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  • Title: Safety and Chemical Engineering Education Program
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Login.. SAChE Products.. Process Safety Beacon.. Student Certificate Program.. Faculty Workshops.. CSB Video Room.. Dow Lab Safety Academy.. News.. Committee.. Members.. Links.. Contact Us.. Welcome to SAChE.. The Safety and Chemical Engineering Education (SAChE) program, initiated in 1992, is a cooperative effort between the.. Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS).. and engineering schools to provide teaching materials and programs that bring elements of process safety into the education of undergraduate and graduate students studying chemical and biochemical products and processes.. These materials may also be suitable for training purposes in an industrial setting.. The SAChE Committee is comprised of representatives from academe and industry in addition to American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) staff (all listed in.. ).. Bringing together the expertise of industrial representatives, consultants, and university faculty, the SAChE Committee develops, reviews, and distributes teaching materials (.. Products.. ) with the ultimate aim of safer operations.. These teaching materials can be used by students in many different fields (such as chemical and mechanical engineering as well as chemistry and materials science) as well as practicing engineers in safety training programs.. We attempt to put the materials in an easy to use format, and modifications can be made to the materials to fit the circumstances.. We have made.. recommendations.. on how chemical engineering programs can meet.. ABET.. curriculum requirements for safety education.. SAChE is supported through membership fees paid by universities and business concerns such as manufacturers and consulting firms; a.. membership application.. is available.. Membership fees entitle members.. access to the year s products.. As part of the Safety.. Scale-Up Partnership.. between CCPS and several corporate sponsors including Chevron, Air Products, Corning,  ...   willey@neu.. edu.. The next workshop date and location are to be determined.. section to post and search web links on safety related topics.. section to search and display archives of the Process Safety Beacon.. SAChE membership allows users to print Beacons from the archives, and separate Beacon subscriptions are available to provide the same access.. Click here for our current newsletter.. (PDF).. Membership includes the following benefits:.. Support an organization of professionals dedicated to providing web-based materials to provide safety training to the chemical process industries as well as related industries such as pharmaceutical and electronics industries.. Gain access to materials useful for safety training programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels as well as ongoing professional training in work environments.. Safety teaching materials produced by SAChE are developed for professionals of many backgrounds including: chemical, mechanical, instrument and safety engineering students as well as chemists and biologists.. SAChE materials can be modified as appropriate for maximum benefit to practitioners.. SAChE materials can be accessed easily by use of our web site.. Web distribution helps keep costs low, and fair use is granted throughout an organization so departments within a university can share the same benefits of membership.. Access is granted to corporations at all corporate locations.. Costs for SAChE products are low especially in comparison with the benefit of improved safety education and training possible with the products.. SAChE member organizations have priority representation at SAChE Faculty Workshops subject to final approval by workshop organizers (including corporate sponsors).. Click here for a SAChE membership application.. Hosting Provided By.. Website Designed and Maintained by.. Marquiste, Inc.. Best viewed in:.. NS 6.. 0+ or IE 6.. 0+..

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  • Title: Sache - Login
    Descriptive info: Important Announcement.. We have recently changed our login procedure.. You will now need to enter the email address that you have registered with us rather than the username that you previously entered.. If you do not remember the email address that is registered with us contact your Group Manager on our.. Members Page.. Member  ...   Login.. University Student Login.. The above login is for the.. SAChE site only.. and not the AIChE web site.. If your membership is with another site, we do not provide access to those materials.. If you would like to sign up for a SAChE account, please contact the administration contact on the.. Site Feedback page..

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  • Title: Sache - Products By Course
    Descriptive info: Products By Course.. can be used and adopted to learning environments including students in many different fields (such as chemical and mechanical engineering as well as chemistry and materials science) and practicing engineers (such as in safety training programs).. SAChE Product Search.. Material/Energy Balances (Fundamentals).. Solutions to Student Problem Set Volume 1.. Solutions to Student Problem Set Volume 2.. Student AIChE Design Problem Solution (2002 Problem).. View all products in this course.. Fluid Flow.. Compressible and Two-Phase Flow with Applications Including Pressure  ...   Health, and Environmental Text for Textbooks.. Chemical Reactions/Kinetics.. Safety in the Chemical Process Industries.. Process Control.. Rupture of a Nitroaniline Reactor.. Lab.. Project Risk Analysis (PRA): Unit Operations Lab Applications.. Introduction to Biosafety.. Design.. Jeopardy Contests for Process Safety.. Inherently Safer Design.. Layer of Protection Analysis - Introduction.. Some Products may be listed under more than one course.. All Products in all Course Categories are shown here.. Other Products not listed by course are available in the.. complete (chronological) SAChE Product list..

