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  • Title: S1mp3.org - Firmware replacement for s1 mp3 player - Index
    Descriptive info: .. Main.. Index.. Development Home.. S1mp3 Wiki.. Site Map.. Links.. Guides.. Basic user guide.. Advanced guides.. Dead recovery guide.. FAQ.. Downloads.. Firmware list.. Tools.. Gallery.. Documentation.. Hardware specs.. English | v2.. 00 - 19/10/05.. Index.. About S1mp3.. org.. S1mp3.. org is an open project to provide users of the chinese mp3 players known as S1 Mp3 Player (or simply S1mp3) the best software, information, and resources to use with it.. If you are a DEVELOPER, you are invited to the.. development main page.. If you have a broken / nonfunctional device.. , please, see the.. and the.. at the.. documentation.. part.. Project forum :.. http://forum.. s1mp3.. [support and general discussion].. S1mp3 Wiki :.. http://wiki.. Project mail list :.. http://list.. [for devel team,.. *not* for support.. ].. IRC channel :.. #s1mp3.. (.. logs.. ) [for devel team,.. Announcing.. You have an s1mp3 ? Please, help us to fill  ...   to upload and call executable binaries, doing what loadram does plus debugging functions with live hardware access in a single tool!.. BLOD and BREC.. With help of wiRe, we now know that s1mp3s have two bootloaders, one residing on the internal EPPROM (BLOD) and a second stage one on NAND(BREC).. Launched s1mp3 devices database!.. (21/Oct/06).. Now, you can - and should - submit the details about your s1mp3 on the wiki.. With SO many differences out there, we have to know what we're going to work with! ;).. Swan API Specification version 1.. 00 Released!.. (16/Oct/06).. Our very first step into making Swan real - The Swan API specification version 1.. 00 was released!! You are invited to take a read it and talk about on the.. Mail list.. [See full history].. Meet us at.. the mail list.. Protected by the.. FreeBSD Documentation License.. - click for details..

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  • Title: S1mp3.org - Firmware replacement for s1 mp3 player - Site Map
    Descriptive info: Site Map.. S1mp3 project related links.. Wire's s1mp3.. de.. Similar Projects.. S1MP3 Presentation.. Turning on and off.. Using the S1MP3 as a pen drive.. Browsing the system.. Configuring the S1MP3.. Using the S1MP3 as an MP3 player.. Using the S1MP3 as a voice recorder.. Using the FM radio function.. Playing recorded files.. Creating and viewing the phone book.. Creating and viewing the text files.. How To set up lyrics.. s1fwx guide.. s1res guide.. How to fix button configuration.. How To fix the restarting issue.. Identify the player : Discover you board ID.. Dissassemble  ...   (short-circuit).. Find the apropriate firmware for your mp3 player.. Help! I still can't recover my player!.. Using your player.. Fixing you player.. Modding your firmware.. About the project.. Firmwares for standard s1 mp3 player.. Firmwares for MP4 s1 mp3 player.. Great firmware database.. MP3 Player Utilities.. Wire's tools.. Fw modifer.. Telbook aplication.. Themes for the MP4 player.. Themes for the MP3 player.. Internal overview of standard s1mp3.. The electric schematic.. Board ID: device real identification.. Actions ATJ2085[CPU][RAM][ROM].. Nand Flash memory(Samsung or Hynix).. Philips TEA5767[FM RADIO].. The LCD board.. The ICE header.. Hardware capabilities..

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  • Title: S1mp3.org - Firmware replacement for s1 mp3 player - Links
    Descriptive info: Links.. 1.. 2.. 3.. A detailed description of our project:.. Project situation.. Public todo list.. Wiki :.. wiki.. Development Mailing List :.. s1mp3-devel on sourceforge.. net.. Forum :.. forum.. S1MP3 project on sourceforge:.. http://sourceforge.. net/projects/s1mp3.. Logs.. Site of the great coder behind s1fwx, s1res and s1emu.. There you can  ...   of successful project.. rockbox.. iPodLinux.. Successful project to run linux on iPod.. http://ipodlinux.. org/Main_Page.. myMPXplayer.. Another site aiming to provide information and discussion about the s1mp3 players.. mympxplayer.. gmEmu.. Another successful project.. donat.. org/archos/main.. html.. Xclef MT-500.. A project on pre-beta stage, just like this! ;).. http://ferenczy.. coex.. cz/mt-500/index-en.. php..

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  • Title: S1mp3.org - Firmware replacement for s1 mp3 player - Basic user guide
    Descriptive info: Basic user guide.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10.. 11.. 12.. Thanks to:.. :.. Cho,.. for the initiative on writing this manual.. These will be the buttons mentioned in this guide.. Please, remind it for further reference.. If you player does not look like this one, probably you will find the buttons mentioned here written on your player's case.. To turn on the.. S1MP3.. , keep.. PLAY/STOP.. pressed until the boot animation shows up.. To turn off the.. pressed until the shutdown animation shows up.. You can shutdown anytime, and when the.. is again turned on, it will return to the same state of use before the shutdown, keeping the position of the song that was being played or the application in use.. Connect the.. to the computer, through the USB cable or directly to the USB hub.. Windows XP.. shall.. recognize and automatically.. mount.. the.. as a removable disk.. At windows 98, that does not come with the needed drivers to mount pen drives, you will have to install the drivers (that come on the mini-CD).. Observe the difference between the.. physical connection.. , that is the link.. - PC via USB, and the.. logical connection.. , the.. mounting.. process: make the filesystem available for windows.. Some times, even if the.. S1MP3.. is physically connected, windows somehow can't.. the removable disk.. In this case, try to turn the.. on and off, and try again.. without the battery.. Disable.. HOLD.. , if it's enabled.. If windows still can't mount the unit, try at another Win Xp computers.. More advanced instructions to solve this issue can be seen at.. Once mounted, with Windows Explorer, you can create and delete folders and files on.. , and move or copy files and folders between your computer and.. All the operations possible with files and folders on a hard disk can be done with the removable disk.. Now, you can move the audio files that you wish to enjoy to the removable disk.. WARNING!! If there are unknown files on the removable disk root, such as settings.. dat , don't delete it! This may make your S1MP3 unusable!.. To keep the S1MP3 memory organized, put your files into subfolders:.. DATA, at the root(with subfolders), to store any kind of data and program to be transported between computers.. RECS, at the root, to store your voice recorded RECXX files.. One or more folders, with any name, (ex.. MUSIC_A, MUSIC_B, etc.. ) to store audio files.. Note that.. will recognize only 99 files per folder, and.. it can't recognize sub-folders.. If you wish to view short files with the TXT application (if your.. support it), create a TXT folder at the root.. Avoid putting your files on.. S1MP3's.. root.. It can become very messy!.. The 99 files limitation.. The player's firmware is limited to 99 files per folder.. If you have more files in one folder, it will simply ignore the last files.. Sadly, there is no firmware update available that fixes this problem, so we will have to live with it.. Also, the firmware cannot see more than 1 folder deep into the drive.. EG: songs in C:\folder1\ can be played (up to the 99th song of course) but files in C:\folder1\folder2 do not.. After removing S1MP3 from USB:.. Unmount the S1MP3.. Right-click over the Removable disk icon(at windows explorer), and click Eject.. Or, on the taskbar, click at the removable devices icon, them click on Safely remove USB Mass Storage Device.. After the unmounting, the removable disk and the icon on the task bar will disappear.. The.. will show the.. Main menu.. , and you can use the player on normal mode, draining power from the USB hub.. Another way to unmount the.. is by holding.. Mode Click.. ONLY after unmounting, you can physically unconnect the.. WARNING!! Before unplugging the S1MP3 from USB, certify that it's NOT mounted! If you don't observe this, your S1MP3 can become unusable!.. If you wish to format your player, format it using the FAT file system.. WARNING!! If you format the player using any filesystem other than FAT or FAT16,(such as FAT32) your player may become unusable!!.. Let's begin with the.. Turn on the.. , and if the main manu does not show up, (similar to the picture), keep.. MODE.. clicked.. Observe the.. 