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  • Title: Clan Sinclair
    Descriptive info: .. Clan.. Sinclair.. Search.. Contact.. Contents.. History.. Gene-..  .. alogy.. Groups.. Families.. People.. Places.. Pictures.. Events.. Publica-.. tions.. Glossary.. FAQ.. Religion.. Sponsor:.. New.. List.. Has.. Moved.. Cook.. Tours.. of.. France.. Preceptory,.. Noss Head.. Christine Sinclair of soccer.. Christine.. executed.. 1813.. Catherine.. of Ulbster.. (1800-1864).. Clan Sinclair.. St.. Clair.. Sinkler.. O'er.. Roslin.. all that dreary night.. A wondrous blaze was seen to gleam;.. Soft is the note, and sad the lay,.. That mourns the lovely.. Rosabelle.. So still they blaze when fate is nigh.. The lordly line of high St.. These web pages are mothballed, and have not changed in years.. Their main purpose was to encourage national and local Sinclair groups to put up their own web pages.. This has since happened, long ago.. Please follow the links to other resources.. Sinclair Dates.. :.. May 23.. 1430:.. English capt.. Joan.. , Joan of Arc captured at Compiegne.. Source: ToW.. 1498:.. Girolamo Savonarola executed.. , Domenican friar and reformer in Florence.. Angered Pope Alexander VI and the Duke of Milan.. Governed Florence briefly in the form of a democratic republic.. Viciously persecuted, tried, tortured, and sentenced to death by papal commissioners on fabricated evidence.. Tomorrow.. May 24.. 1153:.. David I d.. ,.. King of Scots dies.. 1700:.. Darien address rebuffed.. , The Scots Parliament assembles but the Duke of Queensberry, Commissioner, prevents the Company's party from pressing for an Address to the King.. He adjourns Parliament on the 30th.. 1738:.. Methodists.. Former Georgia Anglican minister John  ...   Prince Henry Sinclair.. , that we have our own.. glossary.. (list of Frequently Asked Questions) and.. timeline.. and another.. Genealogy.. Sinclair is more than a surname: see.. The Wider Sinclair Family.. The.. Sinclair lineage.. is long and distinguished.. The Sinclair family.. traces.. its.. genealogy.. back to at least the ninth century.. There are many.. resources about Scottish and Sinclair genealogy on the Internet.. These include even an attempt to compile a complete.. Sinclair Genealogy database.. There are also numerous web pages about particular Sinclair.. people.. and.. families.. :.. Please.. tell us about more such web pages.. so we can link to them.. To support clan activities and publications, plus to meet people in person, it is useful to join a Sinclair organization.. There is no single worldwide Clan Sinclair organization.. First pick a geographical location by selecting one of the flags above, then apply for.. membership.. U.. S.. A.. organization has a copy of its membership form online.. It also sells numerous clan-related items, from banners to badges to t-shirts to plates to books.. Canadian.. organization has membership information online.. It also sells many clan-related books, videos, music, mouse pads, and other items.. All known Clan Sinclair or related organizations are listed here.. If you know of one that is not listed, please.. let us know.. This web server.. provided by.. Quarterman Creations.. These web pages prepared by.. John Sinclair Quarterman (jsq).. Please see also.. Quarterman Family History Project.. Hargreaves.. Last changed: $Date: 2009/02/14 08:44:12 $..

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  • Title: Simple search of archive Sinclair
    Descriptive info: Send Us.. Mail.. Discussion.. Index.. Advanced.. Search.. with.. WebGlimpseII.. Look for.. ALL the words.. ANY of the words.. EXACT PHRASE.. typed above.. Optional - only find matches WITHOUT the words:.. Advanced search.. allows you to create your own boolean expression, use regexps, specify optional misspellings, partial match, case sensitivity and other options.. Last changed: $Date: 2002/10/20 22:30:44 $..

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  • Title: Contact
    Descriptive info: Web Pages.. You can reach many Sinclairs by.. electronic mail.. If you want to follow the discussions, you will want to subscribe to one of.. the lists.. There is also contact information for the maintainer of these.. web pages.. And so you'll know what we're talking about, there is a.. and a list of.. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).. Last changed: 00/01/09 10:20:00..

