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  • Title: Completed Surveys - Bosnia-Herzegovina
    Descriptive info: Overview.. Afghanistan.. Angola.. Armenia.. Azerbaijan.. Bosnia-Herzegovina.. Cambodia.. Chad.. Eritrea.. Ethiopia.. Iraq.. Kosovo.. Lebanon.. Mauritania.. Mozambique.. Sudan.. Thailand.. Yemen.. Surveys.. -.. Completed.. Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).. Background.. The Survey Action Center (SAC) conducted a fact finding mission in June of 2000 to study the feasibility of a Landmine Impact Survey (LIS).. At the request of the government of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a second advance survey mission took place in March 2002.. The Advance Survey Mission (ASM) confirmed the needs of the impact survey and SAC developed a country plan.. Handicap International opened an LIS office in Sarajevo on 1 October 2002.. Field data collection began in April 2003 and concluded in October.. The office closed in December 2003.. Funding.. The survey is funded by the.. US Department of State.. (USDOS), the.. European Community.. (EC), and Canada through the.. International Trust Fund.. (ITF).. Implementing Organization.. Three NGOs and one commercial company submitted proposals to implement the survey.. The Survey Working Group Nominating Committee selected.. Handicap International.. (HI-France) as the implementing partner in August 2002.. Quality Assurance.. The.. United Nations Mine Action Service.. (UNMAS-UNOPS) provided the Quality Assurance Monitor (QAM).. The Field Survey Team.. Team Leader.. Emmanuel Sauvage.. National Operations Coordinator.. Almedina Komic.. Regional Coordinator.. Suzana Srnic Vukovic.. Administrator.. Melissa Sabatier.. GIS/Data Expert.. Neven Red ic.. Assistant Team Leader.. Mirza Agic.. UNMAS Quality Assurance Monitor.. Hansie Heymans.. Operational Status.. In September 2002, the team leader and the national operations coordinator from HI-France attended a week of orientation by SAC in Takoma Park.. to meet Emmanuel and Almedina.. The HI team then travelled to Sarajevo in October to begin office and administration setup.. Preliminary opinion collection began in November to refine the operational plan.. Recruitment of senior staff began.. to view the completed staff  ...   As part of the second QAM intervention, field visits were made to observe the survey in progress.. Also in April, the strategic planning group (CMA, BHMAC, SAC, UNDP) reconvened in Sarajevo.. While there, Bob Eaton signed a memorandum of understanding with BHMAC to conduct the TAP pilot project.. In June, several representatives of the donor agencies visited to review the operations.. HI delivered the LIS results of 14 highly impacted communities to BHMAC in July to commence the TAP project.. The field visits for the TAP project were conducted in August.. LIS data collection concluded in October and was followed by data analysis and report writing in November.. In December 2003, both the LIS and TAP final reports were completed.. Bob Eaton arrived to review the TAP final report with BHMAC.. The LIS offices were then closed.. More Information.. To learn more the Landmine Impact Survey (LIS) in.. feel free to.. contact SAC.. or.. Hi-France.. Quick Survey Overview.. Bosnia & Herzegovina LIS Results.. Exec Summary.. (PDF 3MB).. Final Report.. (PDF 17.. 7MB).. LIS Data Map.. (PDF 5.. 9MB).. Donors.. U.. $ 999,000.. $ 852,600.. Canada.. $ 156,000.. Total.. $ 2,007,600.. Budget.. Handicap Int'l.. $ 916,190.. SAC.. $ 378,210.. BHMAC.. $ 89,600.. Cranfield Mine Action.. $ 67,100.. ITF (equip.. /vehicles).. $ 555,630.. $ 2,006,730.. Milestones.. Advance Survey Mission.. Mar 02.. Handicap Int'l Selection.. Aug 02.. Orientation Sessions.. Sep 02.. LIS office setup.. Oct 02.. POC Begins.. Nov 02.. MoU Signed.. Dec 02.. Training.. Jan 03.. Pilot Testing.. Mar 03.. Field Data Collection.. Apr 03.. Report Writing Begins.. Nov 03.. UN Certification.. Aug 04.. 6930 Carroll Avenue, Suite 240.. Takoma Park, MD 20912.. United States of America.. Phone:.. +1.. 301.. 891.. 9192.. Fax:.. 9193.. E-mail:.. sac@sac-na.. org.. - Last Updated:.. Monday, 17-May-2004 11:30..

