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  • Title: The Saanich Pioneer Society's Log Cabin Museum
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. The Museum & Archives.. Audio History.. Family Archives.. The Saanich Pioneer Society's Log Cabin Museum.. Now Open Saturdays 12-3pm.. Open March - mid December, subject to availability of volunteers.. Directions Map.. Located in Saanichton on the Saanich Peninsula 15 km north of Victoria, near the famous Butchart Gardens.. Map.. Membership.. For a small sum anyone can join and take part in our activities, which include potlucks, featured speakers, special displays, and  ...   2 pm.. With Diana Chown, Local Historian.. Tea to be served following the presentation.. Admission $ 5.. 00 Members, $ 7.. 00 Non-Members.. Log Cabin Museum- 7900 block East Saanich Rd.. , (2 blocks N.. of the Prairie Inn - just behind Thrifty's).. We are now open each Saturday noon - 3pm daily.. Leave a message at (250) 652 1116 for more information.. Quick Contact.. Email Address:.. Message:.. copright 2011 All rights reserved..

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  • Title: Log Cabin Museum and Archives
    Descriptive info: Operated by the Saanich Pioneer Society.. We are a non-profit society, dedicated to the preservation of the historical records of the Saanich Peninsula.. We operate entirely by volunteer help and are supported by donations for which we can give receipts for tax purposes.. We welcome new members interested in the many facets of archival and museum historical collecting.. The name Saanich means fair land.. The early pioneers came to settle on this land growing mainly food crops for both themselves and their livestock, although for a short time there was also a thriving Hop growing industry.. The first settler has long been said to be Angus McPhail although the First Nations people spoke of someone named Bob, who was here before that.. Which of these two came first we may never know but we do know that it was the late 1840s and early 1850s before any of the area north of Victoria began to be settled.. Angus McPhail arrived in 1854 and William Thomson in 1855.. In 1852, the area known as North Saanich was purchased from the Natives for the grand sum of 109 pounds, 7 shillings, 6 pence and the South Saanich area for 41 pounds, 13 shillings, 4 pence.. This works out to approximately one cent per acre!.. There is often confusion when we talk about Saanich as the name appears in more than one location but not necessarily designating the same area.. The area originally included  ...   old Bill ) was held in the Temperance Hall.. It was a wonderful gathering of our neighbours and from it evolved the nucleus of the current Pioneers Society.. Meetings were held in the homes of various members, but they wanted a home of their own where the society could socialize and at the same time store the memorabilia the members thought should be saved for posterity.. From that came the present cabin which was built in 1933 with the first log being rolled into place by Dr.. Simon F.. Tolmie on Feb.. 8.. The hauling of logs and construction of the building was freely given by the Pioneers and their descendants and it was finished and formally opened July 1, 1933.. We are now an archives and museum housing collections from the pioneer families, both textual and in artifact form.. We have a simulated pioneer kitchen; a handicraft corner with women's beautiful handwork displays; a library with a wide variety of books for loan and ongoing changing displays.. There is also a good collection of First Nations artifacts and our verandah shows off a display of larger implements and domestic paraphernalia.. We are fortunate to have a very hard working archival group that is putting information on computer for preservation and these records are available to the public upon request.. Located at 7910 Polo Park Crescent.. , Saanichton.. We can be reached via email at.. info@saanichpioneersociety.. org.. or by phone at 250-658-8347..

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  • Title: The Saanich Pioneer Society Audio
    Descriptive info: The History Of The Area As Related By Local Pioneers.. Click on WAV file below, wait 3- 6 minutes for audio to begin.. Selected Audio Tapes From Our Archives.. Ben Reading recounts his early life in Sidney and environs.. Eva Gwynne's history.. Moran Brethour tells the early history of the museum..

