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  • Title: Sabbath Manifesto
    Descriptive info: .. Unplug Challenge.. Sabbath Manifesto: Slowing Down Live Since 2009.. About.. FAQ.. Community.. Press.. National Day of Unplugging.. Contact.. Join Us.. A Provisional Guide for Observing a Weekly Day of Rest.. What is this?.. The Sabbath Manifesto is a.. creative project designed to slow.. down lives in an increasingly.. hectic world.. The National Day of Unplugging is on March 7-8, 2014.. Join us in taking the pledge to unplug from technology regularly.. Take the pledge at.. NationalDayofUnplugging.. com.. We want to know what you will do when you UNPLUG.. Download the I UNPLUG TO  ...   For our Sabbath Manifesto, we created 10 core principles completely open for your unique interpretation.. We welcome you to join us as we carve a weekly timeout into our lives and to continue the momentum of the National Day of Unplugging throughout the year.. Powered By.. Reboot.. Sponsored By.. The Ten Principles.. 01.. Avoid technology.. View Comments.. 02.. Connect with loved ones.. 03.. Nurture your health.. 04.. Get outside.. 05.. Avoid commerce.. 06.. Light candles.. 07.. Drink wine.. 08.. Eat bread.. 09.. Find silence.. 10.. Give back.. slowing down lives since 2010 Reboot | Design..

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  • Title: About this Project « Sabbath Manifesto
    Descriptive info: How to Observe.. Who s behind this?.. About this Project.. Way back when, God said, “On the seventh day thou shalt rest.. The meaning behind it was simple: Take a break.. Call a timeout.. Find some balance.. Recharge.. Somewhere along the line, however, this mantra for living faded from modern consciousness.. The idea of unplugging every seventh day now feels tragically close to impossible.. Who has time to take time off? We need eight days a week to get tasks accomplished, not six.. The Sabbath Manifesto was developed in the same spirit as the Slow Movement, slow food, slow living, by a small group of artists, writers, filmmakers and media professionals who, while not particularly religious, felt a collective need to fight back against our increasingly fast-paced way of living.. The idea is to take time off, deadlines and paperwork be damned.. In the Manifesto, we’ve adapted our ancestors’ rituals by carving out one day per week to unwind, unplug, relax, reflect, get outdoors, and get with loved ones.. The ten principles are to be observed one day per week, from sunset to sunset.. We invite you to practice, challenge  ...   mouthful of food you eat real slow – 18 chews a bite.. You get the picture.. Find the balance that works for you.. Create rules that allow you to rest and reflect without destroying the fabric of your life.. Want more tips? Check out our.. DIY section.. Got your own ideas?.. Let us know.. Who’s behind this?.. The Sabbath Manifesto was created by a group of Jewish artists in search of a modern way to observe a weekly day of rest.. The group are all members of Reboot, a non-profit group designed to “reboot” the cultures, traditions and rituals of Jewish life.. Special thanks to Lisa-Anne Auerbach, Nicola Behrman, Roger Bennett, Dennis Berman, Robb Bindler, Greg Clayman, Adam Clyne, Michelle Collins, Lou Cove, Noam Dromi, Joshua Foer, Dan Fost, Ken Goldberg, Ben Greenman, Alex Grossman, Craig Kanarick, Amelia Klein, Jenji Kohan, Elisha Levin, Jackie Miller, Liz Nord, Christopher Noxon, Dan Rollman, Steven Rubenstein, David Sax, Tanya Schevitz, Nathan Shedroff, Tiffany Shlain, Jill Soloway, Jessica Tully, David Ulin and Sasha Wizansky.. Questions? Contact.. Dina Mann.. , National Marketing and Outreach Coordinator, Reboot.. For Press Inquires Contact.. Tanya Schevitz.. , Communications Coordinator, Reboot..

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  • Title: FAQ « Sabbath Manifesto
    Descriptive info: What does the word “Sabbath” mean?.. Sabbath comes from the Hebrew shabbat, to cease.. What’s the history behind the idea of the “Sabbath”?.. The Sabbath refers to a weekly day of rest.. The concept first appears in the Old Testament in the book of Genesis.. Many religions observe this weekly day of rest including Judaism and Christianity.. In Judaism, the Sabbath is observed from sundown on Friday until the appearance of three stars in the sky on Saturday night.. In most Christian denominations the Sabbath is observed on Sunday.. Can I submit my own Principle?.. At the moment the focus is on the core 10 Principles we have suggested and finding ways to incorporate these Principles into your life on a weekly basis.. We are working on Sabbath 2.. 0 which will have many additional features…  ...   not sure how to start practicing the Sabbath Manifesto?.. Check out our.. for tips and advice.. Do I have to be Jewish to follow the Sabbath Manifesto?.. No.. We WELCOME ALL BACKGROUNDS, NATIONALITIES AND RELIGIONS TO PARTICIPATE.. How strictly do I have to observe the Principles?.. The 10 Principles are only guidelines.. You can observe one or all 10.. Whatever works for you.. Can I create my own Sabbath Manifesto event?.. Yes.. Send us.. the info and we’ll post it on our community notice board.. Where can I purchase a cell-phone sleeping bag?.. Purchase your bag.. here.. Wondering how each of the Sabbath Manifesto’s 10 principles are intrinsically linked to a Jewish day of rest?.. Our friends at.. MyJewishLearning.. have done a stellar job at crafting detailed explanations of all 10 principles.. You can read about them..

