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  • Title: Seattle to Brussels Network - Latest Updates
    Descriptive info: .. Contact.. Newsletter.. Imprint.. Sitemap.. Seattle to Brussels Network.. Part of Our World Is Not For Sale.. About Us.. Themes.. Campaigns & Events.. Statements.. Links.. Latest Updates.. Investor privileges in EU-US trade deal threaten public interest and democracy.. Leaked draft versions of the EU negotiating mandate for a far-reaching free trade agreement with the US ? to be approved at next week?s trade minister meeting (14 June) ? reveal the European Commission?s plans to enshrine more powers for corporations in the deal.. The proposal follows a persistent campaign by industry lobby groups and law firms to empower large companies to challenge regulations both at home and abroad if they affect their profits.. As a result, EU member states could soon find domestic laws to protect the public interest challenged in secretive, offshore tribunals where national laws have no weight and politicians no powers to intervene.. Publication of TNI CEO, June 2013.. (.. ).. EU-US: New Leaked Mandate Draft for TTIP.. As the.. the announcement of EU Council giving mandate to the Commission to negotiate a free trade agreement with the USA is expected in mid June,.. a new.. draft of this mandate has been leaked.. by the German blog.. Netzpolitik.. We are also publishing a copy of this document on our website because the lack of transparency in the trade and investment decision making is an important pillar of a policy designed to serve only the interests of the big business actors at the expense of the people and the planet, inside and outside Europe.. Investor-state dispute resolution: Will the EU-US trade deal encourage attacks on the public interest?.. AK Europa, ÖGB Europabüro, the Seattle to Brussels Network (S2B) and the Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue (TACD) invite you to a public discussion of civil society with MEPs, Council Commission, on.. Tuesday, June 4th 2013.. , 14.. 00-16.. 00, Résidence Palace International Press Centre, Brussels, Polak Room.. In June, the EU and the US will launch negotiations for a far-reaching free trade and investment agreement, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).. As part of this deal, the European Commission and the US government want to negotiate a so called investor-to-state dispute settlement mechanism.. US and EU preparing to launch negotiations in June 2013.. According to what US and European sources say, the official launch of the negotiations might happen during the G8 meeting taking place June 17 to 18 in Northern Ireland.. Apparently 3 round of negotiations are already planned this year: the first negotiating round in the week of July 8 in Brussels, followed by a mid-September round and a mid-December round.. International Investment Agreements - World Civil Society Statement.. May 2013 - Statement of social movements and civil society organisations regarding the proposals of the I Ministerial Conference of Latin American States affected by the interests of transnationals.. The statement calls for an alternative legal framework for international economic relations.. Its signatories welcomed the radical steps announced by Latin American and Caribbean governments in a Ministerial Declaration which had been issued at the first Ministerial Conference of Latin American States affected by transnational interests, held in Guayaquil, Ecuador, on 22 April.. Chevron calls for strong investor rights chapter in US-EU trade deal; will be able to use CETA to challenge EU policy in meantime.. U.. S.. energy giant Chevron (profits $26.. 2 billion USD) is encouraging the United States to pursue a strong NAFTA-like investment chapter and investor-state dispute settlement process in the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) with the European Union.. Article by Stuart Trew (Council of Canadians), May 14th, 2013.. INTA Resolution on EU-US trade deal.. Once more the EU institutions are hardly able to back up the main.. concerns of the civil society.. Last 25 April 2013 the EU Parliament International Trade Committee adopted a.. Motion.. , proposed by the President Vital Moreira, to be discussed by the European Parliament in May, about EU trade and investment negotiations with the USA.. INTA motion fails in using properly the few powers given to the Parliament on trade and investment.. Instead of designing a model