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  • Title: Tacoma Energy | Home
    Descriptive info: .. home.. |.. my account.. mycart.. checkout.. Login.. About Us.. Who We Are.. Our Certifications.. What is an Energy Audit.. Certified Auditor or Rater.. Products.. Products and Services.. Solutions.. High Energy Bills.. Health & Safety.. Duct Sealing with Duct-EZ.. Air Sealing with Insulation.. Hot or Cold Rooms.. Ice Damming.. Indoor Air Quality.. Radon Testing.. CO Testing.. Utility Rebate Programs.. Electric Monitor.. Heating & Cooling.. Thermal Imaging.. Home Energy Programs.. Realtor Info Page.. Existing Home Inspection.. New Home Construction.. Light Commercial.. Franchise Opportunity.. Your Opportunity.. Energy Auditor Industry.. Initial Investment.. Strong Franchise Support.. The Tacoma Difference.. Request Information.. What are the benefits of a.. home energy audit?.. Improved Air Quality and Health.. Save money on your Utility Bill.. Increased comfort in your Home.. Increase your Home's resale value.. Identify hidden problems.. Help protect your environment.. Government Tax Credits.. Improve YOUR homes durability.. Tacoma Energy.. "Saving You Money and Energy One Home at a Time".. Tacoma Energy Teams with Energy Response Corp to fight.. HEAT.. BLEED.. effects over 46 million US Homeowners each year.. The average.. US Home Mortgage payment, $1,061.. 00 every month.. The average US Homeowner.. pays $163.. 00 for each month for utility service.. The average person in the.. United States spends $71.. 00 monthly on their Cell phone usage.. The average US.. Homeowner LOSES $1,440.. 00 each year to.. has become.. a nationwide Epidemic.. STOP LOSING MONEY.. , STOP.. ,.. SEE.. RED.. Tacoma Energy.. a.. n Ohio Based Energy Auditing firm is excited to announce an.. alliance with.. Environments for Living..  ...   Duct-EZ System is a proven resource.. that seals all supply and open return wall cavities on new homes, guaranteed.. Duct-EZ guarantees your Builder will meet the Rigorous IECC and Duct Leakage Codes, as well as the Energy Star New Home Standards developed by the EPA.. Duct-EZ helps your Builder create a safe, environmentally sound heating ventilation Air Conditioning system.. The DuctEZ philosophy is simple, Health, Safety, Indoor Air Quality and Comfort come first.. Call us today to schedule an Energy Audit or to discuss.. Franchise Opportunities in your area,.. 855.. 8TACOMA (855.. 882.. 2662).. Are you paying to much?.. Franch.. ise Opportunities.. Available!.. Tacoma Energy, implementing one of the most.. powerful marketing strategies for success.. in the Energy Evolution.. Energy Star Version 3.. Tacoma Energy,.. Let us show you how.. simple.. Energy Star version 3 really is.. Join the Energy Evolution.. Forecast.. Radar.. Cameras.. Photos.. Your weather just got better.. We are proud to provide rating services to qualify new homes for the ENERGY STAR label.. ENERGY STAR qualified new homes are substantially more energy efficient than homes built to the minimum code.. requirements.. Even in states with more rigorous energy codes, the U.. S.. EPA ensures that ENERGY STAR remains.. the symbol for truly energy-efficient performance.. These homes are good for businesses, consumers, and the environment.. Internet Payment Gateway.. Tacoma Energy is a Proud.. ENERGY STAR.. Partner.. Copyright Tacoma Energy LLC, 2012.. Toll free.. 8tacoma (855.. 882.. | Phone:.. (614) 899.. 8990.. | Fax:.. (614).. mailing Address:.. PO Box 1528, Westerville, OH 43086..

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  • Title: Tacoma Energy - Builder_Products_and_Services
    Descriptive info: New Home Construction:.. we model every new home in the most.. "cost effective energy efficiant" way to meet your.. needs in todays ultra competitive enviroment, PERIOD!.. Tips and Facts for Preparing and.. Marketing Your Home For Sale.. RESNET and the EPA Residential and.. Light Commercial Energy Index.. Home Inspection with the InterNachi.. Move In Green Certified.. Tacoma Energy Raises the Bar on Home.. Inspections by adding the  ...   for a detailed Home Inspection and Report.. Tacoma Energy has implemented a.. through Home Inspection under the.. Stringent InterNachi Guidelines.. Minimize your person exposure after.. the sale by providing a Certified Carbon.. Monoxide Safe CAZ Area, HVAC, DHWT.. Testing your RADON levels prior to sale.. RADON Exposure is second only to cigarete.. Smoke in causing Lung Cancer.. "Saving You Money And Energy One Home At A Time"..