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  • Title: DIY « Sabbath Manifesto
    Descriptive info: DIY.. Upcoming Events.. Testimonials.. The Sabbath Manifesto can be practiced solo or in a group.. You choose.. Or experiment.. Gather a few friends together, your family, your local bartender, give everyone a principle to interpret.. Meet up.. Share your interpretations.. Do it again next week.. Everyone takes a new principle.. It’s that simple.. Over time you can create your own new rituals.. Whatever you decide to do, we want to hear about it.. Send us your stories.. Did you Unplug? Tell us what it was like:.. David.. “The Sabbath Manifesto BBQ was enjoyable in its simplicity, which I think is what I love most about embracing Shabbat.. We may think of it as shul, suits, and prayers, but when you boil it down to its essence, as we did with the Manifesto, you tap into a silence and peace that s surprisingly easy and unfailingly enjoyable.. ”.. Jackie.. “It was wonderful to watch so many people willingly (for the most part!) surrender their cell phones for the afternoon and give themselves over to a quiet rest day.. Without technological distractions, people were engaged in thoughtful conversations and really listening to one another, taking quiet moments to sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful, warm, Saturday afternoon.. Kay.. I attended the Sabbath Manifesto picnic in Fort Greene Park and I instantly felt reconnected to the group that had gathered.. We handed off our cell phones, stacked our plates with grilled meat, drank hidden beers and the talking began, and then continued all day.. Amber.. “For me, it’s hard to find a way to shut down for 24 hours.. My i-phone is always on, work emails coming through… the Sabbath Manifesto helps me to switch off for 24 hrs every week and still maintain close connection with my friends.. The principles help to put things in perspective and keep my priorities in check.. Shloime.. Turning off my cell phone at sundown on a Friday.. Tried it.. Loved it.. Couldn t believe how hard it was.. The conversations that followed were so good because they were uninterrupted.. daryayael.. I m so excited to attempt to unplug.. It s such a simple concept, the idea of going back to our roots and reconnecting with all the unnecessary extras yet it s such a novel idea.. I think we could all use a time to get back in touch with those people and things that are truly important to us.. allasavina.. Супер интересно.. ruby.. i think this is the smartest idea i have ever come across.. am not a jew.. am not anything really.. but i feel as overwhelmed as anyone these days when people draw their self importance from the number of emails they receive per minute.. nothing finer than to take one day a week and realize there are more important things than you well, one or two anyway.. THANK YOU!.. The DC event at Sixth I was a memorable night.. 200 people attended the event, which was a happy hour/musical Shabbat service/community dinner fusion.. All 10 principles were incorporated into the night, from a collective turning off of cell phones (#1) to eating challah bread pudding (#8) and walking home (#4).. The idea of unplugging totally resonated with the crowd, and Rabbi Shira Stutman conveyed the relevance of the ancient tradition of Shabbat in our thoroughly modern lives.. StephenCooper.. I m in!.. AKH.. LOVE what you re doing!.. I have had Shabbat envy since meeting a strict Shabbas observer over 10 years ago.. I’m not Jewish and have no desire to convert but love the concept of Shabbat.. I see how it so fuels my friends who strictly observe it weekly.. The National Day of Unplugging this Friday into Saturday has given me the gift of a perfect excuse to have a Shabbat-lite experience! For me to observe Shabbat to any degree without a good basis in secular (green maybe?) practicality would cause my friends and family to think I’d lost my mind.. As an aside, for the past 10+ years, I ve refrained from eating meat on Fridays, not because of anything to do with Jesus dying on a Friday or even as a nod to old skool Catholicism but just for old time’s sake, and so that I am assured of one meatless day each week.. And no one flinches when I say, “I don’t eat meat on Friday.. ” Likewise, it would be similarly efficient to say, “I observe one Unplugged Day each week” or I m off the grid for one 24 period each week, and in the process I finally have the opportunity to claim my personal Shabbat observance!!!.. Thank you, Sabbath Manifesto!!!.. cydr.. thank you for putting this out there.. i watched the video.. it s fabulous.. listen, my comment is: for a lot of us, me included, we are on a journey back toward judaism.. we are adults and discovering meaning and making personal what used to be just empty rituals.. that s how it was kind of for me growing up.. and well, little by little, we do some of the halacha, then fall off the wagon.. it s a back and forth process.. it s still very spiritual and meaningful.. thanks for showing how we are all together in this process.. shabbat shalom.. lauraconnell.. I posted about Day of Unplugging on my blog:.. http://forthoseabouttoshop.. onsugar.. com/National.. Can t wait to implement it!.. http://www.. ecmmentors.. com/.. Aaron Bryant.. I found this article on CNN and found it very interesting.. Im not Jewish, actually I m Muslim but I felt compelled to share my story with you.. A few months ago I was feeling overwhelmed with all the connectivity that I was practicing that I made a decision to unplug.. I cancelled my facebook page, stopped twittering totally, really just tried to minimalize my online life.. I found this article interesting because today I am taking my son on a camping trip for the weekend.. Im going to introduce him to the great outdoors and re-connect with him.. I truly appreciate what you are doing and I totally support it.. Good luck.. aggie.. What are the 10 core principles please? Can t find them on this site.. Best to you all this is an important trend let s keep it going!.. rebooters.. It s on the home page:.. sabbathmanifesto.. org.. jebbanner.. Came across this on CNN as well.. I recently came to a similar conclusion while attending SXSWi.. It was an amazing event but it made me really aware of how much we are shutting out the real world for connectivity.. I began to wonder if it was really a good trade.. So I gave my phone to a friend at the conference and went 24 hours at SXSWi off the grid.. It was an interesting experience.. Here s the blog documenting my experience and take aways.. http://blog.. smallboxweb.. com/2010/03/16/connecti.. julieschwartz.. Last July, my 12 year old daughter and I began observing shabbat.. The first thing we agreed to do was not use any technology that conncected us with the outside world.. No cell phones, email, internet or land line phones were to be used during the sabbath.. Only during an emergency do we use any of the mentioned electronics.. This has enhanced the peacefulness of shabbat we are focused only on Hashem, our family and our fellow congregants at schul.. We are living in sacred time and not human made time.. On Friday night, when we light the candles, our two dogs and even the cat, sit by the table and enjoy shabbos with us.. Joseph Bieksza.. It is interesting that you would cause many to re-evaluate their lives in comparison to Scripture.. In Revelation 14:7, there is a universal call to WORSHIP GOD who made heaven and earth.. This mirrors Exodus 20:8-11, which commands us to Remember the Sabbath day because God made the heavens and earth.. God blessed the Sabbath and set it apart from all the other days of the week.. He made it for holy use.. The Sabbath was first given to Adam Eve (not Jewish) after the work of creating the world in six days.. It is THE DAY to remember GOD as our Creator and now (through Jesus) our Redeemer.. So, #1 of your Core principles should be for all people to gather together in WORSHIP of God.. The Scriptures declare it.. It is really not up for some open unique interpretations.. Whiplash.. It was a bit hard at first.. My habit is to check email before bed and first thing in the morning.. But it was awesome being off the grid and reminded me a lot of how it was when I was a kid.. Having the TV off though was the best thing.. My wife and I had a glass of wine together and just sat and talked in our quiet living room.. Fantastic.. This is going to become a weekly routine for us.. http://drycast.. Simon.. Shabbat is such a wonderful island of time.. No phones, faxes, radio etc.. It is beautiful.. Friday night meals with candles,wine singing.. I love it and look forward to it every week.. The spiritual element is alive and inspiring as well.. Prayers etc.. Great idea you have I hope it will bring Jews closer to their roots and the rest of the world closer to their sense of spirit and appreciation for the simple things in life.. MikeTRose.. Managed it, mostly: no email, no Twitter from