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  • Title: Solmukohta 2012 | 2012 / Solmukohta 2012
    Descriptive info: .. Info.. Contact Information.. How to get there?.. What to bring with you?.. FAQ.. Volunteers.. Thanks.. A Week In Finland.. Official program.. Guide to Helsinki.. Sights.. Commercial attractions.. Bars.. Restaurants.. Maps.. Program.. Program Documentation.. Thursday.. Friday.. Saturday.. Sunday.. Book.. Forum.. Registration.. Already registered.. Solmukohta 2012.. Whether you are an old roleplaying veteran or new to the event, we warmly welcome you to join us for the 16th Solmukohta near Helsinki, on the 12th-15th of April 2012.. If you have any comments,  ...   your ideas privately, please contact us at.. info@solmukohta.. org.. Solmukohta info number is.. +358 400 567 175.. and not +358 400 567 150 as earlier informed.. News.. 6.. 4.. 2012.. If case of trouble - call our Solmukohta info number:.. 4.. A Week in Finland - Guide to Helsinki is online.. 29.. 3.. A Week in Finland program is.. online!.. 27.. Solmukohta program is.. online.. !.. 17.. The fourth newsletter is sent: Book, payment, open places!.. More news.. Solmukohta 2012 |..

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  • Title: Solmukohta 2012 | 2012 / Info
    Descriptive info: Solmukohta 24/7 info-number: +358 400 567 175.. What.. Solmukohta (or Knutepunkt, Knutpunkt or Knudepunkt when held in Norway, Sweden or Denmark respectively) is an annual Nordic live action roleplaying convention that has a strong tradition of freeform games as well.. Since the first event, held in 1997, Solmukohta has evolved into the main venue of co-operation between Nordic roleplaying gamers and meeting players from all around Europe and even farther away.. The panels, lectures, workshops and games are goldmines for finding new ideas about gaming, game organizing, keeping good thoughts afloat and sharing your experiences of your previous games – what is an old hat to you may be an exciting novelty for some other larp scene.. Solmukohta is not, however, only all about its official program.. It is as much about meeting interesting people and sharing your ideas and views with them and getting feedback.. It is about having fun and finding inspiration.. The basis of the event is built on parties and informal meetings.. For those who are interested in seeing more, there is A Week in Finland – a pre-event filled with larps, meetings and parties.. This is also a great chance to see more of Finland – not limited to the typical tourist attractions and sightseeing – and also to get to know Finnish roleplayers and roleplaying a little better.. AWiF will start on Sunday the 8th of April and end at noon Thursday the 12th.. As Solmukohta is held  ...   at 15:00 on sunday afternoon.. For who.. Solmukohta is meant for role-players, larpers, game designers, researchers, amateurs and professionals in the field.. We have an age limit of 18; unfortunately we cannot make exceptions to this rule.. Price.. The price for Solmukohta 2012 is 150 EUR including all meals, the Book and hotel rooms during the convention.. A Week in Finland is also included in the price if you choose to come.. 150 EUR is about 195 USD, 125 GBP, 1340 SEK, 1120 DKK and 1160 NOK.. The deadline for payment is March 15.. After the deadline, the registration cost will increase to 170 EUR.. Signup will open on January.. Payment will be done by bank transfer.. To help people decrease transfer fees, we try to gather country contacts from the countries where most people are coming from.. These country contacts can collect the money and then send it on.. Our bank account is at Nordea Finland, as transfer fees from Nordea to Nordea usually are little smaller than avarage.. Where.. Solmukohta will be held at the conference hotel Kiljavanranta in Nurmijärvi just 45 kilometers from downtown Helsinki and 40 kilometers from the airport.. Due the huge interest, we have also some accommodation in a nearby hotel Haukilampi, 2 km from Kiljavanranta.. The guests will be accommodated in rooms of 2-3 people.. Each room has a television, shower and toilet.. The use of the hotel's saunas and swimming pool are included in the registration price..

