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  • Title: Sabayon | Home
    Descriptive info: .. Screenshots.. Forums.. Pastebin.. Chat.. Wiki.. Bugs.. Press.. Packages.. Git.. Lists.. Download.. Sabayon is a Linux distribution.. We aim to deliver the best "out of the box" user experience by providing the latest open source technologies in an elegant format.. In Sabayon everything should just work.. We offer a bleeding edge operating system that is both stable and reliable.. Download Sabayon.. Get Sabayon.. There are.. many different Sabayon variants.. Each one is designed for a specific purpose and designed to bring out the best in your hardware.. We provide Live versions of most of our variants, so you can try out Sabayon without touching your Computer's Hard drive.. Join us on Facebook, Google+.. Meet our crazy community on.. Facebook.. Alternatively, have fun with the guys and gals on.. Google+.. , or simply.. +1.. us our.. Google+ page.. Our Community.. You don't have to be able to code to help the.. Sabayon Community.. There are many ways to contribute, be it your passion, your skills, your time or a monetary donation.. Sabayon is user powered, created solely on freely given user contributions, so why not help out and give back to the community?.. lxnay.. 2013-09-24 3:17:19.. Make your own SteamBox with Sabayon, now.. So, this started as a personal project.. One of the projects you start during a rainy day.. Actually, it did not rain at all, but I wanted to take a day off from my readings (just completed.. this.. btw).. You cannot really stop hobbyists from doing what they’re best at, after all.. You cannot even stop enthusiasts from being enthusiasts when, eventually, somebody puts some love into the Linux ecosystem.. So, my question is, while we wait for the official SteamBox (and perhaps Half-Life 3…), why don’t we make our own? And this is what I did.. I want to share with you a (personal but publicly available) Sabayon image called: “.. Sabayon SteamBox Edition.. (.. md5.. ,.. torrent.. ).. “.. What is this?.. Sabayon SteamBox Edition is a remastered.. 64bit.. only.. Sabayon live image that contains Steam.. This image can be either run off USB storage or DVDs or installed, like any other Sabayon image.. The difference is that, once booted, Steam is automatically started in Big Picture mode.. How does it work?.. Well, as written above, Steam is automatically started in Big Picture mode at boot.. However, you can exit Steam and logout through an application running in background called “Steam Manager” and then, log into GNOME and use the system as a normal Sabayon distro.. This allows you to make changes to it, like for instance, setup a wireless connection, configure Steam the way you want or just update the system, and then dive back into the “SteamBox” mode.. This is pretty much the way I converted my Windows Steam (gaming) machine into a Sabayon SteamBox, and I’m sure that some of you may want to do the same.. What hardware, or better, what GPU?.. Seriously, get a NVIDIA GPU.. If you really want to play complex games that’s the easiest solution.. However, I also managed to run Steam off open source radeon and even intel drivers, but I got the best experience when using the nvidia ones.. Sabayon SteamBox also experimentally supports NVIDIA Optimus (it uses optirun, but I will migrate to primusrun soon) if you boot the system appending “.. optimus.. ” to the kernel command line.. How to transform your current Sabayon into a SteamBox?.. Simple, just “.. equo install sabayon-steambox.. “, enable the “.. steambox.. ” service (with systemd:.. systemctl enable steambox.. ), append “.. ” to the kernel command line and reboot.. Thanks Valve.. Log in.. to post comments.. 2013-08-12 9:15:00.. Press Release: Sabayon 13.. 08.. Sabayon.. 13.. is a modern and easy to use Linux distribution based on Gentoo, following an extreme, yet reliable, rolling release model.. This is a monthly release generated, tested and published to mirrors by our build servers containing the latest and greatest collection of software available in the Entropy repositories.. The ChangeLog files related to this release are available.. on our mirrors.. Linux Kernel 3.. 10.. 4.. with BFQ iosched, updated external ZFS filesystem support,.. GNOME 3.. 8.. , KDE.. 4.. 5.. , MATE.. 1.. 6.. 2.. , Xfce.. LibreOffice 4.. 1.. , UEFI SecureBoot for 64 bit images (with bundled UEFI shell), systemd as.. default init system.. , Plymouth as default splash system and new high-dpi artwork are just some of the things you will find inside the box.. Please read on to know where to find the images and their torrent files on our mirrors.. systemd as default init system.. We are happy to announce that the systemd migration is now complete and systemd became our default init system.. However, openrc is still actively supported and working but we suggest you to try it out by using the latest Sabayon images available.. In particular, GNOME 3.. 8 is the last release that we're planning to support with openrc.. If you don't know anything about systemd vs openrc, keep calm and.. visit our forum.. A way to switch from openrc to systemd or vice versa is using the.. eselect init.. command line tool.. 8, at last.. Many people know that GNOME 3.. 8 was held back due to its hard dependency against.. systemd.. and Sabayon was still running with openrc as default init system.. However, this has changed.. Now that systemd became our default init system, and the current GNOME 3.. 8 works with openrc (thanks to the.. systemd-love Portage overlay.. ), we were able to deliver the latest and greatest stuff to you.. Ready for KDE 4.. 11.. KDE 4.. 11 is just a couple of weeks away but we've already done the preparatory work to  ...   