's applications:.. MSC =.. M.. u.. S.. i.. C.. player (.. MP3.. ,.. WMA.. WAV.. , and, for a few recent players,.. OGG.. ).. REC = Voice.. REC.. order.. RPL =.. R.. ecorded files.. PL.. ayer (Voice or Radio recordings).. FM =.. FM.. Radio.. SYS =.. SYS.. tem settings.. TEL =.. TEL.. ephone Book.. TXT =.. T.. e.. XT.. reader.. To browse the S1MP3 :.. Press.. left.. or.. right.. to select the desired.. Icon/Application.. To enter/confirm the selected.. , press and release.. at vertical position.. This procedure will be named.. Mode click.. Each application has a sub-menu.. To show the running application sub-menu,.. click MODE.. To return to the main menu,.. or exit the running application, keep.. pressed at the vertical position.. long MODE click.. From the main menu, go to SYS.. Enter in each option under SYS, and modify it according to your taste:.. Record time = Date stamped to the recorded files.. Don't worry about setting the time, each time you change the.. battery, the time will reset.. Backlight = Time the backlight will remain lit after a button is pressed.. Backlight mode = Adjust the backlight color.. Language = Set the system language.. Power off :.. off time : Time until the player automatically shutdown after the last pressed button.. sleep time : Time until the player automatically shut down while playing audio files, after the last button is pressed.. Replay mode = (????).. Contrast = LCD screen contrast.. Online mode:.. Multidrive : Mount the encrypted drive (if it exists) and the normal disk while connected to the computer.. Normal only : Mount only the normal disk.. Encrypted only : Mount only the encrypted disk.. Memory info = Shows how much memory is being used.. Firmware version = Shows the version of the current firmware.. (THIS INFO IS NOT valid to choose a firmware to the S1MP3).. Firmware upgrade = Enters at the firmware upgrade mode.. (.. NEVER.. flash your firmware.. without KOWING what are you doing.. This can make your player useless or DEAD )..  ...   Another way to end recording is by holding the.. click until the.. shows up.. To listen to the recording, see.. , enter on FM.. If you get a hard error, that's because your S1mp3 does not have the FM chip, or the connection between the the FM chip is broken.. Have your S1mp3 changed of fixed.. Press MODE left or right and hold it till the cursor that indicates the radio station start moving by itself(auto seek).. When a station is found, click.. Save = Save the station to the memory.. Delete = Erase the station from the memory (if it is recorded).. Delete All = Delete all the recorded stations.. Normal Band = Adjust the FM Radio to work on the standard FM mode.. ( Works from 87 to 108 Mhz).. Japan Band = Adjust the FM Radio to work on the japanese FM mode.. ( Works from 76 to 90 Mhz).. Fine REC = Begin recording of the current station in high quality.. Long REC = Begin recording of the current station in low quality.. (Allows a larger recording time).. and return to FM.. (You can quit by pressing.. too).. Choose the option '.. Save.. '.. This saves the current radio station as CH01.. Repeat the operation for all your other favorite stations.. You can record up to 20 or 10 stations.. To jump between the saved stations, press.. To record the radio transmission, choice Fine Rec or Long Rec.. The recording process is similar to the voice recording.. (see.. ) The RECXX files are always recorded to the root.. , enter on the RPL.. The LCD screen will show a RECXX file (if there is any).. Click MODE to enter the.. , and select the folder where there are the RECXX files to be played.. to play the REC file shown on the screen.. Press again.. to stop playing.. To listen another file, press MODE left or right until the desired REC appear on the screen.. Obs.. : The REC01, REC02, RECXX files can be Radio or Voice recordings.. All the generated REC files got the same or similar encoding(act, vor or wav).. You play all these files at the same way, on the RPL.. If you wish to listen the recorded RECXX files at the computer, convert-em to mp3/wav/wma/ogg format using the Sound Convert tool , that comes on a mini-CD packed together with the player.. Download a telbook application file (from.. Extract the 7zip file with.. 7ZIP(free open source tool).. or WinRAR.. Then run the telbookexe.. You will see something like this:.. For each item of your phone list, fill in the fields Name, Mobile, Tel, E-mail, QQ(?) and Fax.. The field Name is the only obligatory.. When you finish, press Add, and all the information on the fields go to the first line of your sheet.. When the list is ready, press 'Save', generating a 'TelBook.. bin' file.. If you want to keep the list in a legible format outside.. , click 'Export', saving the list as a telbook.. txt text file.. Both files are recorded on the same folder the telbook.. exe program is located.. Mount.. (connect) the.. to the computer, and copy the TelBook.. bin file to the.. Then.. unmount.. the.. (see how here:.. Turn the.. on and another at the TEL.. Select.. Import Tel.. , and confirm the operation.. If the generated file cannot be imported, you shall try the same procedures, but using another version if the telbook.. exe(1.. 0 or 1.. 1 or 2.. 0).. The phone list is ready to be consulted! Get on TEL.. and select.. Browse Tel.. The list of names will appear.. Choose the desired name with MODE right or left, and press.. to see the first item of this register(Name).. To see other items, press MODE let or right.. If an item overflow the screen, press.. to view the rest of the line.. If none of the 3 versions does not work, try RENAMING the file generated by te telbook application to the same name of the file that you get when you 'export' the telbook file from your player.. If your player does not include the Text reader function.. The text reader function is not included in all the.. If you cannot find this option in your main menu, sorry, but your firmware does not have this option.. (DO NOT try to flash other firmwares to get this function, it WILL kill your player if you do so, if you feel suicidal, make a backup of your firmware first!).. Preparing a text file.. First, create a small text file with.. Notepad.. Then, connect the.. to the computer (see.. With windows explorer, copy the file to the TXTS folders on the.. Unmount.. , and un connect it to the usb port (see.. Viewing the text file.. Enter on the TXT.. Choose.. Dir Select.. Select the TXTS folder.. Now enter on.. File Select.. The name of the file you have left previously appear.. Select the desired text file.. Finally select.. Text Read.. The content of the text file is displayed on the LCD.. Note that it's hard to view the information! To browse the text, press.. left or right.. To have lyrics, you should place a [music_name].. lrc file containing the time stamped lyrics and [music_name].. ext music file in the same folder, where ext is the extension for your file (ex.. wav,.. mp3).. Don't forget it is CaSe SeNsITiVe.. Keep the music_name short and without special chars, or it won't work.. When playing a music witch has a.. lrc file associated, a small L (or T in some other firmwares) will appear in the music icon.. Then, to start showing lyrics, hold the mode button for 3 or 4 seconds.. The lyrics function has several bugs, try to keep the lyrics as simple as possible.. Use timestamp in this format:.. [00:55.. 68]Lyrics are fun.. [00:58.. 49].. dadada.. lrc file shall be saved with normal ANSI encoding.. Notepad can do this job.. There are also some freeware and commercial tools out there that can automatically download and save a ready to go.. lrc lyric for your musics (such as Winlyrics, paid software).. Even thought, If you want to make your own lyrics, there are some programs to assist you.. You can get a tutorial on this here:.. mycnknow.. com/download/TUTORIAL/tutor.. htm..

