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  • Title: Romas crashmaker
    Descriptive info: .. The rank moved by it.. The school, in which Pol studied, was in grain area, and about cattlemen of Pol knew a little and.. that knew, for a long time has forgotten.. To it too it was not necessary to think of meat cows.. He simply ate beef.. And now.. by it with a rumble and continuous rustling, crackling, champing and chewing, with heart-breaking sighs passed the.. organised herd of live meat.. From time to time any burenka threw up from a grass the huge dribbling muzzle smeared with.. greens, and let out a deaf deep roar.. Then Pol has seen kiberov.. They went on some distance after a rank, brisk flat cars on wide soft caterpillars.. They.. continually stopped, dug in the earth, lagged behind and ran forward.. Them was a little, only ten ones and a half, and they at.. a fearful rate rushed along a rank, a fan throwing out from under caterpillars damp black clods.. Suddenly the dark cloud has closed the sun.. The large warm rain has gone.. pol has looked back on settlement, on the.. white small houses scattered in dark greens of gardens.. It seemed to it that trellised paraboloids of synoptic condensers on an openwork tower of microweather station are.. established directly on it.. The rain has passed quickly, the cloud has moved after herd.. pol has become interested in vague..  ...   sit down.. So also it is necessary to me, the parasite.. All work as people.. The captain flies.. Athos catches fleas on blue stars.. Lin, the lucky beggar, cuts someone.. Well for.. what to me such? Why I, the fair hard-working person, should feel the parasite? "He went on a footpath and thought, how it.. was good in that noche when it has groped the decision of a problem of Tchebotaryov both has roused to the Lead and has.. forced all to check up, and when all has appeared correct, she even has kissed him on a cheek.. pol has touched a cheek.. and has sighed.. It would be healthy to be buried now in any ha-aroshuju a problem like the theorem the Farm!.. But in a head.. only ringing emptiness and only any idiotic voice repeats:" we Will take from something a square root.. "On settlement Pol.. suburb has again stopped.. Under a branchy sweet cherry lay on a wing single pterokar.. Near pterokara with a sad kind the.. boy of years of fifteen squatted.. Before it, monotonously buzzing, the long-legged cyberyard keeper turned in a grass.. To the.. cyberyard keeper it was obviously bad.. The Field shade has fallen to the boy, the boy has lifted a head and has risen.. - I have sat down on it pterokarom, - with unusually familiar guilty kind he has told..

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