5:27:16.. What’s cookin’ on the BBQ.. While Spring has yet to come here, the rainy days are giving me some time to think about the future of Sabayon and summarize what’s been done during the last months.. donations.. As far as I can see, donations are going surprisingly well.. The foundation has now enough money (see the pledgie.. com campaign at sabayon.. org) to guarantee 24/7 operations, new hardware purchase and travel expenses for several months.. Of course, the more the better (paranoia mode on) but I cannot really complain, given that’s our sole source of funds.. Here is a list of stuff we’ve been able to buy during the last year (including prices, we’re in the EU, prices in the US are much lower, sigh):.. one Odroid X2 (for Sabayon on ARM experiments) – 131€.. one PandaBoard ES (for Sabayon on ARM experiments) – 160€.. two 2TB Seagate Barracuda HDDs (one for Joost’s experiments, one for the Entropy tinderbox) – 185€.. two 480GB Vertex3 OCZ SSDs for the Entropy tinderbox (running together with the Samsung 830 SSDs in a LVM setup) – 900€.. one Asus PIKE 2008 SAS controller for the Entropy tinderbox – 300€.. other 16GB of DDR3 for the Entropy tinderbox (now running with 64G) – 128€.. mirror.. de.. org @ hetzner.. de maintenance (33€/mo for 1 year) – 396€.. my personal FOSDEM 2013 travel expenses – 155€.. Plus, travel expenses to data centers whenever there is a problem that cannot be fixed remotely.. That’s more or less from 40€ to 60€ each depending on the physical distance.. As you may understand, this is just a part of the “costs”, because the time donated by individual developers is not accounted there, and I believe that it’s much more important than a piece of silicon.. monthly releases, entropy.. Besides the money part, I spent the past months on Sabayon 11 (of course), on advancing with the automation agenda for 2013.. Ideally, I would like to have stable releases automatically produced and tested monthly, and eventually pushed to mirrors.. This required me to migrate to a different bittorrent tracker, one that scrapes a directory containing.. torrents and publishes them automatically: you can see the outcome at.. http://torrents.. org.. Furthermore, a first, yet not advertised, set of monthly ISO images is available on our mirrors into the iso/monthly/ sub-directory.. You can read more about them.. here.. This may (eheh) indicate that the next Sabayon release will be versioned something like 13.. 05, who knows….. On the Entropy camp, nothing much has changed, besides the usual set of bug fixe, little improvements and the migration to an.. ini-like repositories configuration files syntax for both Entropy Server and Client modules, see.. You may start realizing that all the good things I do are communicated through the.. devel mailing list.. leh systemd.. I spent a week working on a Sabayon systemd system to see how it works and performs compared to openrc.. Long story short, I am about to arrange some ideas on making the systemd migration come true at some point in the (near) future.. Joost and I are experimenting with a private Entropy repository (thus chroot) that’s been migrated to systemd, from openrc.. While I don’t want to start yet another flamewar about openrc vs systemd, I do believe in science, facts and benchmarks.. Even though I don’t really like the vertical architecture of systemd, I am starting to appreciate its features and most importantly, its.. performance.. The first thing I would like to sort out is to be able to switch between systemd and openrc at runtime, this may involve the creation of an eselect module (trivial) and patching some ebuilds.. I think that’s the best thing to do, if we really want to design and deploy a migration path for current openrc users (I would like to remind people that Gentoo is about choice, after all).. If you’re a Gentoo developer that hasn’t been bugged by me yet, feel free to drop a line to.. lxnay@g.. o.. (expand the domain, duh!) if you’re interested.. We Need Your Help.. The Sabayon foundation is always looking for funds.. Donation page.. Option 1 : €10,00EUR - monthly.. Option 2 : €20,00EUR - monthly.. Option 3 : €50,00EUR - monthly.. Option 4 : €100,00EUR - monthly.. Documentation.. Converting to Sabayon.. F.. A.. Q.. Fresh Install Guide.. How To Guides.. Introduction.. Development.. Entropy API Docs.. Mailing Lists.. Portage Overlay.. Visit The Forum.. If you are looking for help or advice, the friendly and helpful people on the.. Official Sabayon Linux Forums.. are the people you need to be talking to!.. New forum posts.. Plasma Comic plugins doesn't show my comics i.. Re: Installazione Draftsight [Risolto].. Re: i can't find what i install.. Re: Directory /usr/games/bin not in my $PATH.. Re: KDE 4.. 11: Cannot set Superkaramba plasmoi.. URGENT: Need help to recover JFS.. Directory /usr/games/bin not in my $PATH.. Re: Boot/grub background image.. Username.. *.. Password.. Request new password.. Most Visited.. Download / Mirrors.. Press Documentation.. Portal Services.. Donate.. IRC / Web Chat.. Organisational Chart.. About Entropy.. Latest Updates.. Make a Package Request.. Package Search.. Packages by Category.. List Open Bugs.. Report a Bug.. Sponsors.. University of Brescia.. Housing our Entropy build server inside the Faculty Network Center at the Department of Electronics.. University of Milano-Bicocca.. Sponsors Sabayon by housing our Entropy build servers and WWW inside DISCo.. NLNet Foundation.. University of Trento.. Sponsors Sabayon by housing our Entropy build server inside CISCA.. Top-ix.. org Development Program.. © 2004-2011 Sabayon Promotion (CF: 93018620224).. Unless otherwise stated, content on this page is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.. 0 License.. Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds.. - All other trademarks are property of their respective owners..

