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  • Title: Reducing the gender pay gap
    Descriptive info: Published on.. (.. ).. Printer-friendly.. Reducing the gender pay gap.. Equity.. [1].. Women.. [2].. Organisation:.. European Federation of Public Service Unions.. Language:.. English.. The European Federation of Public Service Unions has conducted a survey of affiliates to identify the size of the gender pay gap in sectors across Europe.. The pay gap -- the difference between the average pay of women and men --  ...   is not just a question of tackling low pay and inequalities in pay structures.. It also relates to training, promotion, child care, flexible working conditions and parental leave.. This report reflects the progress made by EPSU affiliates, as well as some of the key challenges that remain.. Research Document:.. EPSU_Gender_Pay_Gap_Report_2010_2_-2.. pdf.. [3].. Source URL:.. org/reducing-gender-pay-gap.. Links:.. [1] http://www.. org/category/campaign-themes-or-issues/equity.. [2] http://www.. org/category/campaign-themes-or-issues/women.. [3] http://www.. org/sites/default/files/EPSU_Gender_Pay_Gap_Report_2010_2_-2..

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  • Title: The benefits of public spending
    Descriptive info: The benefits of public spending.. Public funding.. Social services.. [4].. Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.. The vast majority of Canadians are getting a quiet bargain by investing in taxes that produce enormous public benefits, according to a comprehensive study by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.. Using a sophisticated array of data sets and  ...   $17,000 (CAD) benefit from public services such as education, health care, child care, public pensions, employment insurance and family benefits.. For more than two-thirds of Canadians, the benefit from public services adds up to more than 50 percent of their household's total earned income.. CCPA_Benefits_of_Public_Spending2009.. [5].. org/benefits-public-spending.. org/category/campaign-themes-or-issues/public-funding.. org/category/campaign-themes-or-issues/quality-public-services.. [4] http://www.. org/category/campaign-themes-or-issues/social-services.. [5] http://www.. org/sites/default/files/CCPA_Benefits_of_Public_Spending2009..

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    Descriptive info: You are here.. / Taxonomy term.. Energy.. Video.. By: admin.. July 17, 2011..

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  • Title: Video
    Descriptive info: Themes:.. Environment.. Quality Public Services - Action Now! Main campaign.. Featured.. The description is the same as always, it will appear on the page underneath the video.. org/video/video..

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  • Title: Public services, delivered with pride
    Descriptive info: Public services, delivered with pride.. 0.. The long list of vital services delivered by public employees is too often taken for granted -- they are an important part of our lives every day.. IMPACT has produced a short.. video.. which highlights some of these services.. org/video/public-services-delivered-pride..

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  • Title: At Rio+20, a call for fairness
    Descriptive info: Blogs.. Soren s blog.. At Rio+20, a call for fairness.. People from all over the world joined with Brazilian trade unionists and citizens in a demonstration through the Rio De Janeiro bank district in support of the international campaign for financial transaction taxes.. Hundreds of billions of  ...   very small tax was levied on the sales of bonds, shares, currencies, derivatives and other financial instruments.. The growing campaign for such a tax calls for the revenues to be directed to social and environmental measures leading to a greener, more sustainable and more equitable world.. org/news/rio20-call-fairness..