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  • Title: S1mp3.org - Firmware replacement for s1 mp3 player - Advanced guides
    Descriptive info: Advanced guides.. (Adapted from.. stud.. uni-karlsruhe.. de/~uwa8/s1mp3/?Tools.. s1fwx.. Description and basic usage:.. s1fwx.. s1 firmware extractor.. ) is a free commandline tool (public domain) which lets you extract the original firmware from your s1 mp3 player device.. Additional features support operations on the firmware files like decrypt, extract and archive.. This way you could investigate all the files included in any fw file, change their content and put them back together.. There are two known archive formats for the firmware files:.. AFI: these archives include files needed to flash the device.. A minimal set may consist of an BRECFxxx.. BIN (the bootloader) and a FWIMAGE.. FW file (see below).. FW/FWI: firmware image files include all firmware files needed during runtime.. Commandline usage:.. usage: s1fwx {i|x|s|a|l|f|r} {filename{:[afi|fw|enc]}} examples: display file info s1fwx i fname.. ext extract firmware file s1fwx x fname.. ext generate script from file s1fwx s fname.. ext new.. script create firmware file by script s1fwx a new.. fw:fw def_fw.. script create afi file by script s1fwx a new.. bin:afi def_afi.. script list entire content of any file s1fwx l *.. bin extract firmware from player s1fwx f dump.. bin repair dumped firmware files s1fwx r dump.. bin.. How to extract and repair firmware:.. Extracting your player's firmware is a good thing to do, since it makes you a backup of your original firmware files.. You can't be absolutely sure you will be able to backup your player after some bad firmware update, but at least you have some more possibilities.. First download the newest version(.. ) of s1fwx and extract the.. 7zip.. archive.. Then connect your mp3 player device to your computer's USB port and wait until it gets detected.. Now double click the extracted file extract.. bat or run.. s1fwx f dump.. bin.. from the windows commandline console.. Skip the disclaimer by pressing space and select the drive your player gets mounted to.. (eg.. if detected drives displays x then choose drive x: by pressing x ).. Now s1fwx should start extracting your firmware, it may take around 10 seconds.. If all went well and no error gets displayed, it will display the content of the extracted firmware file as it was read from your player.. Before you can update your player with this firmware file using the Mp3 Player Update Tool , you will first have to repair it.. Start repair.. bat or type.. s1fwx r dump.. A backup will be saved at dump.. bi$ automatically and the repaired file is now available as dump.. Notice that.. its not possible to do a firmware recovery with this file.. , or flash at ADFU mode, (it will do only regular firmware updates) since there are missing files needed by the Mp3 Player Update Tool recovery mode.. Since this files couldn't be found on your player you will need to get them from some official firmware file which is known to work with your player's hardware.. Either you first could recover to this known working firmware before updating to dump.. bin , or you could insert the needed files from the original AFI file into dump.. bin using s1fwx.. The original firmware has to support your flash chip(s).. It doesn't matters if its just using different backlight or key-mapping.. Extract Firmware Files.. Here some example how to extract the whole content of the AFI file firmware.. Place firmware and s1fwx in one folder, open commandline console (run cmd ) and go to the folder containing the files.. To extract the AFI and the firmware files, type:.. s1fwx x firmware.. md fw cd fw.. /s1fwx x.. /fwimage.. fw.. Now you should have extracted all the files usually included in some general firmware file.. Archive Firmware Files.. To modify files in a firmware you will have to extract, modify and then archive the files back together to one AFI file.. First generate the script from the firmware file firmware.. bin , using:.. s1fwx s firmware.. bin firmware.. script.. Then extract the files and modify their content if you want.. if you want to add or remove files or change file specific parameters edit the generated script using an usual text editor (i think the syntax is self explaining).. To archive the files back together type:.. s1fwx a new_firmware.. bin:afi firmware.. This could also be used to archive firmware files like fwimage.. fw.. In this case use:.. s1fwx a fwimage.. fw:fw fwimage.. Recover To Extracted Firmware Files.. Flashing your player with an extracted firmware file is a very simple procedure, just take care you repaired the extracted file (see above) and use the latest MP3 Update Tool available at  ...   will need:.. Z80 Simulator IDE (the trial will do).. 2085RES (from our yahoo page or.. here.. S1FWX (.. Ok, we are now ready to reprogram!.. 1) Firstly, check if the firmware you flashed (and worked) is encrypted.. You can tell because the encrypted version took about 3 minutes to flash and the non encrypted version took about 3 seconds!!! If it is.. NOT.. encrypted, skip to step 2.. If it.. IS.. encrypted, use S1FWX to decrypt it:.. C:\S1FWX s1fwx l xxxxxxxx.. This should create a file called xxxxxxxx.. bi~.. Rename this file so it ends with.. 2) Using S1FWX, unpack the firmware:.. C:\S1FWX s1fwx x xxxxxxxx.. ) After it has finished.. C:\S1FWX s1fwx x FWIMAGE.. FW.. 3) Open Z80 Simulator IDE and choose Tools -- disassemble.. When the window opens, choose file -- select program.. Select the file KY_HARD.. DRV (you will need to change the file types on the bottom to All Files (*.. *).. Then Tools -- Disassemble.. Save the file then use notepad to open it.. 4) Look from about line 0500.. From there you are looking for references like:.. 0550 0256 3E 01 LD A,01H.. The LD A,01H is a button (to be more precise: LD A,xxH is a button!).. The reference of that button is at 0257 (256 with one added because that line shows two references and we are interested in the second one).. Using the table below, figure out what your buttons are and what they should be, and their reference number (the second number on that line plus 1 (P.. it is in hexadecimal [i.. e.. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F])).. +-----------------+ | Number | Action | +--------+--------+ | 01 | Play | | 03 | Vol - | | 04 | Vol + | | 05 | Prev | | 06 | Next | | 10 | Mode | | 11 | A/B rec| | 12 | Enter | +-----------------+.. P.. I STILL DON T KNOW THE HOLD SWITCH NUMBERS YET (AS I DON T HAVE A PLAYER WITH ONE!!!) IF ANYONE CAN FIGURE IT OUT, EMAIL ME AT ian dot hawdon at gmail dot com.. 5) Next, fire up 2085RES.. Press tab then hit enter this should open a Open File dialogue, open your firmware (the.. bin file).. Choose FWIMAGE.. FW then KY_HARD.. DRV.. 6) Find the reference number to your code.. E.. G.. if the line said:.. 0550 0256 3E 01 LD A,01H.. You would look for number 0257.. Scroll down to 0x250 and count each two digit number from left to right up to 7.. remember, the first number is 0 (0x250).. You should reach a two digit number called 01.. That means the button is currently assigned to Play , with the help of your player and the table, find out what it is meant to be.. Change the number in 2085RES.. Continue to do that for the rest of the buttons and then when you are finished, go to were it says the version number (usually 3042) and use the back tab function.. (SHIFT + TAB, then press ENTER).. Make a file name.. 7) Flash it.. Open your player, put it on dead recovery guide(.. Then flash your new firmware.. All the buttons SHOULD work now.. The restart issue is caused by static.. To minimize/solve the restarting, you should completely isolate your player from the exterior.. This is a hard thing to do, because the case has a metallic part which keeps the USB plug and the microphone in contact with the exterior and thereby allows static electricity to enter the device and zap it.. You have to open up the player and isolate the parts.. If you don't know how to open your player, check.. To isolate those parts, you can use ordinary sticky tape, or any insulator think material.. I have isolated the boards, the screws, the USB plug, the microphone, and the metallic part that touches it.. To check if it worked, you can put your player near a monitor/TV and see if it zaps.. Keep the monitor/TV on for a while, turn it off and then imediatly make contact between the screen and the s1mp3 case.. You can check if you isolation is good by using a multimeter.. If you are completly SURE that this steps will not work, remove the screws and see if it solves.. If it does you can use glue to fix your board to the case.. If it does not work, you migh need to unsolder and then resolder your main flash memory chip..