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  • Title: Galleries | Sabayon | Home
    Descriptive info: Galleries.. Sabayon Linux GNOME.. 24 images.. Sabayon Linux KDE.. Sabayon Linux LXDE.. 9 images.. Sabayon Linux XFCE.. 11 images.. Re: Plasma Comic plugins doesn't show my comi..

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  • Title: Live Chat | Sabayon | Home
    Descriptive info: Live Chat..

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  • Title: Press Center | Sabayon | Home
    Descriptive info: Press Center.. This is the Press/Artwork page.. Here you will find Sabayon Linux logos, wallpapers, themes, skins and graphical presentations.. Please notice.. that.. if not otherwise specified.. , the copyright owner is Fabio Erculiani, his materials are licensed under.. Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license.. If you want to contribute to this section, feel free to submit your artwork at.. suggestions@sabayon.. Press is invited to use only the files available on this page or into.. the Official Artwork Git Repository.. Scalable Vector Graphics.. Portable Network Graphics.. The Sabayon foot is available.. Font: Sabayon:.. Asinene.. , Motto:.. Cicle.. and Foot:.. AnimalTracks..

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  • Title: Mirror List | Sabayon | Home
    Descriptive info: Mirror List.. Argentina.. Cooperativa Telefónica de Villa Gobernador Gálvez Ltda.. Connection Speed:.. 1,000Mb/s.. FTP.. ftp://mirrors.. coopvgg.. com.. ar/sabayon/.. HTTP.. http://mirrors.. Rsync.. rsync://mirrors.. Austria.. Vienna University of Technology (http://www.. gdsw.. at).. 100Mb/s.. ftp://gd.. tuwien.. ac.. at/linux/sabayonlinux/.. http://gd.. rsync://gd.. Australia.. Yes Optus Mirror.. 2,000Mb/s.. ftp://mirror.. optusnet.. au/sabayon/.. http://mirror.. Internode.. internode.. on.. net/pub/sabayon/.. Belgium.. Belnet (Belgian Education and Research Network).. 10,000Mb/s.. ftp://ftp.. belnet.. be/mirror/sabayonlinux.. http://ftp.. be/sabayonlinux.. rsync://rsync.. be/sabayon.. Brazil.. Universidade Federal Do Paranà.. ftp://sabayon.. c3sl.. ufpr.. br/sabayon.. http://sabayon.. br/.. rsync://sabayon.. Czech Republic.. UPC Česká republika, a.. s.. dkm.. cz/pub/sabayon/.. Germany.. Official Sabayon EU Mirror.. Denmark.. KLID.. klid.. dk/sabayonlinux/.. Greece.. University of Crete.. cc.. uoc.. gr/mirrors/linux/SabayonLinux/.. Hungary.. Free Software Network Hungary.. fsn.. hu/pub/linux/distributions/sabayon/.. rsync://ftp.. hu/linux/sabayon/.. Italy.. TOP-IX Official Sabayon Mirror.. it.. org/.. Garr Consortium.. ftp://na.. mirror.. garr.. it/mirrors/sabayonlinux/.. http://na.. rsync://na.. it/sabayonlinux.. Japan.. KDDI R D Laboratories Inc.. 200Mb/s.. kddilabs.. jp/Linux/packages/sabayonlinux/.. jp/sabayonlinux/.. Tsukuba WIDE.. tsukuba.. wide.. ad..  ...   Mirror.. portlane.. com/pub/os/linux/sabayon/.. United States.. Virginia Tech University.. cs.. vt.. edu/pub/SabayonLinux/.. Cross-Lfs.. org Mirror.. http://cross-lfs.. sabayonlinux.. Clarkson Open Source Institute.. 