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  • Title: Solmukohta 2012 | 2012 / Organisers and contact information
    Descriptive info: Organisers and contact information.. Solmukohta 24/7 info-number: +358 400 567 175.. Team leader.. Heidi Westerlund |.. Massi Hannula |.. program@solmukohta.. with Anni Tolvanen.. A Week in Finland.. Maija Korhonen Santeri Virtanen |.. awif@solmukohta.. Volunteer workers.. Maija Kangasniemi |.. volunteers@solmukohta.. Lodging.. Laura Turpeinen |.. lodging@solmukohta.. Web.. Pauliina Männistö |.. webmaster@solmukohta.. Logistics.. Veemeli Miettinen |.. Country contacts.. Country contacts for Denmark and Norway  ...   at latest.. From Germany (and other euro countries) as well as from Sweden people can pay separately without extra transfer fees, so no need to collect the money there, but Gustav is organising a group ferry trip from Stockholm to Helsinki and back, and Larson is an infopoint for German newbies.. Solmukohta 2012 is organised by a project group under.. Ropecon.. association..

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  • Title: Solmukohta 2012 | 2012 / How to Get to Solmukohta
    Descriptive info: How to Get to Solmukohta.. GMap:msid=204815951607627514014.. 0004b99e000128d28b3a6 msa=0 z=14.. Solmukohta buses.. We have three buses leaving from Helsinki city central, from Modern art Museum.. Kiasma.. (Mannerheiminaukio 2, Helsinki).. around 2pm on Thursday.. :.. 2pm, 2.. 15pm and 2.. 30pm.. The first buss will continue from Kiljavanranta to Haukilampi.. Signing up for buses was part of the registration form, if you want to change your details, cancel or reserve yourself a place on a bus, please contact.. On Sunday, the buses back to Helsinki city central, airport and ferry terminal will leave so, that you'll be at the airport at 4pm, at the city central 4.. 20pm and at the ferry terminal at 4.. To get to Solmukohta from Helsinki by car:.. Take the Hämeenlinna highway (E12) out of Helsinki.. Take the intersection to Nurmijärvi.. Drive past Nurmijärvi towards Rajamäki.. Turn left from the intersection to Rajamäki.. Drive approximately 5 kilometers until you see the signs pointing towards the Kiljavanranta conference hotel.. HUMAK university of Applied Sciences is located in the same building as Kiljavanranta.. It has plenty of parking space.. The address of Kiljavanranta is  ...   get off is Kiljavan Sairaala (Kiljava Hospital).. Departure.. Arrival (about).. Bus line.. Dates.. 01:40.. 03:01.. 492 Helsinki - Rajamäki/Röykkä.. Sat, Sun.. 03:30.. 04:52.. 06:05.. 07:01.. 495 Helsinki - Rajamäki.. Thu, Fri.. 07:40.. 08:36.. 495 Helsinki - Nurmijärvi.. 08:00.. 09:01.. 08:10.. 09:19.. 490 Helsinki - Röykkä.. 09:00.. 10:01.. 10:30.. 11:37.. 11:50.. 12:57.. Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun.. 12:50.. 14:20.. 492 Helsinki - Rajamäki, change at Rajamäki to 490 Rajamäki - Helsinki.. 13:40.. 14:52.. 14:42.. 15:27.. 15:20.. 16:37.. 15:45.. 16:51.. 17:01.. 18:00.. 19:06.. 18:10.. 19:14.. 490A Helsinki - Rajamäki/Kiljavan opisto.. 19:40.. 20:51.. 21:20.. 22:31.. 22:45.. 22:20.. 23:26.. Thu, Fri, Sat.. To get from Solmukohta to Helsinki by public transport.. Public Transport Buses from Solmukohta to Helsinki leave from the Kiljavan sairaala bus stop, which is located between hotels Haukilampi and Kiljavanranta.. 80.. Departure (about).. 08:35.. 09:50.. 495A Röykkä--Rajamäki - Helsinki.. 09:02.. 10:10.. 490 Nurmijärvi - Helsinki.. 10:52.. 12:00.. 12:22.. 13:30.. 12:52.. 14:00.. 12:55.. 14:10.. Sun.. 13:52.. 15:00.. 14:22.. 15:30.. 490 Rajamäki - Helsinki.. 14:40.. 16:00.. 16:35.. Thu, Fri,.. 16:17.. 17:20.. 17:40.. 487 Hyvinkää--Rajamäki--Klaukkala - Helsinki.. 16:52.. 490 Nurmijärvi/Rajamäki - Helsinki.. 17:17.. 18:20.. Sat.. 18:52.. 20:00.. 22:47.. 23:40.. Fri..

