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  • Title: QFD Institute home page : The official source for QFD information (desktop view)
    Descriptive info: .. Mobile.. |.. Next Course.. QFD Blog |.. Contact Us.. +1 734 995 0847.. Training.. QFD Green Belt.. QFD Black Belt.. QFD Master BB.. QFD Gold Belt.. Advanced Methods.. Calendar.. Public Courses.. Symposium.. Call For Papers.. FAQs.. What Is QFD.. Quick Facts.. FAQs about QFD.. Training FAQs.. Resources.. Transactions.. Free Newsletters.. Reference Books.. Select Topics.. About Software.. About Us.. What We Do.. Who We Are.. Akao Prize.. Upcoming.. 2014 March.. QFD Green Belt.. Certificate Course.. See more.. Public Courses & Events.. Reading Materials.. Mirror Neurons: The science behind "gemba"?.. Redecorate your House of Quality (HoQ).. An Apple a day, keeps competitors away!.. Can ordinal scale numbers kill you?.. DFSS/DFLS and QFD.. QFD and Healthcare.. Technology-driven product development.. QFD for today's Manufacturing.. Healthcare optimization and its effects on patients.. Sign Up for.. Free QFD Newsletter.. QFD: Quality Function Deployment.. Seeks out spoken and unspoken customer  ...   a comprehensive list of resources and opportunities to:.. Learn Modern QFD :.. Public QFD Courses.. In-house Training.. (Blitz.. and Comprehensive QFD).. QFD Certificate Program.. Customer Requirements Managements (CRM).. Published Case Studies and Research.. Advance Your Skill :.. Kansei Engineering.. Modren VOC for DFLS.. Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP).. Hoshin.. (Strategic Policy Planning Mgmt).. More.. Participate Network:.. QFD Symposium.. The QFD Institute.. is a non-profit organization dedicated to dissemination and advancement of QFD through on-going R D, current best practices and tools, and state-of-the-art QFD education and training.. To inquire how QFD may help your project and organaization, please.. +1 734-995-0847 (M-F 9am 5pm US Eastern).. D.. esktop Home.. M.. obile Home.. S.. itemap.. Copyright QFD Institute.. All rights reserved.. QFD Gold Belt.. , QFD Green Belt.. , QFD Black Belt.. , QFD Red Belt.. , and Blitz QFD.. are registered marks of the QFD Institute..

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  • Title: QFD Institute mobile homepage
    Descriptive info: Desktop Site.. +1 734 995 0847.. The QFD Institute is an internationally recognized organization dedicated to advancement of QFD through state-of-the-art QFD education and R D.. We invite you to explore the learning opportunities and find out how QFD can be a strategic advantage to your business.. Upcoming Training Events.. 2014 March (TBD).. :.. ®.. in Orlando, Florida USA.. 2014 March 31.. Call For Papers Deadline.. for The 26th Symposium on QFD (Fall 2014).. See more calendar.. Inquire more training options.. Report To My Boss.. Best vs Worst Practices..  ...   Belt® Certificate Courses.. QFD Black Belt® Certificate Courses.. QFD Gold Belt® & Technical Diagnosis.. Hoshin.. Excellence in Training.. Resource.. Symposium Transactions.. (case studies research papers -- included in your training materials).. Free Newsletter.. An Eight-legged Horse.. QFD and Healthcare: Keeping Quality, Cost, and Availability in Focus.. When Manufacturing Comes Home — QFD in the Plants.. Translating Voice of Customer into True Customer Needs.. QFD Blog.. The joke is on us (consumers).. How to calculate customer value.. Books recently discussed in Newsletters.. Software.. QFD Student Resource Pack.. Email Us.. +1 734-995-0847..

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  • Title: QFD Events Calendar
    Descriptive info: Mobile Site.. |.. QFD Training Events Calendar.. Listed here are upcoming QFDI events that are open to the public.. New events are added as soon as they are confirmed.. For questions, more training options and dates, please.. contact us.. Dates.. Events.. December 5 6, 2013.. Michigan.. -- Completed.. March TBD,  ...   2014.. Call For Papers deadline.. for the 2014 Symposium (below).. September 2 3, 2014.. Istanbul, TURKEY.. Fall 2014.. USA (TBD).. TBD.. The 26th Symposium on QFD.. UPDATE.. QFD Black Belt.. 5-day advanced QFD training for project leaders, facilitators, trainers, NPD and marketing professionals, sigma/DFLS BB/MBB.. TOP.. Inquire.. about more Training Options..

