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  • Title: Somethingforus.org | Seward Community Library Museum
    Descriptive info: .. Somethingforus.. org.. Seward Community Library Museum.. Skip to content.. Home.. About.. About construction.. Bits of History.. Buy A Tribute Tile.. Concept Design.. Contact.. Donate.. Donors and Sponsors.. Part of the Heart Capital Campaign.. Project FAQ s.. Public Comments.. Volunteer.. Your Stories and Pictures.. Older posts.. Welcome to Our Seward Community Library Museum Project.. Posted on.. September 30, 2010.. by.. admin.. Our Vision.. The Seward Community Library Museum is a community center with the facilities and resources to provide its users with the opportunity for continuing education, community enrichment and preservation of Seward’s heritage.. We are committed to providing professional expertise, space, information, education and access to our collections, technology and programs to everyone, regardless of income or background, in a safe and secure environment.. Posted in.. Uncategorized.. |.. 2 Comments.. Resurrection Bay Historical Society newsletter, January 2013.. January 15, 2013.. SCLM.. Click.. here.. to read the latest newsletter from RBHS!.. Comments Off.. Contributors thanked for new library museum building.. January 14, 2013.. Posted with permission from Heidi Zemach, reporter for Seward City News (SCN).. Seward’s grand new library museum building on Sixth Avenue will open its doors to the public Saturday, Jan 12, at 1:30 p.. m.. for a dedication ceremony.. The beautiful new building has been accomplished, and has an inviting finished look to it.. It is surprisingly spacious inside, and stands up to its fundraising, public relations campaign name, “Something for Us.. ” It’s many rooms and spaces, comfortable new furniture, and window coverings featuring old photographs from Seward’s past will be a treat for locals and visitors alike.. Contributors gather in the entry hall of the Library Museum, photo by Heidi Zemach.. This Friday night it filled with its major financial backers and supporters from across the state, for an invitation-only sneak preview prior to Saturday’s opening, and for the building committee to thank them for bringing the building to completion.. Building committee board members, Seward museum and library backers, politicians including former city mayors, Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski, and head contractors who worked on the building, were amazed and some were moved to tears by its beauty, and the realization that what had begun as a dream for the community more than nine years ago was a reality and would become “the heart of Seward” for decades to come.. Photo by Heidi Zemach.. Forensics and Debate Club cheer for each contributor.. The Seward High School Forensics and Debate Club, dressed to the nines in smart black suits, skirts and ties, welcomed the senator and visitors, and gave an enthusiastic “hip hip horray” for each contributor named and thanked in a ceremony in the spacious first floor meeting room.. Meanwhile AVTEC culinary arts students, just returned from winter vacation, and dressed in pressed whites, graciously offered up the amazing finger foods they had prepared including filet mignon sliders, au jus, duck and mushroom pates, quinoa salad.. Even they couldn’t contain their enthusiasm for the new Seward building: It just makes you want to read in my opinion,” said AVTEC student Alexandra Prabuki.. Keith Campbell shows Senator Lisa Murkowski vintage hair curling maching (Heidi Zemach photo).. Keith Campbell gave Senator Murkowski and other public dignitaries a tour of some of the museum exhibits, such as the permanent wave hair curling machine, used in the 1920s.. “It smelled of burnt hair,” said Beverly Dunham.. Head Librarian Patty Linville illustrated the work put into planning the project by telling the audience of backers how the library has some 1,900 files contained in 308 folders dating back to 2004.. That’s about the time when the idea was first conceived as a Seward Centennial project that could be enjoyed by all Seward residents.. She also has three fat subfolders titled “Mary’s Stuff”, “Keith’s Stuff” and “Kerry’s Stuff.. ” Mary Tougas, Keith Campbell and Kerry Martin were some of the most instrumental volunteers in seeing the project through, Linville said, fighting back tears of gratitude and perhaps relief.. “I’m continually humbled by their dedication.. It’s been a pleasure working with you,” she said.. Kent Crandall, the project manager, from RISE Alaska, stood in the