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  • Title: Integrity Commissioner Report Fails To Consider Crucial Question - Raise the Hammer
    Descriptive info: .. Raise the Hammer.. About.. Principles.. Authors.. Links.. Submissions.. Register.. Forget Password?.. Special Report: City Hall.. Integrity Commissioner Report Fails To Consider Crucial Question.. Integrity Commissioner Earl Basse's report clears Mayor Bratina of bullying City Manager Chris Murray, but it fails to address the heart of the matter.. By.. Adrian Duyzer.. Published November 13, 2013.. Hamilton's Integrity Commissioner Earl Basse has released a report that clears Mayor Bob Bratina of a complaint that he bullied City Manager Chris Murray during a council meeting last April.. Unfortunately, this report fails to address the heart of the matter, namely: did Bratina engage in behaviour that can reasonably be characterized as bullying, abusive and/or harassing?.. Background.. The complaint was filed by City Council after an outburst that Bratina directed at Murray during a heated council meeting.. You can.. read the report here.. (thanks to the Hamiltonian for hosting the report; the Hamiltonian thanks the Spectator for providing it).. According to the report:.. The Complaint alleges that, during the lengthy discussion of the Motion, the Mayor stepped away from his place at the table, approached the City Manager and said something to him.. Unfortunately the Video Stream did not record the Mayor's exchange with the City Manager.. However, it did show the Mayor leaving his position at the head of the "Horseshoe" and returning after 17 seconds.. The Video Stream did not show where the Mayor went.. Investigation revealed that the Mayor did leave his place at the middle of the "Horseshoe", approached the City Manager and stated to the Manager:.. "I can't believe you said that! I can't believe you said that!".. This was confirmed during an impassioned exchange between Mayor Bratina and Councillor Farr during the Council Meeting of April 24, 2013 after the Motion had been referred by to the Clerk's office.. This was also confirmed by other witnesses.. Although the words Bratina used are not obviously problematic, the manner of the exchange was disturbing enough to Council that the vote to refer the matter to Basse was unanimous.. In other words, this was seen by those present as something quite serious.. The Report.. Basse has now cleared Bratina, writing that:.. The Mayor's tone and comments to the City Manager at the Council Meeting of April 24, 2013 were not appropriate but I do not find it in contravention of either Section 13.. 2 or 17.. 1 of the Code of Conduct for the following reasons:.. a.. The City Manager did not feel intimidated or threatened by the Mayor's actions nor did he believe his professional reputation had been injured.. b.. Other employees in close proximity to the City Manager did not feel intimidated or harassed;.. c.. The tone of the discussions relating to Councillor McHattie's Notice of Motion was fervent and there were some emotional and accusatory exchanges during that discussion.. The Mayor's tone in his exchange with the City Manager reflected the emotion of the meeting but was not considered to be threatening.. To me, the crux of the report is this part: "The City Manager advised he was surprised at the tone and content of the Mayor's comments to him but was neither intimidated nor threatened by the exchange nor did he feel his professional reputation was injured.. ".. The problem is that Murray's opinion on this is not necessarily relevant.. It is certainly not objective, given the power imbalance between the Mayor and the City Manager.. Murray is unlikely to raise a stink over this if he feels it would harm his current position, job prospects, etc.. To make a poor analogy, this is like asking an abused woman whether her husband is abusive.. Depending on what is going on she may say he is not, even when the facts may clearly indicate the contrary.. In other words, Basse's report is based on how Murray and other staff members.. felt.. , as opposed to being based on what Bratina actually.. did.. Worse, it is based on how Murray  ...   2013 at 09:01:49.. The thinking that inform's Basse's argument strikes me as a variant on the "Geez, can't you take a joke?" variety of racism/sexism/harrassment.. Why even bother with a code of conduct if you're just going to wad it up and fling it across Council Chambers?.. By Edward Graydon (anonymous) | Posted November 14, 2013 at 09:30:29.. Common direction as to what is wanted for this city would in my opinion help move this council forward.. I really do believe that Bob Brattina has a problem dealing with what most consider normal due process regarding conversation needed to reach targeted goals for the city.. Before the election I was on more than one occassion brushed aside in a abrupt manner that did not warrent this action.. To criticize Bob on any matter, even if it is warranted and without malise will be recieved with a stern glare.. I was close to Bob during the Mayoral debates and I believe he was elected by ,if not lying to the voter ? than under a false pretence.. Post a Comment.. Comment Anonymously.. Screen Name.. What do you get if you divide 12 by 3?.. Leave This Field Blank.. Comment.. Log in to your RTH User Account.. Forgot Your Password?.. Create an RTH User Account.. Discussion Guidelines.. Comment Voting and Etiquette.. Recent Articles.. by Adrian Duyzer.. , published November 13, 2013 in.. (3 comments).. Just Razors, That's All.. by Mark Fenton.. Photo Essay.. No Apologies for Being a Designer in Hamilton.. by Sheri Crawford.. Commentary.. (2 comments).. World Toilet Day and the Innovative Future of Sanitation.. by Corinne Schuster-Wallace.. , published November 12, 2013 in.. (0 comments).. The Experimental Lakes Area: War on Science, or War on Canada?.. by Ted Mitchell.. , published November 11, 2013 in.. Ideas.. (5 comments).. How Legal Liability is Determined in a Driver-Pedestrian Collision.. by Nicholas Kevlahan.. , published November 10, 2013 in.. Special Report: Walkable Streets.. (39 comments).. Why I Seized the Mic at a School Closure Meeting.. by John-Paul Danko.. Special Report: Education.. 'Courtesy Crossing' Signage Not Finalized Yet.. by Ryan McGreal.. , published November 08, 2013 in.. (27 comments).. Yet More Pedestrian Improvements Across Hamilton.. , published November 07, 2013 in.. (28 comments).. Review: The Hamilton Book of Everything.. by Joy Jones.. Reviews.. (9 comments).. Traffic on King While Main Sits Mostly Empty.. , published November 05, 2013 in.. (83 comments).. Summary of New Pedestrian Mobility Plan (Part 2 of 2).. by Sara Mayo.. (4 comments).. Article Archives.. By Month.. By Section.. Site Tools.. Latest Comments.. Contact City Council.. Secure (HTTPS) Site.. RTH Election Site.. Feeds.. Articles.. Blogs.. Articles Blogs.. Upcoming Events.. @raisethehammer.. Events Calendar.. Ralph Nader: Back by popular demand.. - November 16, 2013, at.. McMaster University.. , HHS, Room 1A1 (formerly Ewart Angus Centre), 1280 Main Street West, Hamilton.. 16 Upcoming Events.. Recent Blog Entries.. Beckett Drive Rebuild a Missed Opportunity to Improve Walking, Cycling Connections.. by Jason Leach.. , published November 14, 2013 in.. Transportation.. (7 comments).. Make Queenston Road Businesses More Walkable.. by Azher Siddiqui.. Revitalization.. (16 comments).. Letter: Losing Sleep Over Dangerous Streets.. by Letter to the Editor.. (20 comments).. No Plans Yet for 20 Jackson Street West.. (1 comment).. Hamilton 2nd Most Dangerous City in Ontario for Pedestrians.. , published November 06, 2013 in.. (26 comments).. Transit Lane Op-Eds in The Hamiltonian, The Spectator.. (104 comments).. Letter: Safety Improvements Needed at Charlton and Wentworth.. City Still Regards Downtown as a Commuter Route to Elsewhere.. by Sean Burak.. , published November 04, 2013 in.. (6 comments).. City Explains Not Allowing Cyclists in Transit Lane.. by RTH Staff.. , published November 01, 2013 in.. (14 comments).. Jogger Dies After Collision at Charlton and Wentworth.. News.. Driver Charged in Collision with Jogger at Charlton and Wentworth.. , published October 31, 2013 in.. (10 comments).. Walkability Fail on Longwood Road South.. by Stephen Barath.. Walkability Fail.. Blog Archives.. Raise The Hammer | Website 2004, 2009 | Article by the author |.. Contact Us..

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  • Title: About Raise the Hammer - Raise the Hammer
    Descriptive info: Site Notes.. About Raise the Hammer.. Introduction, overview, and brief history of Raise the Hammer.. Ryan McGreal.. Published December 14, 2004.. In this Page.. Overview.. About the Site.. History.. User Agreement.. Raise the Hammer is a group of Hamilton, Ontario citizens who believe in our city's potential and are willing to get involved in making the city a more vibrant, livable, and attractive place to live and work.. We are non-partisan and our members come from diverse political backgrounds.. Our common interest is revitalizing our city, a goal that benefits everyone.. Raise the Hammer is dedicated to providing a variety of views and approaches to the goal of making Hamilton a great city.. Towards that end, we encourage readers to contribute feedback, letters to the editor, and article submissions.. Please feel free to.. contact us.. with your comments and ideas.. Back in 2003, Ben Bull, a Leeds native who had moved to Hamilton via Toronto, wrote a letter to the Hamilton Spectator entitled, "Hamilton is dying and I can't bear to watch".. Little did he know how much controversy his cry of the heart would generate.. Sensing the rich life that pulsed just beneath Hamilton's cadaverous skin, Ben and his wife decided to postpone leaving, and at the same time, Ben connected with three other Hamiltonians who shared both his concerns and his desire to make a difference.. Ben, Sohail Bhatti, Charlene Dobson, and Jason Leach formed the Green Berets, appearing regularly on CHML with Roy Green to discuss urban issues.. Between radio exposure and contacts with other citizens who had made public statements, the Green Berets grew in membership and decided to branch out into other media.. Around this time, Sohail and Charlene moved on to other projects.. Because it was no longer identified exclusively with Roy Green, the group decided to adopt a new name: something that reflected its passion for Hamilton and its political interest in revitalizing the downtown core and encouraging sustainable development in the periphery.. was born early in 2004.. The web site, designed by Trevor Shaw and developed by Ryan McGreal, went live in December, 2004.. In January 2005 we added the Hammerblog to post shorter articles between issues.. From inauspicious beginnings, the site has grown steadily and now attracts several thousand page views per day.. The site went through a full redesign in April 2006 and has been tweaked incrementally several times since then.. Another major redesign (of the back-end rather than the layout) was completed in 2009, and the site now runs entirely on open source software.. In early 2009, we changed the site so that articles are published now regularly throughout the month rather than in discrete issues at periodic intervals.. Please see our.. submission guidelines.. before submitting letters or articles.. RTH User Agreement.. By reading this website, you agree to the following:.. At Raise the Hammer, we encourage you to share what you find here with others.. We hope you will link to this website.. If you find an article you really like and want to republish it on your site, please feel free to go ahead and do so.. All we ask is that you cite your source and provide a link back to the original article.. It's the courteous thing to do.. We invite you to share your commentary, particularly if your comments enhance, amplify, clarify, correct, or otherwise contribute to the totality of facts and arguments that enable citizens to participate more meaningfully in civic issues.. We disclaim all express and implied warranties concerning the accuracy of the information on our website, but we do try our hardest to be accurate, and we correct any mistakes we make as soon as we learn about them.. We would appreciate if you.. let us know.. if you encounter any errors so we can fix them.. We value your privacy, and do not sell or otherwise share any personal information about our registered users, commenters, or visitors.. We may publish a generic summary report of daily page view activity (e.. g.. using.. Webalizer.. ).. We want to.. hear from you.. We hope you will share your observations, suggestions, and recommendations on what we're doing.. We promise to get extra-excited if you agree to contribute articles, especially in areas that we currently under-represent.. Most of all, we urge you to get involved.. Learn about the issues affecting your neighbourhood, your city, your country, and the world, and start thinking of ways you can make a difference.. Join a  ...   