Friday evening to Saturday night.. Answered the cellphone on Saturday afternoon but that s because we were coordinating plans for the evening.. A small Facebook moment late on Friday, as I had forgotten to post a birthday video for my mother (that s a mitzvah too, dontcha know.. It was challenging.. And, once I got past my twitchy iPhone-in-pocket what-am-I-missing feeling, it was relaxing.. It felt odd to be at once disconnected from my digital existence and *more* connected to my physical existence my wife, children, home synagogue.. It took effort and will, and it may not be something I do every week but at least now if I find myself reaching for the phone or the laptop on Shabbat I ll take a moment to reflect and examine, to make a conscious choice rather than a reflexive automatic motion.. meirav.. I had one rule in determining what I did today; I asked myself, Does it lead to rest? If it did, I allowed myself to do it; if not, I didn t.. I read, road my bike, and visited friends.. The principles really brought Shabbat home in the 21st Century.. lentedi2.. I had a doctor visit a couple weeks ago on a Friday afternoon.. I wasn t feeling well and had a horribly stressful week finding out out my husband has cancer.. She is a Jewish doctor and as she wrote me out her prescription, I found it profound that she was placing rest at the top of the list.. God gave us the Sabbath to rest.. It was made for man because he would not rest unless God made him.. If we would only follow the orders of our divine doctor we wouldn t need half of the health care we struggle with now and we wouldn t need to get a second opinion.. http://clayman.. tumblr.. com.. Greg Clayman.. I had to continually remind myself that I was “unplugged” as I kept heading towards my desk and/or feeling for one of my phones throughout the day.. It was about as painful as I imagined it might be.. But of course there were positives here too.. Many of them.. Some things I did on this day of unplugging:.. * Filled out the census form.. * Spent most of the day outside.. * Took a nap.. * Spent time at the greengrocers.. * Walked around with The Economist in my back pocket checking into that throughout instead of my Blackberry.. * Read a book.. * Bought a newspaper.. * Found a restaurant without using GPS.. * Was with my wife and daughter for every minute of the day.. And that last one made the whole thing worthwhile.. pete.. I unplugged on friday!.. (but it was due to a bad case of tonsillitis).. mredison.. A friend who s a Quaker pointed me in your direction (and though I was raised Roman Catholic I ve been slouching towards Buddhism more and more).. Your ideas struck a loud chord with me and I gave it a go.. I forgot my cel phone at work for the weekend, so that was a snap; not turning on the computer when I got home required more of an effort but it was worth it.. I tuned up the guitar and played a bit for the first time in a year or so, I read an article or two I was meaning to get too and started a book.. (But that s not news, I m always STARTIING books.. ) I did allow myself the opportunity to listen to music but ONLY vinyl.. So I pulled out a Beethoven Trio on Friday night, a solo Dollar Brand (before he was Abdullah Ibrahim) set on Saturday.. I walked.. Saw friends and talked.. Cooked.. And paid attention to all of it, making sure not to multi task.. It was one of the more relaxed and focused Saturdays in recent memory.. I ll probably do it again on my own.. But please keep me informed to when the next organized plug out is occurring so I can bring other people along on this.. lynndorman.. Your unplugged day caught me just as I was also getting back to service attendance which I had the done the previous shabbat.. I so loved that half day of reflection I decided to stay off the computer all day this past shabbat and it was so peacefully wonderful that I will do it each week.. We do need to unplug and re-connect with others in our lives.. There is an ad about a phone that says stay connected all the time and my own son says who would want that? Well his own mother just got the message.. Still can learn from our kids [and you] so thank you for making this so public.. benhastings.. After the children were in bed, we spent an enjoyable evening of coffee consumption and Lost Cities.. Saturday was spent mostly  ...   a more leisurely approach to meals.. Rather than wolfing something down while facebooking and watching old Seinfeld episodes, I m taking the time to actually taste what I m eating.. I m cautious about enthusing too much over what I ve learnt so far from this, since I have a strong yet quiet desire to continue it.. I always felt vaguely oppressed and irritated by the remaining influence of Sundays on the working week, but doing a technological sabbath for myself has been far more meaningful and humbling.. Ginny133.. This whole concept is pregnant with creative possibility and I suspect that is the point! Thank You for the reminders.. Steven K.. Steinberg.. The idea of unplugging, including the electronic Sabbath was proposed some time ago in an excellent book called Hamlet s Blackberry.. The author, William Powers, created it for his family as a way to reconnect with one another by disconnecting from the internet.. His was not a religious experience, but I think it definitely promotes a more spiritual way of living today.. I highly recommend the book for anyone interested in the implications of our plugged in world.. Steven Steinberg.. DougGroothuis.. I am a Christian gentile who has tried to observe a Sunday sabbath for thirty years.. I will promote your special sabbath as well.. Best, Doug Groothuis.. tommorsebrown.. Tom Morse-Brown.. I undertook my first Sabbath Manifesto yesterday.. I have a high value for personal prayer but being a graphic design student it s not easy to keep up that regular time.. A few weeks ago I noticed how my cell phone and laptop begin impinging on my quiet time.. I banned them both from my bedroom.. They tried to get back in (at least the cell phone did anyway).. Then this last week on Friday I was truly fried.. I hadn t had any time for myself or worse, time away from these machines and screens, the TV and dance music pounding in my ears.. My degree thesis project asks the question, how can graphic design get people to take time out for themselves? My head was bursting and I couldn t even think creatively about that.. That s when I decided to do a Sabbath Manifesto day.. At 12 midnight on Friday I turned everything off.. Even that was liberating.. I woke on Saturday morning with a peace in my heart, knowing I was free from the digital demands, the voices coming down the line and the screens seeking my attention.. My bedroom was peaceful.. I spent the day sleeping, resting, reading, doing practical things like cleaning and fixing a wobbly shelf.. There is still a lot of snow on the ground so it wasn t easy to be outside.. I even lay on the floor doing nothing for thirty minutes.. It was so freeing.. By the end of the day I felt my creativity come back.. My sense of self returning.. I really enjoyed this last year.. Unfortunately, I did not keep up with the unplugging.. The one thing that I remember was that I really looked forward to that particular Shabbat the way I look forward to vacation.. It was wonderful, and I m looking forward to it again.. jmgator.. Read Katie Couric s comments that ironically, you have to be plugged in to find out about this event.. That may be true, but I don t think it is ironic.. You are not asking people to totally unplug forever.. Just to realize that it is good to rest from all of the technology and stressors that are inundating modern life.. EdibleTorah.. Over here at EdibleTorah HQ we ll be unplugging this week the same as we do every week.. However I blogged about it to get the word out and offered a few opinions on ways to make the experience about more than just a technology detox:.. edibletorah.. com/2011/02/22/tune-in-turn-up-drop-off-line/.. Danielle Sundstrom.. COEJL is in full support of Reboot’s Sabbath Manifesto “Unplug Challenge.. ” We encourage those interested to “unplug” for the 24 hours starting at sundown on Friday, March 4 and ending at sundown on Saturday, March 5.. You can participate in a variety of ways, from neglecting such electronic personal items as cell phones, computers, and televisions, to relinquishing the use of your stoves, elevators, and cars.. COEJL feels strongly about the connection of the “Unplug Challenge” to Jewish environmentalism.. We like to think of Shabbat as an environmental holiday- one which promotes conservation, resting, spending time outdoors, and one which allows you to connect to your friends, family and peers on an intimate level.. Tune in to.. sabbathmanifesto.. org/community.. on the night of March 5 to find out how COEJL fellow, Danielle Sundstrom, experienced her first Unplug Challenge with Sabbath Manifesto.. Marianne L.. LMHC.. Although I need to finish my assignments for my Art and Psychology class in my Masters program, I m committed tonight to read my text by candlelight (and plenty of them), and write my paper in a notebook by hand.. I hope to relish in this experience and will encourage everyone in my circle to do the same.. Barbara.. There is hope for the planet if this goes viral.. Everyone hush up and be still with the holy however they define it.. No doctrine or dogma just simple togetherness, building trust in the other, no fear.. Congratulations on making this happen.. Jenny.. Yes! It was wonderful! I read books to my girls, we listened to music and danced, and we spent time with Grandma.. I didn t miss my technology at all!.. http://sirknightnash.. webs.. Mensch Nash.. 24 hours unplugged.. Looked at phone but didn t use only 2 times (for the time), drank some wine, lit a candle, avoided technology, connected with my children, avoided commerce (drove once at about 22hour mark), ate bread, found lots of silence.. Let s do it again next Sabbath.. http://fylvia.. Fylvia.. My National Unplugging Day made me realize that I can be plugged and yet being unplugged.. Here’s the account of my discovery.. 