of trade and investment policy in the interests of the people and the planet, the INTA proposal backs up the vision of the Commission of a corporate-agenda as the EU way out of the crisis.. The motion was approved with 23 votes in favour, 5 against (2 Greens and 2 GUE/Left and one S D), and one abstension.. EU-Canada trade agreement threatens fracking bans.. Amsterdam/Brussels/Ottawa, May 6th.. - The proposed Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between the European Union (EU) and Canada would grant energy companies far-reaching rights to challenge bans and regulations of environmentally damaging shale gas development (fracking), a new briefing by Corporate Europe Observatory, The Council of Canadians and the Transnational Institute shows.. New Briefing.. from CEO, TNI and Council of Canadians.. Is Europe hungry enough to accept a deal with the US?.. Social, labour and environmental rights on both sides of the Atlantic are under fire: a first comment to the.. EU draft mandate.. for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).. EU-US Draft Mandate for the TTIP.. Following its non-transparent practice in trade and investment policy making, last 13 March the EU Commission adopted a restraint Recommendation for a Council Decision authorising the opening of negotiations on a comprehensive trade and investment agreement, called the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, between the European Union and the United States of America.. The online magazine.. Inside US Trade.. published this.. draft mandate.. on 28 March 2013 (reprinted by permission).. Alert! Call for mobilisation.. President Barack Obama, EU Council President Van Rompuy and EU Commission President Barroso committed on Feb 13 to start EU-US trade and investment negotiations, which may strongly affect social, labor and environmental rights in both sides of the Atlantic and deepen global trade and investment liberalization.. Indeed, elites from both sides explicitly aim at greater transatlantic regulatory convergence and harmonization of future regulations between the EU and the US, in the only interests of transnational corporations and financial industry.. Join us to oppose this free trade agenda.. Look at our collection of.. Analysis/Opinions.. Winners of ACTA and SOPA Battles Call for Exclusion of "Intellectual Property" From EU-U.. Trade Talks.. 18 March 2013 - Planned trade negotiations between the United States and the European Union should exclude any provisions related to patents, copyright, trademarks, data protection, geographical indications or other forms of so-called intellectual property (IP), a transatlantic coalition of 45 consumer, public health and Internet freedom groups said in a civil society declaration.. Investors running wild on land.. Traidcraft Briefing note published on January 2013.. Investors running wild on land: the threats posed by international investment agreements.. Against the backdrop of the ever-present challenge of food security in the 21st century, large tracts of land are being bought up by foreign investors around the globe with little attention being paid to the governance of these deals.. BITs that bite into budgets: will the EP let private lawyers decide?.. Public discussion of civil society with MEPs, Council Commission - Tuesday, February 26th 2013, 10.. 00 - 12.. 00 Résidence Palace - International Press Centre, Brussels - The European Union has acquired exclusive competence to negotiate international investment agreements such as Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs).. These agreements typically include investor-to-state dispute settlement (ISDS) mechanisms, which allow foreign investors to bring claims against states in which they made an investment.. ISDS has far-reaching implications for the budgets of the European Union and of Member States.. The final decisions over these payments will, however, not be taken by democratically elected bodies or by independent judges, but by private lawyers in ISDS tribunals.. Alternative Trade Mandate Alliance Meeting.. On April 10 th nd 11 th 2013, in Brussels, Presentation of our Alternative Trade Mandate: a document challenging the neo-liberal consensus and proposing a positive, progressive alternative to Europe?s trade and investment policy.. Over the  ...   promote sustainable development and respect for human rights.. Press conference.. 