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  • Title: Survey Action Center - SAC is a Leader in Humanitarian Mine Action
    Descriptive info: .. 5-Mar-2010 Sudan - The survey results are now available.. As the survey has now concluded,.. click here.. for the links to the final report and data map.. 5-Mar-2010 Sudan - The final 3 states added to the LIS Explorer database.. for the updated LIS Explorer database query tool.. 20-Nov-2009 Integrating Mine Action with Development: Final Report.. Click here.. for practical "Guidelines" for National Mine Action Authorities  ...   by a year-long study funded by the U.. S.. Dept.. of State.. What is the.. Survey Action Center?.. What is a.. Landmine Impact Survey?.. What is humanitarian.. Mine Action?.. All Rights Reserved the Survey Action Center (SAC), Takoma Park, Maryland, United States of America Copyright 2004.. Website funded by the Civil Society Institute, Boston, MA.. - Last Updated:.. Monday, 17-May-2004 9:44.. - Design by.. Web Horse Solutions..

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  • Title: Completed Surveys - Sudan
    Descriptive info: Overview.. Afghanistan.. Angola.. Armenia.. Azerbaijan.. Bosnia-Herzegovina.. Cambodia.. Chad.. Eritrea.. Ethiopia.. Iraq.. Kosovo.. Lebanon.. Mauritania.. Mozambique.. Sudan.. Thailand.. Yemen.. Surveys.. -.. Completed Survey.. At the request of UNMAS and the government of Sudan, SAC conducted an Advance Survey Mission to Sudan in June 2003.. SAC conducted subsequent planning missions in October 2004 and January 2005.. During the January 2005 mission SAC registered with the Humanitarian Action Center, authorizing SAC to operate in Sudan.. As of July 2009, the LIS has been completed.. The survey results from sixteen states are documented in a final report available from the link to the right.. Funding.. The Canadian International Demining Agency (CIDA) provided the initial funding to begin the survey in the Eastern Equatoria state.. Since then, the Common Humanitarian Fund (CHF), through the United Nations Mine Action Service Voluntary Trust Fund, has funded SAC to continue the LIS in Sudan.. Operational Status.. SAC hired Damien Vallette d Osia as program director to establish office and operations for a two-state LIS.. Damien was the Quality Assurance Monitor (QAM) for UNMAS for the LIS in Afghanistan, Armenia, and Ethiopia..  ...   to conduct the preliminary opinion collection.. SAC has hired an operations manager and an IMSMA database officer to complete the SAC coordination team.. The first state surveyed was Eastern Equatoria and was completed in September 2006.. As of June 2009, sixteen states have been surveyed and the survey has been completed.. The final report is available from a link provided at the top of the right-hand column of this page.. More Information.. To learn more about the current Landmine Impact Survey (LIS) in Sudan, feel free to.. contact us.. LIS Results.. Final Report:.. Final Report.. (11 MB).. Poster Map.. (6.. 6 MB).. LIS Reports by State.. Reverse Chronologic Order:.. Status Map.. (July 2009).. Upper Nile.. Jonglei.. Southern Kordofan.. (April 2009).. Central and Western Equatoria.. (July 2008).. Northern Bahr el Ghazal, Western Bahr el Ghazal, Unity, Warrab, and Lakes.. Kassala, Red Sea, Gadaref, and Sennar.. (September 2007).. Blue Nile.. (March 2007).. Eastern Equatoria.. (September 2006).. 6930 Carroll Avenue, Suite 240.. Takoma Park, MD 20912.. United States of America.. Phone:.. +1.. 301.. 891.. 9192.. Fax:.. 9193.. E-mail:.. sac@sac-na.. org.. - Last Updated:.. Monday, 17-May-2004 11:32..