6:30 pm Dinner with the family.. Everything was fixed ahead of time so I just had to turn on the oven.. Black bean burritos were yummy.. So was the chocolate orange bundt cake.. Got the recipe here.. 8:00 pm An hour in the hot tub with the family.. Beautiful starry night.. Quiet.. 9:30 pm.. Crawled into bed with a good book.. I read TrueFaced.. Felt spiritually charged.. Did not miss my laptop.. I guess it was because I would have used to to just read anyway.. Have to admit I was tempted to get on Facebook and see what was going on and tweet about my unplugged Sabbath.. But I was good.. 12:00 am.. Fell asleep.. 8:30 am.. Cat woke me up.. Sipped some ginger tea while I read Psalm 1-10 in The Message.. Felt compelled to write about my thoughts on the David’s open and honest relation with God.. Took me 30 minutes to find paper and pen which I abandoned decades ago when I got my first laptop.. Pen finally in hand, I discovered I can no longer write fast enough to keep up with my thoughts.. Frustrated, I lost my thoughts before I could get them on paper.. 11:30 am.. At church–without my iPhone.. But then there was a reference during the sermon that I wanted to read in context.. Unfortunately the book he was referring to was on my phone which I didn’t have.. Was frustrated.. Again.. 1:00 pm.. My son and I fixed lunch together.. It’s our usual Sabbath ritual that I look forward to every week.. Same menu.. Same routine.. And only on the Sabbath.. Felt warm and fuzzy.. (Chicken curry, coconut rice, vegetable stir fry, chocolate cup cakes).. 3:00 pm.. I had planned on talking a walk with my husband–Not that I enjoy walking or nature, but I thought it would be a good way to totally immerse in the unplugging experience.. But then, it was raining (yay), so I sat down instead to evaluate my unplugging experience:.. –Realized that while there is nothing wrong with friendly chatter and postings, Facebook and Twitter were not uniquely spiritually uplifting.. So I have decided that they shall not be part of my Sabbath anymore.. Maybe if my daughter (who is away at college) were a Facebook user, I’d feel differently about using it to communicate with her.. But she’s not and I feel that everything I usually say and read on Facebook during the Sabbath hours can wait a day.. –Realized that I need my laptop and my iPhone on the Sabbath to be plugged in spiritually.. My personal devotion needs my fingers on a keyboard.. My time in church is enhanced with the apps I use–the different versions of the Bible, my concordance, EGW writings, etc.. However, I know that in order to truly experience respite and renewal, I need to exercise self-control and limit the use of my gadgets as tools to enhance my Sabbaths.. –Understood that being unplugged–to me, at least–is not limited to turning off my gadgets.. It has to be about turning off everything in my life that makes the rest of the week crazy.. On the Sabbath Day I need to unplug and replug myself into that which bring me peace, joy and contentment–my God and my family.. This means, on the Sabbath Day I need to be unplugged from more than gadgets that confine me to busyness; I need to unplug from:.. –worrying about my bills.. –thinking about the deadlines coming up on Monday.. –doing stuff around the house that can wait.. –committing to things in the community that take me away from family.. –trivial and nonsensical chatter that take away from the Day’s specialness.. –the secular minutia that find a way to creep into my spiritual calm.. 4:00 pm.. I plugged in to get unplugged–I turned on my laptop and let my fingers go at the keyboard in wild excitement about a Day well spent.. 4:30 pm.. Took a nap.. 6:00 pm.. Woke up feeling refreshed to start another week.. Yay for the Sabbath Manifesto.. My prayer is that every week there are more and more who experience this day as God meant it to be.. Cazzy.. YES!! YES!! Love it.. My husband and I own our own technology business and without a day of unplugging every week, we d be dead.. We are not Jewish either, we are Christians, but every religious belief has a sabbath concept and every human needs some down time Love the principles love the message highly recommend it to all it is a little piece of heaven in our lives.. http://twitter.. com/Joan_W.. Joan_W.. I heard about it too late to spend the whole day unplugged, but I did manage to spend a couple of hours in the woods.. Mitch Cohen.. This is great.. One of my favorite times of the week is around 4pm on Friday afternoon when I turn off my computer and cell phone.. I do not look at them or touch them for the next 26 hours.. In this generation this is not just a religious imperative but rather a sanity imperative!.. Cleveland.. com/JHAfrica.. JewishHeartforAfrica.. We at Jewish Heart for Africa love to unplug.. But we also find ourselves thinking constantly of the 1.. 6 billion people one quarter of humanity who live unplugged year round.. Jewish Heart for Africa (www.. jhafrica.. org) brings sustainable Israeli technologies to rural African villages.. We use solar systems from Israel to power rural African schools, medical clinics and water pumps.. Our solar powered projects provide light in schools for evening study and computer use; for nighttime emergency medical care; for refrigeration of lifesaving medicines vaccines and for pumping clean water in regions of drought.. Since our founding in 2008, we have brought solar energy to over 150,000 people.. When we unplug, we see it as a luxury.. We have so much to unplug from.. We ve decided to become part of the Sabbath Manifesto, to use it as an opportunity to reflect on what it might mean not to be plugged in to live life off the grid.. We encourage our supporters to do the same.. We hope you ll join us and share your stories.. Be in touch at.. facebook.. com/jhafrica.. and @jhafrica.. filecabinetkey.. net/home-key-cabinet.. home key cabinet.. Great!.. Thank for information, I m looking for it for a long time,.. com/WolfDreamer1112.. Jason Lilly.. Spent this past Sunday away from my laptop and television and only answered my phone if someone called or texted me (baby steps).. I went to church for the first time in months, attended a Shakespeare play, and spent some time by the river.. I even found time to meditate and pray.. At the end of the day, I felt liberated and more rested than I have in years.. And I slept like a baby that night, which is rare for me.. Anonomousse.. Question: do i have to be a jew to participate?.. shabbat-chic.. Mia.. Unplugging is really tough when your family is far away on Shabbat.. It s a balancing act between being connected to them and completely connected to the moment at home.. ET.. The week begins on Sunday, Sunday, Monday Saturday is the seventh day of the week, but you are correct to start the Sabbath on Friday at sundown Happy Rest to you all!.. Another point, in the Portuguese Language, Monday is segunda which means second, Tuesday means third, and Friday means 6th, and the 7th day is called Sabbath in but with Portuguese spelling Both this comment and the one below are stated because in the your logo you have the 6th day crossed out.. It might be more accurate a logo, if you do start at sundown on Friday, and I suggest; you put a line through the last two circles, the lower part of the circles, and scribble out the lower sixth day and the higher part on the 7th day and your Sabbath Manifesto adherants will get a visual of the time in question.. Ann.. Once every two years we take a cruise.. No internet, no connectivity for 10 days! Try it.. It is great!.. Juanjo104.. Check this video, it made me Unplug myself and think about how to really spend my time.. http://youtu.. be/BKNVfcEhpKc.. blog comments powered by.. Disqus.. Upcoming events.. No events to show.. Got photos? Send them to us:.. hello@sabbathmanifesto..