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  • Title: Safety and Chemical Engineering Education Program
    Descriptive info: Process Safety Messages for Manufacturing Personnel.. CCPS has developed a product aimed at delivering process safety messages to plant operators and other manufacturing personnel.. The monthly one-page.. covers the breadth of process safety issues.. Each issue presents a real-life accident, and describes the lessons learned and practical means to prevent a similar accident in your plant.. Register to receive the Beacon as a free monthly email by clicking.. here.. This archive of Process Safety Beacon can be searched by the keyword list below.. Please.. Log In.. to access the printable versions of the Beacon products.. Please see the.. Membership page.. to find out if your organization provides access to the printable version of the Beacon products.. Language Filter:.. - All Languages -.. Afrikaans.. Arabic.. Czech.. Danish.. German.. Greek.. English.. Spanish.. Farsi.. French.. Gujarati.. Hebrew.. Hindi.. Hungarian.. Indonesian.. Italian.. Japanese.. Korean.. Marathi.. Malay.. Dutch.. Norwegian.. Polish.. Portuguese.. Portuguese (Brazil).. Romanian.. Russian.. Swedish.. Tamil.. Telugu.. Thai.. Turkish.. Urdu.. Vietnamese.. Chinese (Simplified).. Chinese (Traditional).. Keyword Search:.. Activated Carbon Absorbers.. Asphyxiation.. Battery Room.. Beacon Review.. BLEVE..  ...   Mechanical Integrity.. Monomer.. Nitrogen.. Operating Procedures.. Overflow.. Permits.. Peroxides.. PHA.. Physical Overpressurization.. Piping.. Polymerization.. Power Failure.. Pre-startup Safety Review.. Process Safety.. Pump.. Reactive Chemistry.. Safety Culture.. Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS).. Security.. Sewer.. Static Electricity.. Steam.. Storage Tanks.. Tank Car.. Tank Collapse.. Tank Truck.. Toxic Gas Release.. Training.. Translator Acknowledgement.. Vacuum.. Vapor Cloud Explosion.. Weather.. If the translation for a keyword is not available, the English keyword is shown in parenthesis.. AND.. OR.. (optional).. ------------------.. Month Year Title.. 08 2013 Can a Water Pump Explode?.. 07 2013 Remembering Piper Alpha.. 06 2013 Why Can't I Open That Valve?.. 05 2013 Pressure relief valve bonnets - to plug or not to plug?.. 04 2013 Have you heard a pressure relief valve chatter?.. 03 2013 Are your signs and labels confusing?.. 02 2013 What is supporting your equipment?.. 01 2013 Some Answers to the November 2012 Beacon “Find the Problem” Contest.. 12 2012 Good Housekeeping for Safety!.. 11 2012 Can you find the safety problem?.. Click here.. to view all available Beacons in the selected language..

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  • Title: Sache - Student Certificate Program
    Descriptive info: SAChE Student Safety Certificate Program.. A Certificate of Safety Achievement is presented by SAChE and AIChE to students who demonstrate proficiency in areas of process safety through modules developed for SAChE.. The program allows students to receive recognition for their efforts provided they are members of AIChE.. Student application for AIChE membership is available at.. http://www.. aiche.. org/students.. SAChE process safety certificate training is available through the AIChE eLearning Center.. For more information or help logging in or registering for the eLearning site, please contact AIChE.. (Michelle Marsnick).. or AIChE Customer Service (1-800-242-4363 or.. customerservice@aiche.. org.. The following Certificates are presently included in the program:.. Process Safety Lessons Taught from Experience (Ron Willey, Northeastern University) (2011).. This certificate is designed to provide insight into important case histories related to process safety.. By learning from the mistakes of others, the hope is to avoid similar mistakes.. The certificate requires about three hours to complete.. Although developed for chemical engineering faculty and students, the certificate can also be used as part of the safety orientation at industrial facilities.. Process Safety 101 (Jon Bernardi, The Lubrizol Corporation) (2010).. This certificate provides information for a basic understanding of the United States process safety regulations and general chemical process safety concepts.. Dust Explosion Control (Joe Louvar, Wayne State University) (2010).. Dust explosions have received a lot of attention in recent years from industry and the U.. S.. Chemical Safety Board (CSB).. CSB has made recommendations that should help prevent dust explosions, and this certificate is based on these recommendations.. To obtain this certificate, students should  ...   Industries" presents a strong introduction to the application of chemical process safety technology in an actual chemical facility.. Topics include:.. concept of corporate safety programs.. laboratory safety inspections.. personal protective equipment.. process area safety features and procedures.. DIERS methods for characterizing runaway reactions.. equipment and methods to characterize flammable dusts and vapors.. informal and formal safety reviews.. Risk Assessment (Ralph W.. Pike, Louisiana State University) (2008).. This certificate uses a browser-based SAChE product to provide an overview of the methods used for risk assessment, management, and reduction with examples and exercises.. Runaway Reactions (Amy Theis, Fauske and Associates) (2008).. This SACHE Student Safety Certificate focuses on managing chemical reaction hazards, particularly runaway reactions.. Chemical reactions are integral to the process industries, and it is critical that reactions be properly understood in order to handle them safely.. Available resources for identifying potential runaway reactions are presented in this module as well as tools for sizing relief systems to safely control and contain these potential runaway reactions.. Chemical Reactivity Hazards (Robert Johnson, Unwin Co.. ) (2008).. This certificate uses a web-based SAChE product to provide an overview of the basic understanding of chemical reactivity hazards; supplemented with selected issues of the Process Safety Beacon from the SAChE archive.. Lists of students who successfully complete a module will be sent to their SAChE contact school or department; see the list of students who have completed the certificate:.. 2008 (PDF).. ,.. 2009 (PDF).. 2010 (PDF).. 2011 (PDF).. , or.. 2012 (PDF).. (or.. 2012 (Excel format).. For further information, please contact AIChE Customer Service (1-800-242-4363 or..

