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  • Title: SEO Professional Development Community & Directory | "The home of Best Practices"
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. RFPgenerator.. How to Choose an SEO.. Join.. Consultants Directory.. Home.. RFPgenerator.. How to Choose an SEO.. Join.. Consultants Directory.. Confused?.. SEO Pros is a Registered Ontario Not For Profit organization providing an RFP Generator, free recommendation services and materials to provide information and guidance finding marketing professional or Agency for you!.. +.. Read More.. Join The SEO Pros Community.. The SEO Pros Community provides opportunities to network with other SEO marketers and web developers interested in changing the status quo where consumers are expected to fend for themselves.. Our Helpline!!.. SEO Pros wants to help you find the SEO best suited for your site and budget! Every Wednesday at 11 AM EST check us out on Google+ for tips on building your online business!.. 1.. 2.. 3.. SEO Services.. ∨.. Advocacy.. Directory Services.. Free Recommendation Service.. Advocacy & Info Services.. Get Your.. SEO Pros Advisor.. Today!.. Reviewed List Of Consultants & Agencies.. SEO Consultant Directory.. Directory.. Powered by SEO Pros.. The RFPgenerator Builds your RFP to request quotes!!.. Submit your RFP Today!.. Performance.. services.. Free Advisory Services.. SEO Pros is a strong believer that consumer advocacy is way past due for a matured marketing industry like SEO.. The industry consensus has been that consumers should be expected to learn enough to ask both the right questions and know that they got the right answers.. SEO has become so complicated with new spam and content evaluation algorithms that even professionals with years of experience are baffled as to what is and isn't a SEO "best practice".. How can we expect consumers to know what to ask when doing due diligence.. SEO Pros has the answer with its free.. SEO Advisor Program.. !.. SEO Pros Consultants Directory.. SEO Pros thoroughly reviews all consultants and agencies listed in the.. SEO Consultants Directory.. The directory review includes the websites and services and information on it; techniques used on client sites we discover during the review; searches for complaints on BBB and other similar services; other professional SEO organizations and checks for duplicate content and plagiarized materials and other proprietary processes.. The RFPgenerator enables you to.. create a request for proposal.. based on the services and data you provide.. To be ready you should have a list of 3 competitors, some of your primary keywords, who your audience is, and most importantly the  ...   SEO Pros Directory List.. Looking for the list of Reviewed directories? We have moved that to SEO Pros.. com.. There is a login however there is no charge for this area as yet.. We are planning to improve the display and layout of the site as it will be transformed into crowd sourced list of niche blogs.. What's New.. Social Media Metrics Measurement Beyond the Obvious!.. SEO Pros has announced that the next SEO Pros Helpline Hangout will be titled Social Metrics and Measurement Beyond the Obvious! featuring Justin Parks, Marjorie Steele and Adele Triblier! The guests with hosts Terry Van Horne and Steve Gerenscer will discuss Social media metrics and measurement.. The panel will discuss what metrics they monitor and which metrics they use to track success and other Social goodies.. Video for Digital Asset Management and Content Marketing Strategies.. This week SEO Pros Helpline Hangout on Air is on video strategies with video marketing experts Greg Jarboe and Jonathan Allen who will join Terry Van Horne and Steve Gerencser and the panelists to explore the fundamentals of Video SEO and Content Strategies.. The hangout will cover Must video go viral to succeed?; Video goals for Social Media Marketing; Digital Asset Management for Video and the role of Video in Content Strategy and the sales funnel.. About SEO Pros.. History Philosophy.. Contact Us.. Full Service SEO Solutions.. Brick Marketing offers full service SEO, custom SEO consulting and SEO training to help increase your website visitors.. Are you looking to acquire new clients?.. Cogentis specialise in tuning your website marketing to attract & win new clients for YOUR business.. Unsure about Search Marketing.. We offer an educational review on a variety of our search engine marketing and analytical services.. Advertisement.. Directory Submission Guidelines.. RFPgenerator FAQ.. Professional Certification Endorsements.. TOS and Privacy Policy.. Directory Submission Guidelines.. RFPgenerator FAQ.. Professional Certification Endorsements.. TOS and Privacy Policy.. Location.. SEO Pros.. 3608 Dufferin Str.. Toronto, On.. M3K 1N7.. Canada.. SEO Pros Mandate.. Seo Pros is an organization of search engines, search engine optimization consultants, internet marketers, and developers of remote technology.. We hold our responsibility of helping consumers find marketers that meet their needs and budget.. Contact Details.. 1 (416) 638-4148.. info@seopros.. org.. Copyright© 2001-13 SeoPros™.. Powered By.. CaSEM Technologies.. Top.. 3608 Dufferin Str Suite #1 Toronto On.. Ca.. M3k 1N7.. Call: 416 638-4148..

