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  • Title: Completed Surveys - Armenia
    Descriptive info: Overview.. Afghanistan.. Angola.. Armenia.. Azerbaijan.. Bosnia-Herzegovina.. Cambodia.. Chad.. Eritrea.. Ethiopia.. Iraq.. Kosovo.. Lebanon.. Mauritania.. Mozambique.. Sudan.. Thailand.. Yemen.. Surveys.. -.. Completed Survey.. The Armenia survey began in February and ended in August of 2005.. The final report may be downloaded using the link provided at the right.. Funding.. Funding for this project was provided by the European Union.. Quick Survey Overview.. Armenia LIS Results.. Final Report.. (1MB).. 6930 Carroll Avenue, Suite 240.. Takoma Park, MD 20912.. United States of America.. Phone:.. +1.. 301.. 891.. 9192.. Fax:.. 9193.. E-mail:.. sac@sac-na.. org.. - Last Updated:.. Monday, 17-May-2004 11:30..

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  • Title: Completed Surveys - Iraq
    Descriptive info: Data collection commenced in June 2004 and was completed in June 2006.. Security conditions and limited program funding curtailed the survey process in some locations, leaving five of Iraq s 18 governorates to be surveyed.. Funding for the implementation of this project was provided by the U.. Department of State, the European Union and the government of Italy through the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).. Iraq LIS Results.. (3.. 5MB)..

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  • Title: Completed Surveys - Kosovo
    Descriptive info: Background.. The Survey Action Center (SAC) received a formal request to survey Kosovo from the.. United Nations Mine Action Service.. (UNMAS) in June 1999.. SAC conducted an Advanced Survey Mission (ASM) to Kosovo during July and August 1999.. Results from the ASM indicated a clear need for the mine action organizations to have available to them social and economic impact information to support operational planning and prioritization, as well as development of the Information Management System for Mine Action (IMSMA) database in Kosovo.. Funding was provided by the European Commission (EC), the.. United Nation Mine Action Service.. (UNMAS) and.. US Department of State.. (USDOS).. Implementing Organization.. Based on the Kosovo Advanced Survey Mission (ASM) and the requirement in this particular environment, the Survey Action Center (SAC) selected Shawn Messick to carry out the project as Mine Action Information Coordinator.. Operational Status.. Kosovo enjoys two clear advantages compared to other mine-contaminated areas.. First, more clearance resources were available relative to contamination.. Second, UN agencies and other collected widespread socio-economic impact data, though efforts were often overlapping and uncoordinated.. Early during the humanitarian emergency in Kosovo the IMSMA database in Pristina benefited from the input of three data streams, some with multiple sources.. The dangerous area data stream had the largest number of records, the bulk of which were provided by the.. North Atlantic  ...   in February 2000.. While there, he co-located with the UN MACC in Prishtina who provided extensive support.. MAIC duties included:.. Integration of socioeconomic and mine-related databases.. Creation of a socioeconomic index of the impact of landmines and UXO s.. Upgrading interdisciplinary knowledge of the UN MACC Future Operations Cell.. Development of usable, attractive documentation and supporting analyses.. MAIC outputs included:.. A work plan developed for common exploitation of various databases.. A socioeconomic index of the impact of landmines and UXO s.. Training of the UN MACC staff in survey and database management.. Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation (VVAF) has published a report, "Decision Support for Mine Action", on the development of the Kosovo survey (Nov 2002).. (.. VVAF homepage.. ).. More Information.. United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS).. FF-360, 304 E.. 45th Street 3rd Floor.. New York, NY 10017, USA.. Tel : (+1 212) 963-1875.. Fax : (+1 212) 963-2498.. mineaction@un.. Downloads.. For the final report go to.. the United Nations Mine Action Service Program (UNMAS) website.. Donors.. EC/UNMAS.. $ 96,000.. US DOS.. $ 15,000.. Total.. $ 111,000.. Budget.. SAC.. $ 111,000.. Milestones.. Formal UN Request for Survey.. May 99.. MAIC Arrival in Kosovo.. Oct 99.. Interim Progress Report.. Nov 99.. Update Needs Analysis.. Dec 99.. MAIC Depart Kosovo.. Feb 00.. Delivery of Final Product to UN.. March 00.. Monday, 17-May-2004 11:32..