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  • Title: Sache - Faculty Workshops
    Descriptive info: Since 1996, SAChE has periodically held workshops for university faculty members at industrial sites.. The workshop s objectives are to demonstrate the importance of chemical process safety for practicing engineers and to provide information and materials that can be directly used in academic classrooms.. The workshop instructors are industrial experts in the area of chemical process safety.. The workshops include technical lectures on safety topics, such as reactive chemicals, designs for safety, sizing relief valves, fault tree analyses, and safety reviews, and plant tours and laboratory demonstrations are included in the schedule to give the faculty members hands on experience concerning the theoretical materials that are covered in the lectures.. Faculty members have found the workshops to be especially unique and inspiring experiences.. The workshops are expensive (typically exceeding the annual SAChE budget), so they are only possible as a result of the generous support of several organizations and companies..  ...   continued) support.. This support reflects the chemical industry s enthusiasm for helping faculty members and students understand the importance of chemical process safety.. Recent workshops were held at the following plants and sites:.. BASF Corporation, Wyandotte, Michigan (1996 and 1997).. Dow Chemical Company, Freeport, Texas (1998 and 1999).. BASF Corporation, Wyandotte, Michigan (2000 and 2002).. ExxonMobil, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (2003).. Rohm and Haas Company, Croydon, Pennsylvania (2005).. Rohm and Haas Company, Croydon, Pennsylvania (2008).. ExxonMobil, Baytown, Texas (2010).. Chevron Energy Technology Company, Richmond, California (2013).. Invited faculty members pay for their transportation expenses to the workshop.. All other expenses (food, lodging, local transportation, etc.. ) are paid by the workshop supporters through SAChE.. Future Workshop.. The date and location of the next workshop are to be determined.. Archived Workshop Information and Presentations.. 2003 AIChE SAChE Faculty Workshop.. 2005 AIChE SAChE Faculty Workshop.. 2008 AIChE SAChE Faculty Workshop.. 2012 ASEE SAChE Workshop..

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  • Title: Sache - Dow Lab Safety Academy
    Descriptive info: The.. Dow Chemical Company Lab Safety Academy.. is a digital learning environment that shares Dow’s best-in-class industrial safety culture and practices in a quick and accessible format.. Explore the Dow Lab Safety Academy at.. http://safety.. dow.. com.. Included are dozens of videos featuring lab safety guidelines for a variety of  ...   website also provides a collection of useful resources such as a chemical reactivity worksheet and an incident alert template, which help promote best practices for safety.. Dow's best practices focus on incident prevention and on spurring a high level of engagement in safety awareness.. For additional information on Dow, visit.. www..

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  • Title: Sache - News
    Descriptive info: Current Newsletter.. SAChE Spring 2011 Newsletter (PDF).. Archived Newsletters.. SAChE Fall 2010 Newsletter (PDF).. SAChE Spring 2010 Newsletter (PDF).. SAChE Fall 2009 Newsletter (PDF).. SAChE Fall 2008 Newsletter (PDF).. SAChE Spring 2008 Newsletter (PDF).. SAChE Fall 2007 Newsletter (PDF).. SAChE Spring 2007 Newsletter (PDF).. SAChE Fall 2006 Newsletter (PDF).. SAChE Spring 2006 Newsletter (PDF).. SAChE Fall  ...   (PDF).. SAChE Spring 2004 Newsletter (PDF).. SAChE Fall 2003 Newsletter (PDF).. SAChE Spring 2003 Newsletter (PDF).. SAChE Fall 2002 Newsletter (PDF).. SAChE Spring 2002 Newsletter (PDF).. SAChE Fall 2001 Newsletter (PDF).. SAChE Spring 2001 Newsletter (PDF).. SAChE Fall 2000 Newsletter (PDF).. SAChE Spring 2000 Newsletter (PDF).. SAChE Fall 1999 Newsletter (PDF).. SAChE Spring 1999 Newsletter (PDF)..

