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    Descriptive info: .. English.. Français.. Home.. About.. History.. FAQ.. Finances.. Structure.. Popular Education.. Radical Skills Workshops.. Montreal Radical History Tours.. Culture Shock.. School Schmool: The Organizer.. Social Justice Days.. Rad Frosh.. Research.. Study In Action.. Summer Stipend.. CURE: Community-University Research Exchange.. Convergence Journal.. Resources.. Discretionary Funding.. Funding.. Student Strike.. Know your rights at McGill.. Library.. Room Bookings.. Working Groups.. Current.. Past.. Events.. Volunteers/Interns.. buy propecia online.. Community-University Research Exchange.. Montreal Radical History Tours.. Culture Shock 2013.. Resource Library.. I ♥ QPIRG.. Culture Shock 2012.. School Schmool: The Organizer.. Social Justice Days 2013.. Nov.. 18.. 2013.. Call for Papers: Study in Action 2014.. Undergraduate Students Community Groups:.. Call for Papers: Contribute to Study in Action 2014.. STUDY IN ACTION is a grassroots research conference on social and environmental justice designed to link students with community groups and activists.. Please read the details below to know more about how to contribute as a student or as a community group.. Read more.. 13.. QPIRG McGill is seeking proposals for Social Justice Days 2014!.. QPIRG-McGill is looking for proposals for workshops, discussions, panels and film screening for.. Lovers and Fighters: Social Justice Days 2014!!.. Deadline for proposals: December 11.. th.. , 2013.. Sep.. 12.. QPIRG Open House!.. Wondering how to get involved in community organizing in Montreal, learn about struggles for social and environmental justice, and meet local organizers, activists, and campus and community groups? Come upstairs for tours and information about QPIRG, plus snacks and drinks!.. 3647 University, 3rd Floor, Monday September 16th from 12-6!.. 4.. School Schmools are IN! Come Get Yours!.. SCHOOL SCHMOOL is the name of the activist day planner for students at Concordia, McGill and the wider Montreal community.. SCHOOL SCHMOOL includes engaging articles, resources and practical tools for students and non-students alike to participate in social and environmental justice activism, as well as a useful day planner to organize busy academic and activist schedules.. SCHOOL SCHMOOL is a joint project of the Quebec Public Interest Research Groups (QPIRG) at McGill and Concordia.. Aug.. 29.. Calling All Friends of Parc Oxygene! Important Meeting September 3rd.. Calling all friends of Parc Oxygène!.. Parc Oxygène is a small inner-city green space located off Hutchison Street, between Prince Arthur Pins.. Twenty-three years ago the land was sold in error in a tax sale.. The City stated its intention to recover the land but didn’t.. The park has been created and maintained by local residents for more  ...   who are committed to an anti-oppressive mandate.. Please read all of the information below before filling out the application form, which is available online.. here.. Exiting working groups MUST reapply in order to be a working group again this year.. Jul.. 10.. CONVERGENCE JOURNAL wants you!.. CONVERGENCE: Undergraduate Community Research Journal.. CONVERGENCE was launched three years ago with the intention to provide undergraduate students and community groups a venue for the publication of their social-justice based research and artwork.. Readers will be presented with original, well researched, and critical pieces on provocative topics from emerging writers, researchers and artists.. You can view the 2010, 2011, and 2012 editions here:.. http://convergencejournal.. ca/.. 2.. DIVERGENT TRADITIONS IN STREET ART: WORKSHOP DISCUSSION.. July 9,.. 13h00 16h00,.. 185 Van Horne #5.. This workshop will cover some of the varying perspectives active in contemporary street art and graffiti.. Covering bombing, stencilling, wheatpasting and the small arcane tricks and jokes of street pranksters, the facilitators will discuss the practices, politics, and social and political contexts of street art and graffiti today.. Jun.. 5.. HIRING: FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATIVE COORDINATOR.. JOB POSTING QPIRG MCGILL: FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATIVE COORDINATOR.. QPIRG.. McGill is Hiring a Finance and Administrative Coordinator!.. Application Deadline: FRIDAY, JUNE 28.. , 2013 at NOON.. The Quebec Public Interest Research Group (QPIRG) at McGill University is a student-funded not-for-profit organization that conducts research, education, and action on a variety of social justice and environmental issues at McGill and in the Montreal community.. We are looking for a dynamic, organized, and resourceful person committed to social and environmental justice to fill a one-year renewable contract for a 35-hour/week position as Finance and Administrative Coordinator.. Film Screening: Growing up on the Inside.. Monday, June 17th 2013 at 7pm La Belle Epoque, 1984 Rue Wellington (metro Charlevoix).. The Life After Life collective will be hosting a screening of two highly-acclaimed documentary films about racialized girls in the US juvenile justice system.. The screenings will be followed by an interactive discussion about incarcerated girls and address trans youth in the system in the Canadian context facilitated by LAL members.. 1) Girlhood (2003):.. http://www.. imdb.. com/title/.. tt0368745/.. 2) Me Facing Life: Cyntoia s Story (2011):.. pbs.. org/.. independentlens/.. me-facing-life/.. 1.. 3.. Events.. No events.. Announcements list.. Email:.. Like us on Facebook.. Useful Documents.. Annual Report 2011-2012.. Conflict and Compaints Policy.. Discretionary Application.. QPIRG-McGill Bylaws.. QPIRG-McGill Logo.. The Quebec Public Interest Research Group at McGill..

