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  • Title: Ski for Light, Inc.®
    Descriptive info: .. Ski for Light, Inc.. Skiing.. Sharing.. Learning.. The mission of Ski for Light is to enhance the quality of life and independence of visually or mobility-impaired adults through a program of cross-country skiing.. What is Ski for Light?.. is an all-volunteer non-profit organization founded in 1975 that teaches the basics of classic cross-country skiing to adults who are visually- or mobility-impaired, while giving participants who have already learned the basics of the sport the chance to improve their skills or to just have fun on the snow.. All of this takes place during an annual week-long event at a U.. S.. location that changes from year to year, and is made possible by the volunteer sighted and able-bodied experienced cross-country skiers who attend as guides and instructors.. But Ski for Light is much more than a learn-to-ski program.. Here is a more complete.. Description of the Ski for Light Program.. and how it works.. Are You New to Ski for Light?.. There are links to lots of information on this page for both sighted and visually- or mobility-impaired people who want to know more about us.. See particularly the links under SFL Publications, News, History and Other Information further down the page.. If you are thinking about attending Ski for Light as a guide, the best place to start may be to watch the.. Ski for Light video.. on YouTube.. It does a great job showing and telling the story of Ski for Light in an inspiring manner.. If you are thinking about attending Ski for Light as a visually- or mobility-impaired participant, the best place to start may be to read the.. Information for Prospective First-Time Attendees.. This provides much more information about the totality of the SFL experience, and the reasons why it is often described as a life-changing experience.. Also, check us out on.. Facebook.. , and please contact us with your questions at.. info@sfl.. org.. The 2014 Ski for Light International Week.. The 39th annual Ski for Light International week will be held in Anchorage, Alaska from Sunday February 23 through Sunday March 2, 2014.. This will be our third visit to Anchorage, and the first since 2003.. We will stay in downtown Anchorage at the.. Hilton Hotel and Conference Center.. and ski at nearby.. Kincaid Park.. The Hilton is a large full-service hotel right in the heart of the city, with everything we could ask for in an event hotel.. Kincaid Park is a world-class facility that has 60 km of wonderfully groomed cross-country trails, and has been the host of numerous major cross-country events over the years.. A highlight of the week will be the ceremonial start of the Iditarod Sled Dog race on the final Saturday of the week in downtown Anchorage, near the Hilton.. If you have never before attended what many have called the experience of a lifetime, please read.. to learn what the week is all about and how it works.. If you are a veteran of previous SFL events, please proceed directly to the.. Details of the 2014 Event..  ...   Report of SFL.. (Adobe PDF format).. The Program Book for the 2013 Event.. (Adobe pdf format).. Important Organizational and Financial Documents.. Stay in Touch With Ski for Light.. Join the SFL Community Conversation on Facebook and LinkedIn.. Follow Us On Facebook.. Connect With Us On LinkedIn.. Subscribe to the SFL Listservs.. Ski for Light maintains two electronic mailing lists for people who are interested in the activities and programs of the organization:.. The SFL-Announce mailing list is a low traffic, announce only list used to send you timely information about Ski for Light events, activities and people.. To subscribe to sfl-Announce send an empty e-mail message to.. sfl-announce-subscribe@sfl.. The SFL-L mailing list is a general discussion list that provides a forum for individuals to exchange ideas and information about SFL programs, or about other sports and outdoor activities for persons with disabilities.. Replies to list messages go to the entire membership of the list.. To subscribe to sfl-l send an empty e-mail message to.. sfl-l-subscribe@sfl.. Donate to Ski for Light.. Ski for Light needs your financial support to keep the cost of the program affordable for all.. You may make your donation via regular mail or via secure credit card transaction from this website.. Your gift may be designated for:.. The general operating fund, our area of greatest need, which provides scholarships for blind and mobility-impaired skiers, pays for all event training and similar materials, and much, much more.. The Marilou Goodfellow Fund, which provides stipends for volunteer guides and helps defray the costs of guide training.. The Ski for Light Endowment Fund, which works to ensure that the program will remain available for future generations.. Your gift may be made in honor or memory of someone special.. You can become a.. Life Member.. of Friends of Ski for Light.. Learn how to make a special Planned Gift to Ski for Light.. Continue to the.. Ways to Donate.. page.. Contacting Ski for Light.. For general information about Ski for Light, send an e-mail message to:.. To contact an officer or board member of Ski for Light by e-mail please go to the SFL.. Board roster.. Other Events of Interest.. Regional Roundup.. A calendar of upcoming regional events, events of shorter duration held in various locations throughout the U.. The Ridderrenn.. The Norwegian event upon which Ski for Light is modeled.. The next Ridderrenn, the 51st annual event, will take place March 30 - April 6, 2014 in Beitostolen, Norway.. Ski for Light Canada.. The 35th annual SFL Canada event will take place February 3 - 9, 2014 at William Watson Lodge in Kananaskis, Alberta.. Ski for Light is very grateful for the support of the.. Sons of Norway.. and our.. corporate sponsors.. is a supporting organization member of the.. Cross Country Ski Areas Association.. (CCSAA).. is registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible organization (ID #51-0175938).. supports full disclosure and accountability for nonprofit corporations and is registered with.. GuideStar.. 1455 West Lake Street.. Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408.. (612) 827-3232.. is a registered trademark.. All rights reserved.. Last updated on July 3, 2013..