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  • Title: Blog « Sabbath Manifesto
    Descriptive info: Blog.. Older Entries.. Madame Noire.. January 3rd, 2013 by admin.. What with all the social media networks we try to keep up with on a daily basis for work and for pleasure, it is no wonder your mind goes into overload.. In fact, according to CNN, Americans spend at least eight hours a day staring at a screen.. And more than one-third of smartphone users get online before they get out of bed.. Some experts say everyone should take a tech vacation from time to time for several reasons — to reconnect with family and friends, to stop missing special moments of real life, to relieve the stress of trying to maintain your various social media accounts and even to do physical activities such as exercising.. Toi Barnhardt unplugs on her own regularly —and she’s in the tech industry.. “.. Unplugging is basically me taking control over what I like to call ‘social media saturation.. ’ Almost every facet of one’s life has some aspect of social media or social networking intertwined in it.. It has us constantly checking for the latest deal, or the latest status update every hour almost.. It allows us to falsely feel connected to people, places, and things when in fact we aren’t physically,” says Barnhardt, who is the associate publisher of the Women of Color in Technology STEM Conference.. “By unplugging, it forces me to connect with people the traditional or dare I now say the.. old fashioned.. way! The main reason however that I unplug is when I feel that the constant social media interacting is making me unproductive i.. e.. work, home, and even (I’ll admit) while driving.. Read the full article.. SF Gate.. November 6th, 2012 by admin.. Can true solitude be found in a wired world?.. CHICAGO (AP) — When was the last time you were alone, and unwired? Really, truly by yourself.. Just you and your thoughts — no cellphone, no tablet, no laptop.. Many of us crave that kind of solitude, though in an increasingly wired world, it s a rare commodity.. We check texts and emails, and update our online status, at any hour — when we re lying in bed or sitting at stop lights or on trains.. Sometimes, we even do so when we re on the toilet.. We feel obligated, yes.. But we re also fascinated with this connectedness, constantly tinkering and checking in — an obsession that s starting to get pushback from a small but growing legion of tech users who are feeling the need to unplug and get away.. Jweekly.. September 24th, 2012 by admin.. Is nothing sacred? Even at funerals Rabbi David Booth has found himself fixing a baleful stare on some mourner fumbling with a cellphone.. The spiritual leader of Palo Alto’s Congregation Kol Emeth, Booth decries what he calls “the culture of interruption,” typified by ringing phones, pinging video games and other noises of digital life.. And he wants to do something about it.. Something Jewish.. As Booth points out, Judaism has long offered a cure for the common call: Shabbat, a time of unplugging.. Resting on the seventh day is a biblical commandment, but in today’s high-tech culture, the practice of shutting out the world may offer additional health and emotional benefits — for Booth, another illustration of the  ...   some tech downtime into their lives as a weekly ritual.. Moment Magazine.. June 11th, 2012 by admin.. This past Friday, I turned off my iPhone at approximately 7 pm and prepared myself for three days of being disconnected.. Shavuot happened to fall on Sunday and Monday, which meant that Shabbat led directly into the holiday, allowing no time to catch up on missed emails on Saturday night.. While I am used to unplugging for one day a week, the three-day holiday always poses a greater challenge: It’s a lot harder to deal with three days of unplugging than one.. But ultimately, I found the three days to be more beneficial than bothersome.. I was able to catch up with high school friends, play basketball with my younger brother, go to synagogue, and even read some George Eliot.. Granted, I don’t think I’d be able to do it every week, but once in a while, it’s actually nice to disconnect for three days.. PBS.. Our increasing connectedness the always-on smartphone, the ever-present social networks, the daily media deluge is affecting our lives in ways we can t even yet fathom.. So this week, as summer kicks off across the U.. S.. , MediaShift is looking at how and why people are choosing to unplug from technology.. And within that scope, we ll be exploring how our constant connection is affecting us, our relationships, our work, our minds, and even our bodies.. Read about the special series.. The Sydney Morning Herald.. WELCOME to your newest holiday fad the digital detox.. Close behind a recent academic study suggesting social media is harder to resist than cigarettes and alcohol, US travel destinations are marketing digital detox holiday packages.. They promise respite from the devices which have beeped, pinged, tingled, trilled and tweeted their way into the digerati s every waking moment.. Not that you need to go on holiday to log off.. The Twitter microblog site is increasingly peppered with detox notices, the digital equivalent of a gone fishin sign.. Swedish web designer Jens Wedin posted a simple one this week: DIGITAL DETOX: See you in September.. Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.. March 27th, 2012 by admin.. Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: Jimmy Fallon unplugged everything for the National Day of Unplugging — his computer, his TV, his grandma….. Watch it.. The Voice of Russia.. Did you know that the United States celebrated National Day of Unplugging last Friday? It s what it sounds like those that came up with the date urge potential participants to unplug themselves from computers and any other digital devices that are hooked up to the world wide web.. Those that took the pledge to go offline had to stay away from Tweeting, checking in of Foursquare, sending emails and watching YouTube starting Friday sundown they were allowed to go back online Saturday evening.. So why would someone voluntarily cut off themselves from the information superhighway, the cyberspace that is often more important that the real world, the medium through which a lot of people work, play, sell, but and communicate these days.. Well, here s the whole pledge: Shut down your computer.. Turn off your cell phone.. Stop the constant emailing, texting, tweeting and Facebooking to take time to notice the world around you.. Eat Together.. Listen to the radio broadcast..

