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  • Title: Survey Action Center - June 2004 (Vol.3 No.6)
    Descriptive info: Survey Action Center.. June 2004 Newsletter (Vol.. 3 No.. 6)..  .. Afghanistan and Angola continue data collection; Bosnia Herzegovina, Ethiopia and Eritrea final reports in progress; Phase 2 of the Somali LIS prepares to get underway.. Afghanistan.. As of 30 June, there are 1,221 community surveys recorded in the database with the following statistics: 12% high impact, 20% medium impact, and 67% low impact.. The survey has conducted 1,490 community interviews to date with 65% of the survey completed.. Angola.. Data collection is ongoing in the Huambo, Malanje, Huila and Moxico provinces with data entry into IMSMA scheduled for 1 July.. The Strategic Planning Group was created.. The Quality Assurance Monitor from UNMAS conducted his first intervention.. Chairman of CNIDAH, Santana André Pitra "Petrof", stated during a television interview that the LIS was one of the most important on-going projects  ...   response from Ethiopian Mine Action Office (EMAO) for their review of the draft final report.. Somalia (Phase 2).. Phase 2 (Bari, Nugaal and Mudug regions) of the Somalia LIS is about to commence.. Almedina Komic is the Team Leader and Neven Redzic is the GIS & Database Officer; both of whom are veterans of the LIS in Bosnia and Herzegovina.. Mohamed A.. Hussein is the Operations and Administration Officer.. The LIS will be conducted by the Puntland Mine Action Center (PMAC).. Survey Action Center.. SAC is pleased to welcome Russ Klein as Administrative and Program Officer (.. to meet Russ).. Russ previously worked as a part-time employee at SAC.. Survey Action Center - 6930 Carroll Avenue - Suite 240, Takoma Park - MD 20912, USA.. Ph: 301.. 891.. 9192 - Fax: 301.. 9193 - E-mail:.. sac@sac-na.. org.. Web:.. www.. sac-na..

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  • Title: About Us - Staff - Home
    Descriptive info: Overview.. Executive Director.. Director for Survey.. Finance Manager.. Program Officer.. Administr.. Officer.. Information Analyst.. Statist.. Consultant.. Survey Spc Advisor.. Web Consultant.. About Us.. -.. Staff.. Home.. Russ Klein.. Program Officer.. Takoma Park, MD.. Main Responsiblities.. As the Program Officer, Russ primary responsibilities include conducting a preliminary LIS in Colombia as well as researching relevant landmine information on Latin America.. He also co-manages the recruitment of LIS teams and facilitates logistical operations for SAC HQ and field staff with foreign consular offices and relevant international bodies.. He is also responsible for carrying out other tasks as may be required by the Executive Director.. Background.. Russ began his career in February of 2000 as a Water and Sanitation Technician with the Peace Corps in Honduras..  ...   government of the District of Columbia in the Department of Human Services.. He worked as a translator for non-English speaking customers before returning to school to begin working towards his Masters in International Development.. Education.. Russ received a dual B.. degree in Animal Sciences: Pre-veterinary Medicine and Spanish from the University of New Hampshire in 1999.. In 2005, he completed a M.. degree in International Development Management with a focus on Humanitarian Relief from the American University in Washington, D.. C.. All the Rest.. He speaks fluent Spanish and English and bakes a mean chocolate chip cookie.. 6930 Carroll Avenue, Suite 240.. Takoma Park, MD 20912.. United States of America.. Phone:.. +1.. 301.. 9192.. Fax:.. 9193.. E-mail:.. - - Last Updated:.. Monday, 17-May-2004 12:18..