role that design can play in the revitalization of Hamilton and the surrounding area and would love to play a role in helping local businesses and other organizations push themselves further.. If there's anyone out there that would like to chat, please hit me with an email.. mikey@amoebacorp.. com.. www.. amoebacorp.. com.. By whitehorse (registered) | Posted January 13, 2011 at 19:23:24.. Dear Friends,.. I would like to share with you these wonderful Messages from Holy Love web-site, please go to this link:.. facebook.. com/notes/nguyen-tra.. Thank you.. By kk (anonymous) | Posted May 16, 2011 at 18:39:40.. I'd like to see pedestrian controlled crossing light at various points on Cannon Street East, just like the petition for the Aberdeen/Kent area, to help the crossing guards! I drive Cannon daily on my way out of the city and fear for the lives of those crossing guards!.. Let me know how I might help!.. Cheers,.. Krista.. kkleinwort@hotmail.. By Robbie K (anonymous) | Posted July 22, 2013 at 15:22:42.. Ryan, really hoping to see a quick writeup on the new grocery store in Jackson Square.. Walked over on the weekend and was REALLY impressed.. | Posted July 22, 2013 at 22:38:35 in reply to.. Comment 90356.. Seek and ye shall find:.. First Look at New Nations Fresh Foods.. By Evangelinvlj (anonymous) | Posted October 10, 2013 at 05:41:45.. The temperature or moisture is too high will be quite effortless to make the headset diaphragm of too much out of shape.. It pays as appreciably thought concerning the appearances of products as on their best high quality contemplating that it experienced been born, Investing in dr dre headphones Electronics is a lucrative deal.. it can lead to headset inner lines is growing old.. the music would not be as impressive to the listeners as the artists want them to be.. 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  • Title: First Principles - Raise the Hammer
    Descriptive info: Editorial.. First Principles.. If we understand how healthy cities work, the citizens of Hamilton can revitalize our wonderful city.. Published May 16, 2005.. Here's a list of the core principles that we believe govern urban life.. By understanding and applying these principles, the citizens of Hamilton can revitalize our wonderful city.. These principles aren't in any particular order.. Cities are not suburbs, towns, or villages.. The great benefit of cities is their complexity, diversity, variety, anonymity, and privacy.. The normal comings and goings of various individuals in the city generate neighbourhoods, local nodes, and distinct characters.. This complex process cannot be duplicated in the laboratory or manufactured.. When a city tries to deny its true nature as a dense, complex urban ecosystem by micromanaging, regulating, and separating its various functions, it begins to kill itself.. "Rationalizing" the city is like clearcutting a rainforest to plant wheat.. After a few years, everything starts blowing away.. The downtown core is the heart of the city.. Without a healthy core, the city as a whole cannot function.. The public life of the city is in its streets, or it's nowhere.. Public policies (tax and regulatory) should not subsidize.. sprawl.. or car-based transportation.. If people had to pay the real price of living in the suburbs, fewer people would do so.. When a city tries to let everyone drive everywhere, it begins to turn into a massive suburb, with roads and parking crowding everything else out.. The built environment should support a vibrant street life: wide sidewalks, street walls, street-level businesses, and mixed uses.. Regulations.. should be as simple as possible, and they should encourage open, diverse, creative development within a coherent framework that supports street life.. To encourage good streets: build to the sidewalk, make buildings compatible with their neighbours, open directly onto the street, let owners decide how to use their buildings, and never put parking between the sidewalk and the door.. Buildings should face out, not in.. Plazas, parks, and atria are insincere attempts to transform city blocks into pastoral theme parks.. They also display a contempt for the fabric of city life that make them immediately suspect.. Streets are for.. everyone.. , not just drivers.. Two way streets, lower speed limits, and market priced curbside parking can slow the cars, make it easier for.. cyclists.. to share the road, and make sidewalks safer and more relaxing for pedestrians.. One way streets are.. de facto expressways.. right through the city.. No one wants to walk, stand, or sit next to an expressway.. It looks very much like cheap energy is soon going to be a.. thing of the past.. Our.. transportation infrastructure.. should reflect this fact, emphasizing and promoting the least energy-intensive ways of getting around.. Developments that are small-scale, localized, and idiosyncratic are better than developments that are large-scale, centralized, and dull.. Everyone deserves a decent place to live, and dreary housing projects, decaying ghettoes, and park benches do not qualify.. Mixed housing is a good way to avoid both ghettoes and quasi-gated communities.. Public mega-projects are almost always a bad idea, costing too much and delivering too little.. They demolish neighbourhoods to bolster politicians' egos.. 16 Comments.. grahamia.. | Posted August 14, 2006 at 15:45:05.. I agree with the principles, but would like to see what relocalization movement has to contribute.. see for example Folke Gunther s work from Sweden on ruralization.. see RURALISATION A POSSIBLE WAY TO ALLEVIATE OUR CURRENT VULNERABILITY PROBLEMS Folke Günther Holon Ecosystem Consultant Kollegievägen 19 224 73 Lund S URL:.. holon.. se/folke/.. E-mail: folke@holon.. se.. By Say WHAAAA?!?!? (anonymous) | Posted October 30, 2008 at 03:20:30.. Ryan McGreedy, who died and made you Karl Marx?!?!.. Where is personal responsibility and personal choice in your equation? Roads ARE made for cars.. When you are 18 you are an adult.. You are responsible to support yourself, your family and to not be a burden on society.. I particularly find #16 offensive.. I dont make much $$$$ but it is NOT a RIGHT to have free housing.. If you cant afford your housing then dont have kids, budget yourself, get a second job and, if necessary, get more education.. As globalization occurs there is going to be a massive shift in wealth away from the North America and Europe to 5 billion other people.. People who the US and Europe have been providing aid to for decades and who ppl who responded in kind by pumping out 7 kids per woman.. More mouths to feed! More potential criminals to destabilize societies.. Wonderful.. At a certain point you need to stop feeding the pigeons or you are going to get covered in guano.. By pamellamma (anonymous) | Posted June 05, 2011 at 20:29:47 in reply to.. Comment 27095.. Article 25.. (1) Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.. - Love, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.. By Anonymous (anonymous) | Posted November 26, 2008 at 14:27:43.. Some of these points are great, while others are guaranteed to cause decay.. I don t say that with passion, but with observation.. 4.. While we love to hold onto this concept, I am afraid it is an outdated one.. The reasons why downtown has decayed over time are complicated and myriad,  ...   of the Engligh and Europian cities I work and live in Hamilton is not that dissimilar.. Our city is consintrated yes our downtown core for the last 20 years has been a hang out for kids and "undesireables", yes One way streets have been the norm for over fifty years.. Ryan please go to work, love your partner, spend time with your friends and generally have a wonderful life! But when you get home from work today please shut down this website it is founded on pretentious elietest lefty morrals that as "nice" as they may sound, WHO CARES ABOUT A CURBSIDE RAMP AT KING AND FURGASON!.. By loveforever (registered) | Posted August 05, 2010 at 14:32:38.. Picture going to a Cats game, or perhaps an MLS game or even a festival at a stadium where you can enjoy the waterfront atmosphere before during and after the event! Let's draw people down to our waterfront, and our downtown.. If we drop the ball here, and don't seize this great opportunity, generations of Hamiltonians will lose out.. A healthy downtown, with an exciting waterfront accessible for everyone, is a recipe for Civic prosperity.. Ask the people of Pittsburgh (a former steeltown like Hamilton) how proud they are of their waterfront (and waterfront Stadium).. STAND UP HAMILTON.. FIGHT FOR THE WEST HARBOUR LOCATION!!.. SEE YOU AUGUST 7th in HESS VILLAGE!!!!!.. Posted by UrbanRenaissance.. YES ! BY FREQUENTLY GOING TO THE BAYFRONT PARK, HAMILTON HARBOUR.. FOR ENJOYING THE WALKS, TAKING MY KIDS TO PLAY AT THE PLAYGROUNDS, TAKING THE SHIP TRIP AROUND THE HAMILTON BAY.. I ENVISION THE SAME GREAT THING FOR OUR CITY, OUR HAMILTONIANS AND OUR GENERATIONS WILL BE BENEFIT A LOT WITH THE WEST HARBOUR DEVELOPMENTS: WE CAN BUILD AN AMPHI-THEATRE, SPORT STADIUM, CONDO, CASINO, HOTELS.. BOB YOUNG AND HIS TIGER-CAT TEAM CAN JUST STAY AT THE IVORY STADIUM/ OR MOVE OUT FROM HAMILTON IF THEY ARE SELFISH ENOUGHT BY ONLY CARING FOR THEIR BUSINESS DOLLARS ! DO NOT THREADTEN HAMILTONIANS BY MOVING TO.. SOMEWHERE (???) POOR PEOPLE (KIDS) CAN NOT AFFORD TO GO TO THE EAST MOUNTAIN TO PARTICIPATE IN SPORTS.. I THINK PEOPLE NEVER BEEN TO THE WEST HARBOUR HAS NO IDEA HOW GREAT POTENTIAL IT HAS FOR OUR CITY !!!.. PLEASE SHOW YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT FOR OUR YOUNGER GENERATIONS !.. HAMILTONIANS NEED TO STAND UP.. AND FIGHT FOR THE WEST HARBOUR LOCATION!! CITY COUNCILLOR: DO NOT WASTE OUR TAX DOLLARS !!!.. Comment edited by loveforever on 2010-08-05 13:33:17.. By loveforever (registered) | Posted August 06, 2010 at 13:53:04.. I urge who are the one supporting the Tiger-Cat games for so many years, if you support the West Harbour for our city's, our Hamiltonians long-term developments, please boycott their game tomorrow to come to support the Rally for the West Harbour stadium at Hess Village !.. By Functionalist (anonymous) | Posted August 11, 2010 at 01:39:33.. I'm from Toronto and I'm proud to see you, fellow urban Ontarians, standing up for your city instead of letting the will of drivers in low density suburbs erode it.. I love how these principles are almost paraphrasing key points of the late Jane Jacobs' great text, The Death and Life of Great American Cities, which is still as relevant today as it ever was.. Keep up the good work.. I hope that Hamilton can experience a renaissance and that our cities will be better connected with electrified all-day GO services in the future.. By Creeker (anonymous) | Posted August 30, 2010 at 13:26:04.. Just out of curiosity:.. 1.. How much does Hamilton get every year from the gas tax redistribution?.. 2.. How much does Hamilton spend on roads every year?.. I'd like to know just how much our roads are being subsidized (or not) by the non-drivers.. By mb (registered) | Posted January 15, 2011 at 15:41:20.. Wow.. Great Principles.. Hopefully one day, we can all adhere to these principles.. Now, my wife and I are going to take one of our two gas-guzzling trucks, and drive from our home on the mountain, out to the big Wal-Mart store on Rymal Road.. "If you're 20 and not a liberal, you have no heart.. If you're 40 and not a conservative, you have no brain.. " -Sir Winston Churchill.. By mb (registered) | Posted January 19, 2011 at 21:51:14.. My principles:.. Raise the Hammer does not get to define what a city is.. As long as there are Wal-Marts, Zellers, Best Buys, Future Shops, Cineplex Odeon Superplexes, megamalls, and Canadian Tires, you will not stop urban sprawl.. 3.. As long as people have children, you will not stop urban sprawl.. The majority of people do not want to raise their children downtown.. While cars can be damaging to the environment, they serve a purpose, and people should not feel bad for owning a car.. Streets are made for cars.. Sidewalks are made for pedestrians.. 5.. Big business, contrary to popular belief, is not evil.. Big cities, like Hamilton, will grow and thrive because of big business.. Art is not the new steel.. Technology and medicine are Hamilton's future.. Unless you live in Paris, France, your city will not thrive on art.. 7.. I agree that two way streets are better than one-way streets.. Comment edited by mb on 2011-01-19 21:54:30.. By hammy (registered) | Posted January 20, 2011 at 08:31:29.. Good read MB.. By mb (registered) | Posted January 20, 2011 at 20:36:03.. Thanks, Hammy.. I think we're the minority here.. What do you get if you multiply 5 and 1?..

