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  • Title: Tamarisk Coalition
    Descriptive info: .. Search form.. Search.. Main menu.. Get Involved.. About Us.. Programs.. Resource Center.. Contact.. Donate.. Donate/Become a Member.. Newsletter.. Volunteer.. Investor Recognition.. Job Opportunities.. Mission Vision.. History Accomplishments.. Events.. Board.. Staff.. News.. Media Kit.. Conferences.. Training Education.. Restoration Partnerships.. Enhancing Frameworks for Restoration.. Tamarisk Leaf Beetle Monitoring.. Who We Are.. Become a Member.. What We Do.. 2014 Conference.. Our Mission & Vision.. Advancing the restoration of riparian lands through collaboration, education, and technical assistance.. 100 Members in 100 Days!.. Help us reach our summer goal by making a contribution to support river restoration.. Local and landscape-scale projects.. Explore our programs which support the management of invasive plants and the restoration of riparian areas.. February 18-20.. Save the Date for our 12th annual conference  ...   has been helping people manage invasive plant species and.. Recent News.. As agencies control invasive species to protect diversity, some worry about side effects.. An interesting article highlighting some of the challenges to restoration.. Russian olive, tamarisk to be eradicated at Utah Lake.. A brief story about a state funded fire fuels and invasive weed suppression.. Events Programs.. September 26th, 2013.. Cottonwoods Cold Ones.. Enhancing Frameworks for Riparian Resto.. 2014 Tamarisk Coalition s Research.. Riparian Restoration Connection.. A central hub for linking riparian restoration practitioners working on rivers of the West with all of the key local training events and funding resources most useful for improving successes.. Contact Us.. Tamarisk Coalition.. PO Box 1907.. Grand Junction, CO 81502.. P: (970) 256-7400.. sbeaugh@tamariskcoalition.. org..

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  • Title: Get Involved | Tamarisk Coalition
    Descriptive info: You are here.. Home.. Archived Newsletters.. Facebook.. Twitter.. Google Plus.. Riparian (riverside vegetation) areas have important ecologic, economic, recreational, and quality of life values in the arid West where rivers are a cornerstone of our livelihood.. These riparian areas are increasingly affected by stressors including invasive plant species such as tamarisk, a woody invasive plant that can cause degradation to riparian habitats.. Other stressors can include increasingly frequent and severe wildfires, droughts and water scarcity, and water quality concerns.. Our priority is on building riparian area resiliency to tamarisk and other invasive plant species, but in order to be  ...   provide resources that can help people restore and protect these areas to be healthy and self-sustaining riparian ecosystems.. Get involved and take action to help restore our riparian areas and promote community stewardship that will help us protect these areas into the future.. We make taking action simple.. Here are some ways you can help:.. •.. Invest.. in the Tamarisk Coalition.. Become.. a member or corporate partner.. with us or our partner organizations.. Learn.. about and promote the importance of restoring riparian systems.. Tamarisk Coalition's.. mission is to advance the restoration of riparian lands through collaboration, education, and technical assistance..

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  • Title: About Us | Tamarisk Coalition
    Descriptive info: Adrian Oglesby.. Colorado State Forest Service La Junta District.. Peter Culp.. Steve Woltjer.. Sue Bellagamba.. Susan Byrne.. Tom Burke.. Scott Marsh.. Miffie Blozvich.. Stacy Beaugh.. Jamie Nielsen.. Cara Kukuraitis.. Shannon Hatch.. Ben Bloodworth.. Bill Cooper.. Daniel Oppenheimer.. Julie Knudson.. Kristen Jespersen.. Rusty Lloyd.. Our Mission.. Accomplishments.. Board of Directors..

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  • Title: Programs | Tamarisk Coalition
    Descriptive info: 2014 Tamarisk Coalition Research and Management Conference.. 2013 River Crossings: Linking River Communities.. Partnerships We Coordinate.. Desert Rivers Collaborative.. Dolores River Restoration Partnership.. NW Colorado Riparian Restoration Partnership.. Partnerships We Support.. Cross-Watershed Network.. Large-Scale Planning and Research.. Sustainable Funding Pursuits.. Enhancing Frameworks for Riparian Restoration.. Training and Education..

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  • Title: Resource Center | Tamarisk Coalition
    Descriptive info: Why Restore.. Riparian Restoration Planning.. Riparian Restoration Practices.. We are working on building the Resource Center section of our website.. Check back soon!.. Coming Soon!..

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  • Title: Contact Us | Tamarisk Coalition
    Descriptive info: Full Name.. *.. Please enter your full name.. Email.. Please enter your email address.. Subject.. Please enter a subject describing your inquiry.. Message..

