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  • Title: Singapore Institute of International Affairs (SIIA)
    Descriptive info: .. *.. HOME.. ABOUT US.. EVENTS.. PROGRAMMES.. RESEARCH.. ADVISORY.. INSIGHTS.. MEDIA.. PUBLICATIONS.. MEMBERSHIP.. WORK AT SIIA.. CONTACT US.. 50th Anniversary.. As the SIIA celebrates its 50th anniversary, it aims to develop thinking and the sharing of perspectives about changes that will be key to considering Singapore s potential roles and challenges in the next 50 years, in the context of Asia and the world.. In March 2012, the SIIA hosted a roundtable with Helen Clark, United Nations Development Programme Administrator, which brought young activists, social entrepreneurs and academics together to talk about current issues affecting Singaporeans.. As part of its new move to the Atrium, the SIIA hopes to continue to grow its strong links and partnerships with civil society organisations in Singapore.. Featured.. Malaysia's Budget: Political willpower needed.. 30 OCT 2013.. Msia's new GST tax is bitter medicine that needs to be swallowed to help kick start the economy, but will it work?.. Haze Monitoring System will not prevent fires.. 02 NOV 2013.. NGO leaders call for greater cross-border cooperation at the SIIA NGO Roundtable on Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change.. SIIA's NGO Roundtable on the haze.. 01 NOV 2013.. NGO representatives  ...   Commentaries.. Articles written by our staff, fellows and council members, featured in Singapore and international media.. SIIA in the News.. Media coverage of the institute's events, news stories featuring our experts, and press releases.. SIIA Insights.. Concise summaries of current issues in the news, including brief analysis from our staff and experts.. SIIA Members in the News.. Media coverage of the institute's members and partner organisations.. Publications.. Special reports, periodicals, and other publications available for download.. Featured Videos.. Nicholas Fang discusses Singapore's population issues.. Simon Tay discusses April 1 Myanmar By-Elections.. Simon Tay talks about the haze on Talking Point.. Simon Tay talks about development practitioners.. Site Map.. Home.. Programmes.. About Us.. Annual Report.. Advisors.. Council Members.. Friends and Partners.. Staff and Researchers.. ASEAN ISIS.. NetRes/APFED.. Advisory.. Events.. Flagship Events.. ASEAN and Asia Forum.. AMC.. Global Insights.. Closed Door Dialogues.. Seminar Series.. Our Programmes.. Our Research Foci.. ASEAN.. Asia and the World.. Environment and Resources.. Governance Human Rights.. Economy.. Singapore.. Media.. Media Notes.. Members in the News.. Videos.. Membership.. Individual.. Corporate.. Roundtable.. Singapore Institute of International Affairs.. All rights reserved.. 60A Orchard Road, #04-01 Tower 1, The Atrium@Orchard, International Involvement Hub Singapore 238890..

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  • Title: Singapore Institute of International Affairs (SIIA)
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  • Title: About Singapore Institute of International Affairs
    Descriptive info: About us.. Our People.. Partners and Affiliations.. UN Status.. Asia Society.. About the Singapore Institute of International Affairs.. Energizing Change.. The SIIA forges close partnerships between countries for growth and stability in the region, through research and dialogue.. We are a founding member of the influential ASEAN Institutes of Strategic and International Studies Network (ASEAN-ISIS) and work with our fellow think tanks to advise government and decision makers.. Enriching Minds.. In a journey of discovery into the world of ideas, the SIIA offers enrichment to professionals, managers, and business people.. We host lectures, dialogues, talks on international affairs and business trends.. Delivered by top experts and leaders in the political, commercial and civic communities, discussions are candid, provocative and.. insightful.. Engaging People.. Our events allow like minds to meet, learn and connect with leading experts such as Managing Director of The World Bank, Ms.. Sri Mulyani Indrawati, Thailand s Former Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, Former Trade Minister of Indonesia Dr Mari Pangestu to examine international issues that impact Singapore and the world.. Our Mission.. The Singapore Institute of International Affairs (SIIA) is  ...   Council, and by a small group of advisors.. The present Chairman of the SIIA is Associate Professor Simon SC Tay, a professor of law at the National University of Singapore, and former Chairman of Singapore s National Environment Agency (NEA).. The SIIA s founders include academics and enthusiasts, among them Professor Tommy Koh, Ambassador-at-Large.. From the 1980s to the early 1990s, the SIIA was chaired by Dr Lau Teik Soon, former Member of Parliament who helped start the influential ASEAN Institutes of Strategic and International Studies network (ASEAN-ISIS), of which the SIIA is a founding member.. In 2005, Former President S.. R.. Nathan became the SIIA s first Honorary Member.. The SIIA is an independent organization, funded by foundations, membership subscriptions and corporate sponsorship.. We receive no regular funding from the Singapore government.. We welcome opportunities to work with any organization committed to making Singapore a better-informed, more cosmopolitan society that understands the region and contributes actively to its development.. In 2012, the institute was ranked as the top think tank in South-east Asia by the 2012 Global Go To Think Tank Rankings..