10th OCTOBER AT 11h00 AT SALLE PASSAGE, RESIDENCE PALACE.. , Passage Room, 155, rue de la Loi, 1040 Brussels.. Panel Debate - EPAs: 10 years negotiations are enough?.. 27 September 2012, Residence Palace, Brussels from 9:30-11:30 am.. On the 27 September 2012, the negotiations for EPAs with ACP countries mark their 10 year anniversary.. But it is not really a time for celebration.. 10 years on, EPAs negotiations continue to be fraught with concerns that far from supporting development efforts and promoting regional integration, the EPA?s will do more harm than good.. Organisation of AITEC, Afrikagrupperna, Comlamh, Oxfam Germany, Traidcraft, WEED, and 11.. 11.. 11; Both Ends.. Democracy & Social Justice, not DCFTAs.. Mubarak's, Ben Ali's and other Arab governments have signed agreements with the European Union (EU) locking these countries into exporting cheap goods and services to Europe, often based on indecent labour; and importing European competitive products that destroy small businesses and jobs.. After the Arab Revolutions, instead of renegotiating those agreements, the EU is trying to gain even deeper liberalisation, launching Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreements with Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan and Morocco.. Read or download a flyer in.. Arabic.. or.. French.. (English translation available.. The Alternative Trade Mandate Alliance, Press Release.. No more business as usual: activists set out alternative trade agenda -.. Alternative Trade Mandate Alliance.. Launch, 26-27 June, Brussels.. Fuelled by short-term interest and over-inflated financial markets, the current neo-liberal trade model is generating increasing inequality across Europe and the developing world.. As outrage builds about the parlous state of our economies, a critical mass of European activists are pushing for a radical alternative to the EU trade agenda.. Setting the Agenda: launching the Altrernative Trade Mandate Campaign.. Two inspiring days of ideas and action with the Alternative Trade Mandate Alliance.. From.. Tuesday, June 26th.. (start 1 pm) until.. Wednesday, June 27th.. (5pm).. 2012.. at 11.. 11, Vlasfabriekstraat 11, 1060 Brussels (.. In May 2012 the Swedish energy company Vattenfall filed a request for arbitration against Germany at the International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID), housed at the World Bank in Washington, D.. C.. , because of Germany´s decision to phase out nuclear energy.. 2 Vattenfall relies on its rights under the Energy Charter Treaty, an international trade and investment agreement in the energy sector.. A publication from TNI, SOMO and POWER SHIFT.. Press Release.. Vote in the European Parliament: is liberalisation the answer to Arab revolutions?.. On year ago, populations in North Africa were in the streets to claim democracy and social justice.. These two demands are under threat with the vote on Thursday 10th May, in the European Parliament: a resolution supporting the liberalization of trade and investment for serious engagement and for the EU to display political leadership under the lovely title ?trade for change?.. Rio+20 Mobilisations.. The People's Summit for Social and Environmental Justice during Rio+20 is an event organized by global civil society that will take place between the 15th and the 23rd of June at Flamengo, in Rio de Janeiro - alongside the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD), Rio+20.. No to the EU-Colombia/Peru FTA Ratification.. In My Name, don´t ratify! -.. Sign and send a letter to your MEPs to reject the ratification of the Free Trade Agreements and Association Agreements between the European Union and Colombia, Perú and Central America.. (in 4 languages).. Call on Governments to Strengthen, Not Weaken, UNCTAD's Role.. Sign-on Letter with 38 International and 137 National Organizations from Across the Globe.. Delivered to Negotiators at UNCTAD XIII in Doha.. Joint Social Conference 2012.. On 29th and 30th March 2012 the second.. Joint Social Conference.. took place in Brussels.. The participants approved the following declaration:.. Resisting Financial Dictatorship - Reclaiming Democracy and Social Rights - Political Declaration Coordinated Action- JSC 2012.. Read or download it in.. Eng.. lish.. DCFTAs - A threat to the aspirations of tne Arab Revolutions.. EU Deep and Comprehensive Trade Agreements: A Threat to the Aspirations of.. the Arab Revolutions.. - A Seattlle to Brussels Paper by Michel Cermak (CNCD-11.. 