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  • Title: RFP Generator | SEO Professional Development Community & Directory
    Descriptive info: RFP Generator.. Organization of Search Engine Optimization Professionals.. Using Our SEO services:.. Step 1: The basic services of our Member Firms.. We recommend you read our.. How to Choose an SEO guide.. before contacting any SEO consultant.. You ll learn a bit of what to ask an SEO marketer about their techniques and services to ensure they meet both your budget and promotion requirements.. Step 2: Due Diligence.. All member firms are best practice compliant SEO companies engaging in SEO techniques with no deceptive information in their marketing materials or using spam email marketing practices.. The.. Directory of search engine optimization consultants.. features only Member Firms complying with the organization s best practices standards.. The results are short profiles of the Member Firm, including links to their websites.. Step 3: Submitting the RFP.. RFPGenerator.. : Generates an RFP, Request For Proposal, the first step in retaining an SEO.. Your SEO Pros Advisor will add your RFP to our database, you will receive a PDF containing the RFP and full contact details for your free SeoPros RFP advisor.. The organization then walks you through the process,  ...   The Organization of Search Engine Optimization Professionals is a Registered Ontario Not For Profit Organization of search engine optimization consultants and internet marketers developing and implementing a set of best practices for business practices and standards, certification and/or designations for search engine optimization professionals.. If you provide optimization and submission services, are a remote technology developer or search portal and wish more information about the organization, the members index provides full information about the organization.. SeoPros Goals:.. Assist the public in retaining skilled consultants complying with the Organization s best practices ;.. Provide Consumer Information about the services that search engine optimization consultants and marketers provide and how to access them.. Fill out the form below and your SEO Pros Advisor will contact you to begin the process of finding an SEO company or consultant that meets your needs and budget.. Request for prosal form 1.. Contact Name.. Company.. Website.. *.. Phone.. Email.. City.. Province/State.. Country.. Australia.. Brazil.. Canada.. Germany.. Italy.. United Kingdom.. United States.. Zip.. Captcha.. Raise My Rank SEO Services.. SEO services designed to increase your targeted traffic and improve your return on investment..