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  • Title: Sache - Organization
    Descriptive info: We are a working Committee as part of:.. The American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE).. The Center for Chemical Process Safety.. Committee Member.. Scott Berger.. (.. scotb@aiche.. American Institute of Chemical Engineers.. Robert Bethea.. robert.. bethea@ttu.. Texas Tech University.. Roberto Fernandez Blanco.. rfblanco@fibertel.. ar.. Sistema DACS.. John Blouin.. blouin.. john@epamail.. epa.. gov.. Vincent Van Brunt.. vanbrunt@engr.. sc.. University of South Carolina.. Jim Cobb.. cobb@engr.. pitt.. University of Pittsburgh.. Stephen Coe.. coe_process_safety@sympatico.. ca.. Pat Conlon.. conlonj@Marshall.. Ken Cox.. krcox@rice.. Rice University.. Daniel Crowl.. crowl@mtu.. Michigan Technological Univ.. Susan Cyganiak.. susan.. r.. cyganiak@pfizer.. Ron Darby.. r-darby@tamu.. John Davenport.. john.. davenport@worldnet.. att.. net.. CCPS emeritus.. Art Dowell.. adowell3@comcast.. Retired.. Randy Freeman.. rafree@yahoo.. Arjun Gopalratnam.. arjug@aiche.. Stan Grossel.. Psadi28@aol.. Karen S.. Heckmann.. karen@dol.. Dennis Hendershot.. dchendershot@member.. CCPS Staff Consultant.. John W.. Herber.. john@phms.. us.. Robert P.. Hesketh.. Hesketh@rowan.. Greg Hounsell.. gjhounsell@gmail.. R..  ...   University of Petroleum.. J F Louvar.. josephlouvar@yahoo.. M.. Sam Mannan.. Mannan@TAMU.. Thomas R.. Marrero.. MarreroT@missouri.. University of Missouri.. George Melhem.. melhem@iomosaic.. Michelle Middleton.. michm@aiche.. David Mody.. david.. mody@chee.. queensu.. David A.. Moore.. dmoore@acutech-consulting.. David Murhammer.. murham@icaen.. uiowa.. John Murphy.. hamjfm@embarqmail.. Nhan Nguyen.. nguyen.. nhan@epa.. Bob Ormsby.. rormsby@tampabay.. rr.. Oscar Pagola.. opagola@aaiq.. Argentina Association of Chemical Engineers (AAIQ).. Eric Peterson.. epeterson@mmiengineering.. Ralph Pike.. pike@lsu.. Louisiana State University.. Bob Rosen.. bob.. rosen@rcn.. Steve Selk.. steveselk@hotmail.. Adrian Sepeda.. Adrian_L@swbell.. Wendy Smades.. WLSmades@dow.. Dow Chemical.. Tom Spicer.. tom.. spicer@uark.. University of Arkansas.. Angela Summers.. asummers@sis-tech.. Amy Theis.. Theis@Fauske.. Fauske and Associates, LLC.. Tony Thompson.. aathom@charter.. Sharon Tinker.. sharon.. k.. tinker@exxonmobil.. Laura Turci.. lauraturci@yahoo.. Bruce Vaughen.. bvaughen@bakerrisk.. Jan Wagner.. jan.. wagner@okstate.. Oklahoma State University.. Larry White.. Larry.. L.. White@Juno.. Vince Wilding.. wildingv@byu.. Brigham Young University.. Ronald Willey.. Northeastern University.. Richard L.. Zollars.. rzollars@wsu..

