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  • Title: An informative and inspiring documentary for Canadians facing loss of public services and rights
    Descriptive info: Published on.. (.. ).. Blogs.. 54content s blog.. Printer-friendly.. An informative and inspiring documentary for Canadians facing loss of public services and rights.. The.. Quality Public Services—Action Now!.. global campaign is co-sponsoring a Canadian tour of the award-winning documentary.. to encourage discussion of how Canadians can take action to resist the massive public service cuts being imposed on communities by all levels of government.. “What happened in Wisconsin is happening in Canada right now,” says Shellie Bird, a member of the Canadian Union of Public Employees who is helping to organize a screening of the documentary in Ottawa.. “Wisconsin’s governor passed a budged that dramatically cut spending on public services and took away collective bargaining rights from public sector workers.. That is exactly what our government is doing right now.. ”.. is a riveting documentary that follows the unprecedented wave of public outrage that  ...   support of many Canadian affiliates of the global unions that back the.. campaign.. “We are seeing attacks on public services and the rights of public sector workers in countries around the world today,” says Peter Waldorff, General Secretary of Public Services International, a global union representing 20 million workers in 150 countries, including Canada.. “The political and corporate forces driving privatization and anti-union legislation are also at work in Canada.. We hope that screenings of this film will provide forums where local communities can come together to discuss how to effectively take action to defend and advance public services and workers’ rights.. We also know that the solidarity of working people across borders is vital in this age of globalization.. Attachment.. Size.. We Are Wisconsin Media Kit for Canadian Tour.. pdf.. 1.. 9 MB.. Canadian Tour dates and locations.. 120.. 79 KB.. Source URL:.. org/news/informative-and-inspiring-documentary-canadians-facing-loss-public-services-and-rights..

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  • Title: Wanted: 2 million more qualified teachers
    Descriptive info: s blog.. Wanted: 2 million more qualified teachers.. Primary teacher gaps are undermining efforts to achieve the UN Millennium Development Goal of Education for All by 2015, says a new report issued by the.. Global Campaign for Education.. and.. Education International.. The report,.. Every Child Needs a Teacher: Closing the Trained Teacher Gap.. , reveals some shocking statistics about the situation in 114 countries.. In Mali, only half of all primary school teachers are trained – and only a quarter of these have had training lasting six months or longer.. Some countries count those who have completed primary school and a one-month training course as trained.. A third of countries report that no more than half of their pre-primary  ...   national standard).. Niger had just 1,059 trained lower secondary school teachers in 2010 – compared to 1.. 4 million children of lower secondary school age – meaning only one trained teacher for every 1,318 children.. “The crucial role played by teachers in providing quality education is often emphasized,” Education International President Susan Hopgood said.. “But, do national government and the international community really live up to such a commitment? All too often, we see that good intentions are overruled by cheap solutions and cost-cutting measures.. She called on the world community to urgently focus on the recruitment of over 2 million more qualified teachers, and also to invest in improving the competences, knowledge and skills of practicing teachers.. org/news/wanted-2-million-more-qualified-teachers..

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  • Title: United Kingdom campaign against tax dodgers
    Descriptive info: United Kingdom campaign against tax dodgers.. In the United Kingdom, the.. Public and Commercial Services Union War.. War on Want.. have engaged in a.. joint campaign.. to pressure the government to end tax dodging.. The campaign demands include: putting a moratorium on tax office staff cuts and closures;abolishing UK tax havens;promoting transparency through country-by-country reporting by companies, and prosecuting those who profit from money laundering and tax dodging.. org/news/united-kingdom-campaign-against-tax-dodgers..

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  • Title: Norwegian public sector workers and Attac Norway work together for public services
    Descriptive info: Norwegian public sector workers and Attac Norway work together for public services.. Fagforbundet.. , the Norwegian Union of Municipal and General Employees, has joined with.. Attac Norway.. to organize against the privatisation and outsourcing of municipal services that is sweeping the country through a new policy known as “New Public Management.. The two organizations have been working together to expose where private companies are putting the profits they take from their municipal contracts.. “We know that a lot of profits go to tax havens – and the money often travels via commercial welfare companies that work  ...   Norway, with whom we have common interests and shared goals, and Attac is one of these,” said Fagforbundet President Jan Davidsen.. “The wider alliances and the larger networks we have, the more easily we can achieve our common goals.. Attac Norway has produced a new tax haven campaign guide that calls on municipalities to officially ‘say no’ to companies using tax havens.. The tracking of these private companies should be made easier starting in 2014 when companies will be required by the Minister of Finance to disclose their accounts for every country in which they operate.. org/news/norwegian-public-sector-workers-and-attac-norway-work-together-public-services..