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  • Title: National Day of Unplugging 2014 « Sabbath Manifesto
    Descriptive info: National Day of Unplugging 2014.. The National Day of Unplugging 2013 has passed.. Join us in 2014 on.. March 7-8.. for the.. , designed to help hyper-connected people of all backgrounds to embrace the ancient ritual of a day of rest.. Sign up.. to be part of NDU 2014.. Are you a community organization interested in partnering with us on the National Day of Unplugging? Click.. Check out our NDU 2012.. partner page.. for a list of organizations that have joined the unplugging movement across the country!.. Follow us on.. Twitter.. and.. Facebook.. Tell your friends you’re checking out for the National Day of  ...   App.. Sorry, but there was a problem registering your phone number, please try again.. Phone Number.. Thanks! You will receive a text from us shortly.. Reply YES to that message to confirm download the app.. How do you unplug?.. Since a film we re working on explores what it means to be connected in the 21st Century, we made Yelp, to suggest how disconnecting can be just as much fun as connecting.. We re ready to power down with y all Friday night.. - Tiffany Shlain (Filmmaker Founder of The Webby Awards), Ken Goldberg (Professor Director of the Berkeley Center for New Media),.. www.. connectedthefilm..

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  • Title: Join Our Unplugging Movement « Sabbath Manifesto
    Descriptive info: Join Our Unplugging Movement.. Do you have multiple cell phones? Take your ipad to the beach on vacation? Ever find it hard to get through a conversation without posting an update to Facebook? Is your computer always on?.. We increasingly miss out on the important moments of our lives as we pass the hours with our noses buried in our iPhones and  ...   from the outside world with the bubble of “silence” that our earphones create.. If you recognize that in yourself – or your friends, families or colleagues— join us for the.. , sign the Unplug pledge and start living a different life: connect with the people in your street, neighborhood and city, have an uninterrupted meal or read a book to your child..

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    Descriptive info: Your Name *.. Your Email *.. Comments *..

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  • Title: Avoid technology. « Sabbath Manifesto
    Descriptive info: Dan Rollman.. How far should this rule be taken? Avoid elevators and subways? Don t check Twitter on Saturdays? I m interested in hearing what people think an ideal break from technology might be.. Steve Weinberg.. Does this principle conflict with principle #2.. My 4 children 5 grandchildren are scattered across North America.. I have submitted to them that it s OK to call savta and Sabba on Shabbat.. Black Birdie.. I m sure it s ok to call them then, but maybe avoid other hi-tech stuff?.. Steve they re principles, not strict rules.. I think Black Birdie s solution is a wise one.. Interpret the principles in a way that works for you.. Mike.. of course you must interpret the whole thing is interpretation.. Heck when these laws of Shabbat were originally written there were no phones, no internet, no TV.. So the laws now that say not to turn on said things, are all interpretations.. jimmo.. avoid technology then follow us on twitter? i m confused.. Adam.. Most times if I m on my laptop I m either checking my email (which could be work, planning things, or shooting the breeze), doing work, reading (and generally flipping back and forth to one of the other activities), or shopping.. To me, avoiding technology primarily means avoiding my laptop and, therefore, work.. This makes sense to me.. Chani.. Because these are more guidelines, I think avoiding technology means that which in your own circumstance is something you would prefer to be freed from.. For instance, if work keeps you on comptuers all the time, maybe that is what you can choose to not use.. Or use your computer if that is relaxing, but choose not to answer the phone because people are calling you all the time.. Just examples.. It is up to you to interpret how to unplug from a hectic life, as long as you find it restful!.. ezra.. the end goal is ultimate relaxation.. I find that unless I draw a line in the sand and say no technology at all , I won t be able to really feel that Shabbat rest.. If you use your laptop, it won t take long until you ve checked your work email etc.. turn the machine off, spend time with your friends, and read a book.. keep it simple.. rai.. not interpretations.. but extensions.. Badjelly.. Follow on twitter and facebook on the other 6 days of the week!.. Jake.. I think the more you avoid the better it works.. migdalorguy.. I really want to second what Chani wrote.. One needs to unplug in a way that is meaningful for them, based on what being plugged-in is like in their daily lives.. In my life I have experienced completely unplugged Shabbats in many ways.. I ve also experienced many a plugged-in Shabbat (the comment about it being OK to use the tech to connect with the mispacha really rings true) that proved to be experiences as deep and meaningful as those spent at retreats or in truly observant communities where I was totally unplugged.. My interpretation is to have a day of meditation or a day of retreat to purify yourself, which happens in various religions.. It could also be a selective avoidance of technology, e.. g.. , eReader OK, text, Twitter, IM, Facebook not OK.. It could be a selective use of technology, e.. call someone you keep meaning to call but never have the time to.. AT.. The Seventh-Day Adventist Church have been practice all but #6 and #7 of the Sabbath Manifesto all these years during sabbath (Saturday day of rest).. You can substitute #6 for Prayer and #7 Drink Grape juice.. That will be perfect.. JJJ.. I think people are missing the point the point being to DISCONNECT from technology for a while so you can RECONNECT to the DIVINE instead To *relearn* the sanctity of the Divine! Which is what the Holy Day is all about.. Get It? Got It? Good! It s not a debate of what technology is at all.. it s about what is needed to be done to reconnect to the DIVINE.. Get It? Got it? Good! The point being to avoid distractions so that a pure line of flow can be established with the Yahweh, God, Dharma, Trinity, WHATEVER you call it!.. gregcootsona.. Greg Cootsona.. Not to be entirely self-serving, but simply as a way of saying that I agree with restricting technology s reach, I wrote a chapter on this topic (as well as one on the Sabbath) in my book, Say Yes to No.. May your tribe increase!.. Sheynaynay.. Avoidance in the service of what?.. Shaynaynay.. Surely there must be some constraints on what works for me ?.. Charnie.. I just heard about this program this evening.. I unplug every week to observe the Holy Shabbos (Shabbat, Sabbath, whatever).. The other 6 days, I love being plugged in, but am grateful taht G-d gave me one day to literally and figuratively tune out from the craziness of life and reconnect with the important things in life.. Timothy.. Does a Kindle count as technology if the wireless is disabled? It would fit the spirit of disconnecting, but still allow book reading outside.. sadie.. It interests me that this one has elicited the most (and the most contentious) comments.. We are so addicted to our little electronic doodads and get so frightened by the thought of being without them.. I think it s fair to say that anything we re this attached to should be regularly set aside.. bubbeof5.. I think the whole point of the Sabbath rest is just to reconnect with your own spirit, and with whatever you believe is a higher spirit.. A day to de-stress, to reenergize for the next week kind of a day to reboot.. This can be taken as far as one wants or is able; it does not necessarily mean to cut oneself off from daily living totally.. Regardless of whether it is the Sabbath, or just an hour in the middle of the week, everyone needs time to regather his/her thoughts, and regain strength to face the grind of daily life.. Alana.. Is there a way to print the manifesto? I want to print so I can share it on Shabbat while unplugging but can t seem to do it.. graymatter.. First was the phone.. Didn t answer it.. It was so bloody weird but quiet.. The day seemed so quiet-so peaceful-so weird.. It was tough though.. My