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  • Title: Texas Association Against Sexual Assault
    Descriptive info: .. Wednesday, February 13, 2013.. Texas Association Against Sexual Assault.. TAASA for You.. >>En Espanol.. Home.. About Us.. Mission.. History.. Board of Directors.. Staff.. Contact Us.. Employment.. Resources.. Sexual Assault.. What Is Sexual Assault?.. Who Are the Survivors?.. Who Commits It?.. Who Does It Impact?.. Other Websites.. Sexual Harassment.. Confronting Harassment.. Be Part of the Solution.. Survivors.. Crime Victims’ Rights.. Legal Resources.. Human Trafficking.. Download or Order Materials.. Publications.. E-Newsletters.. News Events.. TEST Call for Proposals 2013.. Fall Fundamentals 2012.. 2012 Annual Conference.. Conference Workshop Schedule.. Conference 2012 Presentations.. Top Five Reasons to Attend.. Call For Proposals.. Calendar.. Conference Feedback Certificate.. Archived News Articles.. 2011 Fall Fundamentals Certificates.. Programs.. Diversity/Cultural Competency.. Primary Prevention/Social Justice.. Primary Prevention Request For Assistance Form.. Prevention Forum.. Prevention Technical Assistance Plus (TA+).. Public Awareness Campaign.. Television Radio Spots.. Print Ads.. Digital Storytelling Project.. Public Policy.. Training Technical Assistance.. Training and Technical Assistance Request Form.. Youth.. Members.. Code of Ethics.. How to Join.. Member/Board Website.. Certifications.. Crisis Center Locator.. Speak Up, Speak Out.. [caption id="attachment_227" align="alignnone" width="570" caption="Speak Up.. Speak Out.. "][/caption].. TAASA Blog.. Become a Member.. COUNSELOR.. COUNSELOR The Crisis Center of Comal County is accepting applications for a Licensed Professional Counselor.. Position will provide individual and group counseling for resident and non-resident clients as well as crisis intervention, case management and referral services for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.. LPC credentials are required, bilingual a plus.. Salary commensurate with experience education.. Employee benefits include health insurance, 401K, and personal leave time.. Prior to employment applicant must provide background check and professional references.. Submit resume and letter of intent to Crisis Center of Comal County, Attn: Barbara Mainz, P.. O.. Box 310344, New Braunfels, TX 78131-0344.. News.. REGISTER NOW! TAASA s 31st Annual Conference.. TAASA’s 31st Annual Conference.. March 4 – March 7, 2013.. Hilton Austin Airport Hotel.. Please.. CLICK HERE.. for registration and conference information.. Our theme for this year’s conference is “Bringing Justice to the System.. ” The concept of “justice” is elusive to many survivors.. We all have a role in helping victims of sexual violence find “justice” in a system that is historically weighted to protect the interests of the accused.. Victim advocates, law enforcement, medical personnel, educators, therapists, and.. (more ).. TAASA unveils its 2013 Sexual Assault Awareness Prevention Month (SAAPM) toolkit.. The Social Justice League -.. Putting Justice into the System.. TAASA proudly announces its 2013 Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month (SAAPM) toolkit.. This year’s toolkit is designed to harness the power of the people in combating the  ...   pedestrian-friendly, open-air lifestyle center.. TCFV welcomes you to the 2013 Executive Directors’ Conference for the opportunity to network, learn, dine, and play.. For more information or to REGISTER for the conference,.. click here.. !.. Read More Posts From News.. Public Policy Updates.. 2013 TAASA Legislative Agenda.. Texas 83rd Legislative Session has begun.. Click above to read TAASA s 2013 agenda.. TCFV and TAASA Capitol Day 2013.. TCFV and TAASA invite you to our joint Capitol Day on February 15th! Constituents, allies, advocates, friends, activists, women, men, and some kids from all over Texas will join us in.. Breaking News Alert: VAWA Reintroduced Yesterday- Take Action Today by Contacting Your Senators!.. Yesterday, Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and Senator Michael Crapo (R-ID) introduced.. S.. 47.. , a strong, bipartisan bill that would reauthorize the landmark Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)! This bill closely mirrors the bipartisan legislation introduced by Senators Leahy and Crapo last Congress and would improve VAWA programs and strengthen protections for all victims of violence (see description of legislation below).. In order to continue our incredible momentum from last Congress, we need.. Read More Posts From Public Policy Updates.. Prevention.. SAVE THE DATE 2013 Prevention Institute!.. A New TCFV/TAASA Collaboration TAASA and TCFV are joining forces to create an institute.. Prevention Web Forum is LIVE!.. TAASA s new prevention forum is up and running.. This forum was initially.. Read More Posts From Prevention.. Welcome.. TAASA was founded on a simple principle: to assist sexual assault survivors and to create a Texas free from sexual violence.. TAASA advocates for individual sexual assault survivors as well as sexual assault programs collectively.. That advocacy takes many forms, from supporting legislation favorable to victims and strengthening laws against sexual predators, to advocating for increased funding for sexual assault programs at both the federal and state levels.. Since 1982, TAASA has provided statewide and regional trainings/conferences to over 100,000 Texans and provided over 6 million materials through rape crisis centers and community partners free of charge.. TAASA encourages the involvement of anyone who has an interest in creating a society free from sexual violence.. An easy way to become more informed and involved is to.. join TAASA.. Donate to TAASA.. Upcoming Events.. 31st Annual TAASA Conference - Exhibitor Registration (04 Mar 2013).. 31st Annual TAASA Conference (04 Mar 2013).. Social Media Links.. Our Blog.. I Don’t Care About the Game…I Just Like the Commercials.. TAASA’s Diversity Task Force 2013 Scholarship Recipients Announced!.. “Social Justice League: Bringing Justice to the System”.. Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved.. Log in..