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  • Title: S1mp3.org - Firmware replacement for s1 mp3 player - Dead recovery guide
    Descriptive info: Dead recovery guide.. Warning.. Although this guide has helped many to repair their players, we have recently decided that we can do better and it is being reviewed now (5/Jun/2006).. See.. maliing list.. to follow the discussion.. If you killed your player, you'll need a firmware that works with your player's hardware.. To know with Firmware file will work on your player, you.. must.. get the board ID.. It's the only safe way to identify your player.. Chip numbers, external look, models or brand names can't unequely identify a hardware set.. To get the board ID, you.. disassemble your player.. If you don't know how to disassemble your mp3 player, read on.. You can find out more about board ID here :.. , and once you've found your board ID, you may see if there is any tested firmware for your player at the.. Attention: In case you have a XO style case (or a different style of case), this guide does.. *not.. * apply to you.. -J-@D!-.. has written a guide to open it.. on the forum.. (Written by.. Crunchy.. Find a clear table / desk to work on, make sure the floor is not to messy.. It'll be a LOT easier to find back those tiny little screws / plastic buttons that tend to fall out exactly the wrong way.. Stick a screwdriver/knife/needle between the USB plug and the bottom plastic part (the one that holds the battery).. Any gap large enough to fit a sharp edge in will do.. Lever the bottom plastic of the rest of the player.. It's not welded or glued tight, so it'll come of easily.. Be forceful, but gentle, if necessary.. Don't worry if you hear plastic "snapping" it's just the clips coming loose, you are not breaking anything.. In the four corners of the PCB (the printboard with all the chips) you'll find four screws, find a screwdriver that fits, and unscrew them.. Put the screws in a container!.. Anything will do, from an egg holder to tupperware to an ashtray,.. just don't loose the screws!!.. You can now lift off the main PCB.. Be carefull, as the LCD connector cable (brown flat cable) is quite fragile.. Don't break it!.. You can now safely remove the chrome/silver/shiny ring from the player.. Note how it fits.. under.. the main PCB, and how the LCD connector cable goes through it.. This bit is a bit tricky to reassemble later, so if you remember how everything was in the first place, It'll be easier to put it back together.. You can now see the back of the LCD board.. there should be two screws in it.. Again, take your screwdriver and unscrew them.. Put these screws in a (different) container! Again, Don't lose the screws! You.. need.. them.. Put them in a different container to make sure you don't mix them up with the four "main PCB screws", as that will cause trouble when you put the player back together.. After all that, you can take the LCD board from the front of the case.. Remember, the brown LCD connector cable is.. fragile.. , don't break it!.. Congratulations, you have now disassembled your S1MP3 player! To reassemble it, just follow this guide in reverse order.. Extra attention to see if the buttons are well fit on the case, for not to force then while closing the case.. First, uninstall the mp3 player tools you have installed previously.. Install the 1.. 46 version available at the.. Unplug the player and remove/uninstall.. all.. the drivers related to USB at the device manager.. (Control Panel System Hardware tab Device Manager).. Here is a.. screenshot.. Now, click ".. scan for hardware changes.. " button.. Finally after the USB  ...   short-circuit the memory chip during startup to simulate a broken fwimage header.. Off course, if you have a device with the damaged BREC code, there is no way for us to write code on the device, so it's really gone to heaven.. :).. You must disassemble your mp3 player.. If you haven't done this yet, check the.. disassemble the s1mp3.. Recognize the memory chip, near the ATJ2085 chip.. It's usually a samsung chip, and it's the biggest silicon on the board.. To help identifying the device components, check the.. We have seen players with 2 memory chips, too.. If you have one of those, you have to short the memory chip nearest to the ATJ2085.. Now, without the batteries, with a flat screwdriver, touch 2 or more of any of the 8 IO legs of the memory chip.. Then, KEEP the screwdriver shorting the pins, and connect the player to the USB.. Keep trying this procedure until you are successful.. You may need to do this procedure lots of time before getting a successful short.. When you are successful, windows will recognize your s1mp3 as an ADFU server device (you may check it on the system tray) and then, when you start the firmware update program, you'll be warned that the device is on recovery mode, and you will finally be allowed to flash a (FULL) compatible firmware file.. If you try to flash a dump, you will get an error message.. If your device is not detected AT ALL, even doing this procedure, you got a permanently damanged S1mp3, probably because a corrupt firmware flash operation.. The only hope is a hardware flash via ICE, see the.. ICE howto wiki article.. Now, let windows.. install the drivers.. After this, you may flash any firmware to the player, after finding a compatible update program.. With your board ID in hand, check the.. If you find a firmware compatible with your board, your 're lucky, try it.. If you are on recovery (ADFU) mode.. , and the firmware for your board haven't worked, or if you are trying to flash a dump(incomplete firmware), one thing you might do is to flash another (random) firmware, until you get a working usb flash disk.. Then, flash your player in the normal way, with your incomplete firmware(without doing any short-circuit).. Incomplete DUMPS won't work on ADFU mode, remember that!.. If you don't find your board there, them.. you will have to find it yourself, by attempt and error.. We unhappily.. CAN'T.. help you hunting.. (Google can.. ).. All the firmwares we have collected so far are on the.. , get them and start trying.. Post your complete experiences on the.. , so, with some time, we will catalogue all the FW files.. If you have a friend with a identical player it's easy, just ask him to extract the bin file from his player using.. And don't forget to send us the firmware for we to catalogue it on the page.. Note that this procedure is the same for ATJ2085, AMP2085 and ATJ2051 chips.. If you have SURE you have made all the steps above, post on the.. describing with.. as much details as possible.. , what is going wrong, maybe we can help you.. But all that is known are on this page, the people probably won't be able to help much.. Plese, don't post asking for firmwares!!.. If you are getting a persistent error like.. UNKNOW FLASH TYPE.. after trying everything suggested here, it's likely that there is a bad solder on your memory chip or the memory chip itself is phisically dammanged.. You might try to resolder it.. The most important is to keep hope, LOTS of people already recovered their players!..

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  • Title: S1mp3.org - Firmware replacement for s1 mp3 player - FAQ
    Descriptive info: FAQ.. Q1: Is there a firmware update for my player?.. First: If your player works,.. keep it that way : don't update!!.. "Updates" don't exist for the S1mp3 player, there are just a lot of different versions of the same firmware.. But not all versions work with all boards.. Each firmware is made especially for one board type, so if you update your player with a.. wrong version.. , it.. dies.. Rate:.. Q2: The player has less memory than normal, and restarts displaying "format error", "I/O error" or "disk error" when I upload more than 128/256/512/etc MB, OR it always reestart after playing song X.. What you can do is to format the player using the tool that came on the the latest version of the "MP3 Player Utilities", available in.. Do a complete format and don't set any encripted drive.. If this does not help, try the "disk management", reached at "Control Panel -> Administrative tools -> computer management".. Right click the mp3 player partition, choose "format".. Use "FAT" or "FAT16" (NOT FAT32!).. If it does not work, you can try a low-level format using this tool :.. HP formatting tool.. This is a known problem.. It is some bug in the firmware.. If formatting does not help, you should check if the memory chip inside you player has the capacity that the players claims.. (see.. and.. (there is an ongoing discussion about this in.. the forums.. Q3: My device is at "ADFU server" mode and I can't acess it using windows.. This means that your player is at the the recovery mode.. You should now pick a firmware for your player and flash it.. For more help, see our dead device recovery