mother, who lives right around the corner, showed up at my door wondering if I was alive.. So much for peace and quiet.. twitter.. com/FruitNJ.. J Paul S.. On my weekly day off, today, I m *using* tech for *religious purposes*.. All spiritual stuff.. On Twitter.. And I m definitely not doing any paying work or volunteer work today.. Thank you for prompting me to think about what I want to continue to do or omit.. Another activity good for my day of rest is to learn a bit more about my favorite field of study, linguistics.. Some folks do take it that far, and further: no transacting business or even touching money; no signing your name, no operating a car, no striking a match, no turning lights on and off.. My personal practice is not strict like this, but I do see it as being very good for one s mental and physical health.. YMMV.. pressurized wall.. I agree with it.. It only means that we have to take a break from this very busy world and take time for HIM.. http://bryantmaroney.. podbean.. Seventh day Adventist.. nice post, thanks for sharing.. B7777777.. Do automobiles count as technology? Personally, I think they should, not only for people, but for the planet.. If every driver in the world refrained from doing so one day a week (and didn t make up for it on other days), we could probably stop global warming.. But even discounting that, what creates more distraction, more hustle and bustle in modern life, than driving?.. Lee.. Avoid Technology ? Nah! We need way more nuance here.. I happen to like Bach (YMMV).. I can t have a small orchestra of live people come play for me in my house, but I can put on a CD anytime.. Sparilis.. If you are following the traditional Jewish rituals, you would say a prayer after lighting your candles.. Then you would say another one before drinking your fruit of the vine (fermented or not).. Jews have blessings for just about everything, so the prayer part is kind of implied.. confessionsofatherapist.. Krysta Dancy.. I m trying this experiment and blogging about it if anyone is interested.. I ve loved it (and hated it) so far!.. com/2010/09/my-experiment.. html.. nutritional-supplements-information.. jaxhere.. Having already suffered through Software Withdrawal, I know how difficult this one would be.. Response1.. Traditional observance of Jewish Shabbat laws does include a restriction on travel, no use of electrical devices (except on timers), no cooking (although keeping food warm is fine), and a host of other things.. I once had the conversation about cell phones with someone, how could they not call their family on Shabbat? They had parents in  ...   be a problem.. Thisday4you.. I m studying John Wesley s 3 Simple Rules right now: Do good, Do no harm, stay in love with God.. What you say rings true perhaps a more natural way of life suits us better as humans?.. Majorray.. I could not agree with you more.. I am Christian, but I attended a Jewish college as an undergraduate.. Recently, I have come to celebrate the Sabbath as a day of rest given us by God.. The pleasure one gets from focusing on the Creator is awesome.. As a former scientist and now a minister I can tell you that the atheistic scientists are just plain wrong about our origin.. reyburnphotography.. co.. uk.. reyburnphoto.. I agree with @sadie it shows that we have a fear of disconnecting and being in silence with ourselves alone, and also before God.. He becomes far closer to us when we turn off the noise and that can scare us.. I d say, make the highest priority the one that you want to avoid the most.. If you think you ll just do all 9 principles except this one, none of the others will do you much good.. Karen.. I m so happy to know there are others out there who want a break from technology, too.. It s a quality of life issue for me.. I don t own a cellphone or other gadgets.. I don t have cable television.. I have an answering machine to take my calls and I answer them when I am ready.. I protect my privacy from the uninvited intrusions of others.. Am I anti-social? No, I love my family and friends and love spending time with them.. But it s no pleasure to be with them while they answer cellphone calls, put me on hold for call-waiting, and just plain ignore the conversation because they are checking for incoming text messages.. To me, that s rude behaviour.. I want human contact, conversation, eye contact.. Technology can t give you that.. So, I avoid technology whenever I can.. Kiwichick.. We have 2 months ago when we moved house we decided to get rid of the TV and the internet and the landline.. It is so peaceful and pleasant.. Papa Jim.. I think that the point of Sabbath is that it will spill out of its one day into the other six.. But starting with one day seems doable, where trying to keep these principles every day seems overwhelming.. But just like training for a sport, the spirit/psyche/soul/whatever-you-want-to-call-it needs an excercise regimen.. You don t start out running 20 miles.. You just run one.. And you build from there.. Sabbath is like that.. We start with one day, and then let the goodness of these principles grow and transform the way we live our lives.. Pigpen336.. doesn t anyone see the irony of complaining about technology via computers just sayin.. Oceanvyu.. I have two children under 7 and we have entered one in a Waldorf school only to discover that in order to maintain enrollment they allow in families that have multiple tv sets, use video games and access to computers for their children.. It seems we have exhausted our search for a community with values that include keeping all technology at bey until our kids are mature enough to apply as a tool and not prolific use for entertainment.. Any suggestions as to who might also be thinking along these same lines?.. Help!.. Jared.. I don t necessarily disconnect from my technology when I m off nor do I think it s necessary to disconnect to be off.. That being said, all of my machines work for ME.. I don t worry about how many miles I put on my car that s what I bought it for! As for my iPod, I m a musician that unfortunately has a day job.. My iPod IS my escape! My phone is a convenience for other people, not a leash.. I don t answer my phone in the john or when I m eating EVER.. These are the 2 points in the day that are truly mine and they ll stay that way.. The point is, remember that these gadgets are here to make our lives easier, not harder.. They re gadgets, we re humans.. They re inanimate.. There s a hierarchy and we re (supposedly) at the top.. http://davidbshin.. adventist sermons.. I absolutely agree with everyone we do need a break from our daily lives and deffinately a break from techonology.. Gary.. It s hard when you work from home as it s too easy to do some work for half an hour at the weekends, my solution though a little drastic was to lock my keyboard, smartphone and iPad in the safe on a Friday evening and give the key to my wife until Monday morning Yes it hurt for the first couple of weeks but now it s excellent.. rabsleepingbags.. rab sleeping bags.. This protection is usually odorless and invisible, and, unlike.. traditional insect repellents, the repellency is near your skin, instead.. of on it, which can help alleviate concerns about overuse or misuse of.. insect repellent.. Jewish Thoreau.. I m an Orthodox Jew and one thing I can say about doing this the traditional way is, you don t get pulled back into the weekday.. While a ringng phone might be a loved one calling, it might also be a telelmarketer or a political pollster or some other unwanted intrusion.. Driving your car jerks you back into the weekday frustrations of traffic and other people s road rage.. And so forth.. So I chose to just turn the phone off, shut the computers down, and not play with electronic gadgets.. Anyway, you might be interested in a couple articles I wrote on this topic on my blog at Notes from a Jewsih Thoreau http://rooster613.. com just scroll down the right sidebar to the topics list and click unplugging to find them.. Enjoy!.. billy brown.. I ll take a bad conversation with a good friend over a good text with same person any day of the week.. My brother lives in Bosnia and I m still closer to him than I am with people that I text everyday.. We have never connected even once on facebook.. Relbaze.. I agree with you that the issue is not directly about disconnecting from technology but from all things mundane so we can get closer