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  • Title: TALC | Teaching-aids At Low Cost | Books and Educational Materials
    Descriptive info: .. Free and Low Cost Healthcare Books and Accessories.. Founded in 1965 by.. Professor David Morley CBE.. , Teaching-aids At Low Cost (.. TALC.. ) is a unique charity whose main objective is to promote the health of children and advance medical knowledge and teaching in the UK and throughout the world by providing and developing educational material.. TALC MUAC Tapes -.. Grid View.. /.. Tape Measure.. TALC can now supply the mid upper arm circumference (MUAC) tape in two styles.. Both style tapes are used to assess malnutrition by measuring mid upper arm circumference.. They are colour coded for children aged 6 months - 5 years with severe acute malnutrition cut off at 115cm and can also be used for pregnant women and adults in development situations (including HIV/AIDS) and famine situations.. The original tape, of which TALC has supplied over half a million, is made from Tyvek plastic and the measurements are marked in a grid of boxes which can be easily read through the window in the tape.. This style is ideal for those less familiar with using a tape measure.. The newer tape is made from PolyArt plastic and has the measurements in  ...   Donate to TALC.. Help us to deliver up to date medical education to some of the poorest parts of the world.. There are many ways you can help TALC in our work.. Are you a.. publisher of medical material.. ? Do you live in the St Albans area and have time to.. volunteer.. with us? Can you.. donate to TALC.. ?.. Onde Não Ha Médico.. TALC s Where There Is No Doctor has now been updated, translated and revised into Portuguese by a team from Mozambique.. Onde Não Há Médico is intended for health workers in Portuguese-speaking countries of Africa and is now available.. Electronic Teaching-aids At Low Cost.. The Electronic Teaching-aids at Low Cost (.. e-TALC.. ) project was initiated in 2001 and distributes free CD-ROMs of relevant and up to date medical information that can be accessed by anyone with a computer.. To date over 70,000 CDs have been sent out, in twelve volumes.. Regular contributors to the CD include the BMJ, the Lancet, Tearfund and many others.. Search.. Teaching-aids At Low Cost 2007 - Registered Charity No.. 279858.. About TALC.. |.. Donate.. Work with Us.. Shop.. Contact.. News.. Home.. Terms of Use.. Site Map..