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  • Title: How To Choose An SEO | SEO Professional Development Community & Directory
    Descriptive info: How To Choose An SEO.. The following articles will assist consumers that aren t knowledgeable of what a search engine optimization consultant or marketer does or what to expect from an SEO/webmaster or website promotion service.. The original articles were written between 2000 and 2003.. Many of the original links to member and other pages have moved or were expunged.. Although the info is a little dated, understand that it was written knowing that algorithms change frequently.. However, because this was written to reflect that there were about to occur a major shift from on-page to off page analysis i.. link analysis at the time of writing, the present document has been slanted towards a shift to measuring buzz and activity on the many social network sites.. Changes to the FAQ will be in blockquotes.. and italicized font anything bolded is the key point.. It s our hope that by using this FAQ, we can illustrate the success of our member standards.. To date only 6 members have been removed, 2 for questionable business practices ; 3 for plagiarism, oddly only one was offshore and TrafficPower.. At the time of this writing (January/2011) all major Search Engines had added Realtime/Social and Blended/Universal Search.. Personalization is influencing the Google SERPs with more location targeting and authorship the most notiecable.. How content is discovered is changing and will only increase the need for webmasters and marketers to change the way websites are promoted.. Facebook has emerged as a major force; YouTube, a video search and Social sharing site, is the second most popular search site; blogging, including micro blogging (Twitter and similar Social Networks), have all changed the  ...   I just do this myself?.. : Good question! Many do try, few succeed.. We explain why and how in the long run, this could be more costly than hiring a professional search engine optimization company.. Related Resources.. http://www.. google.. com/webmasters/seo.. html.. : For another take on SEO services to avoid checkout this article on Google!.. Seo Pros Resource Page.. : Alan Perkins has published a number of papers on spam and Best Practices which should be a must read for professionals and people looking to use SEO services.. In addition to Alan s reference there are links to many Forums, search engine and organizations a consumer can use to perform their due diligence.. About the Author and these Articles FAQ s.. Written by Terry Van Horne, AKA Webmaster T, a founding member of the organization.. T has been an active member of the SEO community since 1995, writing optimization and submission articles on.. TsWorldofdesign.. and advocating best practices primarily in I-search later becoming.. SearchReturn.. , an SEO discussion group.. Terry is currently providing SEO, SEM and social marketing services to his clients.. At the time the above guideline was written, T s web development and marketing company was not providing optimization services so Terry was in the unique position of having no vested interest in the information provided.. His intention was for the articles to provide information that consumers of search engine optimization and marketing services could use to understand:.. what should be done.. how it should be done.. what they should realistically expect and why.. Professional Search Engine Strategies.. Full service SEO firm specializing in all aspects of ethical search engine placement, and ppc management..

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  • Title: Join SEO Pros | SEO Professional Development Community & Directory
    Descriptive info: Join SEO Pros.. The First Database of Search Engine Marketing and Optimization Consultants and Remote Technology on the Net.. Membership fees for member firms are paid annually, with costs determined by the.. level of service.. requested.. Only member firms receive RFP requests.. Volunteer members are encouraged to use and participate in the best practices discussion list.. We value volunteer input toward the continued development of best practices standards.. Submissions for member firms will not appear in the results immediately, as SeoPros is reviewing all sites.. Reviews will not be started until payment is received.. Learn more about.. SEO Pros best practices organization.. and its mandate.. SEO Pros and CaSEM have identified.. other member firm services.. we can provide for members.. These are in the exploratory phase but do look promising.. If they are included with anything below you will receive those upgrades also.. No listings are added to the Directory until the review is completed and Member Fees are paid!.. First you will receive an invoice from SEO Pros for the Review.. Membership and any sponsorships will be from.. Submission Guidelines.. Privacy Policy.. Note that the services and prices may change at any time without notice.. Every year  ...   by Editors David Harry and Terry Van Horne.. Networking chatroom on Skype (we will be gathering resources and references but nothing that would not protect your anonymity ie: we will ask before attributing links or discussion to a person.. org.. Member Firm.. button for your site.. Member Sponsor.. Cost: $200/Yr.. USD Including Yearly Review Fee.. Member Firm services +.. Text ads rotated in the sponsored area (1 Member Sponsor ad/page in 5th position.. org Sponsor Member button.. Sponsor Firms.. Cost: $325/Yr.. Text ads rotated in the sponsored area (2 Sponsor Firm ads/page in positions 3 and 4.. Premium Sponsor Firms.. Cost: $500/Yr.. Sponsor Firm services +.. 120 X 120 image and/or text ad rotated in the sponsored area (1 Premium Sponsor ad/page in position 2).. More services TBA.. CaSEM Recommended Vendors.. Cost: $850/Yr.. Premium Sponsor Firm services +.. Image and/or text ad rotated in the sponsored area ( CaSEM Recommended Vendor in 1st position).. CaSEM s Recommended Vendor button SEO Pros Member Button.. Register.. register for directory.. Name.. First.. Last.. Enter Email.. Confirm Email.. Untitled.. Member Firm ($75).. Member Sponsor ($250).. Sponsor Firm ($325).. Premium Sponsor ($500).. Recommended Vendor ($850).. Promo Code.. PayPal email so we can invoice you..

