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  • Title: Terpsichori | The European Greek Dance Portal
    Descriptive info: .. Terpsichori.. About.. Home.. Brussels Activities.. Contact.. Greek Dance Class in Brussels.. Cours de danses grecques à Bruxelles.. List of dances learned this season.. Dance seminars in Brussels.. Private dance teaching in Brussels.. TeamBuilding by dance in Brussels.. Greek dance class.. Cours de danses grecques.. Dance seminars.. Private dance teaching.. Welcome to the Terpsichori Greek Dance Circle!.. What s Coming Up?.. Our.. regular Greek dance classes.. are back starting.. September 8th.. !.. More info here.. On reprends nos.. cours de danses grecques.. habituels le.. 8 septembre.. Plus d informations ici!.. Our next.. dance seminar.. is out for more info click on the image below:.. Meet Us Outside Of Class!.. Meet your hosts,.. Erika.. Saradidis-Kalmar and.. Ippokratis.. Saradidis and a big welcome to you from Brussels.. We hope you will enjoy this site and let us know if you have any comments or feedback.. We will regularly update the events we will attend.. Should you be also there, feel free to come and talk to us.. The next events we will attend:.. 28-29th September 2013 Dance Seminar Rhodes, Karpathos, Chalki and Symi with Archontoula Lendaki in Brussels (Terpsichori s own seminar).. Who Are We?.. Our dance circle was created by.. Erika Saradidis-Kalmar and Ippokratis Saradidis.. in the quest to transfer our wisdom gained in traditional Greek dances to a wide audience.. Have you known that there are.. over 1,100 traditional dances in Greece.. ? It s fascinating, especially for the size of the country!.. And it s not just about this high number of dances but the.. huge variation.. we can experience in the different regions of Greece.. Music and dance are changing from village to village.. Due to the.. folklorisation.. of Greek dances to be seen in Greek tavernas and big holiday hotels unfortunately most of these traditional dances are not exposed to the public.. They widely believe that Greek dances is about Syrtaki, Zorba, Chasaposerviko, Zeibekiko and Tsifteteli because this is what most tourists see from performances of local dancers..  ...   Our mission is to get to know with you.. the real facet of Greece.. and so that you learn all those gems that you can otherwise hardly find elsewhere.. Our philosophy is that.. a dance is more than just the steps.. it all came alive influenced by the geography, social status, musical instruments, costumes, religion, customs etc.. of that specific village!.. Why are there many couple dances in the islands?.. Why is the right arm underneath our right neighbour s left arm with the crossed handhold?.. Why did the Sarakatsans and Vlachs dance with slow and quiet steps?.. Why does music in Rhodes, Kos or Karpathos resemble to Cretan music?.. Plenty of questions and plenty of answers.. During our dance classes, we encourage participants to.. notice the characteristics of the different dance regions.. and be able to recognize them when hearing a piece of music.. And with the repetition of dances our aim is to make people remember some important details about the dance (why, where and when it is danced).. Our dance classes are lead by me, Erika Saradidis-Kalmar:.. I have over 18 years of Greek dance experience.. I m a researcher of traditional Greek dances and author.. I attend numerous dance seminars with renowned teachers to further develop my skills.. And if you re passionate for dancing (even if you have no experience yet in Greek dances), learning and laughing,.. I would like to have you as member of our group.. !.. Who Is Terpsichori?.. Terpsichori or Terpsichora in its ancient name (meaning she who appreciates dance ) was one of the nine muses in the Greek mythology, patron of lyric poetry and dance.. In some accounts she was the mother of the half-bird, half-woman Sirens, whose father was the sea god Achelous or the river god Phorcys.. As we too appreciate Dance, and what more, dances from the birthplace of Terpsichori, hence the choice of name.. Connect with us:.. Search on the site:.. Search for:.. Wordpress Theme by ThemeZee..