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  • Title: Survey Action Center: LIS Explorer v2.0
    Descriptive info: Home.. About Us.. Resources.. Land Release.. Donors.. Contact Us.. LIS Explorer-Home.. |.. About.. Partners.. Narratives.. Simple Query.. Advanced Query.. About LIS Explorer.. Simple Data Exploring.. This product offers the mine action community the ability to perform interactive searches of the Landmine Impact Survey (LIS) database of countries with completed surveys.. more.. For people interested in rapid answers to common questions, this feature offers exploration of LIS databases using natural language queries and serves as an introduction to the Advanced Query.. enter Simple Query.. Partners.. Advanced Data Exploring..  ...   by mine action authorities -.. For people wanting complete flexibility, this feature allows interactive exploration of LIS databases via a full complement of filtering options.. The user interface has been redesigned to improve its intuitiveness.. enter Advanced Query.. Narratives.. Feedback and/or Questions?.. The LIS final report narratives associated with the databases currently included in the LIS Explorer may be accessed via these links -.. If you have any comments or questions about the LIS Explorer feel free to.. Website funded by the U.. State Department.. Monday, 09-May-2005 16:32..

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  • Title: About Us - Overview
    Descriptive info: Vision/Mission.. Capabilities.. Hum.. Mine Action.. About Us.. The Survey Action Center (SAC) is an international organization with headquarters in Takoma Park, MD.. Registered in the US as a non-profit organization, the SAC Board of Directors consists of lead NGOs in the mine action field:.. Danish Demining Group.. (Denmark).. Handicap International.. (France).. Mine Clearance Planning Agency (Afghanistan).. Norwegian People's Aid.. (Norway).. Jean-Baptiste Richardier of Handicap International is President of the SAC Board and Sue Eitel is the Secretary/Treasurer.. Bob Eaton, executive director is a member.. ex-officio.. What We Do.. SAC serves as the coordination body for Landmine Impact Surveys.. Landmine Impact Surveys provide vital information to improve priority setting by donors and mine action agencies in the international effort to eliminate or control the threat of mines by the year 2010.. Landmine Impact Surveys have been completed in Azerbaijan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cambodia, Chad, Kosovo, Lebanon, Mozambique, Somalia (Phase 1), Thailand and Yemen..  ...   quantified.. To meet this need, the Survey Working Group (SWG), which consists of the lead international NGOs in mine action, the.. United Nations Mine Action Service.. and the.. Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining.. created the Survey Action Center.. SAC serves as the executing arm for the SWG and the coordination point for Landmine Impact Surveys.. In 1998, the SWG asked one of its members, VVAF, to serve as fiduciary and management body for the SAC.. At the end of 2001 the SWG authorized the creation of an independent SAC with its own legal framework and Board of Directors.. The SWG remains as the advisory body for SAC.. The SWG is responsible for the protocols that have been established through the SAC that define and maintain the high international standards of the Landmine Impact Survey.. To learn more about the Survey Action Center (SAC), feel free to.. Monday, 17-May-2004 11:01..

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  • Title: Surveys - How it works
    Descriptive info: How it works.. Terminology.. It all begins when an official government makes a request for a possible Landmine Survey to the Survey Working Group and the Survey Action Center.. Establishing Need.. Before survey teams are dispatched to mine-affected countries, the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS) conducts an assessment to determine the need for a survey and to gauge local government interest.. Advanced Survey Mission.. Once the need is established, UNMAS formally requests that the Survey Action Center (SAC) mobilize an Advance Survey Mission (ASM) to the target country.. These missions work with local authorities to lay the groundwork for the Level One Impact Surveys.. During the Advance Survey Mission, feasibility and cost estimates for level-one efforts are formulated.. Then SAC studies each mission proposal and works with NGOs and donors to organize the necessary funds  ...   entire portions of towns - cropland, roads, markets, schools, cemeteries - effectively disappear owing to the fear of mines.. Each survey's human impact data is cross-referenced with the Information Management System for Mine Action (IMSMA).. Quality Assurance and Certification.. The entire process is closely monitored by the United Nations for quality assurance.. Then UNMAS convenes a Certification Committee for each survey to review the entire process from start to finish and certifies the survey only if the highest international standards are maintained.. The findings are then presented to the host country's government.. Use of Information Generated by the Survey.. This information is used as a guide for mine marking and clearing efforts, public education campaigns, and victim assistance programs.. More Information.. To learn more about any Landmine Impact Survey (LIS) feel free to.. Monday, 17-May-2004 11:33..

