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  • Title: SADO - Home
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. SADO/CDRC.. SADO.. Mission.. History and Governance.. Current Operations.. Office Locations.. SADO Staff.. Community Outreach.. Media Releases.. CDRC.. CDRC Staff.. CDRC Subscriptions.. Appellate Defender Commission.. History.. Annual Reports.. Members.. Meetings.. MAACS.. Collections.. SADO Defender Books.. Criminal Defense Newsletter.. Laws, Rules and Ordinances.. Sentencing Guidelines.. Civil Consequences.. Self-Help Resources.. Juvenile Life Sentences.. Model Pleadings.. Public Defense Resources.. Locators.. SADO Resources.. Locate an Attorney.. Locate an Expert Witness.. Prosecutors and Police.. County Prosecutors in Michigan.. Michigan State Police Bureaus and Divisions.. Municipal Michigan Police Departments.. Michigan Sheriff Departments.. Prisons.. Prisons - Michigan Department of Corrections.. Map of Michigan's Correctional Facilities.. Federal Prisons.. Inmates.. Michigan Inmates - OTIS (MDOC).. Michigan Inmates in MDOC or County Jails via VINELink.. Federal Inmates.. Links.. Courts.. Michigan Judicial Branch.. Michigan Executive Branch.. Michigan Legislative Branch.. Michigan Bar/Legal Associations.. Michigan Law Schools.. Michigan News Services.. Federal Judicial Branch.. Federal Executive Branch.. Federal Legislative Branch.. National Bar/Legal Associations.. Public Defender Offices.. Legal Resources.. Training.. Events.. Video Archive.. Legal Research and Writing.. Online Training Providers.. Community (2nd chair).. Mentor/Mentoring.. Community.. Find Your Circuit.. Locate an Expert.. Legal Research Help.. Self-Help (civil/expungement).. Forum.. SADO Forum.. Search Forum Posts.. u.. F.. O.. R.. U.. M.. About the Forum.. Search.. Brief Bank and Resources.. Forum Posts.. Expert Witnesses.. External Resources.. Michigan Compiled Law.. MI LARA Database.. ">SCAO Databases.. Public Acts.. MDOC.. S.. A.. D.. O.. Michigan.. State Appellate Defender Office.. and Criminal Defense Resource Center.. Login.. Join CDRC.. SADO Attorney.. Valerie Newman.. will argue again in the.. US Supreme Court this fall.. ">.. Jessica Zimbelman is.. one of SADO's newest.. Assistant Defenders.. Art created by prisoners.. is displayed in the State.. Appellate Defender Office">.. SADO Attorneys argued.. eleven cases before the.. Michigan Supreme Court.. in the 2011-2012 term.. saved taxpayers,.. and the Department of.. Corrections, $8,342,919.. in unnecessary prison costs.. of the National Legal Aid and Defender Association’s and American Bar Association's.. Clara Shortridge Foltz award.. ">.. Defender Trial, Motions, Sentencing and Habeas Books,.. a four-volume set containing concise and up-to-date summaries of legal authorities on topics from arrest through appeal.. Top Stories.. SADO Helps Secure Freedom for Brothers in 1987 Murder Case.. Charges Against Thomas and Raymond Highers Dismissed.. On July 26, 2012, Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Lawrence Talon vacated the first-degree murder convictions of brothers Thomas and Raymond Highers, two men who had already served 25 years in prison.. After careful deliberation of the extensive evidence  ...   select the most qualified applicants who are members in good standing of the State Bar.. SADO Hosts Informational Session for Friends and Family.. Next Sessions are January 22 in Lansing and January 23 in Detroit.. Join SADO for an Informational Session on what to expect after a loved one is convicted of a crime and sentenced to the Michigan Department of Corrections.. SADO staff will be on hand to address the process of a criminal appeal, visiting policies of the MDOC, how to communicate with an inmate housed in the MDOC, and will provide a list of basic resources for clients and their families.. View Past Stories.. Features.. Technical Tips: Toggling Lower and Upper Case Text in MS Word.. Practice Note: New Apprendi Ruling on Fines Has Potential Michigan Application.. DUI Defense: The Court’s Obligation to Squeal on Your Client: The Duty to Report a Doctor’s DUI.. Public Defense Update: June, 2013.. Reports and Studies: False Memories Study - June, 2013.. Spotlight On: Steven C.. Howard - November, 2013.. Recent Summaries.. Of Interest.. From Other States: August-September, 2013.. From Our Readers: Presenting A “Statute Of Limitations” Defense - July, 2013.. Surveillance News: July, 2013.. Local Success: Grosse Pointe Woods Municipal Court.. Circuit Court Opinion of the Month: Ninth Circuit (Kalamazoo County).. QUICK LINKS.. MAACS Roster Application Form.. Subscribe Now!.. About SADO.. 10.. 02.. 2013.. Video: Elizabeth Loftus: The F.. 06.. 17.. Video: Mass Incarceration and.. 12.. Video: SADO Intern Investigati.. 04.. 23.. Video: How to Handle the False.. Video: Angela Patton: A father.. Upcoming Events.. 11.. 07.. CDAM - Advanced Criminal Defen.. 14.. NACDL - 9th Annual “White Coll.. 15.. CAP - Legislative Update.. 21.. NACDL - 6th Annual Drug Defens.. 22.. CAP - Michigan Law Update.. View All Events.. This project was funded by the Byrne JAG grant #2010-DJ-BX-0003, awarded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance, Office of Justice Programs, U.. S.. Department of Justice (DOJ), and administered by the Michigan state Police (MSP).. Points of view or opinions contained within this document do not necessarily represent the official position or policies of the MSP or DOJ.. Detroit Office.. 645 Griswold.. Suite 3300 Penobscot Building.. Detroit, MI 48226.. Phone: 313.. 256.. 9833.. Fax: 313.. 965.. 0372.. Lansing Office.. 101 North Washington.. 14th Floor.. Lansing, MI 48913.. Phone: 517.. 334.. 6069.. Fax: 517.. 6987.. Terms of Use.. Sitemap.. Careers.. Contact Us.. Copyright 2013 Michigan.. All Rights Reserved..