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  • Title: Home | Terpsichori
    Descriptive info: Welcome to the new website of the European Greek Dance Portal!.. What s new?.. ATTENTION: If you are interested in our.. Greek dance classes in Brussels.. , please be informed that.. our schedule and location have CHANGED!.. See more info here:.. |.. Cours de danses grecques á Bruxelles.. Earlier this year we moved our site to a new platform that will enable us in the future to come up with more functionalities, more targeted search options and automated seminar submissions.. What are you up to?.. Click on the relevant link:.. Find out information on Greek dance seminars in Europe.. Submit information on a Greek dance seminar in Europe.. Get informed on Greek dance classes, seminars or team building events in Brussels.. You re New Here? Get Started In 3 Steps:.. Step #1:.. Would you like to.. receive notifications.. from us on Greek dance related info and events? Fill in this form below:.. Step #2:.. Join our Facebook group.. for more discussions, information sharing on events and more.. Step #3:.. If you like our site,.. spread the word.. like our page, twitter about us, send an email to your friends.. You can do all these.. using the social media buttons.. on the bottom of our pages to share the  ...   does.. NOT.. mean that our site would be limited to European visitors only, everyone is welcome to participate.. It is just that as there is so much going on all around the globe in terms of Greek dancing (luckily), we would be unable to list all seminars here, hence our focus for European activities.. Dance is international.. Indeed, dance is bounderless.. In the last couple of years, hardly did we see dance seminars where there were no participants from other countries: people from Belgium go to Germany, from Netherlands to France and France to Luxembourg for the sake of good seminars.. For a long time, we often found ourselves in the crossroads of information exchange, people asking us to forward them info on seminars here and there, this is how the idea came to gather all these into a website where you are free to wander around and pick the ones of your like.. Leave a Reply.. Cancel reply.. Your email address will not be published.. Required fields are marked.. *.. Name.. Email.. Website.. Comment.. You may use these.. HTML.. tags and attributes:.. a href= title= abbr title= acronym title= b blockquote cite= cite code del datetime= em i q cite= strike strong.. Sign up to our newsletter!..

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  • Title: Brussels Activities | Terpsichori
    Descriptive info: What are you interested in? Click on the relevant link below:.. Greek.. Dance Classes.. (English) /.. Cours de Danses.. Grecques (Français).. Dance Seminars.. in Brussels.. to groups.. Team Building.. by Dance to companies..

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  • Title: Cours de danses grecques à Bruxelles | Terpsichori