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  • Title: Singapore Institute of International Affairs organizes events such as lectures and forums
    Descriptive info: Event Types.. Annual Members Circle.. Atrium Festival.. Upcoming Events.. Past Events.. 21 Nov 2013.. Asia’s Economy: Is a Crisis Looming?.. The rise of Asia is the single most important economic trend in the past half-century.. Recently,.. though,.. Loading.. 04 Nov 2013.. The Tommy Koh Reader: Favorite Essays and Lectures.. Has Singapore been a good neighbour? How can we make sense of an increasingly complex world today?.. What.. 01 Nov 2013.. NGO Roundtable on Environment, Sustainability Climate Change.. NGO  ...   2013.. A Changing China.. China faces an economy in the midst of reform, looming demographic challenges and an increasingly.. vocal.. 16 Oct 2013.. Relevance Realities: A Panel on Sex Trafficking.. An awareness campaign geared towards educating everyday audiences about this important social issue.. 11 Oct 2013.. Haze Singapore Perspectives: Concerned Citizens Experts Panel.. The haze caused by forest fires in Indonesia and Malaysia has been a prolonged problem in.. Southeast.. Page:.. Prev.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 81.. 82.. Next..

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  • Title: Research Programmes and events for 2012
    Descriptive info: Global Citizens.. In conjunction with our 50th anniversary in 2012, the SIIA is developing our research activities with the aim of broadening and deepening our areas of coverage.. Research and events for 2012 fall under two main programmes:.. The Global Citizens initiative aims to broaden the awareness of international issues amongst professionals, youth and the public, and help shape actions in response.. As the world becomes ever more interconnected, the need for citizens to be globally-minded becomes increasingly important.. Situated at the crossroads of the East, the SIIA believes it is vital for Singapore to build a new generation of global citizens.. SIIA s Global Citizens Initiative focuses on key global issues such as ASEAN, US-Asia, governance and human rights to raise awareness and develop an active citizenry.. By reaching out to the wider public, the SIIA hopes to provide a platform for Singaporeans to engage with the world around them.. The SIIA has also launched a youth outreach programme, to encourage the next generation to think globally.. By exposing students to international experts and decision makers from the public and private sector, the SIIA hopes to engage young thinkers current issues and create a platform for them to share their own views.. The Environment and Resources Programme  ...   the Clean City Air Coalition (CCAC) to bring like minded corporations and organisations together to collaborate and raise awareness of the importance of clean air in Singapore and in cities abroad.. Business Insights.. The SIIA holds a series of business-insights talks which provide a platform for key business and opinion leaders to share their perspectives on current and emerging challenges facing Singapore, Asia and the World.. Regional International Conferences.. SIIA is an active member of the ASEAN-ISIS (Institutes of Strategic and International Studies) network of think tanks from ASEAN countries.. Together with its ASEAN-ISIS partners, SIIA co-convenes various regional / international conferences and Track II dialogue to contribute to debates and discussions about policy issues and provide inputs and ideas into the policy development process.. Every year, we participate actively in the Asia-Pacific Roundtable hosted by our partner, the Malaysian ISIS in Kuala Lumpur.. There is also the annual ASEAN-ISIS Colloquium on Human Rights (AICOHR) held in Manila, hosted by ISDS of Philippines.. In addition to some of these regular AI conferences and dialogues, SIIA also co-organises conferences with many other different foundations and institutions.. SIIA s Council members and researchers also participate actively in various regional and international conferences, presenting research papers and debating ideas and issues..