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  • Title: Consultants Directory | SEO Professional Development Community & Directory
    Descriptive info: Show All Categories.. Countries.. Eygpt.. Latin America Espanol.. Lebanon.. Mexico.. UK.. United Arab Emirates.. USA.. Link Marketing.. Foundational Link Building.. Press Release Distribution.. Search Engine Marketing.. Pay Per Click.. Product Feed Management.. Retarget Marketing.. Search Engine Optimization.. Content Strategy.. Conversion Specialist.. Copywriting.. Technical SEO.. User Experience.. Social Media Networking.. Community Building.. Public relations.. Uncategorized.. Search Directory.. Sante.. Joseph.. Achille.. Web Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Specialist.. Via Grotta di Navarra, 24.. L Aquila.. AQ.. 67100.. home.. Cell Phone.. :.. +39 329 61 68 802.. cell.. Work Phone.. +39 0862 785133.. work.. Work Email.. sante@achille.. name.. INTERNET.. Skype.. sjachille.. Sante s Blog on Web Marketing Technology.. Show Bio.. Show Map.. |.. Biography.. Sante Lives and works in Italy out of L’Aquila a small medieval town close to Rome.. He has an engineering degree, has worked for major aerospace organizations including the European Space Agency (Noordwijk – Netherlands), and has been working on the web since the very beginning of the commercial World Wide Web in 1994.. With over 15 years of hands on experience, Sante has reviewed and optimized hundreds of websites and successfully cooperated with small local companies and large muti-national corporations, offer a wide spectrum of expertise essential to the success of a project.. Sante is a seasoned bi-lingual web marketing consultant capable of finding the right solution for you and your company, knowing that one size does not fit all.. As a professional search marketer Sante offers consulting services and provides an array of web marketing solutions in organic placement, paid search, and content creation, in both English and Italian.. Sante has spoken at a variety of international conferences such as Search Engine Strategies, RIMC, International Search Summit, Convegno GT (leading SEO conference in Italy), he teaches Web Technology at the Accademia di Belle Arti of L’Aquila, and web Marketing in the framework of the Master in Multimedia Content Design at the University of Florence (Italy), and has recently been appointed Web Marketing Consultant to WE TECH OFF a business incubator supporting the creation of new and innovative enterprises in Emilia Romagna where he is coaching new companies and supporting their efforts in the web marketing arena, and gives seminars on how to build an effective online presence for high tech B2B start ups.. In 2012 Sante joined the MajesticSEO group as Ambassador to Italy.. Sante has contributing writer for the book Global Search Engine Marketing by Anne F.. Kennedy Kristjan Mar Hauksson.. Sante regularly participates in conferences, events and debates on Web Marketing, not only in Italy but also internationally and is available to speak at conferences and seminars.. A detailed and always up-todate CV is available for download at.. here.. Brick Marketing.. Contact.. Nick.. Stamoulis.. Brick Marketing Boston MA SEO Office.. 101 Federal Street, Suite 1900.. Boston.. MA.. 02110.. Brick Marketing Woburn MA SEO Office.. 100 Tower Office Park, Suite M.. Woburn.. 01801.. 877-295-0620.. 781-999-1222.. Work Fax.. 781-998-1250.. fax.. info@brickmarketing.. Brick Marketing: SEO Marketing Company.. Full Service SEO Solution by Brick Marketing.. Brick Marketing Blog.. Since 2005 Brick Marketing® has become one of the premier SEO firms that helps companies of all types and sizes throughout the United States and Canada.. Brick Marketing has 2 offices in.. Boston Massachusetts.. and.. Woburn Massachusetts.. What makes Brick Marketing unique are several key factors:.. Personal Service, Reasonable Costs and ROI focus for EVERY SEO CLIENT.. The strategy for every client and project, big or small is handled personally by Brick Marketing  ...   