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  • Title: L20 tells G20 austerity is not working
    Descriptive info: Published on.. (.. ).. Blogs.. Soren s blog.. Printer-friendly.. L20 tells G20 austerity is not working.. Backed the findings of an international opinion poll showing massive rejection of public program cuts, trade unions representing the workers of the G20 are telling their national governments to shift away from austerity in favour of job-growth policies.. “Governments have failed to deliver on their commitments to prioritise employment and to curb the power of the financial markets,” says the.. Labour 20 statement.. to the G20 Summit, which gets underway June 18, 2012 in  ...   and Jobs Plan” that includes commitments to increase public investment in job creation, education and training, infrastructure, greening the economy and quality public services.. The labour leaders say that youth unemployment must be addressed and demanded a G20 Youth Jobs Pact as a core element of the proposed plan for recovery.. To raise revenues for public investment, the L20 says the G20 should support the creation of a financial transactions tax, and should agree on further binding measures to limit the size and complexity of “too-big-to-fail” global banks.. Source URL:.. org/news/l20-tells-g20-austerity-not-working..

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  • Title: Trade unions call for profound change
    Descriptive info: Trade unions call for profound change.. Over 100 trade union centres from across the globe -- gathered in Rio de Janeiro for the Trade Union Assembly on Labour and the Environment from 11 to 13 June -- have called on governments to undertake a process of profound change in all areas of economic life.. Meeting just a few days ahead of Rio+20, the UN Conference on Sustainable Development, trade unions are defending the sustainability of the planet, its inhabitants and future generations.. The final statement drawn up by the Assembly calls on governments to acknowledge that "social protection is a human right, in line with ILO Convention 102 on Social Security (Minimum  ...   advocates the introduction of a Tax on Financial Transactions at global level.. The trade unionists argue that the revenues from such an initiative could contribute to the fight against climate change, quality public services, development and the re-regulation of the financial sector.. "Enough talk! Governments must make real commitments towards change.. Humanity needs a radical change of direction in favour of sustainable development.. The trade union movement will be present at Rio+20, along with other social movements, to make this change possible," said Sharan Burrow, general secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC).. You can download the.. full statement here.. (PDF, 225 KB), or visit the.. ITUC website.. for additional information.. org/news/trade-unions-call-profound-change..

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  • Title: Rio+20 Trade Union Assembly affirms support for quality public services
    Descriptive info: Rio+20 Trade Union Assembly affirms support for quality public services.. Sustainable development is not possible without equitable distribution of wealth nor without a model of growth that puts the needs of people ahead of the pursuit of profit.. This is one of the many important messages delivered to more than 200 workers from around the globe who met in a trade union assembly in Rio de Janeiro in advance of next week’s Rio+20, the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development.. Delegates to the Trade Union Assembly on Labour and the Environment spoke repeatedly about the central role that quality public services can play in meeting the basic social needs of the  ...   for women and young workers who continue to experience the worst working conditions and who bear the brunt of high levels of unemployment.. The call for a financial transactions tax at the global or regional level to raise revenue for investment in public services and public programs in support of sustainable development received strong endorsement, as confirmed in the final resolution adopted at the closing of the Assembly.. The resolution will form the basis of the trade union movement’s lobbying of government delegations in Rio as they continue to negotiate the contents of the text that will be adopted at the UN conference.. Follow Rio+20 on twitter #QPSNow #riounions20 #rioplus20.. org/news/rio20-trade-union-assembly-affirms-support-quality-public-services..

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  • Title: Robin Hood comes to town
    Descriptive info: Robin Hood comes to town.. National Nurses United is kicking off an America-wide campaign to tax Wall Street, with the first stop at JPMorgan Chase, the latest national symbol of the Wall Street excess that has harmed so many communities and families.. Union members and supporters will be visiting JPMorgan  ...   a Robin Hood tax to heal America.. For a full list of locations and events, please visit.. National Nurses United.. For more on actions in support of a financial transactions tax, please also see:.. Thousands press NATO and G8 leaders for fair taxes.. Putting on the heat at Rio+20.. org/news/robin-hood-comes-town..

