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  • Title: Business History Conference Home
    Descriptive info: .. Site Map.. Contact Us.. Business History Conference.. Governance.. Officers, Committees, By-Laws, Meeting Policies, Past Officers and Boards, Affiliations.. Meetings.. Current Call for Papers, Meeting Information, Doctoral Colloquia, Workshops, Meeting History, Program Archives, Photos.. Grants and Prizes.. BHC Grant and Prize Rules, Recipient Lists.. Publications.. Enterprise and Society, H-Business, The Exchange, BEH Online, BEH Archives.. Interest Groups.. Business Historians at Business Schools, Emerging Scholars, Women in Business History.. Resources.. Web Links, Syllabi, Books in Business History.. The Business History Conference.. is a scholarly organization devoted to encouraging all aspects of research, writing, and teaching about business history and about the environment in which businesses operate.. Founded in 1954, the organization is now international in scope, with approximately 15 percent of its membership residing outside North America.. The BHC is based at the.. Center for the History of Business, Technology, and Society.. at the Hagley Library and relies on Center Director.. Roger Horowitz.. and Center Coordinator.. Carol Lockman.. to manage the BHC's annual meetings, finances, membership, and other business.. Horowitz also serves as the BHC's Secretary-Treasurer and Lockman as Managing Editor of.. Enterprise Society.. In addition to its refereed quarterly journal,.. , the BHC publishes  ...   forum for discussing current research in business history and related fields and offers an opportunity for people with similar interests to meet and exchange ideas.. Participation from overseas scholars is especially encouraged, and joint meetings with the.. European Business History Association.. are held regularly.. The BHC sponsors a number of awards and prizes, including the.. Hagley Prize in Business History.. and the.. Oxford Journals Article Prize.. ; it endeavors to support scholars entering the field through its travel-to-meeting grants, its.. Doctoral Dissertation Colloquium.. , and its.. Krooss Dissertation Prize.. Sub-groups within the organization promote the interests of women in business history, business historians teaching at business schools, and emerging scholars.. The BHC is a member of the.. International Economic History Association.. and is an affiliated organization of the.. American Historical Association.. and of.. H-Net.. Join the BHC.. News.. For the latest news relating to business and economic history, visit the BHC blog,.. "The Exchange.. ".. 2014 Meeting.. For updates on the 2014 annual meeting, go to our.. 2014 meeting site.. 2013 by the Business History Conference.. All rights reserved.. Please send comments and corrections to the.. Web editor.. Page last revised: August 27, 2013..

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  • Title: Business History Conference Site Map
    Descriptive info: Become a Member.. Home Page.. BHC Home Page.. Governance.. By-Laws.. Officers and Trustees.. Committees.. Affiliations.. Meeting Policies.. Historical Records.. Past Presidents.. Cumulative Committee Staffing:.. Nominating.. ,.. Prize.. Investment.. Program.. EMOC/PMOC.. Hagley.. Oxford Article.. Krooss.. Kerr.. Recent.. (Gomory, Halloran, Wilkins).. Liaison.. Emerging Scholars.. Annual Meetings.. Current Call for Papers.. (seasonal).. Current Meeting Information.. Doctorial Colloquium.. Alphabetical List of Participants.. Workshops.. Meeting Venue History.. Program  ...   Achievement Award.. Williamson Prize.. Hagley Book Prize.. Oxford Journal Article Prize.. Krooss Prize.. Kerr Prize.. Wilkins Prize.. Halloran Prize.. Gomory Prize.. Publications.. The Exchange.. BEH Archives.. Web Editor Search.. Interest Groups.. Women in Business History.. Directory.. Bibliography.. Web Resources.. Business Historians at Business Schools.. Resources.. Links of Interest.. Syllabi.. Books.. New Books.. New in Paperback.. Book Archives.. Paperback Archives.. Series.. Home Page.. Home.. Contact..