11), Amélie Cannonne (Aitec) and Roeline Knottnerus (SOMO)(.. Alternative World Water Forum.. DECLARATION OF THE PARTICIPANTS AT THE ALTERNATIVE WORLD WATER FORUM IN MARSEILLE, 14 ? 17 march 2012.. As members of the global water justice movement gathered together in Marseille in March 2012 at FAME (Alternative World Water Forum), we have a shared vision of water: water is a commons, not a commodity (read or download the declaration in.. Trade Unions discuss EU-India FTA.. International Metalworkers Federation South Asia Office.. organized a workshop on EU India Free Trade Agreement on February 14 and 15 in New Delhi.. Representatives of Indian national trade union centres and Indian affiliates of IMF, BWI, ITGLWF, UNI, ICEM exchanged views on trade policies and implications for development and employment with IMF affiliates from France, Italy, Canada, Argentina and Japan (.. S2B Press Release.. Make no mistake: the EU's trade policy is about the EU's offensive corporate interests -.. On Friday January 27th, the European Commission (EC) released a Communication entitled.. Trade, growth and Development - Tailoring trade and investment policy for those countries most in need.. The Seattle to Brussels Network finds this title grossly misleading (.. Publications and notes.. TTIP - AK Europe Position Paper.. AK Europa (Austrian Chamber of Labour Europe) pisition paper:.. Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA): Free Trade Agreement of the EU with the USA ,.. by Ewa Dessewffi and Frank Ey, May 2013.. Investment Rules: Unfair, Unsustainable and under the Radar.. How Corporations use Global Investment Rules to Undermine a Sustainable Future.. , written by Thomas Mc Donagh, published by The Democracycenter, May 2013.. The EU trade and investment agenda: quashing the aspirations of the Arab Spring?.. The EU trade and investment agenda: quashing the aspirations of the Arab Spring.. ? Paper published by TNI, SOMO for the Seattle to Brussels Network.. In response to the 'Arab spring', the EU is launching negotiations for Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreements (DCFTAs) with four arab countries in transition ? Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia.. Along with Libya, these four countries (united in a regional free trade area under the Agadir Agreement make up the Deauville partnership, which was launched by the G8 in 2011 to.. support transition states towards becoming free, democratic and tolerant societies.. Intra-EU BITs.. Intra EU BITS - A test for European Solidarity.. Study.. by Cecilia Olivet, published by TNI.. The dark side of Investment Agreements.. CETA - EU - Canada FTA.. How Well is Public Health Care Protected from Canada-EU Free Trade?.. Published by the Canadian Labour Congress in March 2012.. Investments.. Dutch Bilateral Investment Treaties - A gateway to treaty shopping for investment protection by multinational companies.. , Paper written by Roos van Os Roeline Knottnerus, published by SOMO in October 2011.. EU-India FTA.. Right to Food impact assessment of the EU-India Trade Agreement.. - Paper published by Misereor, Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Third World Network, Anthra, Glopolis, Ecofair Trade Dialogue (December 2011).. Understanding the implications of international investment treaties.. A video interview with Gus van Harten - November 2011 by TNI -.. Click here to watch the Full interview.. Human Rights in EU Trade Policy.. An Ecofair Trade Dialogue Discussion Paper: Human Rights in EU Trade Policy ? Between Ambition and Reality.. , By Armin Paasch, Published by Misereor, Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Third World Network, Anthra, Glopolis, Ecofair Trade Dialogue (December 2011) (.. -.. Deustch.. Feeding the Financial Hype.. New SOMO report about negative consequences of food speculation, that highlights the growing evidence that dramatically increased financial investments in commodity derivatives markets over recent years have caused food prices to soar (December 2011).. Europe's resource reduction plan doesn't measure up.. Press release of Friends Of the Earth Europe.. on the EU Commission Communication Roadmap to a resource efficient Europe on 20.. 09.. 2011.. 2013 s2bnetwork.. org..

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  • Title: Seattle to Brussels Network - Contact
    Descriptive info: For any contact or information you can write to.. info(at)s2bnetwork.. or to the Coordinator of the S2B Network,.. Bruno Ciccaglione..