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  • Title: About
    Descriptive info: The Quebec Public Interest Research Group at McGill is a non-profit, student-run organization that conducts research, education, and action on environmental and social justice issues at McGill University and in the Montreal community.. With such a broad mandate, QPIRG brings together a wide range of activists interested in many different issues.. QPIRG-McGill is opposed to all forms of discrimination on the basis of: class, gender, race, sexual orientation, and  ...   QPIRG management, budgeting, project development, staff, working groups and the development of the group s political vision.. Every March, students are elected at the Annual General Meeting open to all QPIRG members.. In addition, the Students Society of McGill University (SSMU) and the Post-Graduate Students Society (PGSS) each have one representative on the Board.. ***.. We regret to inform that our space is not wheelchair accessible ***.. View Larger Map..

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  • Title: History
    Descriptive info: PIRG History.. The idea for a PIRG originated with the consumer activist Ralph Nader.. At the same time that protests against the Vietnam war were shaking campuses around the country, Ralph Nader was drawing larger and larger crowds to his college lectures.. Nader sought to encourage students to work for change within the system.. He argued that the established tools of research, legislation, and litigation were more constructive than protests and demonstrations.. Furthermore, he argued that these tools were easily integrated into the everyday life of the student.. Nader encouraged students to form their own campus-based public interest organizations.. In the 1970-1971 academic year, the first two PIRGs were formed, and their organizing efforts and structure became the blueprint for the hundreds of groups to follow.. The PIRG idea began spreading from campus to campus so that by 1973 there were chapters on 135 campuses in 19 states across the US, with an overall membership of 500,000 students and an overall budget of well over $1 million.. In Canada, the first PIRG was set up in Ontario during the 1972-1973 school year at the University of Waterloo.. In Quebec, QPIRG has been a club at both Concordia and McGill University since  ...   Part of this has to do with differences between US and Canadian political culture, while some of it also has to do with the changing times.. The original idea of student PIRGs was to create large self-funded organizations that hired professionals (mainly lawyers) who would do research into bad government or corporate practices and then sue, or lobby to have laws changed.. QPIRG-McGill has not sought to achieve this type of goal.. Canadian PIRGs in general are not law-oriented; we are more interested in changing public attitudes, rather than lobbying the government.. The following sections provide ample evidence of the work that QPIRG McGill has been involved in throughout our history.. As well, since 2001, QPIRG has adopted an anti-oppression framework, seeking to oppose all forms of oppression as they play out within society at large as well as within our organizing work.. Oppression can be defined as the institutionalized, systematic, pervasive, day-in, day-out, mistreatment of a person or group of individuals based solely on their race, their sexual orientation, their gender, their age, their class, or other difference.. The adoption of an anti-oppression framework has marked a radical change in our local implementation of the philosophy of the PIRG movement..