300Mb/s.. clarkson.. edu/sabayon/.. edu/sabayonlinux.. University of Maryland LUG.. umd.. edu/sabayonlinux/.. Ibiblio Official Mirror.. http://distro.. ibiblio.. org/sabayonlinux/.. Go-Parts.. com Mirror.. ftp://mirrors-usa.. go-parts.. com/sabayon/.. http://mirrors-usa.. rsync://mirrors-usa.. com/mirrors/sabayon/.. South Africa.. TENET Mirror.. za/.. za.. Sabayon, free of charge, batteries included and on your own Computer.. What are you waiting for? Select the location closest to you and start downloading a new experience.. Bittorrent.. Most people love it just because it makes your download fly.. Now we have our own dedicated Sabayon Linux Tracker:.. Sabayon Linux Tracker Page.. HTTP, FTP, RSYNC mirrors.. If you belong to the old generation or just want to use "wget" because it's the only download manager you trust.. On the left it is a list of official mirrors, alphabetically divided by countries..

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  • Title: Press Release: Sabayon 13.08 | Sabayon | Home
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  • Title: Make your own SteamBox with Sabayon, now. | Sabayon | Home
    Descriptive info: Comments.. SteamOS/BOX.. Permalink.. Submitted by.. konkor.. on Wed, 09/25/2013 - 09:29.. It's looking like dual boot Sabayon/Windows.. Can I run Skype, Music Player, WEB, E-mail client, Emphaty and etc in Big Picture mode? Do I need Second PC for this?.. PS: I see future " Big Picture mode" in Second XServer only.. Can u make launcher for this?..

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  • Title: User account | Sabayon | Home
    Descriptive info: User account.. Enter your Sabayon | Home username.. Enter the password that accompanies your username.. Re: Qscintilla-python outdated [SOLVED].. Re: Qscintilla-python outdated [Solved]..

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  • Title: Donate to Sabayon | Sabayon | Home
    Descriptive info: Donate to Sabayon.. Please read below for a list of goals we are pursuing:.. This is what we need to cover our daily duties:.. !!! New build servers !!!.. : we are in extreme need of upgrading our 4 years old main build server, please.. contribute.. !.. Keep our infrastructure online.. : our servers and mirroring infrastructure require some little cash to keep going.. Keep our servers updated.. : this year we  ...   faster.. Non-profit foundation funding.. : make the project team able to take part in public events, like FOSDEM (travel expenses, DVD making to give awayetc).. Development funding.. : help us buying new hardware and feel happy geeks.. We would like to thank everybody who has donated in the past 2012.. We all hope to see you back supporting us in this 2013.. Donate via Pledgie.. com:.. Setup a monthly payment:.. Classic PayPal donation:..

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  • Title: Sabayon is So Pretty and Fast | Sabayon | Home
    Descriptive info: I agree.. Some blogger asked.. msdobrescu.. on Thu, 08/15/2013 - 15:19.. Some blogger asked "Where is the Italian passion?".. I see, it's in the code, now he was served with some spicey colors.. I was blamed time ago that my drawings were a bit too psychedelic, so I enjoy this kind of art.. Except one thing, please fix the splashes sizes.. Are always wrong on my machines.. Right now, there is no distro better for me.. Love ya!..

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  • Title: User account | Sabayon | Home
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