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  • Title: Authors - Raise the Hammer
    Descriptive info: Aaron Newman.. Aaron Newman is the proprietor of Newman's Menswear on King Street East, a family business that has been in operation since 1927.. Abdallah Al-Hakim.. Abdallah Al-Hakim has a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Dundee, Scotland.. Currently he is a research fellow at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto where his research focuses on understanding how cells respond to the damage caused to DNA by radiation, chemicals and other factors.. He maintains a.. Adam Sobolak.. Adam Sobolak is an executive of the Toronto Architectural Conservancy, but writes here as an individual, so as not to make undue claims.. Email:.. adma@rogers.. Adele Konyndyk.. Adele Konyndyk is a freelance writer living in Hamilton, a city she first explored while pursuing a BA in English at Redeemer University College.. After completing a MFA in creative writing through Seattle Pacific University, Adele made Hamilton her home.. She adores books, Chilean wine, and almost any cheese in the world.. Her blog can be found at.. adelekonyndyk.. wordpress.. AdeleKonyndyk@gmail.. adrianduyzer@gmail.. Adrienne Havercroft.. Adrienne Havercroft is a teacher, a cancer graduate, a union thug, as well as a wife and a pet owner.. She attempts to bear Christ's image and seek his shalom in Hamilton, Ontario.. You can follow her on twitter.. @mylabouroflove.. Aidan Cooper.. Aidan Cooper is 12 years old.. She lives at home with her Mom and Dad, four brothers, and beloved dog Molly.. She is currently homeschooled.. Ainsley Lishman.. Ainsley Lishman is currently a starving student, finishing her Journalism course at Mohawk College this summer, and then off to Carleton University in Ottawa.. She likes Buddy Holly, aerosol whipped cream, and traveling.. Al Cormier.. Al Cormier is the President and CEO of the.. Centre for Sustainable Transportation.. , based in Mississauga.. Alasdair Rathbone.. Alasdair Rathbone is a first year McMaster University Kinesiology student.. Although he lives on the Mountain he still maintains an interest in the lower city where he spent his early years.. He follows politics at all levels and likes to comment to anyone that will listen.. alasdair.. rathbone@gmail.. Albert DeSantis.. Albert DeSantis watches a lot of movies and TV and has been since childhood.. More recently, he has written movie reviews for.. View Magazine.. in Hamilton for a few years (This may have warped his mind).. The two best flicks ever are.. The Empire Strikes Back.. and.. Aliens.. Both are sequels.. Go Cats!.. aldesantis@gmail.. Amanda Kleinhuis.. Amanda Kleinhuis was born and raised in Lindsay Ontario, but moved to Hamilton to attend Redeemer University in 1995.. After falling in love with her husband Mike, she also fell in love with Hamilton and now spends most of her time as an at-home mom to their three children in the North End of Hamilton.. Amanda N.. Nesbitt.. Nesbitt is a McMaster graudate with a double major in English/History and a minor in Theatre and Film Studies.. An avid writer/photographer, she thrives being a part of Hamilton s theatre/arts movement and has been very active in the theatre community since 2003.. Writing for the Fringe marks her third year participating with this amazing group of people that make up the festival and she hopes you enjoy the shows.. Thank you for promoting the arts!.. Amy Gringhuis and Christopher Godwaldt.. Amy Gringhuis and Christopher Godwaldt are the owners of.. Café Oranje.. , a Dutch-styled coffee house planned to open in Hamilton.. Amy Kenny.. Amy Kenny graduated from Ryerson University's journalism program in 2004.. She is currently a Hamilton-based freelance writer who loves the arts and the outdoors.. In addition to Raise the Hammer, she writes for H Magazine, The Corktown Crier and TorontoPlus.. She cycles everywhere, all the time and urges you to do the same.. ameskenny@gmail.. Anders Knudsen.. Andrew Allen.. Andrew Allen is a Hamilton resident and student at Mohawk College in his final year studying to be Biotechnology Technician.. Andrew C.. Bome.. Bome is a lawyer practicing in Hamilton with McQuesten Legal Community Services.. He is a self-described trivia and political geek.. He traveled to New Hampshire to observe the 2008 Presidential Primary taking place in the Granite State.. Andrew Cech and Jonathan Lambert.. Andrew Cech graduated in graphic design at Mohawk College.. He enjoys drawing and lives in Hamilton.. Jonathan Lambert is a returnee to Hamilton, Ontario.. In between studies at the University of Toronto and stellar pick-up soccer, he enjoys taking in Monday night Hamilton Red Wing home games.. Andrew Hughes.. Andrew Hughes has been living in the downtown area for over 20 years.. He lives with this wife and two daughters.. Andrew Iler.. Andrew Iler is a Hamilton lawyer, practising in the areas of litigation, administrative law and family law.. He is the former President of the National Cycling Centre Hamilton.. Andrew is also presently working towards his Level 4 National Coaching Certification at the National Coaching Institute in Toronto.. andrew.. iler@sympatico.. Andrew McKillop.. Andrew McKillop is a writer and consultant on oil and energy economics.. Since 1975 he has worked in energy, economic and scientific organizations in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and North America.. These include the Canada Science Council, the ILO, European Commission, Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries, the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and South Pacific, and the World Bank.. He is a founding member of the Asian chapter of the International Association of Energy Economics.. He is also the editor, with Sheila Newman, of The Final Energy Crisis (Pluto Press, 2005).. xtran9@gmail.. Anna Greenspan.. Anna Greenspan holds a doctorate in philosophy and cybernetic culture.. Her current research interests include urbanism, digital technology, street markets, futurism and the philosophy of time.. Her book.. Shanghai Future: Modernity Remade.. is forthcoming in December 2013.. Anna lives for most of the year in Shanghai, China.. She guides walks for.. Context Travel.. and works as an adjunct professor at.. NYU Shanghai.. Anna is a founder of the.. Shanghai Studies Society.. annagreenspan@gmail.. Anne Van Dyk.. Anne Van Dyk earned her Professional Writer's Certificate at Mohawk College and is currently working on two non-fiction books.. One is a biography on the life of her godmother, and the other is a history of the last high school she attended in England, of which she is also the Alumni Secretary.. Anton Lodder.. Anton Lodder is a Masters Student in Electrical Engineering at University of Toronto.. He previously worked at McMaster University in Hamilton.. antonlodder@gmail.. Ashleigh Bell.. Ashleigh Bell is a designer, project manager and historic property consultant.. She will graduate in April 2013 from the acclaimed Heritage Conservation program at.. Willowbank.. Ashleigh has been working on various restoration and adaptive reuse projects in Hamilton since June 2012 and has a background in contemporary design and development, which led her to work in the cities of Toronto, Halifax and Calgary before she committed to an education in conservation.. After a few idyllic years of the country life in Niagara, she has found herself a sunny spot in a grand old building of the North End and looks forward to working with businesses and property owners, creating articulate contemporary spaces within reimagined historic settings.. She has a profound respect for traditional craftwork and materials, and sustainability, authenticity and local motives are at the core of her design philosophy.. Follow her on twitter.. @AshleighMBell.. Azher Siddiqui.. Azher Siddiqui is a Bramptonian in the process of moving to Hamilton's east end with his wife and three small children.. Azher attended McMaster University, works in Toronto, loves Hamilton, and wants to see it reach its potential.. Barbara Milne.. Barbara Milne is co-owner, with Gary Santucci, of.. The Pearl Company.. Barry Magrill, Ph.. D.. Barry Magrill holds a doctoral degree from UBC and he is currently a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of Victoria studying Muslim architecture.. He specializes in architectural and cultural history of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.. Beatrice Ekwa Ekoko.. Beatrice Ekwa Ekoko is a member of the dedicated team at Environment Hamilton.. beatrice.. ekoko@gmail.. Ben Bull.. Ben Bull lives in downtown Toronto.. He's been working on a book of short stories for about 10 years now and hopes to be finished tomorrow.. He also has a.. movie blog.. captainbully@yahoo.. Betsy Agar.. Betsy Agar, B.. Eng.. , M.. A.. Sc.. , P.. is a research engineer and sessional lecturer at McMaster University who has a passion for the environment and concern for socioeconomic inequalities.. betsyagar@mac.. Biljana Vasilevska.. Biljana loves strawberries, dark chocolate, all things caffeinated, and living in downtown Hamilton.. She likes shopping for groceries without fearing for her life.. Bob Berberick.. Bob Berberick has lived in Hamilton for all of his 65 years.. For most of that time he lived on the mountain.. Since moving to the core five years ago he has a newfound love of his city.. Walking and cycling was re-started and he can only hope that the conditions improve so he can continue to explore the hidden beauty here.. Bob Bratina.. Bob Bratina is the Mayor of Hamilton, Ontario.. Bob Green Innes.. Bob Green Innes is a retired engineer and resident of Ward 4.. His interests include blogging, roof gardening, solar energy, material and political sustainability, politics and enjoying the life of a curmudgeon.. bob.. innes@vfemail.. net.. Bob Robertson.. Bob Robertson, Ph.. is a consultant and professor of international business.. He was the City Manager for the City of Hamilton from 2002 to 2004.. Bob Wood.. Bob Wood has worked with youth, in housing, and freelance writing primarily on politics.. He is a recovering politician, having served from 1991-97 and again in 2006 as a municipal councillor in Burlington and Halton.. He is a community worker at the Hamilton Community Legal Clinic.. timberline24@hotmail.. Brian Hatch.. Brian Hatch was was born at St.. Joe's and raised in Hamilton, first in the north end and then on the mountain.. He went to Hill Park, then graduated from MacMaster with a B.. (Mechanical).. He worked in various management positions at Stelco for 30 years until his retirement in 2002.. Brian McHattie.. Brian McHattie is the Councillor for Ward 1.. brian.. mchattie@hamilton.. Brian Quinn.. Brodie Chree.. Brodie Chree is a local Hamilton bon vivant and boulevardier.. You can catch him head banging at rock shows, scanning negatives and stamping envelopes at the library as well as encouraging you to please place the item in the bag at Fortinos.. Brynn Horley.. Brynn Horley grew up in rural Brigden, ON, and moved on to Toronto where she studied Architecture.. After working in that field for several years she is now a Grad Student at Dalhousie University, studying her Masters of Planning.. Brynn has had the pleasure of working for the summer on food issues in Hamilton, and has had an incredible time with the art, culture, food, nature and sailing it this amazing place! Brynn is very passionate about environmental issues as well as community and culture building.. You can follow her on Twitter.. @Urban_Leaves.. Candace Iron and Malcolm Thurlby.. Candace Iron is a PhD student at York University, Toronto.. Malcolm Thurlby, PhD, FSA, is Professor of Visual Arts at York University, Toronto.. thurlby@sympatico.. Cherise Burda.. Cherise Burda directs research and implementation strategies for transportation solutions in Canada, including policy initiatives for urban form.. In addition to her role as transportation director, Cherise leads the.. Pembina Institute.. 's Ontario policy program, focusing on research to advance renewable energy solutions, and is a regular spokesperson on transportation, renewable energy and Ontario policy issues.. Since joining the Institute in 2007, Cherise has written dozens of energy, transportation and urban development publications, including:.. Behind the Wheel.. ,.. Live Where You Go.. Making Tracks to Torontonians.. , the RBC-Pembina.. Home Location Survey.. , and.. Plugging Ontario into a Green Future.. Cherise's 17-year career as a policy specialist and senior manager includes past experience as a program director with the David Suzuki Foundation and a senior researcher with the Polis Institute at University of Victoria's Faculty of Law.. @CheriseBurda.. Cheryl Hills.. Cheryl Hills is the owner of a graphic design business that specializes in providing complete graphic design solutions to the fitness industry in Hamilton.. cahproductions@rogers.. Chris Ariens.. Chris is 38 years old and married with one child.. While he lived in Hamilton/Stoney Creek very early on, he now lives in Burlington and commutes to work in Toronto daily.. cariens@primus.. Chris Erl.. Chris Erl, a born and bred Hamiltonian, is a sophomore student at McMaster University.. From student politics to municipal issues, he is always looking for opportunities to get involved and make a difference in his community.. cerl_7011@hotmail.. Chris Erskine.. Chris Erskine is a labour and community activist.. He is also a print artist, exploring historic landscapes and building themes using lino-cut and woodblock printing methods.. visit his website.. Chris Farias.. Chris Farias is creative director at.. Kitestring Creative Branding Studio.. in Hamilton.. Chris Healey.. Chris Healey is an artist and online publishing professional living in Hamilton, Ontario.. He has had an interesting 20 years in the art and media scenes of Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto.. http://chrishealey.. me/.. Chris Sanislo.. Chris is currently a copywriter at Burlington ad-agency JAN Kelley Marketing.. He has worked in the Canadian advertising industry for over 10 years, providing communications for blue-chip brands such as Labatt Breweries, Toronto Blue Jays, Johnson Johnson, Navistar/ International Truck Engine, H R Block, Firkin Group of Pubs, among others.. Chris was born in Hamilton, spent his childhood living in Dundas, has lived downtown and currently resides in Lloyd Ferguson-land.. Christopher Cutler.. Christopher Cutler is a community activist and disability advocate.. He is Managing Director of Accessibility Edge.. Christopher is a past member of the Board of Directors of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM).. He is currently Vice President of the Board of Directors of the St Leonard's Society of Hamilton.. Christopher Kiely.. Christopher Kiely is a "middle class white guy" who was raised to believe certain things and has watched the world do the complete opposite for 30+ years.. He attended Mohawk College in the 1990s, has traveled around some since and now lives with his family in Hamilton.. Connie Kidd.. Connie Kidd is a retired educational researcher who lives in downtown Hamilton, and a supporter of Six Nations and Aboriginal rights.. conniekidd@gmail.. Connie Stefanson.. Connie Stefanson was born in Hamilton and has spent most of her life here, having collected a dozen diverse addresses within the City boundaries.. She and her family recently moved to the Strathcona neighbourhood and have fallen in love with everything that their new 120-year-old home and historic, vibrant location offers.. Corinne Schuster-Wallace.. Dr.. Corinne Schuster-Wallace is the Programme Officer (Water and Human Development) at the United Nations University.. Institute for Water, Environment and Health.. , based at the McMaster Innovation Park.. Craig Foye.. Craig is a staff lawyer at McQuesten Legal Community Services in Hamilton.. In 2006, Craig reprsented Hamilton s Income Security Working Group in presenting a brief to the United Nations Committee on Social, Economic and Cultural Rights in Geneva on the right to an adequate standard of living.. Craig lives in central Hamilton with his wife and daughter.. Craig Hermanson.. Craig Hermanson is the president of.. Concrescence Design.. and the editor of.. LockeStreet.. He lives in Kirkendall Neighbourhood and is involved in community development.. craig@concrescencedesign.. Dan Chiras.. Dan Chiras is a leading authority on green building and renewable energy options for home construction.. He paid his last electric bill in June of 1996, and is has written 21 books, including.. Superbia! 