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  • Title: Credo House Ministries | helping people believe more each day
    Descriptive info: .. who we are.. Our Staff.. Our Board and Advisory Team.. Our History.. Our Vision & Beliefs.. Our Supporters.. Our Endorsements.. Credo House.. what we do.. Overview.. Bible Boot Camps.. The Discipleship Program.. The Theology Program.. Theology Unplugged Podcast.. 263 Theological Questions & Answers.. Our Books.. Credo House of Theology.. get started.. At Home.. In Your Church.. School of Theology.. events.. Events at the Credo House in Edmond, OK.. blogs.. Parchment & Pen.. Theology in the News.. Word of the Day.. store.. Donate.. Currently On Sale.. Purchase Curriculum.. Enroll in a Class.. Enroll in an Event.. Affiliate Program.. contact.. Credo House Ministries.. 109 NW 142nd St.. Suite B.. Edmond, OK 73003.. phone: 405-748-4288.. email:.. info@reclaimingthemind.. org.. Contact Us.. Credo House Ministries |.. Who We Are.. Fine Coffee + Fine Theological Training.. The Credo House is a gourmet coffee shop passionate about creating wonderful Lattes and passionate about discipleship.. For a few hours every week we turn into a neighborhood seminary where tuition is a Latte.. Introduction to Theology.. Experience the powerful difference in your faith when you get grounded in your God.. You'll learn why more than 3,000 churches have gone through The Theology Program.. ALL NEW Church History Study.. This is the first  ...   jQuery slider builder from DWUser.. Please enable JavaScript to view.. Articles:.. Posts:.. Parchment and Pen.. Gigantic Credo House Giveaway!.. Orientations, Identities, Disorders, and Future Possibilities that Might Make you Squirm a Little.. How Do I Stay Sane and Believe in Hell?.. An Anatomy of Faith.. What if Someone Knows Something You Don’t?.. J.. P.. Moreland’s Story About God Healing an Amputee.. Elder Questions: Miscarriage.. Basic Hermeneutical Principles.. Let this Strange Firestorm be a Lesson.. What Does it Mean to Be Charismatic?.. Quick Links:.. The Theology App.. Credo House: Edmond, OK.. Blog.. Bible Study Curriculum:.. Credo Clips:.. Sponsors.. Advertise Here.. Get Email Updates.. For.. Email Marketing.. you can trust.. Theological Word of the Day.. analogia fidei.. (Latin, analogy of faith ) A principle of interpretation which believes that Scripture can never contradict itself, and therefore Scripture is the primary interpreter of Scripture.. The assumption behind the analogia fidei is that since the Scriptures have one ultimate author (God), consistency and relevance in light of other Scriptures will be found.. This principle, with [.. ].. continue reading.. Reclaim Your Mind.. Please wait while my tweets load.. FOLLOW US ON TWITTER.. FIND US ON FACEBOOK.. Copyright 2013 Credo House Ministries.. Podcast powered by.. podPress v8.. 8.. 10.. 17..

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  • Title: Who We Are | Credo House Ministries
    Descriptive info: It all started in 2001 when a group of singles met on a Saturday morning at Stonebriar Community Church.. Michael Patton, the founder and president of the ministry and, then, pastor at the church, led this group through a course on how to think through theological issues.. It was such a success that the class was then offered to the entire church.. Soon, one course turned into six and one church turned into thousands.. Even before 2001 we can say the ministry truly started in 1999 as Michael Patton was in Dr.. John Hannah s class at Dallas Theological Seminary.. As he learned from Dr.. Hannah, all Michael could think was This is the most exciting stuff I have ever learned.. I have been in the church all my life and most of this stuff is brand new to me.. This needs to get out more in Evangelicalism.. Michael s dream/vision became to take theology to the average lay-person.. Since that first meeting back in 2001, the ministry has incorporated as Reclaiming the Mind Ministries, a not-for-profit 501(c)3.. The goal is to make theology accessible by providing high quality teaching and theological training to everyone in the church.. Timeline:.. 2001: First class taught at Stonebriar Community Church in Frisco, TX.. 2002:  ...   on iTunes.. 2005: All six courses of The Theology Program complete and on video.. Hundreds of churches are now using the material in their own churches, small groups, and Sunday school classes.. 2005: The first virtual classes of The Theology Program were taught online through a program called Paltalk.. There were over sixty students enrolled in the beta course.. 2006: Reclaiming the Mind Ministries was incorporated as a not-for-profit ministry.. 2007: The Parchment and Pen Blog was started by Michael Patton to aid and disciple the church in theology.. It is constantly ranked as the #1 religious blog in the world by Technorati.. 2009: The Credo House was built in Edmond, OK to facilitate the ministry.. The Credo House is a theological coffee, book, and theology shop.. 2010: Tim Kimberley, Th.. M.. DTS, is brought on as Executive Director of the Credo House.. 2010: Introduction of the.. Bible Boot Camp initiative.. Bible boot camps consist of four 45-min lessons in essential areas of theology.. Hundreds of churches are already getting involved.. 2010: Introduction of The Discipleship Program.. This program consists of five sessions of What to Believe and five session of What to Do.. 2010: Theology in the News, the Credo App for the iPhone, and many other projects on the way..