guide:.. Q4: Can the s1mp3 can recharge the battery while it is connected to pc??.. If you player has an internal recharcheable battery, it will include a special internal circuit to do that.. If your player does not have this circuit, you best recharge your batteries on proper chargers to avoid acidents.. However, there is a.. wiki article.. that explains how to make a simple circuit to drive power to the battteries.. Q5: I can't get my telbook function to work!.. Read the.. Q6: How can i get my lyrics function to work?.. There is also a nice.. freeware program.. out there that can help you with it.. It also has a.. Tutorial.. Q7: The LED colors keep changing every time I press a button! How can I stop it?.. On "System" menu, change the "backlight mode" option (see.. Q8: I can't play all the songs I put on my player(only the first 99), what can I do?.. See more info here :.. Q9: How do I change/add a language to my player?.. See this topic :.. org/viewtopic.. php?t=267.. Q10: how can i change the order that the s1mp3 plays the songs?.. See how to set the playing order at.. Q11: I can't open text files? why?.. Q12: What is the difference between actions s1mp3 players (with atj2085 or atj 2075), and the sigmatel STMP35xx?.. Not very much, in the way that they both play music.. Sigmatel claims that the atj2075 and 2085 are copies of their SMTP25xx series, and has even filed a lawsuit against them! Apart from the different looks, they have totally incompatible firmwares, and (some of) the sigmatel players have a slot for an extra Secure Digital flashcard.. (note: this project is about the s1mp3 player, NOT the sigmatel ones ;) ).. Q13: When playing songs (sometimes/always) there is a low "buzzing" sound in the background of the song.. This has only one explanation: interference.. The s1mp3 player is quite cheap hardware, so it is not shielded from interference very well.. In fact, it even creates it's own interference.. In some hardware versions, severeral of the memory data lines run along the audio lines, so everytime the memory is read or written, there will be interference from the memory with the audio.. This also explains the absence of interference during radio playback (as reported sometimes): the memory isn't really used then, so there is no interference.. There is, althought, a way to fix that problem , it appears to be due to a decoupling tantalum capacitor not being big enough.. The capacitor is on the battery side of the board and is between the hold switch and the -ve volume button.. I found that soldering another surface mount 68uF tantalum across it fixed the burbling noise on memory playback.. try holding a largeish (220uF) electrolytic against this capacitor's leads to see if it cures the problem , itmay cause reboots due to static/whatever, but when it doesnt cause a reboot it may/should reduce the noise, if it does then try soldering in a permanent fix.. Q14: My player has always a bit less memory available then it claims.. Why?.. This is normal and happens with all the S1MP3 players.. The firmware reserves a "small" (up to 20MB) portion of the flash memory to system usage.. Q15: My player can't find any FM station.. The player uses the earphones cord as an antenna.. Try to hold it stretched as much as you can for better reception.. Sometimes, the radio signal is just not strong enough.. There can also be a strong signal from a local radio station "blocking" any other stations in the area, even if normal radios receptors are working normally.. Q16: Can I change the recording date?.. Yes.. There is an opntion on system menu that let you change the system time.. Note that eveytime the player is  ...   does not help, then it's very likely that this is a hardware fault on the DC-DC convertor - get the player replaced with the seller.. Q8: Where can I find the adfuud.. sys file?.. Q9: I get a "device write protected, please remove write protection" when I start the FW upgrade program.. Flip the hold swith! :) It is also possible that, because of a wrong firmware update, the button mapping has gone crazy, and your hold switch has traded places with other buttons.. To overcome this, simply push ALL the buttons while you plug in the player, that way you are always "flipping" the "hold switch" (where-ever it has hidden itself) If still doesn't work, follow the.. Q10: Where can I find a spare glass?(the one who protects the LCD screen).. You can try to order a real glass in a jewelry store.. Q11: The mp3 player shuts down by itself all the time (shows "starting").. What to do?.. Read this :.. Q12: When I copy mp3 format music files the player says there is a format problem in the file so unable to playing it.. Re-encode the problematic music files using LAME.. If the device also reestarts, it could be the memory issue, check the FAQ for that too.. Q13: The player X looks like the player Y, can I use Y's firmware dump on X ?.. Only if you know that the Board ID for both players is the same.. The external (brand, looklike, firmware version) say nothing about the player internal hardware.. Q1: Is there a way to change the text/images included on the firmware?.. Yes, there is.. Wire's s1fwx can dump your firmware and you can use s1res to change the text/graphics, even with MP4 players.. page.. Q2: Can I modify equalization presets with a different response curve?.. This may be possible somehow, but we still have no idea on how to do it.. If you have some information on it, please email!.. Q3: My player only has one color backlight, can I upgrade my firmware to get more colors?.. No, you can't.. The multi-color players have three different backlight.. LED.. These are colored Red, Green and Blue.. The different colors are made by combining the.. 's in different ways (EG: Red+Blue gives Pink/Purple).. The one-color players only have one backlight.. , so they cannot combine colors.. The LED's are inside the.. If you don't have the LEDs (the multi-color devices have tree of them, while the single-color players only have one) on your hardware, there is no way to add them!.. Q4: How can I add the FM Radio function?.. If your player does not have the radio chip inside, it's impossible to add FM.. If you want to check if your player can support radio (i.. e, have the chip), you will have to open it.. and look for the radio chip.. (it is normally the Philips TEA5767).. If your player once had FM and you lost it during firmware update or you have the radio chip inside, you can use the FW modifier (see.. ) tool to add the function to a.. bin file.. Q5: Does the s1mp3 player support playlists? Maybe by firmware update?.. Unfortunately, no.. The s1mp3 player does not support playlists, not even with firmware upgrades.. Remember, it is still cheap chinese import, no high tech iPod nano.. Q6: How do I change the battery type from 1,5V to 1,2V - rechargeable?.. A program called "Fw modifyer", can do the job, available on.. Dump your firmware using s1fwx(.. )(don't forget the upper "F"), modify it and reburn on the player.. If the player refuses to accept the changes, you might have to "kill" the player with an unknown firmware and then finally flash the firmware.. And this might be a hard work, that might not reward you.. The only thing that changes is over the battery indicator level.. Q7: What are all those.. 7z files?.. z7 is the extension for 7-zip.. 7-zip is one of the most powerfull compressing programs you'll find, and, best of all: It's open source.. you can find the official 7-zip program at:.. www.. 7-zip.. If you want to use something else:.. winrar.. also extracts 7-zip.. Q8: How can I change my mp4's interfrace with cool backgrounds?.. For that, you'll have to extract your player's firmware with s1fwx.. then you can unleash the awesome power of s1res on your extracted firmware.. S1res allows you to change ANY part of a firmware, including menu pictures.. Where all the pictures are hidden changes from firmware to firmware, so you'll have to look for yourself (but UI30.. res is always a good place to start).. WARNING: ALWAYS keep an UNMODIFIED, UNCHANGED backup of your extracted firmware, just in case something goes wrong.. (And, remembering Murphy's law: it _will_ go wrong).. Q9: How can I change the button configuration?.. Q1: How can I help with the project?.. You can help the project in many ways.. The easiest is clicking the banners :).. Please, if you wish to help, send a message introducing yourself to the.. mail list.. Tell any of the skills you might have(C, embedded programming, HTML/Web, scripting, etc.. ), and say you wish to help.. LOADS of work will be waiting you! ;).. Of course, you could also visit our.. forums.. and help out there ;).. Q2: Is there a forum or a chat group?.. We maintain a.. web based forum.. and a mailing list.. The mailing list is for development purposes ONLY, support questions there will be ignored.. For dead players, see the..