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  • Title: What Is Ski for Light?
    Descriptive info: is an all-volunteer, non-profit, organization founded in 1975.. The mission of the organization is to teach blind, visually- and mobility-impaired adults the sport of classic cross-country skiing, to give participants who have already mastered the basics the chance to improve their skills and endurance, and to enable participants to just have fun on the snow.. Each year Ski for Light, Inc.. conducts a week-long event that attracts upwards of 300 participants and guides.. The location of the event changes from year to year in an effort to spread the Ski for Light philosophy and idea to as many parts of the country as possible.. During the Ski for Light week each disabled skier is paired for the entire week with an experienced, sighted, able-bodied cross-country skier who acts as ski instructor and guide.. The disabled person skis in tracks or grooves in the snow, while the guide skis in a parallel set of tracks.. The guide informs the skier about upcoming changes in the terrain and trail, offers instructional tips and suggestions, support as necessary, encouragement, and describes the countryside.. The visually- and mobility-impaired adults who attend each Ski for  ...   them, and much more than they themselves believed.. They leave Ski for Light with a sense of accomplishment and motivation that carries over to every aspect of their lives back home.. The volunteer guides who attend Ski for Light are a very special group of people.. They pay the same event fees as disabled skiers so that they can share a favorite activity with someone who would otherwise not have the opportunity to participate.. Most of these guides discover that in the process of giving of themselves they are getting as much or more back in return.. Many of them return to each event, year after year.. Ski for Light relies on the generosity and support of individuals, corporations, fraternal groups and foundations to keep the cost of each event affordable for all who wish to attend.. If you would like to financially support the program go to.. If you are interested in attending a future event as a guide or participant, or need additional information about the program, send an e-mail message to:.. , or write to 1455 w.. Lake St.. , Minneapolis, MN 55408.. Return to.. SFL Home Page..

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  • Title: Information For Prospective First-time Ski for Light Attendees
    Descriptive info: Information For Prospective First-time Ski for Light Attendees.. If you are like most people who first find their way to the Ski for Light website, you have heard good things from friends, family or acquaintances about SFL.. You are curious, but you don't really understand what Ski for Light is, or why so many people who have attended one of our events call it the experience of a lifetime.. Can it really be all that people have said? Isn't it just a "learn-to-ski" program?.. On this page we will describe for you what the SFL organization and program is all about, and try to put into words for you what makes it so special, and so different from other adaptive programs.. After learning more, we hope that you will decide that attending the next Ski for Light event could be worth a try.. The Ski for Light Organization.. is an all-volunteer not-for-profit corporation that was founded in 1975.. It was created by a group of Norwegian-Americans who were familiar with a program in Norway, the Ridderrenn, and the success that program had enjoyed over the years in teaching blind/visually-impaired and mobility-impaired people the Norwegian national sport of cross-country skiing.. The two cornerstone premises, or beliefs, that led to the creation of Ski for Light were that::.. Blind/visually-impaired and mobility-impaired people can learn how to cross-country ski quite well, and have fun while doing it, if given proper instruction and equipment, and if paired with a sighted, experienced cross-country skier to act as instructor and guide.. Experienced, sighted cross-country skiers will find it fun and rewarding to share their love of skiing by being an instructor/guide for someone who can't easily have that experience on his/her own.. Ski for Light has thrived for all these years because of the continuing truth of these beliefs.. They remain as true today as they were in 1975, and are the foundation upon which the entire program is built.. The Ski for Light Week and Program.. The Cross-Country Skiing Parts of the Week.. conducts a week-long cross-country skiing event at a U.. location that varies from year to year.. For the list of places where the Ski for Light week has been held in the past, visit our.. Location History.. The primary goal of the week is to teach blind, visually-impaired and mobility-impaired people who have never skied before the basics of the sport, and to give people who have already learned the basics a chance to improve their skill and technique, or to let them just have fun on the snow.. About 25% of the skiers are first-time participants each year, while the remaining 75% are people who have attended before.. The week usually attracts 250 or more total attendees.. The typical composition of the group is:.. 