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  • Title: Support the Tamarisk Coalition | Tamarisk Coalition
    Descriptive info: Support the Tamarisk Coalition.. Interested in becoming a member of the Tamarisk Coalition?.. Click here.. to find out more about the perks of membership.. Powered by Wild Apricot.. Membership Software..

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  • Title: Donate/Become a Member | Tamarisk Coalition
    Descriptive info: /.. Riparian (riverside vegetation) areas have important ecologic, economic, recreational and quality of life values in the American West where rivers are a cornerstone of our livelihood.. Investments help the Tamarisk Coalition continuously improve, and maintain our commitment to providing resources that support restoration of our riparian areas.. Join our membership drive and help us reach our goal of 100 members in 100 days!.. Become a member before September 26th and be entered to win a free bottle of Colorado Western Slope wine from Talon Wine Brands.. Also, be sure to mark your calendars for our.. Cottonwoods Cold Ones.. event at Edgewater Brewery on September 26th in Grand Junction, CO! Hang out with folks from the Tamarisk Coalition as we celebrate our members, highlight restoration work going on in Grand Junction, and so much more!.. Ways to Give.. Make a Donation.. We accept all levels of donation.. Become a Member.. Membership is the ideal way for organizations and agencies to support the work of the Tamarisk Coalition.. With a minimum contribution of $50, members receive discounted registration at our annual conference.. Join the Cottonwood Club.. When you invest $250 or more, you'll  ...   positive impact on our rivers – for example enhancing the riparian lands adjacent to the Dolores for wildlife and humans.. I know that investing in conservation is the only way we can help keep our rivers beautiful, prosperous and healthy.. I’m proud to join the Tamarisk Coalition in their work to restore the lands and waters we love and I urge you to do so too.. -Tamarisk Coalition Board Director.. By partnering with the Tamarisk Coalition, the Town of Palisade has been able to develop a significant riparian restoration project that we otherwise could not have afforded to do.. The Coalition’s devotion of time, energy and resources gave the Town a great opportunity to restore and reclaim a valuable community asset.. -Frank Watt, Town of Palisade, Colorado.. Over the years, the staff experts at the Tamarisk Coalition have provided us with invaluable information to help us fight the spread of saltcedar.. We rely on their friendly and knowledgeable staff to provide guidance to run an efficient and effective saltcedar control program here in the Owens Valley.. The Coalition is an exceptionally valuable resource for us.. - Larry Freilich, Inyo County Water Department, California..

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  • Title: Newsletter | Tamarisk Coalition
    Descriptive info: At the Tamarisk Coalition, we keep pulse on the latest developments in the riparian restoration and invasive plant species management fields.. Our newsletters help us to quickly disseminate the information to our members.. Please explore our back issues in the.. archive.. or sign up for our newsletter emails below for the latest in riparian restoration news, research, funding opportunities, and more.. Powered by.. Wild Apricot Membership Website Software..

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  • Title: Accomplishing Meaningful Work, Together | Tamarisk Coalition
    Descriptive info: Accomplishing Meaningful Work, Together.. Volunteerism is a staple of restoration projects.. Always operating on a tight budget, the efficient work of volunteers is often the only way a restoration site transforms from a tamarisk thicket to a diverse riparian forest of native shrubs, trees, forbs, and grasses.. Tamarisk Coalition also views volunteer events as invaluable  ...   Coalition shares upcoming volunteer projects, both our own and events organized by partner organizations, through our e-newsletter and on our website in the announcements section of our homepage.. If you would like to remain informed for upcoming events, make sure to sign up for our e-newsletter today so you don’t miss your chance to get involved!..

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  • Title: Investor Recognition | Tamarisk Coalition
    Descriptive info: Investments by our community and partners help the Tamarisk Coalition continue to implement effective and innovative programs that support riparian restoration.. We would specifically like to thank our Corporate Partners and Cottonwood Club members for their contributions.. Become a Corporate Partner or Cottonwood Club Member today.. !.. Cottonwood Club Members.. Jim Kim Cagney.. Tim Kathy Carlson.. Peter Susan Culp.. Anne Morgan-Jespersen.. I E Young, Inc.. - Stan Young.. Alpha  ...   LLC - Jeff Crane.. Corporate Partners.. Talon Wine Brands.. 2013 Project Funders and Grantors:.. Army Corps of Engineers – Albuquerque.. Bacon Family Foundation.. Bureau of Land Management.. Colorado Department of Agriculture – Pulling for Colorado.. Colorado Parks and Wildlife.. Colorado State Forest Service.. Colorado Water Conservation Board.. ESRI.. Gates Family Foundation.. Office of the Secretary of the Interior – Central Utah Project Completion Act.. Walton Family Foundation.. Xcel Energy Foundation..

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