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  • Title: Nurses kick off New Year determined to build on the historic protests of 2011
    Descriptive info: Published on.. (.. ).. Blogs.. Soren s blog.. Printer-friendly.. Nurses kick off New Year determined to build on the historic protests of 2011.. After a year in which its members protested on Wall Street, at scores of Congressional field offices, in front of the Chamber of Commerce national HQ, the White House, the Treasury Department, the G-20 Summit in France, and as participants in Occupy Wall Street actions – staffing first aid stations across the country – National Nurses United (NNU) has formally launched its.. Protest In The USA website.. The website’s mission is to provide news, video content and commentary about protest on behalf of the 99%, with information from the U.. and abroad.. The site premieres a two-minute video ad,.. A Nightmare on Wall Street.. , depicting a Wall Street executive’s imagined encounter with those who lost jobs, homes, businesses, educational opportunity and retirement accounts as a result of Wall Street’s misdeeds and “too-big-to-fail” government policies.. The ad and the website are initiatives of the NNU, the largest union and professional association of RNs in America with 170,000 members.. www.. ProtestInTheUSA.. provides information on “Upcoming Protests” and “Why Tax Wall Street” pages, as well as a listing, “Resources of the 99%”.. Visitors are asked to sign  ...   Occupy Movement, for all protest for social justice, and provides an alternative to the ‘horse-race’ reportage of the 2012 election season.. ”.. The nurses have been calling for a tax on Wall Street speculative trading as a starting point in generating revenue for distressed communities.. Nurses have observed throughout the year that enduring economic hardship is doing serious harm to their patients and communities.. A financial transaction tax, called a “Robin Hood Tax” in Britain, would at the proper level raise as much as $350 billion a year in the U.. “The time is now for a meaningful financial transaction tax on Wall Street,” said Higgins.. “The nurses will not let up in our pursuit of real solutions to heal our economy which must be put back on track and Wall Street is the place to start.. This is the critical year.. ”.. Nurses point out that compensation pools at the seven biggest U.. banks totaled $156 billion in 2011 (including salaries, benefits and bonuses), a 3.. 7% increase over the previous year’s record-breaking number.. In one of their first actions of 2012, the nurses joined the call for universal health care coverage at events in California.. Video coverage of this action is available.. here.. Source URL:.. org/news/nurses-kick-new-year-determined-build-historic-protests-2011..

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  • Title: Tackling the recession: Some nations realize cuts will make things worse
    Descriptive info: Tackling the recession: Some nations realize cuts will make things worse.. The independent Public Services International Research Unit has published a new series of briefs on the effects of severe austerity measures being undertaken in many countries.. The briefs make it clear that cuts in government spending are further slowing economic recovery, robbing people of their jobs and livelihoods, and  ...   time of recession.. It is telling that some nations – including Argentina, Australia, China, Denmark, India and Indonesia – are taking a different approach.. They have recognized that the public sector is a crucial engine of economic growth and social development.. They are acting to provide sorely needed jobs and services for their citizens.. The PSIRU research briefs are available.. org/news/tackling-recession-some-nations-realize-cuts-will-make-things-worse..

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  • Title: A day of action to protect public services
    Descriptive info: A day of action to protect public services.. Major strikes, demonstrations and rallies across Europe 30 November demanded an end to cuts in public services and attacks on the workers who provide them.. Angry about the inability of European leaders to find a solution to the crisis and building on a series of national actions by public sector workers in Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy and elsewhere, workers and community allies were protesting against brutal austerity measures which include attacks on trade union and collective bargaining rights, cuts in staff, wages, and pensions, and reduced public services for citizens.. Nearly two million workers joined a one day general strike in the United Kingdom to protest cuts in pensions.. In Bulgaria, workers walked the line to protest attacks on labour rights.. Greek unions organised a general strike for today to call for an end  ...   support our members in their actions at national level and we urge European leaders to stop bowing to the financial markets’ diktats.. Europe needs a radical change of course”.. The European protests were supported by solidarity action around the world.. For example, in the United States, the National Nurses United, SEIU, and other PSI affiliates led solidarity protests at British government offices in six cities and protesters were reminded of parallel threats to social security in America.. Further mobilisations against austerity are planned in Hungary, Lithuania and France, and a day of action on ArcelorMittal has been announced by the European metalworkers’ Federation (EMF).. For more information on the actions across Europe and elsewhere, please visit these sites:.. etuc.. org/a/9315.. world-psi.. org/en/european-day-action-30-november.. Photos and a video round-up of actions in the United States can be found here:.. http://flickr.. com/seiu.. youtube.. com/watch?v=UStg0UfgcNc.. org/news/day-action-protect-public-services..