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  • Title: QFD Institute Training Menu
    Descriptive info: QFD Gold Belt®.. QFD Green Belt®.. QFD Black Belt®.. QFD Master Black Belt®.. Public Course Calendar.. Advanced Topics Seminars.. Training FAQ.. Excellence In Training.. Inquiry.. Tel 734-995-0847.. QFD Institute Training.. Our mission in education is to deliver state-of-the-art QFD training and education for developing outstanding QFD practitioners and facilitators by setting the highest standards in QFD training, nationally and internationally.. The QFD Institute's.. QFD Belt program.. offers a multi-level structured QFD curriculum, aligned with ongoing research, giving students the best possible Modern QFD training.. It is the only QFD curriculum authorized by Dr.. Yoji Akao, QFD co-founder, outside Japan and taught by  ...   and other quality initiatives.. The QFD Institute provides two distinct pathways of learning:.. 1) In-house training programs and workshops.. In-house training offers your project teams the most efficient, focused QFD training that is optimized for your project, business goals, and development process, with custom-tailored deployments and training manuals that address the unique needs of your company.. In-house training.. is available for:.. QFD Green Belt® Certificate Course.. QFD Black Belt® Certificate Course.. QFD Technical Diagnosis.. Hoshin Kanri Management.. New Kano Model.. 2) Public courses and workshops.. Public courses use generic training materials and teach a generic QFD process.. Please see.. Public Course Menu..

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  • Title: QFD Green Belt® Training Overview
    Descriptive info: Training Menu.. QFD Black Belt® Course.. QFD Gold Belt® Training.. Advanced Quality Methods.. QFD Green Belt® Certificate Course.. Internationally acclaimed introduction to Modern QFD, the.. will show ways in which QFD can solve issues you face in product, service, software, and process development.. The QFD Institute's QFD Green Belt® training is the only Dr.. Akao-approved,.. state-of-the-art QFD curriculum.. outside Japan.. For beginners, project team members, and anyone who wishes to gain the most up-to-date, solid QFD basics and those who seek innovation.. No prerequisites.. This course is offered in three (3) modes:.. 1.. Public QFD Green Belt® Courses.. Please see the.. Online Brochure.. for the public course contents.. Dates and locations are listed on the.. Event Calendar.. 2.. In-house Custom-tailored QFD Green Belt®.. Your team will be trained on the custom-tailored QFD process and deployments, using custom-tailored training manuals, in addition to portions of the.. public course contents.. that are relevant to your business and industry.. Your team will be applying these tools on an actual project under the guidance of the instructor.. You will be able to discuss and address the unique needs and challenges of your project unlike a public course.. Your team will have  ...   course materials and generic QFD models.. Considerations.. If your company is not yet ready for in-house training or do not yet have a specific project in mind, the.. Public QFD Green Belt® Course.. is a good starting point to explore how your business and new product planning might benefit from QFD.. The Public Courses are also recommended for Six Sigma / DFSS black belts and master black belts, internal Quality champions, innovation managers, new product development teams and marketing.. The.. offers a once a year opportunity to earn both a provisional.. and provisional.. in a single trip, as well as learn QFD in both concept and application through the symposium presentations by industry professionals.. In-house custom-tailored training develops company-specific QFD and New Product Development process as well as expertise that cannot be imitated by competitors.. In-house custom-tailored training also develops internal QFD talents, who will be able to lead future QFD/NPD projects on their own and eventually certify their own trainees upon completion of the full status and train-the-trainer program.. E-mail Inquiry.. QFD Gold Belt , QFD Green Belt , QFD Black Belt , QFD Red Belt , and Blitz QFD are registered marks of the QFD Institute..