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  • Title: Business History Conference Contact Information
    Descriptive info: Contacting the Business History Conference.. Email addresses for all the BHC's officers and committee members are listed in the.. section of the Web site.. Administration.. at the Hagley Library and relies on Center Director Roger Horowitz and Center Coordinator Carol Lockman to manage the BHC's annual meetings, finances, membership, and other business.. Mailing Address and Other Contact Information:.. Business History Conference.. Hagley Museum and Library.. P.. O.. Box 3630.. Wilmington, DE 19807-0630 USA.. Telephone: 302-658-2400, ext.. 243.. Fax: 302-655-3188.. Email: Carol Lockman.. clockman@hagley.. org.. Federal  ...   Conference:.. To join the BHC or renew your membership on-line, please go to the BHC membership site.. http://bhcmembership.. eventbrite.. com/#.. You may also contact:.. Roger Horowitz, Secretary-Treasurer.. Email: Roger Horowitz.. rh@udel.. edu.. To Subscribe to H-Business:.. Go to the.. H-Business home page.. at H-Net and follow the "Subscribe" link.. Subscriptions:.. A subscription to.. is included with BHC membership.. To subscribe without becoming a BHC member, or if you are an institutional subscriber, go to the journal page on the Oxford Journals site:.. http://es.. oupjournals.. org/subscriptions/..

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  • Title: Business History Conference Main Governance Page
    Descriptive info: Governance Records.. Governance and History.. The Business History Conference is governed by a set of by-laws and administered by elected officers and a Board of Trustees.. A number of committees oversee specific operations.. The BHC is affiliated with several other scholarly organizations, including the American Historical Association, the International Economic History Association,  ...   organization has a long history; in addition to current governance information, listings of past presidents, trustees, and committee members are collected in this section of our website.. Links to the venues and many of the programs for past meetings are provided in our.. Annual Meeting.. section.. Page last revised, July 30, 2013..

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  • Title: Business History Conference Annual Meetings General Home Page
    Descriptive info: Current Meeting.. Doctoral Colloquia.. Meeting History.. Photos.. Annual Meeting Information.. The Business History Conference has been meeting annually since the inception of the organization in 1954.. By the mid-1990s, single sessions had been replaced by multiple concurrent sessions.. Attendance continues to grow, as does the variety of meeting activities.. The.. policies.. governing the annual meeting can be found in our Governance section.. Upcoming Meetings.. 2014: March 14-16, Frankfurt, Germany.. 2015: June 24-27,  ...   current meeting; the current.. call for papers.. List of past meetings.. , with dates, locations, and host institutions.. Details of past doctoral colloquia.. , held in conjunction with the annual meeting, with faculty, participants, and topics.. Details of past workshops.. , held in conjunction with the annual meeting, with subjects, speakers, and titles.. Previous programs.. as available.. Photos from meetings.. , 2004-2011, courtesy of Bill Childs.. Page last revised, October 3, 2013..