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  • Title: Sache - Members
    Descriptive info: Member Organizations and Contact Information.. Higher Education.. Paid Access.. Anna University.. Bala (.. nbsbala@annauniv.. 2006.. Arizona State University.. Veronica A.. Burrows (.. burrows@asu.. 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012.. Auburn University.. Robert Chambers (.. CHAMBRO@auburn.. Ben Gurion University.. Eli Korin (.. ekorin@bgumail.. bgu.. ac.. il.. 2003.. Brigham Young University.. Vincent Wilding (.. wildingv@et.. byu.. Brown University.. Indrek Kulaots (.. Indrek_Kulaots@brown.. Bucknell University.. Elizabeth (.. liz.. clark@bucknell.. Cal Poly State University.. Harold Cota (.. hcota@calpoly.. California Institute of Technology.. Christina Smolke (.. smolke@cheme.. caltech.. California State Polytechnic Institute, Pomona.. Mingheng Li (.. minghengli@csupomona.. California State University, Long Beach.. Larry Jang (.. jang@csulb.. Carnegie Mellon University.. Andrew J.. Gellman (.. gellman@cmu.. Case Western Reserve University.. John Angus (.. nxg3@po.. cwru.. Chalmers University of Technology.. Mohammed Shahriari (.. mohammad.. shahriari@chalmers.. se.. 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008.. Chia Tung University.. Chang Cheng-Ming (.. ming@mail.. iosh.. tw.. 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2010.. China University of Petroleum.. Liu Yi (.. 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007.. Christian Brothers University.. Ali Pourhashemi (.. apourhas@cbu.. City College of New York.. David Rumschitzki (.. david@che.. ccny.. cuny.. Clarkson University.. Richard McCluskey (.. bq02@clarkson.. Clemson University.. David Bruce (.. DBRUCE@clemson.. Cleveland State University.. Sridhar Ungarala (.. s.. ungarala@csuohio.. College of the North Atlantic.. Paul Halleran (.. paul.. halleran@cna.. nl.. 2006, 2008, 2010.. Colorado School of Mines.. Tracy Gardner (.. tgardner@mines.. Colorado State University.. Gordon Smith (.. tgsmith@engr.. colostate.. Columbia University.. Scott Banta (.. sb2373@columbia.. Cooper Union.. Daniel Lepek (.. lepek@cooper.. Cornell University.. Tobias Hanrath (.. th358@cornell.. Dalhousie University -Nova Scotia.. Paul Amyotte (.. amyotte@dal.. Drexel University.. John Speidel (.. speidel@drexel.. Duke University.. Ecole Centrale de Lille.. Dominique Vanhove (.. dominique.. vanhove@ec-lille.. fr.. 2003, 2004.. Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal.. Pierre Lafleur (.. pierre.. lafleur@polymtl.. 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006.. Engineering University Peshawar.. Imran Umer (.. imranflow@yahoo.. 2007.. Escola de Quà mica / UFRJ.. Carlos Andrà Vaz (.. cavazjunior@eq.. ufrj.. br.. 2009, 2010.. FAMU-FSU College of Engineering.. Bruce Locke (.. locke@eng.. fsu.. Florida Institute of Technology.. Maria Pozo de Fernandez (.. mpozo@fit.. Georgia Institute of Technology.. Lisa Cox (.. lisa.. cox@chbe.. gatech.. Hampton University.. Ates Akyurtlu (.. ates.. akyurtlu@hamptonu.. Harvey Mudd College.. Daniel Pereira (.. daniel_pereira@hmc.. Howard University.. Joseph Cannon (.. jcannon@howard.. IFP School.. Jean-Luc Monsavoir (.. jean-luc.. monsavoir@ifpen.. 2011.. Illinois Institute of Technology.. Satish Parulekar (.. parulekar@iit.. Indian Institute of Technology Bombay.. Ganeshan (.. ganeshan1@mtnl.. in.. 2008.. Indian Institute of Technology Ghandinagar.. Rajagopalan Srinivasan (.. raj@iitgn.. Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur.. J P Gupta (.. jpg@iitk.. 2003, 2004, 2006.. Indiana University of Pennsylvania.. Lon Ferguson (.. ferguson@grove.. iup.. Iowa State University of Science and Technology.. Aaron Clapp (.. clapp@iastate.. Johns Hopkins University.. Zachary Gagnon (.. zgagnon1@jhmi.. Kansas State University.. Walter Walawender (.. walawen@ksu.. Lafayette College.. Javad Tavakoli (.. tavakoli@lafayette.. Lamar University.. Peyton C.. Richmond (.. peyton.. richmond@lamar.. Lehigh University.. Kemal Tuzla (.. kt01@lehigh.. Louisiana State University.. Ralph Pike (.. Louisiana Tech University.. Jim Palmer (.. jpalmer@coes.. latech.. Manhattan College.. Kathy Ciarletta (.. kathy.. ciarletta@manhattan.. Marshall University.. Pat Conlon (.. Massachusetts Institute of Technology.. William Dalzell (.. wdalzell@MIT.. EDU.. McGill University.. Richard Munz (.. richard.. munz@mcgill.. McMaster University.. Carlos Filipe (.. filipec@mcmaster.. McNeese State University.. Jonathan Sullivan (.. jsullivan@mcneese.. Miami University.. Shashi B.. Lalvani (.. lalvansb@muohio.. Michigan State University.. Martin Hawley (.. hawley@egr.. msu.. Daniel Crowl (.. Mississippi State Univeristy.. Bill Elmore (.. elmore@che.. msstate.. Missouri University of Science and Technology.. Doug Ludlow (.. dludlow@mst.. Montana State University.. Ross Carlson (.. rossc@erc.. montana.. Monterrey Tech University.. Veronica Patino (.. vpatino@itesm.. mx.. Murray State University.. David Kraemer (.. kraemer@murraystate.. 