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  • Title: Redo Backup Bare Metal Restore Solution GUI Backup Open Source GPL Recovery
    Descriptive info: .. About.. Features.. Download.. Help.. Backup Made Simple.. Easy Backup, Recovery Bare Metal Restore.. Redo Backup and Recovery.. is so simple that anyone can use it.. It is the easiest, most complete disaster recovery solution available.. It allows.. bare-metal restore.. Bare metal restore.. is not only the best solution for hardware failure, it is also the ultimate antivirus: Even if your hard drive melts or gets completely erased by a virus, you can have a completely-functional system back up and running in as little as 10 minutes.. Download Version 1.. 0.. 4.. Released 2012-11-20.. All your documents and settings will be restored to the exact same state they were in when the last snapshot was taken.. is a live CD, so it does not matter if you use Windows or Linux.. You can use the same tool to backup and restore every machine.. And because it is open source released under the GPL, it is.. completely free.. for personal and commercial use.. Screenshots.. More Features, Less Complex.. Redo Backup has the most features coupled with the simplest, most user-friendly interface:.. Easy.. graphical user interface.. boots from CD in less than a minute.. No installation needed.. ; runs from a CD-ROM or a USB stick.. Saves and restores.. Windows and Linux.. machines.. Automatically finds.. local network shares.. Access your files.. even if you can't log in.. Recover deleted pictures,.. documents, and other files.. Internet access with a full-featured browser.. to download drivers.. Live CD download size is.. only about 250MB.. Over 750,000 downloads.. What Others Are Saying.. Find out what others are saying about Redo Backup and Recovery:.. TechRepublic.. DIY: Get reliable disaster recovery for free.. Datamation.. 50 Must-Have Open Source Apps for Your Home Office.. addictivetips.. com.. Live CD That Recovers Your Hard Drive.. Lifehacker.. Redo Backup Is a User-Friendly  ...   running in order to restore.. But what if you cannot boot into Windows? What if you have a nasty virus, and you can't even open Windows to try to restore it back to how it was?.. Redo doesn't need Windows.. Download and burn the ISO, place it in your CD-ROM drive, and reboot your machine.. The system will load a complete mini operating system with a point-and-click user interface into your computer's memory, without writing any information to your hard drive.. Then you will be able to perform backup, restore and recovery actions guaranteed even if you aren't able to boot into your regular operating system.. is a GPLv3 Perl script built with a GTK2+ interface designed in Glade.. It is simply a front end to.. partclone.. , which performs the actual backup and restore.. The live CD is built on Ubuntu to provide a graphical user interface and unmodified binaries of each program, but the script will run on any Linux platform that has the required programs installed.. The Perl source code for the backup script is contained on the live CD itself.. And anyone running Ubuntu can build their own live CD from scratch by following our.. simple recipe.. See the.. feature list.. or.. download the latest version.. If you like Redo, check this out!.. We've finally released OpenDynamo, our PHP-based project for backing up, restoring, and installing new websites over at.. OpenDynamo.. org.. which allows anyone to create a new open source website in just a few clicks.. It's kind of like having Redo Backup for your website!.. Looking to print your digital images to canvas, or enlarge them? You can.. upload, enlarge, print on canvas, and frame your digital pictures.. in just a few clicks with.. WizardPrints.. !.. Copyright 2013 RedoBackup.. Released under GNU GPL license..

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  • Title: Redo Backup Redo Backup and Restore Features
    Descriptive info: Features.. Redo Backup is the most advanced recovery solution.. It is small, fast, and very easy to use, even for everyday computer users.. No Installation Needed.. You don't have to install Redo Backup.. And you don't even need to have an operating system installed to recover.. Just insert the CD or USB stick into your PC and reboot.. Never reinstall Windows again!.. Boots in Seconds.. The system boots in about 30 seconds from USB, and all your hardware gets detected automatically.. It uses minimal space and resources, the download is only 250MB, and you can copy it freely.. No licenses or serial numbers!.. It's Pretty.. Redo Backup provides a point-and-click interface with network access and a complete operating system (via Ubuntu).. Open other applications while your system backup is being transferred.. Works with Windows or Linux.. Some backup solutions only work with Windows, and some only work with Linux.. But with Redo Backup, any computer user can save and restore all machines with the same tool.. Finds Network Shares.. Redo Backup will automatically search your local area network for drives to backup to or restore from.. You don't need to  ...   shut down the computer, insert the Redo Backup CD, and open the file recovery tool, which will undelete your files and save them to another drive.. Easy Internet Access.. Is your computer broken, but you need Internet access to download drivers or read documentation? In about one minute, you can insert the Redo Backup CD, reboot, and be browsing the Internet.. Factory Drive Reset.. Before selling or giving an old PC away, be sure all personal or business data has been removed by using the drive reset utility.. This ensures that no private information is left on the disk.. Drive Configuration Tools.. Graphically edit, manage, and resize partitions to take full advantage of your drive's capacity.. Access powerful drive management and partition editing tools from the Redo Backup start menu.. Complete Suite of Tools Included.. In addition to the Redo Backup and Recovery imaging utility, the live CD provides many essential GUI tools and command line utilities that system administrators will find invaluable.. Everyone from novices to advanced power users are finding that Redo Backup makes life easier.. Get It Now!.. Visit the.. download page.. to get the latest version..

