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  • Title: Right-to-know campaigners seek your support
    Descriptive info: Published on.. (.. ).. Blogs.. Soren s blog.. Printer-friendly.. Right-to-know campaigners seek your support.. Trade unions and citizens’ groups in the Philippines are calling on organizations around the world to help them win a Freedom of Information law in the next session of the House of Representatives, which begins today with President Aquino’s address to the nation.. The bill, which is now stuck in the House Committee on  ...   their constitutional right to hold the government to account through access to information.. Transparency, openness and the public right to information are key building blocks to quality public services.. Messages of support for the.. Right to Know, Right Now coalition’s appeal.. to President Acquino to get the Act passed before the end of 2015 should be sent immediately to the.. Public Services Labor Independent Confederation (PSLINK).. Source URL:.. org/news/right-know-campaigners-seek-your-support..

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  • Title: New funding model needed for education in Australia
    Descriptive info: New funding model needed for education in Australia.. The Australian Education Union (AEU) has launched a campaign for a new funding model of education, as recommended by an expert panel headed by senior businessman David Gonski in a report released last February.. “The Gonski Review makes it clear too many children are being denied the resources and opportunities they need due to the  ...   to invest in education - particularly in public schools and to improve the way the funding is distributed to better meet the needs of students.. ”.. The AEU campaign,.. I give a Gonski.. , is rapidly gathering wide-spread support through an on-line petition, TV advertisements and other outreach, and an intensive lobbying effort targeting Members of Parliament in key electorates is underway.. org/news/new-funding-model-needed-education-australia..

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  • Title: Austerity threatens environmental protection in the EU
    Descriptive info: Austerity threatens environmental protection in the EU.. A.. study.. commissioned by the European Federation of Public Services Unions (EPSU) confirms that public spending cuts are having a negative impact on environmental protection in Europe.. While the report shows that the problem varies from one country to another, many environmental programs are suffering from cuts to programs and staffing levels, as a result of budget cuts.. In other cases, environmental agencies are seeing their mandate and scope broaden but their budgets have not been increased.. EPSU is continuing to push the European  ...   across Europe are facing a major struggle to defend their jobs and maintain the vital services that they provide.. The reports we have commissioned reveal the pressure they are under but also raise major concerns about what austerity means for the future, for the delivery of quality public services, for safety at work, for sustainable development and for the cultural and educational services that are central to fostering fair and open societies.. ,”.. said EPSU general secretary.. Carola Fischbach-Pyttel.. as the European Council met in late June on a growth compact.. org/news/austerity-threatens-environmental-protection-eu..

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  • Title: Unison warns of police privatisation danger
    Descriptive info: Unison warns of police privatisation danger.. “Our members are proud to work for their local police force; they are part of the team that keeps their community safe, and their knowledge and commitment to the job is what helps to keep forces fully functional,” says Ben Priestly, Unison’s national officer for police staff.. Unison, UK’s largest public sector union, has been fighting back against plans by Police Minister Nick Herbert and Home Secretary Theresa May to privatise large parts of the police service in English and Wales.. “They like to claim that the general public doesn’t care who run the so-called  ...   and team work that Unison’s police staff members live up to every day of their working lives.. Unison’s campaign against privatisation is gaining ground with the public clearly on the side of keeping police services out of the control of private companies.. “The decision of Surrey and West Midlands Police to delay their gigantic privatisation proposals is due in large part to them losing the PR battle over privatisation,” according to Priestly.. This win is spurring Unison to make privatisation and police cuts two toxic issues in upcoming elections for police and crime commissioners in November 2012.. More information, click.. here.. org/news/unison-warns-police-privatisation-danger..

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  • Title: Everyday Heroes build strong communities | QUALITY PUBLIC SERVICES
    Descriptive info: You are here /.. / Everyday Heroes build strong communities.. Everyday Heroes build strong communities.. Public employees are not only the front-line responders when disaster strikes – wildfires, earthquakes, disease outbreaks – the work they do every day helps build strong, sustainable communities with greater opportunities for all citizens.. In Western Australia, the Community and Public Sector Union / Civil Service Association has paid tribute to these Everyday Heroes with a series of short videos that highlight the work done by three such workers.. You can see the videos.. QPS blog.. Print this page..