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  • Title: About Us - Humanitarian Demining
    Descriptive info: -.. Humanitarian Mine Action.. The.. United Nations.. developed a five-year strategy in 2001.. In the process the UN consulted widely both inside the.. UN.. and with the wider NGO community.. The strategy defines humanitarian mine action as follows:.. Mine action is, above all, about the interaction of people and communities with a mine-infested environment.. The purpose of mine action is to recreate a safe environment conducive to normal life and development..  ...   by populations as a result of landmine or unexploded ordnance contamination.. It encompasses five complementary core components:.. (a) mine awareness and risk reduction education;.. (b) mine clearance, including survey, mapping, and marking;.. (c) victim assistance;.. (d) destruction of stockpiled anti-personnel landmines; and.. (e) advocacy to stigmatize the use of landmines and support a total ban on anti-personnel landmines.. To learn more about Humanitarian Mine Action feel free to.. Monday, 17-May-2004 11:02..

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  • Title: Ongoing Surveys - Angola
    Descriptive info: In September 2002, SAC conducted an Advance Survey Mission to investigate the need for an LIS in Angola.. Additional trips were taken in December and then again in February 2003 for discussions with CNIDAH and the NGOs involved in mine clearance regarding their interest and role as implementing partners in a Landmine Impact Survey.. SAC established an office and administrative setup for the survey in June 2003.. In April 2004 data collection in the field commenced.. In June 2005 the survey progress slowed down as a funding shortfall occurred.. Funding was gradually restored and the survey resumed.. The projected concluded in August 2007.. The European Community and the governments of United States, Germany, Canada and Norway have funded this survey.. Implementing Organizations.. The survey implementing partners include HALO Trust (HALO), INAD, InterSOS (SOS), Mines Advisory Group (MAG), Norwegian People s Aid (NPA) and Santa Barbara Foundation (SBF).. Until June 2005,  ...   to CNIDAH to oversee the completion of the survey and the initial drafting of the final LIS report.. Operational Status.. HALO completed the survey in Benguela, Bie, Huambo, and Kuando Kubango provinces.. INAD completed Cabinda, Lunda Norte and Luanda provinces.. NPA completed Kwanza Norte, Kwanza Sul, Malanje, Uige, and Zaire provinces.. MAG completed the survey in Lunda Sul and Moxico.. SBF completed the survey in Bengo and Kunene and Intersos completed Huila and Namibe provinces.. Development Workshop conducted a Community Mine Action Planning Pilot Project in Huambo.. The final report was printed in both English and Portuguese with distribution in December 2007.. To learn more about a future Landmine Impact Survey (LIS) in Angola feel free to.. LIS Overview.. Angola LIS Results.. Final Report - English.. (PDF 32.. 5MB).. Final Report - Portuguese.. (PDF 33.. 5MB).. Poster Map - English.. (PDF 6.. 4MB).. Poster Map - Portuguese.. 4MB).. Monday, 17-May-2004 11:30..

