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    Archived pages: 342 . Archive date: 2013-11.

  • Title: Science & Christian Belief Home Page
    Descriptive info: .. If you would like to access Science & Christian Belief online, read about.. how to subscribe.. Please log in.. Subscriber number:.. Password:.. Lost your password?.. Home.. |.. Search.. Available Issues.. Quick search by:.. Author.. Keyword:.. Volume/page no:.. Journal Information.. About Science & Christian Belief.. Editorial board.. Instructions  ...   obtain reprints.. Frequently asked questions.. Problems with this site?.. Web links.. Christians in Science.. Victoria Institute.. Peternoster Publishing.. Back Issues.. Non-subscribers can now access previous issues up to 5 years from the current date.. Current Issue.. October 2013; 25 (2).. 2013 Science & Christian Belief.. Site design by Netweavers..

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  • Title: Science & Christian Belief Subscription Details Page
    Descriptive info: How to Subscribe to Science & Christian Belief.. The subscriptions for print-copy and electronic versions of.. Science & Christian Belief.. are identical.. However, if you want to subscribe to both versions, then there is a nominal supplement to pay in addition.. There are three ways of subscribing to.. , and in each case further details, application forms etc will be found by clicking on the relevant link:.. 1.. Direct subscription from the publishers.. Paternoster Periodicals.. Individuals who wish to obtain the journal without joining an organisation will need to subscribe by this method.. This is  ...   licence which gives access to all readers from their URL.. 2.. By joining.. , one of the two sponsoring organisations.. The journal is circulated as part of the annual membership fee.. 3.. By joining the.. , the second of the sponsoring organisations.. Professional organisations in various countries are able to obtain reduced rates on the journal and should contact.. to check whether they qualify.. Individuals or Institutes from low income countries may be able to obtain the journal at reduced rates, or even free in some situations, and should contact the organisations listed concerning such possibilities..

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  • Title: Science & Christian Belief Lost Password Page
    Descriptive info: Password reminder.. Type in your subscriber number below, and your password will be emailed to the address we have on file for you..

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  • Title: Science & Christian Belief Search Page
    Descriptive info: Search Science & Christian Belief.. Author name.. Keyword.. Volume number.. Page number.. Content type.. all.. article.. debate.. correspondence.. book review.. Start year.. 1989.. 1990.. 1991.. 1992.. 1993.. 1994.. 1995.. 1996.. 1997.. 1998.. 1999.. 2000.. 2001.. 2002.. 2003.. 2004.. 2005.. 2006.. 2007.. 2008.. 2009.. 2010.. 2011.. 2012.. 2013.. 2014.. 2015.. 2016.. End year..

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  • Title: Science & Christian Belief Browse Issues Page
    Descriptive info: Select an Issue:.. Month.. April.. October.. Year.. Available Issues:.. Volume.. Issue.. Month.. Year.. Availability.. 25.. October.. 2013.. [table of contents].. Subscribers only.. 2014.. April.. 24.. 2012.. 23.. 2011.. 22.. 2010.. 2007.. Free to download.. 21.. 2009.. 20.. 2008.. 19.. 18.. 2006.. 17.. 2005.. 16.. 2004.. 15.. 2003.. 14.. 2002.. 13.. 2001.. 12.. 2000.. 11.. 1999.. 10.. 1998.. 9.. 1997.. 8.. 1996.. 7.. 1995.. 6.. 1994.. 5.. 1993.. 4.. 1992.. 1991.. 1990.. 1989..