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  • Title: FAQ
    Descriptive info: Questions fréquentes.. Malheureusement, cette section est seulement disponible en anglais pour le moment.. What is QPIRG?.. QPIRG is a student-run, student-funded social and environmental justice organization.. QPIRG facilitates research opportunities for students that link them up with the broader Montreal community (through the Community University Research Exchange, the undergraduate student journal Convergence, an annual undergraduate conference Study in Action, an alternative resource library, and funding for summer research projects).. QPIRG also empowers students to take action: by funding and supporting 20+ working groups, who take on different social and environmental issues in Montreal and Canada, by funding events on campus and in Montreal, by putting on event series such as Social Justice Days and Culture Shock, through organizing the alternative orientation (Rad Frosh), publishing School Schmool (an ad-free agenda and resource guide) and so much more! QPIRG has been responsible for such important milestones on McGill campus as initiating paper recycling in the 1990s, starting the first housing co-op for McGill students, and was integral in getting fair-trade coffee on campus.. What do I get out of my $3.. 75? What benefits do members have?.. As a member of QPIRG McGill, you can vote in our Annual General Meeting and run for the Board of Directors.. You have access to a plethora of benefits, including: meeting space (QPIRG has three main meeting rooms available to any QPIRG member); support for your projects (QPIRG provides funding for one-time projects as well as for more sustained projects through Working Group funding); the largest alternative library in Montreal (we have over one thousand titles, including books, journals, magazines, DVDs and videos); training (our board, staff and working group members offer specific training on organizational management, media trainings, and a variety of workshops); jobs (QPIRG McGill hires two work study students every year to coordinate the library and the CURE project, and three students in the summer to coordinate Rad Frosh and School Schmool) and much more!.. What is the History of Opt-Outs?.. Students first voted to approve a QPIRG fee-levy in 1989.. Shortly thereafter, QPIRG adopted a refund system to enable students who do not wish to fund our organization to get their money back and thus rescind their membership rights.. Students would come and collect their fees at the QPIRG offices, and this system functioned successfully for nineteen years.. In the fall of 2007, the McGill Administration unilaterally imposed an on-line opt-out system on Minerva, without consultation with QPIRG or any of the other affected student groups (including CKUT).. Since that time, QPIRG has consistently tried to negotiate with McGill to bring the refund system back under student control; to this date, McGill has not backed down from their position, despite  ...   whether through existence referenda (Winter 2007), a referendum for fee-levy groups to take back control over their opt-outs (Winter 2008), a GA motion for fee-levy groups to have control over their opt-outs (Fall 2007), and for a QPIRG fee-levy increase (Winter 2009).. The McGill Administration has consistently ignored the student vote; QPIRG is committed to following through on students’ requests to have the system come back under student control.. Additionally, the Minerva on-line opt-out system makes it difficult for QPIRG to continue the work that the student body has mandated it to do, primarily because of the unregulated opt-out campaigning that occurs every semester.. This campaign has used all kinds of tactics to convince students to opt out of our fee, from spreading misinformation about our organization, to trivializing our work by encouraging students to buy a beer and pizza with the money they would save from our fee.. This kind of campaign, which is not accountable to any student or student organization, has serious consequences for an organization like QPIRG, and has very much been facilitated by an on-line opt-out system without any checks or balances.. It is essentially as though QPIRG were forced into campaigning for its existence every single semester, without any rules to regulate the activities of the opt-out campaign.. What is the financial impact of the Minerva on-line opt-out system?.. QPIRG can no longer count on a secure base of funding with which to carry out its mandate to continue supporting student events, projects, and working for social equality.. With the externally imposed Minerva system, we have no way of predicting our budget (opt-outs fluctuate considerably from year to year), which makes it very difficult to plan the year’s activities and continue all of the important work we are doing on McGill campus and in the community.. I never use any of the services provided by QPIRG, so why should I fund it?.. McGill students have indicated over the past several years that they value a diverse, lively campus community.. Students recognize that education is more than what you learn in class – it’s about the people you meet and the experiences you have.. From Rad Frosh to Social Justice Days to our working groups, QPIRG is a crucial part of the campus experience for a large number of students and for people in Montreal.. Being a member of the student community means that even if you personally don’t plan to use a service, you still believe in the right of other students to do so.. It’s like any publicly funded service, such as health care – you might not need or use it very often, but you wouldn’t deny it to someone who did..

