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    Archived pages: 1430 . Archive date: 2013-02.

  • Title: taint.org: Justin Mason's Weblog
    Descriptive info: .. taint.. org: Justin Mason s Weblog.. Links for 2013-01-31.. January 31, 2013 at 11:58 pm.. Using Statsd and Graphite From a Rails App.. Reasonable simple, from the looks of it.. (tags:.. rails.. graphite.. metrics.. service-metrics.. ruby.. ).. The colour of London s commute.. Nice visualisation.. What the map shows is the mix of transport to work of residents living in each part of London*, using ONS data at Middle Super Output Area (MSOA) level.. Each MSOA is given an RGB colour determined by the modal share, with red colours representing travel by car, taxi or motorbike, blue travel by public transport and green cycling or walking.. The result is a fairly simple pattern, with motor vehicles predominating on London s fringes, public transport in the inner suburbs and cycling and walking in the very centre.. Those tendrils of blue reaching out presumably represent major public transport links.. data.. visualisation.. dataviz.. london.. mapping.. via:ldoody.. #.. Comments.. Links for 2013-01-30.. January 30, 2013 at 11:58 pm.. Where are the free WiFi spots in Dublin City Centre?.. hooray, free wifi! beautiful Invader-style pixel-art mosaics to highlight them, too.. nice one Joe.. wifi.. free.. dublin.. ireland.. city.. public.. Dublin Free WiFi Icons.. some lovely pixel art to advertise the free wifi areas, by Craig Robinson.. I see a girl in pyjamas, a Dub hurler, a viking, Molly Malone, Phil Lynott, Oscar Wilde, a Moore St market trader, a busker, and the Spire.. pixel-art.. art.. craig-robinson.. icons.. Links for 2013-01-29.. January 29, 2013 at 11:58 pm.. DuckDuckGo Architecture 1 Million Deep Searches a Day and Growing.. thumbs-up for DNSMadeEasy s Global Traffic Director anycast-based geographically-segmented DNS service, in particular.. dns.. architecture.. scalability.. search.. duckduckgo.. geoip.. anycast.. Announcing Ribbon: Tying the Netflix Mid-Tier Services Together.. Netflix load balancing client-side library, open source.. netflix.. load-balancing.. coding.. libraries.. client-side.. open-source.. Links for 2013-01-27.. January 27, 2013 at 11:58 pm.. Ironfan.. an expressive toolset for constructing scalable, resilient [service] architectures.. It works in the cloud, in the data center, and on your laptop, and it makes your system diagram visible and inevitable.. Inevitable systems coordinate automatically to interconnect, removing the hassle of manual configuration of connection points (and the associated danger of human error).. Looks like a pretty neat cluster deployment tool; driven from a single configuration file, using Chef, integrating closely with AWS and providing many useful additional features.. chef.. deployment.. clusters.. knife.. services.. aws.. ec2.. ops.. ironfan.. demo.. Fox DMCA Takedowns Order Google to Remove Fox DMCA Takedowns.. Chilling Effects is setup to stop the ‘chilling effects’ of Internet censorship.. Google sees this as a good thing and sends takedown requests it receives to be added to the database.. Fox sends takedown requests to Google for pages which the company says contain links to material it holds the copyright to.. Those pages include those on Chilling Effects which show which links Fox wants taken down.. Google delists the Chilling Effects pages from its search engine, thus completing the circle and defeating the very reason Chilling Effects was set up for in the first place.. chilling-effects.. copyright.. internet.. legal.. dmca.. google.. law.. PUBLIC joho / 7XX-rfc.. At Railscamp X it became clear there is a gap in the current HTTP specification.. There are many ways for a developer to screw up their implementation, but no code to share the nature of the error with the end user.. We humbly suggest the following status codes are included in the HTTP spec in the 7XX range.. Includes such useful status codes as 724 This line should be unreachable.. http.. standards.. humour.. funny.. jokes.. How Newegg crushed the “shopping cart” patent and saved online retail.. Very cool account of Newegg s battle against a ludicrous patent-troll shakedown.. Great quote from their Chief Legal Officer, Lee Cheng:.. Patent trolling is based upon deficiencies in a critical, but underdeveloped, area of the law.. The faster we drive these cases to verdict, and through appeal, and also get legislative reform on track, the faster our economy will be competitive in this critical area.. We re competing with other economies that are not burdened with this type of litigation.. China doesn t have this, South Korea doesn t have this, Europe doesn t have this.. [.. ] It s actually surprising how quickly people forget what Lemelson did.. [referring to Jerome Lemelson, an infamous patent troll who used so-called "submarine patents" to make billions in licensing fees.. ] This activity is very similar.. Trolls right now submarine as well.. They use timing, like he used timing.. Then they pop up and say Hello, surprise! Give us your money or we will shut you down! Screw them.. Seriously, screw them.. You can quote me on that.. patent-trolls.. east-texas.. newegg.. shopping-cart.. swpat.. software-patents.. patents.. ecommerce.. soverain.. Implementing strcmp, strlen, and strstr using SSE 4.. 