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  • Title: Completed Surveys - Mauritania
    Descriptive info: The Mauritania survey was conducted from June until September in 2006.. Funding for this project was provided by the governments of Sweden and Canada, the United Nations Development Program Bureau of Crisis Prevention and Recovery, and the United Nations Mine Action Service Voluntary Trust Fund for Mine Action.. Mauritania LIS Results.. (to be posted soon)..

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  • Title: Completed Surveys - Yemen
    Descriptive info: - Yemen.. Yemen was the first country selected for Landmine Impact Survey (LIS) by the.. United Nations.. (UN).. Following a formal request from the.. (UNMAS), the Survey Action Center (SAC) conducted an Advanced Survey Mission (ASM) in late 1998.. The ASM re-confirmed the need for a survey in Yemen and SAC developed a country plan.. Funding was provided by the governments of Canada, Japan, Germany, the United States of America, and the.. United Nations Foundation.. (UNF).. SAC sub-contracted the Mine Clearance Planning Agency (MCPA), a member of the Survey Working Group (SWG), to implement the Landmine Impact Survey in Yemen.. MCPA is the largest mine action non-governmental organization (NGO) in the world dedicated soley to landmine survey.. Quality Assurance.. The.. United Nations Office for Project Services.. (UNOPS) provided the Quality Assurance Monitor (QAM).. The Field Survey Team.. Team Leader.. Qadeem Khan Tariq.. Information Manager.. Mohammad Kabir.. Area Supervisor, Aden.. Faiz Mohammad.. Area Supervisor, Mukallah.. Mohammad Azim.. Admin/Finance Officer.. Noor ul-Haq.. UNOPS Quality Assurance Monitor.. Justin Brady.. The Landmine Impact Survey in Yemen was initiated on 12 July 1999 when a formal agreement was signed between the Government of Yemen and the.. United Nations Development Program.. (UNDP).. MCPA expatriate staff arrived in August  ...   false negative locality sampling.. Village level data collection began in March and completed on 7 June 2000.. The Survey was completed on-time and under-budget.. In July the government signed off on the draft Survey Report, and in August the Yemen Survey was certified by the United Nations Certification Committee chaired by.. UNMAS.. In response to a request by Yemeni national authorities, SAC, MCPA and Cranfield University of the United Kingdom conducted a Survey Utilization Project in Yemen in order to train national personnel regarding survey data utilization, and to develop a national mine action works plan.. More Information.. For more information about the Yemen Survey feel free to.. contact us.. Yemen LIS Results.. (PDF 1.. Regional Reports.. IMSMA WebReport.. Canada - UNMAS.. $ 971,000.. Japan - UNMAS.. $ 450,000.. Germany - UNMAS.. $ 100,000.. US DOS - UNFIP.. $ 76,000.. UN Foundation - UNFIP.. $ 25,000.. $ 1,622,000.. MCPA.. $ 968,000.. $ 102,000.. UN.. $ 575,000.. $ 1,645,000.. Nov 98.. Advance Survey Mission.. Dec 98.. Survey Operation Draft Plan.. Jan 99.. Mou Signed.. July 99.. Commence Operations.. Aug 99.. Survey Team Arrival.. Training.. Sept 99.. Pilot Survey.. Village Level Data Collection.. March 00.. Final Report and Certification.. July 00.. Monday, 17-May-2004 11:34..

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  • Title: Surveys - Watch List
    Descriptive info: Watch.. We are currntly considering conducting Advance Survey Missions (ASM) in several countries.. See list below.. Watch List.. Albania.. Croatia.. Ecuador.. Gambia.. Guinea-Bissau.. Jordan.. Laos.. Myanmar.. Peru.. Rwanda.. Tajikistan.. Uzbekistan.. Zambia.. Zimbabwe.. For more information about our watch list feel free to..