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  • Title: Finances
    Descriptive info: QPIRG Expenses.. QPIRG Revenue.. Details of Expenses 2010-2011.. Research (13.. 91%).. Research is one of the pillars of our mandate at QPIRG.. The expenses in this category include, amongst others: funding for the Community-University Research Exchange; the Study in Action Conference (at which students can present their own research projects); the Convergence Journal (a journal of papers by undergraduate students); Summer stipend research projects, as well as for our library, which is the largest alternative library in Montreal.. Campus and community projects (7.. 92%).. QPIRG`s mandate is to connect students with the larger Montreal community around issues of social and environmental justice.. In order to carry out this mandate,.. QPIRG funds twenty independent working groups.. ,.. one-off projects.. and.. discretionary funding.. for student projects and events.. Campus programming (17.. 09%).. Every year, QPIRG-McGill organizes tons of awesome events on campus for McGill students.. Amongst these include Rad Frosh, our alternative orientation for new McGill students, event series such as Culture Shock and Social Justice Days, as well as School Schmool, a no-nonsense planner and guide to McGill and Montreal community resources.. Staffing Costs (21.. 49%).. QPIRG strongly believes in putting our mandate of social justice and equality into practice in the very structure of our organization.. As such, workers’ rights are very important to us.. We try as much as possible to make sure that our staff are paid a living wage, and not just minimum wage, and that they receive some benefits (partial health insurance and bus passes).. However, with a limited budget and an immense amount of work, our staff, both full-time and contract, work above and beyond what they are paid to do at QPIRG.. Administrative Costs (6.. 56%).. As with every organization, QPIRG has several administrative costs to manage,  ...   across the board for the fee-levy groups whose opt-out mechanism was placed on the Minerva on-line opt-out system.. At the beginning of every school year, we receive funding from the student fee-levy in full.. With the current system, the amount of money that makes up the number of students who have opted-out online is subtracted from our next fee-levy cheque from McGill.. As such, this is counted as an “expense” in our budget.. The difference in opt-outs among all the different.. fee-levy groups.. is between 0.. 5% to 1.. 5%.. The chart below show opt-outs since they went online in the fall of 2007.. QPIRG and CKUT get funding from all students at McGill, the Referral Services and Midnight Kitchen only get funding from undergraduate students.. The percentages displayed below are based on the different student enrolments.. Revenue 2010-2011.. Fee Levy (79.. 08%).. Every semester, undergraduate and graduate students pay respective fee levies of $3.. 75 and $3.. 00 that go towards funding QPIRG McGill.. Without student support, we would not be able to function as an organization.. This amount reflect the fee-levy before opt-outs.. Fundraising (10.. 73%).. QPIRG does extra fundraising primarily for the purpose of putting on particular events (such as Social Justice Days, Rad Frosh, Culture Shock, and one-time events, including this year bringing socially conscious comedian Hari Kondabolu to Montreal) and to carry out particular projects, such as School Schmool and Convergence.. Funding for Paid Positions (10.. 19%).. We receive a number of grants for contract-based paid positions, such as the Rad Frosh coordinator, the CURE and Library Coordinators, and in the past year our Policy and Fundraising coordinators (6 months each).. These grants come from a range of sources, including McGill Work Study, Emploi Quebec, and Young Canada Works..

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  • Title: Structure
    Descriptive info: Board of Directors.. Student Board Members.. Community Board Members.. SSMU Rep.. PGSS Rep.. Conflict Resolution Complaints Committee.. Staff.. QPIRG-McGill is run by a volunteer Board of Directors, which is responsible for QPIRG management, budgeting, project development, staff, working groups and the development of the group’s political vision.. Every year, students and community members are elected at the Annual General Meeting open to all QPIRG members.. In addition, the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) and the Post-Graduate Students’ Society (PGSS) each have one representative on the Board.. We would like to thank our amazing and very hard working OUTGOING BOARD! Thank you so much for your hard work!! Congratulations to the new board!.. QPIRG McGill Board of Directors 2013-2014.. (elected at the AGM on April 8th, 2013 unless otherwise noted ).. Student Board Members:.. Macho Philipovich (Law U2-new).. Robin Reid-Fraser (Arts U3-new).. Leah Paul (Science U1-new).. Elliot Montpellier (Arts MA-new).. Annie Preston (Arts U2 – returning).. Brooke Nancekivell (Arts U3-new).. Allison Jones (Arts U2-new).. Nicolas Quiazua  ...   directors.. If you would like more information about the CRCC policy, please contact us.. CRCC Elected Members.. Abby Lipman (McGill Professor).. Maria Forti (Working Group member).. Lena Palecios (PGSS student).. Degane Sougal (Community Member).. QPIRG Board Rep to the CRCC.. Brooke Nancekivell.. QPIRG-McGill Staff.. The QPIRG-McGill has 2 core staff members who coordinate the day-to-day operations of the organization.. The QPIRG staff work hard to insure reliability, continuity and skill sharing within the organization.. In addition to daily operations, the staff is responsible for programming, finances, outreach, working groups, programs, coordinating resources, volunteers, projects, grant research, and policy development among many other things.. QPIRG also has part-time staff via Workstudy McGill: The Resource Centre Coordinator and the CURE Coordinator; and a Volunteer and Working Groups Coordinator-intern via the Quebec Subventions Salariales from January 2012-June 2013.. Core Staff.. Kama Maureemootoo-.. Finance and Administrative Coordinator.. Kira Page.. Programming and Outreach Coordinator.. Part-Time Grant-based Staff.. Caroline Baab.. Resource Centre Coordinator.. Sabrina Gurniak-.. CURE Coordinator.. Virgil Addison.. Volunteer Working Group Coordinator..