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  • Title: Our challenge for World Public Services Day
    Descriptive info: Our challenge for World Public Services Day.. Commemorate 23 June with action!.. Every day, members of global union affiliates see vicious attacks on public service workers’ wages, working conditions, pensions, trade union rights, and on the vital public services themselves which support and sustain our communities.. In the day-to-day struggle to defend public services and the rights of union members, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that these cutbacks and threats have now created an unprecedented opportunity.. Millions of people throughout the world are fed up with government cuts in services to people and the consequent undermining of their quality of life.. They’re also fed up with paying for enormous bailouts to financial institutions and for ever more generous tax giveaways to the elite few.. As trade union organisations, we must seize the opportunity to galvanise communities into taking solidarity actions and speaking out together in favour of public services and public service workers around the world.. In this context, World Public Services Day on 23rd June provides a platform to reinforce the message that quality public services are the key to building civil societies where people work together for the benefit of the whole community.. Quality public services, free of corruption, are essential to provide equal access to health care and education, to ensure equal opportunities for ordinary people, and to support a sustainable economy in a sustainable environment.. Please join your union colleagues across the globe in taking action.. This is the opportune time to act together to support quality public services, fair taxes, and the rights of strong independent public service unions.. The primary focus of the day this year is fair taxes.. As part  ...   awareness of the need for fair taxation.. Please take action now to support quality public services:.. Promote the.. Quality Public Services – Action Now!.. campaign with a mass Twitter action on 23 June.. Help to generate thousands of tweets of support for the FTT from around the world.. Please encourage those tweeting to include #QPSActionNow and #FTT in their messages.. Promote the Geneva Charter on Public Services.. Ask your members and allies to sign the Charter at.. www.. org/.. Visit the.. Quality Public Services – Action Now!.. website frequently, and sign up for email updates at.. Distribute information to union members and your communities about how a financial transactions tax (FTT) would work, and how the funds raised could address inequality, poverty and climate change if it is invested in quality public services.. For more details, visit.. org/news/global-week-action-ftt.. Make a public statement on World Public Services Day in support of the financial transactions tax, and get other organizations to do the same.. Organize media actions, news conferences and other public events on 23 June 2012 to highlight the value of quality public services to union members and our families in healthy, equitable communities.. And please add your events or actions to the.. campaign map at.. org/map.. Use the beautiful.. posters in your local actions, available in many different languages at.. org/page/resources.. IMPORTANT: Please help inspire activists around the world by letting us know what actions your union is planning to take on 23 June, World Public Services Day.. Send an email to the.. campaign coordinator.. morna.. ballantyne@world-psi.. with related details, links or attachments.. Download this statement from the Council of Global Unions in.. English.. French.. Spanish.. Japanese.. or.. Swedish.. org/news/our-challenge-world-public-services-day..

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  • Title: Global unions call for action on public services
    Descriptive info: Global unions call for action on public services.. Our challenge for World Public Services Day.. Commemorate 23 June 2012 with action!.. The following statement from the Council of Global Unions can be downloaded as a PDF file in.. and.. org/news/global-unions-call-action-public-services..

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  • Title: Celebrities, economists and activists launch major campaign for Robin Hood tax which could help finance quality public services
    Descriptive info: Celebrities, economists and activists launch major campaign for Robin Hood tax which could help finance quality public services.. Washington, DC — Dozens of national organizations, celebrities including Mark Ruffalo, Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello and Coldplay’s Chris Martin, renowned economists including Jeffrey Sachs, and former JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs executives and global leaders such as Desmond Tutu joined today for an unprecedented coalition, calling for a “Robin Hood Tax” on Wall Street.. In many cities and towns across the country, America's biggest nurses union along with hundreds of students, climate and AIDS activists, and faith leaders took to the streets in rallies organized in support of the new campaign.. A financial transactions tax could help finance quality public services world-wide.. “By placing a tiny tax on Wall Street — less than half of 1% – we could generate hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue.. That’s money that could go towards investing in jobs, health care, housing and our schools; to end the student debt crisis and the AIDS pandemic and to halt climate change and poverty,” said Matthew Kavanagh of Health GAP (Global Access Project).. Today, actor Mark Ruffalo, star of the current movie “The Avengers,” released a video calling on Americans to join the campaign.. He was joined in the video by Coldplay’s Chris Martin and Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello.. The video features Ruffalo drawing a Robin Hood mask on a dollar bill and calling on others to do the same.. “Wall Street and the big banks are exploiting tax loopholes while generating record  ...   dollars annually by placing a small tax of 50 cents on every $100 of trades in stocks, and even less on bonds, derivatives and currencies.. Experts also suggest that such a policy would help limit the reckless short-term speculation that threatens financial stability.. Over 1,000 leading economists have endorsed the policy, including Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz, Columbia University economist Jeffrey Sachs and Lawrence Mishel of the Economic Policy Institute.. As the Robin Hood Tax Campaign launched, members of Congress were expected to question JP Morgan Chief Executive Jamie Dimon, whose trading loss of more than $2 billion caused many to underscore the need for new regulation and taxation of the financial sector to prevent future incidents.. “The Robin Hood Tax will not just begin to bring basic tax fairness to Wall Street, it will help curb the destructive gambling that drove the crisis and, as we see so clearly at JPMorgan Chase, continues to threaten our economic stability and security,” said Liz Ryan Murray, Policy Director of National People’s Action.. In 15 cities across the country, including New York City, Washington, DC, Chicago and Los Angeles, activists echoed that call, rallying outside of JP Morgan and other financial institutions in support of the Robin Hood Tax on Wall Street transactions.. From 1914 until 1966, the United States enforced a Robin Hood tax that raised revenue from every sale or transfer of stock.. The tax benefited average Americans and helped grow the middle class.. Forty countries have employed this practice—and the policy is expected to be adopted in Europe this year.. org/news/celebrities-economists-and-activists-launch-major-campaign-robin-hood-tax-which-could-help-fina..