developed a YouTube Marketing Strategy and to date those 300+ videos have received over 26,000,000+ downloads.. Terry is currently proprietor of Casem Technolgies and International Website Builders, a partner with David Harry in the award winning.. SEO Training Dojo.. , a learning community as well as three other marketing and industry news sites.. Terry is Director Of SEO Dojo Radio and co-hosts 2 hour long podcasts “Search Geeks Speak,” an hour with luminaries and up and comers in Search Engine Marketing as well as “The Regulators,” an hour of Industry News.. Terry founded Seo Pros, as a consumer advocacy organization for purchasers of search engine optimization and is currently a Director of the NFP organization OSEOP that grew out of it.. For over 15 years International Website Builders has been a proven Canadian leader in search engine optimization Search by developing and marketing innovative portals, ecommerce websites and custom business solutions for the real estate, financial services and search engine marketing industries.. IWBs’ philosophy of seeking out and building relationships with the best in a field of expertise means our services are the result of the best in the field rather than the best IWB can provide.. International Website Builders has been on the cutting edge of internet marketing for over 15 years starting with BBS’s in the early 90′s (pre internet) culminating in our current solutions featuring videos, shopping and comparison search engines, press releases and social media.. Terry Van Horne the CEO of International Website Builders has been marketing one thing or another for over 30 years! He often uses his knowledge of call centers, lead generation and internet integration to provide enhanced customer service and order fulfillment solutions.. Level343.. International Marketing and SEO consultation.. Gabriella.. Sannino.. 584 Castro Street #845.. San Francisco.. CA.. 94114.. 415.. 308.. 7375.. info@level343.. Blog.. Article Archive.. Although located in the U.. S.. , we provide International SEO services with partner SEO firms in several countries including Italy, the Netherlands, and France.. We’ve consulted, partnered and worked with many Fortune 1,000+ companies in order for them to grow in business, reputation and international reach.. Eren.. Mckay.. Owner.. Social Sweetie.. embracinghome@gmail.. Top Shelf Copy.. Sheldon.. Campbell.. 2624 C St.. Unit 10.. San DIego.. 92102.. 512-938-3083.. doc@topshelfcopy.. doc@docsheldon.. sheldon2208.. Doc has worked professionally in marketing and publishing for nearly 40 years, before he started studying SEO in 2003.. When he “retired” from his business management consulting business in 2008, he began pursuing SEO full-time, initially focusing on content strategy and copywriting, and later expanding his focus to include SEO in general, with a greater focus on its technical aspects, particularly as pertains to the development of the Semantic Web.. Doc has a great deal of experience in publishing and marketing, having owned and published both weekly and monthly magazines and a newspaper.. He has published one book and thousands of articles in his pre-Internet career, and has now published several ebooks, as well.. He contributes regularly to a number of blogs and writes regularly on two industry news sites in his quest to help others stay abreast of the latest developments in the search and SEO realms.. SEO for Ecommerce & Data Driven Sites.. Ecommerce website development and marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes! SEO, Pay Per Click, Social Media Marketing, Press Releases & more!.. SEM, SEO, PPC & Web Programming.. DISC offers search engine marketing, since 1997, proof of success, many references, and ROI Plans..