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  • Title: Seattle to Brussels Network - Newsletter
    Descriptive info: Here you can subscribe to the Seattle to Brussels Network Newsletter,.. edit your account informations or cancel your subscription.. First name:.. Last name:.. Email:.. Are you subscribed already and wishes to.. unsubscribe or edit your profile, click here.. Archive Newsletter.. S2B Network Newsletter #04 - May 2013.. S2B Network Newsletter #03 - November 2012.. S2B Network Newsletter #02 - June 2012.. S2B Network Newsletter #01 -June 2011..

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  • Title: Seattle to Brussels Network - Imprint
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  • Title: Seattle to Brussels Network - Sitemap
    Descriptive info: Here you see the complete listing of our pages.. We hope this help you to easely find the information your searching for!.. Who we are.. Overall goal.. Meetings.. Communication.. Coordination.. Member Groups.. Austria.. Belgium.. Czeck Republic.. Denmark.. Finland.. France.. Germany.. Hungary.. Ireland.. Italy.. Latvia.. Luxembourg.. Netherlands.. Norway.. Portugal.. Spanish State.. Sweden.. Switzerland.. United Kingdom.. All Groups.. Join S2B.. EU's Trade Strategy.. Trade Reader.. EU Documents.. EU Investment Policy.. Campaigning for a Just EU Investment Policy Now!.. Analysis.. Alternatives.. Text of the Mandates.. Week of Action against BITs and for an Alternative  ...   an Alternative Trade Mandate for the EU.. A call for discussion.. Read or download the document.. EU's Free Trade Agreements.. EU-Canada CETA FTA.. EU-US Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).. DCFTAs.. EU-Colombia/Peru FTA.. Colombian Activists in Europe - Initiatives.. EPAs.. Raw Materials & Climate Justice.. Building links with Labour Movements.. Conference Beyond Free Trade: Alternatives for Decent Work - Oct 2010.. Videos and Audio files of the conference.. Stop the EU-India Negotiations.. No to the EU-Canada CETA FTA.. Online Petition - No New Corporate Privileges - Change EU Investment Policy Now!..

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  • Title: Seattle to Brussels Network - Who we are
    Descriptive info: Identity & Active Groups.. The network is called 'Seattle to Brussels Network - Taking Action Against Corporate Globalisation'.. The S2B network is the European part of the global 'Our World Is Not For Sale' network (.. OWINFS.. The S2B network includes development, environment, human rights, women and farmers organisations, trade unions, social movements as well as research institutes.. Active groups in the Network are all supporters of the Statement '.. Stop Corporate Globalization: Another World Is Possible!.. ' and of statements and open letters to the European Trade Commissioner..

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  • Title: Seattle to Brussels Network - Themes
    Descriptive info: The S2B Network is currently working on several issues:.. The.. EU Trade Strategy.. the trade strategy of the European Union.. Building links with labour movements.. Raw Materials EU Strategy..

