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  • Title: safe + respectful - blog
    Descriptive info: .. Follow us!.. blog.. safe + respectful.. need help?.. contact us.. - welcome -.. we at safe + respectful believe that every person, young and old, deserves a healthy relationship.. read on!.. Husband Photoshops Wife's Body.. 11/18/2013.. 0 Comments.. How rude.. right?!?? Well, not exactly.. This husband/wife duo both agreed to this photoshop 'experiment' to send a powerful message about body image.. Most of us know that images on magazines, ads, television.. are photoshopped.. Duh.. But it isn't until you view the time-lapsed video that you realize exactly how much women's bodies are changed in the process, literally "taking layers off of a person's body.. ".. "We can't live up to the standard of perfection.. ".. With over 16 million views, this duo delivers a frightening realization of what we consider "natural beauty.. 1.. How can these photoshopped images affect relationships?.. 2.. How can they affect a young girl's body image and a young boy's.. expectations?.. Well.. what do YOU think?.. Share a comment and.. follow us here.. Add Comment.. Get R.. E.. A.. L.. 11/15/2013.. So this is great news, everyone.. Our partner program "down south" (which really means Kent and Sussex Counties) is officially up and running on the web!!.. And their name is.. R.. Relationships DE.. Towards the creation of relationships that have:.. Respect.. Equality.. Acceptance, and.. Love.. They have a ton of information and resources, even if you don't live down south.. Even if you don't live in Delaware!!.. Take a quick sneak peak.. here.. www.. realrelationshipsde.. org.. And don't forget to.. keep following us.. as well!.. Happy relationships!!.. Save the world.. One relationship at a time.. 11/11/2013.. As we re making our comeback onto social media and blogging, we've spent a lot of time wondering what articles, videos, topics would really resonate with everyone.. The first sentence of our mission statement reads as follows:.. safe + respectful s mission is to.. promote healthy relationships.. with.. the ultimate goal of.. violence-free.. communities.. It s that simple.. Though our main focus is teenage dating relationships, the truth is -- providing the skills to create positive relationships can and will spill over  ...   website and social media platforms.. We even updated our mission statement:.. safe + respectful's mission is to provide cultural literacy education and awareness with the ultimate goal of violence-free communities.. And to top everything off.. we're blogging!!.. Stay tuned as we bring to you the latest in current events with our own 'safe + respectful' spin!.. "Image is powerful.. superficial".. 01/09/2013.. 1 Comment.. Cameron Russell, an acclaimed international supermodel, tells young women that aspiring to be a model is akin to aspiring to win the Powerball.. In less than ten minutes, Russell talks about racial and gender oppression, honesty, the power of being pretty and the important role image plays within our society.. A must watch for young ladies, women and anyone who wants a quick glimpse into the modeling truth.. http://www.. youtube.. com/watch?v=Re53vgaVFvI feature=youtu.. be.. It is difficult to unpack a legacy of gender and racial oppression when I m one of the biggest beneficiaries.. - Cameron Russell.. Parental Resolution? We don't think so.. 01/07/2013.. 2 Comments.. "In short, being a parent doesn't make you an expert in parenting.. We talk a lot on Safe and Respectful (S R) about teens having healthy (assuming dating) relationships.. But what we really meant to say was S R relationships with EVERYONE.. And parents- that includes you.. As youth need guidance to learn, well, how to be youth- parents need guidance on how to be parents.. So S R is offering a pre-screened, no-nonsense, resolution-free article on communicating with, and parenting your children in 2013 (and beyond).. Read it here:.. cnn.. com/2013/01/02/living/parenting-resolution/index.. html?hpt=hp_bn11.. "So, think of parenting as a process where you continuously have the opportunity to take on a new challenge, acquire knowledge, and improve your performance.. And, this year, instead of promising to transform yourself overnight into a better parent, how about committing to continually improve your parenting little by little, by learning, thinking deeply about, and mastering one skill at a time?".. subscribe !!.. Sign up to receive email updates of our blog posts.. Enter your email address:.. Delivered by.. FeedBurner.. categories.. All.. archives:.. November 2013.. January 2013.. Create a.. free website.. with.. Weebly..

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  • Title: safe + respectful - safe + respectful
    Descriptive info: our mission:.. safe + respectful.. 's mission is to promote healthy relationships with the ultimate goal of violence-free communities.. works to engage all members of the community, especially youth, to deliver a more holistic approach to violence prevention.. why relationships?..

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  • Title: need help? - safe + respectful
    Descriptive info: Get the Help You Need:.. If you or a friend is in an unhealthy or abusive relationship, please talk about it.. Teachers, parents and friends are great resources!.. Below is a list of confidential hotlines where you can learn about your options and create a safety plan, or ask any questions you may have.. Teen  ...   to 22522.. Live chat online at:.. loveisrespect.. Delaware Domestic Violence Hotlines:.. New Castle County (302)-762-6110.. Northern Kent County (302)-678-3886.. Kent Sussex County (302)-422-8058.. Delaware Crisis Hotline:.. Contact in the event of suicide ideation, rape, sexual assault, incest, or general crisis.. contactlifeline.. org.. New Castle County (302)-762-9100.. Kent Sussex County 1-800-262-9800.. Gay and Lesbian Crisis Hotline:.. 1-800-810-6776..

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  • Title: contact us. - safe + respectful
    Descriptive info: if you have ANY questions, comments, or concerns you may reach us by filling out the form below.. we will get back to you as soon as we are able.. Contact us:.. Name.. *.. First.. Last.. Email.. Comment.. Submit.. If you prefer a more direct form of contact, you may -.. email us at: safeandrespectful@gmail.. com.. or call us at: (302) 762-8989.. Mailing Address:.. Attn: safe + respectful.. 507 Philadelphia Pike.. Wilmington, Delaware 19809..

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  • Title: Husband Photoshops Wife's Body. - safe + respectful
    Descriptive info: Comments.. Leave a Reply..

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  • Title: Blog Subscription - safe + respectful
    Descriptive info: Subscribe to our Blog!.. (click on the link below).. Subscribe to safe + respectful Blog by Email..

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  • Title: Get R.E.A.L.  - safe + respectful
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  • Title: Save the world.                                          One relationship at a time. - safe + respectful
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  • Title: We're Baaack! - safe + respectful
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  • Title: "Image is powerful...superficial" - safe + respectful
    Descriptive info: http://outlookhelpnow.. com/.. link.. 07/11/2013 5:14am.. Thank you Cameroon Russell for sharing your experience with the modeling industry.. This industry is the dream for many aspiring young models.. It s good from your part to tell the cons and pros of it.. This indeed a very informative note for all them.. The problems you faced could a drastic road block for someone else.. The chance to prepare for it could be the difference of a prosperous career and heartbreak.. Reply..

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  • Title: Parental Resolution? We don't think so. - safe + respectful
    Descriptive info: for more details.. 07/15/2013 1:55am.. This is very good topic to give a blog about.. Parenting is indeed a very clumsy job.. Treating our kids the way that is best for them is not something one can master that easily.. The kids might need us to  ...   do need our pampering and guidance.. This article is something I like a lot.. Loveandlogic.. com.. 10/07/2013 12:53am.. I am sure none of us has reached a place where we feel we have perfected this parenting thing.. I will surely try to follow the tips you mentioned..

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