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  • Title: Shaken Baby Task Force
    Descriptive info: .. Shaken Babies: Shattered Dreams.. Watch the video.. The Shaken Baby Task Force is a community effort to prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome.. Area organizations joined forces to educate the public and increase awareness of the dangers of Shaken Baby Syndrome.. To effectively eradicate this abuse we all need to work together.. Remember, a baby's life is in your hands.. Never shake a baby.. Copyright 2013 Shaken Baby Task Force.. For more information,.. contact us.. or call 712.. 396.. 4200.. 24-Hour Helpline: 866.. 243.. 2229.. Web Site Design, Production, and Hosting by Corporate 3 Design - Omaha, Nebraska..

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    Descriptive info: Close.. Return to.. SafeBaby.. org..

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  • Title: Shaken Baby Syndrome :: Shaken Baby Task Force
    Descriptive info: Shaken Baby Syndrome is caused by the violent shaking of a baby or young child, causing the head to flop back and forth.. This whiplash motion can cause the brain to slam against the inside of the skull and tear blood vessels.. Brain swelling and internal bleeding from injury causes brain tissue to tear.. Nerve pathways in the brain that are important for learning and normal development are being completed  ...   pathways that will never be repaired.. Babies under the age of 6 months are at the highest risk of SBS, but it can affect children up to the age of 3 depending upon muscle development.. There are an estimated 50,000 cases of SBS each year.. Of these 50,000 cases, about 1,200 are reported, and one-fourth of those babies die, making it the leading cause of death due to child abuse..

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  • Title: Innocent Victims :: Shaken Baby Task Force
    Descriptive info: Shaken babies may suffer internal injuries that can result in lifelong disabilities, such as:.. Mental Retardation.. Cerebral Palsy.. Developmental Delays.. Inability to Walk.. Inability to Eat.. Blindness.. Hearing Loss.. Seizures.. Paralysis.. And in the most severe cases of Shaken Baby Syndrome, children die.. Some 20 to 50% of adult caregivers and parents said they did not know shaking a baby could have such terrible effects.. Don't be afraid to tell others what you know about SBS.. Madison.. Madison Renae was born on December 27, 2002, weighing seven pounds, three ounces.. She died so tragically on January 24, 2003 from Shaken Baby Syndrome.. Madison  ...   of curly brown hair, soft skin and kissable fat cheeks.. She had the sweetest smile that would make your heart melt and a laugh that would make your heart sing.. She loved listening to her mom sing nursery rhymes and songs to her.. She brought such joy and happiness to all and touched the lives of those who loved her very much, for the brief time that she was here, which we will always treasure.. Saddened and angry that she died in such a horrible way, Madison will live on by educating others on the prevention of Shaken Baby Syndrome.. - Madison’s Mother, Tina..

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  • Title: Ways to Cope :: Shaken Baby Task Force
    Descriptive info: Caring for a child is a tough job.. An adult's frustration from nonstop crying is the number one reason a baby is shaken.. Remember, crying is a way to communicate discomforts like:.. Hunger.. Soiled Diaper or Diaper Rash.. Fever.. Teething.. Hair Wrapped around Fingers or Toes.. Too Warmly Dressed.. If these basic needs have been met, try the following calming techniques with your baby:.. Gentle Rocking or Walking.. Use a Swing.. Offer a Pacifier.. Soft Music, Singing, Reading or Talking.. Soothingly Rub the Tummy or Back.. Go for a Drive..  ...   it's not okay to take that frustration out on a baby.. Just a few seconds of violent shaking can change the child's life and yours forever.. Place the baby in a safe place, like a crib, and leave the room.. Only return to the room when you feel calm.. Relax, breathe deeply, count to 10, then 20.. Ask a friend or relative to take over' for a while.. Ask for support from someone who understands the frustration of caring for a crying baby.. Call the 24-hour hotline at 866-243-BABY (2229)..

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  • Title: Prevent a Tragedy :: Shaken Baby Task Force
    Descriptive info: A baby shaken in a moment of anger or frustration is shaken with a force 5 to 10 times greater than if the baby had fallen or been dropped.. The force has been compared to an adult being shaken by a gorilla.. The effects of shaking a baby can be tragic.. You can help prevent a baby from being shaken by following these steps:.. Provide head and neck support.. Don't toss a baby into the air.. Choose childcare providers carefully.. Observe how a caregiver plays with children, and reacts to fussiness and  ...   baby's caregiver if they start to feel overwhelmed.. Take a parenting class.. Call your local hospital or ask your child's doctor for information.. Parenting is a tough job.. If you are having a difficult time dealing with the stress of caring for a baby, talk to someone about it (i.. e.. , another parent, caregiver or the child's doctor).. If you or someone else shakes a baby, call 911.. Bleeding inside the brain can be treated.. Immediate medical attention may save the child from future problems and possibly save a baby's life..