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  • Title: Business History Conference Summary of Grants and Prizes
    Descriptive info: Lifetime.. Williamson.. Hagley Book.. Wilkins.. Gomory.. Halloran.. BHC Grants and Prizes.. The Grants and Prizes Committee oversees the awards, grants, and prizes of the BHC.. This committee is directly responsible for selection of recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award and the Harold F.. It appoints standing subcommittees that award the Krooss and Oxford Journals Article prizes, and it monitors the Hagley Prize and graduate student travel grants.. The following paragraphs outline the committee structure and eligibility requirements for each award.. The links from each paragraph and from the menu above lead to recipient lists for each.. The Business History Conference Lifetime Achievement Award.. The BHC's Grants and Prizes Committee shall solicit nominations from the membership for this award every two to three years as appropriate.. It shall review these nominations and select the nominee who has, in the judgment of the committee, contributed the most to the work of the Business History Conference and to scholarship in business history.. The committee will recommend this member to the Board of Trustees, which shall either ratify or reject the committee's recommendation.. The award shall consist of a suitably designed or commissioned token (e.. g.. , plaque, medal, etc.. ) worthy of honoring the selected member's lifetime achievements.. The committee is not obliged to make a recommendation if, in its members' judgment, there is no nominee worthy of the award.. Harold F.. Awarded every two to three years to a mid-career scholar who has made significant contributions to the field of business history, this prize memorializes the contributions to business history of the late Harold F.. The Grants and Prizes Committee shall serve as the core members of the Williamson Prize Committee, which shall also consist of two ex officio members, the BHC President and the BHC Secretary-Treasurer.. The membership shall be solicited for nominations for the Williamson Prize six months before the prize winner is to be selected.. The committee's selection shall require ratification by the full Board of Trustees.. Herman E.. Krooss Prize for Best Dissertation in Business History.. This prize consists of a $500 award (endowed) and a plaque.. Only dissertations written in English will be considered.. The Secretary-Treasurer will post notices about the prize in suitable newsletters, journals, guides, electronic media, and in the BHC's call for conference papers.. Any dissertation in business history completed in the three calendar years immediately prior to the annual meeting can be nominated or considered, but may be submitted only once for the committee's consideration.. Nominations (or self-nominations) are to consist of a cover letter, the dissertation abstract, and the author's c.. v.. and are to be sent to each member of the prize committee.. The prize committee is to consist of three members, one of whom will be the chair.. Each member serves a three-year term, rotating onto the committee as junior member, then becoming chair, and then exiting after serving a final year as senior member.. The Chair of the Krooss Prize Committee shall preside over the entire process and chair the plenary dissertation session at the BHC annual meeting.. The committee will screen the materials from the nomination process and from these nominations draw up a short list of dissertations (roughly, 8 to 10) that the committee will consider as semifinalists.. Authors will be notified and asked to send each committee member a copy of his or her dissertation.. From these the committee will narrow the candidates down to no more than five finalists, who are to present their dissertations at the annual meeting.. Selection of the winner is to be determined by the committee either prior to or following the presentations by finalists selected by the committee, depending on the committee's preference.. This prize, supported by Oxford University Press, recognizes the author of an article published in.. (or any Business History Conference publication) judged to be the best of those that have appeared in volume previous to the year of the BHC annual meeting.. It consists of a check for $1,000 and a plaque awarded at the annual meeting by the committee chair.. The Article Prize Committee shall consist of three members, one of whom will be the chair.. The Chair of the Article Committee shall preside over the entire process.. Mira Wilkins Prize.. This  ...   economic conditions of the countries in which they operate.. Two prizes of $5,000 each are awarded annually, one for a book and a second for an article.. Eligible work may be published in the two years prior to the year of the award.. Book nominations are accepted from publishers and nominations of articles are accepted from their authors.. Four copies of a book or an electronic version of an article must accompany a nomination and be submitted to the Prize Coordinator, Carol Ressler Lockman, Business History Conference, PO Box 3630, 298 Buck Road, Wilmington DE 19807-0630 USA.. The submission deadline is December 1.. The Gomory Prize Committee shall consist of three members, one of whom will be the chair.. The Chair of the Gomory Prize Committee shall preside over the entire process.. The CEBC Halloran Prize in the History of Corporate Responsibility.. The prize will recognize a paper presented at the BHC annual meeting that makes a significant contribution to the history of corporate responsibility.. Corporate responsibility is understood to embrace the many ways in which the firm relates to the political realm and the wider society.. It is generously funded by the.. Center for Ethical Business Cultures (CEBC).. at the University of St.. Thomas Opus College of Business in honor of Harry R.. Halloran, Jr.. , for his support of the university and.. research on the history of corporate responsibility.. in twentieth-century business.. The prize, which consists of a $500 award and a certificate of recognition, is to be offered annually for a period of five years at the Business History Conference 2010-2014 annual meetings.. Relevant topics might include, among others: business engagement with and action on social issues, environmental issues, labor-management relations, business giving, influence of religion on business practice, business influence on government policy, organizational development and strategy related to this topic, etc.. The competition is open to papers written in English and dealing with the topic during the twentieth century up to the present time.. The prize committee consists of three members: two appointed by the Business History Conference for staggered two-year terms and one by the Center for Ethical Business Cultures at the University of St.. Thomas, who will chair the committee and preside over the evaluation process.. Potential awardees will be asked to designate themselves for consideration at the time they submit their proposals for the annual meeting.. The committee may also invite submissions from among other papers accepted for the annual meeting.. To be considered, an author must submit the paper to the committee chair no later than two weeks prior to the annual meeting.. The committee or its delegates will evaluate the papers and make a decision that will be announced by the committee chair at the awards banquet.. Chandler Travel Grants.. The Alfred D.. Chandler, Jr.. Travel Grants honor the dean of American business history and are used to defray costs to attend the BHC annual meeting by graduate students who are delivering papers.. These grants are administered by the Secretary-Treasurer, in consultation with the Grants and Prizes Committee, to all graduate students who are giving papers, roughly in accordance with need and whether the student has additional funding to cover expenses.. Preference should be given to first-time paper givers.. Postdoctoral Travel to Meeting Grants.. BHC Postdoctoral Travel to Meeting Grants are available to presenters at BHC annual meetings who have earned the Ph.. within the three years prior to the meeting.. These grants are administered by the Secretary-Treasurer, in consultation with the Grants and Prizes Committee.. Priority will be given to applicants who are not employed in tenure-track/permanent college/university teaching or administrative positions, those who have high teaching loads or other especially intensive duties involving students, or those unable to draw on institutional sources of funding.. Although the.. John E.. Rovensky Fellowships in Business or Economic History.. are administered by the University of Illinois Foundation, not the BHC, the selection committee comprises long-time BHC members.. The application materials are available on our website, and the winners are traditionally announced at BHC meetings.. We do not, however, maintain a listing of recipients.. Approved by the BHC Trustees April 20, 2001; amended September 2002, June 2006, June 2009, June 2011, October 2011.. Page last revised, July 27, 2013..