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  • Title: SADO - SADO/CDRC
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  • Title: SADO - SADO-Mission
    Descriptive info: To provide cost-efficient, high-quality, timely, public appellate defense services to indigent criminal defendants in cases assigned by the courts.. And, to provide legal resources and training materials to support private criminal defense practitioners assigned to represent indigent criminal defendants, to enhance the quality and effectiveness of that representation and reduce indigent defense and overall criminal justice costs to State and local governmental units..

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  • Title: SADO - SADO-History and Governance
    Descriptive info: M.. ichigan's State Appellate Defender Office (SADO) was formed in 1969 as a result of a grant submitted by the Michigan Supreme Court to the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA), through the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice.. After receiving the grant, the Court issued Order 1970-1, formally establishing SADO’s governing board, the Appellate Public Defender Commission.. The order was a recognition of the need to provide quality, efficient legal representation to indigent criminal defendants in post-conviction matters, on a statewide basis.. In 1979, legislation took effect to formally establish the office, which was charged with handling approximately no less than 25% of statewide appellate assignments, and with providing legal resources to the criminal defense bar.. The legislation set intake limits, providing that SADO may accept only that number of cases that  ...   regulating the assignment of counsel for all indigent criminal appeals in Michigan.. MCL 780.. 711.. et seq.. P.. ursuant to that charge, the Commission held public hearings and determined that a mixed system of full-time defenders and assigned private attorneys would best serve the long-term interests of the entire system.. It created the Michigan Appellate Assigned Counsel System (MAACS) in 1985 to provide appellate training and maintain the roster of appointed counsel, and to coordinate case assignments between the private bar and SADO.. The Appellate Defender Commission also developed standards for administration of the system and for performance of criminal appellate counsel, which were adopted by the Michigan Supreme Court in 1981.. 412 Mich lxv.. Administrative Order 1989-3 mandated that all circuit courts comply with Section 3 of the standards regarding appointment of appellate counsel..