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  • Title: Contents of Clan Sinclair Web Pages
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  • Title: History of Clan Sinclair
    Descriptive info: Medieval.. Early.. Modern.. Timeline.. If we dont write our history - who will?.. I bloody well will.. —.. Tim Wallace-Murphy.. History of Clan Sinclair.. We start with.. medieval history.. , with the Norse and Norman.. origins of the Sinclairs.. Then we intersperse countries such as.. Norway.. , and.. with events such as the battles of.. Hastings.. Rosslyn.. Then we move on to.. early modern history.. with events such as the Battle of.. Altimarlach.. in the Last Clan War.. Finally we have.. modern history.. , with events such as the.. Battle of Eureka Stockade, Victoria, Australia.. and a.. Wedding in Caithness.. See also the web pages about.. places.. Laurel Fechner has constructed and is extended some elaborate.. History Charts.. For context, see Paul Sinclair's.. Timeline of Scottish History.. There is also a.. A Timeline of Sinclair History.. And it is useful to know about.. Kings of Scotland.. Here is a.. map of Clan territories in Scotland.. An example.. to others.. From: Niven Sinclair.. niven@niven.. co.. uk.. Date: Wed, 01 Mar 2000 22:03:42 +0000.. We need to encourage the young who, in this troubled and tormented World, desperately need the stability of having family roots to which they can turn with pride and endeavour to emulate in their own lives.. Roland St Clair, when injured turned his injury to good effect by giving us.. The St Clairs of the Isles.. which is the definitive work on the Sinclair family.. Unfortunately, it is now over 100 years old and needs to be updated and, with the benefits of the internet, this is a task which is being accomplished by.. Lena, Milamba.. Mary.. John.. Laurel.. and a host of others - not forgetting the sterling work of the.. late Pete Cummings.. Above all, we have a.. Chief.. who takes a positive and lively interest in the Clan.. And we have Ian Sinclair who, with his own hands, is turning Noss Head Light House into a.. Sinclair Centre.. of which we can all be justly proud.. If we all pull together we can set an example of cooperation and solidarity which will be an example to others.. Let that be our sole aim, ambition and intention.. Niven Sinclair.. What Other Clan?.. Date: Monday, July  ...   good and ill.. Honoured with the confidence of the ancient Celtic line; entrusted with the defence of the Royal fortress during the wars of the Scottish Succession; they were the companions in arms of the patriot Bruce and, in later times, the St Clairs shared in the triumphs and disasters of the House of Stuart.. ''.. I could cover the last 1,000 years of our history (even.. before we took the name of St Clair.. ) with volume after volume of facts and it would still be incomplete because, with every passing day, I am discovering fresh information about the Sinclairs and the part they played in the development of Western civilisation and culture.. Let me give you one more.. quote.. ``All that was highest in marriage, lands and office they had in.. for nearly a Century after the Conquest and the glow of their fame and their physical and intellectual powers kept them high for Centuries afterwards in a way which was rare to any one particular lineage.. We are also different in so far as we have always had a European dimension.. Our name is as well known in.. Scandinavia.. as it is in Scotland.. We held lands in every Province of France and in Alsace.. We are related to the ex Royal House of Poland and, if we had won the.. Battle of Val-es-Dunes.. in 1047 against William 'the Bastard' it is the Sinclairs who would have been the Royal House of England and ipso facto of one quarter of the Globe.. We must never forget our history because `we are nothing without our roots'.. It gives us the confidence and.. the stability to face up to life's vicissitudes in this increasingly tormented and troubled World.. I hope it will also give us the courage and the desire to improve the lot of our fellow man by becoming actively involved in our respective communities.. We can begin by giving support to our.. Clan associations.. because there is strength in unity.. The Sinclair.. engrailed cross.. the.. oriflamme.. of our family must be seen to herald a renaissance of the spirit of chivalry and brotherhood which should govern all our lives.. With every good wish.. Last changed: 00/05/28 14:52:39..

