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  • Title: Resources - Photo Gallery
    Descriptive info: Overview.. Bosnia-Herzegovina.. Somaliland.. Newsroom.. -.. Photo Gallery.. We are in the process of developing our photo gallery.. View great photos from all over the world where SAC has been working in the recent years.. Click on the photo gallery you would like to visit.. Photo Galleries by Country.. Use of Photos.. Private Use.. Please note that the photos can only be used for private and/or educational use.. We do require that you  ...   photos cannot be used for any kind of commercial use without prior written permission from the Survey Action Center (SAC).. More information.. For more information about the use of photos and any other material on this website view our.. web policy.. or.. contact us.. 6930 Carroll Avenue, Suite 240.. Takoma Park, MD 20912.. United States of America.. Phone:.. +1.. 301.. 891.. 9192.. Fax:.. 9193.. E-mail:.. sac@sac-na.. org.. - Last Updated:.. Monday, 17-May-2004 13:41..

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  • Title: Resources - Publications
    Descriptive info: Resources.. Publications.. We are currently in the process of putting together a collection of on-line publications about humanitarian demining, mine action, surveys and international development.. On-line Journals.. -.. Demining Technology Information Forum Journal.. Journal of Mine Action.. The Landmine Monitor.. Publications - SAC.. Guidelines to enhance the use of landmine/ERW hazard information by economic development actors (Nov 2009).. by Charles Downs (principal investigator).. Informed by a year-long study of existing best practices of national mine action authorities, the "Guidelines to enhance the use of landmine/ERW hazard information by economic development actors" (.. click here for the Guidelines.. ) provide practical advice to those seeking to increase the integration of mine action with development.. As the number of new landmine/ERW victims continues to fall in most countries, the provision of effective support to development becomes increasingly important.. The "Guidelines" highlight the importance of proactive national mine action center efforts to determine what hazard information is important to the success of specific projects of individual development actors, and the need to usefully support them as "clients" and not simply consider them as "stakeholders".. The "Guidelines" address specific measures to increase mine action program capacity to respond to development actor needs through improved information, survey and clearance when required, together with the importance of including the potential need for and cost of clearance in development project budgets, whether these are funded by national budget, loan or private resources.. Together these measures will help improve current planning and enhance future relevance and funding for mine action programs.. Funding for this project was provided by the U.. Department of State, Bureau of Political-Military Affairs, Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement (PM/WRA).. Mine Action Support for  ...   effectiveness of the model in predicting victims in the four years subsequent to the LIS.. The tool is intended to provide national authorities with a means to scope and prioritize remediation efforts to reduce future victims.. to view the project report.. SAC thanks the United Nations Mine Action Centre for Afghanistan (UNMACA) for their tremendous moral and material support to execute this project.. Economic Decision Support Tool for Mine Action (Dec 2007).. by Bob Eaton, Peter Harvey, and Bob Keeley, Ph.. to view eleven documents that make up the final report on this project, including a narrative report, the four Excel decision support tools, a user manual, and other supporting project documentation.. Locating Landmines and UXO (August 2002).. by Michael L.. Fleisher, Ph.. Deputy Team Leader/Operations Manager.. Ethiopian Landmine Impact Survey.. One of the most important parts about implementing effective Landmine Impact Surveys is first identifying which communities have a landmine/UXO problem.. The author describes how Expert Opinion Collection (EOC) is used in Ethiopia to overcome the obstacles survey teams face when gathering their information.. The Global Landmine Survey Initiative (PDF).. to read Bob Eaton's (SAC Executive Director) "Report to the Fourth Meeting of States Parties" held in Geneva on September 19, 2002.. Publications - Other.. Humanitarian Mine Action Landmine Monitor Fact Sheets.. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download any of the PDF documents available on this page.. Click on the Adobe logo to download.. Click on the cover to visit.. LM on-line.. 2009 - Version.. 2008 - Version.. 2007 - Version.. 2006 - Version.. 2005 - Version.. 2004 - Version.. 2003 - Version.. 2002 - Version.. 2001 - Version.. 2000 - Version.. 1999 - Version.. Monday, 17-May-2004 13:51..