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  • Title: Family Archives
    Descriptive info: The Saanich Pioneer Society's Family Archive.. Family Finding Aid.. Folio #.. Family name.. Name or Initials.. Doc.. Photo.. XRef.. 375.. ACKERMAN.. Lillian (also Collection Grey Box).. y.. 573.. AGNEW.. Jim Laurette.. n.. 200.. ALEXANDER,.. Charles Family.. 334.. AMBROSE.. J.. 202.. ANDERSON.. Alexander Caulfield.. 584.. Alfred family.. 221.. James Robert.. 201.. ARGYLE.. Albert.. 205.. ARMSTRONG.. Family (W.. R.. ).. 204.. ATKINS.. Maurice.. 220.. ATKINSON,.. William Herman (also see F230).. 686.. AYLARD.. Arthur.. 222.. BAAL.. George Louis.. 223.. BAGLEY.. Travis.. 224.. BAILLIE,.. Wm.. 225.. BAKER.. Mary.. 228.. BARKER.. Amelia.. 227.. BARROW ,.. Francis.. 206.. BARTLEMAN,.. Peter family (Gabriel).. 229.. BASTIN,.. Rev.. S.. Archibald.. 230.. BATE.. Walter, see also ATKINSON F220.. 528.. BELL.. A.. 614.. M.. 213.. BENNETT.. H.. 231.. BESWICK.. Amy William.. 699.. BETHELL.. Priscilla.. 233.. BICKFORD.. Family.. 565.. BISHOP.. Bert.. 234.. BISSET.. W.. 235.. BLACK.. James.. 203.. BLACKBURN.. Ed.. 98.. BOLSTER.. 601.. BOOTH,.. William.. 237.. BORDEN.. 238.. BOSHER.. 239.. BOWCOTT.. 625.. BRADEN.. John.. 226.. BRADLEY-DYNE.. George Kathleen.. 214.. BRAIN.. family.. 496.. BREMNER.. Betty.. 580.. BRETHOUR.. 240.. BROOKS.. 208.. BROWN.. George.. 209.. Robert.. 241.. C.. 684.. BROWN--HARDING.. Col.. 210.. BRYANT.. D.. 244.. BRYCE.. Dr.. 211.. BRYDEN.. 691.. BUITENDYK.. Bastien Helen.. 212.. BULL.. John August.. yy.. 678.. Josiah (see also Haldon F337).. 248.. BUTLER.. Claude.. 304.. 246.. BUTTERFIELD.. Hilda.. 247.. BYERS.. Raymond.. 267.. CALDWELL.. 253.. CALVERT.. Alan.. 254.. CAMP.. Family (James Annie).. 480.. CAMPBELL,.. Frank.. 646.. CARMICHAEL.. 256.. CARRIER.. Joseph.. 249.. CARY.. G,D.. 643.. CHEESMAN.. Richard Jane.. 263.. CHISOLM.. Colin.. 259.. CHRISTMAS.. Frederick Granville, Rev.. 264.. CLANTON.. Fanny Family.. 369.. CLARK.. 697.. CLARKE.. Fred.. 207.. CLEEVES.. Vincent Alfred.. 560.. CLIFF.. George Patricia (house)(also tape).. 250.. CLOAK,.. Isaac.. 255.. COCHRAN.. 251.. COLES.. Capt.. 268.. COLPITTS.. Robert C.. 252.. COULTER.. David.. 640.. COWAN.. Charley.. 269.. COWARD.. Sandy Family.. 270.. COWELL.. Wesley.. 266.. CRAMPTON.. Philip.. 258.. CRAWFORD.. Russell (also collection).. 260.. CRITCHLEY.. 262.. CROSSLEY.. John Sr.. 272.. CUNNINGHAM.. Chuck Family.. 273.. CURRIE.. Sir Arthur.. 673.. DALE.. William (Bill).. 589.. DAVIS.. Rhys.. 288.. DAVIS,.. John Sr,.. 274.. DAWSON.. 280.. DEACON.. Alan John Family.. 281.. DEAN.. 275.. DEEKS,.. George Edward, 200 acres 1859.. 668.. DEEN.. Solomon.. 276.. DENNES,.. George Edgar.. 282.. DERRINBERG,.. Family (Robert C.. 520.. DIGNAN.. Bill.. 283.. DOUGLAS.. 628.. 277.. DOWNEY.. John James.. 284.. DOYLE.. 278.. DUPONT.. C.. 279.. DUPUIS.. 