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  • Title: Activists call for a Robin Hood tax for a sustainable world
    Descriptive info: Activists call for a Robin Hood tax for a sustainable world.. Under the banner of the Quality Public Services -- Action Now! campaign, activists will participate in a workshop, a public rally and other events in Rio de Janeiro, site of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development.. You can download the leaflet -- in Portuguese, English and Spanish --.. here.. For your convenience, the text is also reproduced below.. Uma Taxa Robin Hood por um mundo sustentável.. A Robin Hood Tax for a sustainable world.. Terça-feira 19 de Junho / Tuesday 19 June / Martes 19 de Junio.. 9h30-11h30 Oficina! Workshop! Taller!.. Cúpula dos Povos / People’s Summit.. Sindicato do Bancarios.. Avenida Presidente Vargas 502.. 21st Andar/Floor Auditorio, Centro Rio de Janeiro.. Taxa internacional sobre transações financeiras: uma solução justa para o desenvolvimento humano.. A taxação justa para financiar o desenvolvimento sustentável e os serviços públicos de qualidade acessíveis para todos/as é chave para a redistribuição equitativa de renda.. Saiba mais e junte se aos milhares de grupos ambientais, de saúde, sindicais, religiosos e outros grupos da sociedade civil na mobilização global pela Taxa Internacional Sobre Transações Financeiras (Taxa Robin Hood).. Global financial transactions tax: A just solution for human development.. Fair taxation to fund sustainable development and quality public services accessible to all is key to the equitable redistribution of wealth.. Learn more and join with the thousands of environmental, health, union, faith and other civil society  ...   Washington DC.. Julie Chaverou, Advocacy Officer, Coalition Plus.. Alessandra Nilo, Diretora Executiva GESTOS/LACCASO.. Jean Ross, Presidente da National Nurses United-EUA.. Pablo Salon, Diretor da Focus on the Global South.. 13h-14h Ato público! Public rally! Manifestacion pública!.. Avenida Almirante Barroso, 25 - Centro do Rio.. em frente à Caixa Econômica Federal.. Próximo da Estação Carioca do metrô (near Carioca Metro station).. Uma Taxa Robin Hood por um mundo sustentável.. Seja um super herói! Junte-se aos bancários do Brasil, sindicatos e aliados da sociedade civil para mandar uma mensagem aos financiadores: é hora de vocês pagarem taxas justas para os bens públicos.. Be a super hero! Join Brazil’s bank workers, trade unions and civil society allies to send a message to the financiers: it’s time to pay your fair share for the public good.. Una Tasa Robin Hood por un mundo sustentable.. Sera un super- heroe Junto a los Bancarios de Brasil, sindicatos y aliados de la Sociedad Civil para mandar un mensaje a los financiadores: y ES hora de que Uds.. Paguen tasas justas para los bienes públicos.. Senador Eduardo Suplicy - PT.. Victor Baez, Secretario Geral da CSA.. Artur Henrique Santos, Presidente da CUT Brasil.. Jean Ross, Presidente, National Nurses United EUA.. Alessandra Nilo, Diretora Executiva da GESTOS/LACCASO.. Representantes das entidades.. Confederação Nacional dos Trabalhadores do Ramo Financeiro (CONTRAF-CUT).. Federação dos Bancários Rio de Janeiro e Espírito Santo.. Sindicato dos Bancários do Rio de Janeiro (SEEB Rio).. org/news/activists-call-robin-hood-tax-sustainable-world..

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  • Title: Taxes: the gift we give each other
    Descriptive info: Taxes: the gift we give each other.. "It's time to start having the conversation about what our taxes contribute to a healthy society," say the.. Sécretariat Intersyndical des services publics.. and the.. Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.. A new video produced by PSI affiliates who are members  ...   of contributing taxes.. Public health care, garbage collection, safe food, clean water, public parks, emergency services, higher learning – it all adds up to the chance to live in great communities, with the hope of reaching our personal dreams.. The video is available in.. English.. and.. French.. org/news/taxes-gift-we-give-each-other..

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  • Title: More steps towards fair taxes
    Descriptive info: More steps towards fair taxes.. The Institute for Policy Studies, based in Washington D.. C.. , has reported on several recent official developments towards adoption of a tax on financial transactions.. In a two page summary, the Institute notes:.. The European Parliament's May 25 vote in favour of imposing an FTT -- also known as the Robin Hood tax -- and detailed technical papers produced by the European Commission.. Support of the FTT by Francois Hollande, the new President  ...   of the willing" to implement an FTT, even if some member states of the European Union decide not to participate.. A plan by the South African government to expand its existing securities transactions tax to include derivatives.. A call by Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain -- which represent 90% of the Eurozone GDP -- to fast-track the process for an European FTT.. The summary, which includes links to detailed background information, is available.. org/news/more-steps-towards-fair-taxes..