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  • Title: SADO - SADO-Current Operations
    Descriptive info: The State Appellate Defender Office has offices in two locations, Detroit and Lansing, providing appellate representation to indigent criminal appellants in all state and appropriate federal courts.. In 2010-2011 (SADO's fiscal year begins each October 1st), SADO's staff attorneys and administrators represented approximately 390 new clients on their assigned appeals of state convictions (193 guilty plea appeals and 197 trial appeals).. SADO offered criminal appellate clinical training for law students attending the University of Michigan Law School, Wayne State University Law School, and the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law, using cases assigned to the senior staff attorneys teaching the clinics.. During 2010-2011, SADO also administered a number of innovative grant-funded projects.. With funding from the Department of Justice through its Byrne grant program, SADO operates (1) a Crime Lab Project providing advocacy for persons  ...   increased office productivity on guilty plea appeals, and (4) an Innovative Technology Project providing resources for updating of SADO's web site and online resources.. SADO's Criminal Defense Resource Center (CDRC) provided support services to the criminal defense community and general public, coordinated through a web portal,.. www.. sado.. org.. The services included online databases (pleadings, expert testimony, and more), court opinion summaries, four practice manuals (the Defender Books), technology training events throughout the state, an online discussion group (the Forum), and direct research support for attorneys statewide (.. help@sado.. ) and in Wayne Circuit Court.. The CDRC administered approximately $300,000 in training grants awarded to SADO, partnering with the.. Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan (CDAM).. ,.. Criminal Advocacy Program (CAP).. , and.. State Bar of Michigan.. More Information About SADO and Michigan's Indigent Appellate Defense System..

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  • Title: SADO - SADO-Office Locations
    Descriptive info: Phone: (313) 256-9833.. Fax: (313) 965-0372.. Phone: (517) 334-6069.. Fax: (517) 334-6987..

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  • Title: SADO - SADO-SADO Staff
    Descriptive info: Dawn Van Hoek, Director.. Jonathan Sacks, Deputy Director.. Detroit staff attorneys:.. Doug Baker, Assistant Defender.. Marilena David-Martin, Assistant Defender.. Randy Davidson, Assistant Defender.. Stephanie Fakih, Special Assistant Defender.. Desiree Ferguson, Assistant Defender.. Chari Grove, Assistant Defender.. Katherine Marcuz, Assistant Defender.. Jacqueline McCann, Assistant Defender.. Marla McCowan, Assistant Defender and Manager, Criminal Defense Resource Center.. Susan Meinberg, Assistant Defender.. Michael Mittlestat, Assistant Defender.. Valerie Newman, Assistant Defender.. Jacqueline Ouvry, Assistant Defender.. Christine Pagac, Assistant Defender.. Kristin Pell, Assistant Defender.. Malika Ramsey-Heath, Assistant Defender.. Pat Selby, Special Assistant Defender.. Erin Van Campen, Assistant Defender.. Peter Van Hoek, Assistant Defender.. Anne Yantus,  ...   Dundr, Legal Assistant.. Sarah Ferriby, Wrongful Conviction Unit General Clerk.. Fernando Gaitan, Information Technology Manager.. Nicole George, Social Worker.. Lisa Lamarre, Paralegal.. Kristen Minear, Paralegal.. Joanne Moritz, Receptionist.. Bill Moy, CDRC Production Manager.. Ruth Paeth, General Office Assistant.. Pam Ross, Case Control Administrative Assistant.. Wendy Schaub, Human Resources & Office Manager.. Amanda Smith, Case Control Administrative Assistant.. Bryan Vance, Finance & Administrative Services Manager.. Heather Waara, Administrative Assistant.. Lansing staff attorneys:.. Jeanice Dagher-Margosian, Assistant Defender.. Brett DeGroff, Assistant Defender.. Christopher Smith, Assistant Defender.. Jessica Zimbelman, Assistant Defender.. Lansing administrative staff:.. Jean Downey, Legal Secretary & Office Manager.. Frank Rodriguez, Paralegal..