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  • Title: Resources - Links
    Descriptive info: Links.. Below are links to partners, funders and other organizations dealing with humanitarian demining and development.. Campaigns.. Adopt-A-Minefield Campaign.. Adopt-A-Minefield Campaign (UK).. International Campaign to Ban Landmines.. Campaign for a Landmine Free World.. Foundations.. United Nations Foundation.. Governments.. Canadian International Development Agency.. Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade - Canada.. Department for International Development - UK.. Swedish International Development Agency.. The Canadian Centre for Mine Action Technologies.. US Agency for International Development - USA.. US State Department - USA.. Humanitarian Mine Action.. Bosnia-Herzegovina LIS Project (HI-France).. European Union in Humanitarian Demining Database.. Humanitarian Demining.. International Test and Evaluation for Humanitarian Demining.. International Trust Fund for Demining and Mine Victim Assistance.. Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement - US Department of State.. USAID Leahy War Victims Fund.. Journals.. Non-governmental Organizations.. Action for Research and  ...   - UK.. Handicap International - Belgium.. Handicap International - France.. InterSOS - Italy.. Landmine Survivors Network - USA.. Mine Advisory Group - UK.. Medico International - Germany.. Nordic Demining Research Forum.. Norwegian Peoples Aid.. National Institute for Demining - Mozambique.. Organization of American States.. Swedish Rescue Service Agency.. The World Bank - USA.. United Nations.. United Nations International Children's Fund.. United Nations Fund for International Partnerships.. United Nations Development Programme.. United Nations Mine Action Service.. United Nations Office for Project Services.. Vietnam Veteran of America Foundation - USA.. Universities, Colleges and Research Centers.. Cranfield University - UK.. Cranfield University - Mine Action Unit.. James Madison University Mine Action Information Center.. James Madison University Mine Awareness Program - USA.. Quick Facts.. The star indicate members of the Survey Working Group (SWG).. Learn more about the SWG..

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  • Title: Resources - Annual Reports
    Descriptive info: Annual Reports.. The following annual reports of the Survey Action Center are available.. Audit 2004.. Audit 2003.. Audit 2002.. More Information.. If you are unable to download the annual reports or have further questions, please.. Monday, 17-May-2004 13:50..

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  • Title: Land Release - Document Repository - General Documents
    Descriptive info: General Documents.. by Country.. by Institution.. Oxford Charrette.. Int'l Standards.. Land Release.. Document Repository.. General Docs.. Initial funding for this project was provided by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).. Continuing funding for this project is being provided by the government of the United States (Department of State - PM/WRA).. Continuing funding for this project is being provided by the government of Germany (Federal Foreign Office).. The following documents are listed in  ...   J.. van der Merwe (JMA-6.. 1 Apr2002).. Could Local Agricultural Machines Make a Country "Impact Free" by 2010, by Emanuela Elisa Cepolina and Matteo Zoppi (JMA-13.. 2 Aug2009).. Gender and Land Release The Responsibility of the Mine-action Community, by Marie Nilsson, Virginie Rozès and Juliane Garcia (JMA-13.. Is it Time for New Terminology in Land Release and Technical Survey, by Robert Keeley (JMA-13.. Land-Release Policies and Human-Security Complexities, by Kjell Björk (JMA-13..