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  • Title: Our Staff | Credo House Ministries
    Descriptive info: Michael Patton, Th.. (Dallas Seminary).. President and Instructor, Credo House Ministries.. Email.. Michael received a bachelor of arts in biblical studies at University of Biblical Studies and Seminary in Bethany, OK.. He received a master of theology degree in New Testament Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary.. Michael is the president of Credo House Ministries.. He is also a speaker on Theology Unplugged, an Internet radio broadcast found at credohouse.. He currently resides in Oklahoma with his wife and four kids.. Tim Kimberley, Th.. Executive Director and Instructor, Credo House Ministries.. Tim received a bachelor of arts in management information systems at the University of Northern Iowa.. He received a master of theology degree in Historical Theology and Christian Education from Dallas Theological Seminary.. He currently resides in Oklahoma with his wife and three kids.. Carrie Hunter.. Ministry Administrator and Executive Assistant.. Carrie is a graduate of The Theology Program (2006).. She lives in Edmond, OK with her husband and three kids.. She is responsible for just about everything that matters at Credo House Ministries and tells everyone what to do.. She spends her days correcting Michael s theology and drinking Luther Lattes.. Robert Bowman Jr.. , Th.. (Fuller Seminary).. Teacher and Blogger-at-Large, Credo House Ministries.. Rob teaches many of our elective courses specializing in Apologetics (defending the faith).. Rob is the Director of Research at the.. Institute for Religious Research.. and the author of many books including.. Putting Jesus in His Place: The Case for the Deity of Christ.. Sam Storms, Th.. (Dallas Seminary), Ph.. D.. (University of Texas at Dallas).. Co-host of Theology Unplugged and Advisor, Credo House Ministries.. Sam is pastor of Bridgeway community church in Oklahoma City Oklahoma.. He is the author of numerous works including.. Chosen for Life: The Case for Divine Election.. A list of his works can be found.. here.. Sam s blog with  ...   become overtaken with laughter, you will find yourself perpetually taking photos of the drinks produced by Shane.. Just don t take too many pictures or your drink will start getting cold.. In addition to great drink making Shane loves talking about Theology, Philosophy and the person of Jesus.. Daniel Joseph.. Daniel is the kindest Barista you will ever encounter.. His Latte art skills will also dazzle you.. He prides himself in creating clever seasonal Latte art.. When you place your next order with Daniel ask him to get a little crazy with the Latte art.. You won t be disappointed.. Daniel just got accepted to law school so be careful when engaging in conversation.. He has some serious brain power hidden behind all that kindness!.. Kelcy White.. Kelcy is an interesting multi-talented fellow.. He takes incredible pride in whatever he does.. Don t be surprised if you re talking about some random subject and he says, Oh, I m an expert in that field.. Kelcy is passionate about coffee (he even roasts coffee in his garage), ministry and audio.. His audio skills are readily apparent in taking the Credo House podcast (.. Theology Unplugged.. ) to the next level.. Ask Kelcy about his latest home-roast, his next upcoming live performance, or anything about theology.. Kobi Kazarr.. No barista in the long rich history of Credo House has learned the art of the pour as quickly as Kobi.. Challenge him to create the perfect Latte pour or challenge him at the pool table if there s a lull.. Kobi has a passion to plant a church one day.. Ask him all about it after he makes you a delicious Nicean Mocha.. If you want to get a funny story ask Kobi about his most embarrassing Credo House moment it ll probably entail a funny story during his interview with Michael and Tim..

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  • Title: Our Board and Advisory Team | Credo House Ministries
    Descriptive info: Michael Patton.. President, Credo House Ministries.. Tim Kimberley.. Executive Director, Credo House Ministries.. Brad Buhl.. Dave Jones.. Chris Gray.. Jeff Young.. Matt Allen..

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  • Title: Our History | Credo House Ministries
    Descriptive info: 2009: The Credo House was build in Edmond, OK to facilitate the ministry.. DTS, is brought on as executive director of the Credo House.. Bible book camps consist of four 45-min lessons in essential areas of theology..

