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    Archived pages: 59 . Archive date: 2013-09.

  • Title: Sahara Surfers
    Descriptive info: .. Welcome to the Sahara Surfers home site.. With our domain registration finally completed, the site has received a complete redesign with plenty of new content on the side.. We hope you enjoy your stay, and find the information here useful, interesting or just plain amusing.. For more information on  ...   pages:.. The Group.. The story behind Sahara Surfers.. The People.. Who are we anyway?.. The Projects.. Something to fill our days with.. The Services.. Other network services at s2.. org.. The Links.. The net is big -- where to proceed?.. Design:.. Petteri Kangaslampi.. Feedback:.. webmaster.. Last modified: 24 Nov 2002..

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  • Title: Sahara Surfers: The Group
    Descriptive info: Sahara Surfers (abbreviated S2) is a group.. Originally a demogroup maybe, nowadays just a group of.. friends.. , each with their own projects and ambitions.. We meet both virtually in IRC, and occasionally in real life too, plan big things, drink beer, visit demoparties, and even sometimes manage to get some.. projects.. started.. Before S2.. The history of Sahara Surfers goes way back 1990 when the founding members me (Guru) and Stratos met eachother while forming a group at the time called Xenon Projects Inc.. which was quickly changed to Parallax (yes, the very same that nowadays rules the Amiga demoscene).. Our history in Parallax included a couple of intros, namely a sinedot intro and meeting-intro called "Phonebill", both with coding by me and audiovisuals by Stratos.. This teamwork also continued seamlessly though the years.. After the one and only party arranged by Society in Kajaani in the summer 1991 Parallax joined its forces with some of our friends to form a group maybe too perfect at its time, Decept.. This group consisted of many people later  ...   S.. M.. A.. S.. H.. the Beast.. Also a never-to-be-completed trackmo was planned at the time.. Still, even in this also at the time great group (nowadays everyone is worshipping Complex, especially in the PC scene), we felt it was not the right place for naturally lazy people like us.. The final drop to left Complex was the trackmo-project which was pressured too much on us by the swappers and traders of the group.. And so we left.. The name and founding idea of Sahara Surfers had been in our minds for some time already.. The idea of a group where we could do what ever we wanted to and with no one pressuring us felt so tempting that leaving a group with name like Complex didn't matter too much.. At the time we both had been in contact with the scene for years and status didn't mean so much to us anymore, although we had gained quite a bit of it already.. Anyway, leaving Complex and founding Sahara Surfers was done during one single phone call..

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  • Title: Sahara Surfers: The People
    Descriptive info: Teemu Kalvas.. a.. k.. a.. Cliini, Chery, Switch.. Programming, heavy IRCing.. Hacking special purpose languages for.. Noitatieto.. chery@s2.. org.. Teemu graduated and is not exactly sure if the real world is such a good idea after all.. Even sport activities have diminished after leaving the university.. As long as there are theoretical jobs with real pay, he's not complaining though.. Alfred, AlfCoke.. Programming, IRC, web design(?).. Hacking cool stuff for.. Nokia Mobile Phones.. pekangas@sci.. fi.. Petteri is the main architect of.. Housemarque Audio System.. , as well as a writer of too many smaller programs.. He recently graduated from.. Tampere University of Technology.. , and is not entirely  ...   the ugly colors and boring layout.. Janne Oksanen.. Stratos.. Graphics, music.. Drawing stuff for.. Mediaosuuskunta Hunaja.. janne@hunaja.. com.. Our long inactive graphics and music master.. He should be doing some nice graphics here as well (hint, hint :) Little is known about his past few years, but the gory details will be revealed in the near future.. Jarno Paananen.. Guru, GCoke.. Programming, IRC, Unix administration.. Hacking stuff for.. AMD.. jpaana@iki.. Our resident Unix-guru and mad coder.. Jarno is the other half of the Housemarque Audio System team, an experienced Linux-hacker, and the maintainer of kalahari, our central network server.. Jarno is also studying at.. Last modified: 02 Nov 2006..

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  • Title: Sahara Surfers: The Projects
    Descriptive info: Being the obsessive coders we are, we tend to plan and start a lot of projects.. Some of them get beyond the planning stage, and, like HMQ Audio, occasionally even go commercial.. Most of our projects, however, start from the need of a simple program to do a simple task, and never progress beyond a quick hack.. More information on some of the bigger projects is available below.. The ultimate digital sound and music system for demos, games and everything else that requires the  ...   know it exists yet.. Flop.. A simple portable network FiLe cOPying program.. QNT.. A Quick text editor for Windows NT/95.. Party reports.. Reports from some recent demo parties, with pictures.. NTDOOM.. A port of.. id Software's.. DOOM to Win32 systems.. clirc.. A Python-configurable X and tty -capable IRC client.. iXalance/Linux.. Linux-port of this famous demo loader system for Win32.. PuTTY for the Nokia 9200 Communicator series.. A port of PuTTY, a free SSH client, to the Nokia 9200 Communicator series.. Distributed with full source code..