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  • Title: Completed Surveys - Mozambique
    Descriptive info: Mozambique.. In the of fall 1998 the.. Canadian International Development Agency.. (CIDA) issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a Landmine Impact Survey of Mozambique.. Canadian International Demining Corps.. (CIDC) was the successful bidder and began planning for the project from February 1999 to February 2002.. The field work survey started in March 2000 and the LIS was completed in August 2001.. Funding was provided by the.. Canadian International Development Agency.. (CIDA).. US Department of State.. (USDOS) provided partial funding for the Quality Assurance Monitor (QAM).. Implementing Organization.. (CIDC) implemented the Landmine Impact Survey (LIS) of Mozambique.. CIDC.. and.. CIDA.. coordinated closely with members of the Survey Working Group (SWG) and prepared operational plans and survey methodology accordingly.. The Survey Action Center (SAC) initially provided the Quality Assurance Monitor (QAM) with funding from.. US DOS.. The.. United Nations Mine Action Service.. (UNMAS), through the.. United Nations Office of Project Services.. (UNOPS), provided the bulk of the support for the QAM.. Field survey team members.. Team Leader.. Michael Wilson.. Survey Director.. Alberto Alface.. Information Officer.. Ian Hatton.. UNOPS Quality Assurance Monitor.. Michel Cipiere.. began coordination and establishment during reconnaissance visits in 1999.. International staff members arrived in Mozambique in early October 1999.. trained a large group  ...   order to conduct village level data collection throughout the entire country, a substantial increase in time and resources would be required.. Mozambique suffered greatly from heavy rains, flooding and a cyclone during February and March 2000.. These natural disasters had significant impact upon the.. survey and team.. In March 2000.. began village level data collection in the northern region of the country where flooding and rains had the least impact.. In early 2001, survey operations moved into the southern regions previously impacted by flooding.. For more information about the final report, contact the.. (CIDC).. P.. O.. Box 86.. Sydney, Nova Scotia.. Canada B1P 6G9.. Tel: (902) 539-2802.. Fax: (902) 539-3224.. Toll Free: 1-888-236-4646.. cidc@atcon.. com.. Quick Survey Overview.. Mozambique LIS Results.. (PDF 18.. Provincial Overviews.. Cabo Delgado.. (1.. Gaza.. (PDF 0.. 3MB).. Inhambane.. Manica.. Maputo.. Nampula.. Niassa.. Sofala.. Tete.. Zambezia.. CIDA - Canada.. $ 2,200,000.. US DOS.. $72,000.. Total.. $2,272,000.. Budget.. $2,200,000.. SAC.. Milestones.. Formal CIDC Request for Survey.. Jan 99.. Advance Survey Mission.. Feb -May 99.. Survey Operations Plan Drafted.. Summer 99.. Commence Operations.. October 99.. Survey Team Arrival.. 1st QAM Intervention.. Fall 99.. 2nd QAM Intervention.. Spring 00.. Village Level Data Collection.. March 00.. 3rd QAM Intervention.. Summer 00.. 4th QAM Intervention.. Fall 00..