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  • Title: Our Vision & Beliefs | Credo House Ministries
    Descriptive info: Our Vision Beliefs.. Mission/Vision.. We believe that God has called us to have an impact on the church and culture by taking back what rightly belongs to God – the mind.. We live in a time of anti-intellectualism, skepticism, and confusion.. Our goal is to reclaim the mind by energizing the church providing resources for intellectual engagement.. In short, we seek to help people believe more accurately and more deeply today than they did yesterday by making theology accessible.. Statement of Faith.. Bible and Revelation.. : We confess that the Scriptures are verbally inspired and true in every respect.. We also confess that the rightly interpreted Scriptures are the only infallible source of revelation.. God.. : We confess that there is one God, creator of all things, invisible and visible, who eternally exists in three persons, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, all of whom are fully God, all of whom are equal in power and dignity.. We also confess that God is all-knowing and is sovereign over all the affairs of His creation.. Christ.. : We confess that Jesus Christ is God’s eternal Son, the second member of the Trinity, who exists as one person in two natures, being both fully God and fully man.. We further confess that He lived a sinless life and willingly died on a cross as a substitution for the sins of man.. We confess that He rose  ...   and mother of all mankind, disobeyed God in Eden thereby causing all people to become like them in guilt and nature.. Therefore, we confess that all people are born separated from God and in their natural state are at enmity with God, unable to make any move toward God on their own.. We confess that the image of God, while distorted, remains in all men.. We confess that when a person dies, the immaterial part of that person consciously goes to either be with Christ or to a place to await judgment.. Salvation.. : We confess that God had every right to leave man in his depraved and helpless condition, but, by His own gracious and loving volition, He chose to intercede on behalf of man.. We further confess that salvation is only possible through faith alone in Christ alone because of God’s grace alone.. We reject that any works of righteousness contribute in any way to man’s salvation.. We confess that when a person places their faith in Christ they are at that instant declared righteous through the imputation of Christ’s righteousness as a gift of God.. Last Things.. : We confess that Christ will come again to judge and reward all people.. We confess the bodily resurrection of all believers.. We confess the eternal blessedness of those who have trusted in Christ and the eternal damnation of all who have rejected God..

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  • Title: Our Supporters | Credo House Ministries
    Descriptive info: Credo House/Reclaiming the Mind Ministries exists because the prayerful and financial partnership of hundreds of people.. Our initiative is great and so are our needs.. While some of our financing comes through the sale of the materials, most of it comes from people just like you.. If you would like to become  ...   participation in deepening the beliefs of thousands of people.. Paul tells the Colossians We proclaim Him, admonishing every man and teaching every man with all wisdom, so that we may present every man complete in Christ (Col 1:28).. We are a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization.. All contributions to our ministry are tax-deductible.. Donate..

