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  • Title: Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding (SACU)
    Descriptive info: .. About SACU.. About China.. Magazine.. Search.. Index.. About.. Council.. Handbook.. Join us.. Donate.. Members.. Contact.. Site Map.. Terms.. Site Privacy.. The Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding (.. SACU.. ) was founded over 45 years ago to promote friendship and understanding between the peoples of Britain and China.. It is a registered UK charity and is the only friendship society of its kind in the country.. Our.. section has extracts from the latest issue of.. China Eye.. including contents of all issues over the last ten years.. is a reference resource with over 400 web pages of information about China.. Including.. language.. ,.. history.. geography.. photographic gallery.. and.. traditions.. The.. China News.. section has a selection of news stories from the web which is updated every day.. Autumn 2013 issue of.. available online.. Read the latest news stories about China in our.. Sinofile column.. For more about.. please go to the.. About SACU (Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding) page.. We publish.. China Eye magazine.. covering all aspects  ...   site visitors each month.. The Society is a non-governmental organization with no party affiliation.. See Also.. Meridian Society.. Membership organisation based in London with similar aims to SACU, regular events and tours to China.. Chinatown.. A large U.. K.. site with background cultural information and events information.. Between East and West.. Background on British Born Chinese people.. Dim Sum.. A range of news and cultural topics serving the U.. Chinese community.. Mother Bridge of Love.. Help and information for adopting children from China and general chinese understanding.. C.. S.. A.. The Chinese Students and Scholars Association's web site aimed at Chinese students studying in the UK.. Half and half.. Documents the history of British born who are half Chinese, mainly children of Chinese sailors.. Oasis Adoption.. Support and information for people adopting children from Overseas orphanages.. British Council.. Web site giving information about Britain to people in China.. Copyright SACU 1965-2012.. If you have any comments, updates or corrections please let us know via our..

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  • Title: Information about China
    Descriptive info: Why?.. Language.. Traditions.. Geography.. History.. Communist Era.. Modern History.. World.. Gallery.. All about China.. SACU has a wealth of information about all aspects of China built up over the last forty years.. A large number of pages have been divided into sections for convenience and ease of browsing.. Why learn about China? Our.. introduction page.. explains why China is so important.. Learn about the impact and appeal of the Chinese Language through a collection of pages covering proverbs, families and poetry.. Includes:.. Language basics.. ;.. Proverbs.. Poetry.. An index of pages covering the history of China through the last 5,000 years up to 1949.. Great inventions.. Maps showing China's development.. The first emperor..  ...   of Communism 1949 to 1990.. Political slogans.. Mao suits.. Early tours.. Deng xiaoping.. Great Leap Forward.. Modern China.. Life in modern China today.. Environmental policy.. Car industry.. Modern Nanjing.. China and the Rest of the World.. China's contacts with the rest of the World over the last few millennia.. Opium Wars.. SACU's early days.. UK friendship societies.. British Chinese Communities.. Victorian attitudes to China.. Learn about the varied provinces that make up the vast country of China.. Map of China.. Visit to Sichuan.. Yangzi gorges.. Xinjiang province.. Photographs.. A gallery of over 1,000 photographs with a cultural or historical dimension of China.. Summer Palace, Beijing.. Map of the Long March.. Daqing oilfield.. Oroqen children..