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  • Title: Completed Surveys - Chad
    Descriptive info: (UNMAS), following a joint, interdisciplinary assessment mission to Chad, issued a formal request for a survey to the Survey Action Center (SAC).. SAC contracted.. Handicap International/France.. to perform an Advance Survey Mission (ASM) in July 1999.. The ASM reconfirmed the findings of the UN mission and SAC developed a country plan.. US Department of State.. (US DOS), the.. Department for International Development.. (DFID) of the United Kingdom,.. ,.. Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation.. and and the.. United Nations Foundation.. are funding the Chad survey.. SAC subcontracted.. (HI), a member of the Survey Working Group (SWG), to implement the Landmine Impact Survey (LIS) in Chad.. UN Office for Project Services.. (UNOPS) provided the Quality Assurance Monitoring (QAM).. Marc Lucet.. Deputy Team Leader.. Kim Spurway.. Frederic Coussigh.. Admin/Logistics Officer.. Eric Rouyez.. Alan Trevor.. HI/France.. deployed the Team Leader and Deputy Team Leader to N'Djamena in late November 1999.. The Administration and.. Logistics Officer followed in December and the Information Management Officer in January 2000.. The team secured facilities and established working relationships with the.. United Nations Development Program.. (UNDP) and the.. Chadian Commission for National Demining.. (HCND).. SAC and.. HI/Chad.. negotiated and signed a formal Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the government of Chad in February 2000.. At the same time they  ...   beginning of September.. Data collection then followed in the southern, eastern and central regions after the rainy season at the end of September.. Survey Operations was completed in May 2001 and certified by the United Nations Certification Committee chaired by.. (UNMAS) in August 2001.. At the request of.. HCND.. in Chad, SAC and.. Cranfield University Mine Action.. (CMA) began a Survey Utilization Project (SUP) in April of 2001.. The intent of the SUP is to facilitate.. development of a nation strategic mine action plan.. For more information about the Chad Survey, feel free to contact the.. Survey Action Center.. (SAC) or.. Handicap-International.. (HI).. United States of America.. Phone: +1.. Fax: +1.. 14 Avenue Berthelot.. F-69361 Lyon CEDEX 07.. France.. Phone: 33 (0)4 78 69 79 79.. Fax: 33 (0)4 78 69 79 94.. E-Mail:.. handicap-international@infonie.. fr.. Chad LIS Results.. (PDF 3.. 8MB).. IMSMA WebReport.. UNFIP, UNF.. $ 527,000.. UK - DFID.. $ 347,000.. $ 688,900.. HI France.. $ 150,000.. VVAF.. $ 84,000.. $ 1,842,000.. HI - France.. $ 1,494,000.. $ 169,000.. $ 179,000.. Formal UN Request for Survey.. May 99.. Advanced Survey Mission.. July 99.. Survey Operations Draft Plan.. Sept 99.. Nov 99.. Dec 99.. MoU Signed.. Feb 00.. Training.. Pilot Study.. Aug 00.. Completion Date.. May 01.. Monday, 17-May-2004 11:31..

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  • Title: Completed Surveys - Lebanon
    Descriptive info: The Survey Action Center (SAC) conducted an Advance Survey Mission (ASM) to Lebanon and produced a country survey plan.. The country plan was presented by.. Mines Advisory Group.. (MAG) to the.. European Commission.. (EC) for funding.. The survey began in February 2002 upon signing an agreement between the EC and MAG.. Field work was conducted between September 2002 and April 2003.. In total, the LIS spanned 17 months.. The survey was funded by the.. (EC).. The survey was implemented by the.. (MAG) in collaboration with the.. Information Management and Mine Action Programs.. (iMMAP) at the.. (VVAF).. Quality Assurance.. (UNMAS) provided the Quality Assurance Monitor (QAM).. The Field Survey Team.. Survey Manager.. Deputy Manager.. Jenny Reeves.. Information Management Officer.. Richard Shdeed.. GIS Consultant.. Dr.. Ghassan Mikati.. Social Science Consultant.. Christine Crumrine.. UNMAS Quality Assurance Monitor.. Mohammad Azim.. At the request of the Lebanese authorities an UNMAS joint assessment mission was conducted in February 1999.. The mission resulted in a recommendation to conduct an LIS.. In February 2002, the European Commission signed an agreement with the.. (MAG) to implement the survey..  ...   the survey process transpired.. After some minor modifications to the survey instruments, the field data collection began in earnest in October.. The first QAM intervention coincided with this data collection startup.. The second QAM intervention occurred in February 2003 and the field work commenced in south Lebanon.. Data collection concluded in April and was followed by data analysis in May.. The final report was completed in July and the survey offices closed in August 2003.. To learn more about a future Landmine Impact Survey (LIS) in Lebanon feel free to contact the.. Lebanon LIS Results.. Executive Summary.. (PDF 1.. Exec Summary (Arabic).. 6MB).. For more info, please contact MAG.. Donor.. European Community.. 1,600,000EUR.. MAG (Survey).. 1,360,000EUR.. MAG (Clearance).. 240,000EUR.. UNMAS Joint Assessment Mission.. Feb 99.. EC/MAG Contract.. Feb 02.. Survey Setup Begins.. Mar 02.. May 02.. Senior Staff Recruitment.. Jun 02.. Field Staff Recruitment.. Jul 02.. Field Staff Training.. Aug 02.. Pilot Testing.. Sep 02.. Field Operations Begin.. Oct 02.. Field Operations Completed.. Mar 03.. Data Analysis.. May 03.. Final Report Completed.. Jul 03.. Survey Offices Closed.. Aug 03..

