/171755/145/.. YouTube Censors Viral Video Documentary on Palin's Churches.. org/story/2008/9/13/1538/09770/.. Palin s Churches and the Holy Laughter Anointing, Video, Documentation, and Article.. org/story/2008/9/11/113733/968/.. Sarah Palin s Demon Haunted Churches, Complete Edition With videos, documentation , and article.. org/story/2008/9/8/114332/7479/.. Sarah Palin s Churches and the Third  ...   declared 2001 as the beginning of the new Apostolic Age.. Wagner s extensive Apostolic network includes 500 Apostles from the U.. and 42 other countries, each with their own network of churches and ministries, some with hundreds or even thousands.. This network is interconnected with other Apostolic networks around the world who share media, conferences, schools, and training, and revivals.. The major tenets of the adherents of this sect include the belief that we are living in the final years before the return of Christ.. However, they differ from dispensationalists in their belief that they must defeat evil on the earth and purify the existing churches before Jesus can return.. Furthermore, the building of this Kingdom of God is not to be delayed until after the Rapture, or to be built in a heavenly sphere.. They believe that they have a mandate to build the Kingdom in the present and in the physical realm.. In preparation for this task, this final generation is being imparted with special supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit that will allow them to wage spiritual warfare and take control of the earth from the devil and an array of demons.. The church must be unified under the leadership of their apostles and prophets.. The mandate for building the Kingdom includes their current Seven Mountains strategy for the taking control over government, arts and entertainment, media, education, family, religion, and business.. This effort includes extensive mission work around the globe featuring their well developed spiritual warfare strategies which have been published in books and videos.. The goal of these spiritual warfare tactics is to take cities and communities from the territorial demons that control theses geographic areas and that they believe prevent their efforts in planting their own Apostolic churches.. Spiritual warfare around the globe includes the goal of taking control of cities through the expulsion of witches and demons, and the conversion of Roman Catholics, Jews, Muslims, and all other religions.. They also believe that there must be a civil war in the Protestant church in order for them to purify that institution before Jesus can return.. The movement has an extensive focus on youth, with several leaders specifically prophesying that those born after 1973 are to be the trainers and warriors for God s army.. Link here to chronological list of the over 50 stories on Sarah Palin.. published at Talk To Action..

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    Descriptive info: Lost Names and Passwords.. Have you forgotten your name or password ? Don't worry.. Here's what you can do: Simply enter either your name, your password, or the email address you used when you created your account into one of the three boxes below and then hit the "mail name and password" button.. When you do this, your user name and a new password will automatically be mailed to the email address you used to create your account.. It's that simple.. Username:.. Password:..

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  • Title: | A Theocratic Star Flames Out
    Descriptive info: The fall of Phillips's ministry comes less than a year after the death of his father.. Howard Phillips.. , a founder of the contemporary Religious Right, a leading Christian Reconstructionist political leader, and founder of the Constitution Party.. The senior Phillips had also served as vice-chairman of the board of Vision Forum.. (Doug Phillips' brother.. Brad Phillips.. remains involved in theocratic politics internationally via his Persecution Project Foundation and as Sudan country director for Voice of the Martyrs.. ) Doug Phillips has been a leading figure in the Christian homeschooling movement, conservative Christian.. film making.. , and a fixture at state homeschooling conventions for many years.. Abby Ohlheiser of.. The Atlantic Wire.. has an.. excellent summary.. of the Vision Forum situation and what it means.. Vision Forum's work centered around the "restoration of the Christian household.. " In short, the organization enforced what it would argue is a Biblicly-based family structure where the husband serves as the spiritual and practical head of the household.. His wife and children, especially any daughters not yet of marrying age, live under his dominion.. Phillips's family, like the well-known Duggars, were also practicing Quiverfull adherents.. That movement holds up procreation as the highest calling for (properly married) women, meaning that Quiverfull families grow quite large.. Phillips has eight children, and the Duggars have 19 kids.. Adherents usually home-school their children, rejecting the notion that anyone but the family and God should have input into a child's education.. Family is central to, and the mission of, Vision Forum's entire reason for existence.. But that doesn't mean that the movement itself is down for the count, nor does it mean that Vision Forum and Phillips will disappear completely.. Vision Forum is actually comprised of two companies: the non-profit Vision Forum ministry, which had about $3.. 3 million in revenue in 2011; and a for-profit with a very similar name.. In resigning from the ministry, Phillips announced that he would retain control of the for-profit company.. The ministry paid Phillips a salary of $44,000 a year, and gave an additional $193,176 for "labor and services"  ...   with 7 kids.. Seems Phillips might be seeking to expand the full quiver movement to new possibilities!.. Thu Nov 14, 2013 at 10:41:35 AM EST.. the end of Nonsense.. I'm thankful these liars have found they are incapable of living under their gods laws ! those that wish to live in a fairy tale need to be considered mentally ill and institutionalized so they can bring NO harm to the Public and Our Nation ! Religious Fanatics should NEVER be trusted and any Politician that tells you different is busy trying to take your Rights away and most likely steal all you own ! Only those that are TRUE Scum ever have the feeling of NEEDING to be Saved, and that is why the Preachers of the Churches of the Fundamentalist Fanatics consistently turn out to be Perverts and Child Molesters, because theirs is the House OF Scum ! treat these Skells as the Vermin they are and rid our World of religious Perverts posing as Saints !.. dave1120.. Thu Nov 14, 2013 at 01:44:47 PM EST.. overheated rhetoric.. 00 / 2.. Your rhetoric is rather jarring and not particularly helpful in the discussion.. I urge you to reread the Guidelines for this site.. MLouise.. Thu Nov 14, 2013 at 04:45:17 PM EST.. Parent.. How about some simple Schadenfreude?.. I am guilty of going ballistic too, from time to time.. The site regulars remind me of the guidelines, and I just apologize and lapse into a bit of Schadenfreude over the fall of the pompous.. All that said, I do feel sorry for the wife and kids, particularly because they are likely to be blamed (wife) or outcast (wife and kids) by their community.. I suspect that Doug Phillips will repent and be accepted back more quickly than the wronged family, if only because the celebrity has the money and fame, and wives and kids are less important to the community.. This dynamic isn't confined to "religious communities", but might be a little more pronounced in that particularly patriarchal community.. NancyP.. Thu Nov 14, 2013 at 08:01:24 PM EST..

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