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Suburbs.. , co-authored with Dave Wann.. He currently is a Melon Visiting Professor at Colorado College where he teaches courses on renewable energy, ecological design, and sustainable development.. He lives in Evergreen, Colorado.. Dan Jelly.. Dan Jelly is a life-long resident of downtown Hamilton and occasional blogger.. You can visit his.. danjelly@danjelly.. Daniel Rodrigues.. Daniel Rodrigues was born and raised in London, Ontario, where he was an active community member in East London.. He moved to Hamilton in late 1996, residing on the East Mountain.. He has been married for 23 years, with a son attending Mohawk College and a daughter attending UWO commencing in September.. He is an active community volunteer, sitting on a number of committees and Boards, as well as coaching soccer.. His professional life includes food beverage industry sales and consulting, building industry sales, human resources consulting, and transportation consulting.. Daniel's diverse skills inventory allows for fuller discussion and better understanding of individual and community concerns.. Darren Kaulback.. Many of us have our own take on what it means to be green.. For Darren, "green" goes beyond just the mechanics of living lightly on the earth, to a more soulful understanding of ourselves as part of nature.. He authors a weekly blog,.. Raise a Little Green.. , where he highlights the "mis-adventures of turning green," challenges our cultural ideologies and assumptions, and asks the deeper questions of purpose and fulfillment.. Darren is a TV director and filmmaker who lives in downtown Hamilton with his wife and two children.. dkaulback@gmail.. Dave Heidebrecht.. Dave Heidebrecht is an independent consultant working directly with academic, non-profit, and community organizations to help them work towards their goals.. Dave Kuruc.. Dave Kuruc is co-owner of.. Mixed Media.. , an art shop on James North.. He is also publisher of.. H Magazine.. , a monthly magazine dedicated to celebrating Hamilton s beauty and charm.. htdmedia@gmail.. Dave Serafini.. Dave Serafini was born and raised in Hamilton.. He lived in some other places, but returned to Hamilton for family and friends.. Traditionally, his extracurricular activities have been sport related, but recently, he has been looking for ways to get involved with broader civic issues.. David Appleyard.. David Appleyard is an aspiring music journalist and musician, attempting to chronicle some of the more experimental acts in Hamilton.. Whether crafting his next review or intently focused on the coda of his next song, he puts his all into the loves of his life.. David has written for.. Newscliptv.. and hopes to become a mainstay in the Hamilton music scene.. appleyard_rox@hotmail.. David Brace.. David Brace is an artist who lives and works in Hamilton.. David Cohen.. David Cohen is a freelance writer and a part-time teacher.. He has worked as a journalist and a communications officer (promoting workplace health and safety).. He served on the Dundas Town Council from 1991 to 1994.. david316@sympatico.. David Greusel.. Architect and urbanist David Greusel is committed to the restoration of American cities.. With over 25 years experience in architecture, David has had the opportunity to help design many of the buildings that make up a city, from schools and supermarkets to ballparks and office buildings.. Some of those projects have contributed to suburban sprawl, while others have helped to heal the wounds of central cities.. A project David worked on of which he is particularly fond was helping to design PNC Park, the home of the Pittsburgh Pirates, which has been rated the best ballpark in America by several publications and websites.. Over the years, David has come to value the "messy vitality" of cities, and has focused his work on projects that help restore the urban fabric.. When he is not practicing architecture, David performs in a syndicated radio comedy program "Right Between The Ears," which is produced by Kansas Public Radio.. He is the author of the book.. Architect s Essentials of Presentation Skills.. , published by Wiley.. David and his family live in the Kansas City area.. lesuerg@everestkc.. David Harvey.. David Harvey is a retired lawyer living in Burlington.. For 20 years, he represented people who had become infected with HIV and hepatitis C through blood and blood products in Canada.. He represented patient groups at the Commission of Inquiry into the Blood System in Canada (the Krever Commission).. He won damages for people infected with HIV, including precedent setting cases at the Supreme Court of Canada, and negotiated a $1 billion compensation package from the federal government for people infected with hepatitis C.. Follow him on Twitter.. @davidharvey.. David Holmgren.. David Holmgren, co-originator with Bill Mollison of the Permaculture concept, is an innovative environmental design consultant based at Hepburn Springs in central Victoria, where he maintains one of Australia s best-known permaculture demonstration sites.. David has written several books, conducted numerous workshops and courses on sustainable living, and developed several properties himself using permaculture principles.. The following feature is adapted from a public lecture given at the Aldinga Arts EcoVillage in Adelaide in January 2005.. You can check David s website:.. holmgren.. au.. David Steele.. David Steele is an award-winning architect currently practicing in Chicago, Illinois.. He is a graduate of both Buffalo State College and The State University of New York at Buffalo.. While these fine institutions provided him with the professional tools necessary to excel in the architectural field it was the city's rich history, manifested in its treasure trove of great buildings, that fed and informed an early interest in the built environment.. As a kid, David endlessly wandered the city streets soaking up architecture with each step.. Although life's unpredictable paths have led him away from Buffalo, this city remains as a major influence on his life.. Many of David's.. Buffalo Rising.. stories highlight the city's architecture and urbanism, shining a light on this often under appreciated and fragile asset.. He recently published a photo book on Buffalo architecture titled.. Buffalo: Architecture in the American Forgotten Land.. It can be seen in its entirety online at.. buffbuildings.. It is available for purchase online at.. blurb.. , search word "Buffalo".. David Thompson.. David Thompson is an independent consultant specializing in environmental and energy policy and organizational development.. His clients include research organizations, corporations, government, First Nations and non-profits.. David Van Beveren.. David Van Beveren is a Hamilton native.. He grew up in Ancaster and now lives in Ward 1.. David-James Fernandes.. David-James Fernandes is a filmmaker, small business owner, driver, pedestrian and cyclist.. Derrick Jensen.. Derrick Jensen is an activist, author, small farmer, bee-keeper, teacher, and philosopher whose speaking engagements in recent years have packed university auditoriums, conferences and bookstores nationwide.. He has authored or co-authored a number of books that examine western civilization, including.. The Culture of Make Believe.. , a finalist for the 2003 J.. Anthony Lukas Book Prize,.. A Language Older than Words.. Walking on Water: Reading, Writing and Revolution.. Visit his website:.. derrickjensen.. org.. Don McLean.. Don McLean is chair of Friends of Red Hill Valley and coordinator of.. Citizens at City Hall.. , a volunteer group that has monitored city affairs for nearly eight years and distributes free news articles via email.. The group can be contacted at.. info@hamiltoncatch.. don.. mclean@cogeco.. Douglas E.. Morris.. Morris is the author of five books, a magazine columnist, and an international entrepreneur who has lived for 14 years outside the US in a variety of safe, community-oriented urban areas in seven different countries.. His newest book,.. Its a Sprawl World After All.. , has just ben published by New Society Publishers.. ItsaSprawlWorld.. Duncan O'Dell.. Duncan O'Dell lives on Flatt Avenue in the Kirkendall neighbourhood with his wife and their 2.. 5 year old son.. He has lived in many other countries including England, Israel, the Netherlands, Qatar and Scotland.. He moved to Hamilton from Toronto in 2007.. He works at McMaster University where he teaches and does research in physics.. duncan.. odell@gmail.. Dwayne Ali.. Dwayne Ali recently completed an MA at McMaster University in Communication and New Media with a focus on the convergence of online and real space through "urban interface design".. twitter:.. @interestica.. dwayne.. ali@gmail.. Elizabeth Parker.. Elizabeth Parker moved to Hamilton permanently in 2000.. She grew up in Toronto s west end, then went to McMaster University and studied English, Religious Studies and Psychology.. She worked for over ten years in the film industry as a locations scout before moving to Hamilton fulltime.. She is currently a real estate agent living a short walk from Downtown with her husband and two boys.. Emma Cubitt.. Emma Cubitt is an architect with.. Invizij Architects.. in downtown Hamilton.. She is a co-founder of the.. Hill Street Community Garden.. and a member of the.. Community Food Security Stakeholders Committee.. for the City of Hamilton.. As a founder of.. The Mustard Seed Co-operative Grocery.. , she has participated in the overall project management, design, volunteer co-ordination,and community-building necessary in the development of Hamilton's non-profit grocery co-op.. She loves Hamilton, foraging, and laneways and lives in downtown Hamilton with her husband, Graham.. info@mustardseed.. coop.. Environment Hamilton.. Environment Hamilton (EH) was incorporated as a not-for-profit organization in 2001 with a central mandate to facilitate the ability of people in the Hamilton area to develop the knowledge and skills they need to protect and enhance the environment around them.. Visit the.. Environment Hamilton website.. contactus@environmenthamilton.. Eric Britton.. Eric Britton was the founder of.. EcoPlan.. in 1966, formed to create an effective forum of international collaboration and independent counsel on issues regarding the management of technology as it affects people in their daily lives.. In recent years he has turned his attention to sustainability, land use and urban planning, particularly in response to the challenges of climate change.. eric.. britton@ecoplan.. Eric Gillis.. Eric Gillis is a born-and-raised Hamiltonian, and a student at McMaster University who is very passionate about politics.. avery.. gillis@gmail.. Eric McGuinness.. Eric McGuinness is a writer and editor who worked for many years at the Hamilton Spectator.. He lives downtown.. Frances Murray.. Frances was born in Toronto and has lived in various places since that time returning to her urban roots in 2010 by moving to downtown Hamilton.. She is developing a keen interest in urban issues with a focus on improved walkability and bikeability.. Francie O Flynn.. Francie O Flynn is a Hamilton writer with a degree in Fine Art from University of Toronto.. A collector and art aficionado for most of her life, she is now taking classes at Dundas Valley School of Art.. As a child, she lived in pre-revolutionary Havana with her parents.. She is no stranger to the country and its people, although it took them 47 years to find each other again.. Since returning from her first visit, Francie has designed a Cuban art tour with Tom Robertson of.. Cuba 1 Tours.. , a pioneer of specialized small-group tours for ten years.. frances.. oflynn063@sympatico.. Frank Borger.. Frank Borger is an engineering technologist who lives in Stoney Creek.. He moved to Hamilton when he was 18 and has lived in East Hamilton, the West Mountain and Downtown.. He grew up in Beamsville.. Fred Eisenberger.. Fred Eisenberger was Mayor of the City of Hamilton from 2006 to 2010.. Mayor Fred was first elected to Hamilton City Council as the representative for Ward 5 in 1991.. He was re-elected in 1994 and again in 1997.. In addition to local and regional council boards and commissions, including the Hamilton Port Authority, Fred has also served on several charitable and corporate boards in recent years.. As the Mayor of Hamilton, Fred has been a proponent of the Next Hamilton Vision, which aims to make Hamilton a clean, green and prosperous city.. He is a strong believer in the community model of leadership, which incorporates ideas from all stakeholders in the community in seeking solutions for the City's common problems.. mayorfred@hamilton.. Gary Santucci.. Gary Santucci is the co-owner, with Barbara Milne, of.. theatre and arts centre.. Gavin Schulz.. Gavin Schulz is an open data activist and entrepreneur.. He is the creator of.. Bus Ticker.. You can follow him on.. tumblr.. George Patrick.. George Patrick is a retired civil servant living in Oakville.. He is firmly of the opinion that most people are wrong most of the time, and tends to question his own judgment when too many people agree with him.. glpatrick2@cogeco.. ca.. Gerard V.. Middleton.. Middleton is a retired professor of geology, who taught at McMaster from 1955 to 1996, his field of specialization being sedimentary rocks.. Since 2005 he has been compiling a set of notes on the sources of building stones using in the nineteenth century in southern Ontario.. For a more complete bio, see his.. entry in Wikipedia.. middleto@mcmaster.. Glenna Jones.. Glenna Jones is a retired dancer, choreographer and actress.. She has lived and worked in numerous countries, starting in 1953 with CBC TV Toronto and including Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston and Sydney Australia.. She came home to CBC in the 1960s and spent many years as a resident choreographer and performer for the Wayne and Shuster Shows, as well as many Norman  ...   