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  • Title: Solmukohta 2012 | 2012 / What to bring with you?
    Descriptive info: What should I bring under any circumstances?.. Passport or some other ID.. Credit card and/or euros.. Please remember that American Express and Diners Club won't work at the hotel.. Toothbrush, soap… We sincerely appreciate this, so does your roommates.. Bathing suit for the pool.. Clothes, normal ones.. It's Finnish spring so it can be anything between -10 to +10 C.. Please check the.. weather forecast.. before leaving your home country.. Costume for the Saturday gala: Design Lounge.. Pictures, larp magazines, flyers and others stuff to show and tell others about your local  ...   other sleeping gear - Talk to your host about it.. If you wish for, some little souvinier from your homeland to your host.. What should I leave at home?.. Your coolest and weirdest larp costumes (including weapons).. Usually nobody participates on a conference in elf ears or chain mail.. PLEASE NOTE that this doesn't apply if your coolest and weirdest larp costume suits for the saturday night Design Lounge party.. :).. Huge amounts of food and/or alcohol.. Se serve you food each day, you won't be starving.. And there's a hotel bar..

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  • Title: Solmukohta 2012 | 2012 / FAQ
    Descriptive info: Q: Is this an event for all kinds of role-players or live action role-players only?.. Solmukohta is a role-playing convention focusing on live action role-playing.. Our program also offers other kinds of role-playing activities, such as freeform role-playing games and experimental tabletop role-playing.. Q: Who is Solmukohta 2012 for?.. Q: Do I need to sign up beforehand?.. Yes.. You can sign up through these pages.. Q: How much does it cost?.. 150 EUR is about 195 USD, 125 GBP, 1340 SEK, 1120 DKK and 1120 NOK.. After March 15th, the registration cost will increase to €170.. Q: I live nearby, and the accommodation is so expensive? Can I only come for the daytime activity and sleep at home (or somebody else's bed)?.. Due the huge demand, we have gotten a couple of “day passes” for people staying only by days.. Those are how ever handed too on the registration order.. Q: I am a student/unemployed/other.. Can I get a discount?.. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer discounts, except for volunteer workers.. For more information, see below.. Q: Can I work in the event to get a discount?.. This possibility is available, but only for Finnish speakers.. As the hotel offers all cleaning and restaurant services, we only need people to work at the info desk, and the duties will require speaking at least a little Finnish with the hotel staff and third parties (cab services and such).. Q: Can I sign up in advance to specific program items?.. Specific programs may or may not include a possibility to sign up in advance; information on this is included in the program description.. You do not need to sign up for talks and presentations.. Some of the AWiF games are likely to require signing up in advance.. Q: What if I need to cancel after paying?.. If you find out that you are not able to participate and tell us before 16.. 03.. 2012, your attendance fee will be returned (minus transfer fees).. After this deadline,  ...   departures that goes by Kiljava, so the extra taxi ride might be avoided.. Bus schedule to Nurmijärvi.. (in Finnish).. Q: How do I best get to Helsinki from the airport?.. The best way to get to Helsinki City Center from the airport is to take the Finnair bus.. It goes every 20 minutes from just outside the airport.. It cost 5 euros (cash) and has only two stops along the way.. There are of course a lot of other busses going from the airport, but these are not as handy.. Note that if you are staying for AWiF then it could be advantageous to by a week-ticket for the Helsinki public transport.. The week-ticket can be bought at the airport, so the 5 euros for the Finnair bus can be saved.. Q: How to buy tourist tickets for public transport in Helsinki?.. 1.. Find one of the boxes that sells tickets.. 2.. Change language to English.. 3.. Select day tickets.. Select adult.. 5.. Choose how many days you want the ticket to be valid.. Pay.. (and then you might have to activate the ticket - I didn't actually buy the ticket, so I don't know what the physical ticket looks like).. Q: I don’t have a country contact.. Should I have one?.. Only Sweden, Norway and Denmark have country contacts at this point.. So no need to worry if you don’t have one.. If there are more than five people coming from your country, it would be handy for you to pick a country contact among yourselves to handle your money transfers and to act as a contact person for information.. You can contact us about it at info@solmukohta.. org.. Q: Which languages can I use while writing to info@solmukohta.. English and Finnish are preferred.. If you cannot write in either, we can answer mail written in some Scandinavian languages (not including Icelandic, unfortunately); however, answering may take a bit longer, and we cannot guarantee that we answer in the same Scandinavian language that you used..