285.. DURRANCE.. 286.. DUVAL.. Neil family.. 577.. ECKERT.. Anderson Albert / BURDETT.. 289.. ECKSTEIN.. Peter Leon.. 293.. EGO.. Angus.. 659.. ELLIOT.. David Charles (First Nations).. 292.. Ethel.. 564.. ENGLISH.. Howard.. 291.. ENOS.. 568.. ERRINGTON.. ( Cantwell).. 290.. ESTES.. 692.. FACEY.. 635.. FAIRALL.. 294.. FAIRCLOUGH.. Sam.. 298.. FERGUSON.. 679.. Thomas.. 631.. 295.. FEW.. Alfred.. 598.. FEWING.. Wm Benjamin.. 301.. FIKE.. Alice Nell.. 661.. FOURNIER.. Roberta.. 296.. FOX.. Alfred Herbert.. 302.. FRALIK.. Nelson.. 671.. FRANCK.. Paul.. 305.. FRANKLIN.. Silin.. 696.. FRASER.. Marjorie.. 299.. 675.. FREDETTE.. 306.. FRY.. Henry.. 307.. FURZE.. 300.. GAIT.. Douglas Pat.. 309.. GALBRAITH.. Archie Esther.. 310.. GALE.. Austin.. 583.. 311.. GARDNER.. Arthur family.. 645.. Winnie (collection 645C.. 674.. GIBBS.. 326.. GIBSON.. Mrs.. S,.. 312.. GILBERT.. Jim family.. 313.. GILLAN.. family (includes DYER family).. 314.. GILMAN.. Jack.. 316.. GODDARD.. 315.. GODFREY.. Frank family.. 591.. 327.. GOOCH.. 569.. GOUDIE, GREIG,.. descendants.. 319.. GRAHAM,.. Thomas family.. 320.. GRAVELLE.. 323.. GREEN.. Edward.. 324.. GREENHALGH.. Gladys Lillian.. 472.. GREENWAY.. 388.. GREGORY.. H.. 317.. GREIG.. family (Wm.. 617.. GRIFFITHS.. (re Sidney Super Foods).. 325.. GWYNNE.. Brigadier General.. 328.. HAFER.. family Hafer Bros.. 336.. HAGAN.. James (see also F2103- Hagan Creek).. 337.. HALDON.. (see also Bull F678).. 329.. HALL.. Richard family.. 330.. HANDY.. Wm Stella.. 571.. HANNAN.. Donna ( also WAIN, F529).. 335.. HANNEUSE.. Feuillenne family.. 332.. HARRISON.. William Fern (brother of George Fern).. 333.. George Fern (see also F332 - Wm.. Fern).. 331.. John Thomas and family.. 595.. HARVEY.. y tape.. 585.. HAWKES.. Jean (nee BAGLEY F223).. 550.. HEAL..  ...   McNAUGHT.. James family.. 435.. McNEIL.. E.. 428.. McPHAIL,.. 429.. McTAVISH.. George Archibald.. 403.. MENAGH.. George Archibald James.. 670.. MENDELL.. 353.. MERKLEY.. 404.. MICHELL.. George Thomas family.. 406.. Willard family.. 405.. Bros.. Farm.. 672.. MICKLEJOHN.. 408.. MILLS.. George (see also McIlmoyl F421).. 407.. MOLLET.. Kenneth Charles Lillian Mary.. 242.. MONTAGUE-BRUCE.. J.. 609.. MOORE.. Hugh.. 664.. MOORE,.. 409.. MOOREHOUSE.. 410.. MOORING.. Ben.. 411.. MORRELL.. Leon.. 412.. MOSES.. Daniel David (see also Copeland F257 ).. 414.. MUNRO.. 619.. Andy Ernest.. 415.. MUSCLOW.. Frederic Edward.. 416.. MUSGRAVE.. 593.. MYCOCK.. family (2) (In Box #2- Large photos).. 607.. NEAVES.. 430.. NEWBIGGING.. John/James.. 436.. NEWMAN.. family (also see audio tape).. 694.. NEWTON.. 615.. NICKERSON.. Nicole.. 438.. NIMMO.. Richard James (son) see also F656.. 431.. NOLAN.. 437.. NORTH.. Fletcher.. 440.. NUNN.. 638.. OLD KATIE.. 441.. OLDFIELD.. 442.. OMMANEY.. Octavius.. 610.. OTTO.. David Henry Gladys.. 443.. 445.. PAGE.. William, Jr.. 444.. 