2 instructions strchr.. com.. Using new Intel Core i7 instructions to speed up string manipulation.. Fascinating stuff.. SSE ftw.. sse.. optimization.. simd.. assembly.. intel.. i7.. intel-core.. strstr.. strings.. string-matching.. strchr.. strlen.. Links for 2013-01-26.. January 26, 2013 at 11:58 pm.. All polar bears descended from one Irish grizzly.. THE ARCTIC S DWINDLING POPULATION of polar bears all descend from a single mamma brown bear which lived 20,000 to 50,000 years ago in present-day Ireland, new research suggests.. DNA samples from the great white carnivores taken from across their entire range in Russia, Canada, Greenland, Norway and Alaska revealed that every individual s lineage could be traced back to this Irish forebear.. More than the average bear, I guess.. animals.. biology.. science.. dna.. history.. bears.. polar-bears.. grizzly-bears.. via:ben.. Basho | Alert Logic Relies on Riak to Support Rapid Growth.. The new [Riak-based] analytics infrastructure performs statistical and correlation processing on all data [.. ] approximately 5 TB/day.. All of this data is processed in real-time as it streams in.. ] Alert Logic’s analytics infrastructure, powered by Riak, achieves performance results of up to 35k operations/second across each node in the cluster – performance that eclipses the existing MySQL deployment by a large margin on single node performance.. In real business terms, the initial deployment of the combination of Riak and the analytic infrastructure has allowed Alert Logic to process in real-time 7,500 reports, which previously took 12 hours of dedicated processing every night.. Twitter discussion here: https://twitter.. com/fisherpk/status/294984960849367040 , which notes heavily cached SAN storage, 12 core blades and 90% get to put ops , and 3 riak nodes, 12-cores, 30k get heavy riak ops/sec.. 8 nodes driving ops to that cluster.. Apparently the use of SAN storage on all nodes is historic, but certainly seems to have produced good iops numbers as an (expensive) side-effect.. iops.. riak.. basho.. systems.. alert-logic.. storage.. nosql.. databases.. Turn a Raspberry Pi Into an AirPlay Receiver for Streaming Music in Your Living Room.. hooray, a viable domestic Raspberry Pi use case at last ;).. raspberry-pi.. audio.. music.. mp3.. home.. hardware.. Antigua Government Set to Launch “Pirate” Website To Punish United States.. oh the lulz.. The Government of Antigua is planning to launch a website selling movies, music and software, without paying U.. S.. copyright holders.. The Caribbean island is taking the unprecedented step because the United States refuses to lift a trade “blockade” preventing the island from offering Internet gambling services, despite several WTO decisions in Antigua’s favor.. The country now hopes to recoup some of the lost income through a WTO approved “warez” site.. us-politics.. antigua.. piracy.. filesharing.. pirate.. gambling.. wto.. ip.. blockades.. Links for 2013-01-25.. January 25, 2013 at 11:58 pm.. Big Data Lambda Architecture.. An article by Nathan Storm Marz describing the system architecture he s been talking about for a while; Hadoop-driven batch view, Storm-driven speed view , and a merging API.. storm.. lambda-architecture.. design.. Hadoop.. Network graph viz of Irish politicians and organisations on Twitter.. generated by the Clique Research Cluster at UCD and DERI.. a visualization of the unified graph representation for the users in the data, produced using Gephi and sigma.. js.. Users are coloured according to their community (i.. e.. political affiliation).. The size of each node is proportional to its in-degree (i.. number of incoming links).. sigma.. js provides a really user-friendly UI to the graphs, although as with most current graph visualisations it d be particularly nice if it was possible to tease out and focus on interesting nodes, and get a pasteable URL of the result, in context.. Still, the most usable graph viz I ve seen in a while.. graphs.. ucd.. research.. twitter.. networks.. community.. javascript.. canvas.. gephi.. 50 Watts.. Incredible blog of book covers and illustrations, much from the 1970s.. illustration.. prints.. 1970s.. graphics.. Namazu-e: Earthquake catfish prints.. In November 1855, the Great Ansei Earthquake struck the city of Edo (now Tokyo), claiming 7,000 lives and inflicting widespread damage.. Within days, a new type of color woodblock print known as namazu-e (lit.. catfish pictures ) became popular among the residents of the shaken city.. These prints featured depictions of mythical giant catfish (namazu) who, according to popular legend, caused earthquakes by thrashing about in their underground lairs.. In addition to providing humor and social commentary, many prints claimed to offer protection from future earthquakes.. japan.. namazu-e.. ukiyo-e.. catfish.. earthquakes.. myth.. Links for 2013-01-24.. January 24, 2013 at 11:58 pm.. Implementing Real-Time Trending Topics With a Distributed Rolling Count Algorithm in Storm.. Storm demo with a reasonably complex topology.. how to implement a distributed, real-time trending topics algorithm in Storm.. It uses the latest features available in Storm 0.. 