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  • Title: Putting on the heat at Rio+20
    Descriptive info: World leaders are assembling June 20-22 in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, the same location where the first Earth Summit was held twenty years ago.. Along side the official UN Conference on Sustainable Development, thousands of trade unionists and community activists will be meeting and pushing governments to adopt a meaningful economic and social program that addresses the root causes of inequality, poverty and environmental degradation.. Our task will be difficult – but we know from the experience of the first Rio Earth Summit that activists working together can move forward major global initiatives.. We will work with our global union campaign supporters and a strong and well-organized non-governmental community to challenge  ...   The.. Quality Public Services – Action Now!.. campaign is heading to Rio+20 to press the point that sustainable development requires investment in public services financed through fair taxation, including through a new financial transactions tax.. We will work with others to advance a program that public services offer the best way to redress inequality, to eradicate poverty, and to ensure the health and well-being of current and future generations.. Please check back often, sign the charter for quality public services, and subscribe at.. org/.. (near the bottom of the page) for e-mail updates on campaign actions at Rio+20.. You can also follow the action on Twitter at #FTTRio and #rioplus20.. org/news/putting-heat-rio20..

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  • Title: Europe moves closer to a financial transactions tax
    Descriptive info: Europe moves closer to a financial transactions tax.. Hot on the heels of a global week of action by activists, the European Parliament today (23 May 2012) voted overwhelmingly in favour of imposing a financial transactions tax (FTT).. Algirdas Šemeta, the EU tax commissioner, said it was a question of fairness.. "Banks and financial institutions received – and continue to receive - massive support from the public sector to overcome the crisis.. It is not unreasonable to expect them to contribute, in the same way as other sectors, to our collective recovery," he said.. Parliament made a number of changes to the FTT proposal presented by the European Commission last year, seeking to widen the number of transactions caught by the tax and increase revenues it could raise.. The parliament also  ...   national governments to approve the tax by 31 December 2013, and several governments – including the United Kingdom, Ireland and Sweden – have indicated they are opposed.. The European Parliament, however, decided the tax should go ahead even if some member states do not.. And it took steps to stop tax evasion by calling for transactions involving domestic stocks to be taxed even if they are traded in foreign exchanges.. Activists must also pressure governments to ensure that funds raised through the FTT are used appropriately: to create good jobs in a sustainable economy, to improve vital public services, to lift people out of poverty and end inequality, and to strengthen the fight against climate change.. The full text of the European Parliament’s news release on today’s decision is available.. org/news/europe-moves-closer-financial-transactions-tax..

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  • Title: Live coverage of FTT events in Chicago
    Descriptive info: Live coverage of FTT events in Chicago.. If you're not able to attend in person, you can view the key events live as activists increase the pressure on G-8 leaders to implement a financial transactions tax, also known as a Robin Hood tax.. National Nurses United, which is sponsoring the actions, says a Robin Hood tax is a way to raise hundreds of billions of dollars every year to help heal the global economy.. Coming on the eve of G-8 and NATO summits, a large rally and global panel will both promote the tax on financial institutions and highlight the fight against austerity measures that are hurting families around the world.. Nurses from across the US, joined by US and global activists, will participate in a colorful and festive rally at Daley Plaza in Chicago, 12 noon local time, Friday May 18.. The rally features a comedic skit, and  ...   they are doing to help average families, not just the banks and Wall Street high rollers, in the midst of a continuing economic gloom.. Robin Hood is also there to call attention to the main theme of the rally – the proposal for a Robin Hood tax on Wall Street stocks, bonds, derivatives and other financial instruments that can raise up to $350 billion every year to help mitigate the economic crisis created by the banks, with the revenue available for jobs, health care, education, and other basic needs and services.. Earlier in the day, at 8:00 am, an international panel of speakers from seven nations will address the global challenges faced by workers and communities as a result of austerity measures.. The panel includes speakers from the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, South Korea, Guatemala, Canada and the US.. The events will be live streamed at.. ustream.. tv/channel/national-nurses-united.. org/news/live-coverage-ftt-events-chicago..

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  • Title: Latest News | QUALITY PUBLIC SERVICES
    Descriptive info: You are here /.. / News.. finds that education reforms driven by austerity measures will move Spain far from international excellence.. At a time of economic crisis, many governments have a schizophrenic relationship with education.. On the one hand, they consider education as a strategic sector and the key to getting us out of the crisis.. On the other, they apply indiscriminate cuts to the sector, with very negative effects in terms of educational quality and equity.. In Canada, the province of Quebec has adopted an ambitious and generous set of family policies.. Its income support for families is more extensive, its parental leave plan more generous, and  ...   The film tells the story of the Wisconsin Governor’s attack on public services and public service workers through the introduction of a budget bill that wiped away collective bargaining rights while also making deep spending cuts to programs and services.. The problem of jobs and decent work in the face of rapid urbanization is at the centre of a recently signed memorandum of understanding between the International Labour Organization (ILO) and United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), which represents and defends the interest of local governments on the world stage.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. ….. next ›.. last ».. Who we are.. Media Releases..

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