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  • Title: Concordia Learning Center at St. Joseph's School for the Blind
    Descriptive info: .. Go to Text Only Version.. Expand All.. |.. Collapse All.. Home.. WHO WE ARE.. Our Mission.. Past, Present & Future.. A Day In The Life.. STUDENT PROGRAMS.. Early Intervention.. Pre-school Program.. Education Program.. Special Education.. Independence Program.. Pre-Vocational Program.. Concordia House.. Summer Programs.. WORKSHOPS.. Upcoming Workshops.. PRESS ROOM.. Classroom Events.. Press Releases.. Photos.. Archives.. FAMILY QUESTIONS.. Explain Blindness.. Explain Multi-disabled.. What Do Students Learn?.. Reading & Writing.. Other Schools.. Age Ranges.. Special Events.. Traveling Around.. Meeting Other People.. Being All We Can Be.. How Much Does It Cost?.. Concordia Learning Center's Future.. CONCORDIA EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION.. Early Childhood Education.. JOB OPPORTUNITIES.. Staff Openings.. Volunteers.. FUNDRAISING EVENTS.. Golf Tournament.. Other Events.. YOU CAN HELP.. Charitable Gifts.. Giving Options.. ALUMNI CONNECTION.. Alumni Connection.. RESOURCE LINKS.. Resource Links.. CONTACT US.. Who's Who.. Email us.. Directions to Concordia Learning  ...   and respect for each individual's rights and dignity.. Concordia Learning Center at St.. Joseph's School for the Blind, the only school for the blind in New Jersey, provides comprehensive services to students with visual impairments and/or multiple disabilities from birth to 21 years of age.. The Center is a New Jersey Department of Education Approved Private School for the Disabled.. Download the 2012-2013.. School Calendar REVISED (11-30-12).. View Concordia Learning Center's.. Parent Handbook.. View the.. HIB.. (Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying) Policy.. You need Acrobat Reader to view the above files.. Click the link to get it.. TAKE A.. CLOSER LOOK.. AT OUR NEW BUILDING!.. Concordia Learning Center 2009-2010 DOE Fiscal Monitoring.. pdf.. Last Updated: 4/18/2013.. Come back often!.. Joseph's 's School for the Blind.. 761 Summit Avenue Jersey City, NJ 07307.. Phone: (201) 876-5432 Fax: (201) 876-5431..

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  • Title: Concordia Learning Center
    Descriptive info: Go to Graphic Version.. Concordia Learning Center at.. St.. Joseph's School for the Blind.. Jersey City, New Jersey.. LEARNING TO BE ALL WE CAN BE.. + WHO WE ARE.. + STUDENT PROGRAMS.. + WORKSHOPS.. + PRESS ROOM.. School Events.. + FAMILY QUESTIONS.. What Do Students Learn.. + CONCORDIA EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION.. + JOB OPPORTUNITIES.. + FUNDRAISING  ...   CONTACT US.. Directions to Concordia Learning Center at St.. Joseph's.. VIEW Our NEW Video!!.. NEW: A PROGRAM for ADULTS with SPECIAL NEEDS.. WELCOME TO.. Concordia Learning Center.. at St.. Joseph's School for the Blind!.. View our 2010-2011.. Annual Report.. You need Acrobat Reader to view the above file.. Last Updated:.. 4/18/2013.. Come back often to visit!..

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  • Title: Concordia Learning Center at St. Joseph's School for the Blind
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  • Title: Mission of Concordia Learning Center
    Descriptive info: Who we are.. Download.. our NEW brochure!.. OUR MISSION.. Joseph's School for the Blind is committed to the educational, psychological, social, and physical development of persons with special needs in an environment of caring, acceptance , and respect for each individual's rights and dignity..