8 (namely tick tuples) and should be a good starting point for anyone trying to implement such an algorithm for their own application.. The new code is now available in the official storm-starter repository, so feel free to take a deeper look.. distcomp.. distributed.. tick-tuples.. runit.. a UNIX init scheme with service supervision philosophically similar to daemontools, widely packaged, LSB init.. d-script-compliant, BSD-licensed.. daemon.. supervision.. unix.. lsb.. server.. The Uni?ed Logging Infrastructure for Data Analytics at Twitter [PDF].. A picture of how Twitter standardized their internal service event logging formats to allow batch analysis and analytics.. They surface service metrics to dashboards from Pig jobs on a daily basis, which frankly doesn t sound too great.. analytics.. event-logging.. events.. logging.. Ivan Beshoff, Last Survivor Of Mutiny on the Potemkin, founded Beshoffs.. wow.. there s a factoid! the Beshoffs chain of chippers in Dublin were founded by this historic figure, who died in 1987.. factoids.. beshoffs.. chips.. small-world.. battleship-potemkin.. russia.. Links for 2013-01-23.. January 23, 2013 at 11:58 pm.. fail0verflow ::.. Excellent demo of how use of a block cipher with a known secret key makes an insecure MAC.. In short, CBC-MAC is a Message Authentication Code, not a strong hash function.. While MACs can be built out of hash functions (e.. g.. HMAC), and hash functions can be built out of block ciphers like AES, not all MACs are also hash functions.. CBC-MAC in particular is completely unsuitable for use as a hash function, because it only allows two parties with knowledge of a particular secret key to securely transmit messages between each other.. Anyone with knowledge of that key can forge the messages in a way that keeps the MAC (“hash value”) the same.. All you have to do is run the forged message through CBC-MAC as usual, then use the AES decryption operation on the original hash value to find the last intermediate state.. XORing this state with the CBC-MAC for the forged message yields a new block of data which, when appended to the forged message, will cause it to have the original hash value.. Because the input is taken backwards, you can either modify the first block of the file, or just run the hash function backwards until you reach the block that you want to modify.. You can make a forged file pass the hash check as long as you can modify an arbitrary aligned 16-byte block in it.. crypto.. hashing.. security.. cbc.. mac.. sha1.. aes.. Links for 2013-01-21.. January 21, 2013 at 11:58 pm.. Scala 2.. 8 Collections API Performance Characteristics.. Every library vending a set of collection types should have a page like this.. collections.. scala.. performance.. reference.. complexity.. big-o.. Leaving Amazon.. January 21, 2013 at 1:03 pm.. So, after just over 3 and a half years, I m leaving Amazon.. It s been great fun I can honestly say, even with my code being used by hundreds of millions of users in SpamAssassin and elsewhere, I hadn t really had to come to grips with the distributed systems problems that an Amazon-scale service involves.. During my time at Amazon, I ve had the pleasure of building out a brand-new, groundbreaking innovative internal service, from scratch to its current status where it s deployed in production datacenters worldwide.. It s a low-latency service, used to monitor Amazon s internal networks using massive quantities of measurement data and machine learning algorithms.. It s really very nifty, and I m quite proud of what we ve achieved.. I was lucky to work closely with some very smart people during this, too Amazon has some top-notch engineers.. But time to move on! In a week s time, I ll be joining.. Swrve.. to work on the server-side architecture of their system.. Swrve have a very interesting product, extending the A/B-testing model into gaming, and a great team; and it ll be nice to get back into startup-land once again, for a welcome change.. (It s not all roses working for a big company.. ;) I m looking forward to it.. Who knows, I may even start blogging here again.. Pity about losing those 12 phone tool icons though!.. Comments (5).. Links for 2013-01-18.. January 18, 2013 at 11:58 pm.. CES: Worse Products Through Software.. The companies out there that know how to make decent software have been steadily eating their way into and through markets previously dominated by the hardware guys.. Apple with music players, TiVo with video recording, even Microsoft with its decade-old Xbox Live service, which continues to embarrass the far weaker offerings from Sony and Nintendo.. (And, yes, iOS is embarrassing all three console makers.. ) See also Mat Honan s article at http://www.. wired.. com/gadgetlab/2012/12/internet-tv-sucks/ : Smart TVs are just too complicated.. They have terrible user interfaces that differ wildly from device to device.. It’s not always clear what content is even available — for example, after more than two years on the market, you still can’t watch Hulu Plus on your Google TV.. ] They give us too many options for apps most people will never use, and they do so at the expense of making it simple to find the shows and movies we want to watch, no matter where they are, be it online or on the air.. As NPD puts it in the conclusion to its report, “OEMs and retailers need to focus less on new innovation in this space and more on simplification of the user experience and messaging if they want to drive additional, and new, behaviors on the TV.. ” Which is a more polite way of saying, clean up your horrible interface, Samsung.. (via Craig).. via:craig.. ui.. tv.. television.. sony.. ces.. software.. Fast