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  • Title: About Us : Texas Association Against Sexual Assault
    Descriptive info: Mission.. The Texas Association Against Sexual Assault is committed to ending sexual violence in Texas through education, prevention and advocacy.. In the meantime, we desire to support survivors on their paths to hope, healing and justice.. TAASA is the voice of the sexual assault movement in Texas.. We are a unifying force bringing together parties involved in and affected by sexual  ...   free from sexual violence.. We envision safe, healthy communities across Texas, where no one is burdened by the far-reaching effects of sexual violence.. Goals.. TAASA aims to achieve our mission and reach our vision through educating our communities about sexual violence, advocating for public policy change that confronts sexual violence, and finally, addressing and eradicating the myriad root causes of sexual violence..

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  • Title: Mission : Texas Association Against Sexual Assault
    Descriptive info: Mission Statement.. TAASA s Rules of Conduct.. Each member regards as its primary obligation the welfare of the victims of sexual assault, their family and friends.. The members provide services with respect to the dignity of all people, and will not discriminate based on nationality, religion, status, age, sex, or sexual orientation.. Members of TAASA accept responsibility for the consequences of their work and make every effort to insure that their services are used appropriately.. Information received in confidence is revealed only after careful deliberation and when there is a clear and imminent danger to an individual or to society, and then only to the appropriate  ...   the persons involved is adequately disguised or when prior written consent is obtained.. Each member will treat with respect the findings, views, and actions of colleagues and use appropriate channels to express concern on these matters.. We recognize our responsibility to contribute our ideas and findings in order to enhance the development of techniques and a body of knowledge in the area of sexual assault.. When making public statements, each member agrees to distinguish between member s opinions and that of TAASA.. Each member supports the principle that effective service delivery requires continuing education.. We recognize the importance of maintaining an ethical relationship with other agencies..