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  • Title: A step forward in Andean region | QUALITY PUBLIC SERVICES
    Descriptive info: / A step forward in Andean region.. A step forward in Andean region.. A bipartisan meeting organized by PSI affiliates is seen as a step forward in promoting social dialogue, labour rights, and quality public services in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela.. The meeting brought together representatives of workers with political leaders and public administrators.. Dr.. Angelino Garzon, Vice President of Colombia, has extended an invitation for a second such meeting in the first quarter of 2012..

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  • Title: Campaign update | QUALITY PUBLIC SERVICES
    Descriptive info: / Campaign update.. Campaign update.. “Quality Public Services – action now!” was the theme of events held in Luxembourg, Netherlands, Russia, India and Hong Kong, organized by unions affiliated to the.. International Transport Workers’ Federation.. In all union activities following the liberalisation of the railway and other public services, the message 'Quality Public Services in Public Hands with Public Servants' has been highlighted.. Activities by the FNCTTFEL in this regard have concentrated on the recast of the first railway package, aggressions in public transport which are increasing, and also on the austerity measures declared by the EU institutions and the Luxembourg government.. On 21 June, a mass demonstration, organised by the ETUC, was held in Luxembourg with 20,000 participants.. (Email report by Guy Greivelding).. In the Netherlands, FNV Bondgenoten used the Action Day to launch a campaign against tendering and for a good collective agreement.. During the day, drivers wore badges with the campaign message.. More campaign activities are planned in July with the demand "one collective agreement for the same work".. There will also be a special campaign on driving and rest time in August and September.. In the event that the planned campaigns give no results, the FNV Bondgenoten will undertake industrial action.. (Email report by Brigitta Paas).. Russian railway workers' union, the Trade Union of Railwaymen and Transport Construction  ...   observed the Quality Public Service Action Day on 23rd June 2011 in all divisions over the South Central Railway.. As part of the campaign, public meetings were arranged at various places in order to create public awareness and explain the importance of quality public services for ensuring safety and best services.. For example, a huge rally followed by a meeting at an important junction on the South Central Railway, that links South India with the rest of the country, was attended by a large number of activists and members of the general public with enthusiasm.. In the meeting, the Divisional Secretary highlighted the issue of rising fuel costs and the importance of using public transport and called to all workers to join hands and fight privatisation.. A number of rallies were also organised where the use of public transport over private modes was emphasised as being more economical, eco-friendly and safety orineted.. At one rally, hundreds of workshop employees joined together with the Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC) and participated in a procession and rally at Tank Bund.. (Email report by NFIR).. The MTR Union in Hong Kong held a protest on 23 June to demand a 7% pay raise and to also demand better treatment and respect for workers in order to safeguard quality train services.. (Email report by Yu-Loy Wong)..