Packed String Matching for Short Patterns [paper, PDF].. Searching for all occurrences of a pattern in a text is a fundamental problem in computer science with applications in many other fields, like NLP, information retrieval and computational biology.. In the last two decades a general trend has appeared trying to exploit the power of the word RAM model to speed-up the performances of classical string matching algorithms.. ] In this paper we use specialized word-size packed string matching instructions, based on the Intel streaming SIMD extensions (SSE) technology, to design very fast string matching algorithms in the case of short patterns.. Reminds me of http://en.. wikipedia.. org/wiki/Rabin%E2%80%93Karp_algorithm , but taking advantage of SIMD extensions, which should make things nice and speedy, at the cost of tying it to specific hardware platforms.. (via Tony Finch).. rabin-karp.. algorithms.. papers.. via:fanf.. Irish EU Council Presidency proposes destruction of right to privacy | EDRI.. For example, based on the current situation in Ireland, the idea is that all companies can do whatever they want with personal data, without fear of sanction.. Sanctions, such as fines, “should be optional or at least conditional upon a prior warning or reprimand”.. In other words, do what you want, the worst that can happen is that you will receive a warning.. Shame! Daragh O Brien s comment: utter idiocy.. ( at https://twitter.. com/daraghobrien/status/292041500873850880 ).. privacy.. eu.. fail.. data-protection.. data-privacy.. politics.. Links for 2013-01-17.. January 17, 2013 at 11:58 pm.. Belgium plans artificial island to store wind power.. Belgium is planning to build a doughnut-shaped island in the North Sea that will store wind energy by pumping water out of a hollow in the middle, as it looks for ways to lessen its reliance on nuclear power.. One of the biggest problems with electricity is that it is difficult to store and the issue is exaggerated in the case of renewable energy from wind or sun because it is intermittent depending on the weather.. The island is still in the planning stages, but will be built out of sand 3 km off the Belgian coast near the town of Wenduine if it gets the final go-ahead.. The island, which would also work as an offshore substation to transform the voltage of the electricity generated by wind turbines, could take five or more years to plan and build.. power.. via:daev.. belgium.. wind-power.. hydro.. sea.. islands.. manmade.. Reddit’s ranking algorithms.. so Reddit uses the Wilson score confidence interval approach, it turns out; more details here (via Toby diPasquale).. ranking.. rating.. popularity.. python.. wilson-score-interval.. sorting.. statistics.. confidence-sort.. Links for 2013-01-15.. January 15, 2013 at 11:58 pm.. The Neurocritic: Fisher-Price Synesthesia.. Synesthesia [jm: sic] is a rare perceptual phenomenon in which the stimulation of one sensory modality, or exposure to one type of stimulus, leads to a sensory (or cognitive) experience in a different, non-stimulated modality.. For instance, some synesthetes have colored hearing while others might taste shapes.. GRAPHEME-COLOR SYNESTHESIA is the condition in which individual printed letters are perceived in a specific, constant color.. This occurs involuntarily and in the absence of colored font.. ] A new study has identified 11 synesthetes whose grapheme-color mappings appear to be based on the Fisher Price plastic letter set made between 1972-1990.. (via Dave Green).. fisher-price.. synesthesia.. synaesthesia.. colors.. colours.. sight.. neuroscience.. brain.. via-dave-green.. toys.. Extreme Performance with Java Charlie Hunt [slides, PDF].. presentation slides for Charlie Hunt s 2012 QCon presentation, where he discusses what you need to know about a modern JVM in order to be effective at writing a low latency Java application.. The talk video is at http://www.. infoq.. com/presentations/Extreme-Performance-Java.. low-latency.. charlie-hunt.. java.. jvm.. presentations.. qcon.. slides.. pdf.. Leopold’s Day Map.. Bloomsday Map Of Dublin Based On Ulysses.. Beautiful! The Leopold’s Day map is a stunning marriage of typography and cartography plotting all the streets alluded to by Joyce in Ulysses which were in existence on June 16th 1904.. It is accompanied by a comprehensive and beautifully typeset directory with over 400 entries noting the landmarks, business and people of Dublin that were referenced in the text.. The Leopold’s Day map is an exquisitely detailed, limited edition piece.. It has an impressive dimension of 1000mm x 700mm which means it can also fit into a ready made frame.. Price: €125.. 00.. bloomsday.. ulysses.. maps.. james-joyce.. aaw/hyperloglog-redis GitHub.. This gem is a pure Ruby implementation of the HyperLogLog algorithm for estimating cardinalities of sets observed via a stream of events.. A Redis instance is used for storing the counters.. cardinality.. sets.. redis.. gems.. hyperloglog.. Links for 2013-01-14.. January 14, 2013 at 11:58 pm.. Tunlr.. uses DNS witchcraft to allow you to access US/UK-only audio and video services like Hulu.. com, BBC iPlayer, etc.. without using a VPN or Web proxy.. According to http://superuser.. com/questions/461316/how-does-tunlr-work , it proxies the initial connection setup and geo-auth, then mangles the stream address to stream directly, not via proxy.. Sounds pretty useful.. proxy..  ...   right eventually?.. debunking Ken Ring, the kiwi “long term weather prediction” “scientist” who gets trundled out every year around this time.. ken-ring.. weather.. predictions.. rain.. Links for 2013-01-01.. January 1, 2013 at 11:58 pm.. 29c3 HashDOS presentation slides (PDF).. Summary: MurmurHash still vulnerable, likewise Cityhash and Python s hash use SipHash.. cityhash.. siphash.. hash.. dos.. hashdos.. murmurhash.. Scaling Crashlytics: Building Analytics on Redis 2.. 6.. How one analytics/metrics co is using Redis on the backend.. presentation.. Systemd, systemd-nspawn, and namespaces for Linux service compartmentalization.. Using ReadOnlyDirectories= andInaccessibleDirectories= you may setup a file system namespace jail for your service.. Initially, it will be identical to your host OS file system namespace.. By listing directories in these directives you may then mark certain directories or mount points of the host OS as read-only or even completely inaccessible to the daemon.. systemd.. jails.. namespaces.. linux.. compartmentalisation.. Links for 2012-12-23.. December 23, 2012 at 11:58 pm.. GNUTLS project is leaving/attempting to leave the GNU project/FSF.. seems there s trouble around governance and rights of the project s developers.. GNU sed and grep s maintainer, too: http://article.. gmane.. org/gmane.. comp.. lang.. smalltalk.. gnu.. general/7873.. gnu.. free-software.. governance.. management.. richard-stallman.. Links for 2012-12-20.. December 20, 2012 at 11:58 pm.. AWS Advent 2012.. an annual exploration of Amazon Web Services.. Some great hacks here.. amazon.. advent.. sysadmin.. s3.. puppet.. Links for 2012-12-19.. December 19, 2012 at 11:58 pm.. Raspberry Pi XBMC Shootout: Raspbmc vs OpenELEC vs XBian.. summary: OpenELEC wins! (via Davie Norrie).. via:dnorrie.. openelec.. xbmc.. htpc.. How We Vagrant.. the enStratus “solo installer”; what they use for one-box testing, staging, and customer stack deployment, using chef-solo and Vagrant.. virtualization.. chef-solo.. enstratus.. cluster.. stack.. Links for 2012-12-18.. December 18, 2012 at 11:58 pm.. Baklava code.. thin software layers don’t add much value, especially when you have many such layers piled on each other.. Each layer has to be pushed onto your mental stack as you dive into the code.. Furthermore, the layers of phyllo dough are permeable, allowing the honey to soak through.. But software abstractions are best when they don’t leak.. When you pile layer on top of layer in software, the layers are bound to leak.. code.. terminology.. food.. antipatterns.. Links for 2012-12-17.. December 17, 2012 at 11:58 pm.. The innards of Evernote s new business analytics data warehouse.. replacing a giant MySQL star-schema reporting server with a Hadoop/Hive/ParAccel cluster.. horizontal-scaling.. bi.. reporting.. evernote.. via:highscalability.. hive.. hadoop.. paraccel.. HBase Real-time Analytics Rollbacks via Append-based Updates.. Interesting concept for scaling up the write rate on massive key-value counter stores:.. Replace update (Get+Put) operations at write time with simple append-only writes and defer processing of updates to periodic jobs or perform aggregations on the fly if user asks for data earlier than individual additions are processed.. The idea is simple and not necessarily novel, but given the specific qualities of HBase, namely fast range scans and high write throughput, this approach works very well.. counters.. hbase.. append.. sematext.. aggregation.. big-data.. Cliff Click in A JVM Does What?.. interesting YouTubed presentation from Azul s Cliff Click on some java/JVM innards.. youtube.. Links for 2012-12-16.. December 16, 2012 at 11:58 pm.. The Eire Markings.. An attempt to catalogue some Emergency-era (ie.. WWII) ground markings, used to notify US pilots that they were overflying the neutral Republic of Ireland.. eire.. wwii.. the-emergency.. war.. geography.. Bunnie Huang is building a once-off custom laptop design.. As one commenter says, it s like watching a Jedi construct his own light-saber.. ” Quad-core ARM chips, on-board FPGA (!), and lots of other amazing hacker-friendly features; sounds like a one-of-a-kind device.. laptop.. bunnie-huang.. arm.. fpga.. hackers.. Links for 2012-12-14.. December 14, 2012 at 11:58 pm.. Authentication is machine learning.. This may be the most insightful writing about authentication in years:.. From my brief time at Google, my internship at Yahoo!, and conversations with other companies doing web authentication at scale, I’ve observed that as authentication systems develop they gradually merge with other abuse-fighting systems dealing with various forms of spam (email, account creation, link, etc.. ) and phishing.. Authentication eventually loses its binary nature and becomes a fuzzy classification problem.. This is not a new observation.. It’s generally accepted for banking authentication and some researchers like Dinei Florêncio and Cormac Herley have made it for web passwords.. Still, much of the security research community thinks of password authentication in a binary way [.. ].. Spam and phishing provide insightful examples: technical solutions (like Hashcash, DKIM signing, or EV certificates), have generally failed but in practice machine learning has greatly reduced these problems.. The theory has largely held up that with enough data we can