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  • Title: Completed Surveys - Azerbaijan
    Descriptive info: Completed Survey.. - Azerbaijan.. In August 2002, SAC signed an agreement with.. the United Nations Development Programme.. (UNDP) for the implementation of the survey in Azerbaijan.. The Survey Action Center (SAC) began work on the project in early September and has worked closely with its local implementing partners, the.. International Eurasian Press Fund.. (IEPF), an Azeri NGO with mine impact survey experience, and the Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action (ANAMA), the governmental unit tasked with coordinating mine action in Azerbaijan.. This survey was funded by the.. (EC) through the UNDP country office in Baku, Azerbaijan.. A SAC team resided in Baku to manage the survey.. Under contract to SAC, the International Eurasia Press Fund (IEPF) carried out the data collection.. The Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action (ANAMA) provided technical support and facilities to the LIS.. Allen Jelich.. GIS & Mapping Officer.. Judith van Daalen.. Admin/Finance Officer (last 8mos).. Begona Fontan Pena.. Admin/Finance Officer (first 2mos).. Johan Smith.. Stuart Maslen.. The SAC team attended orientation sessions in the Takoma Park office in early September 2002 and left for Baku on September 9 to commence the project.. to meet the SAC staff (Allen, Judith, and Johan).. Begona replaced Johan for a majority of the survey.. Senior staff training of ten IEPF staff (five supervisors and five field editors) and two ANAMA data entry staff was held in Baku between September 30th and October 8th.. The training was conducted primarily by Saeed Ahmad, social scientist, and Tom Haythornthwaite, GIS specialist, both from SAC-HQ.. It covered all aspects of the AZE LIS and was held in the Azeri language through local translators.. The  ...   29 villages in the districts of Terter and Geranboy.. During the pilot test ten interviewer teams, each accompanied by a senior staff observer (supervisor or field editor), conducted the interviews.. After returning to base (IEPF s Ganja office) each day, each group (two teams, supervisor and field editor) met separately to discuss how the interview went.. This was followed by a joint daily wrap-up session where group discussions were summarized.. No need for re-training of the interviewers was found necessary.. The second QAM intervention occurred from 20 November to 6 December.. He attended interviews during the first two days of pilot tests to witness the implementation of the survey instruments.. Data collection began on 7 December, three weeks ahead of schedule and ended in April 2003.. The third and fourth QAM intervention occurred from 26 February to 12 March and from 1-9 May, respectively.. From May to July 2003, a 5-day strategic planning workshop was held, data analysis and report writing occurred, a fifth QAM intervention was held, and staff/office phase-out was completed.. To learn more about Landmine Impact Survey (LIS) activities in Azerbaijan feel free to.. Quick Survey Overview.. Azerbaijan LIS Documents.. 1MB).. (PDF 5.. LIS Data Map.. 0MB).. $ 1,236,000.. IEPF (data collection).. $ 235,500.. SAC (tech support).. $ 541,200.. UNDP (equip.. & support).. $ 440,100.. CMA (strategic planning).. $ 14,800.. Other.. $ 4,400.. Dec 00.. Proposal Submission to EC.. Jun 01.. Funding Agreement.. Contract Approval.. SAC team arrives in Baku.. Expert Opinion Collection.. Interviewer Training.. Nov 02.. Data Collection begins.. Dec 02.. Data Collection ends.. Apr 03.. Baku office closes.. Final Report and Certification.. Jan 04.. Tuesday, 18-May-2004 10:14..

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