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  • Title: Professor David Morley | Founder of TALC
    Descriptive info: Prof David Morley A Visionary Whose Care for Sick Children Around the World Inspired So Many.. Millions of children all over the world, many in very poor countries, are alive today and enjoy good health thanks to Professor David Morley, who died on 2nd July 2009 aged 86.. View.. David Morley - a Man with a Vision.. , a video honouring Professor Morley's life and work.. Brief history:.. David Morley began his medical career as an undergraduate in Cambridge and then at St Thomas's Hospital, London.. After graduating in 1947, he first learned about health care problems in the developing world during his national military service in Malaya.. He worked for a short while in general practice, but then recruited by the Methodist Mission, he left the UK for rural Nigeria and began a career that would improve the health of millions.. Professor June Lloyd of the British Paediatric Association described his work thus: In the five years that he was in Imesi it is no exaggeration to say that he transformed the approach to the health care of children in the developing world.. He showed that infant mortality could be cut by over 80 per cent, not by the introduction of modern medicine and the building of hospitals, but by education and use of locally available resources.. David Morley started Under-Fives Clinics run by local personnel, he trained local women to immunise the children, and he devised the Road to Health growth chart all concepts which have spread around the world.. When he arrived, measles killed 1 in every 20 children in Imesi-Ile.. He tried a new vaccine from the USA, at first on 20 children, and then on all the children from 1962 to 65.. By 1965 Imesi-Ile had become the very first community in the world to record the eradication of measles through vaccination.. Returning from Nigeria he worked first at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and then took over a UNICEF-sponsored course on child health for developing countries.. This led to the formation of the Tropical Child Health Unit at the Institute of Child Health in London.. Later this became the Centre for International Child Health, CICH, which still follows David s innovatory precepts.. A founder of new charities to improve children s health:.. Always concerned to find ways to improve children s health in poor countries, David initiated activities which led to the setting up of two charities - Teaching Aids at Low Cost (TALC) and The Child-to-Child Trust.. Child-to-Child:.. Child-to-Child was an idea that came from a group of health professionals convened by David and Hugh Hawes: - that of spreading health messages through children.. As David wrote: Children working together learn to understand problems, find out more about them, discuss and take action, and review the action they have taken so they can do it better next time.. The messages were simple but essential for saving lives, such as:.. Cars kill.. Teach little children road safety.. and.. Little children s faeces are even more full of germs than adult ones.. Wash hands after touching them.. Teach little children to wash hands.. The Child-to-Child Trust is now the leading organisation promoting the full participation of children in designing and implementing health programmes, including HIV/AIDS programmes, to influence their families and local communities.. TALC (Teaching Aids at Low Cost).. Health materials:.. Since Professor Morley started TALC in 1965 by sending out teaching slides to previous students from his garage, TALC has distributed millions of books, slides and accessories to health and community workers, throughout the developing world.. TALC selects health books and materials which are particularly appropriate for resource-poor settings, and sends them to health workers across the world.. The books are chosen as they are clearly written, well-illustrated and relevant to the conditions in which many health workers have to operate ie.. , with limited access  ...   to cost nothing--and I mean nothing; secondly, it must be capable of being understood and used by illiterate mothers.. And so the ThermoSpot was created.. Using liquid crystal technology, John Zeal produced a small green spot with a smiling face which could be stuck onto the baby s body.. As soon as the baby s body temperature dropped too low, the spot turned black.. Mothers equipped with a ThermoSpot indicator are taught, If the dot stays black, immediately put your child skin to skin against you, Prof Morley explained.. The Kangaroo Mother Care Method of raising small babies is being adopted to some extent in Britain, and widely overseas, where babies are nursed between a mother's breasts, against her body.. That's one way of keeping a baby's temperature at the right level, and it does not cost anything either!.. An inspiration to so many:.. Almost everyone who met David Morley felt the impact of his concern for sick children everywhere.. He inspired health workers all over the world.. One typical example, which will have to stand for all the others, is of Dr.. Natividad Clavano of the Philippines.. In 1974, she travelled to the UK for postgraduate research into paediatric asthma.. But in London she found that her supervisor, Professor David Morley had other ideas.. In discussion with her, I got her interested in the problems of under-5s , Prof Morley recalled.. I didn t have to convince her.. I think she already had an understanding of the real problems of her country.. As a result of David s suggestions, Dr Clavano went back to her country, and began the fight against artificial milk and the companies whose forceful marketing of their products was causing thousands of infant deaths in the Philippines.. As she described it later, she closed the door of the nursery to the milk companies.. She carried out studies, became an active speaker and campaigner and influenced UNICEF into introducing the Baby Friendly Initiative in hospitals and maternities across the developing world.. The results in the Philippines were dramatic: breastfeeding rates came back up and infant deaths were drastically reduced.. Some of the many honours conferred on Professor Morley:.. 2003 Beacon prize for lifetime achievement for contribution to child healthcare in the developing world.. 2002 Dawson Williams Memorial Prize, British Medical Association, in recognition of outstanding contributions to tropical paediatrics and child health in developing countries.. 1990? Honorary chieftaincy of Imesi-Ile and Ilesha people of Nigeria.. 1989 James Spence Medallist, The UK Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.. 1989 Commander of the British Empire (CBE).. 1986 Honorary Doctorate, University of Uppsala in Sweden.. 198? International prize and gold medal, awarded by UNICEF in Italy.. 1982 King Faisal International Prize for Medicine.. Professor Morley was also nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.. Professor David Morley, some publications:.. Morley DC.. (1960).. Cold Injury among children severely ill in the Tropics.. The Lancet.. 1170-1171.. Morley D.. (1973) Paediatric Priorities in the Developing World.. London, Butterworths.. Morley D, Woodland Margaret, (1979).. See How They Grow.. London and Basingstoke Macmillan.. Morley D, Elmore-Meegan M.. Brown R.. (1994) Child weighing by the unschooled: a report of a controlled trial of growth monitoring over 12 months of Maasai children using direct recording scales.. Trans.. Roy.. Soc of Med.. and Hyg.. 88.. 635-637.. Meegan M, Morley D, (1999) Growth Monitoring; Family participation: Effective Community.. Development.. Trop.. Doc.. 29 23-27.. Morley D, Kennedy N.. (2002) Hypothermia: Prevention at community level.. 22 23-24.. Bell Emily, Bell Henry, Socrates Cecile, Morley David, Barsby Kate, Boon G.. (2002) A Low Cost.. Thermochromatic Thermometer to replace Glass and Mercury Thermometers.. 32: 168-171.. Professor David Morley CBE, MD, FRCP.. Emeritus Professor of Child Health, University of London, Institute of Child Health,.. Founder and Life President of TALC, Teaching Aids at Low Cost.. Founder of The Child-to-Child Trust.. -.. History of TALC.. - Professor Morley.. Management..