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  • Title: New study reveals multi-trillion dollar tax avoidance by multinational corporations
    Descriptive info: New study reveals multi-trillion dollar tax avoidance by multinational corporations.. A new study, commissioned by the EI Research Institute on behalf of the Council of Global Unions, underlines the shocking extent of tax avoidance by multinational companies, totalling trillions of US Dollars annually.. Read the full study.. (4.. 2 MB).. Following is the text of a news release issued when the study was released 28 Nov.. 2011.. In the context of the current financial and economic crisis, education unions have been asked to accept severe cutbacks and austerity measures on the basis that there is no more money available for public services.. In the United Kingdom (UK), technical changes in pension plan design will cut 25 percent from the lifetime value of a pension, some teachers losing more than £50,000 in the value of their pension over a 20-year period.. Union research has highlighted that people with the lowest levels of qualifications were most likely to suffer from a cocktail of the Conservative government’s policies.. It argues these policies will restrict access to education for both young people and adults, e.. g.. the axing of education maintenance allowances for teenagers; the tripling of university tuition fees; and, the introduction of fees and loans for working adults who want to retrain.. In reality, the money is available!.. Education International (EI) and its affiliates in the United Kingdom, members of the Trades Union Congress (TUC), including the National Union of Teachers (NUT), the National Association of Schoolmasters/Union of Women Teachers (NASWUT),  ...   that current total deposits just by non-residents in offshore and secrecy jurisdictions were close to US$10 trillion.. The United States of America, the UK and the Cayman Islands are topping the list of jurisdictions.. In February 2008, Britain's Trade Union Congress (TUC) published a report estimating that £25 billion is annually lost to the UK from tax avoidance: £13 billion per annum by individuals plus £12 billion per annum from tax avoidance from the 700 largest corporations.. This shocking level of tax avoidance was confirmed by research for the BBC's Panorama programme released in February 2009.. The EI study shows how powerful multinational companies use their global reach to avoid meeting their fair fiscal obligations.. They achieve this, first of all, through strategies like exploiting legal loopholes and offshore tax havens.. The study highlights the extraordinary statistic that an estimated 60% of all global trade is actually routed through tax havens.. EI President, Susan Hopgood, said: “Closing loopholes in international tax legislation will require changing attitudes, and calls for strong political will.. The widespread acceptance of tax avoidance as a legitimate goal of large corporations must change.. Unless this appalling and unjustified tax evasion is stopped, quality public education and other services will continue to be put at risk by cuts in public spending.. The.. Education International/Global Unions Study on Global Corporate Taxation.. 2 MB) was launched at a public event on 28 November at the Council Chamber, Congress House, 23-28 Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3LS, UK.. org/news/new-study-reveals-multi-trillion-dollar-tax-avoidance-multinational-corporations..