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  • Title: Completed Surveys - Eritrea
    Descriptive info: Completed Survey.. In early 2001, the.. United Nations.. (UN) and the government of Eritrea requested that a Landmine Impact Survey (LIS) be conducted.. The Survey Action Center (SAC) and the.. United Nations Mine Action Service.. (UNMAS) conducted an Advance Survey Mission (ASM) in June of 2001.. (EC) and the governments of Canada (.. CIDA.. ) and Norway through the UNDP Mine Action Capacity Building Program (UNDP MACBP) funded this survey.. The survey was executed by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) with two international and one national staff with technical support from SAC.. It was implemented by the Eritrean Solidarity and Co-operation Association (ESCA).. ESCA employed all of the national field supervisors, field editors, data collectors and all of the support staff, totaling 92 persons.. The field staff was organized into three survey groups, with each interview team staffed by Eritreans representing the nine major languages spoken in the country.. The Survey Action Center (SAC) together with the United Nations Mission in Eritrea and Ethiopia Mine Action Coordination Center (MACC) trained the senior staff and supervised the training of the first group of interviewers.. The University of Asmara assisted in the translation of the survey questionnaire into Tigrigna.. (UNMAS/UNOPS) provided the Quality Assurance Monitor (QAM).. Senior Technical Advisor (1st year of survey).. Justin Brady..  ...   December.. The interviewers were trained in January 2003.. The POC identified 1,656 communities to be visited.. Data collection began 14 March 2003.. Six survey groups, each consisting of three pairs of interviewers, were deployed into three separate areas.. The second Quality Assurance Monitor (QAM) intervention occurred from mid-May through mid-July.. Data collection was completed in December 2003.. The Strategic Planning Group met in January 2004 and finalized the survey impact scoring system.. The third and final QAM intervention was conducted in March.. All vehicles, computers, and field equipment were handed over to MACBP in April.. SAC's Mike Kendellen arrived in May 2004 to write the final report.. The LIS closed its offices in June.. The final report was produced by SAC in Takoma Park and was distributed in May 2005.. To learn more about the Landmine Impact Survey (LIS) in.. Quick Survey Overview.. Eritrea LIS Documents.. (PDF 8.. 1MB).. (PDF 6.. 3MB).. $ 1,795,959.. $ 471,347.. Finland.. $ 168,926.. $ 2,436,232.. UNMACBP(survey).. $ 1,411,858.. UNMACBP(equip.. ).. $ 414,665.. SAC(training,report).. $ 164,398.. $ 66,202.. of Berne(maps).. $ 234,869.. $ 2,291,992.. Jun '01.. LIS Orientation.. Jan '02.. Apr '02.. May '02.. Sep '02.. Senior Staff Training.. Nov '02.. Interviewer Training.. Jan '03.. Data Collection begins.. Mar '03.. Data Collection ends.. Jan '04.. May '04.. Nov '04..