100 or more people who are blind or visually-impaired.. 10-15 people who are mobility-impaired.. 115 or more able-bodied sighted instructor/guides.. 15 to 50 skiers and guides from foreign countries, including a delegation from Norway.. 10 to 20 companions and volunteers who help with many of the non-skiing tasks that make the event run so smoothly.. The entire group stays for the entire week, from Sunday evening of the first week to Sunday morning of the second week, at a single event hotel.. All meals are group meals.. The fee paid by all attendees - guides, disabled skiers, and volunteers alike - covers hotel room for all seven nights, all 20 meals, transportation to/from the nearest airport at the beginning and end of the week, transportation each day to/from the ski area, cross-country trail fees, and, for first-time disabled skiers only, the use of rental ski equipment for the week.. A prospective disabled participant does not have to be an athlete to participate, but merely someone who is interested in enjoying a more physically active lifestyle and who feels that his/her overall health and level of fitness will allow safe participation in the program.. The only expectation of new participants is that during the week they give cross-country skiing a serious try.. A prospective instructor/guide does not need any previous experience guiding disabled skiers.. An extensive training program is held on Saturday evening and Sunday morning/afternoon at the start of the week where all new and second-time guides are taught the communication and guiding techniques necessary to safely guide a blind/visually-impaired or mobility-impaired skier.. There is no extra charge for this training.. Beyond attending these training sessions, the only expectation of new guides is that they be at least intermediate level classic cross-country skiers who are capable of  ...   and informal activities, a group dinner each evening, with presentations and awards toward the end of dinner on some nights.. When skiers return from the ski area each day, at anywhere from 2:30 to 4:30 pm, some choose to head for the lounge, swimming pool or hot-tub to meet old friends and make new ones while others choose to nap or just hang out in their room.. Some choose to join one of the "special-interest" sessions held each afternoon.. These popular sessions allow volunteer group leaders to share information about topics such as their hobby, job, language or almost any subject with others who want to know more about it.. After dinner activities vary from year to year, but usually include a DJ some nights, a silent auction, a program or entertainment with some sort of local flavor, Norway Night, where members of the Norwegian Delegation entertain the group, and a banquet followed by a dance on Saturday.. Why Do So Many People Return to Ski for Light Year After Year?.. Part of the answer to this question is that the two cornerstone beliefs upon which SFL was created remain powerful and true year after year: blind/visually- impaired and mobility impaired people really can learn to ski quite competently and have a lot of fun while doing it, and; sighted, experienced cross-country skiers really do leave SFL feeling as if they have received more back than they have given during the week.. The rest of the answer is that the total Ski for Light experience is much more than just learning how to ski.. It is much more than just the combination of both skiing and non-skiing activities and a busy schedule.. It is, in fact, how people who have attended usually feel about themselves and about others at the end of the week.. This is the end result of several things that are not immediately obvious unless you have attended a Ski for Light event:.. Blind/visually-impaired and mobility-impaired individuals usually discover, in the process of learning how to ski, that they can accomplish much more, both on and off the snow, than others have told them was possible for a person with disabilities.. They often develop a new sense of self-confidence and motivation and take this back home to tackle the problems of everyday life with new energy and drive.. Mobility-impaired participants usually discover that the dangers of ice, snow and outdoor activity for wheelchair users that they have been warned about for years are not always true.. In addition, they discover the benefits of increased aerobic activity and a more physically active lifestyle, which