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  • Title: Public wealth stolen by tax havens is staggering
    Descriptive info: Public wealth stolen by tax havens is staggering.. At least $US21 trillion of private money is being hidden in tax havens, representing lost tax revenues of up to $US280 billion, according to a new.. report.. from the.. Tax Justice Network.. The sum is equivalent to the size of the United States and Japanese economies combined.. “This new report focuses attention on a huge “black hole” in the world economy that has never before been measured—private offshore wealth, and the vast amounts of untaxed income that it produces,” said James S.. Henry, senior advisor to the Tax Justice Network  ...   and we are more conscious than ever of the costs of economic inequality,” said Henry.. The report places considerable blame on big multinational banks and other financial institutions that are central to the process of shifting money to offshore tax havens.. According to Henry, government institutions also bear responsibility for the problem.. “For reasons of their own, they have tolerated the growth of the offshore sector for far too long, out of sight.. It is time for them to live up to their promises, and work with us on concrete policies to get it under control,” he said.. org/news/public-wealth-stolen-tax-havens-staggering..

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  • Title: Austerity in Europe causes death, suicide on the rise
    Descriptive info: Austerity in Europe causes death, suicide on the rise.. Public health experts based in Britain warn that countries following austerity regimes are experiencing increased rates of suicides and, where cuts in health budgets are being imposed, access to care and medication is being compromised.. Their paper,.. Austerity: a failed experiment on the people of Europe.. , published in the August edition of the Royal College of Physicians’ journal,.. Clinical Medicine.. , explains  ...   can mitigate against the increase in suicide that accompanies periods of economic crisis and high unemployment.. If suicide is on the rise it is because austerity measures have curtailed protections, including public health care.. The researchers also report on other health consequences of austerity including the increase in infectious diseases.. Greece, one of the most severely afflicted of the European countries, is experiencing higher incidents of malaria as well as HIV infections.. org/news/austerity-europe-causes-death-suicide-rise..

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  • Title: Robin Hood tax bill introduced in US Congress
    Descriptive info: Robin Hood tax bill introduced in US Congress.. The U.. Robin Hood Tax Campaign today applauded the introduction in Congress of a bill that would impose a tax on Wall Street speculation.. Introduced by Rep.. Keith Ellison, HR 6411, the Inclusive Prosperity Act, would raise up to $350 billion in annual revenues that would be used to breathe new life into Main Street communities across America, as well as international health, sustainable prosperity and environmental programs.. The legislation embodies the Robin Hood Tax, a 0.. 5% tax on the trading of stocks, 50 cents on every $100 of trades, and lesser rates on trading in bonds, derivatives and currencies.. It marks the return of a sales tax on financial transactions in place from 1914 to 1966 and targets the high-risk, high-speed trading that dominates the markets.. “The American public provided hundreds of billions to bailout Wall Street during the global fiscal crisis yet bore the brunt of the crisis with lost jobs and reduced household wealth,” said Rep.. Ellison in a press statement.. “This is a phenomenally wealthy nation, yet our tax and regulatory system allowed the financial titans to amass great riches while impoverishing the systems that enable inclusive prosperity.. A financial transaction tax protects our financial markets from speculation and provides the revenue needed to invest in the education, health and communities of the American people.. ”.. The legislation’s goal is to raise meaningful tax revenue dedicated to low- and moderate-income families by strengthening the social safety net and by expanding investments to protect health, rebuilding infrastructure and creating good-paying jobs.. The tax is also to target international needs, including AIDS treatment, research and prevention and for other critical assistance.. “Congressman Ellison is showing great leadership for our country,” said Jean Ross, RN, co-president of National Nurses United, an affiliate of Public  ...   we hear about are budget cuts.. We need to increase revenue and the Robin Hood Tax is the best of all proposals to do just that.. “This tiny tax on Wall Street will make our economy more stable and more fair.. once had a Robin Hood Tax and we were better off for it, it’s time to bring it back,” said Liz Ryan Murray, policy director for National People's Action.. “In its essentials, the idea of a financial market transaction tax is simple,” said economist Robert Pollin, co-director, Political Economy Research Institute (PERI), University of Massachusetts-Amherst.. “It would mean that financial market traders would pay a small fee to the government every time they purchased any financial market instrument, including all stock, bond, options, futures, and swap trades.. This would be the equivalent of sales taxes that Americans have long paid every time they buy an automobile, shirt, baseball glove, airline ticket, or pack of chewing gum, eat at a restaurant, or have their hair cut.. The Robin Hood Tax also helps to control the volume of speculation engulfing the financial markets, where risky bets are causing instability and sidelining billions in funds that might otherwise be directed to a productive economy.. And the sales tax assists in curtailing speculation in food and fuel markets, where bets on these essentials are causing spikes in prices and serious shortages.. The introduction of H.. R.. 6411 came on the eve of the One Year Anniversary of Occupy Wall Street.. Occupy’s call to stop the policies of inequality of the 1% continues to resonate across this country and beyond.. Robin Hood Tax campaigners today joined Occupy activists at a labor solidarity event at Zuccotti Park in New York City, and then carried the message to offices of financial institutions to demand imposition of the Robin Hood Tax.. org/news/robin-hood-tax-bill-introduced-us-congress..