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  • Title: Global poll: hardly anyone believes austerity will work
    Descriptive info: Global poll: hardly anyone believes austerity will work.. International unions have warned of a dangerous credibility gap between G20 Leaders’ past statements on jobs and many G20 governments’ actions that are pushing economies back into recession and destroying jobs.. The warning came as global unemployment climbs towards 210 million with 75 million young people unemployed.. The OECD and ILO estimate 21 million jobs need to be created each year to return to pre-crisis employment rates by 2015.. Sharan Burrow, General Secretary of the ITUC, said a global opinion poll commissioned by the ITUC showed only 13 % of people believe they have real influence on governments’ economic decisions, as the impact of G20 austerity policies that started in Toronto in 2010 take hold of family incomes and job security.. In a statement to G20 leaders, international unions said austerity measures in Europe and the premature withdrawal of government  ...   there will be investment in job-centred growth,” said Sharan Burrow, ITUC General Secretary.. The global poll of 13 countries including 10 G20 economies showed 71% of people don’t feel they have job security, and only 11% have seen their incomes go up more than the cost of living.. The ITUC Global Poll represents the opinions of more than 1.. 4 billion people, or 20 percent of the current world population.. TNS Opinion carried out the fieldwork from 10 April - 6 May 2012 in 13 countries: Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, South Africa, UK and the USA.. Quota samples were used to reflect national proportions in terms of age, gender and region.. In each country, approximately 1,000 respondents were interviewed, with a total of 13,087 respondents.. A report on the poll is available for download.. here.. More on this story is available.. org/news/global-poll-hardly-anyone-believes-austerity-will-work..

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  • Title: CUPE celebrates World Public Services Day as Communities Day in Canada
    Descriptive info: CUPE celebrates World Public Services Day as Communities Day in Canada.. The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) is celebrating World Public Services Day with a re-launch of the union’s Communities Day on June 23, 2012 and a cross-country.. ad campaign.. highlighting the importance of quality public services delivered by CUPE members in every community.. CUPE is also using June 23rd to tell the stories of CUPE  ...   their spare time.. Watch for profiles of CUPE community builders in the coming days, starting with this profile of Ontario paramedic.. Sandra Hynds.. With the re-launch of Communities Day, CUPE locals are working with their municipal governments to proclaim communities day.. Thanks to the work of CUPE 608, the.. City of Penticton.. has proclaimed June 23 as Communities Day – the first community to do so!.. org/news/cupe-celebrates-world-public-services-day-communities-day-canada..

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