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  • Title: Ongoing Surveys - Somalia
    Descriptive info: Somalia.. Ongoing Survey.. Somalia.. Phases 1, 2, and 3 have been completed.. Scroll down below to see the three reviews in reverse chronologic order.. No further phases are in the works at this time.. Completed June 2007.. Somalia (Phase 3).. Sanaag and Sool Regions and Buuhoodle District (Togdheer Region).. The final report for Phase 3 is available for download from the link to the right.. The poster map for Phase 3 data is also available and soon similar maps will be available for various combinations of data from all three phases.. The Landmine Impact Survey (LIS) covering Sanaag and Sool regions and Buuhoodle district in Togdheer region began in July 2006 and concluded in June 2007, with data collection in the field starting in December 2006.. Funding for this survey was provided by the European Community through UNDP and the government of Canada through the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).. The survey was implemented by the Somaliland Mine Action Center (SMAC) over the western parts of the surveyed regions and by the Puntland Mine Action Center (PMAC) over the eastern parts.. Both centers conducted the LIS with technical assistance and oversight provided by the Survey Action Center (SAC).. SAC was contracted by UNOPS to manage the LIS, which included financial and technical oversight, training, writing, printing, and distributing the LIS final report.. The.. United Nations Mine Action Services.. (UNMAS-UNOPS) provided the quality assurance monitoring.. Nidaa Zein.. GIS & Database Officer.. Khalil Rahman Faiez.. An.. Inception Mission.. was conducted in June 2006 and the SAC office in Hargeisa was setup in July.. The Memorandum of Understanding with SMAC was signed in August and.. Preliminary Opinion Collection (POC).. was conducted into November.. The senior staff were recruited and trained in November followed by interviewer recruitment and training.. Pilot Test.. of the survey instruments was conducted in December followed by.. Data Collection.. by SMAC through February 2007.. The SAC team moved to Garowe in April 2007 and began office setup.. A Memorandum of Understanding with PMAC was signed in May and POC began.. Senior staff and interviewers were recruited and trained in late May followed by.. through June.. Survey coverage included all 16 districts in Sanaag and Sool regions and two districts in Togdheer region (Buuhoodle and two communities in Qoryale).. Fourteen of the 16 districts in Sanaag and Sool are impacted while both districts surveyed in Togdheer are impacted by landmine/UXO contamination.. A total of 90 communities were found impacted, containing 210 separate suspected hazard areas.. The survey determined that 12% of these communities were considered to be in the high impact category, 27% were medium impact, and 61% were low impact.. The contamination affects the safety and livelihoods of an estimated 384,313 people and has led to 30 fatalities within a two year period prior to the survey, 23 of which were male.. In addition, there were 59 injuries during the same period, 47 of which were male.. More Information.. To learn more about the Landmine Impact Survey in Somalia, feel free to.. contact us.. Quick Phase-3 Overview.. Somalia Phase-3 LIS Results.. Executive Summary.. (PDF 4.. 2MB).. (PDF 15.. Data Map (Phase 3).. 4MB).. Data  ...   their office in preparation for interviewer recruitment and training.. Quick Phase-2 Overview.. Somalia Phase-2 LIS Results.. (PDF 10.. Completed March 2003.. Somalia (Phase 1).. Awdal, Galbeed, Sahil and Togdheer Regions.. The Survey Action Center (SAC) conducted an Advanced Survey Mission (ASM) in March of 2001 and reconfirmed the findings of the UN assessment mission.. SAC developed a country plan to survey Somalia.. However, due to the uncertain security conditions in the South, East, and West of Somalia, the country plan was modified to collect data in northwestern Somalia ("Somaliland") as a first phase.. The first phase of this survey was funded by the European Community, the government of Sweden through the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA), the government of Finland, and the government of Canada through the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).. Funding from from the governments of Sweden and Canada was provided directly to the Survey Action Center.. For Phase 1, SAC sub-contracted the.. Danish Demining Group.. (DDG), a member of the Survey Working Group, to implement Phase 1 of the Landmine Impact Survey in Somalia.. (.. meet the DDG staff.. ).. (UNMAS-UNOPS) provided the quality assurance monitoring on behalf of the United Nations Certification Committee.. Paul Mackintosh.. Oystein Juul Nielsen.. Admin/Finance/Operations Officer.. Bodil Jacobsen.. Socioeconomic Expert.. Helene Ruud.. Assistant Admin/Finance Officer.. Hoodo Abdillahi Mohamed.. National Socioeconomic Expert.. Ibrahim Wais.. John C.. Brown.. Although the survey was initiated in March 2002, it really began in earnest in May.. A memorandum of understanding with MRR&R was signed on 12 May.. SAC training team.. was in Somaliland from 20 June to 15 July 2002 (.. view photos from the training sessions.. ) and trained the senior national staff and supervised the.. first pretest.. Expert Opinion Collection.. process, the.. second pretest.. , and the recruitment of the interviewers were completed in early September.. Pilot testing.. of the survey instruments finished at the end of September.. Data collection.. in the field began 1 October and continued until the end of January 2003.. A total of 357 communities were found impacted by the presence of landmine/UXO in these four regions containing 772 separate suspected hazard areas.. The survey determined that 13% of these communities were considered to be in the high impact category, 29% were medium impact, and 58% were low impact.. The contamination affects the safety and livelihoods of an estimated 1.. 34 million people and has led to the death of 276 people within a two year period prior to the survey.. Survey wrapup and report writing continued through February and the official end of the survey occurred in March 2003.. to view some faces and scenes photographed in Somaliland in June/July 2002.. Quick Phase-1 Overview.. Somalia Phase-1 LIS Results.. (PDF 579KB).. EU (EuropeAid).. $ 504,970.. Sweden (SIDA).. $ 285,970.. $ 88,496.. Canada (CIDA).. $ 45,500.. UNDP/SMAC.. in-kind equip.. $ 924,936.. DDG (survey).. $ 702,400.. SAC (technical support).. $ 262,000.. CMA (strategic planning).. $ 12,500.. $ 976,900.. Team Leader arrives in Hargeisa.. Startup/negotiations.. Apr 02.. All senior staff arrive.. May 02.. SAC training staff arrive.. Jun 02.. Pre-testing.. Jul 02.. Recruit interviewers.. Field work begins.. Field work ends.. Final Report and Certification.. Tuesday, 18-May-2004 10:13..