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  • Title: S1mp3.org - Firmware replacement for s1 mp3 player - Firmware list
    Descriptive info: Firmware list.. !!!WARNING!!!.. - READ BEFORE DOWNLOADING ANY FIRMWARE.. Those firmwares are to be used.. ONLY.. for developers and people wishing to recover their _dead_ players.. You have a 99% of chance to kill you player if you flash it without checking the Board ID!.. ,.. make it inoperable INSTANTLY, probably BEYOND REPAIR.. (See.. If you got a dead device, please check the.. PS: You can get a GNU 7Zip(.. 7z) extractor.. File Name.. Working Boards.. Version.. Remarker.. Submitter name.. MU623.. with_telbook.. 7z.. 03-28-2005; 2085-D.. Labsic.. ?.. Dziala_sd4284.. 0533 (AND) 28-03-2005 (AND) Se4284v1.. DBL Electronics - PN410.. jpshea.. V4.. 3-H850202Z_512M.. 2004-09-03.. Solves the memory problem.. Pedro Lopes.. 2005HB-FM220458.. 2005/06/06 v4.. 3-51-v1.. 0.. Sambamurthy.. dump_2051-A2_2006-04-20.. 2051-A2 2006-04-20.. 5.. 35.. Saulius.. dump_2051-AB.. 2051-AB SN007@163.. COM.. v4.. 3-xn320 4.. 43.. minio.. dump_2051-B.. 2051-B.. Brian.. 51-sun-ntel.. 2051-ZH / 2051-ZZ.. 3 XN-320.. Jimmy Powell.. V43-SN320.. 2085-D (AND) atj2085_mp3 2005-03-09.. v1.. 3-XC-SN320 (solves mem issue on atj2085_mp3).. Sony.. Andrea T.. 2085-D-2005-08-01.. 2085-D 2005-08-01.. AGK Nordic.. Nex@Pl.. dump_A2081_V3.. 2.. A2081 V 3.. Foston 512MB.. Armando Fontenele.. XC_SN320NF.. AT2085_MP3 -2004/12/08.. Jada J-885.. Mardinav.. XC_SN320FC.. AT2085_MP3 2004/12/08; ATJ2085_MP3 2005-03-09.. A.. Millerchip.. atj_2051w_yf00808.. atj 2051w yf001a / yf00808 @ 163.. foston.. fabio severo da rosa.. A8noFM.. ATJ2005_MP3 2004/12/08.. The_Oak.. atj2051.. 0001.. mp-683egc.. qs.. E0220AB.. ATJ2085 E0220AB C7M.. Ryszard J.. grandin-ip836-128.. ATJ2085_MP3 06_20.. 43 / 2005/03/06 V4.. 3-XN320.. Grandin IP836.. met.. grandin-ip839ar-256-fm.. Grandin IP839AR.. LT300_atj2085.. ATJ2085_MP3 2004/12/08.. blutz.. firmware-tba.. ATJ2085_MP3 2005-03-08.. Anonim.. E199143_Headphones.. E199143.. Butterfly HY Technology in Japan.. Ray Abram.. mp330af-p41.. E226252 05.. 21.. 2005.. Acorp MP330AF-P41 512Mb.. Klimchuk Ivan.. memup.. GS?75AOC-?RM v1.. 1 2005-01-05-c.. ATJ2051H.. Antoine Calando.. ATMT_LITEV1.. 1.. H51-09FC V0.. 2B 2005.. 06.. 01 S.. for ATJ2051.. ATMT MP-130 Lite.. Pawe Lasko -Grabows.. s130A1FC-2.. 2-H.. H85-07FC Rev 0.. 3.. Unbranded (.. JedOi.. H850903X.. h85-09fc lcd v0.. 7[**from LCD board].. mr.. sneezy.. H85-09FC_V0.. H85-09FC MAIN V0.. V3.. Milan Milovanovic.. H85-09FC.. 5 2004-10-12.. bel666_h85v05.. H85-09FC MAIN v0.. 5 LCD V0.. 6.. 42.. SONY NS-12.. Marcos Gasparri.. sony_ns11.. HB5-09FC MAIN V05.. 'Sony'.. serhat ugurlu.. SD4261.. HRA-701-2085 [OR] SE4261[**from LCD board].. ID833_85_0503-B.. ID833 85 0503-B.. BestBuy.. TOKO.. ID833-3.. 33-MOD.. BIN.. ID833 LCM 0504-A.. PCB.. Socram Malaquias.. jm-1118.. jm-1118 ver1.. 0 0601.. 4_m180a1f.. MP7021.. Osiris.. JYT001_V2.. 0_RV7CHL.. JYT001 V2.. satish rajput.. 0_RV2CHL.. 0 RV2CHL.. JYT002_V2.. 1_2c.. JYT002 V2.. JYT002_v2.. 1_7c.. JYT003_V4.. JYT003 V4.. jyt005.. JYT005.. K-Byte.. Pablo P.. audico.. KunDu.. com Rev.. 0 at854998.. 2006/01/15 3.. 33.. 0000.. enesp.. LJD-023V0.. bak.. 7z.. LJD-02+3V0.. 2 2005-01-28.. Acer_Advanced_MP3_Player_512Mb_(M004T8MAINv0.. 2).. M004T8MAINv0.. (atj2085).. Fake Acer.. Michael Samanov.. 2051_main_V.. 01.. Main V 0.. for ATJ2051.. B.. B Sofiene.. X-View1Gb.. MC 482C Main V13 2004/12/27 MP-482C-LCM-V13.. X-View 1Gb.. Rodrigo Martinez.. MC-482C-LCM-V13_.. MC-482C-LCM-V13.. TOP-WORLD.. jorge k.. c.. MP310AF-512-rus.. MD210A-2085 -PPD -v.. 0+.. Acorp MP310AF-P51 - 512 MB.. Poplar LK.. MD210AD.. MD210AD-PCB-V1.. TWF Model G1.. Rob Bradley.. ModeA_D_FM.. MP 482C Main V13.. DMP-X11V.. J.. Kjällquist.. SONY-S81-FMRadio_1GB.. MP 482C MAIN V13.. SONY S-81 (1GB).. Mr.. Mahendra C.. stu015b_hello_.. md1975.. 482c_main_v8.. MP 482C MAIN V8.. Microdia.. Codertux.. imp-20-IL_serials.. MP 483C 1.. refery.. 515c_v1.. MP 515C V1.. LEMON MP337 128MB.. Very.. player_udate.. MP-3EGCFMU1.. fake sony , 1GB.. mehmetcevahir.. KByte_1024_481v4.. MP-481C V4.. 0002.. MP481CVLCM ( KByte).. Castanedo.. Idream_FM.. MP-481cv4+Flash 2005-1-15.. 0003.. iDream.. Ben Belgacem Sofiene.. _sys_v11.. MP-482C MAIN V11 ; MP-482C MAIN V13; MP-481CV2.. Tito.. kinwei-3.. nofm.. MP-482C MAIN V13.. b34r.. ron_482c_v13.. Ron Carmi.. 001_006.. JADA JD-885.. Henrique Moraes.. ODYS_MP3-S5.. MP-482C MAIN V13 (ATJ2085).. 002 2004.. 12.. 13.. ODYS.. Kovács B.. CEKR1024.. MP-482C MAIN V8.. 003.. G.. Gemmingen.. MP_482Cv13.. MP-482C V13..  ...   SE4418V3-A(Hacked_by_ian_hawdon).. This is the other Firmware that will work on this board, it was edited to work with the buttons.. 2051_805_HY512.. sn 007 163.. com 20517h.. Frederico Damasio.. Sumvision.. M18.. Sumvision M18 1Gb player.. SZSCDV5.. SZSCDV5@20041027.. play.. Mark Dev.. centon_256-FM.. TCB 538A 28SA82S11.. Centon.. pancho8bits.. MacerV3_Z-cyber.. UM-1400 Rev 1.. Z-Cyber Macer V3.. Shawn D'Alimonte.. V43-H8509-X1.. 3-H850901X.. Krzysiek.. xundu.. comrev3.. XunDu.. com REV:3.. MASINTEK 1GB.. alvarorossi.. xd18zh.. com v2.. Xundu.. Toxic.. dump_YF00.. YF001A / YF00808.. no FM, 256MB.. Rembrand Lakwijk.. lenoxxmp003-yf001a.. yf001a / yf00808@163.. atj2051w, SPT radio.. Lenoxx MP-003 (512Mb).. Carlos Schmitz.. ZD0508.. ZD 0508.. Optimus mp3 player.. ms93.. MP-485CV2_.. \MP-485CV2.. V.. 4.. Teratech TMP-M100.. Marcos Reis.. Nano_1.. 5_C2.. APPLE-M V2.. Type C2.. Metaloxyd.. 16-3.. 6v.. ATJ2085V2.. 16.. text2mail.. B002.. B002-5.. 37.. nano-like.. special226.. Bks1025_309v3_08018.. BKS1025 309v3 080218.. uses HY27UT084G2M.. none.. Saurabh Shakya.. V5800_9.. 52.. BKS25018-V1 (AK1025).. unbranded.. David Wolff.. BKS85004.. BKS85004 v 1.. hOZONE.. dump_H45_2-A.. H45 2-A.. Fake Nano.. David Cheng.. dump.. H85-41MTV-CSTN VO.. 2B.. Model VL-546.. Visual Land.. xpectrum.. h85-mtv-v2.. 18.. Type A2.. guest110000.. HJ-CSTNV02.. HJ-CSTN V02 2006.. 03.. 28 J.. E-Tech.. Hugo Navia.. A2_3.. 08.. HJT H85-20MTV (Type A2).. 08 (H85-MTV-V2).. Shuray Japan.. LKRaider.. JTH-502_V1.. JTH-502 V1 2006-09-08.. Apolo.. formazon.. AU822_3.. 38V1_060925MILAD.. K2TJ1061006305.. 38 v1.. Apacer AU822 Steno.. Milad Ahmadi.. LISONG_LSD_501_05-V35.. LISONG LSD_501_05 SDK:V35.. 128x128 color screen.. FOSTON FS-58A 2GB.. Alexander Chukov.. 958HY-512.. MD-025 V.. 0 05.. 