Mom of three, plus husband, dog, hedgehog and bearded dragon.. Too many years ago, she was in the fashion business, but put it aside to take care of her family.. She kept my creative side busy making clothes for the children and creating artsy stuff for the house.. A couple of years ago, Maxine discovered writing and never looked back.. She writes poetry and short fiction, and has almost completed a children s novel.. Megan Platts and Michael Borrelli.. Megan and Mike host.. myboytheriotgirl.. , a weekly indie/alternative radio show on McMaster University radio station 93.. 3 CFMU.. Megan began hosting myboytheriotgirl as a student in 2003, and in 2004 Mike came to McMaster and joined her on-air.. They have been (happily) collaborating ever since.. You can email them at:.. megan@myboytheriotgirl.. or.. michael@myboytheriotgirl.. Meredith Broughton.. Meredith Broughton is a pastor to students and board member of the Hamilton Civic League.. She is completing two graduate programs, one in theology at McMaster Divinity, another in echocardiography at Mohawk.. Meredith lives downtown with her husband Jarod and loves showing visitors and newcomers all the good things Hamilton has to offer.. meredith.. broughton@gmail.. Michael Black.. Michael Black is a print and media journalist and a soon to be graduate of the Mohawk College 3-year Print and Broadcast Journalism program.. Michael Borrelli.. Michael Borrelli is a social researcher living in the Beasley neighbourhood of Hamilton with his partner Megan.. Together they co-hosted.. My Boy the Riot Girl.. on CFMU 93.. 3FM, and Mike still tweets @myboyriotgirl.. michael@myboyriotgirl.. Michael Cumming.. Michael Cumming is a designer, writer and photographer concerned about sustainable design and urban development.. He has training in Architecture and Computational Design and has lived in several cities in Canada, the US and Europe.. He is delighted to have settled with his wife and two children in the Strathcona neighbourhood of Hamilton.. You can view his website or follow him on Twitter.. michael@michaelcumming.. Michael Desnoyers.. Michael Desnoyers is co-chair of.. He is also the founder, president and CEO of Etratech, a successful high tech business.. Michael Desnoyers and Jack Santa-Barbara.. Michael Desnoyers and Jack Santa-Barbara are the Chair and Co-chair, respectively, of.. , an organization dedicated to a progressive approach to city planning and development with an emphasis on Vision 2020.. Michael Druker.. Michael Druker is from the US, but now makes his home in Kitchener-Waterloo after completing two degrees at the University of Waterloo.. He is active on urban issues in Waterloo Region, including as part of the Tri-Cities Transport Action Group (.. TriTAG.. ) and as a co-founder of.. Open Data Waterloo Region.. Michael has served on the board of Community CarShare since 2010, and currently is Treasurer as well as chair of the Kitchener-Waterloo Action Committee.. Michael P.. Clarke.. Clarke is a lawyer in Hamilton.. He has been involved in several successful renovation projects on James Street North, including the redevelopment of the Hotel Hamilton into artists studios and a thriving coffee shop.. Michelle Hruschka.. Michelle Hruschka is a member of the CAWDB (Campaign for Adequate Welfare and Disability Benefits) co-chair of the sub committee, Food Security Issues, and involved with the Income Security Working Group.. She has been actively trying to organize temp workers and is the chair for the Temp Workers Rghts/Action Group.. Her dream is to have a Workers' Centre here in the city.. Michelle Martin.. Michelle Martin and her husband are watching their ten children reach adulthood one by one in Hamilton, where they relocated from Toronto 10 years ago.. She has been published in both the Hamilton Spectator and Raise the Hammer, as well as in the online edition of the.. National Post.. Michelle has worked in the developmental services sector for many years, most recently as coordinator of the Community Access to Transportation project.. However, the opinions she expresses in Raise the Hammer are her own.. Natalie Bull.. Natalie Bull is the Executive Director of the.. Heritage Canada Foundation.. She is happiest when doing porch repairs or glazing windows at her 1840s farmhouse in New Brunswick, which was saved from demolition by her first act of heritage activism.. nbull@heritagecanada.. Nicholas Kevlahan.. Nicholas Kevlahan was born and raised in Vancouver, and then spent eight years in England and France before returning to Canada in 1998.. He has been a Hamiltonian since then, and is a strong believer in the potential of this city.. Although he spends most of his time as a mathematician, he is also a passionate.. amateur urbanist.. and a fan of good design.. You can often spot him strolling the streets of the downtown, shopping at the Market.. Nicholas is the spokesperson for.. kevlahan@gmail.. Nick Tomkin.. Nick Tomkin is a web developer who works and lives in Hamilton with his wife, a few cute pets and a robot or two.. nick.. tomkin@synxer.. Nik Garkusha.. Nik Garkusha is an open data and open source geek, technology evangelist and consultant.. He is the founder of.. OpenHalton.. He is also the Open Source Strategy Lead at Microsoft (.. Port25.. Salingaros.. Salingaros is a professor of mathematics at the University of Texas at San Antonio, as well as a noted urbanist and architectural theorist.. You may.. nikoss@lonestar.. Noelle Allen.. Noelle Allen is the publisher of.. Wolsak and Wynn.. and the chair of the board for.. gritLIT: Hamilton's Literary Festival.. Norma LaForme.. Norma LaForme is a person with disability who lives on Hamilton Mountain.. Norma works with people with disabilities and is a trained counsellor.. Norma is involved in the Chamber of Commerce.. norma@newlifesolutions.. Paris Rutherford.. Paris Rutherford IV, AICP is the Vice President of Planning and Urban Design at RTKL Associates, an architecture firm based on New Urbanist principles.. Patrick Brennan.. Patrick Brennan is the artistic director of Public Utility Performance.. Public Utility Performance wishes to support a broad variety of performance in Hamilton, Ontario and the surrounding area.. PUP grew out of Patrick Brennan technical, managerial and design practice.. Recent projects span theatre, film and dance in the professional, community and educational arenas.. A need for support of site specific and community arts has arisen out of his involvement with the Downtown Arts Centre.. PUP hopes to provide dance and performance artists in Hamilton with both the opportunity to develop new skills and explore new areas of expression and design.. Patti Turnbull.. Patti Turnbull grew up in Binbrook.. After traveling the world and living in the USA and Europe, decided to come home and again become a resident of Ward 11.. She's actively involved in the Right to Play Charity, Hamilton's Chamber of Commerce and Solar Renewable Energy.. Paul Bedford.. Paul J.. Bedford FCIP, RPP is the Chief City Planner Emeritus for the City of Toronto and a passionate advocate of transit and city building throughout the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.. Paul Bedford is an Adjunct Professor of City Planning at the University of Toronto and Ryerson University and an Urban Mentor with Paul Bedford Associates in Toronto, which includes proactive involvement in a wide variety of public planning issues in numerous capacities primarily within the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.. He is a member of the Waterfront Toronto Urban Design Review Panel, a member of the National Capital Commission Planning Advisory Committee in Ottawa, and a futures columnist in the Ontario Planning Journal and a Senior Associate of the Canadian Urban Institute.. He is also a member of the CAMH Property Committee guiding the long-term redevelopment of the Queen Street Mental Health and Addiction Facility.. He is a member of the Metrolinx Board of Directors.. Paul Glendenning.. Paul Glendenning is a Hamilton writer and activist.. Paul Johnson.. Paul Johnson is the Chair of the Steering Committee for the Citizens' Forum on Area Rating.. In his day job, he is the executive director of.. Wesley Urban Ministries.. paul.. johnson@wesleyurbanministries.. Paul Shaker.. Paul Shaker is an urban planner and a co-founder of the.. Centre for Community Study.. , a Hamilton-based urban research organization.. information@communitystudy.. Paul Tetley.. Paul is the founder of Ward 3 Residents Association, Parade of the Pumpkins and other community-based events.. He lives in Ward 3 close to Ivor Wynne Stadium/Scott Park and ran in the 2010 Hamilton Municipal Election, finishing second to incumbent Councillor Bernie Morelli.. Paul Vicari.. Paul Vicari lives in Hamilton with his family and works as a web developer in Toronto.. Paul Weinberg.. Paul Weinberg is a veteran freelance writer who has recently moved from Toronto to Hamilton.. His articles have appeared in NOW Magazine, rabble, eye weekly, Inter Press Service, Outlook, the Globe and Mail's Report on Business, This Magazine and Sustainable Times.. Peter Hill.. Peter Hill has served on the Boards of Hamilton Children's Aid Society, Amity Goodwill Industries, Haldimand Area Woodlot Owners' Association, Ontario Woodlot Association, and others.. He is a Past-President of the Durand Neighbourhood Association, Hamilton Public Relations Society, Lupus Society of Hamilton and was the founding Business Co-chair of the Hamilton-Wentworth Training Board.. He served as President of the Dundas Valley Orchestra in 2009-2010 and 2012-2013.. He has served on the city's Urban Advisory Committee and most recently was a member of Hamilton's Rapid Transit Citizens' Advisory Committee.. Peter Hutton.. Among his many contributions to social justice and environmental sustainability, Peter Hutton represents the Hamilton Social Justice Coalition at the Hamilton Roundtable on Poverty Reduction, is the treasurer of Hamiltonians for Progressive Development and the Hamilton Transit Users Group, serves as a member of the city s Transit Steering Committee, volunteers with Hamilton Light Rail and is also involved with the city s low-income transit subsidy program.. Peter Ormond.. Peter lives near Bayfront Park in Hamilton s historic North End.. He enjoys writing about sustainable possibilities and the local benefits that result.. Peter is the Green Party of Ontario Candidate for Hamilton Centre.. ormondpm@yahoo.. Praesto Presto.. Praesto Presto is a political analyst working in the non-profit sector at the federal level.. Formerly residing in Ottawa, she has returned to Hamilton, where municipal affairs are once again grabbing her attention.. She understands the minefield of federal politics well enough to prefer a pseudonym.. praesto@raisethehammer.. Ramzy Baroud.. is an author and editor of.. palestinechronicle.. His work has been published in many newspapers and journals worldwide.. His latest book is.. The Second Palestinian Intifada: A Chronicle of a People s Struggle.. (Pluto Press, London).. ramzybaroud@hotmail.. Randy Kay.. Randy Kay is a volunteer with OPIRG McMaster s Transportation for Liveable Communities (TLC) working group.. tlchamilton.. org/.. Ray Fullerton.. Ray Fullerton is a Hamiltonian for life.. Educated at Barton S.. S.. and McMaster University, he enjoyed a life-long learning career at Dofasco as a Research Engineer.. Ray has recently retired and become an engaged citizen in civic politics.. raymond.. fullerton@gmail.. Ray Lawlor.. Ray Lawlor is a professional student living in downtown Toronto who follows urban and particularly transit issues in his free time.. He is also an avid cyclist, environmentalist, reader and film fan.. gta.. demosthenes@gmail.. Reg Beaudry.. Reg Beaudry was the owner of THREE 16 lounge in downtown Hamilton and publisher of.. Urbanicity.. Magazine.. Rene Gauthier.. Toronto-born, Hamilton-raised, Rene has been a Hamilton and area resident for over 35 years.. He has been politically engaged for over 20 years and is continually looking at the world around him.. The Mohawk College graduate currently works as an independent IT consultant.. Visit his.. blog.. Richard Register.. Richard Register is an internationally-recognized urban design specialist and activist.. He is the founder and President of.. Ecocity Builders.. , a non-governmental organization dedicated to environmentally-responsible urban development through public education and consulting with governments and planners.. ecocity@igc.. Richard White.. Richard White is an experienced everyday tourist.. Over the past 30 years, his "day job" has taken him from scientist to director/curator of a public art gallery to executive director of downtown business association to director of 3D animation studio to consultant.. All the while – when travelling for work or pleasure – he honed his flaneuring skills.. He writes for.. Everyday Tourist.. , and you can follow him on Twitter.. @everydaytourist.. Rob Fiedler.. Rob Fiedler is a Recent arrival to Hamilton transplanted from Vancouver via Toronto, who lives in the North End with his wife and their daughter.. Robert Fick.. Robert Fick is a local health and social economics/policy researcher and author.. Roger Lambert.. Roger Lambert was born in Hamilton in 1947 and lived most of his childhood years in the north end.. Six years after high school, he was hired nto the Woodward Ave.. wastewater treatment plant.. He completed a certificate program for environmental studies at Mohawk College and passed the fourth class operator s exam from the Ministry of the Environment and Energy.. He is presently retired, but still active in the environmental field, particularly, wastewater treatment.. Roland Dube.. Roland Dube is married with two children.. He was born and raised in Hamilton.. He has lived in the North End, East End, and Mountain, and now resides in Stoney Creek Mountain.. He attended St Jean de Brebeuf High School and attended a professional "Organizational Behaviour" program at McMaster University.. Professionally he has worked most of his adult life in sales, marketing and business develompent, and worked as VP of business develompent with an international health care recruiting firm.. His last job before starting.. Rolly Rockets BBQ.. was with a development company researching and negotiating the purchases of developable property in Ontario, so he is somewhat familiar with the business practices of various municipalities in Southern Ontario.. info@rollyrocketsbbq.. Rosario Marchese.. is the MPP for Trinity-Spadina and the Ontario NDP Critic for Urban Transportation.. You can follow him on Twitter.. @RMarcheseMPP.. Roy Adams.. Roy J.. Adams, McMaster University Emeritus Professor, is Executive Director of the Hamilton Civic Coalition a group of community leaders dedicated to realizing the city s potential.. RTH Staff.. Read about our.. contributors.. Rudo de Ruijter.. Rudo de Ruijter is an independent analyst based in The Netherlands.. Ryan Danks.. Ryan Danks is a Project Engineer for a wind engineering consulting company.. After living in Stoney Creek for many years he and his fiancée are now enjoying all Ward 2 has to offer.. Ryan Klamot.. Ryan Klamot is a lifelong Hamiltonian, recent university graduate, and entrepreneur and business owner.. His company,.. Klamot Global.. , in partnership with Netfuel, a Toronto design agency, recently launched.. RateMyGovernment.. across Canada.. Ryan Moran.. Ryan Moran was born and raised in Hamilton, after obtaining an MBA in strategic marketing at the DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University, where he also did a Bachelors of Arts in