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  • Title: History : Texas Association Against Sexual Assault
    Descriptive info: The seeds that later grew into the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault were first planted at the second annual meeting of the National Coalition Against Sexual Assault (NCASA), held in Austin in 1980.. Several women who attended that meeting began to talk about the possibility of creating a state organization for rape crisis centers in Texas to help relieve the isolation of programs who were providing services for rape survivors, although at that time, they were still called rape “victims.. ” (The emphasis on survival did not come until a little later in our history.. ) These early visionaries were clear that the purpose of such an organization would be to effect change through education and legislation.. The Texas Association Against Sexual Assault, in its present form, started in April, 1982 in Galveston, Texas.. Under the guidance of Mary Jane Worst, then director of the Galveston Rape Crisis Center, about forty sexual assault activists held their first conference at UTMB.. Jean Turner of Waco was elected the first president of the TAASA board of directors.. From its inception, TAASA has never veered from its vision of a society free from sexual violence and its mission of serving as an advocate for individual sexual assault survivors as well as sexual assault programs collectively.. That advocacy has taken the form of supporting legislation favorable to victims and strengthening laws against sexual predators, as well as advocating for increased funding for sexual assault programs at the Federal and state levels.. ¤ Developed, with the Texas Department of Health, the first rules for the Federal Preventive and Health Services Block Grant funds in.. 1981.. A committee of executive directors from various rape crisis centers headed by Sylvia Callaway drafted a proposal which allowed Sherri Goode to become the first Sexual Assault Program Specialist at TDH.. She was later succeeded by Ann Robison of Beaumont and Cecelia McKenzie of Big Spring, both previous TAASA board members and heads of sexual assault programs.. ¤ Jean Turner of Waco was elected the first President of TAASA in.. 1982.. ¤ In.. 1983.. , TAASA is incorporated.. Listed as incorporators were Janie Bush and Karen Kay of Dallas and Jane Bingham of Fort Worth.. The first board of directors included: Jane Bingham (Ft.. Worth, Professional Standards Training Task Force), Janie Bush (Dallas, Child Sexual Assault Task Force), Susie Hudson (Tyler, Legislative Task Force), Karen S.. Day (Dallas, Secretary/Treasurer), Cindy Medina (San Marcos, Newsletter), Richard Orton (Austin, Public Education Task Force), Ann Robison (Beaumont, Legislative Task Force), Jean Turner (Waco, President), Mary Jane Worst (Galveston, Newsletter), and Carolyn Bray (Abilene, Vice President).. TAASA s Code of Ethics was developed in 1983 by the Professional Standards and Training Task Force.. Also that year, TAASA s lobbyist, Barbara Duke, successfully pushed state funding for rape crisis centers through the Texas legislature with the help of TAASA s Legislative Committee.. The Legislature also revised the laws pertaining to rape, including changing rape to sexual assault and lengthening the statute of limitations.. 1984.. , Sherri Goode-Sunaz and Richard Orton created the first Sexual Assault Awareness Week in 1984, which was expanded to a month in 1991.. 1985.. , TAASA divided the state into four regions with the right to elect representatives to the TAASA board.. This allowed for a broader representation of centers around the state as well as better communication between the board and its members.. Also in 1985, the Public Education Task Force produced an annotated bibliography of resources for rape education.. 1987.. , the Child Sexual Assault Task Force coordinated regional workshops.. Sites included Corpus Christi, Big Spring, Houston, San Angelo, and Abilene.. Also in 1987, the board established annual awards.. 1988.. , the Professional Standards Task Force finalized and approved a certification process and sample training manual in 1988.. 1993.. , TAASA obtained its 501(c)(3) federal tax exempt status.. ¤ In June,.. 1996.. , TAASA was awarded a $40,000 VAWA grant, which enabled TAASA to open a statewide office and hire a Community Education Coordinator, Eileen Cowan Gould.. In September 1996, TAASA was awarded a grant from the Sexual Assault Prevention and Crisis Services Division of the Office of the Attorney General, and hired its first Executive Director, Carol Townsend.. 1997.. , TAASA’s staff has expanded to five full-time and one part-time position.. TAASA begins producing and distributing topical brochures, which was previously handled at the OAG.. Over 200,000 are distributed the first year.. Also in the 1997 Legislative Session, TAASA successfully lobbies for changes in the statute of limitations for victims of child sexual abuse.. 