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  • Title: Past, Present, & Future of Concordia Learning Center
    Descriptive info: HOW IT ALL BEGAN.. Past, Present, and Future.. Joseph's 's School for the Blind was founded by the Sisters of St.. Joseph of Peace in 1891.. During the early years Concordia Learning Center provided both a traditional and an enriched extra-curricular program, usually residential, to an academic population of students who were blind.. In 1960, following the integration of many of these children into public schools, Concordia Learning Center began to focus more on students who were not only blind or partially sighted but also had additional disabilities and were desperately in need of quality and comprehensive services.. With a wealth of over 100 years experience in special education, Concordia Learning Center still remains the only school of its kind in the State of New Jersey.. And where we are today.. As we begin our second century of services,.. Concordia Learning Center's highly experienced, certified and multi-cultural team of multi-disciplinary special educators offers an expanded 11 month optional range of educational services specifically designed to respond to the wide-ranging short and/or long-term needs of infants, children, and youths who are visually impaired and/or multidisabled.. Some of these individuals also have additional disabilities.. Concordia Learning Center's students range in age from birth to 21.. Some students stay with us a short time while being prepared for transition into the community; others, often with more severe disabilities, are with us for longer periods.. Some students pursue a traditional academic program; others with more severe additional disabilities choose an independent life skills education with an adapted academic curriculum.. Each follows a unique, individually-designed educational plan.. Some stay at our state-of-the-art student residence at Concordia House, while others return on a daily basis to their own homes.. The school draws students from throughout the the surrounding region and the State of New Jersey.. Our programs highlight flexibility, diversity, and are continually refined and expanded in response to the ever-changing and unique needs of those we are committed to serve.. Into the Future.. Today far more children with disabilities are mainstreamed, but still, the need remains for many of these children to receive more extensive, specialized, and sophisticated special education services from  ...   need for more teachers of the disabled to become certified to teach children and youths with vision impairments and/or multidisabilities.. Concordia Learning Center is highly committed to filling the current gap for.. qualified personnel.. In partnership with local community colleges and academic facilities we will work to expand the current numbers of appropriately educated teachers.. We plan to.. expand our efforts in public education.. , reaching out to specific-interest and multi-ethnic groups, about such issues as: parental advocacy, networking, the specialness of special education, legal rights and entitlements, and other options, opportunities, special services and benefits all related to the education and special needs of infants, children and youths with vision impairments and other disabilities.. We need to increase opportunities for making information more accessible.. in a wide range of languages.. spoken by residents of New Jersey.. Our region is one of America's most vital and vibrant multi-cultural and ethnic melting pots and information is urgently needed to describe the special education and related services that are already available to help meet the unique needs of children and youths with vision impairments.. We plan to create a comprehensive.. Resource Center.. with a wide range of self-help materials, and hands-on adaptive technology, aides and appliances, for demonstration purposes.. This will be especially helpful to parents and family members, teachers and special education personnel, and those who refer children to us for special services.. We plan to expand Concordia Learning Center's services to.. reach families.. living in the more.. isolated areas.. of the state and those areas that are especially underserved in terms of special education options.. Our facilities, some of which have existed since the 1920s, need constant enhancement and expansion to continue to meet the diverse needs of our students.. Our new 75,000 sq.. ft.. , 2-story, state-of-the-art school opened for our students on February 27, 2007!.. CONCORDIA LEARNING CENTER AT St.. Joseph's SCHOOL FOR THE BLIND, founded and supported by the Sisters of St.. Joseph of Peace, is a private non-profit organization licensed by the NJ Department of Health, approved by the NJ Department of Education, and the Department of Human Services Division of Developmental Disabilities..

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  • Title: A Day in the Life of a Student at Concordia Learning Center
    Descriptive info: A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A STUDENT.. Concordia Learning Center is indeed an active and vital environment.. Every single moment of the day, from early morning until late at night, something is going on somewhere--either in the classrooms, the playing areas, the students residence at Concordia House, or in pre-vocational worksites outside the campus where students prepare themselves for employment and the world at large.. The spirit here is action, learning, sharing, joy, and mutual energetic growth.. 8:30 - 9:00 A.. M.. A new day dawns at Concordia Learning Center and students head to school from our Concordia House residence or from home in a bus arranged through the local school district.. 9:00 - 10:30 A.. Students attend gym class with support from the physical therapist; other students attend visual, performing arts, music, and cooking classes; while older students pursue social studies, pre-vocational work activities, and orientation and mobility classes.. 11:00  ...   in classes of language skills, storytelling, math, learning to tell time, computer skills, use of the CCTV (Closed Circuit Television), and pre-Braille activities.. Socialization skills in small groups, orientation and mobility classes, music classes, and science skills occupy most of the afternoon.. 3:00 P.. Day students take the bus home while residential students prepare themselves snacks, followed by periods of recreation that might include swimming in our indoor pool, bowling, shopping, playing under supervision in the local parks, or gardening at Concordia House.. 5:00 P.. Residential students enjoy dinner at Concordia House, involve themselves in daily living tasks such as washing dishes, light laundry, and tidying their bedrooms, followed by homework assignments and leisure activities in music, and arts and crafts.. 9.. :00 - 9:30 P.. Our residential students prepare for bed, sleeping in a room of their own, and getting the rest they need for another day of learning and action!..