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  • Title: Tacoma Energy - Code_Compliance_Energy_Star_Energy_Modeling_Manual
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  • Title: Tacoma Energy - Insulation_Air_Sealing
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  • Title: Tacoma Energy - About Us 2012
    Descriptive info: Industry Leader.. Commitment.. Innovation.. Core Values.. Loyalty.. Determination to.. Achieve Customer.. Satisfaction and.. Success.. Period!.. About us.. Tacoma Energy was formed in 2009 by a group of business owners.. located in the Midwest United States.. The group s first objective was to.. assemble a staff with extensive experience in the field of Energy Efficiency,.. Training, Testing and Program Management.. Through various contacts.. Tacoma Energy formed the nucleus of their staff and implemented their.. strategy for the future growth of the company.. In 2011 Tacoma Energy launch their Franchise Pilot Program.. to determine the viability and success rate of program duplication.. The.. program achieved high marks by providing over 1000 Energy Assessments.. and Audits.. We exceeded all goals and Tacoma Energy moved forward to.. begin its Franchise process.. Following our success in 2011, Tacoma Energy exceeded by.. performing over 1600 Energy Assessments and Audits in New Home.. Construction as we as Existing Home Retro-Fit instalations, energy.. assessments and audits in 2012.. Today we have locations in Columbus and Cincinnati Ohio as well.. as N.. orthern Kentucky.. Tacoma Energy has years of experience in the field.. of.. Energy Auditing, Training, Testing, Managing, Manual J,D,  ...   for Existing.. Home Owners.. Tacoma Energy is an Accredited Residential Energy Services Network.. (RESNET) Rater Provider and all staff members are RESNET or BPI Certified.. Energy Auditors.. Tacoma Energy is also certified thru the Building Performance Institute.. (BPI) as an Affiliate and Certified Building Analysts and Envelope Professionals.. Trainer.. Tacoma Energy is designed as a one stop shop for Home Owners,.. Builders, and Energy Raters by offering training, certification, quality control,.. continuing education and mentoring.. Tacoma Energy's staff has been involved.. in the energy efficiency industry since the mid 1990's.. Tacoma Energy also has.. staff members certified in Level I and Level II Thermography to enhance the.. quality of our energy rating process.. We are now expanding into other parts.. of the Midwest through franchising and company owned locations.. Look for US.. Come grow with us in the new era of the Energy.. Evolution.. Tacoma Energy, Our beliefs are built on one Philosophy that the.. consumer should be able to get what service they want, when they want it.. and at a fair price, PERIOD.. !.. Call us today to schedule an Energy Audit or to discuss Franchise Opportunities in your area,..

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  • Title: Tacoma Energy - Certifications
    Descriptive info: Tacoma Energy's certifications.. Tacoma Energy is proud to have staff members with following certifications;.. RESNET (Residential Energy Services Network).. HERS Energy auditor.. HERS Trainer / Instructor.. HERS Quality Assurance Designee.. HERS Program Manager.. HERS Rater Provider.. HERS Green Rater Training Provider.. HERS CHER (Comprehensive Home Energy Rater).. HERS CHER Trainer / Instructor.. HERS CHER  ...   Designee.. HERS Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity.. HERS Contractor Education Trainer / Provider.. BPI (Building Professionals Institute).. Building Analysis.. Envelope Professional.. BPI Affiliate.. BPI Building analyst Instructor.. BPI Evelope Profesional Instructor.. BPI Testing Center.. Internachi Home Inspector.. Move in Certified.. Move in Green Certified.. Certified Home Inspector.. Thermal Imaging Level I / Level II..