449.. PAINTER.. Vic.. 450.. PALFREY.. Wilfred Menanie.. 451.. PARSELL,.. Thomas Norman.. 547.. PATTERSON.. Alexander.. 660.. PAUL.. family ( Native Indian).. 424.. PAYNE.. 454.. PEARKES.. George R.. 455.. PEARSE.. 623.. PECK.. Lt.. Cyrus V.. 551.. PENDRAY.. 452.. PETHICK.. 446.. PHILLIPS.. 622.. PICKLES.. Sydney Adelaide.. 605.. PIERRE.. 377.. PIKE.. Caleb (Henry) see also F377C.. 457.. PITTS.. Arthur David Johnson.. 458.. PITZER.. Fannie Amelia nee SLUGGETT.. 594.. PLASKETT,.. 616.. PONCHET.. Jacques.. 549.. POPE.. Stephen (dau Hallie).. 653.. Raymond Daniel.. 537.. Abraham Sarah CRAMPTON (also 537.. C)y.. 456.. PORTER.. Frederick family.. 464.. Herbert.. 447.. PORTWAY.. 448.. POTTER.. 548.. POWNELL.. 695.. PRIDMORE.. 606.. PRITCHARD.. 453.. PUCKLE.. 663.. PUGH.. Lorna.. 459.. QUICK.. Esther.. 461.. RAINES (RAYNES).. Frederick, Harriet family.. 475.. RANKIN.. 624.. RAPER.. 557.. RASHLEIGH.. 558.. READINGS.. Mary Jane nee REID.. 524.. Ben (see also F3070).. 462.. REAY.. 463.. REID.. Gordon (see also F671).. 362.. 460.. William and David B.. 554.. REIMER.. Neil (see GARDNER'S F311.. 556.. RENDLE.. Ralph.. 465.. REY.. Jean Joseph family.. 466.. REYNARD.. 468.. RICHARDSON.. 579.. RICHMOND.. Bea.. 632.. RICKMANN.. 474.. RITCHIE.. Gordon.. 470.. ROBERTS.. Samuel family.. 471.. ROBERTSON.. Carole.. 612.. 555.. ROCHON.. Adolphe Grace.. 476.. SADLER.. Edmond.. 649.. SAGE.. Enoch.. 509.. SAMPSON.. 525.. SANDERS.. 477.. SANDOVER.. Stephen.. 478.. SANGSTER.. George (see also F369 F369Ph).. 479.. SARUP.. Emil.. 626.. SCAIFE.. home.. 482.. SCOTT.. Edmund or Peter.. 481.. SCOTT-POLSON.. 483.. SEALEY.. Norma.. 567.. SEGALERBA.. Emmanuel.. 652.. SHADE.. Buster.. 484.. SHAW.. Charles.. 587.. SIDWELL.. 553.. SIMISTER.. Neil.. 287.. SIMPSON.. 485.. 576.. William (also F576C).. 563.. SKEATS.. 486.. SKETCH.. 487.. SLATER.. 488.. SLOAN.. 489.. SLUGGETT.. 271.. SMIT.. Arent.. 490.. SMITH.. Redvers.. 666.. SPEARIN.. 650.. SPENCER.. family of Brentwood.. 491.. SPOONER.. Dick.. 492.. SPOTTS.. Fielding.. 493.. STACEY.. 395.. STANLAKE.. Ken and family.. 494.. STARLING.. Ernest family.. 495.. STELLY.. 608.. STERLING.. 498.. STEVENS.. John Gerald.. 630.. STEWART.. George (also history binder F453 Puckle).. 497.. STODDARD.. Stuart G.. 552.. STREATFIELD.. K.. 499.. STYAN.. Charles Leopold.. 500.. SWART.. Lansing Otis.. 501.. TALBOT.. 526.. TANNER.. 502.. TESTER.. Peter (McCABE, Mrs Muriel.. 505.. THOMAS.. 578.. Dorothy (Mrs.. Owen).. 690.. THOMPSON.. Harold Myra.. 512.. THOMSON.. Walter.. 504.. 506.. James Wilson.. 507.. 508.. Lorne.. 511.. Richard (also 511C).. 513.. THORNLEY.. 590.. THORNTON.. 592.. TODDS.. 514.. TOLMIE.. William Fraser.. 687.. TOMLINSON.. Frederick.. 586.. TOOGOOD.. 515.. TOWNER.. 516.. TRUDELLE.. Louis.. 517.. TUBMAN.. 518.. TURGOOSE.. William /family (also 518C).. 639.. TURNER.. 519.. TUTTE.. 