carries over to their life at home.. Guides usually discover how personally rewarding and gratifying it is to give of their time and ability when it allows another person to achieve goals that might not be achievable without their involvement.. This often carries over to new activities, interests and personal goals in everyday life back home.. One last but very powerful factor behind why so many people return year after year is the organizational culture that has evolved at SFL over the years.. While it may sound a bit trite, it is quite true that Ski for Light is one of the very few places where a disabled person does not have to think much about being disabled.. No one much notices, or cares.. People are treated as individuals, not disabled individuals.. There is always a friendly face or voice if you want a friend or need assistance, but no one will make false assumptions about your abilities.. Would You Like to Know More?.. If you have questions and/or want additional information about the program, we invite you to read.. Frequently Asked Questions from Prospective First-Time Attendees.. for the answers to many commonly asked questions.. If you would like to talk with someone, or to communicate via e-mail, please contact one of the three application coordinators listed below.. Visually-Impaired Participant Application Coordinator:.. Lynda Boose.. (906) 370-7541.. LBoose@up.. Mobility-Impaired Participant Application Coordinator:.. Dianne Brunswick.. (602) 361-1511.. DMBrunswick@gmail.. com.. Instructor/Guide Application Coordinator:.. Brenda Seeger.. (218) 416-0453.. SeegerB@hotmail.. Details and Applications for the next SFL Event.. If you are excited about what you have read and learned about Ski for Light, and would like to know the details of the next event, please proceed to the.. Details of the next SFL Event.. From there, you can continue to the easy-to-complete online application form.. Note: information about the next event is posted on about July 1 of each year.. We look forward to meeting you at our next event!..

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  • Title: SFL Information and Media Center
    Descriptive info: Information and Media Center.. Welcome to the Ski for Light, Inc.. Information and Media Center! Here you will find:.. Materials to help recruite new Guides, Visually- and Mobility-Impaired Participants to our next event.. The Brief History of Ski for Light.. Articles and stories about SFL and its people.. If you have questions, need more information, or need to receive the materials below in an alternative format, please contact.. Peter Slatin.. , chair of the Ski for Light Publicity and Public Relations committee.. Information to Inform and Recruit New Guides.. Guide Recruitment Flyer (PDF).. To reach potential new guides, download and print copies of the Guide Recruitment flyer for posting and distribution at cross-country ski centers, clubs, and similar locations in your area.. Guide Recruitment Poster (jpg image of an advertisement that ran in several publications in late 2012).. Ski for Light Video.. It does a great job showing and telling the Ski for Light story, and should be helpful in recruiting new guides and participants.. Information About the 2014 Event.. News Release for the 2014 Event (DOC).. Most people who attend Ski for Light do so based on the recommendation of a friend or acquaintance who has attended one of our events.. Help us recruit new people by forwarding the News Release to anyone  ...   to Conquer Challenges.. The Provo Daily Herald.. , February 8, 2009.. If I Can Do This, I Can Do Anything.. The Bend Reporter.. , February 18, 2008.. Mary Hiland: She's Unable to See But Bikes, Hikes, Skis.. , August 8, 2006.. Fireside Chat with Kathy Strahan.. Cross Country Skier.. magazine, November 2003.. Lack of snow doesn't slow skiers.. by Deborah Kendrick,.. Cincinnati Enquirer.. , March 23, 2003.. A week in a snowy utopia.. , February 17, 2002.. Word of mouth promotes Ski for Light.. by Cara Barnes,.. magazine, January-February 2002.. Related Stories.. Raymond Bud Keith, Tireless Champion for the Blind, Dies.. The Washington Post.. , June 29, 2008.. Olav Pedersen: Breckenridge Pioneer Dies at 87.. Summit Daily News.. , June 17, 2004.. Olav Pedersen: National Ski Hall of Fame.. MountainZone.. com, August 2000.. Olav Pedersen: Colorado Ski Hall of Fame.. , Colorado Ski Museum.. Retired But Still Inspired: Bud Keith, Chris Bell and Harvey Miller.. AccessWorld.. , September 2003.. Ski for Light Builds Competition, Community, Compassion Among Blind Skiers.. by Andrew Leibs.. Originally appeared in the.. Boston Globe.. , March 13, 2003.. She Rules the Braille Domain: An Interview with Judy Dixon.. , November 2002.. To view News and Information Releases and Guide Recruitment flyers from previous years, visit the.. SFL Media Center Archives..

