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  • Title: Welcome
    Descriptive info: .. The Sexual Assault Centre of the McGill Students’ Society (SACOMSS) is a volunteer-run organization committed to supporting survivors of sexual assault and their allies through direct support, advocacy, and outreach.. Our services include.. Drop-In and Line (DIAL).. ,.. Support Groups.. Advocacy.. , and.. Outreach.. Additionally, we offer sexual assault sensitivity.. training to McGill and Montreal groups.. , provide.. information and referrals.. , and organize.. events to raise awareness.. about sexual assault.. For updates on our events, volunteer opportunities / trainings, community news of interest, and more:.. Subscribe to our LISTSERV:.. •.. E-mail.. LISTSERV@LISTS.. MCGILL.. CA.. with no subject line and the following text command:.. subscribe SACOMSS-SUPPORTERS.. ‘Like’ us on Facebook:.. www.. facebook.. com/sacomss.. Home.. About Us.. Services.. Drop-In and Line.. Resources.. Projects Events.. Media Watch Blog.. Volunteer.. Contact Us.. Welcome.. News.. 6/11/13.. TRIGGER WARNING: Sexual Assault.. SACOMSS has issued an official statement regarding the sexual assault case involving members of the McGill football team.. Click here.. to read it.. 9/9/13.. It's fall training season and three of our branches are recruiting! Come visit us at activities night or reach us via email for more information.. Drop-In and Support (DIAL): ci@sacomss.. org.. Advocacy (a-branch): advocacy@sacomss.. Outreach: outreach@sacomss.. For general questions email: main@sacomss.. org.. 9/3/13.. Regular hours will begin once again for the school year.. 1/16/13.. Interested in volunteering with.. ?.. Visit their page and contact them directly.. for information on Winter 2013 interviews and training.. 9/24/12.. Interviews have finished and training has already begun for Crisis Intervention and Outreach.. To be equitable, we will not be holding additional interviews after our volunteer team has been selected and training has begun.. Check back in early January 2013 for information on future volunteer opportunities.. 9/11/12..  ...   6, 2011.. , we remember the 14 women killed at the.. École Polytechnique Massacre.. Join us for a memorial at.. Birks’ Chapel, 3520 University.. , from.. 6:30-8pm.. The memorial will include speeches from anti-violence activists and artistic performances.. Food and refreshments will be served after the service.. Wheelchair accessible.. For more information, visit our.. Facebook event.. or e-mail.. specialprojects@sacomss.. 10/22/11.. Wondering when the Sexual Assault Centre is open? Check out our.. drop-in hours.. !.. 9/20/11.. We appreciate all those who interviewed with us this last week - you are all amazing! We are so fortunate to have passionate individuals like you supporting us and this work.. If you did not have an opportunity to get involved with us this semester, but would still like to do support, advocacy, or outreach work involving youth, sexuality, safe(r) sex, or sexual assault, check out:.. 2110 Centre.. Project 10.. , or.. The Sense Project.. 9/12/11.. ? Visit their page for information on Fall 2011 interviews and training.. Support Groups training information TBA.. 9/11/11.. ? Visit their pages for information on Fall 2011 interviews and training.. Crisis Intervention and Support Groups training information TBA.. We do not require CVs or cover letters, and.. you do not have to be a student to volunteer with us!.. 9/3/11.. ? Branch-specific information regarding interviews and training coming soon!.. for updates!.. In the interim, note that there is no formal application process (i.. e.. you do not have to send us a CV and cover letter, but thank you!); instead, we hold interviews.. This year, interviews will be held throughout Sept.. 13-17, 2011.. More details TBA.. 8/23/11.. Our website has been revamped!.. A service offered by the SSMU (Students' Society of McGill University)..