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  • Title: Ongoing Surveys - Ethiopia
    Descriptive info: Completed Surveys.. (UN) requested that a Landmine Impact Survey (LIS) be conducted and, by invitation of national authorities, the Survey Action Center (SAC) carried out an Advance Survey Mission (ASM) in collaboration with the.. Norwegian People's Aid.. (NPA) in November 2001 to assess the needs of an impact survey in Ethiopia.. SAC sub-contracted NPA to conduct the survey with the Ethiopian Mine Action Office (EMAO).. This survey was completed in April 2004.. The final report is available from a link in the yellow box to the right.. This survey was funded by the governments of Norway, the Netherlands, Germany, the.. (USDOS), and the.. (EC).. NPA established an operational presence in Addis  ...   to be mine affected.. A SAC team conducted senior staff training from 28 October to 18 November.. Field offices were established in Mekele in the Tigray region, in Dire Dawa in the Somali region and in Awasa in the south region.. Data collection began in May 2003 and was completed in January 2004.. Please review the SAC Newsletters (under top navigation menu option "Newsroom") for monthly updates for further historical details of the survey operations.. To learn more about the current Landmine Impact Survey (LIS) in Ethiopia feel free to.. Ethiopia LIS Results.. (PDF 10MB).. Poster Map.. Ethiopia celebrates the wind down of data collection.. to view two photographs.. Monday, 17-May-2004 11:32..

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  • Title: Completed Surveys - Afghanistan
    Descriptive info: Advance Survey Missions (ASM) took place in November 2000 and April 2001 with funding from the.. United States Department of State.. (USDOS).. The survey began in May 2003 and concluded in 2005.. Funding was provided by the European Commission (through the United Nations Development Programme, UNDP); by the governments of Canada and Germany, through SAC; and by the United Nations Mine Action Service Voluntary Trust Fund for Mine Action, with EC funds.. Implementing Organizations.. Under contract with UNDP, the Survey Action Center (SAC) provided overall management for the LIS through a three-person international advisory team based in Kabul.. SAC reported to the Mine Action Programme for Afghanistan (MAPA) on matters of policy and project implementation and to UNDP through regular progress reports.. Under a subcontract from SAC, the Mine Clearance Planning Agency (MCPA) implemented the survey with coordination support from the Afghanistan government Department for Mine Clearance, the Afghanistan Department of Disaster Preparedness, and the UN Mine Action Center for Afghanistan (UNMACA).. Senior Technical Advisor.. Alan Macdonald.. Database Officer (Initial).. Robert Abelsen.. Database Officer (Final).. Luan Jaupi.. Field Quality Assurance  ...   the interviewer teams were recruited, hired, and trained as well as the pilot test and the first QAM intervention.. Data collection in the field commenced in November 2003and was completed one year later in November 2004.. All but 5 of the 329 districts were visited.. Data entry into the IMSMA database was completed in December 2004 and was handed-over to UNMACA in January 2005.. Mike Kendellen and Bob Eaton drafted the final report in January 2005 in Kabul and it was translated into Dari through September 2005.. The UN Certification Committee certified the survey on 30 September 2005.. The final report was distributed in May 2006.. Afghanistan LIS Documents.. English versions:.. (PDF 5MB).. (PDF 40MB).. (PDF 9MB).. Dari Versions:.. (PDF 4MB).. (PDF 28MB).. $ 2,132,222.. $ 260,000.. Germany.. $ 150,000.. UNMAS Vol.. Trust Fund.. $ 462,272.. $ 3,004,494.. MCPA.. $ 2,088,000.. $ 916,500.. $ 3,004,500.. May '03.. Jun '03.. Aug '03.. Oct '03.. Data Collection Begins.. Nov '03.. Data Colletcion Ends.. Data Entry Completed.. Jan '05.. Final Report submitted to government.. Apr '05.. Sep '05.. Final Report Printed.. May '06..