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  • Title: Solmukohta 2012 | 2012 / Solmukohta 2012 - Call for volunteers
    Descriptive info: Solmukohta 2012 - Call for volunteers.. Solmukohta is looking for volunteers to make the event even better! Hotel Kiljavanranta is taking care of all the cleaning and catering, but still we need volunteers to keep the event rolling as smooth as possible.. Currently we are in search of:.. Info desk workers.. Workers at the info desk are ensuring that Solmukohta 2012 is rolling as it should be.. They keep track of program changes and help resolve the problems participants may have.. Night Owls.. A night owl is taking care of urgent problems during the nightime.. What we expect from  ...   in two shifts, night owls have one night shift.. By contributing their time volunteers will get 40 euro discount from the Solmukohta 2012 participant fee.. Due to the nature of the job we’ve decided to prefer Finnish volunteers who know how Finland works.. We can only accept volunteer workers who are already participants.. Unfortunately we can not offer the possibility to jump the waiting list by signing up to be a volunteer worker.. If you are interested in volunteering at Solmukohta 2012, please contact us at volunteers@solmukohta.. org and let us know who you are!.. - Maija Kangasniemi, volunteers@solmukohta..

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  • Title: Solmukohta 2012 | 2012 / Thanks
    Descriptive info: We simply couldn't do this alone.. So we're thanking the following persons, associations and companies:.. Bifrost.. for funds on buses.. Tietovelhot.. for lending us their laptops.. Theater.. Teatteri Naamio Höyhen.. for our Community House / daily hanging place.. Helsinki University roleplaying association.. Alter Ego.. for gaming places and Sauna used during AWiF.. Aalto University roleplaying association.. ORC.. for sleeping halls during AWiF.. Juhana Pettersson for editing,  ...   the World.. David Thorhauge, for helping with the pre-event info.. Maria Pettersson for mentoring concept.. Mika Loponen, Jukka Särkijärvi, David Thorhauge Johanna Virtanen for English proofreading.. Joakim Björkgren, Aino Lohtander Linn Wilhelmson for Swedish proofreading and/or translation.. Kalle Kivimaa, Mikko Pervilä, Ville Takanen / Ropecon IT-support.. Jaakko Stenros Markus Montola for organizing Role-Playing in Games seminar just before Solmukohta.. for trusting our skills to organize this..

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  • Title: Solmukohta 2012 | 2012 / A Week in Finland
    Descriptive info: Solmukohta 24/7 info-number: +358 400 567 175 (also during AWiF).. A Week in Finland (AWiF) is a five day long event just before Solmukohta.. We invite all the participants of Solmukohta to hake a closer look at what larp in Finland is.. During those days participants of AWiF get a chance to explore Finland and its larpers.. Each day there will be larps, social events such as parties, cultural activities and exploring in Helsinki.. AWiF is 8th to 12th of April – starting Easter Sunday and ending Thursday noon when the busses leave for Kiljavanranta, the Solmukohta venue.. For those having a longer visit to investigate Nordic roleplaying, The Danish convention, Fastaval is just before AWiF, 4th to 8th of April.. Fastaval is mostly for table top roleplaying and free form roleplaying and Solmukohta is mostly about live-action rolepalying.. These dates of Solmukohta are planned so that people who want to see as much of Nordic Roleplaying as possible, can participate in both Solmukohta and Fastaval in one trip.. Unfortunately The Solmukohta team does not have the resources to organize transport between Fastaval and Solmukohta.. Contact info@solmukohta.. org for Fastaval – Solmukohta travel advice.. Costs.. Participation to AWiF is free.. Some program items might have a small participation fee though.. For example: on museumtrips you have to pay the ticket yourself.. Accommodation.. AWiF participants will mostly stay at the couches and mattresses of Finnish larpers and in a common sleeping hall, which is a place 20 min away from Helsinki city center with good bus connections.. There are beds in one big hall.. Showers and toilets are of course also there.. Note: no program items will happen in this location.. Either way, you probably need to bring your own sleeping bags.. No food is included.. Those prefering own privacy and luxury, can of course book a hotel room in Helsinki for AWiF.. The cheapest hotels are the staffless.. Omena hotels.. at the  ...   