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  • Title: Tacoma Energy - What is an Energy Audit
    Descriptive info: WHAT IS A RESNET HOME ENERGY AUDIT ?.. An energy audit, also known as an energy assessment or survey, is exactly what you need when looking for ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home.. But what is an energy audit (energy assessment) and how does it work?.. An energy audit is an in-depth examination of your home to determine:.. Where and how energy is being lost.. Which systems are operating inefficiently.. What kind of cost effective measures can be put in.. place to make your home more comfortable, affordable and energy efficient.. A certified RESNET Home Energy Auditor (also called a Home Energy Survey Professional - HESP) will use specialized equipment such as blower doors and infrared cameras to measure air leaks and reveal hard-to-detect areas of air infiltration and missing insulation.. Why do an Energy Audit?.. Discover why your home is too hot in summer and too cold in winter.. Does your home suffer from moisture problems or air leakage?.. Find out about cost effective solutions that improve the comfort of.. your home while saving you money.. Many houses suffer from a number of problems that homeowners.. don t realize are actually energy related.. Is your home too hot in summer or too cold in winter?.. Does it seem to be unusually drafty?.. An energy assessment (energy audit), conducted by a certified RESNET Home Energy Auditor, can lead to significant energy savings by helping you discover where and how your home is using energy inefficiently, and what you can do to rectify the situation.. Benefits of a Home Energy Assessment Include:.. Lower energy bills and  ...   higher home comfort levels.. Uncover hidden problems: there may be problems that you never even knew about such as improper ventilation that is encouraging the growth of mold or mildew.. A home energy assessment will point these out, enabling you to take action before the problem gets out of hand.. Protect the environment: did you know that 16% of greenhouse gases generated in the United States come from residential homes? By making your home energy efficient, you can feel good about the fact that you re doing your part to help make a better America for all of us.. A wise investment: buying your home is one of the biggest investments you ll ever make.. When you invest in measures that result in energy savings, you can expect a return of around 16% per year, after taking into account the money you spent on the improvements.. As energy prices rise, so will your return on investment.. In today s economy, that s a safer bet than on the stock market!.. A Home Energy Survey Professional (HESP).. A Home Energy Survey Professional (HESP) is certified to perform a visual walk-through evaluation to ascertain the general energy performance of an existing home including:.. Utility billing history.. Building envelope features (windows, doors, insulation, ducts) and age.. Heating, cooling and ventilation equipment types, characteristics and age.. Appliance and lighting characteristics.. Comfort complaints.. Visible moisture issues.. Visible health and safety issues.. (See Benefits of a Home Energy Audit).. "Saving You Money And Energy One Home At A Time".. Tacoma Energy, implementing one of the.. most powerful marketing strategies for.. success in the Energy Evolution..

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  • Title: Tacoma Energy - Certified Energy Auditor
    Descriptive info: RESNET Standards.. As a nationally recognized standards making body, RESNET has adopted the.. Mortgage Industry National Home Energy Rating Standards as guidelines.. for.. setting the national procedures and standards for the quality of home energy.. rating services in the United States.. Who Recognizes the RESNET Standards?.. The RESNET standards are recognized for:.. Accreditation of quality assurance providers, rater training providers,.. and rating software tools.. Verification of energy savings for energy efficient mortgages (EEMs).. Verification of a home's energy performance for EPA's.. ENERGY STAR Homes Program.. Performance option for energy code compliance in 16 states.. Verification of energy performance in state utility benefit program.. funded residential energy efficiency programs in 9 states.. Why Choose a Certified RESNET Home Energy Auditor or Rater?.. The national training and certification standards for HERS (Home Energy Rating.. System) Raters and Home Energy Survey Professionals were created by RESNET.. and are recognized by federal government agencies such as the Environmental.. Protection Agency (EPA), the U.. Department of Energy (DOE) and the U.. Mortgage Industry.. Certification  ...   Home Energy Auditor or Rater.. All RESNET qualified auditors and.. raters have pledged to disclose any financial interest they may have in a house.. they are rating or auditing.. Technical Proficiency:.. Home energy auditors and raters that are RESNET.. certified are well trained and have demonstrated a high standard of technical.. proficiency.. Furthermore, they are committed to maintaining and improving their.. knowledge and skills through continuing education.. Ethical Standards:.. RESNET's purpose is to set the standard for quality of home.. energy audits and ratings, and has developed stringent industry standards to.. ensure the highest quality of service.. All RESNET members are obligated to.. conduct energy audits and ratings in strict accordance with the RESNET.. Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.. Complaint Resolution Process:.. RESNET has developed a complaint.. resolution process for consumers who believe that their auditor or rater has acted.. outside the RESNET Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.. When you work.. with a RESNET member, you have the confidence that RESNET is standing.. behind you..

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  • Title: Tacoma Energy - Products Test
    Descriptive info: Tacoma Energy Products and Solutions.. Call us today to schedule an Energy Audit in your area.. 8TACOMA.. (855.. LOCATIONS.. Energy Star Version 3.. Tacoma Energy, in an effort to continue our support.. of the Energy Star Program we have added the.. Energy Star version 3 revision (6) checklist to our.. link below.. Let us show you how simple.. Energy Star version 3 really is!..