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  • Title: Health care workers push G20 leaders for financial transaction tax
    Descriptive info: Health care workers push G20 leaders for financial transaction tax.. An international delegation of Public Services International (PSI) health care members told world leaders at the recent G20 Summit in Cannes, France that a financial transactions tax is needed to remove the global economy from the emergency room.. Their economic prescription: "Apply a financial transaction tax to heal global inequities.. ".. The high profile media action on 3 November was initiated by PSI and its affiliate National Nurses United, and staged in partnership with the International Trade Union Confederation and civil society partners Oxfam and the World Wildlife Fund.. PSI members from France, USA, South Korea, and Australia took part.. (See the video.. The NNU, which has been leading the call in the US for a “Tax on Wall Street,” held a concurrent rally of over 2,000 nurses in front of the White House and Department of Treasury in Washington, DC.. In Los Angeles, nurses marched through the financial district.. In San Francisco, labour unions and community groups joined NNU affiliate California Nurses Association in rallies at bank offices and in front of the Federal Reserve.. "Taxes are not a punishment.. We collect them to support public services," said Peter Waldorff,  ...   despite G20 advisor Bill Gates’ endorsement of the Robin Hood Tax concept and the Cannes Summit’s recognition of the potential of a financial transactions tax – the G20 failed to deliver effective international measures on this front.. "I'm incredibly proud of the nurses internationally for their global advocacy for their patients and society," said RoseAnn DeMoro, NNU executive director, at the press conference in Cannes.. "The nurses don't ever give up on people and we won't give up on this cause.. ".. The NNU held related campaign actions, including a march of 1000 nurses on Wall Street in June, and events across America on September 1, in advance of the Occupy Wall Street movement that is now spreading world-wide.. Despite incidences of arrest and police harassment in several American cities, NNU members have maintained their posts offering healthcare to Occupy Wall Street participants in locations across the US.. The OccupyWallStreet movement has made the call for an international financial transactions tax its first official demand.. The Council of Global Unions’ Quality Public Services-Action Now! campaign also highlights the need for an FTT as a core element of fair taxation policy needed to support public services for the benefit of all.. org/news/health-care-workers-push-g20-leaders-financial-transaction-tax..

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  • Title: Join the action for a financial transaction tax to heal global inequities
    Descriptive info: Join the action for a financial transaction tax to heal global inequities.. PSI health care workers will be delivering an economic prescription to G20 leaders: “Apply a financial transaction tax to heal global inequities.. You are invited to join the 3 November actions in Cannes, Washington DC, Paraguay, and other locations, or to organize a local action.. Public Services International affiliate health care members from Europe and elsewhere are invited to join the delegation for the special event scheduled for 3 November at the G20 Summit in Cannes, France.. This action to promote a financial transaction tax to world leaders is led by PSI, PSI affiliate National Nurses United, the International Trade Union Confederation and civil society partners.. PSI members from France, USA, South Korea, and more countries will be attending.. Please contact Pablo Sanchez Centellas, PSI-EPSU at.. psanchez@epsu.. or tel: 00 32 474 62  ...   lobby your country leaders to support global and national financial transaction taxes to fund quality public services and alleviate poverty at home, and to fund international development and address climate change.. The NNU, which has been leading the call in the US for a “Tax on Wall Street,” will also hold a rally in Washington DC on 3 November.. The NNU held FTT campaign actions, including a march of 1,000 nurses on Wall Street in June, and events across America on 1 September 1, in advance of the Occupy Wall Street movement that is now spreading world-wide!.. Add your event to the campaign map.. Put your FTT solidarity event on the Council of Global Unions’ Quality Public Services—Action Now! campaign map at.. QPSActionNow.. and email news and photos to.. communications@world-psi.. In addition, please ask your members to sign the Quality Public Services Charter now at.. org/news/join-action-financial-transaction-tax-heal-global-inequities..

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  • Title: UK faces largest strike in history
    Descriptive info: UK faces largest strike in history.. The national executive of Public and Commercial Services Union has formally authorized more than a quarter of a million civil and public servants to join a public sector-wide strike.. Meeting 29 September, the union endorsed 30 November as the date for coordinated strike action with other unions.. The action will be followed by a one-month overtime ban.. The union is also considering additional targeted industrial action, with members at each employer certification drawing up campaign plans to focus on their specific issues.. Following announcements at TUC congress earlier this month, the government now faces the prospect of a strike by up to three million public sector workers – the largest in UK history.. The government continues to  ...   pay off the budget deficit caused by the recession and the bank bail-out.. “If ministers continue to dig their heels in they will face industrial action by three million civil servants, health workers, teachers and other public servants that will not just last one day, but will be sustained for weeks and months,” said Mark Serwotka, general secretary of PCS.. “We believe we will continue to enjoy public support because we are not only fighting for the public sector, we are campaigning for fair pensions for all.. The Public and Commercial Services union represents civil and public servants in central government.. It has around 290,000 members in over 200 departments and agencies, and in parts of government transferred to the private sector.. org/news/uk-faces-largest-strike-history..