crowd, watching the speakers, with a broad grin filling his face.. “I am delighted to be with you this evening,” said Murkowski.. “To be here with this community, to celebrate a community event is really quite special.. I don’t know if you feel what is present in this room but this is the heart of a community, it’s your history in a beautiful little museum, the opportunity to share discussion and thought.. ” In many Alaska communities that she visits, the library is the focus and pride of that community and it defines them, she said.. The state helped fund the Seward Library Museum along with six other community library projects, some yet to be built.. Their support for a library demonstrates the love they have for their town, she said.. A representative for State Senator Gary Stevens, who now represents a new district, echoed her sentiments.. Stevens was a strong supporter of the library museum building effort.. Stevens was very sorry not to be able to make it to the opening ceremony, and gave his loving regards to a town he has come to know and love, he said.. “We will never forget all the help he gave to us, and to this project,” said Assistant City Manager Ron Long.. Major contributors toast new building.. Heidi Zemach photo.. Building Committee member Vanta Shafer thanked Former Mayor Edgar Blatchford who created the “Something for Us” committee, and promoted the idea of the new building project early on.. “When I drive by I’m proud of it, I love it, and can’t wait to seeing it here for years to come,” Shafer said.. “I’m so proud of this I can hardly stand it, and it’s all here because of you,” gushed former Seward Mayor Willard Dunham, another longtime project supporter.. Drop by and visit the new building and see for yourself Saturday for the opening ceremony, or come see it Monday, when it officially opens to the public for business.. The ceremony begins at 1:30 p.. with the Seward Singers and Seward Seahawks choir performing the Alaska Flag Song, and a ribbon cutting.. Nancy White Carlstrom the noted author of the popular “Jesse Bear” children’s book series will be there and give presentations on her books to the young children.. Seward Community Library Museum Dedication slated Saturday, January 12 at 1:30 p.. January 7, 2013.. Embracing History, Growing by Volumes.. becomes reality.. Organizers say everyone in Seward is  ...   Alaska.. ,.. Announcement.. , Seward History, From http://Sewardcitynews.. com.. October 17, 2012 10:35 am.. JUNEAU – On Oct.. 10, the Alaska State Historical Records Advisory Board (ASHRAB) awarded Amy Carney and Lee Poleske archival Certificates of Excellence for their innovative.. series of 5- to 7-minute historical videos covering all aspects of Seward, Alaska’s past.. Carney is the Seward Community Library Museum Collections Coordinator, and Poleske is a local historian who has tirelessly volunteered to gather and share Seward’s history for all who care to listen.. Carney and Poleske used archival records including photographs, maps, newspapers, and 16mm archival video footage to produce 40 videos that are accessible on the Seward Library website and YouTube.. Topics covered include the first Moscow to New York flight in 1929 with a stopover in Seward, the story of the Alaska state flag created by 13-year old Benny Benson of the Jesse Lee Mission School in 1927, and the 1928 Mt.. Marathon race.. The ASHRAB members noted that this collection of historical vignettes is local history at its best and that the medium chosen enables the older generation to communicate with and pass on the torch of history to its successors.. The ASHRAB, coordinated by the State Archivist, is a 9-member Governor-appointed state board.. The ASHRAB believes that the collection and preservation of historical records, Alaska’s priceless legacy, are fundamental to understanding our past and guiding our future.. This was the ASHRAB’s second award.. click here to view their videos!.. Hard Hat Tour of Library Museum, Wed.. , Oct.. 10.. October 9, 2012.. Note: Our 2nd public tour!.. Construction is on time and within budget at this time with a turn over projected time of mid-November and the opening celebration to be set soon.. The inside progress is at a point that will allow guided tours.. If you would like to do a walk through Hard Hat Tour of the Library Museum, we have 10 spaces available for this coming Wednesday evening, October 10rd, 5:45 meet up, 6:00 start.. Space is limit to eight persons, sign up is at the library.. Follow our progress at our website: http://somethingforus.. Seward Community Library Museum