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  • Title: China Eye Magazine
    Descriptive info: Sinofile.. Events.. Information.. News.. Other sites.. Back numbers.. |.. 2013.. 2012.. 2011.. 2010.. 2009.. 2008.. 2007.. 2006.. 2005.. 2004.. 2002.. 2001.. 2000.. 1999.. 1998.. 1997.. 1970 thru 1996.. is a widely respected magazine giving an independent view of all aspects of China and is published quarterly to members of SACU.. SACU has produced a magazine / newsletter for forty years.. China Eye contains.. - a news digest of recent events in China, a wide range of articles, an.. events diary.. information.. - anything with a Chinese connection.. It is the member's journal of the Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding (SACU).. To receive a copy you need to join SACU, please go to the.. membership page.. to start your application online.. To submit an article for inclusion in our magazine please see the.. Contribute.. section.. Issue 39 (Autumn 2013).. Sinofile -.. A regular round-up of news from China.. Friends Ambulance Unit : Destination Chongqing -.. Andrew Hicks retraces the steps of the unit as they delivered medical supplies to China in the 1940s.. A Chinese childhood or Tea with the Last Emperor -.. Patricia Elwood recounts her experiences in 1920s China including a meeting with Emperor Puyi.. Changing views on the sanctity of life in China -.. Graham Milne recalls his experience of China  ...   Reading about China 9 -.. Dr.. Haris Livas-Dawes introduces more books she has found useful in learning about China.. China Eye Diary -.. Notices and events.. An index of our earlier magazine contents by subject is available on the.. index page.. To see the contents of the last ten years of our magazine please visit our annual index pages:.. Contribute an article for China Eye.. We welcome contributions to China Eye either by writing articles or suggesting a contact who can.. Articles are welcomed on any aspect of China, especially if it contributes to Anglo-Chinese Understanding.. A guidelines for contributors leaflet has been prepared and will be sent or e-mailed to anyone on request.. You can also help by letting us know of any events, theatre, performances or meetings in your area, which may be of interest to SACU members.. Please contact the China Eye editor and remember to include all details of dates, opening times, entry charge, location and contact numbers.. You can also contribute to the production of China Eye by helping to proofread parts of the manuscript before printing.. Please contact the editor using our.. if you can help.. Thank you.. Back issues.. Back issues of our magazines are still available.. Go to.. Back issues page.. for more details..

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  • Title: Search Page
    Descriptive info: We use.. Google.. , the most popular search engine to allow you to search our site or the wider Internet.. Just enter the text to in the box and then press.. If you want to use Google to search all the sites on the Internet click on that option first.. Loading..

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  • Title: About SACU
    Descriptive info: About the Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding.. Forty five years of fostering understanding between the British and Chinese peoples.. SACU is a membership organisation and is a registered UK charity, run by unpaid volunteers.. Details of the people on the Management committee can be found on our.. Council page.. China Eye Magazine.. Our quarterly magazine '.. ' includes a range of articles about China and Chinese Culture.. It contains a diary of SACU and other events - anything with a Chinese connection.. We have produced a magazine for the last forty years.. SACU Handbook.. All members receive an extensive and authoritative reference.. handbook.. on all aspects of China and the Chinese community in the U.. it has extensive lists of contact organisations; books and web sites.. Activities.. We send out a monthly newsletter of Chinese related events throughout the UK.. See.. Events page.. for the current list.. In Manchester there is a local branch which organises its own programme of events in which all members can participate.. Every year we organise a joint event with our partner organisation.. the Meridian Society.. in London.. We are setting up a new branch to cover Kent and Sussex.. We have contacts with local Chinese communities.. Library.. SACU has over 3,000 books in English on China and Chinese culture which are located at the.. University of Sheffield Library.. The books may be accessed by SACU members free of charge.. SACU members can access the books at Sheffield University during normal opening hours.. They are now integrated into the Chinese collection at the East Asian Studies.. The library is on Western Bank (Sheffield S10 2TN) just west of the city centre and about 20 minutes walk from the railway station.. Books can be borrowed using the normal inter-library borrowing system, which can be arranged via your local library.. Sheffield Library.. Web site.. This web site  ...   suspicion and increase understanding of China within the UK.. to help members progress their China-related interests and so to help SACU thrive.. If you would like to join SACU please go to.. the membership page.. Charitable status.. SACU is a Registered UK Charity Number 294,651.. [ See.. details.. ].. The Society for Anglo-Understanding is a UK Limited Company by Guarantee (Company number 876,179).. Registered Office: 15a, Napoleon Road, St.. Margarets, Twickenham, Middlesex.. TWI 3EW.. Brief history.. SACU was founded in 1965, the first Chairman and prime mover was.. Joseph Needham.. of Cambridge University ably assisted by.. Derek Bryan.. In the.. 1970s.. SACU was one of very few organizations who could arrange visits to China (see.. early SACU tours.. ).. Anyone wishing to travel had to pass an interview and attend a short course.. SACU has always kept independent with no political and governmental affiliations, during difficult times it has sought understanding and provide accurate reporting.. Membership numbers at one stage reached 1,800 with offices and staff in London.. The tours flourished into the 1980s, but with the opening up of China, mainstream travel companies began competing and so SACU China Tours ceased in 1989.. Throughout the last 45 years, SACU has published a newsletter and/or a magazine with specialist articles on all aspects of China and Chinese culture.. The organisation is now more modest in size and is run by a dedicated bunch of volunteers.. SACU's logo is the Chinese character for friendship.. 'you'.. It is made up of two elements both representing hands and so forms an appropriate character to represent friendship through the joining of hands.. The character is usually seen in conjunction with other characters giving the word an association of friendship.. For example.. peng you - 'friend' and.. you ai - 'friendly affection'.. The character 'ai' means 'love' or 'affection' and itself includes the friendship character..