    Descriptive info: RENTRÉE / PORTE OUVERTE:.. On reprends nos cours de danses dimanche le.. 8 septembre á 17h00.. On attends les amateurs de danses grecques sans ou avec expérience de danse préalable.. Le cours est gratuit.. Voici notre horaire pour la saison.. Nos cours prendent lieu les.. dimanches.. aprés-midi de 17h00 à.. 19h00 dans la.. Salle Paroissiale Quo Vadis à Schaerbeek.. ! Vous trouverez l adresse et information sur l accés plus bas.. Avant de venir pour la première fois, vérifiez les événtuels changements d horaire en nous appelant!.. Cliquez ici pour télécharger l horaire complet:.. Terpsichori 2013-2014.. Bien plus que juste les pas Dans les pas de la danse grecque traditionnelle (de maniére amusante.. ).. Immersion dans le monde traditionnel dansant de la Grèce, comme vous ne l’avez jamais vu!.. Voulez-vous avoir un goût de ce vaste patrimoine musical et chorégraphique,.. plus de 1.. 100 danses!.. , à la fois très riche et très vivant, variant de région à région? Ces danses impressionnent et charment tous ceux qui les on vus où dansés une fois.. Bonne nouvelle: Tous les semaines la Grèce réelle, authentique et magique se retrouve à Bruxelles pour vous.. › Pour voir la.. liste de danses.. apprises pendant la saison derniére, clicquez ici.. ‹.. Nos membres ont une expérience de danse entre 0 et 40 ans si vous etes entre ce deux, il y a bonne  ...   des petites.. explications.. sur les danses concernées, leur régions d origine, leurs particularités etc.. pour pouvoir les situer dans un contexte.. On ne donne pas de spectacles on épargne la mémorisation de choréographies compliquées et votre temps privé les weekends on n a pas de stress dans notre cours, on.. s amuse.. Sur notre professeur de danse:.. Nos cours sont animés par la professeur-danseuse Erika Sarandidis-Kalmar:.. Elle a plus de 18 ans d expérience dans le domaine de danses grecques.. Elle est chercheur et auteur sur le sujet de la danse.. Elle se forme à nombreux stages de danses annuellement, donnés par des professeurs locaux, en Grèce et ailleurs.. Elle a créé le Portail Européenne de la Danse Grecque –.. www.. terpsichori.. org.. Vous voulez essayer?.. Voici quelques renseignements pratiques:.. Adresse:.. Salle paroissiale Quo Vadis.. 82 Aimé Smekens, 1030 Schaerbeek (prés de Diamant).. L entrée est par le passage à côté de l’Église Divin Sauveur, en face de la chapelle.. Transport:.. Metro Diamant, Bus 80, 12, 21, 28, 29, 79.. Prévoir:.. bon humeur.. et quelque chose á boir.. Prix:.. Premier cours gratuit.. Abonnement pour la saison: 150€ (valable de septembre 2013 à juin 2014).. Carnet de 20: 120€ (valable de septembre 2013 à juin 2014).. Cours unitaire: 9€.. Renseignement:.. Terpsichori Cercle de Danses Grecques.. Erika 0473 66 44 61.. Ippokratis 0477 25 45 36.. contact@terpsichori.. Pas(sion).. Soleil.. Fun..

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  • Title: List of dances learned this season | Terpsichori