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  • Title: About the Journal Science & Christian Belief Page
    Descriptive info: is a journal concerned with the interactions of science and religion, with particular reference to Christianity.. It was founded in 1989, published by.. and is sponsored by.. and the.. There are two Issues per year published on 15 April and 15 October.. A distinguished.. Editorial Board.. represents the broad multi-disciplinary interests of the journal.. Subscriptions.. can either be made direct to the publishers or by joining one of the sponsoring organisations.. The traffic of ideas between science and religion has been flowing for many centuries and shows no signs of diminishing.. is dedicated to the discussion of these interactions and offers an important resource to all whose interests encompass the two areas.. With a broad international readership, the  ...   are available on this web-site.. All articles submitted that fall within the remit of the journal are reviewed by at least two referees whose expertise lies in fields relevant to the material.. Articles are intended to be accessible to a broad readership, reflecting the multi-disciplinary character of the science-religion debate.. Authors are requested to read the.. Instructions to Authors.. before submitting articles or other materials.. In addition to articles, Debate items, Correspondence and Book Reviews are all welcomed.. Subscribers to the electronic version of the journal have full access to the current and back-issues of the journal.. Non-subscribers have access to the Contents and Abstracts, but may also order.. Reprints.. of specific articles as pdf files or as print-copy..

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  • Title: Science & Christian Belief Editorial Board Page
    Descriptive info: Editors.. Keith R Fox, MA PhD.. Rodney D.. Holder, MA DPhil.. Associate Editors.. Peter J.. Bussey, MA PhD ScD.. Peter G.. H.. Clarke, MA PhD.. Edward B.. Davis, MA PhD.. D.. Gareth Jones, MD DSc.. Robert S.. White, MA PhD FRS.. Dr Denis R.. Alexander.. Faraday Institute, Cambridge, UK.. Professor R.. J.. Berry, FRSE.. University College London, UK.. Professor Henri Blocher,.. Faculté Libre de Théologie Evangélique (Vaux-sur-Seine), France.. Professor David Block, FRAS.. University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa.. Professor David Booth.. University of Birmingham, UK.. Professor M.. P.. Bott, FRS.. University of Durham, UK.. Professor G.. Andrew D.. Briggs,.. University of Oxford, UK.. Professor John Bryant.. University of Exeter, UK.. Bube.. Stanford University, USA.. Professor D.. C.. Burke, CBE.. formerly Vice Chancellor, University of East Anglia, UK.. Dr Peter J.. Bussey.. University of Glasgow, UK.. Dr.. Clarke.. University of Lausanne, Switzerland.. Professor Edward B.. Davis.. Messiah College, USA.. Professor  ...   Cambridge, UK.. Professor Paul Helm.. formerly King's College London, UK.. Sir John Houghton, CBE, FRS.. Meteorological Office, UK.. Professor C.. Humphreys, FIM, FInstP.. A.. Jeeves, CBE, FRSE.. University of St Andrews, UK.. G.. Jones.. University of Otago, New Zealand.. Professor Christopher Kaiser.. Western Theological Seminary, USA.. K.. Kinoti.. University of Nairobi, Kenya.. Professor David N.. Livingstone, FBA.. The Queen's University of Belfast, UK.. Professor David Lyon.. Queen's University, Canada.. Professor A.. E.. McGrath.. Professor Ross McKenzie.. University of Queensland, Australia.. Professor Andrew Miller, CBE, FRSE.. Edinburgh University, UK.. Professor Nancey Murphy,.. Fuller Theological Seminary, USA.. Professor David Myers.. Hope College, USA.. Professor John R.. Pilbrow, FInstP.. Monash University, Australia.. Professor Sir Ghillean Prance, FRS.. President, Institute of Biology, UK.. Professor Jeffrey P.. Schloss.. Westmont College, USA.. Professor Howard J.. Van Till.. Calvin College, USA.. Professor John White, CMG, FAA, FRS.. The Australian National University.. Professor Robert S.. White, FRS..