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  • Title: Research at Singapore Institute of International Affairs
    Descriptive info: Our Research.. As an independent and non-governmental research institute, the Singapore Institute of International Affairs (SIIA) strives to make Singapore a more cosmopolitan and globally-minded society through our policy-relevant research on international affairs.. Our work analyses current and emergent trends in the region and recommends new policy initiatives and innovations relevant to decision makers, business leaders, and the wider public.. How We Work.. The SIIA s research team works closely with networks of academics and experts in both Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region.. The SIIA also collaborates with some of the leading think tanks, academic institutes and organizations in East Asia, North America and Europe.. These networks bring expertise for specific subjects and provide  ...   as the government, business, students and general public.. Through the organisation of conferences and discussions and by promoting our insights in the media, we aim to bridge the gap between research and policymaking.. In sharing our research we also ensure that our agenda for reform and progress reaches the minds of practitioners.. SIIA holds a series of discussions on a frequent basis which provides a platform for policymakers, business leaders, academics and experts to raise issues.. The SIIA s collaboration with leading think tanks, academic institutes and organizations in East Asia, North America and Europe give the SIIA significant reach and insights to draw upon for research.. Download our publications to find out more..

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  • Title: Advisory services at Singapore Institute of International Affairs
    Descriptive info: What We Do.. Contact Us.. For more information, please contact Sally Clarke, Director, SIIA Partnerships and Business Development:.. advisory@siiaonline.. org.. Latest News.. 22 Oct 2013.. Asia s (re)invitation to Obama.. Mr President,.. Congratulations on handling the domestic crisis of the government shutdown and debt ceiling.. The problem will recur, but most see you as a winner for holding your ground.. Now, about.. that.. Advisory Services.. At SIIA Advisory, independent analysts and thought leaders work alongside the public and private sectors to provide context for the conversations impacting Asian nations today and tomorrow.. SIIA Advisory Services has an extensive network of experts in Singapore and throughout the Asia-Pacific region.. These networks bring knowledge and provide diverse perspectives that reflect the differences in national interests and outlooks in Asia.. Research Areas.. Geo- Political and Economic Overviews.. Global Macro  ...   across all sectors and regions.. Below are three examples of our research work:.. Energy and Investment in Indonesia:.. Singapore s Myanmar Policy:.. Clean City Air:.. A multinational firm requested for a specific evaluation of Indonesia as an investment destination for a new facility, looking at the overall political and economic environment and the particular energy policies, projections and implementation issues.. SIIA Advisory was asked to produce a special policy report.. The report focused on the relationship between Singapore and Myanmar, which is controversial, complex and evolving.. Many Asian cities have been increasingly troubled by the air pollution problems, and the SIIA aims to address these concerns for Singapore and the region.. In 2012, the SIIA launched the Clean City Air Coalition, a group of like-minded corporate partners working to raise greater awareness of important air quality issues..

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  • Title: SIIA
    Descriptive info: >>.. Insights.. Insights.. 14 Nov 2013.. Don't dismiss China's third plenum just yet.. The Third Plenum of the 18th Party Congress, which sets China s economic policy, has issued its official communique, signalling Beijing s commitment to complete comprehensive reforms by 2020.. Encouraging the government to cross the river by feeling the stones , the communique was thin on details, but this should be expected.. Beijing s habit is to first set the broad policy agenda, and follow up with details later.. The communique stated that markets should play a decisive role in the economy, and that China  ...   and information leaks.. In recent months, governments around the world have been embarrassed by leaks ab.. The Preah Vihear ruling: Further political instability for Thailand?.. The International Court of Justice (ICJ) upheld Cambodian sovereignty in a terri.. 22 Oct 2013.. Asia's (re)invitation to Obama.. Mr President, Congratulations on handling the domestic crisis of the governme.. 12 Nov 2013.. Super Typhoon Haiyan: US to the rescue, but where’s ASEAN?.. Last week, the most powerful typhoon in history devastated central Philippines,.. 16 Oct 2013.. Reflections on SIIA's Informal Haze Dialogue, 11 October 2013.. Representatives from 14 non-governmental organisations, academic institutions an..