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  • Title: TALC | Teaching-aids At Low Cost | Books and Educational Materials
    Descriptive info: About TALC.. What we do.. TALC - Teaching Aids at Low Cost was founded in 1965 by.. Professor David Morley.. (CBE, MD, FRCP) when he was lecturer at the.. Institute of Child Health.. , in response to many requests from overseas students for teaching equipment to use in their own countries.. At TALC we believe good health provision should be available to all especially those in the poorest communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America.. We have  ...   (doctors, nurses, midwives, lab technicians, etc.. ) with health materials - including low cost health text books, videos, CDs, weight charts, etc.. TALC operates as a trading company and development charity combined.. Executive Board of Trustees and Management Team.. What is different about.. TALC materials.. Visit the.. TALC Shop.. Read about.. TALC Projects.. Please help us in our work by.. making a donation.. Teaching-aids At Low Cost 2013 - Registered Charity No.. > About TALC.. Professor Morley.. >..

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  • Title: Low Cost Mid Upper Arm CircumferenceTape (MUAC) original style
    Descriptive info: Mid Upper Arm CircumferenceTape (MUAC) original style.. Accessories.. Insertion tape for measuring mid upper arm circumference to assess malnutrition.. Colour coded for children aged 6 months - 5 years with severe acute malnutrition cut off at 115cm.. Can also be used for pregnant women and adults in development situations (including HIV/AIDS) and famine situations.. Made from durable Tyvek plastic,  ...   easily read through the window in the tape.. The length of the tape is 34cm.. Discounts available for orders of 1000 tapes or more - please contact TALC.. Product Code.. : A/ITC115.. Publisher.. : TALC.. Year.. : 2010.. Price 0.. 25.. Books.. CD-ROMs.. Downloads.. DVD and Video.. Newsletters.. Slide Sets.. Publishers.. FREE Material.. Languages.. Search.. Shopping Basket.. FAQ.. Catalogue..

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  • Title: Low Cost Mid Upper Arm Circumference Tape (MUAC) tape measure style
    Descriptive info: Mid Upper Arm Circumference Tape (MUAC) tape measure style.. Made from durable PolyArt plastic, the measurements are marked in mm in a tape measure.. The length of the tape is 35cm.. : A/IT.. Format.. : Tape Measure.. : 2012.. 20..

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  • Title: Buy Low Cost Healthcare Books and Accessories
    Descriptive info: Buy Low Cost Healthcare Books and Accessories.. TALC's core objective is to provide free and low cost healthcare books and accessories to educate people across the world.. We offer many essential texts in a wide range of areas including tropical medicine, HIV/AIDS, nursing, surgery and child health.. Please browse our catalogue below:.. Featured Publishers.. Libraries.. Alternatively, take a look at some of our most popular titles.. 5.. 00..  ...   health education text in tropical and sub-tropical developing countries,.. [.. More.. ].. Information | Purchase.. 50.. Community Nutrition - a Handbook for Health and Development Workers.. This book is intended for health and other professionals who work at community and district level, as.. 10.. Oxford Handbook of Tropical Medicine (3rd Edition).. A comprehensive signs and symptoms based guide to medical problems commonly seen in the tropics.. Coverage.. Shop..