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  • Title: Early Intervention at Concordia Learning Center
    Descriptive info: Student Programs.. EARLY INTERVENTION.. VISION HELPS US MAKE SENSE OF THE WORLD AROUND US.. It is a well known fact that up to 90% of what a child learns in the first three years of life is through visual observation.. This means that infants from birth to 3 years of age with vision impairments, and possible multiple disabilities, need the unique expertise of certified teachers of blind and partially sighted children with additional special skills in the area of early intervention.. OUR MULTI-CULTURAL TEAM.. of special educators teach infants and toddlers in their own homes how to compensate for any reduced, or in some instances, total lack of vision.. They also help prepare each child for a successful transition to a wide range of pre-school options.. THE PROCESS.. First, a comprehensive functional vision and developmental assessment helps define the child s unique needs.. Second, an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) is developed that addresses the specific needs of both child and family.. FAMILY MEMBERS.. play the lead role  ...   THROUGH PLAY, CHILDREN LEARN.. :.. Effective communication.. Awareness of body image and movement.. Use of all senses including any remaining vision.. Concept development.. Gross and fine motor skills.. Orientation and mobility.. SIGHTED CHILDREN LEARN THESE SKILLS NATURALLY.. by visually observing and mimicking the behavior of others.. Infants and toddlers with vision impairments and other multiple disabilities need the expertise of special educators to make sure they do not fall behind their sighted peers.. That is why it is so very important to start early intervention services as young as possible ideally soon after birth.. At Concordia Learning Center, families realize that they are never alone in helping their children to.. LEARN TO BE ALL THEY CAN BE!.. Early.. Intervention.. LEARNING IN THE HOME.. and the community environment is the key component of our Early Intervention Program.. Here the child feels familiarity and security.. Parents and other family members can learn alongside our special educators how to best help their children maximize their abilities, and actively participate in their learning..

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  • Title: Pre-school Program at Concordia Learning Center
    Descriptive info: Concordia Learning Center at S.. T.. JOSEPH S PRE-SCHOOL PROGRAM.. is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of children aged 3-5 years with vision impairments and possibly additional disabilities.. Through games, play, and academic activities, our children learn the age-appropriate attitudes and skills needed for socializing with their peers and understanding the world around them.. THE PRE-SCHOOL PROGRAM.. provides opportunities for each child to further strengthen and master the developmental abilities that all children need to learn.. Such skills include:.. Sensory stimulation of all senses including any remaining vision.. Awareness of body image.. Gross and fine motor skills.. Socialization.. Daily living in areas of self-feeding, toileting, washing, and dressing.. Functional academics.. Learning to give and take with other children.. Appropriate social behavior.. OUR EDUCATIONAL APPROACH.. Following a comprehensive assessment, each child receives an Individualized Education Plan (IEP).. The plan is developed with each child s home school district, with parents playing a lead role, supported by Concordia Learning Center s multi-cultural team of special educators that includes:.. Certified teachers of the disabled..  ...   of the disabled and/or teacher of the visually impaired, and at least two teacher aides.. As needed, therapists work in close partnership with the classroom teacher.. Together their combined skills help further increase each child s awareness, movement, socialization, language, communication, functional and academic abilities.. Classrooms are full of visually, tactually and auditorily stimulating, age-appropriate toys and games, books and educational materials ideal for both individual and group learning.. They are active and often bustling places (except during nap times!) and walls are colorfully decorated with children s drawings, seasonal plans, and activity schedules.. THE TEAM.. Parents, educators, social workers, therapists, and representatives from local education agencies, together guide each child s educational program.. This team plays a key role in maximizing choices related to every child s ongoing education and aspirations to.. LEARN TO BE.. ALL THEY CAN BE!.. Pre-School.. The Pre-School Program can also serve as a next-step following the.. Early Intervention Program.. for Infants and Toddlers from birth to 3 years which is usually provided in each child s home..