a combined major of Political Science and Theatre Film, he joined the staff of factor[e] design initiative as their Marketing Communications Specialist.. Professionally, Ryan has been engaged with a number of consulting projects, particularly pertaining to topics of youth community development, marketing and social engagement, through both electronic and interpersonal means.. He has previously worked for the McMaster Students Union, and ArcelorMittal Dofasco, and is currently the chair of the Hamilton Hive.. Saira Peesker.. Saira Peesker is an ace reporter who covers politics, business and current events.. Her work has appeared on YourHamiltonBiz, OpenFile and CTVNews.. ca, among others.. When not snooping for scoops, she skates in counter-clockwise circles with Toronto Roller Derby's all-star team, CN Power.. @SairaPeesker.. saira@peesker.. Sam Merulla.. Sam Merulla is the.. City Councillor for Ward 4.. sam.. merulla@hamilton.. Sam Nabi.. Sam Nabi is studying Planning and International Development at the University of Waterloo.. He has researched transportation, housing, and civic engagement issues in Hamilton and Toronto.. An occasional Hamilton resident, he loves biking the escarpment trails.. Sara Mayo.. Sara Mayo is a Social Planner, Geographic Information Systems with the.. Social Planning and Research Council of Hamilton.. smayo@sprc.. hamilton.. Sarah V.. Wayland.. Sarah Wayland researches and writes for a living, mostly focusing on social issues such as immigration and settlement, employment, and poverty.. She grew up in the southern United States and came to Canada the way most Americans do, by marrying a Canadian.. She has been a proud Hamiltonian since 2001 and an avid RTH lurker since the advent of the Great Stadium Debate.. Sean Burak.. Sean Burak was born in Hamilton but raised elsewhere in Ontario.. He returned to his birth town at the turn of the century and has never looked back.. Sean is the owner of.. Downtown Bike Hounds.. Sean Hurley.. Sean Hurley is new to Hamilton and is exploring the city with his dog and camera.. Shawn Selway.. Shawn Selway is a Stelco trained millwright who runs a consultancy in the interpretation and conservation of historic machinery.. He lives in the North End with his family.. selway@nas.. Sheena Sharp.. Sheena Sharp is the president of the.. Ontario Association of Architects.. She is a principal at.. Coolearth Architecture Inc.. , specializing in environmentally sustainable design.. Shekar Chandrashekar.. Shekar Chandrashekar is a Canadian of Indian decent and has lived in Hamilton for over 50 years.. For over 34 years he worked in local Government.. He has been married to his Canadian wife for over 43 years.. They have two daughters.. Shekar continues to be very interested in local, national and international politics, literature and art.. Sheri Crawford.. Sheri Crawford, ARIDO, IDC, NCIDQ, BCIN is an interior designer based in Hamilton.. Her area of expertise ranges from corporate/commercial office design, medical clinics, and adaptive re-use designs, the latter for which she was awarded a Hamilton Architecture and Design Award of Merit in 2007.. In addition to practice, she is a part time professor at Sheridan College in the Interior Design Degree Interior Decorating Diploma programs.. Sheri Selway.. Sheri Selway is a long time resident of the North End and current President of.. North End Neighbours.. A retired elementary public school teacher in central Hamilton, Sheri currently is a fitness instructor at the YWCA Hamilton.. Simon Geoghegan.. Simon Geoghegan lives in Hamilton with his wife and three sons.. In addition to being active in the community with.. Hamilton CarShare.. Hamilton Out of the Cold.. , Simon is also a Leadership Coach and Partner in Epiphany Coaches Inc.. He is also a member and volunteer with the Green Party of Canada.. simon@epiphanycoaches.. Simon Woodside.. Simon Woodside lives a few blocks from where he was born at St.. Joseph's hospital.. He grew up in Hamilton, and continues to live here while managing his business developing iPhone and iPad software.. He co-produces the unconferences BarCampWaterloo and StartupCampWaterloo, promotes Hamilton Light Rail, and enjoys the rejuvenating culture in the city.. sbwoodside@yahoo.. Sonja Macdonald.. Sonja Macdonald is co-founder of the.. (CCS), where she coordinates the Hamilton Media Project and.. localtelevision.. Sonja Macdonald and Paul Shaker.. Sonja Macdonald and Paul Shaker are Co-Directors of the Centre for Community Study, a Hamilton-based, not-for-profit organization focused on the research, development, and implementation of public policy.. Stavros Rougas.. Stavros Rougas lives in Hamilton and works in media.. Stephanie Shuster.. Stephanie Shuster is the Creative Manager at Innovation Factory, heading up their marketing, communications, design, social media, and events.. Before coming to iF, she was manager of the marketing and communications department at Theatre Aquarius, wrote op/ed for The Province newspaper, and directed plays for Black Box Fire.. Stephanie came Hamilton from Vancouver to study at McMaster University, where she earned a Combined Honours BA in Cultural Studies/Critical Theory and Communication Studies, and is proud to have made Hamilton her home, residing downtown where she lives with her husband and her espresso machine.. Stephanie Trendocher.. Stephanie Trendocher is the Co-founder of.. Beaux Mondes.. , Marketing Coordinator at the provincial transportation agency for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, member of the Tourism Hamilton Advisory Committee, transit geek, nostalgist, lover of print, scribbler of thoughts and day dream believer.. Stephanie Vegh.. Stephanie Vegh is the executive director of the.. Hamilton Arts Council.. stephanie@hamiltonartscouncil.. Stephen Barath.. Stephen Barath works at the CanmetMATERIALS laboratory on the McMaster Innovation Park campus, and lives in Kirkendall North.. He is a newcomer to Hamilton, having moved here with his wife Jen from Kitchener in 2012.. Stephen Otto.. Stephen Otto is a Toronto-based historian who once lived in Hamilton and retains a great interest in its history.. A former head of Ontario s heritage conservation programs, he has written widely on biographical and architectural subjects, notably in the.. Dictionary of Canadian Biography.. , and as revising editor of Eric Arthur s.. Toronto: No Mean City.. His most recent book,.. Robert Wetherell and Dundurn: An Architect in Early Hamilton.. , was published by Heritage Hamilton in 2004.. The preceding piece on F.. J.. Rastrick is based on a slide lecture he gave to a meeting of the Head of the Lake Historical Society in March, 2003.. saotto@sympatico.. Steven Watts.. Steven Watts is a local environmentalist who is attempting to raise awareness about ecological issues in the city.. His goal it to highlight environmental initiatives around the city and expose ecological concerns that deserve attention.. Stuart Trew.. Stuart Trew is the Trade campaigner for the Council of Canadians.. He lives in Hamilton.. Susana Martinez.. Susana is a former Hamiltonian, mother of four kids, living in downtown Toronto.. She is married to regular RTH contributer.. Sylvia Nickerson.. Sylvia Nickerson is Co-President of the Beasley Neighbourhood Association.. T.. Ritchie.. Ritchie was born, raised and educated in Hamilton, Ontario.. Over the past 35 years I have become involved in owning and renovating properties in the lower city.. I have been quite sad with the state of my city and urban core rotting away.. A recent upsurge of creative interest has shown a glimmer of hope; it needs to be nurtured.. tntlockandkey@yahoo.. Tanya Ritchie.. Tanya Ritchie is an immigrant who moved to Hamilton ten years ago and lives in Ward 3.. She is the co-owner of Hamilton Guest House, Hamilton's only backpackers' hostel.. notovogons@gmail.. Ted Mitchell.. Ted Mitchell is a Hamilton resident, emergency physician and sometimes agitator who recently completed a BEng at McMaster University.. He is fascinated by aspects of our culture that are harmful, but avoid serious public discussion.. Ted Trainer.. Ted Trainer is a professor in the School of Social Work, University of New South Wales.. His main interests have been global problems, sustainability issues, radical critiques of the economy, alternative social forms and the transition to them.. He has written numerous books and articles on these topics, including,.. The Conserver Society: Alternatives for Sustainability.. Saving the Environment: What It Will Take.. What Should We Do?.. He is also developing Pigface Point, an alternative lifestyle educational site near Sydney.. arts.. unsw.. au/tsw/.. Terry Cooke.. Terry Cooke is the President and CEO of.. Hamilton Community Foundation.. Terry Whitehead.. Terry Whitehead is the Councillor for Ward 8 (West Mountain).. twhitehead@hamilton.. Theresa Nicholson.. Theresa Nicholson lives in the Central neighbourhood of Hamilton.. She's been a home based caregiver for the past 10 years and has been President of Central Neighbourhood Association for three years.. Before that, she was an active participant in the group.. crick@cogeco.. Thom Oommen.. Thom Oommen is passionate about building truly sustainable communities.. But far from technological solutions and other flights of fancy, he believes that the only way to build a just and ecologically responsible community is to embrace frugality and simplicity.. He is currently focusing on actively learning the skills that will enable him and his community to face an unknown future with a measure of confidence.. Check out his.. Thomas Wilson.. Bio: Thomas Wilson is songwriter in Hamilton.. He released a CD in 2007 with his wife Sarah, entitled.. Long Songs and Sinner Ballads.. His music can be heard on his.. MySpace page.. He also runs a songwriting workshop in downtown Hamilton called.. Forge.. thomas.. wilson@gmail.. Tim O'Shea.. , MD, FRCPC, MPH, is an assistant professor, Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases at McMaster University.. Todd Litman.. Todd Litman is founder and executive director of the.. Victoria Transport Policy Institute.. , an independent research organization dedicated to developing innovative solutions to transport problems.. His work helps to expand the range of impacts and options considered in transportation decision-making, improve evaluation techniques, and make specialized technical concepts accessible to a larger audience.. His research is used worldwide in transport planning and policy analysis.. Litman is author of the.. Online TDM Encyclopedia.. , a comprehensive Internet resource for identifying and evaluating mobility management strategies.. He has worked on numerous studies that evaluate the costs and benefits of various transportation services and activities.. He authored.. Transportation Cost and Benefit Analysis: Techniques, Estimates and Implications.. , a comprehensive study of transport impacts, which provides cost and benefit information in an easy-to-apply format.. Todd is active in several professional organizations, including the Institute of Transportation Engineers, the Transportation Research Board (a section of U.. National Academy of Sciences) and the Centre for Sustainable Transportation.. He is a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of.. Transportation Research A.. , a professional journal.. litman@vtpi.. Tom Cooper.. Tom Cooper is the Director of the.. Hamilton Roundtable for Poverty Reduction.. tcooper@hcf.. Tom Mackan.. Tom Mackan is Publisher and editor of NEWZY BITZ, an online Community Theatre newsletter in the GHA, with over 200 subscribers.. He is a Member of the Board, Theatre Burlington; an actor and director in GHA Community Theatre for fifty years; winner of over 25 awards and citations in the Western Ontario region and beyond; recipient of 2007 City of Hamilton Arts Award (Theatre); a Graduate of Canadian Theatre School (Sterndale Bennett) Toronto, 1955; and a retired teacher of English and Drama in public and private schools in the GHA and abroad.. uncletom@quickclic.. Transportation for Liveable Communities.. is an all-volunteer Sustainable Transportation advocacy group, founded in Hamilton in 2000.. TLC supports walking, cycling, transit and other alternatives to single-occupancy vehicle use.. tlchamilton@gmail.. Trey Shaughnessy.. Trey lives in Hamilton with his family.. He is co-owner of an advertising agency, and develops brand awareness and creative services for the entertainment and tourism industry.. His essays have appeared in The Energy Bulletin, Post Carbon Institute, Peak Oil Survival, and Tree Hugger, and he has appeared on Toronto's Goldhawk Live.. Trey volunteers with the London Chapter of The Council of Canadians.. trey.. 71@hotmail.. Undustrial.. Undustrial is a writer, tinkerer, activist and father who lives in Hamilton's North End.. He chooses to remain pseudonymous as he frequently works with much of Hamilton's Development industry.. Walter Furlan.. Walter Furlan is a lifelong cyclist and has ridden his bike in many capacities throughout the world.. He was born and raised in Hamilton's east end, where he began to work in the steel mills alongside his father.. He attended McMaster part-time in the evening and received a BA in social science.. He is now a heritage conservation restorer, assessing and restoring historic buildings and landscapes.. He is in training at The School of Restoration Arts at Willowbank in Niagara on the Lake.. Walter advocates for those who cycle in this city because of choice or circumstance.. He believes in the 8-80 idea: that our streets should be safe for an eight- or eighty-year-old to navigate.. He is a member of the Hamilton Cycling Committee and serves as its current chair.. heritage@primus.. Wayne MacPhail.. Wayne MacPhail has been involved in creating online community, collaboration, conversation since the early 1980s when he created the first hypermedia journalism in Canada.. He is a former photographer and managing editor for.. Hamilton Magazine.. and a reporter and editor with the.. He went on to lead Southam Inc’s exploration of future information products at Southam InfoLab, and helped to design the first polypublishing toolset for newspapers in Canada.. He then co-created a comedy site for AOL Canada that had a robust international community and fanbase.. Since then he has created online content for major online network players in Canada (including AOL, CANOE, MSN and Bell-Emergis).. As Director of Content for Sympatico-Lycos he introduced rich content and powerful discussion forums for the cross-Canada site.. Wayne has also launched discussion forums internal and externally for York University, Centennial College and the Alzheimer’s Society of Ontario (ASO).. He teaches online journalism at the University of Western Ontario and Ryerson University and is a published playwright and book author.. Wayne is also an avid runner, cyclist, photographer, videographer and gardener and lives with his wife, Barb, on Ray Street North in Hamilton.. He has his own emerging media consultancy,.. w8nc inc.. , whose clients include University of Toronto, McMaster University, Random House, The Association of Science and Technology Centres and the Association of Ontario Health Centres.. Yvonne Woodley.. Yvonne Woodley is a writer, researcher, editor and broadcaster as well as a passionate advocate for her adopted hometown of Hamilton, Ontario..