2010, 2011.. NC A Tech.. State University.. Leonard Uitenham (.. u10ham@ncat.. New Jersey Institute of Technology.. Reginald Tomkins (.. Tomkinsr@NJIT.. New Mexico Institute of Technology.. Corey Leclerc (.. leclerc@nmt.. New Mexico State University.. David Rockstraw (.. drockstr@nmsu.. North Carolina Agricultural Technical State University.. North Carolina State University.. Peter Fedkiw (.. fedkiw@eos.. ncsu.. Northeastern University.. Ronald Willey (.. Northwestern University.. Justin Notestein (.. j-notestein@northwestern.. Ohio State University.. Jack Zakin (.. zakin.. 1@osu.. Ohio University.. Michael Prudich (.. prudich@ohio.. Oklahoma State University.. Jan Wagner (.. Oregon State University.. Dan Euhus (.. Dan.. Euhus@oregonstate.. Pennsylvania State University.. Robert Nedwick (.. nedwick@psu.. Polytechnic University.. Rastislav Levicky (.. rlevicky@poly.. Prairie View A M University.. Irvin Osborne-Lee (.. oslee@pvamu.. Princeton University.. Jay Benziger (.. benziger@princeton.. Purdue University.. Michael Harris (.. mtharris@purdue.. Queens University.. David Mody (.. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.. Wayne Bequette (.. bequette@rpi.. Rice University.. Ken Cox (.. Rochester Institute of Technology.. Brian Landi (.. bjlsps@rit.. Rose-Hulman Inst.. of Technology.. Hossein Hariri (.. m.. h.. hariri@rose-hulman.. Rowan University.. Hesketh (.. Rutgers.. Silvina Tomassone (.. silvina@sol.. rutgers.. San Jose State University.. Claire Komives (.. Claire.. Komives@sjsu.. South Dakota School of Mines Technology.. David Dixon (.. David.. Dixon@sdsmt.. Stanford University.. Zhenan Bao (.. zbao@stanford.. Stevens  ...   Houston.. Ramanan Krishnamoorti (.. ramanan@uh.. edu.. University of Idaho.. David Drown (.. ddrown@uidaho.. University of Illinois, Chicago.. Ludwig Nitsche (.. lcn@uic.. University of Illinois, Urbana.. Brendan Harley (.. bharley@illinois.. University of Iowa.. David Murhammer (.. University of Kansas.. Karen Nordheden (.. nordhed@ku.. University of Kentucky.. Doug Kalika (.. kalika@engr.. uky.. University of Kentucky, Paducah.. David Silverstein (.. SilverDL@engr.. University of Louisiana.. James Garber (.. garber@louisiana.. University of Louisiana, Lafayette.. William Chirdon (.. wchirdon@louisiana.. University of Louisville.. James Watters (.. Jim.. Watters@Louisville.. University of Maine.. John Hwalek (.. Hwalek@maine.. University of Maryland, Baltimore County.. Joe Loehe (.. loehe@umbc.. University of Maryland, College Park.. Sheryl Ehrman (.. sehrman@umd.. University of Massachusetts, Amherst.. Paul Dauenhauer (.. dauenhauer@ecs.. umass.. University of Massachusetts, Lowell.. John Walkinshaw (.. john_walkinshaw@uml.. University of Michigan.. Susan Montgomery (.. smontgom@umich.. University of Minnesota.. Raul Caretta (.. caretta@umn.. University of Minnesota - Duluth.. Richard Davis (.. rdavis@d.. umn.. University of Mississippi.. Peter Sukanek (.. cmpcs@olemiss.. University of Missouri - Columbia.. Marrero (.. University of Montreal.. lafleur@courriel.. polymtl.. University of Nebraska - Lincoln.. Hossein Noureddini (.. hnoureddini@unl.. University of Nevada - Reno.. Chuck Coronella (.. coronella@unr.. University of New Brunswick.. Derek Lister (.. dlister@unb.. 2003, 2006, 2007.. University of New Hampshire.. P Vasudevan (.. vasu@unh.. University of New Haven.. W.. David Harding (.. dharding@newhaven.. University of New Mexico.. Timothy L.. Ward (.. tlward@unm.. University of North Dakota.. Frank Bowman (.. frank.. bowman@engr.. und.. University of Notre Dame.. Mark Stadtherr (.. markst@nd.. University of Oklahoma.. Miguel Bagajewicz (.. bagajewicz@ou.. University of Ottawa.. Bogoslaw Kruczek (.. kruczek@eng.. uottawa.. 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007.. University of Pennslyvania.. Warren D Seider (.. seider@seas.. upenn.. University of Pittsburgh.. Robert F.. Toplak (.. rtoplak@pitt.. University of Puerto Rico.. L.. Antonio Estevez (.. antonio.. estevez@upr.. University of Queensland.. I T Cameron (.. itc@cheque.. uq.. au.. University of Rhode Island.. Geoff Bothun (.. bothun@egr.. uri.. University of Rochester.. Ben Ebenhack (.. bwe@che.. rochester.. University of Saskatchewan.. Gordon Hill (.. jean.. horosko@usask.. University of Sherbrooke.. 