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  • Title: Popular Education
    Descriptive info: Much of QPIRG s work involves popular education as a conduit for Social Change.. Through our event series and educational projects we foster a space for debate, discussion and learning.. This year Culture Shock will be happening from October 15th -19th, 2012.. Culture Shock is a series of events held in the in the fall dedicated to exploring the myths surrounding immigrants, refugees, and communities of colour.. The events are committed beyond the idea of multiculturalism to illustrate the dynamic nature of these communities.. Every fall, QPIRG-McGill and the SSMU brings you the best workshops, tours, festivals, films and keynote speakers of the semester at Culture Shock.. This year Social Justice Days will be happening from February 13th 17th, 2012.. Intended to stimulate an alternative political culture in the McGill University community, Social Justice Days has been held for more than half a decade by QPIRG-McGill and the SSMU Equity Commissioner.. Every winter  ...   for resources like mental health support, gender neutral bathrooms, and many more.. It features articles on a wide variety of topics, ranging from bike activism to migrant justice.. It lists profiles from over one hundred montreal-based groups working on social and environmental justice issues.. If you would like to get involved with School Schmool, we hire two position starting in May and are always looking for people to join the organizing committee! Please email qpirg@ssmu.. mcgill.. ca.. RadFrosh: Alternative Orientation.. Rad Frosh is an alternative orientation program for incoming first-year students.. Rad Frosh brings a fresh, active approach to introducing new students to life at McGill and in Montreal.. If you would like to get involved with Rad Frosh, we hire two position starting in May and are always looking for people to join the organizing committee! Please email qpirg@ssmu.. caMuch of QPIRG s work involves popular education as a conduit for Social Change..

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  • Title: Radical Skills Workshops
    Descriptive info: November 2012- August 2013.. The Radical Skills Workshops are a series of free skills-sharing and skills-building workshops designed to help you gain the tools for surviving and making change! All the workshops have a social and environmental justice framework and are built with an anti-oppression mandate.. All workshops are free and open to everyone.. If you require childcare, please contact us 48hrs before.. All workshops are in English, but whisper translation will be provided (please give us 24hrs notice).. Most workshops will take place at McGill University and will be wheelchair accessible.. For more information, please contact qpirg@ssmu.. ca or call (514) 398-7432.. Workshop Schedule:.. November, 26th 2012 - The Black Bloc and Beyond!.. Clubs Lounge, 4th Floor SSMU Building.. 3480 McTavish (metro Peel).. A historical and strategic assessment of the black bloc tactic, with a mind to clearing up misconceptions, reducing harm (by adequately explaining how to participate in a black bloc and how not to), and sparking a broader dialogue in the revolutionary anti-capitalist movement about the usefulness of not just black blocs, but street fighting, property destruction, anonymity, uniformity, propaganda of the deed, and other themes.. December 14th, 2012 - Loving Ourselves: The Skill and Art of Self-Care.. SSMU Building, 3480 McTavish (metro Peel).. It is easy to prioritize organizing, activism, coordinating a new project, or supporting our friends and collaborators over our own needs as individuals.. But, without giving ourselves the love, respect, and time we dedicate to everything else, how effective will we be? Come discuss the importance of self love and self care, brainstorm strategies to avoid burn-out and energize ourselves! You deserve it!.. January 2013 - Fight Back: Self Defence Training.. TBA.. February 23rd 2013 - Street Medic Training.. Saturday, February 23rd, 10am -6pm.. ** IT WILL START ON TIME**PLEASE RSVP BY FEB 21st**.. ****LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE*****.. Free! Everyone is welcomed!.. With demonstrations happening constantly, sometimes involving brutal confrontations with the police, and severe physical strain, we  ...   forget, you can definitely still come!.. ** Childcare available, please contact us 48hrs in advance**.. ♥ ♥ Presented by QPIRG McGill ♥ ♥.. Co-sponsors: QPIRG-Concordia.. For more info: qpirg@ssmu.. ca or 514-398-7432.. March 2013 - Let's make them listen: Media Workshop.. TBA.. Have you felt fear or anxiety at the thought of talking to the media? If so, come to this workshop! The first part will tackle some strategies to talk to mainstream media about social justice and environmental issues like moving away from stereotypes and towards the real issues your organizing is about and ways to de-escalate (or not) confrontations with reporters.. The second part of the workshop will focus on how social justice movements can create their own media and work with allies to disrupt the continuous undermining of activism in mainstream media.. April 2013 - Stencil Grafitti: The Walls are Ours!.. May 2013 - Get off the couch and get outdoors!.. The weather is warming up, and the clothes are shedding.. This workshop will explore skills for the outdoors.. Participants will get a chance to gain skills such as building a fire, plant identification, navigation, putting up a tent, and connect with nature!.. June 2013 - Radical Finances? Surviving in an era of capitalism.. OK, yes we’re going to talk money! Many people in our communities struggle with making ends meet.. When people do seek help, often they are confronted with judgemental and condescending glares.. This workshop will discuss budgeting, dealing with debt, savings and special projects with an anti-oppressive framework.. This workshop is not about financial expertise, but learning from each others experiences’ dealing with money and its ups and downs.. July 2013 - Photoshop InDesign.. August 2013 - Curb your hunger: navigating cheap eats and dumpsters in Montreal.. This workshop will guide you through cheap food in Montreal, serve as an introduction to the politics of dumpster-diving, and show participants some of the best locations to dumpster in Montreal..