program we are looking for short and compact games that might be organized in a class room in a two hour timeslot.. AWiF is also a good opportunity for games that need more time, space or other, than is suitable for the Solmukohta venue.. See you in Helsinki at Easter.. Community House.. From Monday to Wednesday we'll have A Community House, daily hanging place where some of the events are also organized, at Theater Teatteri Naamio Höyhen.. Address is Korkeavuorenkatu 17 and It's open 12.. 00-18.. 00, just for us.. There is space to hang around, WiFi, a kitchen with a microwave oven, coffee maker and fridge and a shower.. Some program will take place in the stage area.. There'll always be someone from the theatre to help you if needed, and you can leave your stuff there if you need someone to watch it.. How to get there: From the center you can either take the number 10 tram towards Kirurgi or walk for about ten minutes.. Get off the tram at the big red brick church, the stop (and the church) is called Johanneksenkirkko.. Korkeavuorenkatu is the street that the tram continues along, by the church.. Number 17 is in between a dress atelier and a pizza place on the left side of the street.. There's a Week in Finland poster by the gateway.. Enter the gateway and the theatre door is on your left (don't go all the way into the inner court, the door is in the tunnel itself).. Common Sleeping Hall.. Common sleeping hall is at Espoo, address is Otakaari 20.. The bus.. 102.. leaves from Kamppi bus station, Helsinki, from platform 41.. The end stop of the bus route is near the Sleeping hall.. Info phone.. Solmukohta info phone is also working as A Week in Finland info phone.. If you get lost or have something to ask, just call us at +358 400 567 175..

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  • Title: Solmukohta 2012 | 2012 / A Week in Finland - Official Program
    Descriptive info: A Week in Finland - Official Program.. From Monday to Wednesday we'll have "A Community House", daily hanging place where some of the events are also organized, at Theater Teatteri Naamio Höyhen.. It's open 12.. 00.. Map will follow.. "The railway station" means outside the Helsinki Central Station main doors, near the "palloukot" statues.. Pictures map will follow.. Party: Welcome to A Week in Finland 2012!.. 18.. 00 - , at PRKL club, kaisaniemenkatu 4.. Welcome to A Week in Finland! We begin the week with a party.. Monday.. Excursion: Helsinki City Tour.. 12.. 00-14.. Participants meet at the Community House Naamio Höyhen.. Organizers: Tino Warinowski, Joonas Kirsi.. A walk in the centre of Helsinki! All the best sites, juiciest anecdotes and hottest insider tips! The walk will take you to the historic empire style Helsinki and the surrounding areas, ending at the Central Railway Station.. Come and hear why the Russian air marshall was not pleased.. Larp: Neonhämärä / Neon Twilight.. CANCELLED.. Organizers: Nina Niskanen, Simo Järvelä.. Neonhämärä has been unfortunately cancelled.. Larp/Excursion: The Elsewhere Experiment.. 13.. 30 - , we meet at the theatre and travel together to the Performance Center.. Location: Performance Center (Esitystaiteen keskus), Suvilahti, Puhdistamo, Kaasutehtaankatu 1.. Organizers: Reality Reseach Center, Other Spaces.. Amount of participants: from 4 to 10 players Sign up:.. The Elsewhere Experiment (EE) is composed and conducted by members of Reality Research Center and Other Spaces, both renowned artist groups in the field of Finnish performative and interactive arts.. EE explores the possibilities of moving elsewhere.. permanently: to another sense of yourself, to another sense of place and being.. EE gives you game-like "mechanics" with which to initiate such a "shift", wherever you are, and guide that shift into different directions.. Ultimately, EE seeks to leave you with more than a momentary experience.. It offers you permanent mechanics that can become part of your life: gameplay that you can integrate into yourself, your everyday personality.. Life is immersed in play, without limit -- thus, let us play with its mechanics.. Excursion: Kruunuvuori - exploring the area of abandoned villas.. 