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  • Title: QFD Black Belt® Training Overview
    Descriptive info: QFD Black Belt® Certificate Course.. This is a facilitators-level advanced QFD training for those who have mastered the basics of Modern QFD and plan to lead QFD processes for similar projects or train their own QFD Green Belts® in the future.. This course challenges the students to explore the breadth and depth of both Modern QFD and Comprehensive QFD, advanced tools and methods, how to efficiently apply them in your project, and more.. Prerequisites.. QFD is a powerful, yet flexible method for new product development and should be custom-tailored to the unique conditions of each company and its products.. This is especially important with the QFD Black Belt®  ...   In-house training also helps create a pool of project team members capable of carrying out future QFD projects.. For details, please.. (Tel +1 734-995-0847 US Eastern).. Prerequisites:.. You must have a full status.. or have earned a provisional QFD Green Belt® from the QFD Institute in the last 12 months, or you have attended a.. QFD Green Belt® Update Course.. in the last 12 months.. Considerations:.. If your company is not yet ready for in-house training, the.. Public QFD Black Belt® Course.. is a good starting point.. It is also recommended for internal Quality champions and Six Sigma and DFSS Black Belts and Master Black Belts.. | Tel 734-995-0847..

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  • Title: QFD Master Black Belt® Certificate Training
    Descriptive info: QFD Master Black Belt® Certificate Training.. For QFD specialists who will customize the QFD process for different projects.. A minimum of three QFD Master Black Belts® in the company assures continuity and consistency.. QFD Master Black Belts® train and certify their own QFD Black Belts® and QFD Green Belts®.. Benefits.. Adapt QFD and create new deployments according to the unique needs of your company, customers, and technology;.. QFD integrated with other product development and quality activities, such as Six Sigma, ISO, Stage Gate;.. Apply beyond product development to business processes, customer support, product strategy;.. Train and certify QFD Black Belts®.. Who Should Attend.. QFD Black Belts® interested in taking QFD to the highest level.. Prerequisite: You must have a full status QFD Black Belt® from the QFD Institute.. QFD Black Belts® are requested to submit for approval five of your own QFD work from a tailored QFD process (must include a full QFD project flow chart, copies of charts and tools used including why each was selected and sequenced, project outcome, and how QFD process could be improved for similar projects), personal background including QFD education, and any QFD training materials you have developed.. Learning Outcomes.. Knowledge, Experience, Teaching;.. Mastery of QFD tool sets;.. Understanding of QFD related tools;.. How to adapt QFD to any project, any industry, any size, as well as integration of hardware, software, and service QFD;.. Conduct QFD Black Belt® training and certification.. Upon completion and instructor review of field projects, receive  ...   risk analysis, situation analysis.. Implementation, training, and sustainability issues, creating case studies and training materials;.. How to train and certify QFD Black Belts®.. Textbooks and Materials.. QFDI Master Black Belt® course manual.. CD-ROM with software demos and templates, additional case studies.. Duration.. Ten (10) days.. Instructors.. Glenn H.. Mazur.. www.. mazur.. net.. Executive Director, QFD Institute and International Council for QFD (ICQFD).. Certified QFD Red Belt® (international).. Certified QFD-Architekt #A21907 (QFD Institut Deutschland).. 1998 Akao Prize® winner for Excellence in QFD.. Academician, International Academy for Quality.. Application / implementation expert.. Trained over 2,000 QFD Green Belts® worldwide.. Kansei Engineering Lifestyle QFD expert.. Convenor of ISO Working Group 2 Technical Committee 69 Subcommittee 8 (writing the international standard for QFD).. President, Japan Business Consultants, Ltd.. Senior Member of ASQ.. Member of Japanese Society for Quality Control.. National Academies of Science Board, Innovation (ret.. ).. Adjunct faculty, University of Michigan (ret.. Richard E.. Zultner.. Software Quality Specialist.. Certified QFD Red Belt®.. 1998 Akao Prize® for Excellence in QFD.. Director, QFD Institute.. President, ZULTNER COMPANY.. TOC Software Jonah.. Six Sigma Master Black Belt.. The QFD Institute permits only full status QFD Black Belts® who have successfully completed the train-the-trainer course or higher to teach its QFD Green Belt® Courses and full status QFD Master Black Belts® who completed the same to teach its QFD Black Belt® Courses.. Individuals' QFD Belt status may be verified through the QFD Institute office.. Schedule and Costs.. Please.. , TEL 734-775-0847 (9am-5pm US Eastern)..