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  • Title: Montreal Radical History Tours
    Descriptive info: Sorry, this entry is only available in..

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  • Title: Social Justice Days
    Descriptive info: Join us from February 9.. – February 15.. ,2013.. Intended to stimulate an alternative political culture in the McGill University community and beyond,.. Social.. Justice.. Days.. is about to mark its seventh year with a week of workshops, discussions, film screenings, and speakers engaging local and global issues.. This is the 7th year of.. Social Justice Day.. s on McGill campus, and we are very excited to have such a wide range of events organized by community and campus groups! We are going to be presenting on topics ranging from Black History in Montreal to Sex Workers Self-determination, and connecting global (such as anti-colonialism struggles in the Philippines) to local (migrant justice organizing in Montreal) struggles.. Days.. is an annual event series co-organized by the.. Quebec Public Interest Research Group (QPIRG) at McGill.. and the.. Students Society of McGill University (SSMU).. All venues on campus are wheelchair accessible (unless noted otherwise).. All events are free of charge except for the fundraiser.. For childcare or translation, please reserve.. 48 hours in advance.. at.. 514-398-7432.. or.. qpirg@ssmu.. Schedule:.. Saturday, February 9th 10:30pm Il Motore.. Panda-monium! Tiger-monium! Wolf-mania!.. A dance party fundraiser for strange and queer animals.. Monday February 11th 6:30pm 3480 McTavish Lev Bukhman room.. Panel: From L Opération McGill français to McGill bilingue : A people s history of language and class struggles for accessible education at McGill University from 1969 to 2013.. Tuesday, February 12th 2pm 3480 McTavish, Rm 203 (Lev Bukhman).. Workshop:Finding the Filipina s Place in Fourth Wave Feminism.. ****CANCELLED !! Wednesday February 13th 1pm-3pm 3480 McTavish Rm.. 202 (Madeline Parent Room)****CANCELLED !!.. Workshop: Righting the Wrongs Sex Workers Organize for Self-Determination.. Wednesday February 13th 5pm 3480 McTavish - Rm.. B-30.. Workshop:Struggles Against Capitalist Colonialism: How Indigenous Feminisms Will Save the Earth and Destroy the State.. Wednesday February 13th 6:30pm Bronfman 426, 1001 Sherbrooke O.. PANEL: Where the f*k am I?! : Black student organizing at McGill.. Thursday, February 14th - 2pm-4pm – 3480 McTavish – Rm.. 202 (Madeline Parent Room).. Workshop: The Permanence of Temporary Work.. Thursday, February 14th - 6pm – Metro St-Laurent.. Memorial March for Missing and Murdered Women.. Thursday, February 14th 2013 8pm Katacombes (1635 St-Laurent, Metro St-Laurent).. Rock Against Racism MTL #2 -.. Une soirée bénéfice pour Families of Sisters in Spirit and the campaign for justice for missing and murdered Aboriginal women.. Friday, February 15th, 1:30pm – 3480 McTavish (room B-29).. Film Screening by Midnight Kitchen: Darwin s Nightmare.. Friday, February 15th 5pm 3480 McTavish – Lev Bukhman room 203.. Workshop: Counter Occupy! A not what you think movement.. ************************************************.. FULL SCHEDULE: FEBRUARY 9th – 15th 2013.. The city is encased in ice, freezing everything in place, until pandæmonium is unleashed.. Everything melts, everyone moves, bodies explode into different shapes, animals become people and people become animals.. The dance floor swarms like bees in the springtime.. Panda-monium! Tiger-monium! Wolf-mania!.. A dance party for strange and queer animals.. with DJs:.. TAMIKA.. Pasha.. REZurrection.. and opening with.. STUDFINDER!.. ++++And booths filled with earthly delights++++.. **photo booth*.. **bake sale booth**.. *kissing booth**.. It will be the best time ever.. ************************************************************.. 5$-10$/pwyc (nobody turned away for lack of funds).. |a benefit for IWC and Solidarity Across Borders |.. Monday February 11th 6:30.. pm 3480 McTavish Lev Bukhman room.. Panel:.. From L Opération McGill français to McGill bilingue : A people s history of language and class struggles for accessible education at McGill University from 1969 to 2013.. Within the current and historical context of language policy debates on campus and reflecting on issues raised during the 2012 student strike mobilization, this panel will offer perspectives on the struggle for accessible education at McGill University for Francophone and working class students.. The goal of this panel is to provide historical perspectives on contemporary debates concerning bilingualism and accessible education at McGill.. The panelists will address the roots of these struggles on campus from March 28, 1969, when 10,000 young people demonstrated as part of L Opération McGill and in relation to transnational movements against colonialism and imperialism, to last year s historic strike mobilization against the tuition hikes that also raised issues of class and capitalism and saw historic turnouts on Anglophone campuses in Montreal, requiring