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  • Title: Safe2Tell Home
    Descriptive info: .. Safe2Tell.. Home.. Who We Are.. Why Call?.. What Can I Do?.. Contact Us.. Submit a Tip.. Search for:.. SEARCH:.. SAFE2TELL® is designed to help YOU anonymously report any threatening behavior that endangers you, your friends, your family, or your community.. Latest News:.. 2013-14 Safe2Tell Membership Information.. Impact Report August 2013.. Update Your.. School Contact Form.. (PDF Version).. Ensure safe schools and communities by making a Donation Now.. http://www.. vimeo.. com/37327917.. :.. CO Attorney General's Office | P.. O.. Box 49296 | Colorado Springs, CO 80949 | 719-520-7435 |.. info@Safe2Tell.. org.. |.. www.. Safe2Tell..

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  • Title: Safe2Tell Who We Are
    Descriptive info: Background.. Staff.. Board.. News.. Partners.. Support Safe2Tell®.. Reasons.. Results.. S2T Resources.. Membership.. Safe2Tell Members.. For Schools.. Elementary Schools.. Middle Schools.. High Schools.. Higher Education.. Best Practices.. To Prevent an Incident.. After an Incident.. Community-Based.. Safe2Tell Presentations.. Presentation Form.. For Students.. For Parents.. For School Admin.. For Community Leaders.. For Law Enforcement.. I Don t See What I Want!.. Links.. Your Safe2Tell Story.. Safe2Tell® provides YOUNG people a way to report any threatening behaviors or activities endangering themselves or someone they know, in a way that keeps them safe and anonymous.. Safe2Tell® is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization based on the Colorado Prevention Initiative for School Safety with initial funding from The Colorado Trust.. The program focuses on kids and the issues they face today..  ...   they knew without fearing retaliation.. The anonymity of all Safe2Tell reports is protected by C.. R.. S.. 07-197.. This means the reporting party remains UNKNOWN by Colorado state law, signed by Governor Bill Ritter on May 3, 2007.. Now, using Safe2Tell®, they only have to make a call to make a difference.. By calling 1-877-542-7233 or submitting a tip through this web-site, young people can help anyone who is in trouble or prevent a tragedy.. Click Here for the Complete Story of Safe 2 Tell.. SUBMIT a Tip Online.. SUBMIT a Disposition Report Online.. Start Safe2Tell™ in Your Community.. Bring Safe2Tell® to Your School/Community.. Frequently Asked Questions.. Order Safe2Tell™ Items.. Posters for Sale.. Donate Now.. VISIT US ON FACEBOOK.. FOLLOW US ON TWITTER..

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  • Title: Safe2Tell Why Call?
    Descriptive info: Safe2Tell wants every student to know telling isn t snitching.. Telling is when you need to keep yourself or someone you know safe from threats, harmful behaviors or dangerous situations.. To make a report, call.. 1-877-542-7233.. from anywhere, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.. The call is free.. You may also make a web-tip at:.. safe2tell.. Remember, your identity is safe.. No one will ask for your name or number.. There is no caller I.. D.. , no call tracing, no call recording and no call forwarding.. We only want to hear your concern and try to help.. This means the reporting party remains UNKNOWN by Colorado State Law.. **DISCLAIMER:.. Should Safe2Tell become the victim of prank calls, the line will be forwarded and traced with law enforcement notified immediately.. Please use Safe2Tell wisely!..  ...   miserable.. If you have information about the following topics, please call.. Information Sharing.. is the key to prevention and intervention and is required by the State of Colorado as a result of Columbine.. Colorado HB 00-1119.. Also required by the State of Colorado: Safe School planning HB 133.. Bullying legislation SB080.. REASONS 2 TELL:.. Here are just a few of the things we can help with.. Guns.. Threats.. Sexual Misconduct.. Vandalism.. Knives.. Harassment.. Sexual Assaults.. Fire Starting.. Explosives.. Fighting.. Suicide Threats.. Animal Cruelty.. Gangs.. Planned fights.. Planned parties.. Ditching.. Bullying.. Assaults.. Drugs.. Dating Violence/Stalking.. Meanness.. Domestic Violence.. Alcohol.. School Threats/Hit Lists.. Teasing.. Child Abuse.. Stealing.. Cheating.. Please remember to keep your report number and password.. If more information is needed about your case, log-in and check your file for messages from Safe2Tell so that you may respond!..