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    Descriptive info: Links to other sites in Hamilton and around the world that support sustainable urban revitalization.. Architecture.. Architecture Hamilton.. Hamilton Public Library Local History Collection.. Historical Hamilton.. Haunted Hamilton.. Arts.. Art Gallery of Hamilton (AGH).. Arts Hamilton.. Downtown Arts Centre.. Imperial Cotton Centre for the Arts.. Kensington Gallery.. Loose Cannon Gallery.. Mixed Media Hamilton.. Put On Your Drinking Cap.. (indy music site).. Steele City Snapshots.. (Randy Steele's photoblog).. The Studio Gallery.. Transit Gallery.. Workers' Arts & Heritage Centre.. Forums.. Hammerboard Discussion Forum.. Skyscraper Page Hamilton forum.. Stillepost Hamilton Forum.. Get Involved!.. Act Locally: Hamilton Halton Niagara.. Citizens at City Hall (CATCH).. Friends of Rural Communities and the Environment (FORCE).. Hamilton Community Action Network (CAN).. Hamiltonians for Progressive Development (HPD).. Local Initiatives Support Group.. Ontario Tenants' Rights Association.. Who Runs This Town?.. (Toronto).. Local.. Bay Area Restoration Council (Hamilton Harbour).. Hamilton Beach Community.. Hamilton East Kiwanis Boys' and Girls' Club.. Hamilton Community Legal Clinics.. Hamilton Naturalists Club.. Hamilton Port Authority.. Hamilton Public Library Digital Collections.. Hamilton Stacks blog.. Hamilton Tigers blog.. Hamilton Waterfront Trust.. Sky Dragon Centre.. The Junction Café.. The Staircase Café Theatre.. The Strausses on Locke.. Media and Blogs.. Ade.. BlogTO.. Toronto Blog.. Eco5.. Explore Hamilton.. - an awesome photo blog.. The Hamilton Spectator.. Bill Dunphy's Blog (Poverty).. Nicole MacIntyre's Blog (City Hall).. Hamilton This Week.. Kenaz's Blog.. Mayday Magazine.. Mentat Musings: Thom Oomen's Blog.. The Hamiltonian.. - blog by Cal DiFalco.. - Maggie Hughes Radio Program on CFMU.. The Silhouette (McMaster).. Trans-Mission.. Neighbourhood Associations.. Ainslie Wood/Westdale Community Association of Resident Homeowners.. Concession Street.. Downtown Hamilton BIA.. Hamilton International Village.. Hess Village.. Kirkendall Neighbourhood Association.. Locke Street Merchants' Association.. James Street North.. Westdale Village.. Reports.. Hamiton: The Electric City.. [PDF Link], Richard Gilbert's Peak Oil report to city council.. Peaking Of World Oil Production: Impacts, Mitigation, & Risk Management.. [PDF link], Robert L.. Hirsch et al.. , U.. Department of Energy, February 2005.. Descending the Oil Peak: Navigating the Transition from Oil and Natural Gas.. [PDF link], Report of the City of Portland Peak Oil Task Force, March 2007.. Sprawl and Growth.. Ontario Ministry of Public Infrastructure Renewal.. Ontario Smart Growth Network.. Our Greenbelt.. Smart Growth Online.. Sprawl Watch.. Sprawl: The New Manifest Destiny?.. Sustainability.. Coalition on the Niagara Escarpment (CONE).. Earth Policy Institute.. Friends of Red Hill Valley.. Green Venture.. Hamilton Area Eco-Network.. Lake Ontario Waterkeeper - Hamilton.. Oakville Post-Petroleum Action Committee.. Positive Power.. Sustainable Hamilton.. Tree Canada Foundation.. Vision 2020.. Utne Magazine.. The Centre for Sustaianable Transportation.. Carfree Cities.. Citizens Opposed to Paving the Escarpment.. Community Bicycle Network.. Hamilton Transit Users Group.. Moving the Economy.. New Flyer Transit.. Waterloo Region Light Rail Transit.. Urbanism.. Congress for the New Urbanism.. Creative Class.. Cyburbia.. Federation of Urban Neighbourhoods.. Luke Ghyselincks.. (blog about St.. Catharines).. New Urban News.. Pedestrian Friendly Streets (Article).. The Community Planning Website.. Urban Photo.. Metropolis Magazine.. Planetizen.. Spacing.. Urban League of London (Ontario).. 14 Comments.. By Dan (anonymous) | Posted July 18, 2006 at 13:11:22..  ...   Stillepost Hamilton Forum.. Hamilton Indymedia.. Trans-Mission.. Hamilton This Week.. REBORN.. The Staircase Café Theatre.. misterque.. | Posted August 10, 2011 at 23:52:09.. The Staircase is alive and well.. http://staircase.. :)hUe.. By kendall (registered) -.. | Posted September 30, 2011 at 13:19:39.. I am the owner and writer of the blog.. http://theeternalkenaz.. which can be found in the link section of RTH.. I've tried submitting this suggestion to Ryan directly to no avail and am not sire whether I should have posted this in the submissions or links sections, so I apologize for the double posting this is not meant as spam.. I'm just seeing if my idea could fly.. Recently I emailed a small group of Hamilton bloggers including Ryan about an idea I had to start a blog page of restaurants in Hamilton aimed at those looking for good and affordable eats.. The whole rehash of the background story can be found here,.. com/2011.. Since then I have gone ahead and created a post within my blog, linked here.. The goal is to collect enough submissions to give this post it’s own blog.. I’ve had some early encouragement from “The Hamiltonian” as a link of the moment and a couple of antidotes and chuckles from two councilors.. I’ve broken up the list into Wards for easy gathering.. I would love to ad more selections from the "celebs" if I can use the term, and the average joe of Hamilton.. What better choice than the readers of RTH who always have their ears to the ground in Hamilton.. Goal of "The Hungry Hamiltonian" I am putting together a list of best places to eat cheap in Hamilton- according to the following criteria.. The parametres are broad, all cuisines, all eateries, food trucks.. Provide a list of what you ate, take a picture even, and provide the cost.. Remember 3 courses under $20.. 00 or a quick snack or sandwich under $10.. 00.. Lets get a list that gives the little man a shout out, the chains can do that themselves.. Kendall Oliphant.. By dallas (registered) -.. | Posted November 18, 2011 at 01:38:51.. Pretty good post.. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts.. Any way I'll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon.. wedowebpages.. By 2/3 Dead (anonymous) | Posted November 19, 2011 at 09:11:34.. Forums.. Skyscraper Page Hamilton forum.. By giftbangalore5 (registered) -.. | Posted October 27, 2012 at 06:23:11.. Celebrations are incomplete without gifts.. And when comes to gifts one can’t think of a better option other than flowers.. Visit www.. rightflorist.. in/Bangalore/Bangalore_florist.. asp to check out their floral collection.. Gifts do insert its life celebrating color splashes on the events, and no occasion or celebration is complete without it.. Gifts symbolize the symbols of the emotions that one holds.. Flowers are the eternal symbol of love, admiration and care..

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    Descriptive info: Read this before submitting an article or letter to the editor.. We accept both.. letters to the editor.. article submissions.. for future Raise the Hammer issues, and would love to hear from you!.. Please send all.. to:.. Before sending us your work, please bear in mind the following considerations.. Article Size.. In general, try to keep your.. article submission.. around 800 words and your.. letter to the editor.. under 300 words.. Remember Strunk's immortal rule:.. omit needless words.. We may consider longer pieces, particularly if they can be published in parts, but would appreciate a query letter and a writing sample in these cases.. Author Information.. For a.. , be sure to include the following information:.. Your full name.. Your email address (it will not displayed).. Your city of residence.. For an.. , please.. also.. include the following:.. Title.. Brief article description (20-40 words).. Short Bio (20-40 words).. Where applicable, cite sources for verification.. Indicate whether you want your email address displayed with your bio.. Format.. We will accept articles in plain text, RTF, HTML, ODT, DOC, and PDF format - but PDF makes us grumpy.. You get bonus karma if you submit plain text in.. Markdown format.. , which this site uses to format comments from registered users.. Proofread, Proofread, Proofread.. Please send only a polished, final copy.. Check and re-check your work before submitting it.. Read it out loud and upside-down, and get a literate friend to proofread it for you.. We're all volunteers, and we would prefer not to have to edit a rough draft full of spelling and grammatical errors.. :).. Relevance.. Generally, we publish articles related to urban revitalization, sustainability, and economic development, though we sometimes publish interesting pieces about a wider range of topics.. We are not looking for a particular ideology or approach (in fact, we welcome a variety of approaches), but it should be related somehow to our core theme.. Writing for the Web.. Remember to "write for the web".. Keep your paragraphs short and consider using the inverted pyramid essay format: put your conclusion on top and your background information in diminishing order of importance below.. Since online readers are notorious for 'scanning' articles rather than reading them in depth, you can't guarantee they'll slog through a laborious introduction, literature review, and painstaking argument before getting to your conclusion.. More information on writing for the web:.. Inverted Pyramids in Cyberspace.. Writing from the Top Down: Pros and Cons of the Inverted Pyramid.. All that being said, break any of these rules before writing something.. outright barbarous.. A really good story may benefit, for example, from drawing the reader out and holding some information back until the end.. 8 Comments.. By VTE (anonymous) | Posted April 28, 2008 at 16:06:50.. Can  ...   email to Integrity Commissioner Mr.. Earl Basse on February 17th I stated: “I understand that your investigation needs to be thorough and complete in order to be objective and fair but it also needs to be timely to be effective and meaningful.. ” I filed my complaint affidavit eighty-one days ago on Dec.. 19th and since then I have sent Mr.. Basse seven emails requesting information on the status of his investigation.. (Attached are all of my emails and the three responses from Mr.. Basse.. ).. To date the only progress that I am aware of is that in his email of Feb.. 25th Mr.. Basse reports he has finally received a response from the mayor.. To my knowledge the Integrity Commissioner has not contacted anyone at The Spec, Cable 14, etc.. to verify any of the facts in my affidavit.. I have two requests:.. First is that council officially request Mr.. Basse report on: A) Why is this investigation taking so long? B) What is the current status of this investigation? and C) When will the final report be issued to council?.. Second that the current by-law be amended by adding time lines to the investigation process.. My suggestion is that the Integrity Commissioner be required to issue interim status reports every 30 days to council with a goal of issuing a final report in 90 days.. If the I.. C.. needs more time then he should be required to ask council for an extension.. The existing Integrity Complaint Process is flawed and needs to be amended to ensure it works in a timely fashion to be effective and meaningful.. If not amended then it should be eliminated entirely.. I am looking forward to your response.. Thanks and Regards.. Ancaster.. transporter.. (registered) | Posted August 04, 2013 at 13:59:56.. This comment is about transportation subsidies.. According to Transport Canada, $25 billion goes to automobiles, for road building, yearly.. And $7 billion goes to transit.. The website that I went to does not indicate how much of that $7 billion goes to road building.. Governments take in $12 billion yearly, in fuel taxes.. So, I see automobiles being subsidized, at the rate of at least $13 billion per year.. - I say, "at least", because I don't know how much of that $7 billion goes to building roads (for buses).. I have tried asking that question of other sources, but as yet, have not received an answer.. But regardless, I see it as an expenditure that benefits automobile infrastructure only, and other transportation infrastructure (ie, for trains, bicycles pedestrians) not at all.. I don't think this is fair.. I think that subsidy should be halved: half should go to automobiles (including buses), and half should go to all the others..

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    Descriptive info: Forgot Password.. Get Your Password..

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  • Title: Articles in Special Report: City Hall - Raise the Hammer
    Descriptive info: Articles in Special Report: City Hall.. Published November 13, 2013 in.. City Hall Reno Photo Tour: Part 2.. Much of the interior of the building and many of the exterior features have been retained and even enhanced.. It is still an artistic, architectural treasure in downtown Hamilton.. Published June 07, 2010 in.. City Hall Reno Photo Tour.. Despite poor decision making during the renovation, I must admit that I felt a sense of pride walking back into this fabulous building.. Published May 29, 2010 in.. (24 comments).. City Hall Marble Lines Drainage Ditch.. The white Cherokee marble that cladded City Hall before it was replaced with concrete now lines a drainage ditch  ...   purchase City Centre and transform it into a downtown City Hall that immerses Council and staff in the city.. Published November 26, 2008 in.. (58 comments).. City Hall Rally Draws 150 Supporters.. A rally on Saturday to maintain City Hall s heritage value has launched a citizen campaign to sponsor the added cost of using limestone instead of concrete for the building s facade.. (17 comments).. Architects Express Support for City Hall.. A number of architects have expressed support for efforts to maintain an architecturally significant facade on Hamilton s City Hall.. City Hall Photo Tour.. Hamilton City Hall is a national landmark.. Let s preserve it properly while we have the chance..