new strategies taken-up within the broader and, historically, more Francophone student movement.. Roundtable discussion with invited guests:.. PROFESSOR Catherine Leclerc.. (professeure agrégée, Département de langue et littérature françaises Université McGill),.. Joël Pedneault.. (former SSMU VP External, 2011-2012),.. Nicolas Quiazua.. (Rédacteur en chef from L délit),.. Errol Salamon.. (PGSS External Affairs Officer),.. Roger Rashi.. An undergraduate student in Sociology from 1966-70 at.. McGill University where he was also a member of Students for a.. Democratic University, Radical Students Alliance, and Sociology.. Students Union and took an active part in organizing and supporting.. McGill Français.. Hosted by.. Marieve Isabel.. (former PGGS VP-External, 2011-2012).. Presented by:.. The.. Graduate Student Mobilization Convergence (GSMC).. formed in the winter of 2012 under the name The Graduate Student Mobilization Group with the purpose of organizing against Quebec’s proposed tuition hikes.. As members of the McGill community and the Quebec student movement, the GSMC prioritizes an anti-oppressive framework in our organizing that addresses local histories and ongoing experiences of colonialism, racism, sexism, and other forms of oppression.. The GSMC is committed to cultivating autonomous  ...   discuss some of the current projects geared toward justice for temporary foreign workers.. Presented by The Immigrant Workers Centre.. Memorial March for Missing and Murdered Women.. The first women’s memorial march was held in 1991 in response to the murder of a Coast Salish woman on Powell Street in Vancouver.. Her name is not spoken today out of respect for the wishes of her family.. Out of this sense of hopelessness and anger came an annual march on Valentine’s Day to express compassion, community, and caring for all women in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, Unceded Coast Salish Territories.. Twenty-two years later, the women’s memorial march continues to honour the lives of missing and murdered women.. This year, Montreal holds it’s 4th Annual Memorial March.. *There will be a bus this year from Kahnawake, and back, organized by Kahnawake Shakotiia takehnhas Community Services.. The bus will leave the KSCS Parking lot at 4:30 pm and return at approx 9 pm.. Start (drop off) at St Laurent metro and pick up (to return home) at Parc des Ameriques- St Laurent and Rachel street.. *.. With guests:.. Buffalo Hat Singers.. Joey.. Anik Sioui.. Nina Sigalwoitz, Chez Doris.. Aude, STELLA.. Bridget Tolley, Families of Sisters in Spirit.. Lucy Anacleto, YWCA.. Mirha-Soleil, ASTTeQ.. -Melissa Dupuis, Idle No More.. and more.. !.. There will be hot chocolate served!.. For more information:.. Missing Justice.. justiceformissing@gmail.. co.. m.. 514-937-2110.. ::::::::::.. 20h-3h.. $6-10, sliding scale.. Portes//Doors 20h.. Bands 21h.. Studfinder.. (Riot grrl home renovation).. Dirty Boots.. (Like a synth organ flying through a cop car window).. www.. myspace.. com/.. dirtybootssynthproject.. We R Dying 2 Kill U.. (Anarchist dance performance art post-punk revelry).. https://www.. facebook.. WeRDying2KillU.. Projections par.. Anitabreak.. fortheloveoflightandshadow.. org.. 23h30 3h.. DJ dance party dance dance dance fun.. W/ DJ Radikale + DJ Cuntroversy.. **Info on Families of Sisters in Spirit:.. com/pages/Families-of-Sisters-in-Spirit/.. ** Before the show, we encourage you to go to the Memorial March for Missing and Murdered Aboriginal women, 6pm, metro St-Laurent.. com/events/133782500116491/.. Friday, February 15th, 1pm – 3480 McTavish (room B-29).. Come get some vegan lunch and watch.. Darwin s Nightmare.. with the Midnight Kitchen! We ll start serving at 12:30pm in room B-30 (remember to bring your own tupperware, or borrow a plate from MK on the 3rd floor) grab your food and head next door to watch this documentary while you eat.. Description of.. : A unique break from the traditional colonialist perspective of climate change and resource accessibility,.. uses the example of the Nile Perch fish of Lake Victoria in Tanzania to examine the political economy of the region and expose excruciating effects of global capitalism.. This film can be viewed as a case study in the dynamics of neo-liberalism and neo-colonialism, particularly the oppression of the global south by way of natural resources.. Midnight Kitchen.. : a non-profit, volunteer and worker run food collective dedicated to providing affordable, healthy food to as many people as possible.. Based out of McGill University, we provide free/by donation vegan lunches 5 days a week, Monday through Friday, at 12:30 in the SSMU building on McGill campus.. For more information, or to get in touch about volunteering with MK, visit:.. http://themidnightkitchen.. wordpress.. com.. ***********************************************.. Friday, February 15th 5pm 3480 McTavish – Lev Bukhman room, room 203.. While western-based mass movements, albeit inspired by the “Arab Spring”, focus their discussions around occupying as a tactic