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  • Title: Campaign gathers momentum | QUALITY PUBLIC SERVICES
    Descriptive info: / Campaign gathers momentum.. Campaign gathers momentum.. The campaign for quality public services – and all they contribute to stable, equitable and democratic societies – is gathering momentum around the world.. At events that range from local gatherings to plan the next steps to campaigns with national and international significance, union members and citizens are taking action to promote and protect public services.. Through this campaign, workers and families are uniting as never before to advance the quality public services that keep communities strong.. Here are highlights of some of the recent initiatives:.. Wisconsin, the U.. state where the new governor has attacked public services and bargaining rights to pay for corporate tax giveaways, was one of the sites chosen by the Council of Global Unions to launch the campaign.. “Unions worldwide are working with a wide range of allies to build sustainable economies that benefit all people – not just a select few,” said Candice Cowley, President of the Wisconsin Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals.. Stephanie Bloomingdale, Secretary-Treasurer of the.. Wisconsin State AFL-CIO.. said the support from the international labour community has been overwhelming.. “It is clear that our fight is a universal battle for justice and economic fairness,” she said.. In Thailand, railway workers and their allies joined together to protest privatisation and.. call for quality public services.. The demonstration was held at the main railway station in Bangkok (Hua Lumpong).. Notably, union leaders were joined on the stage by senior officials from the ministries of transport, labour and finance.. A planning meeting is scheduled for early July to discuss the next steps to be taken in the quality public services campaign in Thailand.. In South Africa, unions and community organizations held events in Durban and Cape Town to highlight the need for improvements in public water supplies, electricity and transport services, and public libraries to provide educational opportunities for all.. The Building and Wood Workers’ International global union announced that it would.. join the campaign.. “The objective of the campaign is to advance quality public services for workers, their families and communities through unprecedented, coordinated global actions and activities,” said BWI.. In addition to several events held on June 23, BWI will continue to work with global unions to further the campaign.. In Italy, a series of mass mobilizations and demonstrations led to an.. impressive victory.. in a June referendum.. Ninety-five percent of voters approved a ban on the construction of nuclear power plants, and to keep or return water resources to public ownership.. Education International has volunteered to take the lead on an important research project designed to shed light on.. tax evasion by global corporations.. Preliminary work by the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions has shown that multinational companies use their global reach to avoid their responsibility to contribute to national and community needs through fair and responsible taxation.. The study is  ...   that ruled their country for decades.. In Mauritius, the Government Services Employees Association marked Africa Public Service Day with a strategic planning session that discussed the impact of privatisation on employment and service delivery.. The participants addressed the need for quality public services as a means to eradicate poverty, in line with the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals.. The Fiji Public Service Association conducted a workshop to discuss their next steps in the campaign for quality services and workers’ rights.. On May 16, the government of Fiji adopted a decree which directly attacks the nation’s 15,000 public service employees.. The decree excludes the workers from protection against discrimination, equal employment opportunity, freedom of association and collective bargaining.. Under the decree, Fiji’s public service employees have no redress whatsoever against decisions made by their employer.. In Canada, postal workers were locked out by the government-owned Canada Post, only to be.. ordered back to work.. by the government – which imposed a wage settlement that was less than the employer’s last offer in bargaining.. Union members and allies marked Public Services Day by occupying the national Parliament buildings and offices of members of parliament.. The Canadian Union of Postal Workers has launched legal action to protect its members from government imposed concessions.. The International Transport Workers’ Federation.. reports on events.. undertaken by its affiliated unions in India, Thailand, Bulgaria, Morocco, Uganda, Mauritius, Ethiopia, Lithuania, Japan and Ukraine.. The actions ranged from a workshop to fight privatization in India to a political outreach campaign asking local elected officials to support public services in Bulgaria.. The European Federation of Public Service Unions, the European Transport Workers’ Federation, the European Trade Union Committee for Education, UNI Europa, the European Service Workers’ Union and the European Federation of Building and Woodworkers declared their support and endorsement of the campaign for quality public services.. In a.. joint statement.. they said, “Affordable public education, healthcare, social protection, housing, energy, water, public transport and accessible finance services are vital for the welfare of a large majority of people.. If governments do not invest in these areas, they cut opportunities for a fairer society and as a consequence promote a policy of inequality.. Europe needs social governance and an economic model that serves the needs of citizens at large and not just a cast of privileged few.. The Health Service and Social Care Union of the Czech Republic organized a seminar for young trade unionists.. It was one of a series of seminars held with the assistance of IMPACT, Ireland, and EPSU/PSI to promote quality public services.. The union also organized a conference, in cooperation with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, that brought together participants from the Czech Republic and Slovakia to discuss social, economic and health care policies.. The Czech minister of health was invited to take part, along with trade unionists and representatives of employers and health-insurance companies..