24.. For Type D Payers.. Christian Mueller.. E09_512M.. MD038.. 05/10/21.. MP4 with Touch Screen.. JJ Fugazi.. dump_MP-550CV3-SL.. MP-550CV3-SL 05/11/02.. ACTS16D_13.. Hary Pater.. MP-590C 2005/06/14 V0.. 2 ESD (note: can be mp599).. BliND.. mp_590C.. dump_MP-666EGCFMV1MAIN.. MP-666EGCFMV1MAIN.. Dax Solomon.. LSD_504_03_SSD1779(LKD).. MP-683C-SL V1.. fake ipod.. L.. M.. TING.. 693SCL-ORG.. MP-693 CSL V1.. 2; MP-693C-SL Main V1.. Nano-Like MP4.. Net-Browser.. MP-693C-S_(v3.. 35_merged_-_FULL).. MP-693C-S.. Ipod-like 1.. dump_MP-693C-SL.. MP-693C-SL Main V1.. Underground.. MP-732CV1-SL.. MP-732CV1-SL 2005.. 05.. Marcin Kope.. MP-752CSLMAINV1.. MP-752C-SL MAIN v.. 1 knife.. Agustin Caballero.. mp-752c-sl_.. mp-752c-sl main v1.. 1 knife 051207.. Dino Lupo.. wilsoncoltd-s1mp3player-3.. MP-791CV1-STL MAIN.. 8" screen ipod-clone-like.. Elia Vecellio.. MP-ZHF11V13_1G_twoChips_dump.. MP-ZHF11V13.. Barry Beadman.. MP3-918K-V30-HKX-FULL.. MP3-918K V3.. 0 HKX.. SONY or APPLE device, ipod-like.. wiRe.. mp680-cl-v11.. mp680-cl-v11 (1.. 5" screen 128x128).. This file contains two firmwares, one will NOT work on the player but IS needed to get your ADFU pla.. 37v2.. 1b_FM.. MP732CV1-SL.. Full firmware (.. fw) -> Recommended for totally dead MP4 players.. First, use it.. Second, use the part.. dfmuniz.. MP732CV1-SL_2005.. 05.. Partial firmware (.. bin) -> Recommended for MP4 Players with 'blue screen' sympto.. FIR-XMP3R_V9.. 96.. 051114.. MZ552BB 050409.. OLED.. X-MICRO Video MP3 400.. Tice Rex.. LSD_ATJ2091N_18V_A1_SSD1784(LS).. RKS25030V10 / LKD-1784-v5.. none (1.. 8" screen).. dustcrazy.. SD21005.. SD21005 V4 U3.. Rogério Behr.. MP801_v3.. 37_backup.. SD85045V2_060207.. ACT_V3.. 37 (But no file browser).. SD85044E 2006/05/12 (nano clone).. nickman.. SRX-A7Main1.. SRX-A7 Main V1.. nano-like (Unbranded).. Dumah Brazorf.. 16_Type_a_player.. Type A players.. Tymmmi.. HL-592V.. TYPE A players.. Orrin Xu.. ONDA3.. 56_on_SE4418V3-A.. Type A players (board: SE4418V3-A).. 56 - ONDA VX909.. Don Juanito.. 16_AL_PL_lang_by_Leidi.. Type B players.. (Albanian and Polish).. Leidi Filari.. type_b_orig_3.. Rodrigo Lopes.. 16_pl_lang_by_gutek.. Gutek.. dump__iMP_5500.. Type C.. Inovix Ipocket IMP 5500.. LUCA.. 0808_3.. Type C1 players.. Amconics AM-868.. Sadat Hussain.. typeC1_3.. ACTS16D_16_SZG_HKX 2005/7/22 - 3.. Ricardo Araújo.. Trevi_mpr_1824-1GB.. X-13 VER40 LSLLSL 2005-11-14.. Trevi mpr, JINGWAH DIGITAL.. Caiusfabricius.. There is a collection of all the firmware files we have seen so far(for standard mp3 players only).. If your board number isn't listed in here, it's a nice start to find a firmware for your dead player.. Link:.. Firmware file archive..

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  • Title: S1mp3.org - Firmware replacement for s1 mp3 player - Tools
    Descriptive info: Tools.. PS: you can get an 7zip(.. The flashing("MP3 Player Update Tool"), formatting("MP3 Player Disk Tool") and conversion("Sound Convert Tool") tool that usually comes on a mini CD together with the player.. The version 3.. 6 includes an "MTV convert tool" and the versions 3.. 57 contains also a "AMV Convert tool" and a "AMV player".. Standard S1mp3:.. 48 version [.. download.. ](thx to ChileanMaggot).. 46 version [.. 45 version [.. 43 version [.. 39 version [.. 28 version [.. Mp4 S1mp3:.. 68 version [.. ] (With AMV convert tool).. 06 version [.. ] (With MTV convert tool).. 00 version [.. Others:.. Version for Mac users[.. Product tools v 4.. 19 [.. ](industry flashing tool.. Can flash more than one player at the same time.. Instructions to use the "Product tools".. Run BatchProduct.. exe;.. Go to "Replace firmware" and provide the new firmware;.. Click "Begin Download" to flash the firmware.. Note:.. If "begin download" is not clickable, click "Read record" till your mp3 player gets recognized by the program.. Note: For the updater programs to work, windows must recognize the player first! (see.. Wire has tracked all the update tool routine.. If you need information, ask him.. (wire @at@ s1mp3 _dot_ de).. If you need to help using s1fwx or s1res, you can check the guides at.. or see (.. S1fwx.. Firmware extractor.. Can dump firmware directly from the mp3 player.. Can extract code and resource files from any type of firmware for the s1 mp3 player.. See more information on the.. and on.. s1mp3.. Version 3.. 0.. s1fwx_v30.. zip :.. [download].. S1fwx is licensed under the LGPL, and the sources can be obtained here:.. s1fwx_src.. S1res.. You can use s1res to change the firmware you have extract with s1fwx.. You  ...   your contacts information from outlook, yahoo, gmail or any exportable source directly into the player.. You can download it here :.. s1mp3-import-contacts.. py.. If you are a mac user, you can get a AppleScript to export the Address Book on.. Aurélo's page.. py file is a python script, so you must have the.. python libraries.. installed.. Instructions to Aur�lio's tool:.. Just call it under the command prompt and inform the output version, the CVS format type and the CSV contact file:.. python s1mp3-import-contacts.. py -v [2.. 0|1.. 1|1.. 0] -o [outlook|yahoo|kontact|any] [CVS contact file].. Example:.. py -v 2.. 0 -o outlook contacts.. csv.. For the format type (-o), you can use any of the tree predefined formats (Outlook, yahoo, kontact) or you can set up your own format.. In this case, you will have to map the CVS data to be imported in a matrix(starting by 1).. To join two or more fields in one, put them inside (parenthesis).. Matrix shall order the data in this order:.. Full name, mobile phone, home phone, email, birthday date, work phone.. Example:.. 'yahoo':[ (1, 2, 3), 13, 9, 5, 33, 10 ].. (1,2,3) are the positions that together hold the "Full Name";.. 13 is the position with holds the "mobile phone";.. 9 is the position with holds the "home phone" and so on.. If you look at a yahoo generated CVS file, each line will be like this:.. name1,name2,name3,,email,,,,home phone,work phone,,,mobile phone,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,birthday date, [.. ] [1] [2] [3] [5] [9] [10] [13] [33].. So, for the yahoo CVS format, you can use this command(note that you can only use (parenthesis) if you edit the source):.. 0 -o '1,13,9,5,33,10' contacts.. or simply use the saved matrix on the source named 'yahoo':.. 0 -o yahoo contacts..