train reasonably effective classifiers to solve seemingly intractable problems.. (via Tony Finch.. ).. passwords.. authentication.. machine-learning.. abuse.. antispam.. dkim.. Hotels to pay royalties on music The Irish Times Fri, Dec 14, 2012.. The operators of hotels, guesthouses and bed breakfasts will have to pay royalties for any copyright music played in guest bedrooms [in Ireland].. ] Under the agreement, the music charges will be set by Phonographic Performance Ireland Ltd (PPI).. ] When it initiated its case in 2010, the PPI said it was seeking payment of about €1 per bedroom per week or about 14 cent a night.. I don t understand this.. Most hotels do not play music in the rooms themselves.. Does this apply if there is no music playing in the bedroom? Does it apply if the customer brings their own music? Are Dublin Bus to be next?.. hotels.. ppi.. money.. royalties.. The Mathematical Hacker.. The trouble with the Lisp-hacker tradition is that it is overly focused on the problem of programming compilers, abstraction, editors, and so forth rather than the problems outside the programmer s cubicle.. I conjecture that the Lisp-school essayists Raymond, Graham, and Yegge have not “needed mathematics” because they spend their time worrying about how to make code more abstract.. This kind of thinking may lead to compact, powerful code bases, but in the language of economics, there is an opportunity cost.. mathematics.. maths.. essay.. lisp.. fortran.. The Aggregate Magic Algorithms.. Obscure, low-level bit-twiddling tricks specifically:.. Absolute Value of a Float, Alignment of Pointers, Average of Integers, Bit Reversal, Comparison of Float Values, Comparison to Mask Conversion, Divide Rounding, Dual-Linked List with One Pointer Field, GPU Any, GPU SyncBlocks, Gray Code Conversion, Integer Constant Multiply, Integer Minimum or Maximum, Integer Power, Integer Selection, Is Power of 2, Leading Zero Count, Least Significant 1 Bit, Log2 of an Integer, Next Largest Power of 2, Most Significant 1 Bit, Natural Data Type Precision Conversions, Polynomials, Population Count (Ones Count), Shift-and-Add Optimization, Sign Extension, Swap Values Without a Temporary, SIMD Within A Register (SWAR) Operations, Trailing Zero Count.. Many of these would be insane to use in anything other than the hottest of hot-spots, but good to have on file.. (via Toby diPasquale).. hot-spots.. optimisation.. bit-twiddling.. via:codeslinger.. snippets.. Shell Scripts Are Like Gremlins.. Shell Scripts are like Gremlins.. You start out with one adorably cute shell script.. You commented it and it does one thing really well.. It’s easy to read, everyone can use it.. It’s awesome! Then you accidentally spill some water on it, or feed it late one night and omgwtf is happening!?.. +1.. I have to wean myself off the habit of automating with shell scripts where a clean, well-unit-tested piece of code would work better.. shell-scripts.. scripting.. devops.. Links for 2012-12-13.. December 13, 2012 at 11:58 pm.. Linux nukes 386 support.. there s a nostalgic cost: your old original 386 DX33 system from early 1991 won t be able to boot modern Linux kernels anymore.. Sniff.. Now *THAT* is backwards compatibility.. backwards-compatibility.. 386.. linus-torvalds.. Inside the Mcor IRIS.. The results are startlingly good.. This 3D printed skull [see pic] looks almost real.. This is the print quality everyone will be able to access when Mcor’s deal with Staples enables 3D printing from copy centers.. mcor.. staples.. irish.. tech.. 3d-printing.. paper.. Links for 2012-12-12.. December 12, 2012 at 11:58 pm.. BBC News The hum that helps to fight crime.. Dr Harrison said: If we have we can extract [the hum of the mains AC power's 50Hz wave] and compare it with the database, if it is a continuous recording, it will all match up nicely.. If we ve got some breaks in the recording, if it s been stopped and started, the profiles won t match or there will be a section missing.. Or if it has come from two different recordings looking as if it is one, we ll have two different profiles within that one recording.. In the UK, because one national grid supplies the country with electricity, the fluctuations in frequency are the same the country over.. So it does not matter if the recording has been made in Aberdeen or Southampton, the comparison will work.. buzz.. hum.. uk.. mains.. 50hz.. crime.. forensics.. Two Sides For Salvation « Code as Craft.. Etsy s MySQL master-master pair configuration, and how it allows no-downtime schema changes.. database.. mysql.. replication.. schema.. availability.. downtime.. GMail partial outage Dec 10 2012 incident report [PDF].. TL;DR: a bad load balancer change was deployed globally, causing the impact.. 