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  • Title: Science & Christian Belief Author Instructions Page
    Descriptive info: (The full instructions for potential contributors to Science & Christian Belief are.. available as a Rich Text Format (RTF) document here.. Rich Text documents can be read by most versions of Microsoft Word.. ).. Five kinds of material are accepted for publication in Science & Christian Belief:.. Articles.. are significant, fully referenced, original contributions to the academic literature, normally 8-20 journal pages in length (3500-9000 words), although there is some flexibility.. Lectures are also accepted for publication providing they are edited to make them appropriate for journal publication.. The Articles section also includes reviews providing an overview of a particular field.. Debate.. contributions represent shorter articles, normally in the range 2-6 journal pages (900-2600 words), that respond to material previously published in the journal.. Essay Reviews.. are extended Book Reviews typically 8-12 pages long (3500-5300 words) focusing on one particular newly published book, but in addition placing its arguments and claims within the context of a wider body of related literature.. Essay Reviews are handled by the Articles Editor and are subjected to the same review process as articles.. Letters.. are published in the Correspondence section and are normally less substantial contributions than Debate.. The length of letters is typically 1-2 pages (440-900 words).. Book-Reviews.. are arranged with the Reviews Editor (see below).. are accepted on the understanding that they are not on offer to any other journal.. The Editor should be informed if any substantial part has already appeared, or is likely to appear elsewhere.. Anonymous referees' comments will be returned to authors in the event of rejection or requests for revision.. Articles that fall outside of the remit of the journal are returned without review.. If in doubt as to potential suitability, send an Abstract of your proposed Article to the Editor.. The readership of.. is international and interdisciplinary, so please avoid technical language that would make the material inaccessible to readers from other disciplines.. Where technical terms are unavoidable, please define them clearly when first used.. Submissions should be emailed as an attachment to Prof.. Keith Fox (.. k.. r.. fox@soton.. ac.. uk.. ).. Please correspond with the Editor by e-mail prior to the mailing of large electronic Figures.. If electronic submission is not possible the three copies of Articles or Debate Items (but only two copies of Correspondence) should be submitted, typed with double spacing, on one side of A4 or American quarto paper, with a reasonable margin.. Authors are advised to retain a copy in case of loss in the post for which the Editor can take no responsibility.. Also ensure that the hard copy contains your full mailing address.. Copies should be sent to:.. Prof.. Keith R.. Fox,.. Articles Editor, Science & Christian Belief.. c/o Centre for Biological Sciences.. University of Southampton.. Southampton SO17 1BJ,.. U.. Please do not send Book Reviews, or books for review, to the Articles Editor.. These should be sent to the Book Reviews Editor (see below).. An abstract.. of 100 to 200 words should be included and will be published at the start of the article.. Keywords.. Please indicate immediately after the abstract the main keywords from your article (no more than 10 words).. These keywords are important because they are used by the web-site search engine to locate your article.. Affiliations.. A suitable note of the author's position for addition at the end of the article is also needed in not more than 25 words.. Quotations.. When long (66+ words, or 6 lines), these should be inset but not enclosed in quotation marks.. When short, put in single quotation marks with double quotation marks for quotations within a quotation.. The final full stop comes inside quotation marks when preceded by a complete sentence.. Acronyms.. All acronyms should be fully written out the first time they occur, putting the abbreviated form in brackets.. Subsequently they can of course be abbreviated.. References.. Detailed instructions about references are given below.. All references must be typed on a separate sheet and numbered consecutively with a separate number for each reference.. The same reference style should be used irrespective of whether they appear in Articles, Debate or Correspondence items.. Note that.. Copyright.. for all articles and reviews published will be retained by the authors, but the author is expected to obtain any necessary permissions for the use of illustrations and extensive quotations.. If the article is re-published elsewhere, mention of its first publication in.. Science and Christian Belief.. should be made..  ...   