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  • Title: SADO - SADO-Community Outreach
    Descriptive info: Professional service.. SADO staff serve as leaders in the Michigan legal community, in many settings.. Within the opportunities provided by the State Bar of Michigan, staff attorneys in 2011 serve as the Chair of the Young Lawyers Section and Bar Commissioner (Brandy Robinson), Co-Chair of Criminal Issues Initiative, Co-Chair of the Custodial Interrogation Recording Task Force, and member of Justice Initatives (Valerie Newman), member of the Criminal Law Section Council (Jonathan Sacks), member of the Appellate Practice Section Council (Marilena David-Martin), member of a Character and Fitness Committee (Randy Davidson), and member of the Criminal Jury Instructions Committee (Chris Smith).. Professional service to community also includes membership on the Michigan and Detroit Chapter  ...   boards of the ACLU (Christine Pagac), service as President of the Michigan Chapter of the American Constitution Society (Valerie Newman), and President of the Women Lawyers Association of Michigan Foundation (Dawn Van Hoek).. Social Service.. Dinner at the Ronald McDonald House of Detroit.. SADO staff also come together to serve the community, including (literally) serving families staying at the Detroit Ronald McDonald House adjoining the Detroit Medical Center.. On September 27, 2011, volunteers made and served a banquet to families with young members hospitalized at Children's Hospital.. Coordinated by Valerie Newman, the group included Marilena David-Martin, Stephanie Farkas, Susan Meinberg, Jackie and Aurora Ouvry, Amanda Smith, Dawn and Peter Van Hoek and Heather Waara..

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  • Title: SADO - SADO-Media Releases
    Descriptive info: Appellate Defender Commission Praises Legislature for Passage of Michigan Indigent Defense Commission Act.. June 20, 2013.. SADO Client James Grissom Released from Prison After Nine Years.. November 19, 2012.. Valerie R.. Newman Receives Thomas Award for Excellence in Appellate Advocacy.. July 12, 2012.. SADO Wins United States Supreme Court Case.. March 23, 2012.. State Appellate Defender Office Secures New Trial  ...   Applauds Governor, Anticipates Meaningful Reform.. October 14, 2011.. Marla R.. McCowan Named CDRC Manager.. July 5, 2011.. Cranmer and McNeill Newly Appointed, Nussbaumer and Gracey Reappointed to Appellate Defender Commission.. June 27, 2011.. Dawn Van Hoek Named State Appellate Defender by Appellate Defender.. March 24, 2011.. NLADA Award - Clara Shortridge Foltz Award Michigan State Appellate Defender Ofice.. November 30, 2010..

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  • Title: SADO - CDRC-Mission
    Descriptive info: Mission.. To provide legal resources and training materials to support private criminal defense practitioners assigned to represent indigent criminal defendants, to enhance the quality and effectiveness of that representation and reduce indigent defense and overall criminal justice costs to state and local governmental units..

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  • Title: SADO - CDRC-History and Governance
    Descriptive info: The Criminal Defense Resource Center, formally in existence since 1977 and once known as the Legal Resources Project, is a division of the Michigan State Appellate Defender Office.. Between SADO’s launch in 1969 and 1977, criminal defense attorneys increasingly came to rely on the expertise and resources of Michigan’s first statewide public defender office.. In early years, support was funded by  ...   as an agency, this support role was legislatively authorized and state-funded.. 716.. Since 1978, significant funding support also has been provided by the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (formerly Michigan Justice Training Commission), the Bureau of Justice Assistance, and the Michigan State Bar Foundation.. Like SADO operations, operations of the CDRC are subject to oversight by the Appellate Defender Commission..

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