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  • Title: SACU's Council of Management
    Descriptive info: SACU's Council of Management.. The Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding is a registered UK charity (number 294,651).. It is instituted as a registered company without share holders (Company number 876,179).. Since 1996 it has not had any employees or rented offices, it has been run entirely by unpaid volunteers.. Zoe Reed has been SACU's Chair since 2009.. She has a direct interest in building links and understanding with China as her father was Chinese - however she did not meet him until the 1990's when she traced him to his home town of Lanzhou, Gansu province.. Her father came to UK under the sponsorship of Joseph Needham and hence Zoe's commitment to building SACU.. Zoe is a Director in an NHS Foundation Trust which provides mental health services and is married with two grown up children.. Corinne Attwood first joined SACU in the mid-eighties.. Corinne led her first tour of China in 1985 and has been leading tours regularly since then, as well as private visits.. She joined the SACU Council two years ago and has recently been appointed Secretary.. Corinne started learning Chinese in 1984 at evening classes - she is still learning characters.. Walter Fung has been a member of SACU for about 29 years and has served  ...   a retired business executive with a life-long interest in Chinese history and culture.. He taught Business English at University of Liaoning in Shenyang and gives talks about China to schools and community organisations in South-east England.. Haris Livas-Dawes spent most of her life in Greece in senior level positions in government, business, media and academia, a full and variedcareer.. She has 6 children and lives with her second husband in Hull.. In the UK she has taught at 2 universities and is responsible for a collection at the British Museum.. Rob Stallard is a software developer and I.. T.. consultant.. He met Joseph Needham while studying at Caius College, Cambridge.. He joined SACU in 1988 after attending evening classes with Chinese tutor, and SACU member, David Wright.. Rob has served on Council as Treasurer and as Secretary and is now a Vice President.. Rob continues to develop and maintain SACU's web site since its beginnings in 1995.. The other members of the Council of Management are:.. President.. Lord Asa Briggs.. Vice Presidents.. Jenny Clegg.. , Jane Hadley,.. Bob Benewick.. Frances Wood.. Directors.. Linda Rosen, Ivor Kenna, Flo Kenna, David Ayrton.. Former Chairs of SACU include:.. Felix Greene.. ; Peter Thiele;.. Jim Pennington.. Alan Lawrance.. ; Jane Hadey; Dave Clare..

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  • Title: Membership Handbook
    Descriptive info: Our members' handbook is an invaluable reference resource for anyone wanting to learn more about China and Chinese culture.. It is sent out to every new member when they join the society.. It is an A4 sized magazine of 42 pages.. The Handbook contains:.. Preface.. Foreword by SACU's Chair.. SACU origins and objectives.. How SACU started up in 1965 and the services it offers.. Brief introduction to China.. An overview on why China has become such an important country to study.. China's remarkable transformation since 1949.. History of China A survey of China's dynastic history from 2000BCE to the present day.. China and the modern world.. China's place in the world and its main  ...   holidays.. Educational system.. How China achieves such high levels of literacy.. Chinese language.. A survey of the main features of the language.. British cities and regions twinned with Chinese cities and regions.. Associations between British and Chinese cities.. Chinese religions.. Buddhism; Daoism; Confucianism introduced.. The Chinese in Britain.. The Chinese community in the UK.. Travel to China.. How to get to China.. Where to find out more about China.. Books, magazines and web sites about China.. Chinese arts and culture.. Classical literature; modern literature; Film and Theatre; Opera; Art.. Martial arts of China.. Useful information and Chinese websites.. Associations with Chinese connection.. Chinese churches in the UK.. Recommended books.. Important sources of reference about China..