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  • Title: Safe2Tell What Can I Do?
    Descriptive info: There are many things that each individual can do:.. Bring Safe2Tell™ to your community or your school.. Call 719-520-7435 to find out how.. Spread the word about Safe2Tell™.. Help break the Code of Silence in your school put a link to Safe2Tell on the school website, purchase Safe2Tell™ lanyards for hall passes, I.. cards, etc.. Schedule a staff training or parent night.. Make a contribution to Safe2Tell™ by clicking on.. at the bottom of the right menu.. When a troubling situation arises, make the call..

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  • Title: Safe2Tell
    Descriptive info: Check this page for current announcements, awards, press releases, and results from Safe2Tell™.. BLANK BLANK BLANK.. Safe2Tell will participate in the Intention Prevention Town Hall Is it Safe to Talk? on Thursday, February 18, 2010.. View PDF or look at Press Release page for more information and registration!.. Intention Prevention Town Hall Press Release.. blank blank blank.. Watch the latest SAFE2TELL News Story!.. Check out what is coming next with the Safe2Tell and GH Phipps partnership!.. GH Phipps and Safe2Tell.. See this 9 News focus on the dangers  ...   Foundation where Susan Payne received the Journey to Justice award for 2009.. Click on this link to read more and see photos:.. fieldswolfememorialfund.. org/.. NEWSPAPER ARTICLES.. Educators Learn Lesson In School Threat Assessment.. Colorado Springs Business Journal 2009.. Rocky Mountain News.. Canon City Daily Record.. 10 Years After Columbine.. Getting Teens to Talk.. Montrose November 2008.. The Denver Post.. The Denver Channel.. Silence Isnt Always Golden.. Pikes Peak Parent Magazine.. Read the Article from Colorado Springs Business Journal highlighting GH Phipps work with Safe2Tell!.. Safe2Tell Intervention Prevention Press Release..

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  • Title: Safe2Tell Contact Us
    Descriptive info: Information.. :.. For information about Safe2Tell™ or if you have questions please call.. 719-520-7435.. or email us at.. info@safe2tell.. The mailing address for Safe2Tell™ is:.. P.. Box 49296, Colorado Springs, CO 80949.. Sign up for our email communications.. Sign up for our Email Newsletter.. Contributions.. Safe2Tell™ is a 501c3 not-for-profit  ...   To make a tax deductible cash or check donation, please contact Suzi Karrer, Director of Development and Partnerships, at suzi@safe2tell.. org.. To make a credit card (MC, VISA, AMEX and Discover) contribution, Click on the.. button in the right column or visit our secure online giving site: www.. coloradogives.. og/safe2tell..