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  • Title: Business History Conference Publications Main Page
    Descriptive info: Officers, Committees, By-Laws, History, Past Officers and Boards, Affiliations.. Current Call for Papers, Meeting Information, Doctoral Colloquium, Meeting History, Program Archives, Photos.. Enterprise and Society, BEH Online, BEH Archives, H-Business, The Exchange.. Business Historians at Business Schools, Emerging Scholars, LinkedIn, Women in Business History.. Web Links, Books in Business History, Syllabi.. Publications of the Business History Conference.. The Business History Conference has had a long and active publications program, from the institutionalization of its annual proceedings volume,.. , to its early participation in H-Net, via H-Business, to its founding of a quarterly scholarly journal,.. , to its entry into the blogosphere with The Exchange.. , as a proceedings volume of the BHC, was published in print form through 1999; our web site includes complete tables of contents and links  ...   Business History.. , which began publication in Spring 2000 in cooperation with Oxford University Press.. Beginning with the 2003 meeting, the program and paper abstracts are made available in the BHC's digital publication,.. Business and Economic History On-Line.. Meeting participants may also choose to publish the full text of their papers in this venue; we provide a cumulative table of contents.. One of the earliest H-Net lists,.. was founded in April 1994 by Austin Kerr and Jeremy Atack, who served as the first coeditors.. Subscription is open to anyone with an interest in business history; it is not confined to BHC members, though they are encouraged to subscribe.. is a blog devoted to news of interest to the business and economic history community.. It was founded in spring 2010..

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  • Title: Business History Conference Interest Groups Main Page
    Descriptive info: Interest Groups within the Business History Conference.. In recent years, the Business History Conference has sprouted several interest groups that have coalesced around perceived needs.. The first two, "Women in Business History" and "Business Historians at Business Schools," meet informally over lunch at the annual meeting to  ...   Scholars" group began informally, but its leadership now constitutes one of the BHC standing committees.. The focus is on introducing young scholars to research and teaching possibilities in the field of business history and to foster their integration into the BHC community.. Page last revised, August 27, 2013..

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  • Title: Business History Conference Resources Main Page
    Descriptive info: Resources for Business and Economic Historians.. In what we hope will be a growing section of the BHC website, this area provides information of interest to business and economic historians.. Readers should also check the.. "Interest Group".. section for additional resources.. At present, this resource site contains:.. Information about.. books.. of interest.. Links to.. syllabi.. and reading lists.. A large list of relevant web.. links.. Page last revised, July 10, 2013..