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  • Title: Seattle to Brussels Network - Campaigns & Events
    Descriptive info: Firenze 10+10: Joining forces for another Europe.. Firenze 10+10 ends: call for action and road-map - More than 4 thousand participants, 300 networks and organisations from 28 countries from all over Europe and beyond, met at Fortezza da Basso in Florence, to debate and strategize together for another Europe.. Over 100 meetings, and many new networks and campaigns launched.. A call for common action emerged from the convergences, and a proposed roadmap.. Asia-Europe People Forum - Vientiane, LAOS 16-19 October 2012.. On 5-6 November, 2012 the 9th Asia Europe Meeting (ASEM9) took place in Vientiane, Lao PDR.. Under the theme Friends for Peace, Partners for Prosperity, leaders of 49 member states and governments in Asia and Europe exchanged views, priorities and plans on regional and global issues that are of common interest to both regions at the summit.. Prior to and in conjunction with ASEM9, the Asia-Europe People?s Forum (AEPF9) holded its 9th biennial People?s Forum on 16-19 October.. Read or download the final declaration.. No to the EU-Colombia/Peru Free Trade Agreement.. Mobilisation against G20 in Nice.. In November, France will take over the Presidency of the G8 and the G20 and will be organizing their summits in June and November 2011.. But while  ...   mobilisacion.. Llamamiento a la movilizaciòn.. People's Forum Program.. European Cross Network Meeting.. The financialization of natural resources: Understanding the new dynamics and developing civil society answers to it.. Paris, 28 th and 29 th of October 2011.. In recent years civil society has focused on tackling financial speculation in food commodities, as it is regarded as one of the main drivers of food price volatility that heavily impacts small producers and the poor.. Similarly governments have been discussing the issue in the context of the G20 focus on food security, but with marginal and contradictory results so far.. At the same time, similar attention is being paid by governments to oil and other hard commodities speculation, where prices are even more volatile and the impacts on energy dependant countries are equally severe.. Read or download the agenda of the meeting.. and/or the.. registration form.. October 15th - United for Global Change.. On October 15th people from all over the world will take to the streets and squares.. From America to Asia, from Africa to Europe, people are rising up to claim their rights and demand a true democracy.. Now it is time for all of us to join in a global non violent protest..

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  • Title: Seattle to Brussels Network - Statements
    Descriptive info: 6 February 2013 - EU - Canada negotiations - Ahead of a two-day meeting in Ottawa between European Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht and Canadian International Trade Minister Ed Fast, where the two hoped to move forward the negotiations of the Comprehensive Economic a´nd Trade Agreement (CETA), a number of labour, environmental, indigenous, women's, academic, health sector and fair trade organizations from Europe, Canada and Quebec representing more than 65 million people are demanding that Canada and the EU stop negotiating an excessive and controversial investor rights chapter in the proposed CETA.. Delivered to Negotiators at UNCTAD XIII in Doh.. Read or download in.. Portuguese.. English.. Call for an Alternative Investment Model.. Final declaration of the.. , and se the.. lsit of the signatures.. up to date 6th December 2011.. To sign this statement send an email to.. Cecilia Olivet (TNI).. S2B Statement on the approval of investment negotiating mandates.. On Monday 12 September.. the General Affairs Council approved negotiating mandates for investment protection chapters in free trade agreements with Canada, India and Singapore.. European Member States refuse necessary reform, ignore the will of the European Parliament and insist that future EU investment agreements copy their bad practices.. Read or download the.. S2B Statement.. and the.. text of the mandates.. Nyeleni Europe 2011: European Forum for Food Sovereignty.. Europe?s people are now experiencing the first structural adjustment policies which governments are imposing on their populations that until now have been imposed on peoples in other regions in particular the Global South; this with the sole interest of saving capitalism and those who benefit from it (private banks, investment groups and transnational corporations).. All signs are that in the near future these antisocial policies will become more severe and extensive (.. S2B Statement after European Parliament resolution  ...   to negotiations for a Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) with Canada.. EU India Negotiations.. Last chance to prevent onslaught on people's rights and livelihoods! Civil society groups call for an immediate halt to the India-EU trade negotiations.. - October 2010.. Asia Europe People's Forum 2010.. Call to Action - Challenging and Eroding Corporate Power - Building States of Citizens for Citizens.. , 5th October 2010.. Reclaiming public interest in Europe's international investment policy - Civil society statement on the future of Europe's international investment policy.. - (.. ) - July 2010.. EU Latin America and Caribbean.. Final Declaration of the Peolpls' Summit Linking Alternatives IV,.. Madrid 19th May 2010 - (.. ENGLISH.. FRANCAISE.. PORTUGUES.. DEUTSCH.. ITALIANO.. Archive 2008.. People's summit linking Alternatives III Declaration.. , Joint Declaration from the Enlazando Alternativas 3, Lima, 13-16 May 2008 (Spanish, Italian, English).. No to Corporate Europe - Yes to Global Justice!.. , Statement, WSF Global Day of Action, 26 January 2008.. Archive 2007.. Stop EPAs!, Global Civil Society Statement, 27 September 2007 (.. Français.. Declaration.. of European and Korean Social Movements and Civil Society Organisations on the First EU-Korea FTA Round, 19 September 2007.. No to a New FTA with the EU! - Declaration of Andean and European Social Movements on the EU-CAN negotiations, September 2007 (.. Castellano.. S2B & its members on Global Europe.. Global Europe: An Open Door Policy for Big Business at DG Trade.. , CEO, October 2008.. Analyse critique de 'Global Europe'.. , AITEC (FR).. Position War on Want.. , April 2008.. Position Friends of the Earth.. , June 2007.. G8 leaflet.. , June 2007 (EN).. Llamada a la sociedad civil europea.. , Noviembre de 2006 (ES).. Appel à la société civile européenne.. , novembre 2006 (FR).. Alert to European civil society.. , November 2006..