658.. UNDERWOOD.. family (First Nations).. 521.. VANTREIGHT.. Geoffrey.. 522.. VERDIER.. Alphonse Etienne.. 529.. WAIN.. 530.. WALE.. 531.. WALKER.. 473.. WALTER.. Marcus.. 532.. WARD.. 533.. WARNE.. 534.. WARREN.. 629.. WESTINGHOUSE.. 378.. WHIPPLE.. family Margaret Ellen nee GARDNER.. 536.. WHITE.. 574.. 644.. WHITEBIRCH.. house.. 535.. WHITEHOUSE.. 570.. WHITLAW.. Laurence.. 641.. WHITMAN.. 539.. WILKINSON.. Perceval Edward.. 618.. Harold.. 540.. WILLIAMS.. 358.. WILSON.. Frances (also 358C).. 669.. 538.. WINTER.. Margaret.. 541.. WOODWARD.. William Ruth (Woodwyn Farm).. 542.. WRIGHT.. Fred.. 681.. 685.. WYLLYS.. Gerald Alfred Edward, Cpt.. 545.. YOUNG.. 546.. Sharky (Franklin Peter).. 544..

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  • Title: The Saanich Pioneer Society
    Descriptive info: Directions To The Museum.. (South To Victoria).. How To Get To The Museum.. From Swartz Bay.. – Take Hwy.. 17 to Mt.. Newton x Rd.. (12+/- km.. Turn right to the 4-way stop, (Historic Prairie Inn).. Turn right onto East Saanich Rd.. Continue to next 4-way stop, straight ahead and on the left is the Saanichton Green Park and there we are, the Pioneer Museum.. From Victoria.. – North on Blanshard St.. which becomes Hwy.. 17.. Continue for 18 +/- km.. to Mt.. Newton X Rd..  ...   next 4-way stop, straight ahead and on the left is the Saanichton Green Park and there we are, the Pioneer Museum.. From Mill Bay/Brentwood Ferry.. – straight up the hill on Verdier to the stop sign at West Saanich Rd.. (Hwy 17A), turn right, at the next traffic light, turn left onto Wallace Dr.. , thru 2 4 way stops to the 3rd 4 way stop, turn left onto East Saanich Rd, and on the left is Saanichton Green Park and there we are, the Pioneer Museum..

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  • Title: The Saanich Pioneer Society's Membership Form
    Descriptive info: The Saanich Pioneer Society's Membership Form.. Thank you for joining us, and/or making a donation to further the society's work.. Please fill out the form below, print it, and mail with your cheque or money order to:.. Saanich Pioneer's Society.. 7910 Polo Park Crescent.. Saanichton, BC.. V8M 2J4.. Membership: Jan 1st to Dec 31st of same year.. Select membership type:.. $25.. 00 couple (at  ...   all donations.. Amount: $.. Newsletters are published quarterly.. To ensure continuity in receiving your newsletter, please send membership payment before Feb.. 28th.. Name:.. Address:.. City:.. Province:.. Postal Code:.. Phone:.. eMail:.. Please make out your cheque, payable to the Saanich Pioneers' Society,.. for the total membership and/or donation being made.. Print this form, and mail with cheque to the address above.. Signature:.. Date:.. _____________________________________.. ____________________..

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