author, if any.. You may also wish to comment upon its academic level and style.. Reviews are normally about 600 words in length, although there is flexibility as some books deserve a longer assessment.. If you think that the book might be suitable for an Essay Review, please correspond with the Articles Editor.. Presentation.. Please lay out the heading as in the following example:.. John Polkinghorne.. Science & Theology: An Introduction.. London: SPCK, 1998.. 144 pp.. pb.. £10.. 99.. ISBN 0-281-05176-3.. Please.. do not indent.. the first line of the opening paragraph, but do indent the first line of subsequent paragraphs.. Single quotation marks should be used for all quotations, double quotation marks being reserved for quotes within quotes.. References to a particular page should be given as a number only within brackets, e.. 'There are hints (85, 92) that other perspectives exist'.. Please do not use footnotes.. Any references to sources other than the book under review should be put in brackets within the text of the review.. The following style should be used for biblical references: 1 Jn.. 1:10, Ps.. 22:9f, 2 Tim.. 1:8; 2:14, 22ff.. Please provide a one sentence description of yourself.. Electronic submissions.. Reviews may be e-mailed to the Reviews Editor at.. rodney.. holder@virgin.. net.. An attachment in MS Word is preferred but Wordperfect 9.. 0 is also acceptable.. Please also attach an ASCII (plain text) version if the file is in neither of these - single spaced without hard returns at the end of lines and with line breaks between paragraphs.. If you choose to put the text in the body of the email, rather than send it as an attachment, please keep the formatting simple (highlighted text may be indicated by using asterisks, e.. *wombat* for.. wombat.. Alternatively, reviews may be submitted on disk.. Computer disks will be returned.. Science & Christian Belief style manual.. Please note that these are examples only, the list is not exhaustive.. ad hoc.. (not italics).. acknowledgements.. not.. acknowledgments (US).. afterthought.. (one word).. ageing.. aging (US).. analyse.. yze (US).. any more.. (one word, two in US).. a posteriori.. a priori.. Aristotelian/, -ism.. not.. ean.. authorise.. ize.. benchmark.. Bible.. (initial uc), but:.. biblical.. (initial lc).. brainwashing.. by-product.. (hyphen).. case study.. (two words).. categorise.. ceteris paribus.. (italics).. characterise.. ize.. coexist/, ence.. (no hyphen).. colonise.. connection.. exion.. cooperat/e, -ion.. coordinat/e, -ion.. counter-intuitive.. criticise.. cul-de-sac.. (not italics) pl.. culs-de-sac.. debatable.. eable.. curricul/um pl.. -a.. ums.. datum.. pl.. data.. de facto.. defence.. se (US).. different from.. - different than (US).. dramatisation.. ization.. e.. exempli gratia.. use,.. for example.. in main text,.. in parenthesis.. elit/e, -ist.. (no accent, not italics).. emphasise.. estate agent.. et al.. et alibi.. and elsewhere (italics).. et alii.. and others (not italics).. everyday.. adj.. one word.. extrasensory.. faint-hearted.. far-fetched.. fetus.. foetus.. fine-tun/e, -ing.. First World War, the.. World War I (US).. floorboard.. focus/ed, ing.. -ss-.. for ever.. for always.. = two words (one in US);.. continually.. = one word.. free will.. (two words) noun.. free-will.. (hyphen) adjective.. fulfil.. fulfill (US).. generalis/e, -isation.. guideline.. halfway.. head-on.. idealise.. impasse.. inasmuch.. in so far.. (three words, one word in US).. institutionalisation.. ization.. interrelat/ e, -ion.. in vacuo.. judgement/, -al.. moral, practical or informal deduction, (always.. judgment.. in US).. judgment/, -al.. a judge/court s formal ruling.. jumping-off point.. key words.. legitimise.. life after death.. (no hyphens unless used attributively).. lifespan.. medieval.. ae-.. metanarrative.. mindset.. minimise.. misuse.. mm.. no point.. abbrev.. for.. millimetre.. naive/, ty.. naïf, naïve.. non-existence.. no one.. Ockham s razor.. Occam, Ockam etc.. ongoing.. online.. ontologise.. organise.. overall.. (one word, in all forms).. overbold.. overcritical.. overly.. use.. over.. (except in US).. oversimplify.. overstate.. passim.. per cent.. (two words, one word in US).. percentage.. per se.. postmodern.. practice.. (noun in US also verb).. practise.. (verb).. pre-dates.. (hyphen one word US).. pre-eminent.. problematise.. quote.. (verb, for noun use.. quotation.. random/ise, -isation.. ize, ization.. realis/e, -ation.. recognise.. re-enter.. re-examine.. revolutionise.. rock bottom.. (two words) noun.. rock-bottom.. scaremongering.. sceptic/, -ism.. sk-.. (US).. Scripture.. meaning the Bible (initial uc), but:.. scriptural.. Second World War, the.. not World War II (US).. seedlike.. self-.. with hyphen as reflexive prefix:.. self-determination.. , etc.. set-up.. stand-alone.. standpoint.. starting point.. sterilis/e, -ation.. -ize.. straightforward.. summarise.. s.. v.. (.. sub verbo.. under the word/reference ).. syllabus/ pl es.. -i.. textbook.. thoroughgoing.. toolkit.. undercurrent.. up to date.. with hyphens when used attrib.. viewpoint.. well-.. takes hyphen when used attributively, or to preserve sense.. world-view.. worldwide.. worship/,-ped, -per, -ping.. (-pp-, one US).. wrongdoing..