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  • Title: Redo Backup Download
    Descriptive info: Get Redo Backup.. We need feedback! If you like it, please consider giving the project a thumbs up on SourceForge.. If you find a problem, please go.. here.. to tell us how we can improve Redo Backup.. It is a.. live CD.. , so you cannot run the program from within Windows or any other operating system; you need to follow the steps below exactly as they are presented in order to use Redo Backup.. Getting Started.. 1.. Download the latest live CD image.. Download the latest version of the Redo Backup live CD from.. 2.. Burn the image to a CD.. You'll need to burn the ISO disc image using a CD burning program such as.. InfraRecorder.. for Windows.. 3.. Put the CD in and reboot.. Redo Backup does not run from inside Windows or any other operating system.. because it is one.. You must restart your computer with the CD in the drive in order to use Redo Backup.. Place the new CD in your CD-ROM drive and reboot the machine.. To boot from the CD-ROM drive, you may need to press a key such as.. F8.. F12..  ...   are two ways to create a bootable USB stick with Redo Backup on it:.. Installing from CD to USB.. Burn a CD, boot from it, and then use the Install to USB Drive tool from the start menu.. This is the easiest and most straightforward way to put Redo on a USB stick.. Installing Directly to USB with Unetbootin.. Sometimes, as with a netbook, you may not have easy access to a CD-ROM drive.. Advanced users may then wish to use Unetbootin to install the ISO image directly to a USB stick, bypassing the step of burning a CD.. If you use an older version of Unetbootin, it will not work.. You must have.. the latest version of Unetbootin.. downloaded directly from their website.. Using Unetbootin is not recommended.. because it prevents the Redo Backup splash screen, help files, boot menu messages, and other features from being displayed or used.. Please let the maintainers of Unetbootin know that you would like these issues to be fixed, and Redo Backup added to the list of built-in images! Just go to.. http://bugs.. launchpad.. net/unetbootin.. and open a bug report to do so..

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  • Title: Redo Backup Help
    Descriptive info: Need Help?.. Please take a moment to read our FAQ below, as it has the answers to the most common questions we receive about Redo Backup.. If you don't find the answer here, please post your questions or suggestions to the.. Redo Backup forum on SourceForge.. Frequently Asked Questions.. Q: Redo hangs during boot!.. A: Some computers boot extremely slow.. Give it a minute, especially if the computer continues to read from the CD-ROM or USB drive.. If you only experience this when booting from USB, it is possible that in the BIOS, your USB drive may need to be identified as USB-HDD, USB-ZIP, or some other setting that may improve performance.. Q: My backup froze at XX% and no error was given! What happened?.. A: Close out the backup program.. Click Start Tools Terminal.. At the terminal type.. cat /partclone.. log.. and hit ENTER to see what went wrong.. Then file a bug report with the.. exact.. error message you received.. Remember that Redo Backup is a frontend to the.. Partclone.. project, so if you can run partclone successfully, Redo Backup should work for you.. Also remember that if the drive is filled or otherwise becomes inaccessible (e.. g.. loss of network connection) while a backup is being saved or restored, the process will fail.. Q: How can I see the commands/output/errors/debug mode?.. A: Boot into Redo.. Close the Redo window that automatically is opened for you.. Go to Start Tools Terminal.. In the terminal window, type.. redobackup.. and hit ENTER.. This will launch Redo again, but this time the terminal window stays open, allowing you to see all the background commands and output generated in the process.. If you are having trouble  ...   system, and we do not maintain Ubuntu.. Our small team is not able to add support for an obscure or cutting-edge network card, for example; this is precisely what we rely on Ubuntu for.. If your hardware isn't working properly, you should report it to the proper channels.. All we can do to help correct hardware problems is to base Redo on a later version of Ubuntu once the issue is fixed.. Report a Bug.. If you are fairly certain that you've encountered a bug, please review this checklist:.. Is the problem the result of the Redo program, or is it a hardware incompatibility issue that should be reported to Ubuntu Linux?.. If you give us the steps, can we reproduce the error on our end?.. Is the behavior an actual error, or is it merely different from how you would prefer the software work?.. If you are confident that you've found an error we need to know about, we encourage you to take a moment and provide us with the information we need to fix it.. Your participation ensures a better project that we all benefit from.. To run Redo Backup in.. debug mode.. to see the specific error message that caused your problem, read the FAQ above.. Remember that Redo Backup is simply a front end, and that.. is the actual program doing the work.. If your error lies with Partclone, please contact Partclone to file a bug with their team, rather than sending it to us.. Submit a.. Bug Report.. Support.. If you have questions, suggestions, or requests (rather than an actual bug report) please go to the.. , where you can participate in existing discussions or open a new topic..

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