    Descriptive info: Here is a list of the dances we ve been learning in our dance group Terpsichori in Brussels.. Voici une liste de danse apprises pendant nos cours de danses à Bruxelles.. SAISON 2012/2013.. (Updated till 7th April 2013).. Macedonia:.. Zaramo (Florina region) Gaida (Florina) Poustseno (as danced in Kastoria) Omorfoula (Florina) Tsamikos (Kozani) Endeka (Kozani) Bukite Razvivat (Edessa region) Trite Pata (Aridea, Edessa region) Zaiko (as danced in Episkopi) Gaida (Roumlouki) Makrinitsa (Naousa) Lenio (Thessaloniki region) Karatzova (Thessaloniki region) Trechatos (Neochorouda) Kangelevtos (Chalkidiki) Baidouska (Monastiraki, Drama) Charalamska (Serres) Vironia or Chatzibelik (Iraklia, Serres).. Thrace:.. Dendritsi Xesyrtos Zonaradikos (Metaxades) Klostros (Marides) Kato sto drako pidimo (Petrota) Pialtos Papisios (Soufli) Seis Kouritsia (Lady) Yannou (Metaxades) Bogdanos (Northern Thrace) S treis (Northern Thrace) Troirou (Northern Thrace) Kyniyitos or Sarandadiari (Bana, Northern Thrace).. Thessaly:.. Tsamikos (+ figures) Agori Milo (Thrapsimi) Svarniara (as danced in Fyllo) Poios einai axios kai a-gligoros Aprili Aprili Berati Tasia Syrtos (as danced in Zagora, Pylio).. Ipiros:.. Gaita Moni Frasia Paramithiotikos.. Rest of continental Greece:.. Darsa (Attica) Syrtos (Aspropyrgos) Kangeli Livanateiko (as danced in Ypati).. Islands:.. Kamara (Skiathos Evia) Kavodoritikos (Evia) Ikariotikos (Ikaria) Vlacha (Naxos, as danced in Filoti) Syrtos (Naxos) Kotsakia (Komiaki, Naxos) Syrtos Ballos (Kea) Polka (Kea) Sousta (Andros) Aryitikos (Andros) Ballaristos (Mykonos) Ayeranos (Paros) Sousta (Kymolos) Karavakia (Levkada) Ta Zagarakia (Cythere) Bourdaris (Cythere) Siganos (Crete) Chaniotikos (Crete) Maleviziotis (Crete) Anoyanos Pidichtos (Crete) Ethianos Pidichtos (Crete) Xenobasaris (Crete) Zervodexos (Crete) Angaliastos (Crete) Patima (Limnos) Pirgousikos (Chios) Siganos/Trechatos (Chios) Plataniotiko nero (Samos) Syrtos Samiotikos (Samos) Sianos (Kos) Sousta (Kos) Koukounara (Kos) Sirba (Leros) Evzonakia (Leros) Sirba (Rhodes) Thymariotikos (Kalymnos) Mazomenos (Mytilene) Kalamatianos (Cyprus).. Pondos:.. Dipat Omal Tik Diplon Tik Toyias Letsi Letsina Seranitsa Katikioi Trygona (Trapezounda) Trygona (Matsoukas) Tamzara.. Asia Minor:.. Roubalia (Chasapiko grigoro) Karsilamas (Propondida) Karsilamas (Smyrni) Rododachtilo (Artaki Kizikou) Tessera Matia (Artaki Kizikou) Chasapiko (Terpsichori s own choreography) Ez Vassili (Farasa, Cappadoce) Dipaska (Farasa, Cappadoce) Souroudina (Cappadoce).. SAISON 2011/2012.. Zaramo (Florina region) Poustseno (Prespa) Galanogalani (Deskati, Grevena) Endeka (Kozani) Mais (Vlasti, Kozani) Stamoulou (Siatista) Melikes (Episkopi) Nizamikos (Episkopi) Zaiko (Edessa, Episkopi) Trite Pati (Aridea, Edessa) Patrounino (Idrea) Baidouska (Loutraki, Aridea) Proskinitos (Goumenissa) Karasouli (Goumenissa) Bela Limbio (Goumenissa) Karaisouf (Thessaloniki region)  ...   (Amorgos) Syrtos (Amorgos) Ballaristos (Mykonos) Sousta (Kymolos) Samiotissa (Samos) Barba Mathios (Samos) Ola ta melachrina (Thasos) Panayia Choros (Limnos) Patima (Limnos) Tsimandriana Koritsia (Limnos) Pirgousikos (Chios) Mazomenos (Lesvos) Platanisios Syrtos (Samothrace) Pendozali (Kos) Tourkikos (Rhodes) Kritikos (Rhodes) Tiki-tiki-tak (Rhodes) Syrtos (Leros) Roditikos (Leros) Sirba (Leros) Chaniotika (Leros) Ballaristos (Patmos) Issos (Kalymnos) Sousta (Kalymnos) Kalamatianos (Cyprus).. Omal Tik Diplon Tripat Kalon Korits Militsa Tispoul-Tsipoul Katikoin.. Hasapiko grigoro (Vythinia) Hasapiko (own choreography) Tsifteteli (the traditional way) Charman Yeri (Cappadoce) Karsilamas (Imvros, Erithrea).. SAISON 2010/2011.. Zaramo (Florina region) Poustseno (Florina region) Gaida (Florina region) Gaida (Edessa region) Gaida (Roumlouki) Gaida (Kymina, Thessaloniki) Sofka (Goumenissa) Bela Limbio (Goumenissa) Viena Loza (Yanitsa, Pella) Siri-Siri (Aridea) Bela Limbio (Goumenissa) Panayota (Thessaloniki region) Trechatos (Neochorouda, Thessaloniki region) Triandafillia (Polygyros, Chalkidiki) Tsourapia (general) Tsourapia (Drama) Na deis yiayia (Kali Vrissi, Drama) Georgia (Drama) Tsourapkes (Haropo, Serres) Zamandas (Darnakochoria, Serres) Nastrizini (Petritsi, Serres) Karsilamas (Serres).. Tapinos (Metaxades) Pashaliatikos Tapinos (Metaxades) Dendritsi Yikna Zonaradikos (Marides) - Pialtos (Hionades) Dafno Yenitsaros Baidouska Outsourt Yoryi (dance of gagavouzides) Tremoulistos (Emona, Black Sea region, Northern Thrace) Kastrinos (Kavakli, Northern Thrace) Miliso (Monastiri, Northern Thrace) Koukitsa (Boyaliki, Northern Thrace) Zervodexos (Monastiri, Northern Thrace) Flouri (Mesimvria, Northern Thrace) Podaraki (Northern Thrace).. Zavale Rogkatsiaris Tasia Kleistos (Aryithea) Daliana Svarniara (Makrochori) Karagouna (Trikala) Tis galanis to forema (Keramidi, Pilio) Koukia (carneval dance).. Paramithia Kleftes Kangelari Papingo Gaita Moni.. Kalamatianos Syrtos (Aspropyrgos, dance of Arvanites) Kouna-Kouna (Salamina) Lambri Kamara (Salamina) Trata (Salamina).. Thiakos (Levkada) Divaratiko (Kefalonia) Ai-Yoryis (Corfu) Zervodexos (Crete) Siganos (Crete) Pentozali (Crete) Haniotikos (Crete) Sousta (Crete) Maleviziotis (Crete) Rodo (Kissamos, Crete) Kamara (Skiathos) Syrtos Samiotikos (Samos) To Plataniotiko Nero (Samos) Mazomenos (Lesvos) Kales (Skyros) Detos (Chios) Tripatos or Nenoutisikos (Chios) Pirgousikos (Chios) Ikariotikos (Ikaria) Kavodoritikos (Evia) Kalamatianos (Cyprus) Ayeranos (Paros) Balaristos (Mykonos) Vlacha (Kynidaros, Naxos) Vlacha (Komiaki, Naxos) Nikedre (Amorgos) Arapina (Amorgos) Sousta (Kymolos) Patima (Limnos) Balaristos (Patmos) Dirlada (Kalymnos) Thymariotikos (Kalymnos) Zervos (Karpathos) Erini (Tilos) Kamares (Tilos) Pentozali (Kos) Skoupa (Leros) Sirba (Leros) Evzonakia (Leros) Yar-Yar (Samothraki) Orkos (Thassos).. Tik Diplon Etere Trygona (Trapezounda region) Trygona (Gourouch region) Ters Patoula Pipilomatena Tiv-Tiv-Tiv Tana Dipat Kotsari.. Hasapiko grigoro (Vythinia) Hasapia (Propondida) Hasapiko (own choreography) Tsifteteli (traditional) Karsilamas (Propondida) Tessera Matia..