1998.. , TAASA received the Ellen Halbert award from the Texas Department of  ...   of TAASA.. TAASA and the OAG jointly fund the first Statewide Prevalence Survey on Sexual Assault in 2002, which is conducted by the UT School of Social Work and Texas A M.. Texas is one of the few states in the country to have state specific data on the incidence of sexual assault.. 100,000 book covers addressing sexual harassment are distributed to Texas Junior High Schools in 2002.. ¤ Primetime PSA’s on television and radio begin airing in.. April 2003.. Six sexual assault survivors using their own faces, names, and stories begin to educate the public about sexual abuse.. There is an immediate and dramatic increase in hotline calls and website hits during the campaign.. TAASA receives over $1 million in in-kind donations to supplement this campaign.. Led by Special Projects Director Victoria Hilton, in 2003 TAASA coordinates two statewide initiatives including: developing a Statewide Model Protocol for Working with SA Victims, and developing Outcomes Measures for SA Programs.. In 2003, TAASA distributes over 300,000 brochures, as well as 57,000 fact sheets, 37,000 Green Ribbons, 9180 Survivor Booklets.. By 2003, TAASA is annually training almost 3000 individuals in over 50 individual trainings.. September 2003, TAASA’s Spanish language website was launched.. Anita Perry, First Lady of Texas is hired in October 2003, for Outreach Development.. She immediately starts to bring more recognition and private/corporate funding to our work.. In 2003, the research conducted through for the public awareness campaign was developed into 5 TV commercials, 3 radio commercials and 2 posters featuring 6 sexual assault survivors.. In addition, the results of the prevalence study were released finding that at any one time 1 in 5 Texas woman and 1 in 20 Texas men have been victims of sexual assault.. ¤ By.. early 2004.. , STAR students are over 300 strong and have provided positive youth development programming to over 10,000 students in 150 Texas communities.. In 2004, the public awareness campaign received 4 Mercury awards.. 2005.. , TAASA continued its award-winning Speak up.. Speak out campaign.. Seven Texas survivors participated in developing new ads for television, radio and print distribution.. Seven additional survivors wrote, directed and produced short films about their victimization and recovery through the Digital Storytelling Project.. 2005 also marked the initiation of TAASA’s Marketing and Promotions Consultancy program which provides intensive technical assistance to member rape crisis centers to enhance their presence in their communities.. Over 5,000 individuals were trained by TAASA staff in 2005 through 85 regional trainings and 3 conferences.. Almost 350,000 materials were distributed in 2005 including the popular.. Sexual Assault, Trauma and Spiritual Healing.. booklet, a copy of which was requested for each Catholic Church in San Antonio, by the Archdiocese of San Antonio.. The implementation of.. The Strategic Plan to Prevent Violence Against Women in Texas.. continued to progress with the hiring of a part-time coordinator.. Finally, 2005 marked the renewal of the Violence Against Women Act, which included the creation of the Sexual Assault Services Act, a new funding stream for the funding of rape crisis services and coalition activities.. 2006.. saw a renewed focus on the primary prevention of sexual violence.. Each rape crisis center in Texas was asked to serve as a catalyst to start their local communities thinking realistically about what it would take to stop sexual violence from happening in the first place.. RAINN’s online hotline also went live in 2006 with the San Antonio Rape Crisis Center playing a major role.. Lyn Williams, TAASA Training Director was appointed to the Governor’s Criminal Justice Advisory Council.. 2007.. , TAASA spearheaded the establishment of a fee on sexually oriented business to provide a new, stable and long-term revenue source for sexual assault related services in Texas.. Suit was filed in December in the 345.. th.. District Court, Travis County challenging the fee.. TAASA launched its first blog “Speaking Out” in September to increase awareness of news coverage about sexual violence across the state.. Jessica’s Law passes in Texas increasing the penalties and extending the statute of limitations for sexual abuse against children, particularly children under 14 years of age.. ¤ The Mobilizing Men Task Force and Volunteer Management Certification program both began in.. 2008.. TAASA’s focus on primary prevention continued and strengthened this year with the hiring of two additional primary prevention staffers, making the prevention team at TAASA five members strong.. The Speak Up! Speak Out! Campaign continued with billboards translated into Chinese and posted in the Dallas area.. 2009.. witnessed an intense, but ultimately successful, struggle during the 81.. st.. legislative session to stop a repeal of the adult entertainment fee which remains in the courts..