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  • Title: Singapore Institute of International Affairs (SIIA) Media
    Descriptive info: Our Media.. SIIA Members in the News.. more.. 31 Oct 2013.. SIIA Individual Member and businessman, Charles Letts passed away on 27 October 2013.. SIIA Individual Member, Mr.. Lionel Edgar Charles Letts passed away from pneumonia at the age of 95 on 27 October 2013.. SIIA in the News.. 02 Nov 2013.. Haze Monitoring System will not prevent fires, say experts.. It provides a platform to identify companies that are using fire to clear land, but the haze monitoring system  ...   SIIA Commentaries.. SIIA Media Notes.. The SIIA Media Note provides interview and commentary possibilities by offering perspectives on current affairs from thought leaders and Associate Fellows at the Institute.. Feel free to use these quotes (with attribution to SIIA please)! If you can, do let us know when the story's coming out so we can look out for it.. To sign up for the Media Note or arrange interviews with SIIA experts, contact.. Cheryl Tan.. or call us at +65-67349600..

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  • Title: Publications at Singapore Institute of International Affairs
    Descriptive info: 01 Nov 2012.. Clean City Air The Haze: A Three-fold Approach Towards Breathing Easy.. This Special Report attempts to address concerns regarding clean air.. It consolidates the SIIA’s work on clean city air and the haze, including recapping events and reviewing media highlights and.. commentaries.. Midsize, yet global: the imperative of punching above weight within the new world order.. This policy paper has been prepared within the framework of the “Going global in the age of uncertainty” project – a joint initiative of demosEUROPA – Centre for European Strategy and  ...   the slowdown in Europe and continuing uncertainty elsewhere in the world.. 01 Aug 2012.. International Affairs Reader, Vol.. 6 No.. 2.. The SIIA is pleased to announce the release of the International.. Affairs Reader Volume 6, No 2.. Featuring commentary from the SIIA and.. guest contributors, book reviews, quotes and event summaries,.. the.. 01 Feb 2012.. 1.. The SIIA is pleased to announce the release of the International Affairs Reader Volume 6, No 1.. Featuring commentary from the SIIA and guest contributors, book reviews, quotes and event summaries,.. 18.. 19..

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  • Title: Membership at Singapore Institute of International Affairs (SIIA)
    Descriptive info: Individual Membership.. Premium Individual Membership.. ($500 per year).. Your Benefits.. Complimentary pass to SIIA's annual flagship event - the ASEAN and Asia Forum;.. Complimentary pass to 'Members Only' dialogues on international issues;.. Preferential invitations to events and access to exclusive networking events;.. Inviation to international affairs and business outlook lectures/seminars/symposiums at discounted rates;.. Complimentary publications: SIIA briefing papers, special reports, and bi-annual.. International Affairs Reader.. ;.. Weekly online newsletter that offers summaries and analyses of issues impacting ASEAN and the world.. Individual Membership.. ($150 per year).. Invitation to international affairs and business outlook lectures/seminars/symposiums at discounted rates;.. Corporate Membership.. Corporate Membership.. ($2500 per year).. Some of Singapore's leading corporations, multinationals, Singapore government- linked and Singaporean private sector are amongst our members, as are emerging SMEs.. Most are represented at our key events  ...   Annual Member Circle, and Global Insights;.. Invitation to corporate memeber workshops and seminars on international issues and business trends (up to three representatives);.. Roundtable Membership.. Roundtable Membership.. (Open by invitation only).. Roundtable Membership is the highest membership tier for leading corporations in Singapore.. Chairman's note and one-on-one briefing with SIIA experts on key political and economic issues, upon request;.. Priority invitations to attend closed-door lunch/dinner meetings and networking events with senior government, business, and civic leaders;.. VIP status extended to RTM senior management at all SIIA flagship events;.. Two complimentary passes to SIIA's Flagship event - the ASEAN and Asia Forum;.. Complimentary pass to chargeable events such the Annual Member Circle and Global Insights;.. Inivitation to corporate member workshops and seminars on international issues and business trends (up to three senior exectuives);..

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