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  • Title: The Ski for Light Bulletin
    Descriptive info: The Ski for Light Bulletin.. The Ski for Light Bulletin is the newsletter of Ski for Light, Inc.. It contains news and Information about the Programs and people of SFL, and is published three times each year.. In addition to the formats contained on this page, the Bulletin is available in print and via e-mail.. To be added to the subscription list for either edition please send a request to.. Bulletin@sfl.. Current Issue - Summer 2013.. The Summer 2013 SFL Bulletin may be viewed online or downloaded.. The online version is normal html, while the download version is an Adobe pdf document.. Summer 2013 SFL Bulletin online edition.. Summer 2013 SFL Bulletin Adobe pdf format.. Deadline for Submission of Articles for the Next (Fall 2013) Issue: September 15, 2013.. Previous Issues.. Spring 2013.. Fall 2012.. Summer 2012.. Spring 2012.. Fall 2011.. Summer 2011.. Spring 2011.. Fall 2010.. Summer 2010.. Spring 2010.. Fall 2009.. Summer 2009.. Spring 2009.. Fall 2008.. Summer 2008.. Spring 2008.. Fall 2007.. Summer 2007.. Spring 2007.. Fall 2006.. Summer 2006.. Spring 2006.. Fall 2005.. Summer 2005.. Spring 2005.. Highlights of Previous Issues.. Recent Events - Recaps and Remembrances.. 2013 - Bellaire, Michigan.. 2012 - Provo, Utah.. 2011 - Granby, Colorado.. 2010 - Soldier Hollow & Provo, Utah.. 2009 - Soldier Hollow & Provo, Utah.. 2008 - Bend, Oregon.. 2007 - North Conway, New Hampshire.. 2006 - Granby, Colorado.. 2005 - Granby, Colorado.. Other Highlights from Recent Issues.. Empowered and Loving It.. by Gretchen VanOrmer (Spring 2013).. A Man a Tandem and A Plan.. by Nino Pacini (Spring 2013).. Reflections of a Ski for Light Veteran.. by George Wurtzel (Fall 2012).. Ski for Light: The Knock-on Effect.. by Krista Erickson and Heather Berg (Summer 2012).. In the Right Track.. by Dave Wilkinson  ...   for Light Means to Me.. by Jean Sanford Replinger (Spring 2008).. Speak Up! Speak Out! Recruit new Skiers and Guides.. by Dave Thomas (Fall 2007).. The SFL Endowment Fund Is On The Move.. by Suzanne Brown (Fall 2007).. Ridderrenn Reflections 2007 Recap.. by SFL team members (Spring 2007).. Regional Spotlight - Wisconsin.. by Vicki Post (Summer 2006).. Deaf-Blind Wild Crazy Ride.. by James Mumford (Summer 2006).. Ski for Light Survey Results.. (Spring 2006).. Ridderrenn 2006 Recap.. by Kathy Strahan (Spring 2006).. The Ski for Light Experience and the Endowment Fund: Two Gifts That Keep on Giving.. by Gordon Larson (Spring 2006).. Willie Reckert: In Memorium, In Gratitude.. (Fall 2005).. Regional Spotlight - Montana.. compiled by Vicki Post (Fall 2005).. A Living History on the Internet.. by Bud Keith (Fall 2005).. Selecting Future Sites For Sfl.. by Jeanne MacKenzie (Summer 2005).. Right To Risk Adventure.. by Jeff Pagels (Summer 2005).. Ridderrenn 2005 Recap.. by Dave Thomas (Summer 2005).. Ski for Light History Year by Year.. by Bud Keith (Spring 2005).. Regional Spotlight - Michigan.. by Vicki Post (Spring 2005).. Ski for Light: A Natural High.. by Kerrie Brown (Spring 2005).. The Gift of Trust.. by Fran Howley (Spring 2005).. Bulletin Archives.. Visit the SFL.. Bulletin Archive.. to read articles and stories that appeared in the bulletin prior to 2005.. For future Bulletins, remember that your contributions and feedback are always most welcome.. You may submit articles as e-mail or as a word attachment; if you do not have e-mail, you may send a typed article through the mail.. Send all items to:.. 255 West 108th Street, Apt.. 8A-1.. New York, NY 10025.. Layout and graphics:.. Bjorg Dunlop.. Electronic version:.. Larry Showalter.. Special thanks to Fram Lodge #3-564, Sons of Norway.. Last updated on April 5, 2013..