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  • Title: BEH On-Line Home
    Descriptive info: BHC Home.. Publications Home.. Business and Economic.. History.. On-Line.. Papers Presented at the BHC Annual Meeting.. ISSN 1941-7349.. Benjamin Schwantes.. German Historical Institute.. Editor.. Welcome to.. , a selection of papers presented at the Business History Conference's annual meeting.. Authors from each annual meeting are encouraged to submit their papers for inclusion in.. ; please read the Submission Information page for more details about the process.. We expect to have the papers for each meeting posted on-line before the end of the calendar year in which the meeting is held.. was founded by William J.. Hausman in 2003 on behalf of the Business History Conference  ...   assumed the editorship with the 2010 issue and served through 2012.. Pat Denault provided editorial assistance for volumes 1-9.. The current editor is Benjamin Schwantes of the German Historical Institute.. Beginning with 2003, the program and abstracts from each annual meeting are available as part of the.. volume.. The entire run of the printed.. , 1962-1999, is available as well; follow the link below to our archives.. Citations in.. papers to essays from these issues are linked to the full text in the archives.. Current Issue.. (2013).. Back Issues.. Cumulative Index.. Submission Information.. Style Guide.. Copyright Statement.. Printed BEH Archives..   2013 Business History Conference..

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  • Title: About Business and Economic History
    Descriptive info: Archives, 1962-1999.. About BEH.. Archives.. First Series:.. v.. 1, 1962.. 2, 1965.. 3, 1967.. 4, 1968.. 5, 1969.. Second Series:.. 1, 1972.. 2, 1973.. 3, 1974.. 4, 1975.. 5, 1976.. 6, 1977.. 7, 1978.. 8, 1979.. 9, 1980.. 10, 1981.. 11, 1982.. 12, 1983.. 13, 1984.. 14, 1985.. 15, 1986.. 16, 1987.. 17, 1988.. 18, 1989.. 19, 1990.. 20, 1991.. 21, 1992.. 22, no.. 1, 1993.. 2, 1993.. 23, no.. 1, 1994.. 2, 1994.. 24, no.. 1, 1995.. 2, 1995.. 25, no.. 1, 1996.. 2, 1996.. 26, no.. 1, 1997.. 2, 1997.. 27, no.. 1, 1998.. 2, 1998.. 28, no.. 1, 1999.. 2, 1999.. Index, 1962-1999.. Presidential Addresses.. Newcomen Prize Winners.. Dissertation Sessions.. Krooss Prize Winners.. Copyright Information.. About.. This archives contains the published proceedings of the Business History Conference from 1962 through 1999.. Prior to 1975 the proceedings were published irregularly with varying titles and formats; the first volume appeared in 1962.. Between 1975 and 1999 the proceedings were published regularly under the title.. In 1993 a second annual volume was introduced, containing revised versions of papers, including the Newcomen Prize Essay, selected after a refereeing process.. All articles from these years may be found here, and indexes for Presidential Addresses, articles awarded the Newcomen Prize, and Krooss Dissertation Prize summaries can also  ...   Economics and Business.. , 8, no.. 3 (Summer 1969).. Louis P.. Cain edited the 1972 proceedings, which carried a publication date of 1973 and which began the Second Series.. Allen L.. Dickes edited the 1973 proceedings, and Herman E.. Krooss edited the 1974 volume, which carries a publication date of 1975.. Paul Uselding was responsible for establishing the current format of the journal and for assuring its regular appearance.. He edited.. from 1975 through 1980.. Jeremy Atack was responsible for greatly enhancing the technical quality of the journal, which he edited from 1981 through 1987.. William J.. Hausman edited the journal from 1988 to 1998 and was responsible for the addition of a second issue each year; Roger Horowitz edited the 1999 volume.. With the founding of.. , the Business History Conference's quarterly scholarly journal, a variety of proposals were put forward for the handling of proceedings materials; for the first four years of.. (2000-2003), that journal contained the Presidential Address, Krooss Dissertation Session essays, and abstracts of the conference papers.. Beginning with the 2003 meeting, all submitted abstracts and revised papers from the annual meeting can be found in.. , edited by William J.. Hausman, which becomes the Web-based successor to the printed.. Presidential addresses and Krooss Dissertation Session summaries continue to appear in..

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