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  • Title: QFD Gold Belt® & Technical Diagnosis Program by QFD Institute
    Descriptive info: Next Public QFD Green Belt® Course.. Plan to participate in.. SYMPOSIUM.. QFD Gold Belt® Technical Diagnosis.. Conducted in-house by QFD Institute certified QFD Master Black Belts®.. Who should attend.. Executives and middle managers.. Purpose and Deliverables.. To understand what is Quality Function Deployment (QFD) and why your company should be doing it.. To understand what problems and opportunities QFD can help your company address and how.. To present the custom tailored QFD process for your company in order to make  ...   Black Belt®.. Interviews with product development managers to hear organization's problems and opportunities, and how QFD and its related components can address them.. Explain QFD fundamentals.. Review of successful case studies.. Extract and prioritize objectives and business goals for the QFD projects.. Roles and responsibilities of Top Management for long term QFD success.. Duration: 2.. 0 days interviews with mangers from marketing, R D, Quality, etc.. 0.. 25 days executive briefing.. Please Tel:.. 1-734-995-0847.. or E-mail:.. qfdi AT qfdi DOT org..

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  • Title: Advanced Quality Methods
    Descriptive info: IN-HOUSE TRAINING.. Continuous learning is an unspoken expected quality for any professionals in charge of Quality, Design, New Product Development, and Innovaiton.. Drawing upon on-going R D, the QFD Institute offers the following advanced topic learning as an in-house seminar or as a public workshop.. Additionally, as we continue to make advancement in QFD, the topics marked with asterisk (*) are now partially incorporated in the.. public QFD courses..  ...   include more detailed techniques when necessary.. To inquire, please feel free to contact us at Tel +1-734-995-0847 or.. QFD Institute.. (a new product development method focused on unspoken customer needs and emotional branding).. Hoshin Kanri.. - Strategic Business Policy Management (a quality approach to strategic planning and policy management).. QFD Capability Review.. *.. Voice of Customer Analysis.. Gemba Study.. Linking DFSS and QFD.. Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP).. TRIZ and QFD..

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  • Title: ISQFD 2013 & International QFD Certificates Training
    Descriptive info: Mobile View.. of this page.. (TBD).. USA.. PDF Brochure |.. QFD Courses.. | Presentations | Registration | Venue | Travel.. This Symposium continues the tradition of bringing innovative ideas in product development, design, and business process to the public through the latest case studies and research.. People of all industries, countries, and QFD experience are welcome.. Pre and post-conference training.. offers an excellent opportunity to develop a solid understanding and good skill set of modern QFD, both in application and theory and beyond the matrix-making.. This includes the internationally acclaimed.. and the facilitator-level advanced.. The date and location of the 2014 Symposium will be published soon.. Please bookmark this page, subscribe to the.. free Newsletter.. to receive e-mail notifications, or.. if you need information for your 2014 training budget planning.. Those who wish to be a Speaker are invited to.. send a paper proposal.. by.. March 1, 2014.. Case study reports and research, both completed projects and those still in progress, are candidates for presentation.. Please plan to join us in Fall 2014 to find out what QFD can do for your project and organization.. For questions, please contact us:.. Email to  ...   Seeing how others use QFD, meeting those who have been using it or studying for many years in the US and overseas.. It was inspiring, made us realize how our business can also benefit from QFD, how we can transform our existing product development.. ”.. 10 Reasons To Attend.. Learn how QFD is used.. in real world projects;.. Learn the state of QFD.. , how QFD is used by various organizations and at what levels;.. Learn how much QFD has advanced.. , how.. Blitz QFD.. is helping today's businesses, the current best practices and tools;.. Learn robust integration.. with lean sigma, phase-gates and other methods;.. See emerging new concepts.. and innovative applications;.. Complete.. both.. certificates training on a.. single.. trip;.. Refresh and upgrade.. your skills with semi-private coaching (Update Courses).. ;.. Network.. with QFD experts and professionals from various fields;.. Testimonials.. of past attendees;.. Enjoy the 2014 destination.. Venue.. The 2014 Venue will be announced shortly.. Travel.. Coming soon.. For questions, please contact the.. More about this Symposium.. - PDF Brochure.. - Registration Page.. -.. Attending from Overseas.. Past participants and supporting organizations.. Published Papers from the past Symposia.. 2013–2011.. 2010–2006.. 2005–2001.. more..

