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  • Title: Welcome to the Community of Sacred Heart Parish
    Descriptive info: .. Click to Enter Sacred Heart Church Website.. Click to Enter Sacred Heart School Website..

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  • Title: Campus Master Plan Process
    Descriptive info: Legal Notice.. Sacred Heart School.. Campus Master Plan Process.. A Year Of Planning For Our Communitiy's Future.. Capital Campaign Video.. (15MB / 8 min).. Download.. or Press.. Play.. button.. (May take several minutes to load.. ).. Bulletin #8 - Last Chance to Attend!.. (10/01/08).. Bullletin #7 - Final Receptions.. (09/26/08).. Bullletin #5 - Receptions.. (09/12/08).. Bullletin #3 - RSVP.. (08/29/08).. Bullletin #2 - Volunteer.. Bullletin #1 - Kickoff.. Feasibility/Planning Study.. (06/03/08).. Update 5.. (05/12/08).. Announcements.. (03/18/08).. Update 4.. (01/17/08).. Update 3.. (12/11/07).. Update 2.. (10/11/07).. Update 1.. (09/26/07).. In March of 2006, Fr.. Pat Ritter asked the Facilities Commission to produce and distribute a survey targeting all the Sacred Heart Commissions, Councils, and user groups in discerning what facilities and site improvements should occur over the next ten to 20 years for our campus.. The survey responses were gathered over the months of May and June from the various groups, and tabulated into a two-page matrix by a sub-committee consisting of Blaise Goudy, Linda Ducey Farber, Fr.. Pat Ritter, and Kathleen Nordlund, our Parish Administrator.. The survey matrix was then discussed and revised by the Facilities Commission members at two meetings in August of 2006.. The present Facilities Commission members are: Blaise Goudy, Chairperson, Linda Ducey Farber, James Neal, Connie Gray, School Vice Principal, Greg Russell, School Commission Rep.. , Bruce Waldron, Facilities Supervisor, and  ...   necessary planning process.. Requests for Qualifications were sent out to eight architecture firms.. The Master Plan Steering Committee was formed in February of 2007, and a subset of that committee interviewed four architects, a process which resulted in the choice of Integrus Architects, a firm with offices in both Seattle and Spokane.. Our Master Plan Steering Committee consists of Paul Aigner, Steve Lewis, John Sheeran, Colleen Clancy Eastman, Linda Ducey Farber, Rhoady Lee, John O Neil, Greg Russell, Fr.. Pat Ritter, and Kathleen Nordlund.. The Steering Committee and architects have met weekly for the months of March, April, and May.. A group of engineers have also been utilized to help analyze our current facilities various mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and roofing systems.. The architect s team has also met with school administrators, parish staff, CYO representatives, and then set up three separate Listening Sessions, so individual parishioners could be involved in the process.. An on-line questionnaire, as well as a bulletin flyer offered our parishioners one more opportunity to give their opinion about what they considered necessary.. As a faith community, and after a year of work, we believe we are in an important process of developing the buildings and site that will serve us well for the present needs and into the future.. Please keep these efforts in your prayers as we continue to plan..