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  • Title: Our Endorsements | Credo House Ministries
    Descriptive info: Scholars say….. “If it is your desire to understand what you believe and why you believe it, then The Theology Program is for you.. Here you will learn the basic principles of how to think biblically.. Rhome and Michael take theology from the top shelf and place it where it belongs-where everyone can reach it.. ”.. Chuck Swindoll.. Senior Pastor, Stonebriar Community Church.. Author, Speaker, Radio Host.. “…Theology Program offers so much more to lay folks than they could get in any other forum.. TTP challenges their thinking, rather than confirming their prejudices.. And it does it in a way that is fair to all parties and faithful to the text of Holy Writ.. If this kind of program could be multiplied in churches throughout America and the world, there would be hope for the evangelical church.. Solid biblical and theological thinking are desperately needed in our circles today; without it, the evangelical church doesn’t have 50 years of life left.. May our gracious and sovereign Lord raise up more folks who will become serious thinkers, people who will engage society and life from a thoroughly converted perspective.. Wallace.. Professor of New Testament Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary.. Senior New Testament Editor, The NET Bible.. “I cannot overstate how thrilled I am with the training material in The Theology Program.. For 25 years I have been laboring to call the church to love God with its mind, and wherever I go I am constantly asked for examples of local church curriculum that responds to this call with excellence.. Well, look no further.. The Theology Program is the best thing I have seen to date and recommend it with great excitement.. JP Moreland.. Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, Talbot School of Theology, Biola University.. “Every church ought to make use of The Theology Program or something like it.. I commend it as a model of lay theological education and wish it good success in helping Christians to love God with all their minds.. Roger E.. Olson.. Professor of Theology.. George W.. Truett Theological Seminary, Baylor University.. “Although I differ with The Theology Program on some issues, on the whole I think it is an excellent program and I commend it to students of theology.. These are very difficult issues, and you’ve treated them thoroughly, fairly, and with considerable balance.. You’ve mapped a careful path through this minefield! The teaching method is superb: wonderfully varied and practical as well as richly biblical.. What you have here is the best thing I’ve ever seen for laymen in this area.. I hope it gets wide distribution.. John M.. Frame.. Professor of Systematic Theology and Philosophy, Reformed Theological Seminary.. TTP Students say….. “I grew up in a Christian home, attended college on a Christian campus, have attended church all of my life, and have been a subscriber and reader of Christianity Today and Christian History for a decade and an half and no where have I been exposed to the level of teaching that we are experiencing in the TTP.. It is unique.. I have been blessed.. To have been a part of the inaugural group has been a privilege.. Bob.. VP Sales.. “The Theology Program has been instrumental in grounding me in the basics of our faith since the Fall of 2002.. Thank you for consistently providing clear examples of authenticity; guiding us through development of that which is theology; providing lively discussions in answer to probing questions; providing tools by which we can dig deeper into the treasures found within the Scriptures; and encouraging us to gain “heart” knowledge as well as “head” knowledge.. Thank you for striving to excel and thus teaching  ...   level teaching being brought to lay people within the church.. I am grateful that this program is able to break down complicated and complex subjects to a level that I can understand and then apply to my everyday life.. Jason.. Semiconductor Engineer.. “The Theology Program has been an eye opening experience in my life.. I always felt like I couldn’t defend my faith in the manner that I should be able to, but since taking the classes in the program, I am much more capable of doing so.. I have been introduced to topics I did not know existed and questions that I never even thought to ask.. But remarkably the new questions do not increase doubt, but has strengthened my faith immeasurably.. To say I feel more rounded in my faith is an understatement.. Come join us—you will never regret it.. Beverly.. College Advisor/Retired.. “This program was better than I had anticipated.. I am not able to view my relationship with Christ, lessons from a bible study or anything else the same way.. I have come away from this program with a few changed opinions, but on the whole, these classes have helped me solidify what I already believed and has given me the ability to discuss these views much better with those who hold a differing opinion.. It has been a wonderful experience and I wish there were more classes like this that went beyond the core essentials.. Stephanie.. Dental Hygienist Wedding Coordinator.. “TTP is a wonderful and challenging program.. It provides a rare opportunity for lay people to benefit from seminary-type teaching and curriculum.. This includes wrestling with difficult and controversial theological issues of the Christian faith.. TTP challenged my doctrine; I was forced to re-evaluate what I believed, how I came to believe it, and, most importantly, how it lined up scripturally.. As a result, my faith has strengthened, and I am better able to articulate and defend my stance on biblical issues.. Not only has my understanding of essential Christian doctrine become more solidified, but I better understand the worldviews at work in our culture–worldviews that influence all of us, worldviews in which we evangelize the unsaved and disciple believers.. TTP has helped prepare me to better minister to others in both evangelism and discipleship.. Diana.. Accountant (Mother/Grandmother).. “The Theology Program has built a structure for me to wrap my beliefs and life experiences around.. It has changed my perspective on God, the Bible and people as a whole.. The Theology Program has given strength to my beliefs while challenging the reasons behind them.. It has helped me to see just how interconnected and intricate are God’s ways and plans.. No one belief or idea can be extended without addressing the ramifications it echoes throughout all our beliefs and practices.. I truly appreciate the grace and humility with which Michael and Rhome teach.. Their honesty and willingness to explain all arguments in context of Church history and tradition give me a balanced view for making my own decisions regarding theology.. I have always valued their need to weigh every idea or belief on the scale of ultimate importance.. In the end, I have always felt the freedom to evaluate and decide for myself based on evidence given in class, the Bible and our readings.. The Theology Program has opened a door to me that far too few Christians have been given the opportunity to enter.. The door, if you are willing to open it, will give you a fresh perspective of God, the Bible and the Christian Life.. Thanks for your hard work and attentiveness to God’s calling in your life.. Brad.. R.. Ph..

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  • Title: Credo House | Credo House Ministries
    Descriptive info: Credo House Coffee Shop on Urbanspoon.. Hours.. :.. 7am-10pm M-F, 9am-7pm Saturdays, Closed Sundays..

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  • Title: What We Do | Credo House Ministries
    Descriptive info: What We Do.. Most simply put we are a ministry helping people believe more today than they did yesterday.. Below are three of our most popular and central ways to help make disciples.. (.. view the PDF version.. )..

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  • Title: Overview | Credo House Ministries
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