Building Committee (SCLMBC).. Siding up on building Oct 9, 2012.. Hard Hat Tour of Library Museum, Oct 3rd.. September 28, 2012.. If you would like to do a walk through Hard Hat Tour of the Library Museum, we have eight spaces available for this coming Wednesday evening, October 3rd, 5:45 meet up, 6:00 start.. Info and sign up sheet is available at the Library.. Space is limit to eight persons, we will give one more tour if ,we have the interest, later in October.. First Hard Hat Tour-Aug, 2012.. Sail Away Dinner Auction with Dana Stabenow.. June 17, 2012.. Our Sail Away with Dana was fantastic! We want to thank Dana, all the volunteers and businesses that donated to this event.. The weather was wonderful, the meal delicious and the company fun!.. The event ticket and auction dollars were over $8000.. After our expenses, the monies will go toward our final items for the building project.. See more about our progress at our page above About Construction.. About our Event:.. Come Sail Away with us on Friday June 15 on a Resurrection Bay dinner cruise with special guest author Dana Stabenow! Tickets are on sale now at the Seward Library or by calling 907.. 362.. 1225 with a credit card.. Limited number will be sold, get your tickets today.. Dinner, cruise on the bay, visiting with book lovers, silent auction with Alaska travel adventures.. Come have a great evening and support Alaska s newest library!.. Read more about Dana at her website, she s excited to come to Seward.. We even have an auction item to have lunch with Dana the next day at Ray s on the waterfront!.. http://www.. stabenow.. com/2012/05/29/im-sailing-a-way.. Seward $500,000 capital campaign reaches library museum goal.. June 2, 2012.. Photo by: Heidi Zemach.. The Seward Community Library Museum Building Committee fulfilled its pledge to raise a half-million dollars in their community when they delivered a check for $500,000 this week to Seward City Council members.. Capping the successful two-year fund raising campaign named “Be Part of the Heart,” the check presentation put the final financial piece in place for the funding needed to complete the $10.. 4 million facility currently under construction.. Building Committee members made the check presentation as part of the centennial celebration of Seward’s founding.. A Seward centennial committee identified a new library seven years ago as a fitting, 100-year tribute.. Since that time, community volunteers worked hard to make the new library museum become a sparkling reality.. The new facility will open this December.. Keith Campbell, chairman of the Building Committee, acknowledged the generosity of the Seward community as proof of the library’s popularity with the businesses and people in Seward.. State funding and private endowments account for about 70 percent of the funding package needed for the project, while a city-wide general obligation bond and capital campaign provided the remaining 30 percent.. “In terms of what the community will gain in services and civic pride, I think this new library is a deal.. I expect our entire downtown area to experience a new flourish when it opens in December,” said Campbell.. “That opening day is going to be a proud one for all of us.. ”.. Reaching the promised fund-raising goal is just part of the picture, said Building Committee Co-Chair Mary Tougas.. Their work is not complete.. A gala fund-raising dinner cruise is scheduled for June 15, and proceeds from the cruise will fund some things that were originally cut from the original building budget, like a flagpole, landscaping and more.. “Plus, we have some additional unfunded display needs in the Museum that would really enhance showing Seward’s history.. “Our next focus is getting our entire community involved with the dedication ceremony inDecember,” said Tougas.. In Photo:.. Seward City Council members stand behind the presentation check for $500,000 that marks reaching the community-wide goal to complete funding for the new Seward Community Library Museum, slated to open this December.. Event.. Grantors.. Sign up for our Newletter.. Your Name (required).. Your Email (required).. Subject.. Your Message.. Search for:.. Recent Posts.. Recent Comments.. SCLM on.. Stu Clark on.. Barbara (Viale) Travis on.. Archives.. January 2013.. December 2012.. October 2012.. September 2012.. June 2012.. April 2012.. October 2011.. August 2011.. June 2011.. May 2011.. April 2011.. February 2011.. September 2010.. Categories.. Meta.. Register.. Log in.. Entries.. RSS.. Comments.. WordPress.. org.. Proudly powered by WordPress..