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  • Title: Resources - Overview
    Descriptive info: Resources.. The resources section provides additional information about the Global Landmine Survey, published survey reports, other publications about humanitarian demining issues and provides links to other organizations working with humanitarian demining, and international development.. Annual Reports.. Click here.. to view a list of available annual reports for the Survey Action Center.. LIS Protocols and Advisories.. There are current ten protocols (requirements) and six advisories (quidelines only) for conducting a Landmine Impact Survey(LIS).. so see a listing.. LIS Reports.. To date, thirteen LIS surveys have been completed and their reports have been published.. Please visit.. this  ...   -.. view newsletters.. News Archives.. We have a repository of news -.. view archives.. Publications.. We are developing the publications section of this website -.. view publications.. Links.. The links section contains links to organizations, governments, corporations, foundations and companies dealing with various aspects of humanitarian demining, landmines and international development, as well as links to our donors, partners and sponsors -.. view links.. The Future We are planning to add a database to our web site that will allow access to survey information referenced geographically -.. view web report at IMSMA.. Monday, 17-May-2004 13:51..

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  • Title: Land Release - Document Repository - Overview
    Descriptive info: General Documents.. by Country.. by Institution.. Oxford Charrette.. Int'l Standards.. Land Release.. Document Repository.. Initial funding for this project was provided by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).. Continuing funding for this project is being provided by the government of the United States (Department of State - PM/WRA).. Continuing funding for this project is being provided by the government of Germany (Federal Foreign Office).. Document Categories.. The Land Release document repository is  ...   list of country-specific documents.. for a list of documents by institution.. for a list of documents from the.. Land Release Charrette in Oxford, UK (June 2010).. for a list of international standards.. Click on the cover to visit.. LM on-line.. 2009 - Version.. 2008 - Version.. 2007 - Version.. 2006 - Version.. 2005 - Version.. 2004 - Version.. 2003 - Version.. 2002 - Version.. 2001 - Version.. 2000 - Version.. 1999 - Version..

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  • Title: Donors - Overview
    Descriptive info: Donor List.. Donors -.. Non-profit Status.. The Survey Action Center (SAC) became an independent 503c non-profit organization in October of 2001 when it separated from its parent organization the.. Vietnam Veteran of America Foundation.. (VVAF).. Major Donors.. As a nonprofit organization we are dependent on donations from organizations, governments, foundations and corporations to carry out our mission, conducting humanitarian demining surveys around the world.. We have received  ...   contributors for making our important work possible.. To see a list of contributors visit the major donor section of the site.. View major donor list.. Find out more about how you can make contribution.. At this point we are unable to receive donations online.. If you would like more information about how to contribute to the Survey Action Center (SAC) mission feel free to.. Monday, 17-May-2004 10:22..

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  • Title: Contact Us
    Descriptive info: Contact Us.. For general inquiries please use the contact information provided to the right.. To email specific staff members, please see below.. The biographs of the staff are provided.. here.. Staff Email Directory.. Executive Director, Bob Eaton.. Monday, 17-May-2004 11:20..

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  • Title: Survey Action Center: LIS Explorer v2.0
    Descriptive info: Home.. About Us.. Contact Us.. LIS Explorer-Home.. |.. About.. Partners.. Narratives.. Simple Query.. Advanced Query.. About LIS Explorer.. Welcome to the Landmine Impact Survey Explorer !.. This product offers the mine action community the ability to perform interactive searches of the Landmine Impact Survey (LIS) database of countries with completed surveys.. This data is widely accepted as the most authoritative assessment of the socioeconomic impact of landmines.. The LIS Explorer supports SAC's role as the coordination body for Landmine Impact Surveys.. Landmine Impact Surveys provide vital information to improve priority setting by donors and mine action agencies in the international effort to eliminate or control the threat  ...   LIS Explorer helps the public view this data in a convenient and user-friendly manner.. Currently the LIS Explorer includes the LIS databases of the following twelve countries:.. Afghanistan.. Angola.. Azerbaijan.. Bosnia and Herzegovina.. Chad.. Eritrea.. Ethiopia.. Mauritania.. Somalia (Phase 1,2,3).. Sudan.. Additional countries will be added as the data becomes available.. This LIS Explorer was designed and developed by the Survey Action Center (SAC),.. ThinkGeo.. (formerly Spatially Aware), and.. Vision Technology.. The software has been developed using Microsoft ASP.. NET technology.. The project has been funded by the.. U.. Department of State.. and the.. Canadian International Development Agency.. Website funded by the U.. State Department.. Monday, 09-May-2005 16:28..

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