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  • Title: Drop-In and Line (DIAL)
    Descriptive info: DIAL operates a confidential, non-judgmental sexual assault helpline and drop-in service, providing listening and support to survivors, their peers, and their allies.. DIAL is open to the public, free-of-charge, and currently offered in English.. Referrals to other Montreal services, including sexual health clinics, counseling services, and sexual rights organizations, are available for survivors, if desired.. Training.. runs annually every September/October and sometimes in January/February.. Contact us in late August/early September for details about our next training.. Check back in January for winter training information.. Helpline.. We try to keep our line open during these hours, but if you call and there is no answer, please try calling back later.. We're here to listen.. Monday - Friday:  ...   November 12th: 12:00pm - 9:00pm.. Wednesday November 13th: 12:00pm - 9:00pm.. Thursday November 14th: 12:00pm - 9:00pm.. Friday November 15th: 12:00pm-9:00pm.. Drop-Ins.. In order to be available during the week, we no longer have weekend shifts at the moment.. Due to the varying hours of availability of our volunteers, the hours of operation for the helpline and drop-in service are subject to change each week.. Hours may be removed or added where needed based on volunteer availability.. Please try calling us back later if you cannot reach us.. In order to help you contact us successfully, here is a schedule of our hours for the current week.. 3480 McTavish, B-27.. Montreal, QC H3A 1X9.. (514) 398-8500.. ci@sacomss..

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  • Title: Support Groups (SG)
    Descriptive info: SACOMSS' Support Groups program provides a safe space for ongoing healing and empowerment of survivors of the English-speaking Montreal community.. Meetings are confidential and free-of-charge.. Three to ten members meet weekly with two trained co-facilitators, in a physically accessible, confidential location near McGill’s downtown campus.. Since participation is open-ended, you are never forced to attend a set number of sessions.. Each group will develop its own guidelines to protect everyone’s emotional safety and maintain respect for one another.. From week to week, members determine the direction of discussion.. You will never be judged.. Through sharing, listening, and encouragement, you will both give and receive emotional support.. We will not be training in Fall 2013.. Check back in January to see if there will be a winter training seassion.. Who are the Facilitators?.. • Joining a Group • FAQ • Contact Us.. The facilitators are trained volunteers that come from a number of backgrounds.. All have made a special commitment to working with survivors.. Facilitators provide continuity within the ever-changing groups.. They work to ensure everyone has the chance to speak.. They protect the emotional safety of the group.. They provide resources to members.. All facilitators have participated in at least 40 hours of training by SACOMSS.. This provides the facilitators with the skills and the experience to manage conflicts and group dynamics.. More importantly, facilitators have learned to listen actively, and to acknowledge issues about identity and sensitivity that may arise from discussion.. Facilitators are trained volunteers, not trained psychotherapists or counsellors.. If you are looking for a psychotherapist or counsellor, please visit our.. Joining a Support Group.. 1.. The first step is to contact SACOMSS where volunteers will be able to give some fundamental answers about our services.. If you want to join a group, the volunteer will ask for a phone number or email address.. If you're already aware of the groups we offer  ...   and friends of survivors of sexual assault.. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).. Q: Do I have to be a McGill student to join a support group?.. A: No.. In fact we encourage people from the greater Montreal community as well as McGill students to join support groups.. Q: How old do I need to be to join a group?.. A: We require you to be at least 18 years of age.. Q: Do I need to pay to join a group?.. All SACOMSS' services are provided free-of-charge.. Q: How often do support groups run?.. A: The groups meet once a week for two hours.. Q: What types of support groups do you offer?.. A: We offer supports groups for survivors of sexual assault as well as for their partners, families, and friends.. Q: Where do the groups meet?.. A: The locations are kept confidential.. They are disclosed after you have met with the facilitators and decide to join group.. Often times group runs somewhere in the downtown Montreal area.. Q: What days do the groups meet?.. A: The day and time will be disclosed once you have met with the facilitators and have decided to join group.. Q: Are there any groups offered in French?.. A: Unfortunately, not at the moment.. We are looking into that possibility for future groups.. Q: I am interested in a joining a group.. How do I do that?.. A: Please call us at (514) 398-8500, or email us at.. Q: I am interested in facilitating a support group.. How do I become involved in SACOMSS?.. A: We run training for Support Groups every Fall or Winter season.. If you are interested, please call us at (514) 398-8500 or e-mail us at.. Q: Do you have any information about other support groups offered in the Montreal area?.. A: Please refer to our.. , or call us at (514) 398-8500.. Support Groups (SG)..

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  • Title: Advocacy (A-Branch)
    Descriptive info: The A-Branch supports McGill students, staff, and faculty in navigating.. McGill's Policy on Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Prohibited by Law.. , advocating on their behalf to ensure their rights are respected and needs are addressed.. We cannot offer legal advice; however, we can offer information, accompaniment, and a safe space to explore your options.. Whether you have a complaint or just have questions, we are here to support you.. advocacy@sacomss.. Advocacy (A-Branch)..