15.. 00-19.. 00, Meeting at the railway station at 15.. Organizer: Maija Korhonen.. The area of abandoned villas in Kruunuvuori is one of the most absurd and beautiful sights in Helsinki.. The area was built at the end of the 19th century, but has now been abandoned for decades.. Come and see how forests outgrow the songs of civilization! Wear good shoes, bring a packed lunch and possibly a camera.. Party: Barhopping tour.. Monday, 17.. 30-22.. 00, we meet at the railway station.. Organizers: Emi Maeda the AWiF-crew.. It’s time to explore the bars of Helsinki - More info will follow!.. Tuesday.. Excursion: Exhibition center Weegee and Marco Polo- the Man and the Myth tour.. 11.. 30-15.. Espoo City Museum, Exhibition Center WeeGee, Ahertajantie 5, Tapiola, Espoo, We leave together at 11.. 30 from the railway station.. The tour at WeeGee begins at 12.. 30 pm.. Free guided tour in Marco Polo- the Man and the Myth exhibition, tickets to other museums cost 8/10.. Organizer: Tiuku Talvela.. Description: The WeeGee Exhibition Centre, a cornucopia of museums, exhibitions and events, includes five museums, a modern art gallery, a café and three museum shops.. AWiF-guests are invited to explore the exhibition Marco Polo - the Man and the Myth with a museum guide, re-enactor and larper Tiuku Talvela.. Guiding will take app.. 1 hour and is free for you.. If you want to visit in other museums in the Exhibition Center (which is highly recommended, they are great!) tickets cost 8/10 euros entrance fee.. With the entrance ticket you're allowed to visit every museum in the huge WeeGee house.. You’ll need a region bus ticket (4,50e), because the museum is outside of Helsinki city area.. Museums of WeeGee (.. http://www.. weegee.. fi/.. ):.. EMMA - Espoo Museum of Modern Art is one of the biggest art museums in Finland, currently hosting exhibitions on eg.. Sophie Calle and futurism.. (.. emma.. museum/en.. ).. KAMU - The Espoo City Museum is a cultural-historical museum.. espoonkaupunginmuseo.. Helinä Rautavaara Museum presents cultures from outside Europe.. http://helinamuseo.. fi/en/.. Finnish Toy Museum presents toys and play situations from the early 20th century  ...   later, the sauna is within a walking distance from the railway station.. There is a doorphone downstairs to the sauna, buzz it to get inside.. Organizer: Association Alter Ego.. On Tuesday night it’s time for the Finnish Sauna at Sivistys.. You’re welcome to enjoy the experience at it’s finest, on a rooftop overlooking the Hietaniemi graveyard.. We’ll also be serving some traditional finnish easter treats.. Bring your own towel and cash for drinks (or bring your own alcohol)! The sauna is unisex after nine, but before that we’ll have shifts for both men (19 - 20) and women (20 - 21).. Wednesday.. Excursion: Suomenlinna sea fortress.. 10.. 00 at.. Suomenlinna.. We’ll be taking a ferry to the fortress at 10:40 from Kauppatori, don’t be late! Cost: The Ferry costs 2,2€.. If you have a valid bus ticket for Helsinki lines, the ferry fare is included in it!.. Organizers: Joonas Katko (+35840-7163519).. A tour of the Suomenlinna sea fortress, a large naval fortress built about 250 years ago and situated just off the Helsinki coastline.. The views from there are beautiful and as the ruins are all protected, they have been quite well preserved.. Come and have a brief look at the Helsinki of a few hundred years ago.. Larp: Alice ad Infinitum.. 00, at the theatre.. Amount of participants: For 4 - 8 players.. Sign up: During AWiF in the theatre.. Organizers: Johanna MacDonald and Aarni Korpela.. Alice ad infinitum is a larp still in development, based on a theatre piece of the same name done in 2007 at Teatteri Naamio ja Höyhen in Finland.. Alice is about Alice in Wonderland, Mirrorland, Reality, and Infinite Space.. It's about identity in context, insanity (in context), and reality.. in context.. As our Caterpillar, William S Burroughs, puts it, "Madness is confusion of levels of fact.. Madness is not seeing visions but confusing levels.. ".. More info.. Larp: The Desperate.. 00-17.. 