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  • Title: Sahara Surfers: The Services
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  • Title: Sahara Surfers: The Links
    Descriptive info: Well, they wouldn't work anyway anymore..

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  • Title: Petteri Kangaslampi
    Descriptive info: Pah.. Hacks.. Recent hacks:.. JavaScript ProTracker module player.. Hively player for S60 3rd ed.. PuTTY SSH client for Symbian OS.. Lots of stuff I can't talk about.. Older hacks:.. Even more stuff I can't talk about.. Kangaslampi, P.. A Video Player for the Symbian Platform.. Master of Science Thesis, Tampere University of Technology, 2001.. S60 Internet Radio for S60 2nd ed..  ...   Certificates.. DOOM port for Windows NT/95.. FLOP and FLOP2.. Mpage for Windows NT.. mpg123 for Windows NT.. (.. source.. ).. Newer version (0.. 59r) binaries.. , and.. diffs.. against the.. original.. Linux user-space NFSD 2.. 2beta47 for IRIX --.. A rather nasty quick hack but seems to work pretty well.. Mail me if you want binaries or the full source tree..

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  • Title: index
    Descriptive info: index.. TeemuKalvas.. ,.. 2 November 2011.. created.. not tagging.. tags:.. static.. teemu.. kalvas@s2.. +358 40 702 5927.. PyöräkaupatPääkaupunkiseudulla.. JunaSeuranta.. Kirjat.. Perpetual Finnish calendar.. kalenteri..

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  • Title: Housemarque Audio System
    Descriptive info: Note!.. Housemarque Audio System hasn't been updated for many years, and is no longer in development.. Using the library for new projects is not recommended, since it may not work with modern tools without fixes, and licensing can be a problem.. These web pages will be kept on-line for reference purposes.. Expecting something else?.. Our music and audio system has been renamed to Housemarque Audio System due to trademark issues.. The old web pages are off-line, pending a more thorough update.. For the time being, this page contains basic information on the system.. Please update all web pages and other material to use the new name and new web site address,.. http://www.. s2.. org/hmqaudio/.. Housemarque Audio System is a multichannel digital sound and music system, designed mainly for use in games, demos, and other realtime multimedia applications.. HMQ Audio is free for non-commercial usage, but licenses for commercial use are also available.. Features.. The system supports 32-bit MS-DOS, Windows NT/95 and Linux platforms, using Watcom C/C++ (MS-DOS and Win32), Visual C/C++ (Win32) and GNU C/C++ (MS-DOS, Linux).. In addition, the Windows version supports all DLL-capable languages such as Borland Delphi.. Under MS-DOS, the system supports Sound Blaster (1.. 0 through SB16  ...   16-bit, -law and ADPCM formats, in both mono and stereo.. Download.. The latest Housemarque Audio System releases are available for download here.. The system is distributed under the terms specified in the.. Housemarque Digital Audio System License.. , and may not be used for commercial purposes as such.. Commercial licenses are available from.. Housemarque Inc.. Release 1.. 1.. 2 (1 Feb 1998):.. Standard distribution package.. , additional.. source code.. package.. Some additional tools are.. available here.. Patch from 1.. 2 to current 1.. 1 head (17 March 2004):.. Patch file.. The patch contains a fix for the thread setup code on current libc versions, and structure packing fixes that make the code work on current GCC versions.. Recommended for Linux users, not important to others.. Release 0.. 7 beta 1 (29 Mar 1997):.. Obsolete,.. MS-DOS only.. beta release with Gravis UltraSound GF1 hardware mixing support.. Not recommended for new developers.. Full package, with source code.. 40 (28 Apr 1995):.. 16-bit MS-DOS only.. release, supports Borland Pascal 7, Borland C/C++ 3.. 1, and Turbo Assembler 4.. More information.. More information is available at Housemarque's.. Housemarque audio web pages.. Contact us.. Technical questions and comments:.. and.. Licensing information:.. hmqaudio@housemarque.. Last modified: 17 Mar 2004..

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  • Title: Sahara Surfers: Karma
    Descriptive info: More information when available.. Prepare to die..

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  • Title: Sahara Surfers: Flop
    Descriptive info: Flop is a simple and portable program for copying files over network.. It uses only one standard TCP/IP connection for the transfer, and can be configured to use any port, thus making it possible to it over many firewalls.. Due to its simple protocol, flop is also very efficient.. Flop compiles directly on Windows NT/95 (with Watcom C), and on Linux, Solaris and Digital Unix with GCC.. Porting it to other platforms and compilers should  ...   a.. Win32 binary.. are available for download here.. A development version of flop 2 is also available.. It adds support for transferring multiple files and streaming to/from stdin/out.. The final version should also have support for opening the connection from receiver to sender (passive mode, so to speak), but this isn't implemented yet.. Flop2 is available as.. To compile flop2 under Win32 you also need a small.. wildcard expansion library.. Flop is written and maintained by..

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  • Archived pages: 59