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  • Title: Joining SACU
    Descriptive info: Joining SACU.. If you would like to join SACU please you can pay for your subscription by.. PPayPal.. , or you can also post us the completed application form together with your payment.. The benefits of membership are set out on our.. information page.. They include a quarterly magazine;.. ; and an email event newsletter.. The subscription rates for one year's membership of SACU are currently :.. Individual (U.. only).. 18.. Unwaged Individual (U.. 13.. Institutions (U.. 22.. Overseas Individual (Surface).. 20.. Overseas Individual (Air Mail).. Overseas Individual (eMail).. 8.. How to apply.. You can apply to join us using one of these methods:.. Apply online and pay using.. PayPal.. on the.. membership application page.. or Print out the.. membership application form (PDF) click to download.. ; fill it in  ...   Internet Subscription application.. We currently only accept PayPal payments for this membership type.. How to renew your membership.. Renew online and pay using.. membership renewal page.. or we will automatically send you a renewal form with the.. for you to complete and return with your cheque payment.. You can pay by PayPal, cheque or standing order.. If you want to pay by cheque or standing order (the payment must be in sterling (GBP) drawn on a UK bank), send you completed application form with payment details to:.. Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding Ltd.. ,.. The Cross Tree,.. West Street,.. Hambledon,.. Hampshire.. PO7 4SN.. or Telephone O2392 632O39.. If you would like more information about SACU membership please use the.. contact form.. to send us a question.. Many thanks for your support..

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  • Title: SACU Donation
    Descriptive info: Donate to SACU.. T.. hank you for considering making a donation to SACU.. SACU is a registered UK charity (294651) (see.. Charity Commissioners Web Site.. for details) run entirely by unpaid volunteers.. Your donation will be used to sustain and develop the work of the society, including enhancements to this web  ...   To make a donation, click on the button below which will take you to a secure page on the PayPal web site.. Please note that this page is for making donations only, you can not renew your SACU subscription from this page.. M.. any thanks for your contribution to Anglo-Chinese Understanding..

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  • Title: SACU Member EMail settings
    Descriptive info: SACU Member E-Mail Settings.. W.. e send monthly events newsletters (see our.. events page.. ) to our members.. You need to become a member to receive them.. If you are receiving China Eye by e-mail we will send the magazine in PDF electronic format to the same e-mail address.. o change e-mail settings you must first enter your current details.. Your membership number is printed at  ...   The e-mail address is the one used by SACU to send you the e-mail newsletter.. If you have any questions about your membership please use our.. Please enter your membership number and e-mail address and press.. Login.. If you are a member but are not subscribed for e-mail then please click on.. start e-mail newsletter.. to subscribe to our newsletter.. Your Membership number.. Your E-Mail address..

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  • Title: Contacting SACU
    Descriptive info: Contacting SACU.. the online membership form page.. Please use this form to send us any general queries about China or SACU including queries and comments.. We are always interested in receiving articles for publishing in our magazine.. Also use this form if you have a query about membership of SACU.. You can also  ...   in Furness,.. Cumbria.. LA14 3JZ.. or Telephone (O1229) 472O1O.. If you prefer, you can send us a question or comment online by completing the form and pressing.. Send.. We'll reply to you by E-mail.. Topic.. General enquiry.. Membership.. Magazine enquiry.. Publicise event.. Comment on Web Site.. Question or Comment.. Your Name.. Your E-mail Address..

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  • Archived pages: 658