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  • Title: The History of Ski for Light
    Descriptive info: The History of Ski for Light.. How it All Began; by Olav Pedersen, written in 1995.. SFL Year By Year: 1975 - 2007 - The memories and recollections of SFL pioneer Raymond Bud Keith.. Presidents of Ski for Light.. SFL Location History.. In Memorium..

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  • Title: Ski for Light Awards and Honors
    Descriptive info: .. Awards and Honors.. Recipients of the Bjarne Eikevik President's Award.. Recipients of the Brit Peterson Award.. Recipients of the Jan Haug Award.. Ridderrenn Teams..

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  • Title: Important Organizational Documents
    Descriptive info: Important Organizational Documents.. View or download the.. Bylaws.. of Ski for Light, Inc.. (Microsoft Word format).. Articles of Incorporation.. >.. Conflict of Interest Policy.. Whistleblower Protection Policy.. 2012 Annual Report.. IRS Form 990 for Fiscal Year 2012.. for Ski for Light, Inc.. Complete financial statements are available from the SFL office upon request..

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  • Title: Life Members of Friends of Ski for Light
    Descriptive info: Life Members of Friends of Ski for Light.. Please join us in thanking the 357 people listed below who have made an investment in the future of SFL by becoming Life Members of Friends of Ski for Light.. Anyone who donates $400 or more to the Ski for Light Endowment Fund becomes a Life Member.. Renee Abernathy.. Stephen J.. Ackerman.. Wilmot Aldrich.. Egil Almaas.. Lisa Altschul.. Valerie and Bill Anders.. Charles Anderson.. Homer Anderson.. Karen Anderson.. Leif Andol.. Julie Angle.. Harris Arnold.. Dick Ashley.. Virginia Ayres.. Cara Barnes.. Jim and Patience Barnes.. Patricia Beattie.. Daniel Beckman.. Larry Behne.. Beezy Bentzen.. Paula Berardi.. Erling Berg.. Einar Bergh.. Kjell Bergh.. George Bianculli.. Janice Bianculli.. John Birdsong.. Michael Bittner.. Doug and Lynda Boose.. Amy Bower.. Amy Brannan.. David Brown.. Dorian Brown.. Suzanne Brown.. Charles Bruce.. Reidar Brustad.. Bob and Nancy Buchanan.. Thomas Burgunder.. Jeff Burkey.. Merrikay Oleen-Burkey.. Carolyn Burley.. Art Bunn.. Phyllis Burson.. Gilbert Busch.. Tim Byas.. Mike Cain.. Wanda Cain.. Jody Carman.. Julie Carroll.. Richard Casey.. Mary Elizabeth Catto.. Claude Cavaillier.. Bob Civiak.. John Claricoat.. Lee Coleman.. Rhea Collett.. Lynita Conradie.. Annemarie Cooke.. Gerald and Lynn Cox.. Roland Crowl.. Mark Cullen.. Tor Dahl.. Robert Dall.. Jennifer Davey.. Wendy David.. Gene Dayton.. Jackson Dennis.. Catherine Dib.. Judith Dixon.. Ron Dixon.. Anita Doyle.. Roy Drever.. Donald Eddy.. Roger Egeberg.. Bjarne Eikevik.. Marion Elmquist.. Kathleen Emig.. David Epstein.. Richard Epstein.. Sarah G.. Epstein.. Donna Evans.. Ann Fagan.. Sandra Lotz Fisher.. Zachary Fisher.. David Fisichella.. David Fisk.. Mr.. and Mrs.. Thomas Flatley.. Curt Fleck.. Julius Fleischman.. Si and Vickie Ford.. Gayle Fox.. Karen Fredericks.. Susan Friedman.. Pat Gabriel.. Kathy Gaskins.. Johan Gedde.. James Gelardi.. Terry