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  • Title: Tacoma\ Energy - What We Solve
    Descriptive info: Improved Health.. Save money on your utility cost.. Increase the comfort of your Home.. Help protect our environment.. Take advantage of government.. and Utility Rebate Incentives.. Improve the building durability.. About Tacoma Energy.. Tacoma Energy has been involved in Energy Efficiency since the 1990's.. Our Energy Auditors are certified by The Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET), The Building Performance Institute ( BPI ) and The Environmental Protection Agency, (EPA ).. We also have Level I and Level II certified Thermographers.. Thermal imaging enhances the tools we have to find where your Home or Business is losing energy.. Tacoma Energy prides itself in working with our clients in developing a strategy that will correct the energy loss and bring you new savings.. Over the last year our communities have seen many changes.. Higher utility cost, a rise in property tax even with home values coming down and the continued fluctuation in fuel prices.. Tacoma Energy however continues to work with Home Owners, Home Builders and Utility Companies to help move our clients towards Energy Conservation thru KW/h (Kilo-Watt/hour) savings, Indoor Air Quality Management and the General Health, Safety and Well Being of Americas Home Owner and Home buyer.. In 2011 Tacoma Energy worked with over 1,000 Home Owners and Home Builders to ensure all energy measures are as energy efficient as possible in the most cost effective way to create the highest return on your energy installed measures over a two (2) to five (5) year time period.. Tacoma Energy only has our customer best interest in mind,.. Item for Thought.. There are over 500 Utility Rebate Programs throughout the United States.. This has brought to light the need to conserve energy and move to a new phase in our energy consumption.. Many state and local governments have implemented new bills to ensure this will happen.. The easiest place to start is thru the utility company.. You must ask the question why? The why is simple.. Costs are going up and the best way to have a positive economic is to reduce energy usage.. There are many ways to control this at a minimal cost.. We are not talking about lifestyle changes; we are talking about ridding ourselves of wasted or phantom energy usage.. Keep in mind as we reduce energy consumption which also increases the air quality it keeps us from being like China.. During the 2010 Winter Olympics the Chinese Government required all factories be shut down two (2) weeks prior to the games to help reduce the pollution.. As you are aware it really didn't make much of an impact.. The pollution was overwhelming  ...   see what we have been doing isn t working.. The second part may seem more important than the first, not that we are taking 3 TRILLION POUNDS OF POLLUTION lightly, but we need to create a sustainable job market.. Every home that would qualify for the Home Score Program would need to be tested by a RESNET or BPI certified Home Energy Auditor.. Ah, starting to get the picture? 130 plus million homes that would qualify if they meet the Home Score standard, adding 250,000 new jobs for auditors, insulation crews, air sealing crews, and heating and cooling crews going back to work with the retro-fit for each home.. Before you know it, the economy starts to pick-up and we get back on track.. One other thing, these jobs can NOT be outsourced to another country.. The 1900 s brought the Industrial revolution to our country, and now we are in the beginning stages of the Energy Evolution.. Call you.. Congressman.. , let them know this is good for the country, good for the people and good for the economy.. YOU.. have the power to create less greenhouse gas emissions.. have the power to reduce energy demand, and when you reduce demand, you cut the amount of resources, like coal and gas needed to make energy.. If every home were dedicated to using less energy our air would be cleaner, our families will be healthier, we will save on our utility bills, and our energy security will increase! All these things can be accomplished with very little lifestyle changes.. So, in reality.. are in control! Take the first step toward Energy Independence.. Let us show you how to improve your health, your home and put $$$ back in your wallet! Call us today to schedule a Energy Audit,.. The early 1900's brought us the Industrial Revolution; we are now in the beginning stages of the Energy Evolution.. At Tacoma Energy we have assemble a staff with over 26 year s experience in Energy Efficiency.. Our Energy Auditors are certified by The Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) and The Building Performance Institute (BPI).. We are driven to.. Y.. ou can save.. 15-40% on your.. utility bills.. Tacoma Energy in Partnership with Powerhouse Dynamics brings you the.. eMonitor along with the Energy K9 energy.. savings program.. The simplest way to control.. your energy use in Kilo-Watt hours.. Franchise.. opportunities.. available!.. powerful market strategies for success in the.. Energy Evolution.. Local Weather for.. Columbus, OH.. Today.. (09/30/2013).. Hi: 73 F.. Lo: 57 F.. Prediction: Mostly Cloudy with Isolated Showers.. Tuesday.. (10/01/2013).. Hi: 79 F.. Prediction: Partly Cloudy.. Powered by.. HAMweather..

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  • Title: Tacoma Energy - Heat Bleed Video
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