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  • Title: Land Release - Document Repository - by Country
    Descriptive info: Country-Specific Documents.. Angola.. AGO - Risk Management Approrach to Opening and Clearing Roads - MAG - Apr2008.. pdf (4.. 5MB).. AGO - Route Assessment and Road Threat Risk Reduction - MAG - 2007 (653KB).. AGO - Road Usage Guidelines Presentation - MAG - 2007 (2.. 4MB).. AGO - Road Usage Guidelines - MAG - 2007 (83KB).. AGO - NTSG Chapter 22, Annex A - Road Assessment Form (67KB).. BiH - General Assessment - Slovenia WS 10-11Apr2008.. BiH - Norwegian People's Aid - SEE website.. BiH and Tap Comparisons - 2004 (126KB).. Cambodia.. KHM - Clearing Mines, Bangkok WS - 2April2009 (3.. 8MB).. KHM - Technical Survey & Area Reduction - Slovenia WS - 10-11Apr2008 (8.. 7MB).. KHM - CMAC Land Release Program (30KB).. KHM - Presentation at LR RM Workshop, by Mao Vanna - June2007 (605KB).. KHM - Detail Presentation at LR RM Workshop - June2007 (82KB).. KHM - MAG: Mapping of Suspect Land Under Cultivation - AusAID - June2007 (189KB).. KHM - Area Reduction Policy - 15June2006.. Croatia.. HRV - Reduction of MSA - Slovenia WS 10-11Apr2008.. pdf (13MB).. HRV - Presentation at LR RM Workshop, by Miljenko Vahtaric - June2007 (3.. Jordan.. JOR - Land Cancellation - Slovenia WS 10-11Apr2008.. pdf (949KB).. JOR - NPA Land Release - 26April2007 (75KB).. Laos.. LAO - Reflections from the Field: Lao PDR, Surveys and Release, by Stephen Pritchard (JMA13.. LAO - Enhanced  ...   Mozambique Operational, by Antonio Belchior and Charles Downs (JMA13.. MOZ - Article 5 Extension Request - ND & PM Mtg 16Apr2008.. pdf (158KB).. Norway.. NOR - Intersessionals - May2009 (66KB).. NOR - 9MSP - Norway Paper, Land Release (128KB).. NOR - Resource Utilization Contact Group - Discussion Paper - 30May2008.. pdf (35KB).. Sudan.. SDN - UNMAS-Sudan - Chapter 26 - Land Release (1.. SDN - UNMAS-Sudan - Annex A - Land Release Process Decision Making Tool (2.. 9MB).. SDN - UNMAS-Sudan - Annex B - Asset Deployment Decision Making Tool (780KB).. SDN - Land Release Example (585KB).. SDN - Key Performance Indicators - Emergency Road Survey, by Lee Moroney - WFP (25KB).. SDN - NTSG, Pt 1, Ch 22 - Road Route Survey and Clearance - Mar2006 (76KB).. SDN - Risk Assessment - WFP Road Clearance Project - MAG - 2007 (442KB).. SDN - Threat Definition and Demarcation - MAG - Mar2007 (210KB).. SDN - UNMAS Report - Emergency Road Survey - Rumbek to Shambe (19KB).. SDN - WFP Concept of Operations (Draft), by Paul Heslop - Sep2005 (57KB).. SDN - Risk Management Approrach to Opening and Clearing Roads - MAG - Apr2008.. Tajikistan.. TJK - Land Cancellation and Release, by Parviz Mavlonkulov (JMA13.. TJK - TMAS Chap 25 - Land Release Standard - Feb 2008 (180KB).. Thailand.. THA - Locating Mine Field Procedure - LR & A5 - 14May2008.. 3MB)..

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  • Title: Land Release - Document Repository - by Institution
    Descriptive info: Documents by Institution.. Cranfield University - Resilience Centre.. Cranfield RC - Management Of Risk, by Alistair McAslan - 4Sep2007 (15KB).. Cranfield RC - Risk Analysis for Shell Int'l - 4Sep07 (112KB).. Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD).. GICHD - Clearing Areas Right; Clearing the Right Areas, by Håvard Bach (JMA13.. GICHD - Land Release - Purpose, Principles, and Practice, by Mike Creighton (489KB).. GICHD - Update on Activities (21KB).. GICHD - Land Release - General Presentation - Aug2009 (802KB).. GICHD - Land Release Concept - Jordan Seminar 18 Nov 2007.. pdf (642KB).. GICHD - Outputs of the Land Release & Risk Management Workshop - June2007 (19KB).. GICHD - Presentation at the LR-RM Workshop, by Håvard Bach - June2007 (616KB).. GICHD - Presentation at the LR-RM Workshop, by Tim Lardner - June2007 (344KB).. Riskope Intl - Presentation at the LR-RM Workshop, by Franco Oboni - June2007 (204KB).. Handicap International (HI).. HI - Land  ...   the Intersessionals - Meeting of the Resource Utilisation Contact Group.. NPA - Land Release Concept - Jordan Seminar - 18Nov2007 (642KB).. NPA - 7MSP - Land Release Concepts, by Per Nergaard - Sep2006.. NPA - 7MSP - Intervention on NPAs Land Release Concept to the RMCG - Sep2006.. Survey Action Center (SAC).. SAC - Survey and Land Release Lessons Learned from Recent Country Experience, by Charles Downs (JMA13.. SAC - Presentation by Alistair Craib - Slovenia Workshop - 10-11April2008 (153KB).. SAC - Land Release Definitions - JMU Senior Managers Course - 25Oct2007 (58KB).. SAC - Area Reduction - A Solution Whose Time has Come, by Bob Eaton - JMA7.. 3 Dec2003 (24KB).. Swiss Foundation for Mine Action (FSD).. FSD - Dushanbe Workshop on Achieving a Mine-Free Central Asia - 7Jul2009 (115KB).. U.. Department of State (PM/WRA).. DoS-PM/WRA - A Conversation about Land Cancellation and Release with H.. Murphey "Murf" McCloy, by John Stevens (JMA13..