and Nancy Gerber.. Marilyn Gerhard.. Morris Gjessing.. Frank Gibney.. Eileen Goff.. Craig Gray.. Annette Grove.. Barbara Guinn.. Gordon Gund.. Grace Hall.. John Hall.. Phyllis Hamblet.. Maria Hansen.. Lowell A.. Hanson.. Richard Harris.. Ray Charles Harrison.. Robert Hartt.. John Hegge.. Bruce and Sharon Hendry.. Karin Henszey.. Karen Highsmith.. Mary Hiland.. Elizabeth Hilbom.. Douglas Hildie.. Darwin C.. Hillman.. David Hoffman.. Aase Holby.. Kay Holdaway.. Tim Hollander.. John Hollenbach.. Robert Holt.. Polly Horton.. Chesley Houske..  ...   and Deral Mosbey.. Astrid Mullen.. James Mumford.. Linda Mumford.. Elaine Nelson.. Marvin Nevala.. Jack Newbury.. Larry Ngayan.. Nancy Nilsen.. Mary Nuebel.. Bonnie O'Day.. Sharon O'Hara.. Elaine Oftedahl.. Ev Oftedahl.. Laura Oftedahl.. Astrid Ogilvie.. John Olnes.. Marie Pacini.. Nino Pacini.. Sandie Page.. Jeff Pagels.. Elaine Pallisgaard.. Timothy Paul.. Steve Paula.. John Paxman.. Olav Pedersen.. Don Perlman.. Brit Aabakken Peterson.. Steve Peterson.. Karen Pikula.. Lawrence Povinelli.. Inga Prime.. Berit Prunty.. Walter Raineri.. Haakon Randar.. Rolf Ranum.. Sherry Oswald Rasmussen.. William F.. Reckert.. Mark Remaly.. Jean Replinger.. Kevin and Susan Rich.. Ridderrennets Venner.. Gloria Ristow.. Kay Robertson.. John Rogers.. Beverly and John Rollwagen.. Mickey Rosa.. Asbjorn Rostad.. Barbara Rostad.. Loret Miller Ruppe.. Mike Russell.. Bob Sarver.. Gunvor Satra.. Terry Ann Saurmann.. Linda Schall.. Grant Scharfenberg.. Holly Schmaling.. Richard J.. Schmeelk.. John Schmidt.. David Schoentag.. Jasmine Schuchardt.. Carol and Frank Schultz.. Evelyn Schumacher.. Mary Schuster.. Jack Schwartz.. Sarah Selis.. Gerald Shargel.. Ellsworth Sharpe.. Paul Shelton.. Fred Sheppard.. Nancy Shull.. Kjell Skavnes.. Robert Slauson.. Judith Sneed.. C.. Jay Smith.. Dr.. Robert Smith.. Pat Smith.. Sandra Smith.. Stanley Smith.. Jeffrey F.. Snyder.. Alan Sommerfeld.. Dennis Sorheim.. John Soucheray.. Marsha Soucheray.. Carole Soule.. Harrold Spicknall.. Jim Steele.. Sally Steele.. Bob and Erlene Stevenson.. Kenneth Stewart.. Hans Stokken.. Stony Stondall.. Kathy Strahan.. Ambassador Robert Stuart, Jr.. Douglas Sundberg.. Jennifer Sutton.. Jack Swedman.. Jerry Swenson.. Allen Takahashi.. Noriko Tani.. Cheryl Taylor.. Rosemary Teehan.. Don Theye.. David Thomas.. Betsy Thomason.. Susan Thompson.. Svein Thorstensen.. Nancy Thorvilson.. Bruce Torgerson.. Jeffrey Turner.. Carol Urbanski.. Bruce Van Buskirk.. Vicki VanGelderen.. Martin Venneraasen.. Ambassador Kjeld Vibe.. Ambassador Knut Vollebaek.. Ambassador Tom Vraalsen.. Doug Wakefield.. Martha Walker.. Joseph Wallace.. Lisa Wangberg.. Kenneth Watterson.. Karen Wedde.. John Weimer.. Jack Welhaven.. Frank Welte.. Phillip White.. Deborah Wiese.. Dave Wilkinson.. Judy Wilkinson.. Charles Wirth.. Elizabeth Witteveen.. Maury Witteveen.. Christina and William Witzke.. Harry and Carol Woehrle.. Romelle Wojahn.. Kathleen Wood.. Trond Woxen.. James Wu.. Brook Yates.. Joseph Yee.. Roseanne Young.. Anne and Phil Zink.. If you would like your name removed from the published list of Life Members, send an e-mail request to:.. Last updated on March 9, 2012..