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  • Title: Sacred Heart Church
    Descriptive info: Feasibility/Planning Study:.. Executive Summary.. (Printable Copy).. In March 2008, Sacred Heart Church in Bellevue, Washington, retained Guidance In Giving, Inc.. to conduct a feasibility/planning study to help gauge parishioner enthusiasm for the Master Plan priorities and project the levels of financial and volunteer support for a major capital campaign.. The four main projects constituting Priority 1 of the parish s Master Plan, emphasized for their Safety and Security benefits, were the primary focus of the Feasibility/planning study.. Also tested were the Priority 2 and Priority 3 projects, the willingness of potential campaign leadership and leadership gift prospects and the parish s overall campaign financial potential.. The findings from the parish feasibility/planning study form the basis of this report and the recommendations are based on the 30 years of experience of the executive staff in the field of Catholic parish and diocesan development.. The purpose of the feasibility/planning study was to assess parishioner readiness and enthusiasm for a capital campaign to fund the Master Plan developed by Sacred Heart s parish leadership.. Additionally, the study enabled the firm to determine the methodology for a campaign and sample opinions regarding campaign leadership, general volunteers, project priorities and the level of personal giving to a prospective campaign, should the parish move forward following the presentation of the study findings.. An invitation from the pastor, Fr.. Pat Ritter, was mailed to 138 parish households inviting these parishioners to participate in a personal interview.. The interview list represented a cross-section of Sacred Heart s most active parishioners, School families and some of the parish s most financially supportive households, either to the offertory or other parish/archdiocesan fundraising efforts.. In an effort to give every registered parishioner at Sacred Heart Parish the opportunity to share their input and opinions about the Master Plan and participate in this feasibility/planning study, a mail survey was sent to the 1,539 registered households that were not designated for a personal interview.. 70 personal interviews were conducted an above average result from the number invitations sent and an integral part of this process.. 198 households returned a completed mail survey; combined with the interviews these provided an excellent representative sampling of parishioners views.. Between the personal interviews and parishioners who responded to the mailing questionnaire, the average length of time the participants have been in the parish is 22 years.. This report is the culmination of the feasibility/planning study process and provides the parish with a considerable amount of information on prevailing parish-wide sentiments concerning the Priority 1 projects in the parish s Master Plan, the prospect of funding these projects through a capital campaign, and the level of volunteer and financial support for the projects outlined therein.. Recommendations.. (The Parish Council, after careful consideration of the findings and professional recommendations in this report, has recommended that the parish share with parishioners more of the research that has been done over the past two years, regarding the Master Plan developed by the Steering Committee.. Also, the Parish Council has recommended providing regular updates via the parish website, keeping parishioners informed of the campaign s progress.. Based on the statistical results and analysis of the subjective responses received during the parish feasibility/planning study, and after thorough review by the executives of Guidance In  ...   addition, the clear majority of the parishioners interviewed believe there are parishioners at Sacred Heart with the inclination and financial resources necessary for a successful, silent Leadership Gifts Phase, required to help set the pace for the success of the campaign overall.. III.. CAMPAIGN TIMELINE.. The timeframe for the campaign is critical.. The current plan is for the parish to begin all of the campaign preparation work and also begin the Leadership Gifts Phase immediately following the completion of a positive study (which this is), and after the Parish Council has given it s approval.. This schedule has been coordinated to ensure the public phase of the campaign does not conflict with other major asks, including Parish Stewardship and the Annual Catholic Appeal.. In order to raise the maximum amount of funding, counsel recommends conducting the silent leadership phase prior to the formal campaign kick-off.. The timeframe the parish chooses will ultimately depend on the amount of time necessary to absorb and act upon the information in this report, as well as beginning the proper cultivation of leadership-gift prospects so vital to the success of the campaign.. Otherwise, counsel presumes, as this is a positive study, the campaign will go forward as planned.. Prior to Fundraising:.. Before initiating a capital campaign, counsel recommends that the leadership of Sacred Heart Parish address the following:.. Ask any questions about the findings or recommendations outlined in this report;.. Identify the overall financial potential of the parish;.. Secure/finalize any needed architectural materials;.. Identify possible campaign leadership for committees; and.. Identify new leadership gift prospects in addition to traditional sources for this level of giving.. Parish Communications:.. In order to build a base of support for all future parish fundraising and stewardship efforts, counsel recommends the parish and School develop a long-term communication plan and means of communicating its mission for the future.. In order for Sacred Heart Parish to expand its donor base beyond its group of loyal supporters and instill within all parishioners a spirit of sacrificial giving, education and regular communication are necessary.. Communicating the plans to the parishioners could include pulpit announcements, bulletin notices, open meetings, etc.. Homilies are also effective but, as study participants cautioned repeatedly, these should be employed judiciously.. Feasibility/Planning Study Results:.. Once a final course of fundraising action has been agreed upon, those persons who took part in the study should be notified of the future steps that Sacred Heart Parish will take and thanked for their participation.. Counsel recommends waiting until after the parish leadership has read, analyzed and discussed the report findings and determined the next steps before sharing the results of the report with the greater parish community.. In the meantime, a notice of this fact should be placed in the bulletin.. In addition, this report should be made available to the parishioners and staff, especially to those that participated in the personal interviews.. Through this report and other interaction with parishioners, Fr.. Ritter and the parish leadership are cognizant of the economic concerns many parishioners have.. In campaign-related communications, efforts will be made to assure parishioners that the parish is aware of this.. These concerns will also be taken into consideration as parishioners are asked for financial support of the campaign at all levels..

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  • Title: Campus Master Plan Process Update3
    Descriptive info: Feasibility Study For Capital Campaign.. Has Shown Positive Findings.. Update.. (Printable Version).. Thank you to all who responded to the Feasibility Study Survey.. 198 written surveys were returned and 70 parishioners/couples took part in the personal interviews.. We appreciate that each person or couple found the time for this important input.. Over-all  ...   the study expressed confidence the elements in the proposed Priority One projects were necessary for the health and growth of the parish and School.. After the leadership of the parish has digested the results, a summary will be published for all parishioners to review.. Please stay tuned for information as it is available..