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  • Title: Survey Action Center - May 2004 (Vol.3 No.5)
    Descriptive info: May 2004 Newsletter (Vol.. 5).. Afghanistan continues data collection, begins planning for post-survey use of data.. Angola continues with POC and training interview teams.. Bosnia Herzegovina, Ethiopia and Eritrea final reports in progress.. Survey Working Group meets in Lyon.. As of 23 May 1,048 impacted communities had been entered into IMSMA, of which 124 were high impact (11.. 8%), 217 medium (20.. 7%), and 707 low impact (67.. 5%).. In addition, 29% of suspected hazard areas are on mountain tops, 6% block irrigated agricultural land, 8% rain fed agricultural land, 45% pasture, 7% housing, 1.. 5% water, 6% roads and 1% block community economic development sites.. Further, 66% of SHAs are AP mines only.. As estimated 20% of the estimated suspected hazard areas are associated with high impact communities.. The survey has now completed more than 58% of its program of work with 98 districts fully handed over to the MAPA.. SAC and MACA met to begin planning for using the LIS and to keep the IMSMA database up-to-date after the survey.. SAC announces the departure of Judith van Daalen, thanks  ...   report in progress.. Director for Survey, Mike Kendellen, was in Asmara to assist in writing and data analysis.. Preliminary results show 33 high impact, 100 medium impact and 348 low impact.. The LIS identified 914 suspected hazard areas in all six zobas.. Awaiting response from Ethiopian Mine Action Office (EMAO) upon review of final report.. Recruitment underway for three international staff for the Phase 2 portion of the Somalia LIS.. Phase 2 includes the regions of Bari, Nugaal and Mudug.. The survey is expected to begin in July.. Survey Working Group.. At May 18-19 meeting SAC presented response to Scanteam evaluation and Plan of Action based on the evaluation.. Bob Eaton and Mike Kendellen in Lyon for Survey Working Group meeting.. The SAC team thanks Carlie Numi for her years of effort, wishes her well in her retirement, and announces the arrival of Jeanne Bates as her replacement as Administration Officer (.. to meet Jeanne).. Annual General Audit and U.. Federal Grant Audit (A-133).. The annual and A-133 audits have been completed and are posted on the web.. to view the report..

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  • Title: Survey Action Center - April 2004 (Vol.3 No.4)
    Descriptive info: April 2004 Newsletter (Vol.. 4).. Afghanistan continues data collection; Angola trains senior staff and interviewers; Bosnia-Herzegovina prepares final report for publication; Eritrea completes data validation; Ethiopia submits final report to EMAO; Azerbaijan and Somalia (Phase 1) begin final report distribution.. One half of the field work has been completed.. Tom Haythornthwaite joins the LIS Afghanistan (LISA) team as Field Quality Assurance Monitor in Kabul (.. to reacquaint yourself with Tom).. The SAC team wishes Tom well as he leaves his position in Takoma Park as GIS/Mapping Officer.. Council of Ministers of Angola under the leadership of the President Eduardo dos Santos approved the Memorandum of Understanding between CNIDAH and SAC.. Santa Barbara, MAG and Intersos have established their field offices and completed senior staff  ...   (see.. org/surveys_azerbaijan.. html.. ).. A limited number of additional hardcopies of the report are available upon request.. Final preparations are made to deliver final report copy to the graphic artist for print production.. Data entry is complete with 481 communities reporting landmine impact (33 high impact, 100 medium impact, 348 low impact) with 915 suspected hazard areas.. Final report submitted to the Ethiopian Mine Action Office (EMAO) for review.. Somalia (Phase 1).. Final report distribution begins for Phase 1 (Awdal, Galbeed, Sahil and Togdheer Regions).. org/surveys_somalia.. SAC extends a heartfelt welcome to Craig Williams who joins us as Senior Information Officer (.. to meet Craig).. Bob Eaton returns from visit to Croatia and Lyon.. Hemi Morete visits SAC office for discussions on QAM scheduling..

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  • Title: About Us - Staff - Home
    Descriptive info: Senior Info Officer.. Soc Sci Consultant.. Craig Williams.. Senior Information Officer.. Takoma Park, MD.. As Senior Information Officer, Craig is the focal point for the development and use of key survey technologies, notably the Information Management System for Mine Action (IMSMA).. He is responsible for maintaining and managing the SAC Geographic Information System and supervising publications, including the SAC website.. As head of the Information Department, he oversees the country-by-country analysis of LIS results and also carries out training in survey methods and tools for implementers and local nationals working on the surveys.. Craig has worked in humanitarian emergencies and development since 1992, when he joined UNHCR in Cambodia to work on the repatriation and reintegration of refugees.. In 1995 he moved to western Myanmar as UNHCR s Reintegration Specialist, overseeing a $16 million programme to provide development assistance  ...   Craig rejoined UNHCR in Kosovo where he helped establish the Humanitarian Community Information Centre (HCIC) and an initiative to use information management as a coordination mechanism for humanitarian agencies.. Craig continued this work in a number of countries in the Balkans before moving to Eritrea in 2000 with OCHA.. Craig moved to the US in 2003 when his wife was posted to Washington DC with UNHCR.. He worked briefly for USAID s Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWS NET), covering Afghanistan, before joining SAC as a full-time staff member in April of 2004.. Craig received an M.. from the University of Durham in the UK, writing his thesis on the use of GIS and participatory development techniques in mine action.. Craig is a British citizen.. His wife, Joung-ah Ghedini, is Senior PI Officer for UNHCR in Washington.. Monday, 17-May-2004 11:16..