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  • Title: Ways to Donate
    Descriptive info: Ways to Donate to Ski for Light, Inc.. Your tax-deductible gift to Ski for Light may be made:.. With your VISA or MasterCard, using this simple and secure online.. donation form.. By mailing your check to.. Ski for Light also accepts gifts of other types of assets, including shares of common stock or bonds.. There can be considerable tax advantages to you for donating this way.. For help with such donations, send an e-mail message to:.. Treasurer@sfl.. Your gift may be directed to the General Operating, Goodfellow, or Endowment fund.. Each fund is described below.. You may also want to consider making a special or planned gift to Ski for Light, such as including a bequest to SFL in your will or living trust, or including SFL as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy.. Information about this type of gift is contained in the SFL Endowment and Gift Planning brochure, below.. The General Operating and Goodfellow Funds.. Each year Ski for Light must raise a substantial amount of money to keep the fees charged to blind and mobility-impaired skiers and volunteer instructor guides to a level that is affordable.. The General Operating and Goodfellow funds, which provide much of this support, pay for scholarships, stipends, guide training activities, transportation to the hotel and ski site, and much, much more.. This is our biggest financial need each and every year.. Donors of $50 or more to the General Operating or Goodfellow funds are  ...   donations preserved to earn income for use in subsequent years.. This ensures that the organization will have funds with which to operate over the long term.. There are many ways you can support the Ski for Light Endowment Fund, from a gift of cash by mail or with your credit card, to Gifts of stock or bonds, to a designated donation from your IRA.. There are also several ways to help Ski for Light in the future that won't change your current financial situation: name Ski for Light as a beneficiary in your will, life insurance policy or living trust.. For more information on this subject, please:.. SFL Endowment and Gift Planning brochure, low resolution.. (0.. 4 MB, Adobe PDF format).. SFL Endowment and Gift Planning brochure, high resolution.. (5.. 4 MB, Adobe PDF format, best for printing, requires legal size paper).. Gifts of $50 or more to the Endowment Fund are recognized in the SFL Annual Report, unless otherwise requested, with donors of $400 or more becoming.. Life Members.. The Tracksetter Society - The Ski for Light Tracksetter Society honors and recognizes our special friends who have remembered Ski for Light in their estate plans.. Anyone who has included Ski for Light, Inc.. as a beneficiary in his or her will or living trust becomes, if they so choose, a member of the Society.. If you have designated Ski for Light as a beneficiary in your estate plan, please let us know..

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  • Title: Ski for Light, Inc. Officers and Directors
    Descriptive info: Officers and Directors.. is managed and governed by an elected Board of Directors, while the affairs of the organization are managed between meetings of the full Board by an Executive Committee of the Board.. Here is the Board roster for 2012 to 2014.. Executive Committee.. , President - Des Moines, Iowa.. , Vice-President - Atlanta, Georgia.. Heather Hall.. , Secretary - Girdwood, Alaska.. Doug Boose.. , Treasurer - Houghton, Michigan.. , Director-at-Large - Arlington, Virginia.. , Director-at-Large - Berkeley, California.. ,  ...   Collins, Colorado.. - Lebanon, New Hampshire.. Julie Coppens.. - Cincinnati, Ohio.. - Seattle, Washington.. - Dummerston, Vermont.. - Post Mills, Vermont.. - Alexandria, Virginia.. Eivind Heiberg.. - Minneapolis, Minnesota.. Leslie Maclin.. - Evanston, Illinois.. Theresa Montano.. - Denver, Colorado.. - Madison, Alabama.. - Delafield, Wisconsin.. - Red Lake Falls, Minnesota.. - New York, New York.. Directors Emeritus.. - Huron, South Dakota.. - Stavanger, Norway.. - Marshall, Minnesota.. Honorary Director.. Marit Kristiansen.. - President of Sons of Norway, Minneapolis, Minnesota.. SFL Home Page..

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