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  • Title: About | Somethingforus.org
    Descriptive info: Public attending an update and the 80th Birthday Party of our library!.. Facts handout sheet in pdf.. Timeline Document in pdf.. Seward, Alaska has a long history of caring for and using their community library.. They also have a colorful history that is preserved at the Seward Museum.. Plans are underway to combine both of these community services to better serve the people of Seward.. The Library/Museum project evolved as a major Seward effort following several public meetings in 2002 called by the Seward City Mayor Edgar Blatchford.. He felt Seward needed a spirit of revival and hoped to get townspeople working together for the betterment of the community.. These scoping meetings drew a wide spectrum of citizens and a lot of enthusiasm.. The Mayor dubbed the effort “SOS,” for Spirit of Seward.. Fortunately the time period coincided with another project – that of planning for the celebration of Seward’s 100th anniversary in 2003.. Scores of townspeople attending the scoping meetings broke into groups and were directed to develop a list of projects that could be carried into Seward’s second century.. It was envisioned such a project could be at least started and possibly completed by 2012, the anniversary of Seward’s city charter.. These meetings resulted in hundreds of ideas.. Some were impractical for one reason or another: too grandiose, too costly, not inclusive, narrow scope of interest, too complicated, or did not  ...   architect went to work.. In December of that year the design concept was unveiled.. December 2006, the City of Seward purchased the six lots west of the current library location.. The wish to keep the library museum in the downtown area of Seward was the basis for selecting the site as the future home of the proposed library museum.. In 2007, the Seward Community Library Museum Building Committee worked with the Foraker Predevelopment Fund to create a facility that is not only beautiful, but functional and most importantly sustainable.. The McDowell Group was commissioned to do a feasibility study on the design concept and also produced a comparison of similar projects for future planners.. After reviewing the feasibility findings, the Building Committee went back to the drawing board to pare down the project to reflect the ability of the community to support and sustain the library museum.. The Seward Community Library Museum Building Committee meets every second Thursday of the month in the basement of the current Library (unless otherwise advertised) at noon.. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend.. Please call 224-4008 or email plinville@cityofseward.. net.. Library website.. Leave a Reply.. Cancel reply.. Your email address will not be published.. Name.. Email.. Website.. Comment.. You may use these.. HTML.. tags and attributes:.. a href= title= abbr title= acronym title= b blockquote cite= cite code del datetime= em i q cite= strike strong..

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  • Title: About construction | Somethingforus.org
    Descriptive info: September, 2011, the building site started to be transformed.. The buildings came down, the lot started to be excavated, we have started the first phase of the construction at last!.. Join us here as we post our pictures of the construction start up.. As we said in our last newsletter, it would start in September and happen fast.. Indeed it has.. The construction contractors PCL, have begun our foundation work.. The sub contractors will be local when it is possible through a bidding process.. The foundation work and the first concrete pour have our local construction contractors, Harmon Construction, hard at work to get the footings formed, and the first pour of concrete from Metco is happening today, October 21, 2011.. April 2, 2012 the construction site is re-open for spring start up.. The ground was helped to thaw out with a ground thawing machine.. Work is happening! Stop by the site or re-visit here for the latest in what is happening.. We are growing.. Hard Hat Tours!.. We are at the stage that we can do small groups to tour our facility.. Call us for more details at 907-362-1225.. Come back to see more photos and catch our updates on the construction of the Seward Community Library Museum.. The Library Museum Volunteers.. Spring 2012 construction start-up-.. April 2, 2012.. Possible turn over to the City of Seward, mid November 2012.. As of October 25, 2012:.. The Seward Community Library and Museum is entering the final phase of work as building finishes are installed inside and out.. The weather has changed and PCL is working toward completion of all exterior work before the coming snow.. Site Work.. The paving, stripping, concrete flat work, and landscaping is complete.. Members of the design team, project management team and Contractor completed the exterior punch list of the site civil work the third week of October and PCL is working to complete the punch list items.. Building Exterior.. The building envelope is mostly complete with the  ...   three levels with joint compound and tape work mostly complete.. Painters have been busy on all three levels finishing the GWB and painting the exposed structural steel.. Suspended ceiling tile track is being installed on the second floor library and mostly complete on the first floor.. Building mechanical finish trim has started in the basement and first floor and the plumbing trim out is in process on all three levels.. The electrical finish work is in process on all three floors with permanent light fixtures and switches being installed.. The Building Automated System (BAS) is being installed on all three levels.. The elevator car and hydraulic pump are installed and ready for carpet.. The public can expect minimal disruption to traffic along Sixth Avenue and Adams Street through the end of the project.. The public Grand Opening is planned for Saturday, January 12.. , 2013.. We hope everyone in the community can come out and celebrate this beautiful new library and museum that is a gift to our entire community.. Photo by: SCLMBC, October 25, 2012.. Photo by SCLMBC, October 25, 2012.. Outside Tiles going on building, Sept 20, 2012.. August 6, 2012 photo by SCLMBC.. July 31, 2012.. June 5, 2012 Photo by SCLMBC.. May 23, 2012 Photo by SCLMBC.. May 16, 2012 Steel going up photo by: SCLMBC.. May 15, 2012 Crane arrives and gets to work photo by SCLMBC.. May 14, 2012 Steel at the laydown lot.. Sorting the steel at the laydown lot May 14, 2012.. N.. Wall May 14, 2012.. S.. Wall and floor May 2, 2012.. wall May 2, 2012.. April 20, 2012 photo by SCLMBC.. 4/10/2012 Helping Mother Nature for spring thaw, photo by SCLMBC.. April 2, 2012 Spring Start Up.. Nov 7, 2011 Photo by: SCLMBC.. Metco delivers concrete.. Wall forms ready for the concrete, Nov 7, 2011 Photo by: SCLMBC.. Sub Contractor, Harmon Construction, working on the wall pours.. Harmon Construction worker, making it straight.. The Pour.. Corner pour of footings.. Comments are closed..