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  • Title: The Task Force :: Shaken Baby Task Force
    Descriptive info: History.. In 1997, individuals at Jennie Edmundson Hospital became concerned about the high incidence of child abuse cases in the Council Bluffs, Iowa, area particularly three deaths attributed to Shaken Baby Syndrome.. In an effort aimed at prevention, area organizations joined forces to form the Shaken Baby Task Force a community effort to prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome.. The purpose of the Task Force is to educate the community and increase public awareness of the dangers of SBS.. The Task Force received national recognition in January 2000, with a visit by first lady Laura Bush.. The Task Force.. The success of the Shaken Baby Task Force is the unity of 20 community agencies and businesses working together toward one goal: to prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome.. Its focus is education and awareness campaigns.. Education.. Members of the Shaken Baby Task Force provide education to hospitals, doctor's offices, Lamaze classes, baby-sitting  ...   accomplished through TV and radio PSAs, billboards and print ads.. In addition, the development of a 24-hour hotline for frustrated caregivers and a website have been implemented for round-the-clock support.. Task Force Members.. - AEA 13 Loess Hills.. - Alegent Health Mercy Hospital.. - Boys Town of Iowa.. - CASA.. - Catholic Charities.. - Child Care Resources and Referral.. - Cogley Physicians Clinic.. - Council Bluffs Downtown Kiwanis.. - Council Bluffs Public Schools.. - Council Bluffs Public Health Department.. - Heartland Pediatrics P.. C.. - Iowa Department of Human Services.. - ISU West Pottowattamie County Extension.. - Iowa Western Community College.. - Jeff Ballenger Family.. - Jennie Edmundson Hospital.. - Lewis Central School District.. - Lutheran Social Service of Iowa.. - Medical Director: Scott Bomgaars M.. D.. - Visiting Nurse Association.. - WIC Program.. Please.. if you're interested in becoming a part of the Shaken Baby Task Force..

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  • Title: Who's Caring for Your Child? :: Shaken Baby Task Force
    Descriptive info: Educate yourself before choosing a daycare provider.. Your baby can't tell you what happens during the day while you're at work, so do some research to keep your child safe.. Nebraska Health Human Services.. Iowa Department of Human Services.. National Resource Center for Health and.. Safety in Child Care.. Prevent Child Abuse Iowa..

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  • Title: Anger Management :: Shaken Baby Task Force
    Descriptive info: Parent Coping Strategies.. Being a parent or caretaker is not easy.. A baby's constant crying can be stressful and can be a dangerous trigger for you.. If a caretaker or parent feels overwhelmed and frustrated with a crying baby, it is vital they get help before they reach the point of shaking an infant.. Ways to cope:.. Put the baby down in a crib or safe place.. Walk out of the room, take a deep breath, count to 20.. Call someone close who can come over and give you a break.. Try to remember it is a good idea to take breaks from the demands of child care, particularly if your baby is acting overly fussy.. Ask a family member or friend to help.. Hire a baby sitter.. Take deep breaths.. Write in a journal.. Call a friend to talk.. Draw or paint.. Listen to soothing music.. Exercise.. Vent your frustration by beating a pillow or throwing eggs in the shower.. Nearly anything that does not harm a child is better than shaking your baby.. If you parent or care for young children, try to remember that babies fuss and cry because they are uncomfortable and have no better way to express themselves.. They are not doing it to make you angry or unhappy.. Some tips for coping with a crying baby:.. Feed slowly and burp often.. Offer a pacifier.. Hold against your chest and walk or rock.. Put  ...   few minutes and walk away, perhaps he/she'll calm down on her own.. The next time everyday pressures build up to the point where you feel like striking out STOP! Try any of these simple alternatives.. You'll feel better, and so will your child.. Take a deep breath, and another.. Then remember you're an adult.. Close your eyes and imagine you're hearing what your child is about to hear.. Press your lips together and count to 10 better yet, count to 20.. If someone can watch the children, go outside and take a walk.. Take a hot bath or splash cold water on your face.. Hug a pillow or stuffed animal.. Turn on some music.. Maybe even sing along.. Pick up a pencil and write down as many helpful words you can think of.. Save the list.. Put your child in a time-out chair.. Remember the rule: one time-out minute for each year of age.. Put yourself in a time-out chair.. Think about why you are angry: is it your child or is your child simply a convenient target for your anger?.. Call for prevention information: 866-243-BABY.. Stop Using Words that Hurt.. Use Words that Help.. Here are some expressions that can give children confidence and raise their self-esteem:.. I love you.. That's great!.. Let's talk about you.. I believe you can do it.. Believe in yourself as I believe in you.. You're doing just fine.. You're very special.. Good job..

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  • Title: SBS Support Group :: Shaken Baby Task Force
    Descriptive info: Progressions' mission is to support families/caregivers/extended families who have a victim (surviving or deceased) of Shaken Baby Syndrome and advocate awareness by preventative education.. The goals of the support group:.. To be a resource and information network for sharing ideas, practicalities, information and hope;.. support victims and their families during a time when the family is very stressed, specifically by people who  ...   regarding health care, state aid, Area Education Agency, special services/equipment, and special groups to assist the victims in their time of need;.. work as a group on prevention of SBS by educating the public;.. advocate legislation to spread awareness of SBS.. If you're interested in joining the Omaha, NE, support group of Progressions, please visit the Progressions website at:.. http://members.. cox.. net/progressions/..

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  • Title: Calendar of Events :: Shaken Baby Task Force
    Descriptive info: Shaken Baby Task Force Holds Successful Fundraiser.. The Shaken Baby Task Force held its annual car wash fundraiser on Saturday, April 26.. The event is held in April to mark Child Abuse Awareness Month.. Special thanks go to Jeff Ballenger, who again donated the Gorilla Car Wash facilities and the members of Kirn Junior High ASTRA Club, who displayed signs to the car wash.. Thanks to all the members of the Shaken Baby Task Force and volunteers that participated.. All of the funds raised will be used to educate on the prevention of shaken baby syndrome..

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