to take back public spaces (whether symbolically or literally) from private hands, the mass movements and revolutionary movements of the south take on a counter-occupation strategy; one of national and social liberation movements.. The objective of the workshop/film screening is to discuss the politics behind US occupation particularly in the context of the Philippines.. The Philippine-American War of 1899 and the ensuing US occupation and then neo-colonization of the Philippines has lasting effects.. It is a reality faced by the millions of Filipino migrants and their children today.. Members of Anakbayan and their project/working group Lakas Paggawa seek to address these lasting effects of occupation/colonization on the young immigrant workers exploited and discriminated in their workplace.. The discussions will touch upon the unequal and oppressive relations of US as well Canada on the one hand and the people of the Philippines on the other.. The effects of these uneven relations are seen through the forced migration of Filipinos leaving the country each day and their continued oppression within countries like Canada that they face.. Co-Organized by:.. *.. Anakbayan Montrea.. l is an anti-imperialist Filipino youth organization primarily made up of working class Filipino youth (and mainly children of former migrant workers).. As an organization, it seeks to address the roots of Filipino forced migration, struggle for the rights and welfare of Filipino youth in Quebec and build people to people solidarity with organizations and groups against imperialist plunder, occupation and war.. It is currently working with QPIRG McGill through their project/working group called Lakas Paggawa (Labour Force).. Centre for Philippine Cocnerns is a Philippine Solidarity.. organization whose members are bith Filipinos and non-Filipinos.. It strives to build people to people solidarity between the Philippine anti-feudal, anti-fascist and anti-imperialist people’s movement and progressive people’s organizations in Canada.. It focuses most of its work on education around such things as Human Rights, Canadian mining and the Philippine National Democratic alternative..

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    Descriptive info: QPIRG McGill offers campus activists and community groups access to our many resources for conducting action-oriented research.. Aside from space and the assistance of our staff, we also offer a resource centre, computer use, and access to sources of funding, including many at QPIRG McGill itself.. CURE.. : Community University Research Exchange.. The Community-University Research Exchange (CURE) is a database by which students can integrate their academic research with the work of local movements and activist organizations.. Through the administrative infrastructures already in place at McGill and Concordia University, students may complete a CURE research project as an independent study course, internship, or thesis advised by a departmental professor, or as a term project for an upper-level class.. Learn more.. check it out.. Convergence:.. A Journal of Undergraduate and Community Research.. CONVERGENCE brings together articles, papers, political pamphlets, photos art that were either presented at.. or were part of the.. Community-University Research Exchange (CURE).. CONVERGENCE highlights both social justice-based research and the essential contributions of undergraduates.. In its simplest, however, convergence is intended as a modest companion piece to the community-university research exchange (CURE) and the Study in Action conference – a kind of archival capsule that, by recording their  ...   conference is a space for undergraduate students to present research, develop greater knowledge of social and environmental issues and build ties with community organizations.. The aim of the conference was to provide an opportunity for students and people outside the academic community to come together to work on and discuss approaches to social and environmental justice, while creating a forum to highlight undergraduate research.. This year, the conference took a closer look at economic justice, the economic recession and responses to austerity measures both at home and abroad.. QPIRG McGill s Resource Library offers McGill students and the general public hundreds of books, manuals, directories and videos that you won t find at university or public libraries in the city.. Use the library free of charge and learn about the wonderful world of social justice including: race/anti-racism, dis/ability issues, radical feminism, queer issues.. and so much more!.. Summer Stipends.. QPIRG’s summer stipend provides an individual or group with a budget/honorarium of a few thousand dollars each to work over the summer doing research that leads towards action and change within the Montreal community.. QPIRG McGill offers campus activists and community groups access to our many resources for conducting action-oriented research..

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