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  • Title: Low Cost FREE Material Featured Publishers
    Descriptive info: The free materials below have been provided to us by a wide variety of organisations, mostly for distribution to the developing world.. Although the materials themselves are free, a small postage charge applies to help us cover the cost of sending them out.. FREE.. A Choice in Front of You DVD.. Developed with the Anti-AIDS club movement in Zambia, this DVD contains a drama film about a situation.. Advanced Paediatric Life Support.. The CD covers the emergency care of illness that occurs frequently in resource poor countries.. Examples.. Anaesthesia Resource Vol 2.. Contains: Anaesthesia Update 2003-2004, Update n Anaesthesia, Regional Anaesthesia, Service Manuals for.. Anaesthesia Resource Vol 3.. Contains:  ...   Employant Les Marionnettes Éducatives (pdf download).. BJA CEPD Reviews Vol 1.. BJA CEPD Reviews is a joint venture of the British Journal of Anaesthesia and The Royal College of Anaesthetists.. CBR Workshops in India.. Slide shows of three CBR workshops in India conducted by David Werner.. They show how, by working together.. CBR Workshops in Peru DVD.. A film of two workshops on innovative technology for and with disabled children and their families in.. Common Skin Diseases in Africa - An Illustrated Guide (2nd edition).. This updated, photo-illustrated guide, which covers Southern, East and West Africa, provides a quick.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 11.. [Next ]..

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  • Title: TALC | Work With Us
    Descriptive info: Work With TALC.. Some of the new projects we're working on!.. Volunteers.. Would you like to volunteer and help us out at TALC?.. Authors and Publishers.. Do you have a health manual or health training materials you would like us to distribute to health workers overseas?.. Organisations and Trusts.. Are you an organisation or a trust who would like to work with us or donate funds to TALC?.. Distribution.. Would you like us to help you distribute your health teaching materials to others in remote communities across the world?.. > Work with Us..

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  • Title: TALC | Donate to TALC
    Descriptive info: Donate to TALC.. As a charity, TALC relies, in part, on the generosity of sponsors and benefactors.. Should you wish to help TALC to educate people across the globe, please donate to us below:.. Should you wish to make a longer term commitment to supporting the work done by TALC, via a corporate sponsorship, a monthly or annual donation by standing order, or by remembering TALC in your will, please.. contact us.. I wish to donate.. GBP.. GIFT AID for UK taxpayers.. If you are a UK taxpayer you can opt to Gift Aid your donation to us.. This allows us to claim additional money from the government at no cost to yourself.. In order to Gift Aid your donation you must fill in the declaration below BEFORE making your donation.. GIFT AID DECLARATION..  ...   year (6 April to 5 April) that is at least equal to the amount of tax that all the charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs) that I donate to will reclaim on my gifts for the current tax year.. I understand that other taxes such as VAT and Council Tax do not qualify.. I understand the charity will reclaim 25p of tax on every 1 that I have given.. I confirm that I am the person named above and that I wish this donation to be treated as a Gift Aid donation.. All details submitted will be used solely for the purpose of claiming Gift Aid from HRMC and will not be passed to any other party.. You will receive no further communication as a result of filling in this form.. > Donate..