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  • Title: Outreach
    Descriptive info: The Outreach Branch aims to raise awareness of issues surrounding sexual assault and consensual sex through facilitated discussions with youth and community groups.. Through our workshops, we debunk myths, confront taboos, and foster dialogue about fun and healthy consensual relationships and hook-ups.. runs annually every September/October.. outreach@sacomss..

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  • Title: Projects & Events
    Descriptive info: In addition to our services, SACOMSS also coordinates the following:.. Rez Project.. In collaboration with.. Queer McGill (QM).. , the.. Union for Gender Empowerment (UGE).. , and the.. McGill Residences.. , SACOMSS facilitates discussions with first-year McGill students on gender, sexuality, and sexual assault.. : You do not have to be a Residence Floor Fellow or a member of QM, UGE, or SACOMSS to co-facilitate Rez Project workshops.. A 1-day training is required to become a Rez Project facilitator.. For more information:.. rezproject2012@gmail.. com.. Community Links.. Free workshops  ...   your group would like training on any of these topics, please contact us, and we can discuss your group’s needs further.. communitylinks@sacomss.. Special Projects.. Every year, SACOMSS organizes a.. December 6 Polytechnique Memorial.. , during which we remember the 14 women killed in the.. of December 6, 1989, and a.. Sexual Assault Awareness Week.. , which includes our Fire with Water benefit art show and workshops on reclaiming sex based on respect, supporting survivors, and strategizing to make our communities (and sex lives!) safer and sexier for everyone..

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  • Title: Resources
    Descriptive info: SACOMSS has a library of literature related to sexual assault.. We also have contact information for Montreal sexual health clinics, counseling services, sexual rights organizations, and much more.. We hope to have some of our resources catalogued at.. Alternative Libraries.. by.. the end of Winter 2012.. ETA unknown.. If you would like a referral or information from our library, please contact us at (514) 398-8500 or at.. main@sacomss..

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  • Title: About Us
    Descriptive info: SACOMSS is a pro-survivor, pro-feminist, anti-racist, anti-ableist, anti-classist, queer-positive, trans-positive and anti-oppressive organization.. We provide a safe, accessible and non-judgmental space for members of many different communities and identifications.. All our services are open to the public and are provided free of charge..

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  • Title: Services
    Descriptive info: SACOMSS’ services aim to empower survivors and to raise awareness concerning sexual assault in the McGill and Montreal communities.. All our services are open to the public and are provided free-of-charge.. Direct Services.. Crisis Helpline.. In-Person Support.. Community Initiatives.. Peer Education.. Training.. Workshops..

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  • Title: Volunteer
    Descriptive info: Thank you for your interest in joining SACOMSS!.. Each year, interviews occur in mid-September, and trainings run from September to October over the course of 3-4 weeks, totaling to 30-40 hours (varying with each branch).. Training is held during weekday evenings and weekend afternoons.. Depending on a branch's needs, sometimes training will also run from January to February and/or in May.. Time commitment varies with each branch.. While training itself is quite a commitment, it is a fun and transformative learning experience filled with great people and thought-provoking conversations, and our volunteers tell us that they grow, both personally and politically, from the training and find the support  ...   please contact the respective branch.. If you are interested in training to volunteer for one of our services,.. please visit their branch page and contact them directly.. for information on their interview and training process.. If you miss the FALL 2013 interview period, you will have to wait until the next training period (either in January or May) to interview with us.. :.. You do not have to be a McGill student to volunteer with us!.. You can also.. subscribe to our LISTSERV.. ‘like’ our Facebook page.. for updates on our events, volunteer opportunities / trainings, community news of interest, and more.. Drop-In and Line:.. Support Groups:.. Advocacy:.. Outreach:..

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  • Title: Contact Us
    Descriptive info: Our Office.. McGill University.. Shatner Bldg.. Basement.. 3480 McTavish.. , B-27.. Mailing Address.. SACOMSS.. 3480 McTavish, Box 181.. Connect with Us.. Branches.. Drop-In and Line (DIAL):.. Other.. Community Links:.. External:.. external@sacomss.. Finance:.. finance@sacomss.. GM Coord:.. coordinator@sacomss.. Media Watch:.. mediawatch@sacomss.. Ombudsperson:.. ombuds@sacomss.. Political Educator:.. political@sacomss.. Publicity:.. publicity@sacomss.. Resources:.. resources@sacomss.. Special Projects:.. Web/Tech Support:.. techsupport@sacomss..

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