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  • Title: Slovakia: Workers strike over unacceptable education budget
    Descriptive info: Slovakia: Workers strike over unacceptable education budget.. Trade Union of Workers in Education and Science of Slovakia (OZ PŠaV).. , an affiliate of the global union.. , called for a one-day strike on September 13, 2012 to show its dissatisfaction with the government’s budget proposal for 2014-15.. The workers say the proposed budget falls well short of bringing Slovakia’s education expenditures in line  ...   per cent of the national GDP, including the support received from the European Union.. OZ PŠaV’s president Pavel Ondek says that the action on September 13 is a warning strike because the government has so far failed to address the funding problems in negotiations.. The union is also demanding that the government address the problems of low salaries for teachers and non-teaching staff.. org/news/slovakia-workers-strike-over-unacceptable-education-budget..

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  • Title: National Nurses United show solidarity with striking Chicago teachers
    Descriptive info: National Nurses United show solidarity with striking Chicago teachers.. National Nurses United.. (NNU), the largest union and professional association of registered nurses in the United States and a.. Public Services International.. affiliate, is mobilizing in support of the.. Chicago Teachers Union.. (CTU) after 30,000 teachers walked off the job to protect public education.. The CTU has been in negotiations for months for a new contract with the Chicago Board of Education, made up of appointees hand-picked by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.. The teachers are asking for appropriate staffing levels, job security for qualified teachers, smaller class sizes and a better school day with Art, Music and World Language instruction..  ...   Chicago Teachers Union, Deborah Burger, Karen Higgins and Jean Ross (the three co-presidents of the NNU), congratulated the teachers for their “strong stance for quality public education at a time when teachers and public education, and all working people, are under assault in so many corners.. The NNU has called on its members and supporters to donate to the.. CTU Solidarity Fund.. Also, nurses are being urged to call J.. C.. Brizard the CEO of Chicago Public Schools (tel.. +1 773 553 1500) and Mayor Emanuel (tel +1 312 744 3300) to tell them that the teachers’ demands should be met for the sake of quality public education.. org/news/national-nurses-united-show-solidarity-striking-chicago-teachers..

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  • Title: World Urban Forum tackles transportation
    Descriptive info: World Urban Forum tackles transportation.. In some cities workers spend more hours getting to and from work than they spend at their jobs, commented one delegate in a session on urban mobility at the Sixth World Urban Forum (WUF6) currently underway in Naples, Italy.. “So many workers aspire to own a car but it is cars that are getting in the way of making a living,” added another delegate.. Panelists participating in a special dialogue on transportation at WUF6 suggested the solution to improving urban mobility (the ability to get in and out of cities, and to move around within urban areas) is to increase financial investments in transit.. However, they also noted that money alone is insufficient.. What is needed is to put transportation at the centre of urban planning and decision-making.. As one panelist put it, when a city makes decisions about where to put houses,  ...   to have access to alternative means of transportation.. “Transit schedules and operations need to be established based on the needs of women.. Women are predominantly poor and they rely on public transportation more than any other group,” said a woman who identified herself as being from the Philippines.. Another delegate offered that studies show a major obstacle in the way of women getting to work is unsafe transportation.. She said virtually around the world, from North America to Southern Africa, women report that safety is a major preoccupation and keeps them at home.. Francesca Caprini, president of YAKU, an Italian association for international cooperation, said the starting point to solving the issues of urban mobility is to see transportation as a right not a commodity.. Like water and health, transportation must remain in public hands and be organized to meet the needs of the people, she said.. org/news/world-urban-forum-tackles-transportation..

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  • Title: 6th World Urban Forum on urban future opens in Naples
    Descriptive info: 6th World Urban Forum on urban future opens in Naples.. “The slum dwellers who I represent have two questions: Where are the toilets, and where is the drinking water?,” said Jockin Arpuhtham, President of Slum/Shack Dwellers International and India’s National Slum Dwellers Federation.. Mr.. Arputham was addressing a session on income inequalities at UN Habitat’s sixth World Urban Forum (WUF) that is taking place September 1-7, 2012 in Naples, Italy, bringing together more than 10,000 people to discuss the urban future.. The rapid expansion of cities, which will be home to two-thirds of the world’s population in just one more generation, has given rise to simultaneous crises of employment, housing, transportation, infrastructure and basic service delivery resulting in extensive urban poverty and inequalities.. While everyone agrees that solving these urban problems is critical, there is no  ...   a way that meets the real needs of city dwellers, particularly the poor.. Marcia Kran, Director of the Research and Right to Development Division of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, one of the hundreds of session panelists argues that cities should adopt a human rights based approach.. “Water, health, education and housing are recognized human rights,” she said, adding that provision of services should not be seen as an act of charity, and that local authorities have a responsibility to assist the capacity of civil society to claim those rights even in the courts, if necessary.. More stories on the World Urban Forum will be posted here as the conference continues.. As well, you can follow the discussions on twitter @unhabitat, #The UrbanFuture, #WUF6 or on Facebook at www.. facebook.. com/UNHabitat.. org/news/6th-world-urban-forum-urban-future-opens-naples..

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