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  • Title: Authors - Raise the Hammer
    Descriptive info: Author: Adrian Duyzer.. (Return to.. - Integrity Commissioner Earl Basse's report clears Mayor Bratina of bullying City Manager Chris Murray, but it fails to address the heart of the matter.. Published November 13, 2013 in Special Report: City Hall.. An Unnecessary Evil: Transportation in the GTHA.. - The situation on the GTHA's highways is ridiculous, unsustainable and a terribly stupid waste of everyone's time.. Published June 06, 2013 in Opinion.. Ontario NDP Turns Its Back On Transit.. - I've traditionally considered the Ontario NDP to be progressive in their views on transit and sustainability, but NDP leader Andrea Horwath has decided to attack the Liberal transit plan instead of supporting it, a stance I find deeply disappointing.. Published April 17, 2013 in Commentary.. Repositioning Hamilton As The Gateway To The Niagara Region.. - As we seek to establish our place and identity, Hamilton tends to orient itself with relation to Toronto - but if we chose to, we could look east to the Niagara Region instead.. Published February 17, 2013 in Ideas.. Deconstructing PJ Mercanti's Argument For A Casino.. - PJ Mercanti promises to reveal "the truth" behind his quest to create a downtown casino in this month's Urbanicity.. The result is disappointing.. Published February 13, 2013 in Special Report: Casino.. The Great Stadium Disappointment.. - The new stadium is an uninspired, boring, half-assed waste of money.. Published October 14, 2012 in Special Report: Pan Am.. Full Service Supermarket Opening In Jackson Square.. - A new 55,000 square foot full service supermarket is opening in Jackson Square in the spring of 2013.. Published August 17, 2012 in Downtown Bureau.. A New Vision For Main Street West.. - These illustrations demonstrate what Main Street could be like, what it should be like, and perhaps what it will be like if City Council - and the City's traffic engineers - heed the growing clamour for balanced streets.. Published June 01, 2012 in Special Report: Walkable Streets.. Walkability and Transit Are Key To Hamilton's Economy.. - A report commissioned by the Chamber of Commerce finds that "walkable environments should be viewed as economic infrastructure that attract employment and should be invested in accordingly.. ".. Published May 16, 2012 in Special Report: Walkable Streets.. Hamilton's Problem Is Not Ignorance.. - No matter how many times we hear from experts, no matter how many pleas we hear from the people who actually live downtown, and no matter how many cities we observe engaging in successful processes of transformation, we don't change.. Published May 07, 2012 in Special Report: Walkable Streets.. Hamilton: Succeeding And Failing At The Same Time.. - "On The Cusp", an event recently held in Hamilton, turned a spotlight on Hamilton's ongoing inability to engage in the fundamental transformation it needs.. Published May 06, 2012 in Special Report: Walkable Streets.. Can The Bicycle Save Ontario?.. - An aging and increasingly unhealthy population is propelling Ontario's growing health care expenditures, but a systematic shift to active, human-powered travel would make us all healthier - and fix Ontario's deficit in the process.. Published April 29, 2012 in Special Report: Cycling.. Slowly Jeopardizing Hamilton's Future.. - Our sluggish progress towards the ultimate goal of creating a continuous, integrated bicycle network is just one example of a paralytic culture of inaction.. Published December 06, 2011 in Special Report: Cycling.. The 'Idaho Stop' and Why Some Cyclists Disobey Stop Signs.. - There's a good reason cyclists want to conserve momentum, particularly when there are no other vehicles around.. Published November 16, 2011 in Ideas.. Enjoy The Present Golden Age.. - You are living a life that future generations may greatly envy.. Published October 29, 2011 in Ideas.. No Excuse For Hamilton's Pedestrian Deaths.. - If a dozen people were randomly shot and killed in Hamilton, the community would go nuts.. So why are we so complacent about pedestrians dying on our streets?.. Published October 22, 2011 in Special Report: Walkable Streets.. Our Unbelievable Mayor.. - Not only does Bratina change positions as quickly as the wind changes direction but his position appears to change depending on the day's circumstances or the audience to whom he is speaking.. Published October 17, 2011 in Politics.. Liberals Win Ontario Election.. - The Liberals have won the 2011 Ontario election, but their loss of 17 seats has turned them into a minority government, and there is no question that their political mandate has been substantially weakened.. Published October 06, 2011 in Ontario Election 2011.. Where Is Our Champion?.. - The transformation of Indianapolis from rust belt city to gem of the mid-west demonstrates the importance of civic leadership.. Published August 09, 2011 in Commentary.. Bridging The Gap Between The City And Its Citizens.. - There is a fundamental disconnect between how Public Works views the city and how residents view the city.. To Public Works, the city is infrastructure, but to citizens, it's living space.. Published June 05, 2011 in Ideas.. Lessons From The Summit, Lessons From The Past.. - As we hear from urban experts about what Hamilton must do, I wonder: are we prepared to take their advice even if it means major, possibly even painful change?.. Published May 25, 2011 in Commentary.. King Street East: Hamilton's Shabby, Neglected Gateway To Downtown.. - King Street East is just another example of the way our city's traffic engineering department is killing neighbourhoods across the city.. Published May 08, 2011 in Special Report: Walkable Streets.. Conservatives Win Majority Government.. - Canadians redraw the electoral map as Canada returns to majority government rule for the first time in seven years.. Published May 02, 2011 in Federal Election 2011.. Garbage Collection Decision Is A Missed Opportunity To Engage Citizens.. - We're rarely if ever asked to engage in a common purpose.. Many decisions that affect constituents are seen as being done to constituents, instead of being done on behalf of constituents.. Published April 20, 2011 in Special Report: Waste Management.. Area Rating Presents Opportunity For Leadership And Consensus-Building.. - Conclusions of citizens' forum presents City Council and Mayor Bratina with an opportunity to heal the community by resolving a difficult issue.. Published February 27, 2011 in Special Report.. Anti-Urban Outlook Drives LRT Opponents.. - It's time to develop a narrative around LRT that speaks to its great potential for Hamilton and that portrays Hamilton as the city it is and the city it can be, a narrative that revolves around hope, determination, ambition and vision.. Published November 30, 2010 in Special Report.. Eisenberger Stumbles In Race For Mayor.. - The large number of undecided voters indicates that many have yet to find any mayoral candidate particularly appealing.. This is a straightforward failure of Eisenberger's campaign.. Published October 16, 2010 in Municipal Election 2010.. Responsiveness To Questions Varies Widely Among Candidates.. - In spite of the fact that the questions are important and the answers are being read by voters, not all candidates are as responsive as others.. Published October 06, 2010 in Municipal Election 2010.. Ward 3 Candidates Respond To Pearl Company Situation.. - All of the candidates running against Bernie Morelli in Ward 3 who responded to Raise the Hammer say they would actively work to keep the Pearl Company open.. Published September 23, 2010 in Municipal Election 2010.. Bob Bratina's West Harbour Support Timeline.. - We've created an interactive chart that allows you to explore the positions of Bob Bratina on the Pan Am Games stadium location.. Published September 08, 2010 in Municipal Election 2010.. A Tale of Two Summits.. - It's absolutely insane that our civic leaders have largely ignored the voices in our community who have been saying the same things for years as experts like Cunningham.. Published May 20, 2010 in Special Report: Creative City.. The Potential of New, High-Growth Companies.. - If Hamilton wants jobs, it needs to support the creation of high-growth companies and foster the conditions that lead to them.. Published April 27, 2010 in Special Report: Creative City.. A Cinema Treasure Is Destroyed.. - The loss of  ...   News.. One-Way Streets Found To Be More Dangerous For Children.. Published May 23, 2012 in Transportation.. Biking Saves U.. Riders Billions.. Published May 22, 2012 in Transportation.. The Thrill Of The Open Road Belongs To The Bicycle.. Published May 21, 2012 in Transportation.. Walkable Neighbourhoods Are Vital Infrastructure For Creative Industries.. Published May 11, 2012 in Revitalization.. Towards Understanding The $1.. 2 Million Decision.. Published May 04, 2012 in News.. Struggling With Decision To Give $1.. 2 Million To Sex Offender.. Published May 03, 2012 in News.. "Tiger Town" At The Economic Summit? Ugh.. Published April 25, 2012 in News.. Bratina Blames Pen-throwing Incident On Eisenberger.. Published November 24, 2011 in News.. Pedestrian Deaths and Blaming the Victim.. Published November 15, 2011 in News.. Toronto Looks To Hamiltonians For Strategic Vision And Co-opts 'Our City, Our Future'.. Published September 23, 2011 in News.. Indianapolis vs.. Hamilton Population.. Published August 09, 2011 in History.. Suspension Of LRT Initiative Activities Is Undemocratic.. Published July 18, 2011 in Light Rail.. Bratina: 'No Solid Interest' from Developers for LRT; 'Eerie Similarities' to Red Hill.. Published July 11, 2011 in Light Rail.. Traffic Engineering Denies Stoplight Request; McHattie Counters With Motion.. Published May 28, 2011 in Neighbourhoods.. Options For Terry.. Published May 21, 2011 in Politics.. Whitehead Loses Defamation Suit, City To Foot Bill.. Published May 17, 2011 in News.. New Companies And New Developments Downtown.. Published May 13, 2011 in News.. Hamilton's Streets Claim Another Life.. Published May 09, 2011 in News.. Not A Bedroom Community.. Published May 06, 2011 in Revitalization.. Main Street Walkability Fail.. Published February 27, 2011 in Walkability Fail.. The Shoveler's Dilemma.. Published February 08, 2011 in Neighbourhoods.. Don't Be Afraid To Toboggan.. Published February 06, 2011 in Health.. City Manager Chris Murray Should Recommend Scalable West Harbour Stadium.. Published January 07, 2011 in Sports.. Ticats Started Plan to Move to Burlington In Summer 2010.. Published January 05, 2011 in Sports.. Walkability Fail On Fennell Avenue West.. Published January 02, 2011 in Walkability Fail.. A Kinder, Gentler Extraordinary Rendition.. Published December 02, 2010 in Politics.. Letters To Editor Should Be Factual.. Published December 01, 2010 in Media.. QR.. Published November 10, 2010 in Media.. Taxes, Economy, Poverty And Jobs More Important Than Stadium.. Published October 19, 2010 in Municipal Election 2010.. Polls And Rumours Of Polls Have Eisenberger Trailing.. Published October 13, 2010 in Municipal Election 2010.. Few Women Running In Municipal Election.. Published September 29, 2010 in Municipal Election 2010.. Ryan McGreal Announces Candidacy.. Published September 24, 2010 in Humour.. Open Thread: Letters To Bernie Morelli.. Published September 21, 2010 in Revitalization.. The Unpleasant Calculus Of The MIP Site.. Published August 31, 2010 in Sports.. Kitchener Approves 114 Kilometres Of Bike Lanes.. Published August 24, 2010 in Transportation.. Modern Infrastructure Transformed.. Published August 20, 2010 in Arts.. The Myth Of The Inaccessible Stadium.. Published August 17, 2010 in Sports.. Only In Hamilton.. Published August 14, 2010 in People.. Brad's Buble Bumble.. Published August 12, 2010 in People.. Ron Foxcroft: "I'm distraught, confused.. I could cry.. Published August 11, 2010 in Sports.. Federal Government Reverses Position: Stadium Funding "Not Contingent" On Location.. Published August 07, 2010 in Sports.. Rumour Emerges That Province, Feds, Will Only Support East Mountain.. Published August 06, 2010 in Sports.. Major League Soccer's Future: Not In the Suburbs.. Published August 05, 2010 in Sports.. Aerotropolis Draft Report Released.. Published July 05, 2010 in Aerotropolis.. Ticat Fans Split on Stadium Location.. Published June 21, 2010 in Sports.. City Renames Glanbrook Industrial Park.. Published February 18, 2010 in Humour.. The Spec Publishes A Compelling Editorial In Favour Of LRT.. Published February 04, 2010 in Activism.. Keep Hamilton On The Rails: The Campaign Starts Now.. Published February 02, 2010 in Light Rail.. Hamilton's Downtown: A Nowhere Full Of Nobodies.. Published January 19, 2010 in Light Rail.. NHL Bid Dies - What Do You Think?.. Published October 01, 2009 in Sports.. Comment Deadline for Carcinogenic Pollution Standards is Tomorrow.. Published September 28, 2009 in Environment.. Saving Entrepreneurs Money and Heartache, Web 2.. 0 Style.. Published July 06, 2009 in Business.. Rosie DiManno Dumps on Hamilton, Again.. Published June 22, 2009 in Media.. CRTC gets it right on Internet and wireless policy.. Published June 11, 2009 in Policy.. What, You ve Never Heard of Manny Schwartz?.. Published June 02, 2009 in Philosophy.. An Interesting Start to Hamilton Cultural Industries Strategy.. Published May 26, 2009 in Arts.. CRTC Fails To Understand Wireless New Media Issues.. Published March 11, 2009 in Policy.. Wireless carriers cripple Canadian innovation in critical industry.. Published March 10, 2009 in Policy.. Green Energy Act for Home Resales: Unfair and Unwise.. Published February 25, 2009 in Environment.. The CRTC s Very Narrow View.. Published February 19, 2009 in Media.. Harper crosses the line in speech to nation.. Published December 04, 2008 in Politics - Federal.. McMaster ruffles some feathers with child ward renaming.. Published December 03, 2008 in Public Health.. The Seven Hundred Billion Dollar Swindle.. Published September 22, 2008 in Politics - Federal.. Free HSR Fares Not The Way To Go.. Published July 16, 2008 in Transportation.. Lister: Reasons for Optimism.. Published June 27, 2008 in Lister Block.. Food Is Not Just Another Commodity.. Published April 29, 2008 in Politics.. Neglect of Downtown Buildings Could Carry More Than Just Economic Costs.. Published April 18, 2008 in Revitalization.. Hazardous Waste: Don t Chuck It or Flush It!.. Published March 27, 2008 in Green City.. Gypsy Moths and Area Rating.. Published March 20, 2008 in Politics.. Hamilton Politicians: Live and Don t Learn.. Published March 13, 2008 in Peak Oil.. Grim Future v.. Buy More Stuff?.. Published January 23, 2008 in Climate Change.. Imagining the Future of Hamilton, Online.. Published January 22, 2008 in Media.. Highway Tolls Down the Road?.. Published January 21, 2008 in Transportation.. LIUNA Still Obstructing Progress.. Published January 07, 2008 in Lister Block.. Dreschel dumps on pedestrian piazza proposal.. Published October 05, 2007 in Revitalization.. Wrong Again: The National Post on Climate Change, Part 2.. Published July 11, 2007 in Climate Change.. $17 Billion for Ontario Transit.. Published June 15, 2007 in Light Rail.. A Fair and Balanced Look at Climate Change?.. Published May 09, 2007 in Media.. Police Pinch Perforating Prowler.. Published April 18, 2007 in News.. A Futile Search for Answers at Virginia Tech Begins.. Published April 17, 2007 in Media.. McHattie Tries to Limit HSR Fare Increase.. Published April 13, 2007 in Transportation.. Brian Mchattie Explains Support for Fare Increase.. Published March 28, 2007 in Transportation.. Destroying the HSR to Save it.. Published March 08, 2007 in Transportation.. Canadians Take a Look at Dion, Grow Fonder of Harper.. Published February 20, 2007 in Politics - Federal.. The Perils of Marketing.. Published February 15, 2007 in Politics.. On the Futility of Challenging Big Business.. Published February 02, 2007 in Business.. Going Green.. Published January 07, 2007 in Green City.. An Excerpt from "Hiroshima".. Published December 27, 2006 in Politics.. This is how they treat Americans.. Published December 04, 2006 in Geopolitics.. Three weeks after winning Congress, the Democrats turn their backs on Americans.. Published December 01, 2006 in Geopolitics.. Fire and Blood: the Iraqi conflagration is beyond American intervention.. Published November 29, 2006 in Geopolitics.. The Hipness Battle.. Published November 27, 2006 in Revitalization.. NATO Kills 60 Civilians in Afghanistan.. Published October 26, 2006 in Geopolitics.. Nuclear Hypocrisy.. Published October 10, 2006 in Geopolitics.. Another Turn Towards Tyranny.. Published September 29, 2006 in Geopolitics.. The Great Lakes: America s Shooting Range.. Published September 28, 2006 in Politics.. Maher Arar is Vindicated.. Published September 20, 2006 in Geopolitics.. More to Remember from 9/11.. Published September 12, 2006 in Geopolitics.. Polls, Conspiracies, Denials, Admissions Crimes.. Published September 08, 2006 in Geopolitics.. One tankful of ethanol could feed a person for a year.. Published August 21, 2006 in Energy.. Plenty of Blame to Go Around.. Published July 25, 2006 in Politics.. Forbidden Fruit.. Published June 28, 2006 in Green City.. Welcome to the Future.. Published April 25, 2006 in Transportation..

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