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  • Title: Bits of History | Somethingforus.org
    Descriptive info: The Resurrection Bay Historical Society (RBHS) has been producing videos of Bits of History.. These videos are about Seward history from the archives and collections of RBHS.. Take a look at our Bits of History videos by clicking here:.. The Seward Museum is located in the Senior Center Building, 336 3rd Avenue, is open weekends in the winter months, 1 p.. to 5 p.. RBHS Newsletter January 2013.. Press Release: From Seward City News:.. ASHRAB Awards Amy Carney and Lee Poleske Certificates of Excellence.. Seward History..

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  • Title: Buy A Tribute Tile | Somethingforus.org
    Descriptive info: Tribute Tile Ordering Form.. Number of Tiles sold:.. **173+**.. Thank you community for your outstanding support!.. While we can not have a new order for a tile ready by our open house, you can put in an order to have your tile produced and we will let you know when the tile is installed.. Artists rendering of the tiles in the main hallway..

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  • Title: Concept Design | Somethingforus.org
    Descriptive info: Current Concept Design.. Museum Exhibit Concepts:..

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  • Title: Contact | Somethingforus.org
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  • Title: Donate | Somethingforus.org
    Descriptive info: This project would not be possible without the support of this great community.. We want to.. Thank You.. for your donations and support over the life of our project.. The new Library Museum is open for the community to use! As of January 14, 2013.. Donations for the project are no longer being accepted.. However, if you would like to help the Library Association (SCLA)with their support of Library programs and purchases of books, audio books and equipment, your donation would gladly be accepted.. The same is true of the Resurrection Bay Historical Society (RBHS)that is working so hard to re-display exhibits, prepare their collections for display and continue to work on  ...   use these addresses:.. Seward Library Association.. PO Box 2023.. Seward, AK 99664.. __or__.. Resurrection Bay Historical Society.. PO Box 55.. 2 Responses to.. Barbara (Viale) Travis.. says:.. January 11, 2012 at 5:41 pm.. Thank you for the information concerning the new library.. We are interested in contributing to the Tribute Tile Project in honor of Lenette Marvin Viale.. I will be out of town for two weeks.. When I get back, I will set up the donation.. Barbara.. Reply.. January 27, 2012 at 12:56 pm.. Barbara,.. You can print the form from the site, see the Buy a Tribute Tile page.. Any questions, call 907-362-1225.. Best Regards,.. Mary Tougas.. Library Museum Volunteer..