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  • Title: Google+ Hangouts | SEO Professional Development Community & Directory
    Descriptive info: Category: Google+ Hangouts.. SEO Pros Helpline Hangout June 5 2013.. Published on Tuesday, 04 June 2013 19:52.. Written by Terry Van Horne.. 0 Comments.. SEO Pros Helpline Hangout May 29th 2013.. Published on Monday, 27 May 2013 18:01.. SEO Pros Helpline Hangout May 22nd 2013.. Published on Tuesday, 21 May 2013 17:12.. Coming May 22nd: International SEO and Translation.. Today SEO Pros announced that Gabriella Sannino, Sante J Achilles, Doc Sheldon, Wissam Dandan and Jonthan Schikowski will be guest panelists for SEO Pros Helpline on Air Hangout.. Topics will cover translation and SEO considerations for International Campaigns; the impact of personalization on Google search; hosting, content and localization strategies for international SEO camapaigns.. SEO Pros Helpline Hangout May 15th 2013.. Published on Monday, 13 May 2013 21:10.. Local Search For SMB and B2B Lead Generation.. Today SEO Pros announced that Darren Shaw, Mike Wilton and Adam Steele are to be guest experts for SEO Pros Helpline on Air Hangout on Local Search For SMB and B2B Lead Generation.. Topics will cover G+ Local changes to Places, the role of citations  ...   Dojo s favorite Local search practitioners and Adam comes highly regarded.. SEO Pros Helpline Hangout May 8th 2013.. Published on Tuesday, 07 May 2013 23:07.. Content and Social media Marketing 101!.. Today SEO Pros announced that Darren Shaw, Adam Steele and Mike Wilton will be guest experts for SEO Pros Helpline on Air Hangout.. Topics will cover G+ Local, the upcoming changes to Places in the G+ Local Profile, Best practices for NAP (Name Address phone), the role of citations and reviews as local ranking factors and the role of website content as a ranking factor.. The last 2 weeks we discussed traditional link building and content and Social Media marketing and Local seemed to be the next logical step in refocusing link building and development activity.. Two of the guest experts are favorites in the Dojo for Local Search info! We ll be starting the Hangout with a short interview and discussion with Terry Van Horne as host.. We hope ya all join us and bring along a few questions for our guests and the Helpline hosts and regulars.. Next..

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  • Title: SEO Pros Free Advisor Service | SEO Professional Development Community & Directory
    Descriptive info: SEO Pros Free Advisor Service.. Published on Sunday, 21 April 2013 04:52.. Written by SEOPro.. SEO Pros Advocacy Starts with Your Personal SEO Advisor.. Lets face it, many of the people who complain about their experiences with SEO s did not do a good job of vetting the search engine consultant they chose.. SEO Pros is a strong believer that consumer advocacy is way past due for a maturing marketing industry like search engine optimization.. Our members believe that consumers should not be expected to learn enough to ask both the right questions and know that they got the right answers.. Your free SEO Pros advisor will help you through steps to hiring services that best meet your needs.. To do so your advisor will take the time to check your Google analytics account to ascertain if there are any algorithmic penalties (Panda, Penguin etal).. The next task is a quick SEO Technical Audit where they will look at your site to make sure that it is easily indexed and ready to be promoted in Search Engines.. Your SEO advisor will review your current keyword research to be sure the best keywords for your business have been optimized.. Links are a factor so the advisor will review your link profile and ascertain what kind of link services you require.. The next order of business for you and your SEO Pros advisor will be to help you take the information and help you fill out the RFPgenerator forms to build a proposal for distribution to SEO Pros  ...   recommendation service to:.. provide Social Media evaluations and analysis.. screen proposals to be sure they meet your needs and criteria saving you valuable time.. provide a more extensive SEO Technical Audit, keyword research and link profile analysis.. provide 3 or more recommendations for services then advises during the vetting process.. distribute the RFP to qualified SEO outside of the SEO Pros Directory if there are not enough responses from members.. be more proactive in the SEO review process by providing some questions and answers for Firms that are being reviewed.. Understanding proposed services and the volume of proposals can be time consuming and problematic.. CaSEM Technologies reviews all proposals and assist in writing the RFP.. After reviewing the proposals CaSEM will provide a list of suitable candidates which meet the services and criteria you chose in the interview after our site evaluation.. These services are provided by members with many years of experience in evaluating a site s readiness and service needs.. They provide these services at prices far below market value because they want to provide a solution to the problems consumers face when hiring an SEO.. So instead of prices from $1,000 to $5000 the fee is only $299.. To take advantage of this service start your RFP now and include the paid recommendations option.. This entry was posted on Sunday, April 21st, 2013 at 4:52 am and is filed under.. Recommendation services.. You can follow any responses to this entry through the.. RSS 2.. 0.. feed.. Both comments and pings are currently closed..