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  • Title: New World Bank President pressed to support taxes on financial transactions
    Descriptive info: 54content s blog.. New World Bank President pressed to support taxes on financial transactions.. Forty-three prominent organisations, including.. Public Services International.. , are calling on the new President of the World Bank to champion financial transaction taxes (FTTs) as an innovative way to tackle the problems facing the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people.. In a letter addressed to Dr.. Jim Yong Kim, the organisations make five recommendations:.. Raise FTT in the context of your work to publicize the new.. World Development Report.. focusing on jobs.. As governments look for sources of financing for job-creation strategies, FTT should be promoted as one potential source.. Promote the FTT as part of a plan to achieve internationally agreed global health, education and other development goals.. For example, with the prospect of ending AIDS closer than ever, FTT revenues could help achieve Millennium Development Goal #6, aimed at reversing the spread of HIV/AIDS and ensuring universal access to treatment and help fully fund implementation of the.. 2011 Political Declaration on HIV/AIDS.. Promote FTT as a source of innovative finance for  ...   mandated by international bodies such as the G20 and the UN.. Bring these messages to the general public and world leaders.. At this key moment in their decision-making, it is particularly important to urge European leaders to allocate part of FTT revenue to development and climate.. We also recommend that you publish an open letter on this theme in major newspapers.. Meet with civil society and independent experts on this timely issue.. We would be very pleased to organize a briefing that would include participation by leading experts in the field.. Over the past several years, many of our organizations have been involved in similar briefings with the International Monetary Fund, the Gates Foundation, the European Commission, and national governments.. We would appreciate the opportunity to share research and analysis of the feasibility and potential benefits of this means of generating additional finance.. (To obtain a copy of the letter and a list of the signatory organisations, download the attachment below.. Attachment.. Size.. Letter to World Bank President urges support for Financial Transactions Taxes.. 27.. 21 KB.. org/news/new-world-bank-president-pressed-support-taxes-financial-transactions..

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  • Title: Taiwan: Teachers wear black to back up demands
    Descriptive info: Taiwan: Teachers wear black to back up demands.. In a joint action organized by the National Teachers' Association (NTA) and the National Federation of Teachers' Unions (NFTU), Taiwan teachers wore black T-shirts on September 28, 2012, National Teachers’ Day, to remind President Ma Ying-Jeou of the government's promise to address a range of concerns dating back to 2008.. NTA President Liu Chin-Hsu said the participation of teachers was overwhelming.. "Teachers in Taiwan stand united to remind the government that education will be hurt if the goernment does not keep these publicly-made promises.. Integrity is priceless--but most of all,  ...   The teachers’ unions are pressing for:.. An increase in the national education budget (promised in 2008),.. A national pension plan (promised in 2010),.. An increase in the number of primary school teachers, and a higher subsidy for classroom teachers (promised in 2011),.. A decrease in class sizes to a maximum of 25 pupils (promised in the last election).. The.. Education International.. General Secretary, Fred van Leeuwen, backed up the Taiwan teachers’ actions.. “Education is a major factor in the economic, democratic and social development of a country.. It is important that governments take this into account,” he said.. org/news/taiwan-teachers-wear-black-back-demands..

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  • Title: US Robin Hood campaign seeks support in eighteen Congressional Districts
    Descriptive info: US Robin Hood campaign seeks support in eighteen Congressional Districts.. On Tuesday, October 2, the eve of the fourth anniversary of the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) -- under which hundreds of billions of tax dollars were handed over to financial institutions deemed “too big to fail”-- the US Robin Hood Tax Campaign visited Congressional field offices in seven states to seek pledges of support for the “Inclusive Prosperity Act,” H.. R.. 6411.. The bill, introduced in Congress by Rep.. Keith Ellison (D-MN) on September 17, is a sales tax on Wall Street speculation.. It would raise up to $350 billion in annual revenue to rebuild Main Street communities as well as to fund international health, sustainable prosperity and environmental programs.. “The American public provided hundreds of billions to bailout Wall Street during the global fiscal crisis yet bore the brunt of the crisis with lost jobs and reduced household wealth,” said Rep.. Ellison in a statement issued September 18, “A financial transaction tax protects our financial markets from speculation  ...   the years 1914 to 1966 and targets the high-risk, high-frequency trading that dominates the markets in the U.. today.. This trading has been tied to market instability, including spikes in the prices of food and fuel.. Some form of the financial tax is in place today in more than 40 countries.. “Four years after TARP, Wall Street’s wealth is secure and yet millions of American families are still reeling from the effects of financial wheeling and dealing,” said Jean Ross, RN and co-president of National Nurses United, a founder of the Robin Hood Tax Campaign in the U.. “The Inclusive Prosperity Act taxes those who can afford it, the ones who were protected by our tax dollars.. They are past due in paying for their damage to Main Street.. If we make H.. 6411 law, we start the healing process and turn this country around.. More than 100 organizations in the U.. have endorsed the Robin Hood Tax, with support from scores of economists and several top business leaders.. org/news/us-robin-hood-campaign-seeks-support-eighteen-congressional-districts..

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