21 minute time to detection.. Single-location rollout is now on the cards.. gmail.. coe.. incidents.. postmortems.. outages.. Links for 2012-12-11.. December 11, 2012 at 11:58 pm.. Damn Fine Print.. lovely signed and editioned prints by Dublin s best illustrators at good prices.. Turns out this was in connection with a show a few days ago, so the best ones are now sold out I love the Chris Judge Liberty Hall print but there s still a few good ones left.. Brian Gallagher s Georgian doorway is a beauty.. chris-judge.. Links for 2012-12-10.. December 10, 2012 at 11:58 pm.. A map of Dublin from 1686.. via Come Here To Me The whole population of the county at the time was under 60,000.. Ringsend, Merrion, Monkstown, Bullock and Dalkey on the Southside and Ballybough, Clontarf, Sutton and Hoath/Howth on the Northside are marked.. Taken from the book Dublin: through space and time (2001).. Massive tracts of land were reclaimed since then, clearly the North bay comes all the way in to Ballybough!.. via:chtm.. Back-up Tut and other decoy spatial antiquities.. I like this idea a complete facsimile of King Tut s burial chamber.. Bldgblog comments:.. “On the 90th anniversary of the discovery of King Tut’s tomb, an “authorized facsimile of the burial chamber” has been created, complete “with sarcophagus, sarcophagus lid and the missing fragment from the south wall.. ” The resulting duplicate, created with the help of high-res cameras and lasers, is “an exact facsimile of the burial chamber,” one that is now “being sent to Cairo by The Ministry of Tourism of Egypt.. ” [.. ].. Interestingly, we read that this was done under a licence to the University of Basel, which implies the very real possibility that unlicensed duplicate rooms might also someday be produced—that is, pirate interiors ripped or printed from the original data set, like building-scale physibles, a kind of infringed architecture of object torrents taking shape as inhabitable rooms.. In their book Anachronic Renaissance, for instance, Alexander Nagel and Christopher Wood write of what they call a long chain of effective substitutions or effective surrogates for lost originals that nonetheless reached the value and status of an icon in medieval Europe.. [O]ne might know that [these objects] were fabricated in the present or in the recent past, Nagel and Wood write, but at the same time value them and use them as if they were very old things.. They call this seeing in substitutional terms.. via:new-aesthetic.. bldgblog.. archaeology.. facsimiles.. copying.. king-tut.. egypt.. physibles.. Links for 2012-12-06.. December 6, 2012 at 11:58 pm.. low-gc-membuffers.. This project aims at creating a simple efficient building block for Big Data libraries, applications and frameworks; thing that can be used as an in-memory, bounded queue with opaque values (sequence of JDK primitive values): insertions at tail, removal from head, single entry peeks), and that has minimal garbage collection overhead.. Insertions and removals are as individual entries, which are sub-sequences of the full buffer.. GC overhead minimization is achieved by use of direct ByteBuffers (memory allocated outside of GC-prone heap); and bounded nature by only supporting storage of simple primitive value (byte, `long ) sequences where size is explicitly known.. Conceptually memory buffers are just simple circular buffers (ring buffers) that hold a sequence of primitive values, bit like arrays, but in a way that allows dynamic automatic resizings of the underlying storage.. Library supports efficient reusing and sharing of underlying segments for sets of buffers, although for many use cases a single buffer suffices.. gc.. bytebuffer.. Links for 2012-12-05.. December 5, 2012 at 11:58 pm.. The MIG-in-the-middle attack.. or, a very effective demonstration of a man-in-the-middle interception and replay attack, from a 1980s Namibia-Angola war, via Ross Anderson.. mig.. mitm.. Links for 2012-12-03.. December 3, 2012 at 11:58 pm.. Scoop! The inside story of the news website that saved the BBC.. The Register s take on the early days of www.. bbc.. co.. uk.. Lots of politics, unsurprisingly.. Fifteen years ago this month the BBC launched its News Online website.. Developed internally with a skeleton team, the web service rapidly became the face of the BBC on the internet, and its biggest success story – winning four successive BAFTA awards.. Remarkably, it operated at a third of the cost of rival commercial online news operations – unheard of in public-sector IT projects.. Devised before there were really any content management systems, the technical architecture became a template for all major news systems, and one that’s still in use today.. The team endured some furious internal politicking and sabotage to survive.. news.. web.. the-register.. Irish mobile phone companies: still spammy.. Pro tip: if you re going to spam, try not to spam the DPC s Director of Investigations.. lolz.. oh-dear.. three.. hutchinson.. mobile.. spam.. dpc.. Hamming weight.. Wikipedia page.. The Hamming weight of a string is the number of symbols that are different from the zero-symbol of the alphabet used.. It is thus equivalent to the Hamming distance from the all-zero string of the same length.. For the most typical case, a string of bits, this is the number of 1 s in the string.. In this binary case, it is also called the population count, popcount or sideways sum.. It is the digit sum of the binary representation of a given number.. Contains an efficient algorithm to compute this for a given long value, by adding counts in a tree pattern.. hamming-distance.. bits.. hamming.. weight.. binary.. Efficient concurrent long set and map.. An ordered set and map data structure and algorithm for long keys and values, supporting concurrent reads by multiple threads and updates by a single thread.. Some good stuff in the linked blog posts about Clojure s PersistentHashMap and PersistentVector data structures, too.. arrays.. persistent.. clojure.. concurrent.. set.. map.. Links for 2012-12-02.. December 2, 