to our families, friends, communities and yes to G-d.. We are supposed to re-connect with our values and take the opportunity to increase our learning and reflection so we become better and more enriched.. Otherwise it s only about rest and relaxation.. These things are important to our our well being but do not make us better human beings.. Ephraym R.. This item is very important.. We re going to be addicted to technology (iphone, ipad, facebook, web magazine, and many more) so to create a new dimension of life, projected to the inside of us, of our family is a real medicine for our mind and heart! To connect not in web but with G-d and the loved one.. Aasa.. Desplugue tudo agora !.. Aproveite e desligue sua sogra tambem.. Kishmir Intuches.. An obvious Communist plot to derail American democracy and capitalism.. Defeat the Bolshevik devils.. Dmarb29.. Gonna call everyone in my contacts list March 1-2 just to make sure they are avoiding technology!.. daniel.. I see no complaining, only suggestions of moderation.. Alecks.. I agree with you guys completely on the whole aspect of having everyone in the nation, even the world if possible, follow these ten steps in their everyday lives(religious or not) but Major_Ray, What the fuck does Atheistic science and their opinion on our origins have to do with this manifesto? and to be honest atheistic science has developed and research majority of the things that help us in life, I myself am a undergraduate and study General science, physics and biology.. so please think next time before being an utter tit and thinking.. -before being an utter ti and think before you post.. anydaynow.. I think the cycle of time has always had a strong pull on the human psyche.. A lot of us work 5 days a week and it s a struggle just to get through the work week.. The question of interest is always, what s happening this weekend? And how many weekends are squandered in running around, shopping, watching TV for hours without enjoying it, etc.. I m not Jewish, but I think the practice of keeping sunset on Friday a special time of lighting candles, sharing wine, challah and prayers is the perfect way to be mindful of what is of value in our lives (family, love, faith) so that we can use our free time wisely to invest in those areas.. (It also motivates me to get household chores done before the weekend rolls around so that time can really be enjoyed.. ) If you can live everyday mindfully that is a wonderful practice! I think a weekly check with reality is good for those of us who struggle with balance in this busy world.. Bravo! That s brilliant!..

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  • Title: Connect with loved ones. « Sabbath Manifesto
    Descriptive info: What do I do when I m alone? Maybe write a letter ?.. See my comment to principle #1.. They conflict.. I say it s OK to videoconference with Savta and Sabba on Shabbat.. a35mmlife.. such an important part about shabbat for me.. feels like the umbrella for all these other principles.. jayden.. I am not religious at all.. and consider myself to be the opposite of spiritual.. but every friday night, i will light two candles and take a moment to think about my mom and then my dad.. it is one of the only ritual parts of my life even though it makes me kind of queasy to even type that word.. beamcamp.. briancohen.. Shouldn t we be connecting with loved ones every day?.. sue_anne.. I wish there wasn t the connection between unplugging and connecting with loved ones.. Frankly, technology has brought my family together closer than it ever has in the past.. If it weren t for social media, I doubt that I would know what s going on in the lives of many of my family members.. We are spread out all over the country.. I m several thousand miles away from one of my favorite nephews, and yet I was able to congratulate him within hours of him becoming a father.. That all happened on Facebook.. regard.. If we do not leave the earth to rest all his works, then God will bring all recreation ground, with or without our will.. It is therefore very important to know God, His character, and its working.. And if love never fails, then the true God through Jesus Christ, saved us from eternal death because we loved  ...   theory is very basic and relevant even for bnei noah.. Why connect with loved ones only ? How about connecting with the unlovables ?.. com/RANONEGlobal.. RANONE.. Definitely!.. com/reyburnphoto.. Reyburn Photography.. I agree with @Sue Anne, I think it is possible to use technology even on a resting day to connect with loved ones.. However, I know it is SO easy to get distracted with facebook, email, etc when I get online, so it would be important to set some limits.. I live in Scotland and my family live in America, so I wouldn t have a problem Skyping with some of my family members in the States but I would like to set a particular time, turn Skype on, connect with them, and then turn it off.. That would certainly be different, and much more restful than turning from a great conversation/video chat to facebooking, emails, random blog posts, etc.. , etc.. Mark.. Connect with God for sure a loved one by attending shabbat services.. and at the same location connect to a community.. Renewlife.. Should do this every day.. sabbath should raise the bar.. Perhaps 1) could be interpreted as Avoid mindless use of technology if it s for an edifying, intentional purpose that s different than the mindless addiction a lot of us have to screens.. I know I m not the only one unintentionally going to bed in the wee hours of the morning thanks to the addictive charms of the Google search.. Or how about mindless TV watching? Skyping or calling loved ones is something else entirely.. Make challah and take a loaf to your neighbor I think you ll have a guest the following week..

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  • Title: Nurture your health. « Sabbath Manifesto
    Descriptive info: Todd Rosenberg.. I actually gave up red meat like 4-5 months ago after reading Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer I seriously think I feel better since letting it go.. If you re lazy like me and wanna feel healthy this is an easy out.. If you need help read that book.. PS.. I couldn t get thru Everything is Illuminated.. Dan Fost.. I took time today to go running.. Not always easy to fit in exercise, but important!.. com/jahfurry.. jahfurry.. I am a huge fan of the afternoon constitutional.. With a swift gait you both get in shape and also meditate.. For the National Day of Unplugging I m going to take my walk sans iPod!.. I think Shabbat nurtures your mental / psychological / spiritual health.. No doubt about it.. But I think that active physical health like jogging or going to the gym goes against the vibe of the sabbath.. The Sabath is a break from those types of activities too.. That s just my opinion.. mardigrasinco.. I think unplugging the iPod too has to be one of the key elements of a day of Unplugging.. I know so many people who would turn off their computer, cell phone, blackberry, etc.. , and before settling  ...   health is really important, but to have a good health we need to feed healthy food to ourselves!!!.. checkinsurancequotes.. com/car-insurance-quotes.. Check car insurance.. It is madness to eat at a fast food restaurant.. One meal generally has all the calories you should have in the entire day, and more fat than you should have in several days.. However, there are some healthy choices for you if you special order your food.. For example, most fast food joints now allow you to substitute a side salad for the fries.. You can also order your chicken grilled instead of fried, and order it without anything on it.. Crumillospongia is a genus of middle Cambrian sponge named after its similarity to a small leathery money purse, or crumilla (Latin for small, little purse ).. Insurance Check.. worldclasslasik.. com/cataracts/cataract-surgery-cost.. Cataract Surgery New Jersey.. Health is way more important than money! Unfortunately most people tend to forget about this.. Rena.. I think that what Ezra is saying is true about Shabbat.. It is more than a day of rest and recreation.. Shabbat has a spiritual side to it that goes beyond the physical world.. It has to do with connecting to something greater and trying to improve ourselves by learning more and asking questions..

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