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  • Title: Donors and Sponsors | Somethingforus.org
    Descriptive info: Updated October 22, 2012.. 443 donors, 876 donations.. Bookworm $50-$99.. Agloinga, Andres.. Anchorage Museum.. Bagoy, Thelma M.. Bair, Dan and Marie.. Bamford, Jennifer.. Anonymous Donor.. Barth, Daniel.. Beck, John.. Belovarac, Jane.. Berry, Dana.. Bihlman, Frank.. Boothby, Nelleene.. Bovee, Betty Sue.. Bozza, Maryann.. Burkham, Gabrielle A.. Burnard, Gail.. Casagranda, Norman.. Chambers, Nathaniel A.. Copeland, Edwina L.. Donor, Unknown.. Eads, John Calvin.. Ellerman, Caroline.. Faust, Harold.. Fineman, Lewis and Ann.. Fisher, Nancy.. Gerhard, Loren and Catherine Cuenin.. Greer, Daniel and Rita.. Greer, Nancy.. Hamner, Peggy.. Hearn, Bill.. Hoeft, Michele.. Irvin Pottery.. Kirsheman, Gary.. Komarek, Amy.. Kowalczewski, Christina.. Kowalski, Karen.. Kromrey, Mark and Karen.. Kwiatkowski, Jason.. Linkhart, Dan.. Linville, Joseph.. Luther, Gwendolyn.. Anonymous.. Masneri, John and Geraldine.. Maurice, Gregory and Sue.. McClure, Sue.. McCombs, Joyce.. McDowell, George and Kathleen.. McHenry, Steven.. Merritt, Joanie.. Mission Research.. Morrell, Liria.. Morris Interiors.. Nitz, Ronald.. Obletz, Douglas.. Osborn, Tom and Nancy.. Palmer, James and Arkell, Sheila.. Paperman, Dave and Dana.. Parker, Pamela.. Perry, Patricia.. Pichotta, Paul and Christina.. Pribyl, Richard.. Raymond, Michael L.. Renwick, Judith.. Reynolds, Ryan.. Richard and Amy Linville.. Robertson, Jay and Stephanie.. Rule, Alex S.. Schwafel, Jean.. Seese, Sharyl.. Sew N Bee Cozy.. Seward High School Class Of 2012.. Sheehan, James.. Shirk, Orlena.. Siemsen, Patricia.. Simpson, Jill.. Smith, Sherman.. Snow River Pantry.. Steinbrecher, Noreen.. Sutphin, Ellen.. Teekell, Donna.. The Apex Gym.. Trautwein, Jennifer.. Trinity Green House.. Troutwein, Jennifer.. Udevitz, Mark and Susan.. Uriarte, John and Rough, Judy.. VanBuskirk, Karl and Mica.. Vogt, Lila.. Wassilie, Sandra.. Weezingreens.. Weston, Michelle.. Woods, Rev.. Al and Mrs.. Founder $100-$499.. Aderholt, Lynn A.. Alaska Rubber Supply Inc.. Alaska SeaLife Center.. Alcan Signs, LLC.. Allure Day Spa.. Andrew Julie Wilder.. Anger, Erica.. Arctic Road Runner.. Arnold, Chip and Teri.. Bacus, Tammy.. Bardarson, Blaine and Jean.. Barkley, Jim and Kathleen.. Barnwell, Robert.. Beekman, Kristin.. Bell, Darin.. Bell, Jennifer.. Benson, Allan and Bentson, Charleen.. Bickling, Teresa and John.. Blush, Denise.. Boeckmann, Robert J.. Bond, Deb.. Boulden, Val.. Brady, James C.. Branson, Irene J.. Brooks Range Petroleum Corp.. Brown, Rebecca.. Bryden, Wendy.. Buchko, Susan L.. Campbell, David.. Cannava, Peter.. Capra, Doug and Cindy.. Carney, Amy.. Carr, Joe E.. Carter, Kathleen.. Christians, John.. Church Of The Nazarene.. Clarke, Bruce and Susan.. Clear Creek Investments Dba The Pit.. Cole, Valerie.. Connor, Marilyn.. Corbin, Linda.. Cover To Cover.. Cowell, Fuller and Christmas.. Cuenin, Cathy.. Cusack, John P.. Dalton, Robin A.. David Green Sons, Inc.. Denali Alaska Federal Credit Union.. DesErmia, Jennifer.. Dougherty, Roy.. Draper, Cliff and Lori.. Dudley, Tammy.. Dutton, Nina.. Eavis, John and Eileen.. Everett, Ludwig.. F/V Deb Ann I Fisheries.. Ferren, Howard and Dyan.. Fink, Karol.. Fisher, Ryan.. Flowers, Cathy J.. Ford, Brad.. Fredrickson, James and Kathy.. Freeman, Roy.. Funk, Mack and Deborah.. Gamble, Patrick and Sylvia.. Genovese, Matt and Charlotte.. Girl Scout Daisy Troop 582.. Glenn, Karen.. Glotfelty, Edwin and Claire.. Gough, Bruce A.. Hackett, Margaret A.. Haglund, Neal.. Hamlin, Janette.. Harvey, Charles and Susan.. Headtke, Jennifer.. Hedstrom, Diana.. Hetrick, Jeff and Rose.. Hill, June.. Hines, Jerry.. Hocking, Richard.. Hohl, Roger and Lynn.. Holmes, Weddle Barcott Law Offices.. Hotel Seward.. Hubbard, Rhonda.. Hughes, David and Judith.. Hunt, Jim.. Hutchings, David and Linda.. Irvin, Tom.. Jackson, Jean C.. Jackson, Ronald and Peggy.. Jacobsen, Carol.. Jacoby,  ...   