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  • Title: Seattle to Brussels Network - Links
    Descriptive info: We are updating this page.. Our World Is Not For Sale Network (OWINFS).. 11.. 11.. Coalition of the Flemish North South Movements.. AITEC.. Attac.. Corporate Europe Observatory.. Power Shift.. SOMO.. Trade Justice Movement.. Traidcraft.. Via Campesina - European Coordination.. Network for Justice in Global Investment.. War on Want.. WEED.. WIDE..

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  • Title: Seattle to Brussels Network - EU Investment Policy
    Descriptive info: Leaked draft versions of the EU negotiating mandate for a far-reaching free trade agreement with the US - to be approved at next week's trade minister meeting (14 June) - reveal the European Commission's plans to enshrine more powers for corporations in the deal.. The final decisions over these payments will, however, not be taken by democratically elected bodies or by independent judges, but by private lawyers in ISDS tribunals.. Invitation in.. Intra-EU Bilateral Investment Treaties - A test for European Solidarity.. Corporations in Western Europe are suing Central and Eastern European countries at international arbitration tribunals through a vast web of intra-EU Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs).. Yet while the European Commission has questioned the validity of these BITs, Netherlands, Germany, and the UK, oppose their termination.. The German Nuclear Phase-Out Put to the Test in International Investment Arbitration? Background to the new dispute Vattenfall vs Germany.. is the new paper written by Nathalie Bernasconi-Osterwalder Rhea Tamara Hoffmann, published by TNI, SOMO and Power Shift.. up to date 6th december 2011.. 5 - 8 November 2011, Brussels.. - International investment agreements (IIAs), such as Free Trade Agreements and Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs), pose a threat to economic, social, cultural and environmental rights, as well as to democracy and people?s sovereignty.. It is time to challenge them back and push for an alternative system that makes  ...   international investment policy which promotes sustainable development and decent work (.. ).. To sign on the statement send an e-mail to.. writing in the object Just EU Investment Policy now! - Signature.. Watch the.. Public interest, social and environmental policies under threat.. Change EU investment policy - now is the time!.. - The European Commission, Council and Parliament are at present discussing the content and directions of the future EU investment policy.. Social movements, human rights, development and environmental organisations as well as trade unions must speak out and push for a balanced investment policy that is not merely concerned with investor rights, but holds investors accountable and promotes and protects public interests, human rights and environmental sustainability (read or download the briefing from a series of civil society organisations -.. S2B Press Release 25th October 2010.. - The Council of the European Union (Foreign Affairs) adopts Conclusions on the Communication from the Commission Towards a comprehensive European international investment policy.. Reclaiming public interest in Europe's international investment policy.. Civil society statement on the future of Europe's international investment policy (.. To sign this statement write to.. S2B Press Release 7th July 2010.. EU failure to reform international investment agreements will have costs for taxpayers and the environment.. S2B Press Release 28th, June 2010.. Billion Euro compensations to investors will come from tax payers' pockets..

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