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  • Title: Land Release - Document Repository - Oxford Charrette
    Descriptive info: Funding has been provided by the governments of Germany (Federal Foreign Office) and the.. United States (Department of State - PM/WRA).. Note:.. The use of the French term "charrette" has been used here to describe an "Intensive, collaborative design workshop integrating professional opinions in a forum for ideas from a multidisciplinary team of experts..  ...   Country Presentations.. Participants gave brief presentations of the land release situation in their country.. Afghanistan Presentation (2.. 2MB).. Angola Presentation (0.. 16MB).. Croatia Presentation (available soon).. Iraq Presentation (0.. 25MB).. Laos Presentation (6.. Mozambique Description (0.. 14MB).. Mozambique Presentation (6.. 6MB).. Tajikistan Description (0.. 05MB).. Tajikistan Presentation (4.. Other Documents.. More to come soon..

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  • Title: Land Release - Document Repository - International Standards
    Descriptive info: International Standards.. International Mine Action Standards (IMAS).. The following documents are the first edition IMAS standards on Land Release as of June 2009:.. IMAS 08.. 20 Land Release (Edition 1 - warning!).. 21 Non-Technical Survey (Edition 1 - warning!).. 22 Technical Survey (Edition 1 - warning!).. United Nations (UN).. UNMAS - Land Release and Mine Action Standards 14May08.. pdf (622KB)..

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  • Title: Donors - List
    Descriptive info: Donor List.. Donors.. List.. We have received funding from a wide range of organizations, governments, and foundations.. We thank all contributors for making our work possible.. Please find below a list of our major donors over the period spanning from October 15, 2001 through March 11, 2003.. Major Donor List.. European Commission - EuroAid.. $ 2,226,900.. US Department of State.. $ 1,800,000.. International Trust Fund/US DoS & EC.. $ 1,409,000.. Germany.. $ 633,500.. Canada - CIDA.. $  ...   USA - Civil Society Institute.. $ 75,000.. UNMAS Trust Fund.. $ 25,000.. We thank all our donors for their generous contributions and support.. We try to keep our major donor list current.. If your organization has contributed to the Survey Action Center (SAC) and we have left your organization off our major donor list we apologize.. Contact us.. to correct any mistakes.. To learn more about the Survey Action Center (SAC) feel free to.. Monday, 17-May-2004 10:22..

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  • Title: About Us - Staff - Overview
    Descriptive info: Executive Director.. Statist.. Consultant.. Survey Spc Advisor.. About Us.. Staff.. Our team is composed of internationally experienced and qualified staff coming from varied cultural backgrounds.. We also use a wide range of consultants and experts at home and abroad.. Staff - HQ.. Executive Director, Bob Eaton.. Consultants.. Statistician Consultant, Lawrence Moulton Ph.. Survey Special Advisor, Rune Engeset Ph.. To learn more about the staff and consultants click on the highlighted link to view bio.. Staff - Surveys.. We have staff working all over the world carrying out landmine impact surveys.. Visit.. Staff - Overseas.. to learn more.. Monday, 17-May-2004 11:20..

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  • Archived pages: 324