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  • Title: Safe2Tell         Submit a Tip
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  • Title: Safe2Tell Membership
    Descriptive info: Thanks to support from local school districts, Colorado’s Safe2Tell program has grown into one of the most successful school safety resources in the country.. Active school districts are now choosing to partner with us in Safe2Tell’s new District Membership Program.. To enroll as a member, please complete and return the appropriate membership application form.. We urge you to return it as soon as possible to activate your Membership.. The Board of Directors has adopted a sliding scale that establishes an annual membership fee based on the total number of students per school or district.. District Membership Enrollment Application.. School Membership Enrollment Application.. As a District or School Member, all member schools receive customized reports tracking their school community’s use of Safe2Tell.. Data is also captured at the end of each semester and school year.. Year-to-year comparisons created by Safe2Tell staff demonstrate trends in the number and type of tips received, offering administrators valuable insight on culture and climate in the district and in individual schools.. Other Membership benefits include discounted registration for future school safety trainings and Safe2Tell conferences; a year’s subscription to a new e-newsletter offering resources designed to enhance safety in your schools; and a members’ discount on all orders of Safe2Tell materials.. List of Current Safe2Tell Members.. Membership Programs are an initiative of the Safe2Tell Board.. of Directors and is one component of a comprehensive effort to provide sustainable funding for this thriving  ...   of the most effective ways to gather intelligence from students, parents, teachers, and community members about potential violent incidents.. ”.. - Dr.. Del Elliot, Founding Director of the Center for Study and Prevention of Violence at CU Boulder.. “Safe2Tell is a proven system with an enormous impact on preventing violence, responding to student at-risk behaviors, and fostering school safety.. Colorado’s students and schools can’t afford to lose Safe2Tell.. -Jim Walpole, Superintendent, Platte Canyon School District.. “Safe2Tell empowers students to provide schools and law enforcement critical information impacting school safety.. Safe2Tell is a life-saving tool and a cornerstone of the Jeffco Public Schools’ safety plan.. -.. John McDonald, Executive Director of Security and Emergency Management,.. Jefferson County School District.. Safe2Tell is a 501(c)(3) that relies on grants, private funding, and financial support from its users in order to continue its mission.. By becoming a Member, you demonstrate your commitment to safer schools and safer communities.. Safe2Tell is available to all Colorado students at all times, irrespective of their school’s or district’s participation as a member in this new program.. We encourage promoting the Safe2Tell reporting tool to your students, parents, and teachers.. Together we can provide the safest, most productive school environments possible so that our children can achieve their greatest potential.. If you have any questions or if you need additional information, please contact Suzi Karrer, Director of Development and Partnerships, at.. suzi@safe2tell.. ENTER THE STUDENT LOUNGE..

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  • Title: Safe2Tell SUBMIT a Disposition Report Online
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  • Title: Safe2Tell Presentation Form
    Descriptive info: Name of Presenter.. Title of Presentation:.. Date and Time of Presentation:.. (School, district office or community venue).. Email of Presenter:.. Address.. Street Address.. Address Line 2.. City.. Zip / Postal Code.. Type of Audience:.. (Students, Teachers, Parents, etc.. ).. Number of Audience Members:.. Age Range of Audience (if students).. Feedback About Presentation Given:..

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  • Title: Safe2Tell Background
    Descriptive info: After the shocking events of Colorado s Columbine High School shooting, which left 15 people dead and many more wounded, Colorado s Attorney General Ken Salazar and Governor Bill Owens convened a state-wide study to offer recommendations that could prevent another school massacre from ever happening again.. As a direct outcome of the Columbine Commission s Report, the Safe2Tell® Initiative was created to implement a critical recommendation.. To provide an anonymous venue for parents, students, teachers, school administrators, and law enforcement to share information.. Research shows that in 81% of violent incidents in U.. schools, someone other than the attacker knew it was going to happen but failed to report it [1].. Typically, the information goes unreported because of fear of being a snitch or that the attacker will then target the informant, thereby creating a code of silence.. To penetrate this code of silence, Safe2Tell® was created as a statewide anonymous reporting tool available 24 hours a  ...   information is immediately forwarded to local school officials and law enforcement agencies, as appropriate.. Safe2Tell® then goes the extra step by following up with the school and law enforcement agencies which received the report to ensure that it was investigated, that action was taken and that the outcome was tracked.. The assurance that calls cannot be traced and that appropriate action will be taken is helping persuade young people to move away from a code of silence and to take a stand.. Safe2Tell® is creating positive peer pressure and empowering young people to keep their community safe.. Safe2Tell® is a 501(c)(3) non-profit governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.. The members of the Board are prominent stakeholders from multi-disciplinary backgrounds who set policy and give operational direction.. [1] US Secret Service and US Department of Education,.. The Final Report and Findings of the Safe School Initiative and Implications of School Attacks in the United States.. May 2002, p.. 34..

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