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  • Title: Sustainable transport key to saving the planet
    Descriptive info: caroline s blog.. Sustainable transport key to saving the planet.. Australian transportation planner Paul Mees has good news for people who want real action on global warming -- good quality transit is within reach even in the suburbs.. But they might have to participate in a revolt  ...   of Suburbia: Beyond the Automobile Age includes a strong argument for public participation in transportation decision making.. Mees claims that "citizens have a keener understanding of the need for change than transport planners, with environmental awareness particularly strong among younger residents.. Read more here:.. http://rabble.. ca/books/reviews/2011/09/sustainable-transport-key-saving-planet.. org/news/sustainable-transport-key-saving-planet..

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  • Title: 23,000 California registered nurses on strike
    Descriptive info: 23,000 California registered nurses on strike.. Nearly 23,000 registered nurses are on a one-day strike on 22 September at 34 Northern and Central California hospitals, saying they will not accept attacks on RN rights to speak out for patients or cuts in healthcare or retiree coverage for nurses or other hospital workers.. nationalnursesunited.. org/press/entry/23000-california-rns-to-strike-thursday-09-22-11/.. org/news/23000-california-registered-nurses-strike..

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  • Title: JICHIRO campaigns for quality public services
    Descriptive info: JICHIRO campaigns for quality public services.. JICHIKEN – A.. Quality Public Services campaign.. by All Japan Prefectural and Municipal Workers Union (JICHIRO) shows the pivotal role of public sector workers, through their unions, in improving vital services to people.. For the last 54 years, JICHIRO has strongly campaigned for quality public services that build strong and healthy communities, help create a vibrant economy, and support equal opportunities for individuals.. For more details, watch the video.. org/news/jichiro-campaigns-quality-public-services..

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  • Title: World Day for Decent Work / Journée Mondiale pour le Travail Décent / Jornada Mundial por el Trabajo Decente
    Descriptive info: World Day for Decent Work / Journée Mondiale pour le Travail Décent / Jornada Mundial por el Trabajo Decente.. The 4th World Day for Decent Work, 7 October, is approaching quickly! This is a day for mobilisation all over the world, a day when all the trade unions in the world stand up for decent work.. Decent work must be at the centre of government actions -- including quality public services -- to bring back economic growth and build a new global economy that puts people first.. This year the WDDW will concentrate on precarious work.. No action is too big or too small.. It could be a round table discussion, a huge demonstration, a protest letter, a flash mob action or something completely different.. Please see the World Day for Decent Work web site for more info, campaign materials and to sign up your events:.. wddw..  ...   (también eventos relacionados con la euromanifestación del 17 de septiembre en Wroclaw (Polonia), y cualquier otra actividad que se organice en fechas próximas al 7 de octubre pueden registrarse como eventos relacionados con la Jornada Mundial por el Trabajo Decente):.. org/-Espanol-.. Para obtener más información o para cualquier consulta sírvanse dirigirse a:.. La 4ème Journée mondiale pour le travail décent approche à grands pas – plus qu’un mois! Veuillez consulter le site web de la JMTD afin d’obtenir de plus amples informations, du matériel de campagne, notamment le nouveau logo et des posters, et d’inscrire vos événements (événements également liés à l’euromanif du 17 septembre à Wroclaw (Pologne) et toute autre action organisée aux alentours du 7 octobre peut y être inscrite en tant qu’événement lié à la Journée mondiale pour le travail décent): Français:.. org/-Francais-.. Pour toute autre information ou demande supplémentaire, veuillez vous addresser à:.. org/news/world-day-decent-work-journ%C3%A9e-mondiale-pour-le-travail-d%C3%A9cent-jornada-mundial-por-el-trabajo-de..

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