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  • Title: Genealogy
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  • Title: Sinclair Organizations
    Descriptive info: Laird.. Sinclair Organizations.. However, to support clan activities and publications, it is useful to join a Sinclair organization.. First pick a geographical location by selecting one of the flags on the left, then apply for.. The Hereditary.. of Clan Sinclair is the Right Honorable Malcolm Sinclair,.. Earl of Caithness.. Last changed: 99/11/21 14:38:01..

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  • Title: Sinclair Families
    Descriptive info: Sinclair Families.. In addition to the large organized.. groups.. , there are many more informal Sinclair family groups, many of which are listed here.. Last changed: 99/11/21 14:38:47..

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  • Title: Sinclair People
    Descriptive info: Sinclairs.. Living.. From:.. uk.. Date: Sun, 16 May 1999 23:35:14 +0100.. [.. ].. Over the next few months, I will be writing articles on notable Sinclairs - beginning with.. General Sir John St Clair.. These will be appearing in the newsletter of the.. Clan Sinclair of the United States.. but, I am sure, if Brad Sinclair agrees, there will be no objection to these articles being seen by the wider family of Sinclairs through the medium of your web-site.. Sinclair People.. There have been many notable Sinclairs throughout history.. Here we only mention a few notable ones.. We use no hard and fast definition of notable here; a notable Sinclair can be a.. Prince.. , a.. pioneer.. , or a.. pauper.. May we all as brothers be.. From: "Privateers".. Privateers@privateers.. org.. Date: Tue, 7 Sep 1999  ...   The collective experience of a clan or indeed of a nation can only exist by the passing from generation to generation of that experience.. A clan without history is a contradiction in terms.. Many of our experiences involve the creation of a myth.. A myth doesn't mean the invention of a fairy tale.. It is an acceptance of the belief of our common past.. Whether we are related by blood or not is immaterial.. The facts or myths of our ancestors, be they real or assumed ancestors are only a guide to our hopes and aspirations as a family.. Date: Tue, 07 Sep 1999 17:34:52 +0100.. If there is a difference, it is a difference without a distinction.. I agree with every word of the above.. "May we all as brothers be".. Last changed: 00/01/09 11:34:02..

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  • Title: Sinclair Places
    Descriptive info: Castle.. Orkney.. Shetland.. Castle at.. the Cross.. Westford.. Knight.. Newport.. Tower.. Chapel.. of Mey.. Girnigoe.. Caithness.. Argyll.. Darien.. Sinclair Places Visits.. From:.. "K.. W.. S".. Date: Fri, 14 Apr 2000 19:59:26 -0600.. Hello Cousins.. If any of you have plans on visiting in or near some Sinclair named Places, this year, you may meet other Sinclairs.. Go to the.. 'SINCLAIR PLACES VISIT'.. Calendar Page on Rootsweb to enter your Itinerary, so other Sinclair's will know when you will be there.. Have fun.. Ken W Sinclair.. SK/Canada.. Sinclair Places.. Here we present material on selected Sinclair places, which are listed in chronological order in the navigation bar to the left, and which you can page through by using the arrows in the upper left.. These include  ...   is unique in the world,.. Included are two Sinclair places in the New World, the ruins of the.. Castle at the Cross.. in Nova Scotia, and the rock memorial effigy near Westford, Massachusetts that is commonly known as.. The Westford Knight.. Both are associated with.. Prince Henry had that title because he was Earl of Orkney, and we include pages on.. We also include pages on the place that is most associated with Sinclairs,.. , as well as on the other Scottish home of a Sinclair group,.. Paul Sinclair has web pages with extensive material on.. Sinclair Landmarks in History.. Ken W.. Sinclair has web pages of.. Sinclair Place Names.. , about many places named Sinclair around Canada and the world.. Last changed: 01/03/23 16:28:49..

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  • Title: Some Sinclair Pictures
    Descriptive info: America.. Laura.. Zolo's.. Voyage.. Mcintyre's.. gg-grandfather.. William.. Stuart.. Buehler.. Some Sinclair Pictures.. Cameron Sinclair.. 's old Sinclair family picture.. Last changed: 00/11/26 14:11:43..

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  • Archived pages: 487