Sheraton Hotel Spa.. Sholly, Kristy.. Souza, Jane.. Stabenow, Dana.. Stanfield, Thomas and Sharon.. Stauffer, Randy and Christina.. Stetson, Gwen I.. Stolle, Sandy.. Strid, Gail.. Stuart-Morrow, Laurie.. Suabik, Micheley.. Suhanek, Bob.. Taylor, Katherine P.. Teckenbrock, Mark.. Terry, Von and Christy.. Thompson, Judith.. Thompson, Nan.. Thompson, Nicole.. Thorn s Showcase Lounge.. Tougas, Paul and April.. Tougas, Rachel.. Transpac Marinas, Inc/.. Tuomi, Pamela A.. Turnbull, Kate.. Valerie Leonard/Marina Motel.. VanDeusen, Whitey and Micki.. Wade, Naomi.. Walker, Daniel Madelyn.. Wasson, Helen.. Wheatley, Kathleen.. White, Lura P Elverson.. Williams, Lisa.. Womens Health Care.. Woodruff, John and Jody.. Zega, Ronald and Penny.. Zetterman, David.. Poet $500 $999.. Anderson, Margaret A.. Aurora Charters, LLC.. Bardarson, Dorothy.. Blair, Michael P.. Britch, Bob and Barbara.. Callahan, Maureen.. Clark, Stirrat and Chaudiere, Carol.. Daniel, Sam and Mary.. Ecklund, Cindy L.. Ghicadus, Ann.. Gillenwater, David.. Harmon Construction.. Hatch, Arne and Melody.. Herbert, Jim and Jill.. Hinders, Monica.. Kenai Fjords Tours.. Kingsland, David and Valerie.. Klasner, Frederick and Joy.. Larson, Kristi.. Leite, Herman.. LeVan, Duane and Levan, Sanna.. Metco, Inc.. Miller, George and Patricia.. Oates, Karla and Phillip.. Owens, Joe and Diane.. Pacific Truck Tank, Inc.. Pfeiffenberger, James and Susan.. PN D Engineers, Inc.. Porcaro Communications.. Rea, CJ.. Reierson, Ronald and Kim.. Resources and Results.. Rodgers, Ray and Ann.. Sandefur, Tanya.. Schiff, Glenn and Sandra.. The Perfect Cup Plus.. Trucano Construction.. Ventgen, Pam.. Wordcraft.. Biographer $1,000-$4,999.. Alaska National Insurance Company.. Alaska Railroad Corp.. Alaska Wildland Adventures.. Anderson Tug Barge.. Aurora Energy Services.. Burge, James and Judy.. Chapman, Michael.. Degnan, Nick and Brooke.. Dieter, Emma Rose.. Dunham, Willard and Beverly.. Ernst, Mark and Dawn.. F/V Kruzof.. Goshorn, Rita.. Haddow, Amy C.. Hankins, William and Amy.. Hughes, Carl and Kim.. Huss, Warren and Mary.. Inn At Tern Lake.. Jackie Pels.. Jackson, Morgan Hunt, LLC.. Jaffa, Bruce and Carole.. Johnson, Timothy and Keagle, Michelle.. Kang, Soo Jan.. Kelly, Colleen and Kansteiner, Mark.. Key Bank National Association.. Kovac, Marc and Shannon.. Kruzof Fisheries LLC.. Lechner, Mary.. Long, Ron and Tye.. Mai, Donald.. Major Marine Tours / Seward Wildlife Cruises LLC.. Martin, Kerry and Kim.. McCabe, Trevor and Margo.. McDonald Properties.. Microcom.. Moriarty, Michael and Maya.. Myers, Michael and Joanne.. Northrim Bank.. Pioneers Of Alaska Igloo #9.. Poleske, Lee.. Public, General.. Qutekcak Native Tribe.. Richardson, Elizabeth M.. Roseburg, Ruth.. Seward Arts Council.. Seward Community Foundation.. Seward Volunteer Fire Department.. Shafer, Vanta and Robert.. Skoog, Chellie and Cory.. Straub, Catherine.. TelAlaska.. Tero, Richard D.. William H.. Seward Yacht Club.. Williams, Pat.. Curator $5,000-$9,999.. American Legion Auxillary Unit #5.. Conoco Phillips Alaska.. GCI Communications Corp.. Andrijanoff, Judi.. Kenai Mountain Trail Association.. Linville, Patricia and Robert.. Pen and Primer.. RISE Alaska, LLC.. Seward Subway / Jin Corporation.. The Usibelli Foundation.. Totem Ocean Trailer Express, Inc.. Trettner, Janet I.. Usibelli Coal Mine, Inc.. Wilson, Lucky and Sharon.. Playwrite $10,000-$24,999.. Campbell, Keith and Jackie.. First National Bank Of Alaska.. Laird, Paul.. Petro Star, Inc.. Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd.. Seward Community Library Association.. Novelist $25,000-$49,999.. Kaanta, Susan.. Wells Fargo Bank.. Historian $50,000-$99,999.. BP Exploration Alaska.. Elaine B.. Stallings Trust.. Foraker Group.. Shea, Barbara.. Visionary $100,000+.. Carol Ann Lindsey.. City Of Seward.. National Endowment For The Humanities.. Rasmuson Foundation.. State of Alaska.. Tougas, Mary and Tom..