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  • Title: Social Media Metrics & Measurement: Beyond the Obvious | SEO Professional Development Community & Directory
    Descriptive info: Social Media Metrics Measurement: Beyond the Obvious.. Social Media Metrics Measurement.. SEO Pros has announced that the next SEO Pros Helpline Hangout will be titled Social Metrics and Measurement Beyond the Obvious! featuring Justin Parks, Marjorie Steele and Adele Triblier! The guests along with hosts Terry Van Horne, Steve Gerenscer and the usual gang o nutters from the Dojo will discuss Social media metrics and measurement.. Social Media influence is one one of the hardest metrics to get because the measurements by some programs such as Klout perport to be measuring influence when in fact they are really measuring reach!.. Justin Parks.. I originally hail from the North of Ireland where I grew up under a pretty unique situation known as “the troubles”.. Without dwelling on this and all things considered I really have nothing else to complain about from my childhood days…which makes a change as I tend to make up for it nowadays with the rather unsavoury ability to moan like a steam train hanging of the edge of a cliff as I work hard on becoming a grumpy old man.. Justin has extensive experience in the on line world having been involved in website design and creation putting businesses on line since 2001.. Strategy implementation, project management, design, process, social media, seo, you name it he s done it.. Justin is the star of SEOdojo Radio s the Regulators (Steve, Terry and David just ridin his coatatils!).. Terry claims to have learned most of what  ...   self-proclaimed geek since my earliest years.. Into computers since as long as I can remember.. I lucked out in 1994 when I began working for a New Orleans based ISP (internet service provided – you know like AOL but local).. Sitting on the end of T1 when others were dialing up at 56K if they were lucky, I got the chance to surf at lightning speed.. My love of the Internet was instant and only grew with the each passing day.. By digging into existing sites, I d break them and reconfigure in order to teach myself HTML, then onto graphics programs as the space evolved.. And search engines (there wasn’t and isn’t anything I couldn t find online).. People took note.. I was recruited to serve as the Director of Internet Marketing for a nationwide online hotel booking site.. I then moved on to moderate the Online Ads Discussion Board (a forum for those in the online marketing industry – back before social was called social).. I have since used my online marketing and PR experience to shine a light on the New Orleans tech community as both a job and a passion.. I am a founding member and on the Board for Net2NO, the co-founder/co-organizer for IgniteNOLA (which, in it s inaugural event attracted nearly 500 attendees), is the co-organizer for the annual SXSWNOLA pilgrimage to Austin for SXSW Interactive.. I m Google AdWords Certified and recently added Google Certified Small Business Trainer to the list..

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  • Title: Video for Digital Asset Management and Content Marketing Strategies | SEO Professional Development Community & Directory
    Descriptive info: Video for Digital Asset Management and Content Marketing Strategies.. Video for DAM and Content Strategies.. In the recent Social Media Explorer report video is listed as one of the areas of interest for digital marketers.. Like Mobile before it, Video has been touted in this way for the last 3 years yet it seems that marketers are not following through much like Mobile before responsive design was more prominent.. Is technology, cost to implement or the learning curve what is prohibiting adoption of video?.. Jonathan Allen.. Jonathan is the former Director of Search Engine Watch.. He joined Incisive Media as director of Search Engine Watch in December 2009, and was responsible for setting the editorial agenda, sourcing talent and delivering a brand new site design in May 2011.. In May 2012 Search Engine Watch won the Gold Azbee National Award for Online Excellence, New or Relaunched Web Site from the American Society of Business Press Editors.. Jonathan has spoken at the largest search conferences – SES New York, SES San Francisco, SES London, SES  ...   and job boards in the legal, tech, and finance sectors (websites such as Legal Week, TheInquirer.. net, V3.. co.. uk, Accountancy Age Jobs Computing Careers).. Before Incisive, Jonathan worked as an SEO consultant and also co-founded Moblog:tech, an award-winning mobile social networking software provider and owner of the mobile social network Moblog.. In 2009, Moblog won the Experimental Innovation Webby award for a collaborative mapping project with Shozu and in 2008, Moblog:tech s build of Channel 4 s Big Art Mob won the community engagement award at MediaGuardian Awards for Innovation (MEGAS), The Royal Television Society s On The Move Award, and 3 BAFTA nominations.. Jonathan is best known in the search community for his video.. 50 SEOs, 1 Question.. Greg Jarboe:.. Greg is president of.. SEO-PR.. , which provides search engine optimization, public relations, video marketing, and social media marketing services.. He s the author of.. YouTube and Video Marketing: An Hour a Day.. , a faculty member at Rutgers University and Market Motive, as well as a frequent speaker at SES conferences..