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  • Title: Survey Action Center - March 2004 (Vol.3 No.2)
    Descriptive info: March 2004 Newsletter (Vol.. 3).. Afghanistan continues data collection; Angola recruits/trains senior staff and interviewers; Azerbaijan final report at the printers; Bosnia-Herzegovina prepares final report for publication; Eritrea continues final data validation; Ethiopia begins final report writing; Somalia (Phase 1) final report distribution begins.. The survey has now been completed in 98 out of 329 districts, suspended work in 14, and found 16 to be impact free.. Impact data for fifty-nine districts have been handed over to Area Mine Action Centers.. Winter conditions limit access to 14 districts in the northeast section.. Mike Kendellen visits Kabul for a program review.. Chief Technical Advisor, Alan Macdonald, presents AFG LIS in Geneva at UN Program Managers Meeting.. HALO conducts interviewer training..  ...   editing.. To date 2,777 communities have been visited with 641 communities found to be affected by mine/UXO.. False positive rate is more than 70%.. Fifty-three of the 58 Sub Zobas have been completed as part of the validation tasks.. Data entry to be completed by the end of April.. Final report writing to commence in May.. Drafting of final reporting begins.. Bob Eaton and Sara Sekkenes (NPA) visit Addis Ababa to aid in report writing and database finalization.. NPA makes presentation to donors and media on LIS results and closes their LIS office.. Somalia.. Mike Kendellen travels to Geneva for UN Mine Action Service program manager meeting.. Bob Eaton travels to Geneva to be panelist at program manager meeting..

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  • Title: Survey Action Center - February 2004 (Vol.3 No.2)
    Descriptive info: February 2004 Newsletter (Vol.. 2).. Afghanistan continues data collection; Angola prepares for interviewer recruitment and training; Bosnia-Herzegovina final report reviewed by BHMAC; Eritrea continues data validation; Ethiopia concludes data collection; Azerbaijan and Somalia (Phase 1) final reports submitted to graphic artist for print production.. Field operations continue with surveys complete in 72 districts.. Over 30% of SHAs are located on mountain tops.. Winter conditions limit access in 14 districts in the northeast section.. Security assessment in south undertaken to review operational constraints in conducting the survey there.. SAC Chief Administration Officer, Nelly Schneider, visits Luanda for review of administration and finance.. Thirty percent  ...   Final report translated to Bosniac and BHMAC comments received by SAC.. Through February, the survey data collection is 100% complete and the data validation process is 62% complete.. Data collection is complete.. Funded by the US Department of State, Mike Kendellen and Emmanuel Sauvage (former Bosnia LIS Team Leader) travel to Sudan on a second inception mission to continue a needs and feasibility assessment.. Mike then continues to Puntland (Somalia) for the first visit to facilitate the development of an LIS operational plan and the beginning of the Preliminary Opinion Collection (POC).. Annual A-133 (U.. Government) and general audits for year 2003 begin..

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  • Title: Survey Action Center - January 2004 (Vol.3 No.1)
    Descriptive info: January 2004 Newsletter (Vol.. 1).. Angola conducts preliminary opinion collection; First draft of Bosnia-Herzegovina final report delivered to BHMAC; Afghanistan and Ethiopia continue data collection; Eritrea continues data validation.. As of 24 January, field operations continue with surveys complete in 55 districts.. Winter conditions limit access to 11 districts in the northeast section.. HALO Trust meets with Mike Kendellen at SAC headquarters.. Bob Eaton visits Luanda for a week of discussions with CNIDAH and implementing partners.. Final copy editing near completion on final report.. The  ...   is 100% complete and the data validation process is 29% complete.. Data collection continues with completion rates of 100% (Tigray area), 95% (Afar Area), 77% (Somali area), 100% (Oromiya area), and 100% (rest of country) as of 16 January.. to view two photographs from ceremonies as the data collection phase winds down.. Mike Kendellen on travel to Sudan for further discussions on conducting an LIS there.. From there, Mike travels to the Puntland area of Somalia for preliminary work on Preliminary Opinion Collection with the UN..