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  • Title: Campus Master Plan Process Update3
    Descriptive info: Sacred Heart Parish and.. School Campus Master Plan Process.. Great news.. :.. Sacred Heart s Master Plan proposal has received approval from the Archbishop to move forward with the Master Plan.. Sacred Heart has permission to undertake fund-raising to implement the Master Plan.. Next Steps.. In January, 2008 a Fund-Raising Consultant firm will be chosen to undertake a study of Sacred Heart Parish and School.. The firm will advise about our Parish and School giving patterns and help set attainable fund-raising goals for individuals and families in our Parish and School Community.. The main portion of  ...   Priority One over the summer of 2009, including:.. Moving School offices to the School entrance.. Moving two classrooms out of Parish Center and into School building.. Construction of new Parish Center for Pastoral Care and Administration.. Replacement of the aging School Boiler will be treated as a maintenance issue and will take place over the summer of 2008.. Master Plan Prayer.. Lord God, grant that the work we have begun for your greater glory and the service of others may progress day by day to its successful completion.. We ask this through Christ our Lord.. Amen..

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  • Title: Campus Master Plan Process Update3
    Descriptive info: : Archbishop Brunett has given his approval for Sacred Heart to start a Capital Campaign which moves us one step closer to implementing our Campus Master Plan! Fr.. Pat Ritter, Kathleen Nordlund, Parish Administrator, Kevin Cipoletti, Pastoral Council Chair, and Greg Russell, School Commission Chair, presented our Master Plan to the Archdiocesan Building Committee (ABC) and to the Archdiocesan Parish Revolving Fund (PRF) in November, 2007.. Sacred Heart s proposal has received approval from the Archbishop to move forward with the Master Plan.. : Beginning in January, 2008, Fund-Raising Consultant firms will be interviewed.. Once a firm is chosen, the firm will undertake a study of Sacred Heart Parish  ...   and families in our Parish and School Community.. Fund-raising will begin in the latter half of 2008.. : Summer 2009! Our first Master Plan Priority of ensuring the safety and security of all who come to Sacred Heart includes the demolition of the old (1952) Convent that is currently our Parish Administration Building and the construction of a new Parish Center for Pastoral Services and Administration.. Our first priority also includes moving School offices to the School entrance and moving the two middle School classrooms out the parish center and into the School building.. It is hoped that construction can begin on Priority One over the summer of 2009..

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  • Title: Campus Master Plan Process Update2
    Descriptive info: I hope many of you have taken time to look at the.. revised layout.. of the Sacred Heart Campus Master Plan in the Church narthex.. It s an exciting time for our parish and School to be looking towards the future and defining our.. priorities.. The Master Plan Steering Committee has chosen to put the emphasis on the.. priority of Safety and Security.. That means the first steps in completing the Master Plan will be:.. Putting the School Administration offices at the entrance of the School and remodeling the current administration area into new classrooms.. Moving the two upper level classes now in the Parish Center back over into the School building and finding room for a science lab and art classes.. Demolishing the old out-of-date Convent (built in 1952), and developing a part of the Parish Center wing and old garages into a modern up-to-date two-level Pastoral Services and Administration Building to safeguard parish records and the on-going parish services necessary for.. all.. parish operations.. Keeping the School safe after hours by developing the current Gym into a self-contained facility, with restrooms, new entrance and exit, better  ...   last couple of years, and their activities, as well as adult faith formation and children s faith formation classes, have definitely proven the need for a larger space to accommodate between 150 to 225 participants.. third set of priorities.. involves a.. new.. Gymnasium and an Outdoor Covered Play area east of the Middle School wing.. It will contain restrooms and bleachers and a portion of that building will house a Maintenance area for supplies and equipment for Parish and School operations.. We re also hoping funds allow us to renovate the grass soccer field.. Along with all the priorities is the need to enhance the flow or movement around the campus to accommodate pedestrians and autos safely.. The campus entrances and exits will continue to be studied over the next couple of years as the Master Plan is executed.. The very best traffic flow will be determined as we see the new plans lived out, and as our architects work with the city engineers and what the city codes will allow.. Please continue to pray for our parish and School needs.. Kathleen A.. Nordlund,.. Sacred Heart Parish Administrator..

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  • Title: Campus Master Plan Process Update
    Descriptive info: The Steering Committee for our Master Plan met several times over the summer months to refine the Campus Master Plan.. The Committee reviewed the input of parishioners, School families, staff, and our Architects from Integrus.. After evaluating all input, the Steering Committee has set priorities regarding which projects should be undertaken first.. These priorities will take the place of timed phases.. The first priority established by the Steering Committee is the safety and security of all who come to the Sacred Heart campus.. With that in mind, the first priorities have been set:.. First Priority : Safety and Security.. Replace the School s aging boiler with a modern heating and ventilation system.. The current boiler is  ...   down with all students in one building.. Replace the aging Parish Administration/Pastoral Services building with a safe, modern building that will ensure continuous operations and safety of personnel, visitors and records.. This will require that the existing Admin-istration/Pastoral Services building be torn down.. The new building will be slightly to the East of the current Administration/Pastoral Services building where the current garages are situated.. The driveway will be moved to the West to accommodate this change.. The Master Plan is a work-in-progress which will evolve over time; stay tuned for further updates.. Please keep our Steering Committee in your prayers as they strive to make our Sacred Heart Campus a safe and welcoming place for all..

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