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  • Title: Dance seminars in Brussels | Terpsichori
    Descriptive info: In 2010 Terpsichori Greek Dance Circle started organising dance seminars in Brussels in order to make the dance traditions of Greece accessible for all living in and around Brussels / Belgium.. We re especially happy and proud that dance lovers from several European countries join us in our seminars from the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden and Spain.. Our Next Dance Seminar.. 11TH SEMINAR 28-29th September 2013 Dance Seminar Rhodes, Karpathos, Symi Chalki with Toula Lendaki.. Download the seminar info sheet registration form here:.. Dance Seminar September 2013.. Téléchargez l affiche du stage et la feuille d inscription ici:.. Stage Septembre 2013.. Our Past Dance Seminars.. Mini-Stage / Mini-Seminar Chasapiko Zeibekiko avec/with Erika Saradidis-Kalmar.. 10TH SEMINAR 11-12th May 2013 Dance Seminar Northern Thrace with Apostolis Skrekas and accordion player Dimitris Altantsidis.. Click here to.. see some photos.. of the seminar.. 9TH SEMINAR 16-17th February 2013 - Dances from Crete (Kissamos) with Lefteris Kornarakis.. 8TH SEMINAR 10-11th November 2012 Dances from Tzia, Kythnos and Naxos with  ...   2 videos: The first is Bourdaris from Cythere and the second is from our evening where we danced Maleviziotis (Litsa, who has partially Cretan origins, takes over the lead).. 5TH SEMINAR 24-25th September 2011 Dances from Thrace with Yannis Ghoroyas.. 4TH SEMINAR 21-22nd May 2011 Dances from Florina region and all over Greece 2 workshops with Vassilis Dimitropoulos.. See 2 videos of how we danced in the evening Gaida and Vienna Loza (Erika leads the dance).. 3RD SEMINAR 12-13th February 2011 Dances from Pondos with Ioannis Efremidis and lyre player Christos Savvidis.. To see some photos of the seminar,.. click HERE.. Here is also a video of how we danced in the evening:.. 2ND SEMINAR 30-31st October 2010 Dances from Naxos and the Cyclades with Tolis Psarros.. Also see a video of how we danced the carnival dance Mamoutzelo from Naxos:.. 1ST SEMINAR 8-9th May 2010 Dances of Dodecanese (Leros, Tilos, Patmos, Kos et Kalymnos) with Roula Chatzikonstantinou and Antonis Dallaris.. Here is a video fragment from the evening:..

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  • Title: Private dance teaching in Brussels | Terpsichori
    Descriptive info: Private dance teaching to groups.. You like Greek dances, but prefer to do them.. with your group of friends.. ?.. Are you looking for a.. fun birthday idea.. Or maybe you want to get prepared for a.. Greek wedding.. Or are you thinking of creating a.. private Greek dance performance.. for your friends or loved ones?.. Well, everything is possible In order to help you in your quest, Terpsichori proposes private dance classes for groups.. Whether a regular or one-time event, 3-hour or 1-day class, we can help you in initiating you in the world of Greek dances.. What more, we can provide you a dance room, the music or even video recording!.. You can come with specific dance requests or let us choose the repertoire.. Dance classes  ...   vous voulez vous préparer pour un.. mariage grec.. Ou vous pensez de créer un.. spectacle de danse.. pour vos amis ou vos proches?.. Eh bien, tout est possible Afin de vous aider dans votre quête, Terpsichori propose des cours de danse privés pour les groupes.. Que ce soit un événement régulier ou ponctuel, un cours de 3 heures ou une journée, nous pouvons vous aider et vous initier dans le monde des danses grecques.. On peut mettre à votre disposition même une salle de danse, la musique ou l enregistrement vidéo!.. Vous pouvez venir avec des demandes spécifiques pour les danses ou laissez-nous guider dans le répertoire.. Le cours peut se dérouler en anglais, français, allemand ou grec.. Pour plus de renseignements, veuillez contacter Erika sur.. ou par téléphone..

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  • Title: TeamBuilding by dance in Brussels | Terpsichori
    Descriptive info: Team Building in Brussels.. Are you looking for team building ideas in Brussels?.. Whether it s simply to strengthen team bond or to develop your team members soft skills, you don t need to go further than this page.. The passionate and enthusing dance teachers of Terpsichori Greek Dance Circle propose creative, great and fun team building events with the theme of Greek music and dance.. Erika, a full-time  ...   a team building event to your taste.. This can include dance teaching, ice breakers for team members to get to know each other, quizzes, group or couple exercises and so much more.. Is there anything better when building your team than uniting fun, learning, sharing, developing group competencies with music and dance?.. Try out this unique concept and you will see.. Contact Erika on.. for a no-obligation first chat..

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  • Title: Contact | Terpsichori
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  • Title: Dance seminars in Brussels | Terpsichori
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