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  • Title: Science & Christian Belief Reprint Details Page
    Descriptive info: Ordering Reprints.. The full instructions for ordering reprints from Science & Christian Belief (with payment by Sterling cheque or credit/debit card) are.. , or.. can be viewed in printer-friendly HTML here..

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  • Title: Science & Christian Belief FAQ Page
    Descriptive info: FAQs Concerning the.. Web-Site.. Q.. Why isn't there free access to the web version of the journal?.. A.. We wish we could make the site completely free access and with time we might do that, at least to the extent of giving free access to the back issues a year old or longer.. But in practice there are running costs associated even with web publishing and authors to this kind of journal do not pay any manuscript handling or submission fees, so we don't raise any revenue that way or receive grants (unlike PLOS and similar journal set-ups).. Furthermore, many people receive journal access as part of their subscriptions to a professional organisation, so that has some bearing on the question.. All articles published over 5 years ago can be freely downloaded.. In practice if you have a good bona fide reason why you cannot afford access (low income country, difficulty of transferring funds etc) then requests will be considered sympathetically as described on the.. how to subscribe page.. It is also worth emphasising that as journal prices go, this one is very reasonable.. Why can I not read or down-load articles from my computer?.. The usual reason for this is that you are using rather old versions of web-browsers and it is difficult to make a site like this work properly with old browser configurations.. Also there are a few tips given at the top of the  ...   readers who do not have Broadband connection to the web.. This also explains why the pdf files of articles back from Issue 8/1 are larger.. Why are the files only in pdf format and not HTML as well?.. This is simply a cost-cutting exercise.. Also Acrobat Reader is a free down-load so everyone can read pdf documents.. Why are the Book Review, Debate sections etc all down-loadable as single pdf files?.. Again, a cost-cutting exercise, that's all.. We are trying to keep subscription costs and society membership costs as low as possible, and all these small short-cuts taken together actually make quite a difference to the final cost.. In any case it's quite simple to down-load the Book-Reviews section and then just print off the particular Review that you need.. Page numbers are provided for that.. Why can I not log in to the site with my present subscriber number and password?.. If you are trying them for the first time and they don't work, then it could be that the settings on some computers and/or browsers render them perversely case-sensitive.. So try putting all the letters in your subscriber number in CAPS or all in lower-case and see what happens.. Likewise try keeping all your password in lower-case.. Another possibility is that your subscription agent did not update your details on the site correctly when you last renewed and so you need to contact the relevant organisation..

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  • Title: Science & Christian Belief Problem Reporting Page
    Descriptive info: Report a technical problem with the S & CB site.. Please give as detailed a description of the problem as you can, including error messages if relevant.. You can optionally enter your email address if you want a reply from the webmaster:.. Your email:..

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  • Archived pages: 342