2007, 2009, 2010.. University of South Alabama.. Srinivas Palanki (.. spalanki@usouthal.. University of South Carolina.. Vincent Van Brunt (.. University of South Florida.. Aydin K Sunol (.. asunol@usf.. University of Southern California.. Karen Woo (.. karenwoo@usc.. University of Tennessee, Chattanooga.. James Cunningham (.. jim-cunningham@utc.. University of Tennessee, Knoxville.. John Prados (.. jprados@utk.. University of Texas.. R Bruce Eldridge (.. rbeldr@che.. utexas.. University of Toledo.. Glenn Lipscomb (.. glenn.. lipscomb@utoledo.. University of Toronto.. Graeme Norval (.. graeme.. norval@utoronto.. University of Tulsa.. Geoffrey Price (.. price@utulsa.. University of Utah.. Geoff Silcox (.. geoff@che.. utah.. University of Virginia.. Eric Anderson (.. ewa3a@virginia.. University of Washington.. Eric Stuve (.. stuve@u.. washington.. University of Waterloo.. William Anderson (.. wanderson@uwaterloo.. University of Western Ontario.. Anand Prakash (.. aprakas2@uwo.. University of Wisconsin-Madison.. Thomas Kuech (.. kuech@engr.. wisc.. University of Wyoming.. Morris Argyle (.. mdargyle@uwyo.. Vanderbilt University.. Kenneth A.. Debelak (.. kenneth.. a.. debelak@vanderbilt.. Villanova University.. Dorothy Skaf (.. dorothy.. skaf@villanova.. Virginia Commonwealth University.. Raj Rao (.. rrrao@vcu.. Virginia Tech University.. John Walz (.. jywalz@vt.. Washington State University.. Richard Zollars (.. rzollars@che.. wsu.. Washington University.. Pratim Biswas (.. pratim.. biswas@seas.. wustl.. Wayne State University.. Steve Salley (.. ssalley@wayne.. West Virginia Institute of Technology.. Garth Thomas (.. garth.. thomas@mail.. wvu.. West Virginia University.. Zondlo (.. zondlo@mail.. West Virginia University Inst.. of Tech.. Garth Thomas, Jr (.. Western Michigan University.. Peter Parker (.. peter.. parker@wmich.. Widener University.. G J Maffia (.. gjmaffia@widener.. Worcester Polytechnic Institute.. David DiBiasio (.. dibiasio@wpi.. Yale University.. Yehia Khalil (.. yehia.. khalil@yale.. Youngstown State University.. Douglas Price (.. dmprice@ysu.. Corporate.. Acutech Consulting.. Moore (.. AIChE/CCPS.. Amit Gupta (.. amitg@aiche.. BP.. Rose Janulis (.. Rose.. Janulis@bp.. Centauri Technologies, LP.. LuGene Orr (.. lorr@centauriusa.. 2012.. Chevron.. Charles Foshee (.. fosc@chevron.. CP Kelco.. Howard Whittaker (.. Howard.. Whittaker@cpkelco.. 2011, 2012.. DOW.. Kenan Stevick (.. kpstevick@dow.. DuPont.. Manuel Herce (.. Manuel.. Herce@dupont.. Egyptian LNG.. Nader Kamal (.. Nader.. Kamal@egyptianlng.. GE Healthcare.. Margareta Gullberg (.. Margareta.. Gullberg@ge.. 2006, 2012.. General Electric.. Vincent Giordano (.. Vincent.. Giordano@ge.. Lubrizol.. 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    Descriptive info: Please add useful links to this page!.. Safety education and training is all about sharing information that helps others understand the issues.. Submit a link to helpful information.. Aids for Chemical Accident Responders and Planners.. CAMEO and ALOHA models for first responders to chemical releases; Chemical reactivity worksheet for assessing compatibility of chemical pairs; historical incidents database; site maintained by Office of Response and Restoration, National Ocean Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.. Submitted by:.. Dennis C.. Hendershot, 8/20/2004.. BLEVE Demonstration.. This YouTube video clearly describes the effects of heating a propane tank in a fire resulting in a BLEVE.. The video shows the pressure relieving process which temporarily delays the BLEVE.. Tom Spicer, 8/8/2013.. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board.. The CSB is an independent federal agency charged with investigating industrial chemical accidents.. The agency's board members are appointed by the president and confirmed by the Senate.. CSB investigations look into all aspects of chemical accidents, including physical causes such as equipment failure as well as inadequacies in safety management systems.. CSB is now using brief videos to communicate the major findings of their investigations.. Tom Spicer, 12/27/2005.. Chemistry Laboratory Information Profiles.. Chemistry Laboratory Information Profiles (CLIPs) were developed to fill the gap between information available in MSDS and package labels and practice in a laboratory -- especially the hazards of a chemical presented for use by teachers and their students.. CLIPs are copyrighted by the Division of Chemical Education, Inc.. of the American Chemical Society and used with the permission of the Journal of Chemical Education.. Tom Spicer, 9/23/2008.. Combustible Dust Hazards.. Overview for the kinds