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  • Title: S1mp3.org - Firmware replacement for s1 mp3 player - Gallery
    Descriptive info: Gallery.. If you would like to see your artwork here, please email me : wladston @at@ gmail.. To put these nice arts to your player, get.. here :.. Sites with lots of small coloured images :.. emobilez.. com/gallery/.. http://andr.. net/mobile/us/screensavers.. Misc.. Description.. Miscellaneous works.. works on this pack:.. [.. ] 96x65 Boot Animation.. Title :.. untitled.. Author :.. André Luiz Nasser.. ] 96x65 Shutdown Animation.. ] Other.. Commodore.. Andrew Hutchinson.. ] 96x65 Mp4 Screen Saver.. IPoo.. proximasmentes.. ] System bitmap resources.. mPod.. //OR//A//.. Apple logo turning into a commodore.. Tylor.. MacMiglu's.. Miglu's.. Windows XP-style.. Here is a package that will transform your player into a mini XP station.. You can choose between two kinds of background style for your desktop ! A green colour or an image under your icons.. Simply put the mouse pointer on the icon you want to run ;-).. Boot animation.. Sinclair07_fr.. Logo animation.. Menu pics and icons (green).. Menu pics and icons (background).. Shutdown animation.. Win XP Package (All Works).. Winxp animation.. Thomas Tuscano.. Tosh.. 27.. Author.. Toshiba- 3( www.. toshiba-3.. cjb.. net ).. Spooky re-design for MP4 players.. ] 96x65 Mp4 Menu bitmaps.. Toshiba- 3.. ]  ...   Solid bitmap.. Bratex's.. Bartosz Nowakowski.. Hello.. ] 128x24 Shutdown Animation.. Nara!.. MenuPix v1.. Alex_ua.. Complete Theme + Russian menu.. Menupix.. Fonts.. ] Font resource.. Polish fonts.. Bartosz Nowakowski.. Courier New font.. Alex_ua.. Verdana Fonts.. Techfont (Polish).. Robert Ugo.. Hebrew Fonts.. ronca79.. Courier New (Português).. André Moura.. Portuguese font.. Grazziano S.. Santos.. Lithuanian Fonts.. switch other.. Bitstream Vera Sans.. Jerome.. Dinabold.. Gryxel.. Manuf.. library.. Unknown.. Various bitmaps found on a s1mp3 seller site.. 70 Love-related bitmaps.. 23 Misc bitmaps.. 23 Animal-related bitmaps.. 20 Cartoon-related bitmaps.. 16 Commemorative dates related bitm.. 7 Famous brands related bitmaps.. Miscellaneous.. Works made by various artists.. ducklings.. Toon Beerten.. Kyle's Startup.. Kyle.. Parental Advisory.. Bye Bye dog.. Memory Test.. Josielson Souza.. Turning Off.. Che meun icons.. Che Byebye.. Che boot.. Mac OS Finder Pack.. Ed.. Neko cat (boot and shutdown anim.. Kirby pack.. -J-@D!-( jarhmander@at@hotmail.. com ).. To all Kirby fans (like me, obviously ).. the 2 first are the first I did, both are simple, but have a style.. The 2 last are animations I still use : they rock!.. Welcome !.. ] 96x24 Shutdown Animation.. Bye !.. Welcome ! (Kirby warp star).. Bye ! (shiny stars)..

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  • Title: S1mp3.org - Firmware replacement for s1 mp3 player - Hardware specs
    Descriptive info: Hardware specs.. [A]USB connector.. [B]Coils for the DC-DC convertor.. [C].. ICE header.. [D].. Board number.. [E]P2 audio jack.. [F]Microphone.. [G].. LCD board.. connector.. [H].. Nand Flash Memory.. (Samsung K9W8G08U1M).. [I].. Actions ATJ2085.. [RAM][ROM][CPU].. [J]Crystal.. [K].. Philips TEA5767.. [FM RADIO IC].. Jan Folkers.. has made a reliable schematics from his player.. electric schems H85-09FC.. ].. PDF doc with the electric schematics(for the standard s1mp3): [.. Samograj_atj2085.. pdf.. If you have another electric schematic for any s1mp3 player, please email me : wladston @at@ s1mp3.. An important thing about the player is the Board ID code.. This is the only trustworthy identification of the device.. The code is written in white on the green board.. It's located usually behind a plastic sticker, near the minus battery pole.. If you need help to open the player, see a tutorial here:.. If you are having problems to find your board ID, it may be behind the LCD cable.. You might have to lift it.. carefully.. to see the bard ID.. Seek.. everywhere!.. Both sides of all the boards! Some people take a bit of time to find the small white words.. We qualify.. anything.. printed in white on the green printboard as the board ID.. Example :.. The ATJ2085 is an audio system on chip.. Inside, we have a Z80 processor, 29KB of ROM and 116KB of SRAM.. And a 24-bit Harvard architecture DSP.. They both have on-chip DSU.. Public links related to ATJ2085:.. IN.. complete datasheet can be downloaded : [.. ATJ2085_datasheet_v1.. Page containing all the docs for the eZ80F91, which probably is like the Z80 contained in the ATJ.. clearly explain how to active JTAG for eZ80F91.. Here is the correct pin enumeration I made for the ATJ2085:.. We already got some additional information about the ATJ2085, if you need to know more, contact us at the.. mail list.. It's the NAND flash memory chip, generally a Samsung or a Hynix chip.. You can find out the  ...   board is composed of a button and an LCD screen (and a few transistors/resistors).. It's connected to the main board though a 20 pin cable.. On some players, the lcd board may also host a NAND flash memory chip too.. Little information is available.. It is a 5-pin header, connected directly to the ICERST#, ICEEN#, GPO_A0, GPO_A2 and GPO_A3 legs at the ATJ2085.. These last tree work as ICEDI, ICEDO and ICECK.. If you think you can help us to make ICE work, please contact us at the.. 24 bits DSP with on-chip DSU.. 8-bit Z80 CPU core with on-chip DSU (run at 24.. 576MHz(TYP), up to 60MHz - software controlled).. USB 1.. 1 - Although most of sellers say it support USB 2.. 0, they mean the device is compliant with this protocol,.. a full speed mode capable device.. Support transfer speed up to.. 8Mbit/s, or 1MB/s.. Works as a generic USB storage disk.. Supports MPEG1/2/2.. 5 Audio Layer 1, 2, 3 and WMA.. (We are not sure if other music formats are possible).. Frequency response : 20Hz to 20KHz [wasn't tested yet].. Earphone impedance: 32 ohm [wasn't tested yet].. Output power: 5mW x 5mW (16 ohm), can be 10mW x 10mW [wasn't tested yet].. S/N (noise ratio) 90dB [wasn't tested yet].. Record and play voice (but no mp3 encoding, for the most of s1mp3 players).. FM radio (depends on the presence of the philips radio chip).. Support live equalizer.. Record with mic on WAV(32kbit),.. ACT(8kbit) or.. VOR(32 or 8kbit ) mode.. The s1 mp3 factory firmware can support up to a.. music player.. , a.. voice recorder.. , an.. internal files player.. fm radio.. system config menu.. phone book*.. and a.. TXT file reader*.. Factory firmware limitations:.. 130 files/folder on root limitation.. 99 musics per folder limitation.. No ID3 lyrics support.. Does not support random through all folders.. Does not support playlists.. Does not support selecting songs by ID3 filters.. No sub directory support..

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