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  • Title: Survey Action Center - December 2003 (Vol.2 No.12)
    Descriptive info: December 2003 Newsletter (Vol.. 2 No.. 12).. Angola conducts senior staff training; SAC reviews first draft of Bosnia-Herzegovina final report; Afghanistan, Eritrea, and Ethiopia continue data collection.. Field operations continue with snow and mud hampering travel in the north and northeast sections.. SAC signed a 1.. 5 million contract with the European Commission to support the survey in Angola.. The EC has joined the US, Germany, and Canada in support of the survey.. LIS training continued in Malange where SAC trainer, Tom Haythornthwaite and the SAC Angola team, traveled to participate in the training with the NPA senior staff.. The final report is being prepared for publication.. Bob Eaton visited Bosnia-Herzegovina to review  ...   of the BIH Strategic Plan in light of LIS findings.. The first draft of the final report is complete and has been submitted to SAC for review.. The draft will be sent to the government for review in January.. Through 15 December, the survey data collection is 96% complete and the data validation process is 29% complete.. Data collection continues with completion rates of 100% (Tigray area), 90% (Afar Area), 71% (Somali area), 100% (Oromiya area), and 100% (rest of country) as of 29 December.. Global Landmine Survey Evaluation.. The final consultants report is due from Scanteam in January.. SAC wishes a Happy New Year to friends, colleagues in the Mine Action community..

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  • Title: Survey Action Center - November 2003 (Vol.2 No.11)
    Descriptive info: November 2003 Newsletter (Vol.. 11).. Afghanistan begins data collection; Angola conducts senior staff training; Bosnia completes first draft of final report; Eritrea and Ethiopia continue data collection; SAC Board meets in Lyon.. Field operations commenced with teams being deployed in the north, north-east, and central districts.. The early arrival of winter is hampering travel to the more remote communities.. SAC trainer, Tom Haythornthwaite, arrived in Luanda on 6 November.. Training was conducted in Huambo for HALO Trust LIS senior staff from 10-25 November and followed by in-field pre-testing of the survey instruments.. The SAC Field Coordinator, Alberto Alface, arrived on 20 November to complete the coordination team.. The German government contributed 262K euros to the Landmine Impact Survey in Angola on 24 November.. to view a photograph of the German Ambassador to the US, Wolfgang Ischinger, at the signing ceremony.. Data analysis and report writing began with SAC consultants, Aldo Benini and Rune Engeset, joining the Handicap International team in Sarajevo.. The first  ...   and the data validation process is 16% complete.. Data collection continues with completion rates of 100% (Tigray area), 75% (Afar Area), 50% (Somali area), 71% (Oromiya area), and 91% (rest of country).. Scanteam submitted a draft final report to SAC and the SWG Evaluation Steering Committee incorporating suggestions and ideas from the Survey Working Group meeting in Copenhagen in October.. SAC Board of Directors.. The SAC Board met in Lyon from 20-21 November.. Participating were HI, DDG, NPA and SAC.. MCPA was not able to attend at the last minute.. The main agenda item was to develop a plan of action based on the recent evaluation of the Global Landmine Survey.. SAC will present the Plan of Action to the next meeting of the SWG in February for discussion.. Mike Kendellen completed the Field Epidemiology Mine Action Course (FEMAC) sponsored by UNICEF and Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, Georgia, USA that was held from 27 October to 7 November..

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  • Title: Survey Action Center - October 2003 (Vol.2 No.10)
    Descriptive info: October 2003 Newsletter (Vol.. 10).. Bosnia completes data collection.. Eritrea and Ethiopia continue data collection; Afghanistan conducts survey pilot testing; Angola prepares for senior staff training; Survey Working Group met for two days in Copenhagen at DDG offices.. Training of survey interviewers concluded for ninety trainees on 4 October.. Pilot testing of the survey instruments occurred on 19-25 October.. The final instrument and operations plan revisions were then conducted in preparation for field deployment in early November.. Translation of the survey questionnaire into Portuguese is underway.. Recruitment of senior staff is 80% complete.. Preparation for the start of senior staff training continues.. SAC reviews comments on draft final report received from Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action (ANAMA) and International Eurasia Press Fund (IEPF).. Data collection and verification is completed.. The survey identified 1,366 impacted communities with impact levels (High,  ...   of 93% (Tigray area), 55% (Afar Area), 42% (Somali area), 51% (Oromiya area), and 44% (rest of country).. Survey Working Group and SAC Board.. The SWG met in Copenhagen on 15-16 October.. A revised Protocol 6 on Visual Inspection was presented for discussion.. The SAC Board meeting in Lyon was set for 20-21 November.. GLS Evaluation.. Scanteam prepares a final report and will submit it in mid-November.. The final report will be presented to the SWG Evaluation Steering Committee and the SAC Board.. Copies will be shared with the SWG members.. SAC will prepare a plan of action based on the report for discussion at the next SWG meeting in February.. Mike Kendellen attends Field Epidemiology Mine Action Course (FEMAC) sponsored by UNICEF and Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, Georgia, USA from 27 October to 7 November..

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