of industries where Combustible Dust Hazards are an issue.. Also, recommendations for prevention and mitigation along with how to test to see if a specific manufacturing facility has a problem with either their raw ingredients, byproducts/scrap, and/or finished goods.. Professor Albert V.. Condello, III, 2/2/2009.. Compressed gas cylinder missle.. This Mythbusters clip shows an air cylinder going through a concrete block wall after the valve is sheared off.. Tom Spicer, 9/13/2009.. Consumer Product Safety Commission Recalls.. Latest information on recalls from CPSC, the Food and Drug Administration, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency, the U.. Department of Agriculture, or the U.. Coast Guard.. Tom Spicer, 11/17/2004.. Disaster, Terrorism, Homeland Security Time Lines.. Time lines for industrial disasters, terrorism events, and homeland security showing major events and how they lead to various laws and regulations.. Dennis Hendershot, 5/20/2005.. Dust Explosion in a Sugar Refinery.. This dust explosion occurred on Feb 8, 2008 in Port Wentworth, GA.. The link provides information as well as a video showing the resultant fire.. 11 Fatalities occurred.. Ronald J.. Willey, 5/26/2008.. Dust Explosion Testing.. Quantifying the explosion hazard is the essential first step to prevent dust explosions occurring and providing suitable protection measures.. Dust  ...   to characterize the hazardous properties of materials.. This includes a flammability limit apparatus, RSST, ARC, APTAC, AIT and flashpoint temperature devices.. A data page is provided for flammability data.. Daniel A.. Crowl, 10/18/2004.. History of Process Safety -- A Century's Perspective.. At the Centennial AIChE meeting, CCPS and the Safety and Health Division sponsored a session on the history of process safety.. Videos of the presentations are available through this link.. Dan Crowl, 7/22/2010.. Homeland Chemical Security.. Information on the US Department of Homeland Security's Chemical Facility Anti-terrorism regulations.. Steve Selk, 11/3/2008.. Inherently Safer Design (Powerpoint).. Ralph W Pike, 7/31/2004.. NIH Recombinant DNA Guidelines.. This link contains material related to biosafety when recombinant DNA is used in settings that include laboratory and manufacturing.. Robert R.. Beitle, 7/19/2005.. Power of vacuum on a tank car.. This YouTube video graphically shows what happens when a tank car is placed under vacuum.. All storage tanks can suffer a similar fate unless designed to withstand vacuum, or have a vacuum breaker installed.. Occasionally, the vacuum breaker plugs, and the tank is then sucked in.. Pressure Relief Safety Valves (Powerpoint).. Process Safety Management: PSM and PHA.. Powerpoint presentation designed for a one hour lecture in a process safety or design class based on information presented at the 2003 SACHE Faculty workshop on Designing for Safe and Reliable Process Operations held at the ExxonMobil Chemical Plant in Baton Rouge, LA.. Ralph Pike, 7/31/2004.. SAChE Problem Set Volume 1.. "Safety, Health, and Loss Prevention in Chemical Processes - Problems for Undergraduate Engineering Curricula" (SACHE Problem Set) Volume 1 includes all questions but no answers.. Jan Wagner, 4/2/2005.. SAChE Problem Set Volume 2.. "Safety, Health, and Loss Prevention in Chemical Processes - Volume 2" (SACHE Problem Set Volume 2) includes all questions but no answers.. Ron Willey, 3/9/2005.. Safety Course Resource Page.. This link contains many resources for both a course in process safety and laboratory safety.. The download tab links to a resource page with downloads for 1) a chemical inventory program, 2) a lab inspection form, 3) a Job Safety Assessment (JSA), and 4) HAZOP forms.. UC Industrial Hygiene and Safety Committee Lessons Learned.. The University of California IH&S Committee's Lessons Learned resource site features some "Lessons Learned" documents, presentations and photo collections that have been reviewed and compiled from various sources.. These resources may be helpful in planning new projects, reviewing work activities, or developing training with the goals of improving safety and preventing losses.. Lessons Learned resources are compiled following events in which some previously unconsidered consequence has occurred, regardless of whether an injury or economic loss is sustained.. Tom Spicer, 9/18/2007.. UC San Diego Laboratory Safety Videos.. Laboratory Safety Videos - from PPE to Flash Chromatography to the Splash Zone.. Doug Harvey , 6/30/2013.. Vermont SIRI MSDS Collection.. MSDS collection.. Tom Spicer, 5/19/2004..

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