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  • Title: QFD Call For Papers - Send your paper proposal, present your QFD experience and research, publish your QFD paper
    Descriptive info: 2014 QFD Call For Papers.. The QFD Institute is issuing a Call For Papers for.. , scheduled for.. in the U.. S.. People of all countries and industries are invited to participate.. What to Submit:.. Paper Title.. Central Point.. of your paper (maximum 300 characters, not 300 words);.. Brief.. Summary.. of your proposed paper (half page to 2-pages long);.. Data Source.. Analytic Tools.. that you plan to include in this paper;.. Name and Contact Information.. of all authors and co-authors (full name, job title, company/organization, e-mail address, telephone, mailing address);.. Short introduction.. of each author and co-author;.. Presentation Plan.. (If selected, will you be able to travel and present your paper at the Symposium?).. Please send a Draft Paper in lieu of a Summary — IF your paper reports the following:.. research and academic works.. hypothetical case studies.. new methods proposals.. consultant papers.. QFD cases involving companies other than your current employer.. Send To:.. E-mail to QFD Institute.. Use the Online Submission Form.. Deadline:.. Papers of Interest:.. Papers reporting QFD application cases and research.. Both completed projects and those still in progress are candidates for presentation.. Submissions from all countries and industries are welcome.. Speaker Benefits:.. Publication of your paper and name in the symposium proceedings that are available world-wide;.. An opportunity to get tips and feedbacks from the QFD Institute's QFD Red Belts.. , for your future projects, improvements, and papers;.. Discounted admission to the 1-day Symposium; and.. Discounts for the.. Presentations That Excite Audience:.. Success stories;.. QFD applications for unique solutions to challenging problems;.. QFD applications in new industries and advanced applications;.. Approaches, techniques, and lessons learned from your own QFD experience that can be utilized by others;.. QFD applications and research that incorporate new techniques or enhancements such as:.. Modern QFD methods.. Six Sigma and Design for Six Sigma (DFSS).. Lifestyle QFD, Kansei Engineering, Emotional Design and Branding.. Supply Network and Management, Logistics.. Business Process  ...   summary that explains your plans for incorporating this information in your final paper.. Academic Papers, Research Papers, New Methods Proposal, Hypothetical Case Reports.. should be founded on sound QFD knowledge, have a clear theoretical base, and include supporting data.. When you submit a full draft paper, please include these details to the extent available at this time: your research purpose; conceptual or theoretical basis; what you aim to achieve; your data source; methods of data collection and analysis; QFD tools you have selected to use and the reason for it; and references that you are using or plan to use.. If your research is still in progress, you may send your Call for Papers intention now through the Online Form and then tell us when you plan to submit a draft paper.. If your paper requires Peer Review, please specify so when you first send a paper proposal.. Peer Review may take three months or longer, so please time your submission accordingly.. Consultant Papers.. should include supporting data, methods of data collection or data source, and methods of QFD analysis.. Please submit a full draft paper to initiate the review process.. If your paper includes an example or case study, please also submit a written authorization from your client permitting your presentation of their case.. Acceptance priority shall be given on presentations by clients as it is preferred by our audience.. NOTE: Papers mainly comprised of summaries of information found on the Internet and/or in books and re-reporting of articles and examples previously published by others are not appropriate for this Call for Papers without contribution of original substance.. QFD Institute's Symposia do not permit papers and presentations containing sales pitch, advertising, and/or infomercial.. If you wish to promote/exhibit your product and service at this conference, please contact us.. Inquiry:.. TEL 734-995-0847 (US Eastern Time).. 2014 Symposium Page.. for this Call For Papers.. Papers.. presented at past Symposia.. Top..

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