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  • Title: Completed Surveys - Cambodia
    Descriptive info: GeoSpatial International Inc.. , is conducting a Landmine Impact Survey (LIS) according to the Survey Working Group (SWG) standards.. Canada International Development Agency.. (CIDA) has provided funding for this survey.. Operations began in May of 2000 with data collection through Spring 2002.. For more information about the Landmine Impact Survey (LIS) in Cambodia, please contact.. 3370 South Service Road.. Burlington, Ontario L7N 3M6.. Tel: (905) 632-3622.. Fax: (905) 632-3682.. E-mail :.. mail@geospatial.. on.. ca.. Cambodia LIS Results.. (HTML)..

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  • Title: Completed Surveys - Thailand
    Descriptive info: Completed Survey.. Thailand.. In May 1999 the.. (UNMAS), following a multi-disciplinary assessment mission to Thailand, issued a formal request for survey to the Survey Action Center (SAC).. SAC dispatched an Advance Survey Mission (ASM) to Thailand during the month of June and re-confirmed the findings of the assessment mission.. SAC then developed a preliminary country plan.. Following approval by the Thai National Mine Action Committee in late-1999, SAC deployed a team to revise the country plan and liase with Thai authorities.. The Governments of UK, Norway, the US, Australia, Canada and Finland and and the.. United Nations Foundation.. (UNF) funded the Thailand Survey.. SAC chose.. (NPA) to conduct the Landmine Impact Survey of Thailand.. NPA possesses extensive mine action experience around the world.. One of the pioneering socio-economic impact surveys was developed by.. NPA.. in Angola.. NPA's experienced Mine Action Program Manager in Angola, Mr.. Guy Rhodes, was identified as the Team Leader for the Thailand survey.. In April 2000 NPA expatriate members of the survey team attended a 5-day training symposium at SAC headquarters in Washington.. The survey Team Leader then spent one week visiting the SAC/MCPA Landmine Impact Survey in Yemen.. Survey Team members.. Guy Rhodes.. Deputy Team Leader.. Rune Engeset.. Admin/Operations Officer.. Alexander Rietveld.. GIS Specialist.. Arlene Engeset..  ...   pre-test results.. The SAC planning officer traveled to Thailand during October and assisted.. in conduct of the operational review following the pilot survey and expert opinion collection.. Based on expert opinion results and knowledge gained during the pilot survey, the time required to complete data collection was revised from four months to six months, and was completed in early April of 2001.. Report writing was completed by the end of May 2001.. The survey was certified by the United Nations Certification Committee chaired by UNMAS in August 2001.. The final report was released in 2002.. To learn more about the Landmine Impact Survey (LIS) in Thailand feel free to.. Thailand LIS Results.. (PDF 0.. 6MB).. Major Donors.. UK - DFID.. $ 449,000.. Norway.. $ 373,000.. $ 343,000.. $ 118,000.. Australia - AUSAID.. $ 100,700.. Canada - DFAIT.. $ 100,000.. $ 92,000.. $.. 1,575,700.. $1,440,000.. $124,000.. UN.. $92,000.. $ 1,656,000.. Formal UN Request for Survey.. May 99.. Initial Advanced Survey Mission.. June 99.. Advanced Survey Mission.. Feb 00.. Survey Training Symposium.. April 00.. Survey Operations Plan Finalized.. Survey Team Arrival.. May 00.. Training Visit to Yemen.. Commence Operations.. June 00.. Training and Pretest.. July 00.. Pilot Survey.. Sept 00.. Village Level Data Collection.. Nov 00.. Project Completion Date.. May 01.. Monday, 17-May-2004 11:33..