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  • Title: Part of the Heart Capital Campaign | Somethingforus.org
    Descriptive info: Our Capital Campaign goal has been reached, we want to thank our donors for making this happen.. What s next? Helping to fill the rooms with furniture, build exhibits for the museum, do some landscaping on the outside of our facility.. All donations help, no matter the size.. Donate today..

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    Descriptive info: Click here for our Facts Sheets:.. Handout Fact Sheet 9.. 20.. 2011BW-1.. SCLM Swoop Poster_9.. Frequently Asked Questions.. How big will the SCLM be?.. The new design concept is 16,300 square feet, roughly half of the original concept.. Since October, 2008, the Steering Committee has been working with Foraker Predevelopment Fund to resize and create a library museum better suited to our community.. (This pre-development work is complete, we are now at 65% design with the current design views posted on this site.. Thank you Foraker Group and their funders for this opportunity!) (May 2011, we are now at 95% design!).. *Design complete, we are under construction! See pictures at our About Construction page.. What grant funding has been awarded to the project?.. The State of Alaska has awarded the project 4.. 7Million towards our project, asking that the City of Seward join in funding the project, along with community leadership giving.. To date, the leadership giving is at $300,000+.. (State of Alaska grant has been recieved by the City of Seward, July 2010.. ).. *note: These funds are dedicated to this new building project and can not be used for any other use.. Rasmuson Foundation has awarded a matching grant of $500,000.. These funds can be matched by another grant award or by project fund raising.. (Award notification November, 2010.. *note: This grant has been accepted by the City of Seward, as stated in the grant application, the funds are for this new building project only and can not be used for any other use.. National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) has awarded the project a challenge grant in the amount of $500,000.. These funds are to be matched 3:1.. (Award notification December, 2010)(accepted by the City of Seward through consent agenda April, 25, 2011)..  ...   Seward purchased 6 lots across the alley from the current library as the selected site for the building.. (The old Salvation Army or Lechner property.. ).. The Lechner house has been removed as of mid January 2011 to start preparing the lot for construction!.. What will happen to the current library and museum spaces?.. The current library will be used by the City of Seward for office space.. They currently rent office space downtown.. The museum space is being considered for use by either the TYC or the Senior Center.. Will the windows create energy loss?.. Building materials will be good quality and low maintenance.. Windows will be double glazed with very good energy performance.. In general the building will be seeking a high standard of overall energy efficiency.. *NOTE, Triple pane windows are being explored, which will give maximum energy efficiency to the windows.. Will the roof hold the snow load?.. The roof will be designed to hold a heavy snow load by new codes whether it sheds or not.. Retaining the snow saves energy, requires less snow removal expense, and is safer.. Won’t this facility compete with the Mary Lowell Center?.. The community space in the library museum will be offered free for public use, private uses will be charged.. The meeting spaces can be utilized as breakout or overflow space for conferences hosted at the MLC.. We feel this building will compliment the mission of the MLC.. (Unfortunately the MLC has not been able to happen, we will work with the MLC project as they explore what will be able to be brought to the community.. *MLC project is no longer active, it is not known what will happen with all the land lots that were purchased downtown Seward for this project to happen..

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