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  • Title: TALC | Where There Is No Doctor Portuguese
    Descriptive info: (WHERE THERE IS NO DOCTOR).. New Portuguese edition.. NOW AVAILABLE FROM TALC.. !!.. or.. BUY A CD-ROM!!.. DOWNLOAD THE WHOLE BOOK FREE OF CHARGE.. A team comprising Mozambican and international health specialists in their field was brought together by TALC to update, revise and add new information to the manual particularly the latest information on treatments.. New illustrations for all the new chapters were prepared by a Mozambican artist and Mozambican companies carried out the design, layout and printing.. Many international donors generously gave funds to get this book written, printed and distributed.. It contains the latest information on treatment and care for a wide range of diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS.. TALC has already supplied copies to the Ministry of Health in Mozambique.. and aims to supply further copies to the Ministry of Health in Angola and other Portuguese-speaking countries of Africa.. Copies of the book or of the CD are available now.. Copies of the book only are available from our distributor in Moçambique.. Kapicua Livros e Multimedia, Limitada.. Rua Fernão Veloso,.. No.. 12, CP 1047,.. Maputo,.. Moçambique.. Tel: + 258.. 21.. 41.. 32.. 01.. Email: kapicuadir@tdm.. co.. mz.. To buy copies of the book or the CD from TALC, UK,  ...   nível primário.. Capítulo 1.. Crenças populares e medicamentos caseiros.. Capítulo 2.. As causas das doenças.. Capítulo 3.. Como examinar um doente.. Capítulo 4.. Sinais de perigo.. Capítulo 5.. Como cuidar de um doente.. Capítulo 6.. Uso correcto dos medicamentos.. Capítulo 7.. Uso correcto dos antibióticos.. Capítulo 8.. Como administrar medicamentos.. Capítulo 9.. Prevenção de infecções nas unidades sanitárias.. Capítulo 10.. Nutrição.. Capítulo 11.. Higiene e saúde ambiental.. Capítulo 12.. Estilos de vida saudáveis.. Capítulo 13.. Vacinação.. Capítulo 14.. Epidemias.. Capítulo 15.. Primeiros socorros.. Capítulo 16.. Sintomas e doenças comuns.. Capítulo 17.. Febre e malária.. Capítulo 18.. Doenças diarreicas.. Capítulo 19.. Infecções respiratórias agudas e meningite.. Capítulo 20.. Tuberculose e lepra.. Capítulo 21.. HIV e SIDA.. Capítulo 22.. Infecções de transmissão sexual (ITS).. Capítulo 23.. Outras doenças graves.. Capítulo 24.. Doenças crónicas.. Capítulo 25.. Doenças da pele.. Capítulo 26.. Doenças dos olhos.. Capítulo 27.. Doenças da boca.. Capítulo 28.. Saúde da criança.. Capítulo 29.. Doenças do recém-nascido e doenças congénitas.. Capítulo 30.. Doenças infecciosas da criança.. Capítulo 31.. Saúde da mulher.. Capítulo 32.. Planeamento familiar ter apenas os fi lhos que se deseja.. Capítulo 33.. Saúde mental.. Páginas verdes.. Siglas e abreviaturas.. Vocabulário.. Índice de assuntos.. Contactos para obter informação, materiais ou apoio.. WTNDP.. Nursing.. Community.. Breastfeeding..

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  • Title: e-TALC | Electronic Teaching-aids At Low Cost
    Descriptive info: e-TALC is a project of Teaching-aids At Low Cost (TALC) which aims to bridge the digital divide in health by disseminating up-to-date, high quality health information on CD-ROMs free to health care workers in developing countries.. TALC was set up in 1965 with the aim of breaking the cycle of poverty and ill-health in the developing world by advancing medical knowledge and education through provision of low-cost educational and training materials.. Since its inception, over 12 million books, slides and accessories have been distributed to thousands of health workers throughout the developing world.. Whilst health professionals in developed countries take acccess to online resources for granted health workers in the developing world still have many difficulties in accessing the internet due to poor infrastructure and cost of connectivity.. The effect of this 'digital divide' on the dissemination of health information only serves to reinforce the disparity between health care provision in the developed and developing world.. The e-TALC project.. e-TALC uses  ...   method of disseminating electronic health information to health professionals in the developing world who have no acccess to the internet.. CD-ROMs are cheap to produce and post, they can hold thousands of pages of information and can be used on almost any computer.. What does an e-TALC CD-ROM include?.. A variety of electronic resources are included on the e-TALC CD-ROM including journals, books, newsletters and interactive educational content.. These resources are donated by a variety of NGOs, publishers and individuals involved in health and development in developing countries.. The resources are sorted and chosen for inclusion on future issues of e-TALC by our expert editorial board who make their selection based on the relevance of the resource to health care workers in resource-poor settings.. Some of the organisations who regularly contribute material to e-TALC include:.. World Health Organisation.. The British Medical Journal.. The Wellcome Trust.. World Anaesthesia.. International Centre for Child Health.. > e-TALC.. User Comments.. Past Issues.. Contribute.. Subscribe.. e-TALC Index..

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