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  • Title: Surveys - Overview
    Descriptive info: How it works.. Terminology.. -.. SAC serves as the coordination body for Landmine Impact Surveys.. Landmine Impact Surveys provide vital information to improve priority setting by donors and mine action agencies in the international effort to eliminate or control the threat of mines by the year 2010.. Landmine Impact Surveys have been completed in Azerbaijan, Bosnia-Herzegovina,  ...   are underway in Afghanistan, Angola, Somalia (Phase 2), and Vietnam.. Surveys in Eritrea and Ethiopia are near completion.. Learn more about the various on-going, completed and future surveys by visiting the following sections of our site:.. Advance Survey Mission Planned.. On-going.. Completed.. Watch.. To learn more about Landmine Impact Surveys (LIS) feel free to.. Monday, 17-May-2004 11:28..

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  • Title: Surveys - Advance Survey Mission Planned
    Descriptive info: When a country expresses a willingness to have a landmine impact survey (LIS) conducted, donors are approached to cultivate interest in funding the project.. An initial grant funds a short planning effort for the LIS where a SAC director visits the country on a fact finding mission (the so-called ASM).. This visit is made to assess NGO involvement and infrastructure currently in operation within country, the cost of national salaries, rental facilities, utilities, and equipment,  ...   LIS.. These facts obtained during the ASM are then used to formally plan an LIS and prepare a draft project plan, budget, and timeline for implementing the LIS.. A proposal is then submitted to the interested donor(s) for consideration.. SAC is planning to send a team to conduct an advance survey mission to determine the feasibility of conducting Landmine Impact Surveys (LIS) in the following countries.. ASM Planned List.. Colombia.. For more information feel free to..

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  • Title: Ongoing Surveys - Overview
    Descriptive info: Ongoing Surveys.. The first three phases of the Somalia survey have been completed.. There are no current plans to begin the fourth phase.. Phase 1 completed in March 2003.. Phase 2 completed in May 2005.. Phase 3 completed in June 2007.. Learn more about the Somalia Survey.. To learn more about the active surveys click on the highlighted link learn more about for the survey you would like to view.. To learn more about any active Landmine Impact Survey (LIS) feel free to..

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  • Title: Surveys - Completed
    Descriptive info: Completed Surveys.. - Overview.. The Afghanistan survey began in 2003 and concluded in 2005.. Learn more about the Afghanistan Survey.. The Angola survey began in 2003 and concluded in 2007.. Learn more about the Angola Survey.. The Armenia survey began in February and ended in August of 2005.. Learn more about the Armenia Survey.. The Azerbaijan survey began in 2002 and concluded in 2003.. Learn more about the Azerbaijan Survey.. Bosnia and Herzegovina.. The Bosnia and Herzegovina survey began in 2002 and concluded in 2004.. The final report was published and released in August 2004.. Learn more about the Bosnia and Herzegovina Survey.. The Cambodia survey concluded in June of 2002.. Learn more about the Cambodia Survey.. The Chad survey began in 2000 and concluded in 2001.. Learn more about the Chad Survey.. The Eritrea survey began in 2002 and concluded in  ...   of Iraq s 18 governorates to be surveyed.. Learn more about the Iraq Survey.. The Kosovo modified survey was completed in February of 2000.. Learn more about the Kosovo Survey.. The Lebanon survey began in 2002 and concluded in 2003.. The final report was published and released in summer 2004.. Learn more about the Lebanon Survey.. The Mauritania survey was conducted from June until September in 2006.. Learn more about the Mauritania Survey.. Mozambique.. The Mozambique survey began in 1999 and concluded in 2002.. Learn more about the Mozambique Survey.. The Sudan survey began in 2006 and concluded in 2009.. Learn more about the Sudan Survey.. The Thailand survey began in 2000 and concluded in 2001.. Learn more about the Thailand Survey.. Yemen.. The Yemen survey began in 1999 and and concluded in 2000.. Learn more about the Yemen Survey.. Monday, 17-May-2004 11:31..

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