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  • Title: Board of Directors : Texas Association Against Sexual Assault
    Descriptive info: President.. Christina Coultas.. Dallas, TX.. President-Elect.. Stephanie Schulte.. El Paso, TX.. Secretary.. Barbie Brashear.. Pasadena, TX.. Treasurer.. Jana Barker.. Richardson, TX.. SANE Representative.. Laurie Charles.. San Antonio, TX.. Region A Representative.. Brandi Reed.. Amarillo, TX.. Region B Representative.. Debbie Benavides.. Region C Representative.. Terri Ward.. Texarkana, TX.. Region D Representative.. Dene Edmiston.. Baytown, TX.. Region E Representative.. Lori Bunton.. Abilene, TX.. Region F Representative.. Brenda Heredia.. Harlingen, TX.. At Large.. John Bickel.. Houston, TX.. Andria Brannon.. Austin, TX.. Jennifer Nsekpong.. Stephenville, TX.. Kim Stark.. Lubbock, TX.. Immediate Past President.. Monica Urbaniak..

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  • Title: Staff : Texas Association Against Sexual Assault
    Descriptive info: Staff Directory.. Annette Burrhus-Clay.. Executive Director.. Cecilia Perkins.. Events Coordinator.. Christopher Kaiser.. Staff Attorney.. Dina Yup.. Program Assistant.. Elizabeth Morris.. Chief Operating Officer.. Emiliano Diaz de Leon.. Men’s Engagement Specialist.. Glenn Stockard.. Program Specialist.. Lisa Y.. Zapata.. Technical Assistance Coordinator.. Lyndel Williams.. Training Director.. Michael J Harrell.. Graphic Designer.. Morgan J Curtis.. Director of Prevention Programs.. Renee Gillespy.. Primary Prevention Specialist.. Rick Gipprich, Jr.. Communications Director.. Rose Luna.. Outreach Specialist.. Ted Rutherford.. Prevention Programs Specialist.. Tim Love.. Prevention Services Manager.. Torie Camp.. Deputy Director.. Wende Hilsenrod.. Human Trafficking Specialist..

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  • Title: Contact Us : Texas Association Against Sexual Assault
    Descriptive info: Please use this form for general comments.. For training requests, click.. here.. For assistance with Primary Prevention, click.. Contact TAASA:.. Our phone number: (512) 474-7190.. Our address:.. TAASA.. 6200 La Calma Drive, Suite 110.. Austin, TX 78752.. Or, if you like, you may use the contact form below.. All fields are required.. Note: TAASA is not a 24x7 crisis center.. Click.. here.. for RAINN's online support center or call their hotline at (800) 656-HOPE (4673.. ).. *.. (denotes required field).. Name:.. E-Mail Address:.. Subject:.. Message:.. CAPTCHA Code:..

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  • Title: Employment : Texas Association Against Sexual Assault
    Descriptive info: Sexual Assault Hospital Advocacy Specialist.. Training Specialist.. PRIMARY PREVENTION EDUCATOR P/T.. EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR.. STAFF ATTORNEY.. NON-RESIDENT COUNSELOR.. PRIMARY PREVENTION COORDINATOR.. Hope of South Texas Children s Advocacy Center Executive Director.. Crisis Response Specialist..

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  • Title: Sexual Assault : Texas Association Against Sexual Assault
    Descriptive info: A note about language: Some refer to those who have been sexually assaulted as victims, while others use survivor.. Often the context (law enforcement, criminal justice, rape crisis center, etc.. ) determines the term used.. Victim/survivors use the term that feels most appropriate at differing stages of their healing process.. Many begin to identify as neither victim, nor survivor, but  ...   with that experience no longer influencing how they see themselves.. We’ve chosen to use both terms, sometimes individually, sometimes as victim/survivor.. Both women and men are victims of sexual assault.. Though the majority of victim/survivors are female, we’ve tried to use gender-neutral language where possible to be inclusive of the experience of all those who have experienced this traumatic crime..