00, Meeting room Cajsa in at the student house, Mannerheimintie 5b, 4th floor.. We meet at the theatre at 12:30 and walk to the student house from there!.. Maximum amount of participants: 20, Sign up: Sign up will happen during AWiF on paper.. Organizer: Tonja Goldblatt (Game written by Lauri Lukka).. Description: The Desperate is a freeform role-playing game in two acts.. The game is about the saddest club in town where a peculiar lot of people come to seek solace from music, dancing and intimacy.. Despite the gloomy setting the game is rather energetic and positive club experience.. This does not mean, however, that the game is superficial.. The characters can be played as traumatized individuals externalising their pain reflecting the alienation and loneliness of modern society.. Alternatively, you can just hop on the party wagon and enjoy the ride of flirting, dancing and drama.. Read more.. Excursion: The Military Musem.. 00, Liisankatu 1, we’ll leave from Kauppatori, Cost 5/3 €.. The Military Museum is holding a substantial exhibition about the Winter War (during World War II).. The exhibition tells the story of the 105-day war from the Finnish and Russian perspective.. Larp: The Tribunal.. 16.. 00, The theater Naamio Höyhen.. Maximum amount of participants: 12.. Organizers: Suvi Korhonen, Santeri Virtanen, the game is written by J.. Tuomas Harviainen.. A group of soldiers, in a totalitarian country, waiting for their turns to testify before an unjust military tribunal.. A discourse-oriented mini-larp for 6-12 players, run before in Norway, Finland, Belarus, Denmark, Poland and Palestine.. Winner of the Larpwriter Challenge in 2010.. Party: The Solmukohta book release party Nordic Larp Talks.. 00, at PRKL club, Kaisaniemenkatu 4.. This year’s Solmubook, States of Play is edited by Juhana Pettersson and published by Pohjoismaisen Roolipelaamisen seura.. Come and meet the contributors! Doors will open at 18:00, book release party at 19:00 and Nordic Larp Talks at 20:00.. Nordic Larp Talks is a series of short, entertaining, thought-provoking and mind-boggling lectures about projects and ideas from the Nordic tradition of live action roleplaying games.. Hosted by Johanna Koljonen.. The Nordic Larp Talks will also be livestreamed at.. http://nordiclarptalks.. org/.. on the following times:.. Live stream.. Finland: 8pm (EEST).. Norway/Denmark/Sweden/Germany/France: 7pm (CEST).. UK London: 6pm (BST).. USA New York: 1pm (EDT).. USA Los Angeles: 10am (PDT).. Read more:.. org/post/20738536334/nordic-larp-talks-helsinki-2012-wednesday-april-11th..

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  • Title: Solmukohta 2012 | 2012 / Some practical advice for your pleasant stay in Helsinki
    Descriptive info: Some practical advice for your pleasant stay in Helsinki.. ATMs aka where to get money:.. In Finland banks do not have their own ATMs, instead they operate shared ATMs under one name.. OTTO is the name you are looking for.. These orange ATM’s say OTTO on top and speak English whenever you insert a foreign card.. They are basically everywhere, but feel free to ask the locals, they can point you to the nearest OTTO.. Remember that in Finland stores, restaurant and bars do not give cash back when paying with a card.. All bars should accept Visa Electron and most places accept foreign credit cards.. Chip readers also speak English.. Remember your pin-code, because that is your digital signature.. IYou may be required to show identification for big purchases.. The currency used in Finland is EURO.. You can exchange your currency to EUROS at bureaux de change located, for example, at the main Railway station or the upstairs of the Stockmanns department store.. One of the major chains is called FOREX which is easily recognizable from its bright yellow signs.. There is no ATM near the Hotel Kiljavanranta where Solmukohta 2012 is held, so remember to fill up your cash stack before that.. Alcohol aka why it is so hard to get booze:.. In Finland normal stores and kiosks sell alcohol from 9am to 9 pm.. Drinks stronger than 4,7% can be purchased from special alcohol stores called ALKO.. ALKOs are open from 10am to 8pm (Saturday from 10am to 6pm, Sunday closed).. Bars serve alcohol outside these hours.. Bars close from 02 am to 05 am.. Note that last orders come always 30 minutes before the closing time.. It is often signaled with blinking lights.. The age limit for buying alcohol in Finland is 18.. For strong liquors over 22%, the age limit is 20.. In bars anyone over 18 can buy as strong alcohol as they wish.. The normal age limit for bars in