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  • Title: Organization Of Search Engine Optimization Professionals | SEO Professional Development Community & Directory
    Descriptive info: Organization Of Search Engine Optimization Professionals.. SeoPros.. org: Bylaws, Mandate, Bios of Founding Member and Executive Committee.. org is an organization of search engines, search engine optimization consultants, internet marketers and developers of remote technology used by consultants and marketers to submit to and monitor search engine positions.. org is the marketing site for the Not for Profit Limited Company using the name Organization of Search Engine Optimization Professionals.. Executive Committee.. Terry Van Horne.. : Standards Committee.. Dan Thies.. : Certification Committee.. CJ Newton: Directory Client Services Committee.. Bob Gladstein.. : Website Development Committee.. Jeff Quipp: Treasurer.. Contact Terry Van Horne at 416-638-4148 if you wish to participate on the Executive or other Committees.. Organization Bylaws.. To form an organization of search engines, search engine optimization ( SEO ) consultants, Internet marketers and developers of remote technology used by consultants and marketers to submit to and monitor search engine positions.. The goals of the organization are:.. Promote and develop best practices for search engine optimization consultants and developers of remote technology  ...   more informed decision about a company or individual they are contracting to do SEO and related services;.. Provide a central registry of complaints for search engines to register parties that have used their resources inappropriately ;.. Promote the SEO industry by addressing negative comments about search engine optimization consultants and marketers in all medias;.. Informing consumers of what SEOs do and what they should expect from an SEO.. The special provisions are:.. The corporation shall be carried on without the purpose of gain for its members, and any profits or accretions to the corporation shall be used in promoting its objects.. Become a Member.. Technology Developers:.. Promote responsible use of remote technology accessing search engine resources;.. Promote the use of responsible submission technology;.. Development of a shared resource for accessing position and other search engine marketing data.. Search Engines:.. Assist the Organization in identifying chronic and systematic abusers of their resources;.. Assist in the development of the shared resources for marketing data;.. Assist in clarifying grey areas in SE content guidelines..

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  • Title: Organization: History and Philosophy | SEO Professional Development Community & Directory
    Descriptive info: Organization: History and Philosophy.. While we may be called SEO Pros, our organization serves the entire internet marketing community.. Today, you ll find search engine staff, search engine optimization consultants, internet marketers and tool/software makers are just a few of the professionals here.. The SEO Pros Not-For-Profit Organization It All Started With A Small but Serious Problem.. Terry Van Horne (aka Webmaster T), founder of the SEO Pros Organization, has been around since the early days of the Internet.. Back then, the world of online marketing was wild and untamed.. Chronic abusers ran amuck.. They caused a world of trouble and there were very few ways businesses and consumers could educate and protect themselves.. Instead of just complaining or cleaning up after them, Terry decided to do something about it.. He had been fighting against craphat techniques for years.. He even published the.. Spamdexers Hall of Shame.. in 1996, but this was clearly a job for more than one  ...   harm leaving consumers unprotected and nowhere to turn for assistance.. So, the telemarketing industry created its own association an independent, unbiased third part to give businesses and consumers the help they so desperately needed.. If this worked for telemarketing, why couldn t it work for the online marketing industry? At the very least, a knowledgeable but independent third party would give consumers and internet marketing professionals a reliable place to turn.. And so, Terry founded SEO Pros in 2001.. And Continues With A Simple Goal Internet Marketing Education And Information.. Terry has designed and structured SEO Pros to be a reliable resource and offer assistance in all aspects of digital marketing to all those involved.. So, whether it s flawed tools made by companies who refuse to look at the consequences of their creations, an SEO firm ignoring industry best practices to take consumer s money, or just keeping the lines of communication open, we re here to help..

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