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  • Title: What Is Sexual Assault? : Texas Association Against Sexual Assault
    Descriptive info: Sexual violence spans a wide range of unwanted sexual contacts including child sexual abuse, rape, attempted rape, incest, exhibitionism, voyeurism, obscene phone calls, fondling, and sexual harassment.. A range of nonconsensual sexual acts exist on a continuum in which each form of sexual assault is linked to the others by their root causes, as well as by the effects they have on individuals and communities.. While sexual assault takes many forms, it’s important to remember that a common thread is the loss of power and control that a victim of sexual assault experiences.. Generally, sexual assault  ...   is any act a person is forced to perform or receive that includes touching of the genitals or breasts.. This includes rape, sodomy, touching or oral sex where the victim is unwilling or unable to give verbal consent, including being under 17 years old, intoxicated, drugged or unconscious.. Child sexual abuse occurs when an adult or another child manipulates, threatens or forces a child into sexual activity.. Many times the offender doesn t need to use physical force with the victim.. Instead, he or she takes advantage of the child’s trust and the adult’s position of authority..

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  • Title: Who Are the Survivors? : Texas Association Against Sexual Assault
    Descriptive info: Sexual assault survivors are our friends, co-workers, neighbors, students, teachers, law enforcement officers, soldiers, medical professionals, families—our mothers, fathers, grandparents, brothers, sisters, children.. Unfortunately, anyone can be a victim of sexual assault.. While determining exact numbers of sexual assault crimes is a continuing challenge, crime reports, state and national victimization surveys and services provided by rape crisis centers and medical facilities do give an estimate of the number of people who have experienced sexual violence.. Statistics vary based on crime definition, type of report or survey, age and sex of victims as well as other factors; however, they do provide a glimpse into the magnitude of sexual violence and its impact on Texans.. Almost 13 percent of Texans have been sexually assaulted.. That equates to nearly 2 million people, or 1 in 5 women and 1 in 20 men.. [i].. In the United States, 1 in 6 women and 1 in 33 men reported experiencing an attempted or completed rape at some time in their lives.. [ii].. Most sexual assaults are never reported to law enforcement.. In “Rape in the United States: The Chronic Failure to Report and Investigate Rape Cases,” Dr.. Dean Kilpatrick estimates that after more than 30 years of education and increasing awareness about sexual assault, over 80% of cases are still not reported.. [iii].. Many victims tell no one about the assault until long after it occurred, and some wait years, if they ever speak of it at all.. Some hesitate to tell friends, family or the police because they are afraid they will not be believed, or they may fear greater danger from the person(s) who assaulted them if they tell anyone.. Females are the  ...   assault as are the elderly.. In one study of victims over the age of 60 the mean age was 78.. 8 years with victimization across four decades.. The majority of the victims were female (93.. 2%) and 6.. 8% were male.. Age did not prevent an offender from perpetrating a sexual act on an elder.. Age of offenders of these elder victims ranged from 13 to 90 years.. [vi].. Whether you are a male or female survivor of sexual assault, whether you were victimized as a child or as an adult, whether or not you have previously told someone about your victimization, if you are one of the many adults who were sexually abused as a child and did not know that help is available, there are many who are ready to listen and support you in the choices you decide are best for you.. Tell a trusted friend or family member.. Contact a.. local rape crisis center.. University of Texas-Austin Institute on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.. “A Health Survey of Texans: A Focus on Sexual Assault,.. http://www.. utexas.. edu/ssw/dl/files/cswr/institutes/idvsa/publications/study.. pdf.. , 2003.. US Department of Justice.. “Extent, nature, and consequences of intimate partner violence: findings from the National Violence Against Women Survey,”.. www.. ojp.. usdoj.. gov/nij/pubs-sum/181867.. htm.. , 2000.. Senate Judiciary Subcommittee Hearing on Crime and Drugs.. “Rape in the United States: The Chronic Failure to Report and Investigate Rape Cases,”.. http://judiciary.. senate.. gov/pdf/10-09-14KilpatrickTestimony.. , 2010.. National Institute of Justice.. “The Sexual Victimization of College Women,”.. ncjrs.. gov/pdffiles1/nij/182369.. Basile KC, Chen J, Lynberg MC, Saltzman LE.. “Prevalence and Characteristics of Sexual Violence Victimization,”2007.. http://findarticles.. com/p/articles/mi_7764/is_200707/ai_n32234750/.. Burgess Ann W.. “Elderly Victims of Sexual Abuse and Their Offenders,” 2006.. gov/pdffiles1/nij/grants/216550..

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