Finland is 18, but note that some bars might have different age limits, like 22 years, or even 27 years, based on what sort of clientele they wish to attract.. If a big group of people has one or two people below the bar's age limit, often asking nicely gets permission to enter for the younger people.. You cannot buy booze to go from bars, not even a bottle, so for home parties, remember to visit ALKO.. Cigarettes or when did Finland forbid smoking?.. We did not.. Smoking is allowed in Finland, but not in bars.. Some bars have so called smoking rooms or booths that you are allowed to use.. But normally smoking needs to happen outside of the bar.. Buying cigarettes is bit trickier.. In Finland shops are not allowed to advertise or show cigarettes.. But don’t worry, they have them behind the counter.. You can just ask for your brand and flavor, and if they do not have it, “some menthol cigarettes” or a similar phrase will get you there.. Bars also sell cigarettes, but at a higher price.. Some shops operate machines for choosing your cigarettes.. Shop staff can help you with using them if needed (they are tricky as they are not allowed to have labels with names/flavors on the buttons of  ...   or whether you need a “Regional ticket”.. This ticket works in busses, subways (METRO), trains and trams.. Remember to show it to the ticket reader machines at the vehicles.. When going to subways, show your ticket to the reader before going down to the platform.. The machines are next to the escalators.. Ticket inspection fine is 85€ and it applies to everyone, also foreign visitors.. Taxis.. in Helsinki are bit expensive (but cheaper than other Nordic countries).. Don't expect to be able to negotiate the price beforehand, the drivers have taximeters and are not afraid to use them.. In general, the easiest way to get a taxi is to go to the nearest taxi stop, "taksitolppa" (marked with big TAXI/TAKSI signs) but you can also flag down a passing taxi.. Langage or why do they say “perkele” so much?.. The main language in Finland is Finnish.. We like to advertise that our second language is Swedish – and even all the signs are also in Swedish, most Finns speak better English than Swedish.. Most people under 60 speak at least C-level English – but for example in normal shops or fast food joints, the level of language might be quite low.. Immigrants often speak Finnish and French/German, but we do not say you should not try with English.. One good example ist that 10-year-olds usually speak decent English, but a bus driver might not speak a word.. Asking for directions.. is easiest in English.. You'll get most reliable advice from ticket sale offices, information points or tourist shops.. Some drivers or train conductors have a tendency to send you to a random direction – as they are not going to see you ever again, and it does not matter to them if you go the wrong way.. (Otherwise people tend to be reliable, don’t worry.. ).. WiFi or WLAN.. Almost all restaurants, cafés and fast food joints offer a WiFi connection.. Quite often you need to ask the cashier for the password when you purchase your food/drinks.. In an Emergency.. The emergency number is: 112 At this number you can can contact the fire department, police, ambulance and so on, but it is only for emergencies.. False alarms will be fined.. In Finland you can trust the authorities to be there to help you in the emergency.. 112 also serves you in English as well as in Finnish and Finlandsvenska.. Make the call, explain calmly what’s wrong and follow the instructions.. In case of theft.. Contact police as soon as possible.. You can contact police online www.. poliisi.. fi or by phone: 071 877 0111 (switch).. It's extremely important to contact police if you notice your passport or identification papers missing.. There are some pickpocket gangs in Helsinki, but the city is usually a safe place.. Other useful TIPS:.. tap water is drinkable – actually it has been said to be the cleanest water in the world, and much more clean than bottled water sold in stores.. Drinking it is even recommended.. Toilet paper goes in the toilet, not in the trash can.. ALE means “sale” and does not refer to drinks.. In Finland the time zone is UTC +3 in the summer time and UTC+2 in the normal time.. Now it's the summer time..

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