2012 at 11:58 pm.. James Hamilton Failures at Scale How to Ride Through Them AWS re:Invent 2012 Cpn208.. mostly an update of his classic USENIX paper, but pretty cool to come across a mention of a network monitoring system we ve built on page 21 ;).. james-hamilton.. reliabilty.. Links for 2012-12-01.. December 1, 2012 at 11:58 pm.. _The Pauseless GC Algorithm_ [pdf].. Paper from USENIX VEE 05, by Cliff Click, Gil Tene, and Michael Wolf of Azul Systems, describing some details of the Azul secret sauce (via b6n).. via:b3n.. usenix.. Everything I Ever Learned About JVM Performance Tuning @Twitter.. presentation by Attila Szegedi of Twitter from last year.. Some good tips here, well-presented.. tuning.. cms.. Links for 2012-11-28.. November 28, 2012 at 11:58 pm.. The Rise And Fall Of The Obscure Music Download Blog: A Roundtable.. One internet music sharing trend largely unnoticed by the powers that sue was the niche explosion of obscure music download blogs, lasting roughly from 2004-2008.. Using free filesharing services like Rapidshare and Mediafire, and setting up sites on Blogspot and similar providers, these internet hubs stayed hidden in the open by catering to more discerning kleptomaniac audiophiles.. Their specialty: parceling out ripped recordings — many of them copyrighted — from the more collectible and unknown corners of music s oddball, anomalous past.. While the RIAA was suing dead people for downloading Michael Jackson songs (and Madonna was using Soulseek to curse at teenagers), obscure music blogs racked up millions of hits, ripping and sharing 80s Japanese noise, 70s German prog, 60s San Francisco hippie freak-outs, 50s John Cage bootlegs, 30s gramophone oddities, Norwegian death metal, cold wave cassettes made by kids in their garages, and the like.. It was the mid aughts, and the advent of digitization had inadvertently put the value of the music industry s Top Ten commercial product in peril.. That same process transformed the value of old, collectible music as well.. If one smart record collector was able to share the entire contents—music, artwork and all—of one vinyl LP on his blog, for free, and upload another item from his 1,000+ collection the next day, for weeks and years, and others like him did the same, competing with each other about who could upload the rarest and most sought-after record, and anyone who downloaded it could then share it again and again… Suddenly everyone in the world had the coolest record collection in the world; and soon, nobody in the world had the coolest record collection in the world.. Obscure music download blogs weren t shut down like Napster or Megaupload were (though they were indirectly affected by that crackdown); they just, mysteriously, seemed to burn out on their own sometime around 2008.. While some are still around, their number represents only a fraction of that mid-00s heyday.. Was this because obscure music blogs had overshared the underexposed and blown the whole thing into oblivion? Is the fact that a guy in Japan will no longer pay $500 on eBay for a first pressing of the No New York compilation because he can find it for free on the internet good for the world? Was the commodity-lost but the knowledge-gained an even exchange? To explore what was going on then, I assembled this email roundtable discussion between creators of some of the most popular blogs of the time: Eric Lumbleau of Mutant Sounds, Liam Elms of 8 Days in April, Frank of Systems of Romance and Brian Turner, Music Director of WFMU.. (via Loreana Rushe).. blogs.. obscure.. via-loreana-rushe.. 2000s.. Previous entries.. Next Page.. The weblog of.. Justin Mason.. ; incoherent ramblings about Apache SpamAssassin, anti-spam, perl, software development, and the web, from an Irish software developer.. The opinions expressed on this web site are my personal opinions, and do not in any way represent those of my employer.. This Blog.. Front.. RSS (Linkblog only).. Contact me.. RSS (Main weblog only).. Search Everything.. RSS (Main weblog comments).. Links.. Irish Blogs Top 100.. IrishBlogs.. ie.. My MP3 Blog.. Nearly-live Planetary Desktops.. Planet Antispam.. Planet Apache.. Planet Perl.. Planet.. journals.. Threadless.. Twit.. Wishlist.. Random Selection Of The Blogroll.. Matt Cutts: Gadgets, Google, and SEO.. Jeremy Zawodny s blog.. Oisin Hurley s Weblog.. Stevey s Blog Rants.. Matthias Leisi.. Tom Raftery s I.. T.. views.. Adrian Cockcroft s Blog.. Craigalog.. Peter Flynn s WebLog.. The Sigla Blog.. GUBU.. ongoing.. Caolan McNamara.. Spychips RFID Blog.. madduck s droppings.. weareie.. Jason Cosper.. Micronomicon Abroad.. trained monkey.. Damien Mulley s Blog.. nat friedman.. feather.. Richi Blog.. Waxy.. org.. Lee Maguire: webslog.. Rod.. Freedom to Tinker.. Get Up With It.. Nelson s Weblog.. Technology with a Face.. Niall Richard Murphy.. Tony Bowden: Understanding Nothing.. Leonard s blog.. Bleep Labs.. notes.. torrez.. Johnny K.. BLDGBLOG.. defective yeti.. Nelson s Linkblog.. Light Blue Touchpaper.. CircleID.. Sifry s Alerts.. Gojomo.. Waider s Geek Diary.. mrneutron.. Educated Guesswork.. [ t e c h n o \ c u l t u r e ].. A Shout Out to My Pepys.. Aehso s Output.. First Choice.. Search.. Administrivia.. Log in.. Entries.. RSS.. Comments.. Wordpress.. Xbox360 Gamercard.. Buttons.. Design by Beccary.. Sponsored by Weblogs.. us.. XHTML.. CSS..

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