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  • Title: Education Program at Concordia Learning Center
    Descriptive info: EDUCATION PROGRAM.. THROUGH OUR 5-DAY-A-WEEK EDUCATION PROGRAM,.. with an extended school year option of 210 days, our goal is to provide students, aged 3 to 21, with the pragmatic skills of personal independence and basic academics needed to live and work in the community and to make the very best of their unique abilities.. New Jersey's Core Curriculum.. We use the State of New Jersey s Core Curriculum and incorporate math, science, and social studies within our functional independence curriculum.. The School s James D.. Held Enrichment and Technology Center plays a key role in introducing our students to the benefits of adaptive technology.. Computers, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), special software, and other state-of-the-art equipment, including optical and non-optical low vision devices for reading and writing all open up exciting new opportunities for individual independence.. WE COMPLEMENT.. our academic skill areas of functional math, history and culture, social studies, and nature studies with  ...   atmosphere of laughter, fun, and learning.. Many activities are conducted at our Concordia Learning Center s Nik-Naks training store.. OUR TEAM.. of dedicated and experienced multi-cultural special educators assess, custom-design, and implement each student s Individualized Education Plan (IEP).. The team includes:.. Certified teachers of the disabled.. Certified teachers of the visually impaired.. Teacher aides.. Orientation and mobility instructors.. Technology specialists.. Music and recreational teachers.. Social workers.. Speech, occupational, and physical therapists.. Health care specialists.. THE MOST IMPORTANT MEMBERS.. of the Concordia Learning Center s team are our students and their parents, in addition to representatives of the local school district.. Together our combined efforts help ensure our students receive the best possible individual education in the least restrictive environment with the overall aim to.. Read the.. Education.. This is an exciting, creative, high-quality special education program, specifically designed to respond to the individual and unique needs of each and every child we serve..

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  • Title: Special Education Program at Concordia Learning Center
    Descriptive info: SPECIAL EDUCATION.. As the parent of a child with a visual impairment and possible additional disabilities (such as learning or orthopedic impairments), you would naturally want your child to have access to the same educational opportunities as any other child.. at Concordia Learning Center is exactly what the term implies education for children with special needs.. Special means your child receives custom-designed education best suited to her or his unique needs.. Special also means our child s parents receive the support, guidance, learning and resources they need to better understand their child s challenges, choices and potential.. At Concordia Learning Center s we provide a wealth of opportunities to ensure each child becomes ALL THEY CAN BE.. SPECIAL.. also ensures each child receives education from a uniquely qualified, dedicated and multi-cultural team that includes:.. Certified early  ...   Academic skills.. Independent living skills.. Pre-vocational preparation.. Assistive technology.. Individualized therapies.. Residential Services (if needed).. OUR SPECIAL EDUCATORS.. work in close partnership with parents.. They also assist in the successful transition and integration of each student into appropriate educational options, including schools attended by their sighted peers.. Concordia Learning Center s educators are part of a vital team of parents, state and local government educational advisors, other specialists, and generalist educators from the local community.. Together they ensure that each student receives the best possible range of educational choices.. Special educators are indeed special because children with vision impairments and multiple disabilities need them to.. O.. ur Special Education.. OUR MULTI-DISCIPLINARY TEAM.. has knowledge and skills that the majority of school teachers just don t have, and in areas that many of us take for granted..

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  • Title: Independence Program at Concordia Learning Center
    Descriptive info: INDEPENDENCE.. AT CONCORDIA LEARNING CENTER.. we have over a century-long history of successfully educating children and youth with vision impairments some of whom are totally blind while others have partial sight and many of whom have multiple disabilities.. The main aim of our INDEPENDENCE PROGRAM is to equip each student with the basic skills of self-awareness, self-determination, self-care, socialization, effective communication, independence, and acceptable behavioral abilities.. OUR TEAM OF MULTI-CULTURAL SPECIAL EDUCATORS.. accomplish this by giving each child a comprehensive assessment, and then coordinating and implementing an Individualized Education Plan (IEP).. These plans include wide-ranging activities and combine the skills of special educators, social workers, health educators, specialists and therapists.. Music, for example, plays a key role in helping our students develop new awareness, joy and sensitivity.. Orientation and mobility specialists teach the important skills of independent travel.. Technology specialists reveal new potentials for accessibility.. Speech therapists help our students improve effective means  ...   health needs of each and every child and works closely with pediatric, ophthalmic, and psychological consultants.. Social workers are a vital resource to families and staff alike.. Residential Transitional Services are available.. THERAPISTS AND HEALTH CARE STAFF.. , in coordination with each student s physician, work in close partnership with special education classroom teachers, and give pragmatic consultative services to parents.. PARTNERSHIP.. is a key aspect of all our programs.. Students, parents, teachers, therapists, social workers, health care providers, teacher aides, supervisors, administrators, and school districts all work together to ensure the best possible education for each and every child served.. Our primary aim is to provide a wide range of stimulating, motivating, and appropriate opportunities for enabling every student to.. Independence.. Our customized educational programs are the beginning of an exciting journey toward increased independence, community integration and other key skills that ensure each student can.. LEARN TO BE ALL THEY CAN BE..

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